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MARKS GOSPEL TOPICS What is the eye of a needle?

A metaphor used by Jesus to show that wealth makes it difficult to enter the Kingdom of God. Do you think disciples were failure? They were because: They often lack faith Peter denied Jesus Judas betrayed Jesus They were not failure because: They went onto found the Church Many were martyred for their faith They followed him without questions Explain why the story of Rich man might cause problems for some Christians today. Jesus told the man to keep the Jewish commandments and keeping the commandments is hard for modern Christians. Jesus said Go, sell everything and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. This would cause problems for modern Christians to obey (e.g. what would they live on?) Jesus said: How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God, this may make modern Christians in the UK wonder what it means to be rich and whether they will be able to get to heaven. Jesus said: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God, which also makes modern Christians, question their lifestyle. Peter should not be blamed for his denial of Jesus. Reasons for supporting this statement could be: It was predicted by Jesus that it would happen. He was only human Reasons for not supporting this statement could be: He should have more faith in God. Lying can never be justified. What is a kingdom? The rule of God in peoples lives. Do you think it is hard to follow Jesus today? It is too hard because: Life is ,much too complex today Society has changed It is not hard because: Life is really no different today than it was for the early followers of Jesus Jesus promised that whoever loses his life for him and the gospel would save it. Explain why marks account of the parable of the sower cause problems for Christians today. According to Mark, Jesus treats the parable as an allegory when scholars say thats not how Jesus used parables. According to Mark, Jesus said that he told everything in parables so that the crowds would not understand what he meant.

According to Mark, Jesus did not want sinners to understand because he did not want them to repent and be forgiven (which seem to contradict all his teachings about coming to call sinners to repentance). Jesus explained the parable to the disciples because even they did not understand what it meant.

Only those who are servants of others can be truly great. Reasons for supporting this statement: True greatness comes with putting others first. Jesus gave us the example to follow. Reasons for not supporting this statement: Greatness can be achieved in other ways. Some of those have been called great far from servants of others. What happened on the first Palm Sunday? The Sunday before Good Friday when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey. Do you think Jesus had any right to cleanse the temple? He did not because: Using violence was against his own teaching. What was going on in the temple is none of his business. It was bound to cause trouble. He did because: Its always important to correct wrong behaviour He had a duty to put right the abuses taking place in his Fathers house. It was necessary to restore the Temple to its correct use. Explain why Jesus argument with the Sadducees about resurrection is important for Christians today. It shows that life in heaven will be different from life on earth. It shows that resurrection is taught in the old testament It implies that resurrection happens immediately after death, not on the last day (God is the God of the living) It implies that life after death is not dependent on Christian belief as resurrection was happening before Jesus was raised. Jesus brought his suffering on himself Reasons for supporting this statement could be: Because of the things he said and did. He was always annoying the authorities. Reasons for not supporting this statement could be: Jesus could have taken action to avoid opposition. Jesus was doing Gods will which included suffering. Who were the Scribes? Religious lawyers; originally men who made copies of the Torah Do you think Jesus was right to tell the paralytic his sins were forgiven? He was right because: Jesus was the Son of God. The mans healing proved his sins had been forgiven. He was not right because: Only God can forgive sins.

Jesus was not one of the recognized leaders.

Explain why Jesus disagreement with the Pharisees about the meaning of the law are significant fro current argument about social cohesion. Jesus teaching that it was right for good Jews to eat with sinners showed that different groups should respect each other and socialise together. Jesus teaching that it is inside you that counts, not the appearance, showed that outer differences such as dress, skin colour, etc. Are irrelevant for judging people. Jesus teaching on corban shows that cultural traditions should not be used to divide people from each other. Jesus teaching that nothing that goes into people from the outside can defile them shows that different ethnic/religious groups can mix together and work together without causing any problems for God. People were right to criticize the woman who anointed Jesus. Reasons for supporting this statement could be: They were because it was a waste of money. A woman should not have been that familiar with a Rabbi. Reasons for not supporting this statement could be: In Anointing Jesus what she was doing was worth far more than money. They were criticizing her out of jealousy. What are the commandments? The collection of ten laws given by God. Do you think most Christians today ignore Jesus teaching about discipleship? Reasons for supporting this statement could be: Most Christians today do not give up their possessions Most Christians today do not follow all the commandments Most Christians today do not give up their family and their friends to follow Jesus Reasons for not supporting this statement could be: Most Christians today try to sacrifice their own possessions to help the poor e.g Christians aid Most Christians today do try to love God and love their neighbour Most Christians today see true greatness in people like Mother Teresa rather than Madonna Explain how the nature of discipleship is shown in the call of the first disciples. Jesus told those he called that he would make them fishers of men which show that disciples are meant to spread the good news. James and John left their father showing that Jesus must take first place in the lives of the disciples. The disciples left their jobs and followed Jesus showing that following Jesus requires selfsacrifice. Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners showing that the disciples should mix the outcasts of society. Jesus does not need disciples today. Reasons for supporting this statement could be: Jesus is no longer here so does not need disciples The teaching of Jesus is not relevant to the twenty first century Reasons for not supporting this statement could be: Without disciples the message of Jesus would disappear

