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Les Boulettes (Meatballs) et li Beignes (Fry Bread)

Bullets and Bangs make up a popular Metis food combination. Li baignes are fried
bread made from stretched bread dough. This is hat the Metis call fried bannock. !t is
usually eaten on Fridays" especially during Lent. #s a treat" they place them in a bron
paper bag ith icing sugar and shaken to coat them ith the sugar. Les boulettes are
Metis meatballs. This traditional food is made from lean ground meat ith flour" finely
chopped onions and black pepper. The ingredients are mi$ed to form to to three inch
meatballs. They are then rolled in flour and placed in boiling ater ith a teaspoon of salt
and simmered gently for one hour to cook. Traditionally these ere made from moose"
elk and other meats. Boulettes ere a fa%ourite &e 'ear(s )ay dinner. !t is probably a
%ariation of the pork*based ragout of meatballs used by French +anadians.
Les Boulette (Meat Balls)
By Mrs. B. Lambert
, pounds lean ground beef
Medium onion chopped fine
-*-., teaspoon salt
-., teaspoon black pepper
-., cup flour to mi$ into the meat to hold together
Mi$ ell" roll into ,*/ inch balls and roll in the flour again. 0ut in a 1uart of boiling
ater" - teaspoon of salt" and let simmer gently for one hour.
2ource3 http3...metisresourcecentre.mb.ca.inde$.php4
+ompiled by Larence Barkell
+oordinator of Metis :eritage and :istory ;esearch
Louis ;iel !nstitute