The disciples of Jesus are vital to carry on the message of Jesus

What is meant by self-sacrifice? Putting other peoples need before your own Do you think serving God is more important than loving your family? Yes: Jesus said that loving God and loving your neighbour were the two greatest commands. Jesus seemed to reject his family Jesus said whoever does Gods will is my brother, sister etc. If we dont serve God we cannot call ourselves Christians, Jesus left his family to serve God Bonds of faith are more important than natural bonds with our families, we are all Gods sons and daughters (sometimes you are called to leave your family in order to do the will of God) No The commandments say honour your parents You can serve both God and your family You owe your family a lot for bringing you up, so you cant reject them. We serve God when we love our families , we learn to love within families Even those who left their families to serve God as a priest and nuns still love their families Explain how the story of Peters denial of Jesus might help Christians today. Many Christians like to identify themselves with Peter and use him as a role model Peter showed weakness which would help Christians At the resurrection, the women are told to tell the disciples and Peter which seems to suggest Peter had been forgiven. Peter went on to be one of the great leaders of the early Christian Church. This would give great encouragement to Christians. Jesus asked too much of the rich (young) man Reasons for supporting this statement: No one can be expected to give up everything You can still be a follower of Jesus and have possessions Reasons for not supporting this statement could be: Following Jesus is worth giving up everything for If you want to be a follower of Jesus you should do what he asks. What is Sabbath? The seventh day of the week and Jewish day of rest Do you think Jesus was right to enter Jerusalem in the way he did on palm Sunday? Answers which think that Jesus was right It was foretold the Messiah would enter Jerusalem in this way Jesus was the Messiah He entered peacefully and was not trying to stir up trouble Answers which do not think that Jesus was right. He should have known that it would cause trouble with the religious authorities He had no right to enter in the way the Messiah had been foretold to enter, because he wasnt the Messiah He should have shown more humility

Explain why Jesus answer to the question about Caesar & taxes is important for Christians today. It teaches Christians about their responsibility to God It teaches Christians about their responsibility to the civil authorities It teaches Christians that there need not be a conflict between obeying God and obeying the civil authorities. It teaches Christians that they must be aware of the difference between their duty to the State and their duty to God. Keeping the Sabbath is not relevant today. Reasons for supporting this statement could be: The Sabbath Laws were written for a different sort of society than today Most people dont go to Church today so having a special day for worship is largely irrelevant Most shops today are open seven days a week. Reasons for not supporting this statement could be: People need time off work for rest and relaxation The Sabbath laws were given by God and he knows best what we need The Sabbath provides a special day for worship What is Corban? A gift dedicated to God which meant that it could not be used for anything else. Do you think Jesus was a trouble maker? Jesus was a trouble maker because: Jesus often broke the law as the Pharisees interpreted it Jesus often angered the authorities Jesus was not a trouble maker because: Jesus was sent by God to teach the truth Jesus set out to help people, not cause trouble Explain why the anointing of Jesus by a woman at Bethany is important for Christians today. It shows Christians today that Jesus is the Messiah the anointed one It shows Christians today that Jesus accepted his destiny The fact that Jesus allowed a woman to anoint him shows Christian today that Jesus was prepared to give him a higher status in society. The incident shows Christians today that they should mix with those who are the outcast of society. Christians should avoid conflict with the authorities. Reasons for supporting this statement could be: Some Christians believe that this is part of rendering to Caesar what is Caesars, as Jesus said in Mark. Some Christians believe that this is what St. Paul meant when he said civil authorities were appointed by God. Some Christian churches have taught that Christians should obey the authorities Reasons for not supporting this statement could be: Jesus had conflicts with the authorities over the Sabbath laws Jesus had conflicts with the authorities over eating with sinners Jesus had conflicts with the authorities over trading in the temple

What is self sacrifice? Putting other peoples needs before your own Do you think that Jesus should have eaten with outcasts? Why? Give two reasons for your opinion. Yes: Jesus said:it is not healthy that need the doctor but the sick. I came to call not the upright bu sinners Jesus is God. He wouldnt get affected by peoples sins No: Jesus as a Jew should follow Jewish Law and avoid contact with unclean people By eating with sinners Jew might have confused people Jesus gives unclear message that might have confused people: is He one of them? Explain the meaning of the story of Jesus casting out of the evil spirit from the boy for Christians today Importance of faith Importance of prayer People coming to Jesus for healing (trust in Jesus power) Be aware that as disciples we sometimes might fail There are lots of ways to serve other people. You dont necessarily have to live like Mother Theresa Yes: People who serve sick in the hospitals as doctors and nurses and are married, they have their own families People who are rich and share their possessions with those in need No: Mother Theresa followed Jesus example in a perfect way, you should try to be like her (poor, left everything) We shouldnt choose easy and comfortable (those that put our conscience at ease) ways of service Who are sons of Zebedee? The brothers John and James, fishermen whom Jesus called to follow Him. Explain how the parable of the sower may still be relevant today . People easily give in to Satans temptations People who dont have their faith deep rooted, are not persevering, those who fall away in times of trial and persecution. People worried too much about their life here on earth about their possessions, job, money People who faithfully listen to Gods Word and live according to it. Four types of soil-four stages of life, four different moments in life Importance of listening and acting accordingly If you want to be Jesus disciple, you have to be ready to suffer Yes: Jesus answer to peter: there is no one who has left house, brothers, sisters (...) for my sake and for the sake of the Gospel who will not receive a hundred times as much houses, brothers, and sisters (...) and persecutions too Jesus answer to John and James about the baptism they will be baptized with and the cup they will drink (examples of Christians martyrs, persecuted also today...) Jesus himself had to suffer to fulfil Gods plan

No: Not all Jesus disciples suffer today, some live tranquil, peaceful lives God doesnt want us to suffer

Do you think that Pharisees were right to criticise Jesus for not keeping the Sabbath? Give two reasons Yes: Jesus as a Jew was supposed to follow Jewish laws Jesus as a Messiah was expected to be even more rigorous in keeping the Law Jesus could have healed the man on another day No: Jesus words the Son of man is the master of the Sabbath-He, the Son of God knows the true meaning of the Sabbath Pharisees should have learned from Jesus, should have listened to Him- Jesus is God and has the right and duty to teach and correct and correct them Explain Jesus teaching on uncleanness and its importance for Christians today What comes out of a person is unclean (evil thoughts and actions) , not what goes into his body (all foods are clean for Christians) Evil thoughts and actions mentioned by Jesus are still wrong today Our faith is concerned with human dignity and we should not abuse anyone If we reject evil thoughts and actions we become clean, pure in the eyes of God Jesus didnt need to forgive the paralytics sins in the presence of the scribes. He could have avoided the conflict Yes: It was only the beginning of Jesus ministry; he should have explained first everything to the people and the Scribes and then act. It would have given Him probably more time to spend among the people and teach (maybe more than three years), He could have been better understood and accepted. No: Jesus was fulfilling Gods plan Jesus is God, so He knows when and how to act Jesus had to make scribes aware of His mission and of His identity; they needed to know that God worked in/through Him. Who are the Pharisees? A religious group whose aim was to keep the traditional Jewish faith alive. Do you think that the fact that Jesus foretold His own Passion to his disciples was important for them? Why? Give to reasons for your point of point of view. Yes: They could be somehow prepared (mentally, psychologically...) They were told at that time also about resurrection (death of Jesus will not be the end), they received message of hope. They remembered those predictions later and they confirmed to them Jesus divinity (He knew the future events) NO: Predictions didnt serve to anything: Jesus disciples left them alone in time of need (His passion) They didnt understand what Jesus was talking about when he foretold His suffering and death to them.

Explain why the Jesus and the Pharisees came into conflict over the Sabbath? Jewish law: no work on Sabbath Jesus healing is considered a work (the person was not in danger of death some laws added by the Pharisees) Picking corns on the Sabbath- considered a work (human need- here hunger- is more important than keeping a law) Jesus tries to explain the core of the law of the Sabbath glory of God in the salvation of men, in the fullness of life offered to them. Sunday should be treated differently from other days of the week. Yes: Sunday is the day on which we remember and celebrate Jesus resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit received on the day of Pentecost people shouldnt work, we should dedicate more time to prayer and be with family. Its a day on which we celebrate the Eucharist (Jesus command remember Him and celebrate the breaking of the bread) Genesis creation story God rested after the creation of the world we have a right to rest (human need) No: In UAE we have Friday free, we cannot really make Sunday different Any other can be dedicated to God, Its up to us and our responsibilities (some people have to work on Sundays) Who are the disciples? Followers of Jesus Christ Do you think Christians should fast? Why? Give two reasons for your point of view Yes: Jesus fasted before beginning His public ministry Its a way we discipline ourselves: our minds and bodies Its a way we learn to control our desires Its a way of sacrificing something and linked with the prayer becomes an offering to God for particular intention No: The kingdom of God is not about eating or drinking but about living the values of love, life, peace and justice values taught by Jesus. Jesus disciples didnt fast when Pharisees expected them to do so and Jesus approved it. Priests forgive a persons sins. Yes: Sacrament of confession is administered by a priest We need to confess our sins to a priest to be forgiven and receive absolution No: Only God forgives sins (Jesus and a paralytic) A Priest is an instrument in Gods hands a mediator of Gods mercy (sacrament of ordination) What is Passion? The suffering of Jesus, especially in the time leading up to His crucifixion. It is much easier to be a disciple of Jesus today Yes: Its easier to reach out to others means of communication, Ways of travelling...


There are more Christians around- you can have support of others and example left by saints and martyrs who live now or lived before us. Jesus is person is not with us, it would be much easier to ask him questions, clarifications as first disciples had a chance to do. Life is too sophisticated with modern technology, materialism...there are more temptations for Jesus disciples today than in His time.

Explain why Jesus came into conflict with religious authorities over the law. Jesus criticizes the Pharisees and scribes. Traditions of men and the law given by God. Religion without faith is meaningless: this people honour me with lip service, while their hearts are far from me (Ritual cleanliness) Really clean is the one whose heart is filled with good thoughts; evil thoughts and actions make a person unclean. Gods commandment about honouring the parents replaced by Corban. Service to others brings joy and peace. Yes: You are happy even in the midst of suffering because you know that you serve God and you feel and know that He is always with you. You have joy and peace because you know that you will fulfil Gods plan, your life has a purpose, and you do something that gives a deep meaning to your life. No: Service of others brings tiredness hours without rest, consolation (hospital, work with the poor...) It might bring misunderstanding, rejection, you have to struggle to defend the rights of those who are neglected, abandoned.

RELIGION AND LIFE TOPICS: What is conversion? Happens when your life is changed by giving yourself to God. Do you think that God is the cause of the universe? Give two reasons for your opinion. Yes: Everything has a cause, even the world, only God could have caused the world to exist. Even if the world was created by the big bang only God must have made it possible. No: Big bang, without any intervention of God, caused the universe to exist Science gives better, more reliable (reasonable) explanation of the origins of the world. Explain why some Christians believe that scientific views are not compatible with a religious view. Big Bang theory and argument from design or causation argument, constant expansion of the world. Evolution theory and genesis story in creation. All children should be free to choose their religion Yes: If child sees that the parent dont live according to their faith, they should have freedom to choose any other religion. A child as any other human being has a freedom to choose their religion No: A child is too small and immature to be able to choose their own religion Parents want the best for their children so, if they are happy with their faith they will transmit it to their children, its natural and proper. What is meant by omnipotent? The belief that God is all-powerful Do you think it is possible to believe in Adam and Eve story and the Big bang theory? Yes: We dont read that story literally- its a symbolic and religious (not scientific) expression of human origins on earth God must have caused Big Bang to happen and He started human life on Earth when the time came. Science tries to answer the question HOW THE WORLD WAS CREATED, religion tries to answer WHY, and they complete each other. No: The creation of the world and the human beings in 6 days is not possible if we consider the big bang theory as true. Explain why unanswered prayers might lead some people to reject belief in God. If God is all-powerful He would respond to human prayers; God is not there. God was there at the beginning of the world but now He is absent. If God is all-good He would take care of us. Miracles are just wishful thinking Yes: People wish things to happen so they explain everything with Gods intervention (a sick person might get better suddenly, thanks to long treatment, not because of God.



Miracles dont really happen, there might be explanations for many miracles, even those performed by Jesus. Miracles happened Jesus performed them, he changed peoples lives and there were witnesses to that and also today they happen people are healed, cured, demons are driven away. Miracles happen and science cannot explain those phenomena.

Do you think it would be right to say that God cant exist if He doesnt answer our prayers? Agree: If God exists he must want to answer peoples prayers If God is all-powerful and all-loving, he would answer peoples prayers Disagree: God cannot answer prayers which contradict each other, so he can still exist If God is good he wont answer prayers which might cause harm to people Explain why some people do not believe in God Science explains the world better than God Unanswered prayers, experience of evil and/or suffering The problem of a good God using miracles to help some people but not others Lack of evidence Upbringing God is the only possible cause for the existence of the universe Reasons for supporting this statement: A form of the design argument A form of the first cause (cosmological) argument Reasons for not supporting this statement could be: The Big Bang Theory Evolution theory What is meant by NUMINOUS? A feeling of the presence of something greater than you. Do you think that miracles still happen today? They do: The way in which many miracles of the past have now been disproved The problem that if God is good and can perform miracles, why does he not perform them to stop great suffering They dont: The Catholic belief that God can and has performed miracles The evidence for modern miracles such as Lourdes and the proven miracles of the blessed Explain why the idea of causation leads some people to believe in God. Causation is he idea that if something happens, something must have caused it to happen If we look at things in the world, we see that they a cause Anything caused to exist must be caused by something else Therefore the universe itself must have a cause Only God could be the cause of the universe Therefore God must exist Aquinas argument


Evil and suffering is not Gods fault Yes: The idea that moral evil being caused by humans The idea that natural evil such as famines, drought, floods and diseases are caused by humans misuse of free will. No: Earthquakes and volcanoes cannot be blamed on humans If God is omniscient and omnipotent, he must have been able to prevent evil and suffering so it is still his fault. What is paranormal? Unexplained things that are supposed to have spiritual causes e.g. ghosts or mediums Do you think euthanasia should be allowed for people who have no quality of life? Should: If you have no quality of life, your life is not worth living so you should be allowed to end it. Many people make living wills and saying that they want euthanasia if they have no quality of life and their wishes should be respected. Should not: Christianity teaches that Euthanasia is wrong because life is sacred Christianity teaches that questions about when life should end are in the hands of God who created, not on humans. Abortion is never right whatever the circumstances. Reason for supporting this statement could be: A Catholic/ Evangelical protestant reason against abortion Another Catholic/Evangelical protestant reason against abortion Reason for not supporting this statement could be: The belief that abortion is the lesser of two evils in cases such as rape or when the mothers life is threatened. A Liberal protestant reason for allowing abortion in certain circumstances Do you think you should help to relieve world poverty? Yes: Teaching of Jesus about helping the poor and suffering such as the Good Samaritan and/or the sheep. The example of Jesus in helping the poor and suffering such as feeding the 5000 The teaching of the Church about helping the poor No: The idea that giving aid makes people dependent and does nothing to remove the causes of poverty The idea that people should stand on their own feet and work their way out of poverty The idea that poverty is the fault of the people who are poor Explain why Catholics believe that life is sacred The Catholic Church teaches that life is a gift of God Catholics believe that because God created life, life is sacred The Catholic Church teaches that life belongs to God and that all life involves and so is sacred Catholic believe that God made life sacred by taking human form is Jesus.


The paranormal proves that there is life after death Reasons for supporting this statement could be: Mediums claim that they can talk to dead people so there must be life after death People who claim to remember a previous life must be living after death If ghosts exist then dead people have some form of life and there is life after death. Reasons for NOT supporting this statement: Mediums have been proven to be cheats If there is reincarnation wouldnt we all have memories of previous existences Ghosts could just be hallucinations What is promiscuity? Having sex with a number of partners without commitment Do you think Christians should never have sex before marriage? Agree: God gave sex to have children so it should only happen between married couples so children are born into a family. The Bible teaches that fornication is wrong The Church teaches that sex before marriage is a sin Disagree: Christian teachings allowing pre-marital sex in certain circumstances Christian being part of society where re-marital sex is now accepted Explain why some Christians allow divorce and some do not (answers should discuss both points. Views of those who aloe and who dont) Roman Catholic Church does not allow divorce because: Jesus taught that divorce is wrong in Marks Gospel Marriage is a sacrament and the exchange of vows means that the only way a marriage can be dissolved (which is what divorce means) is by the death of one of the partners. The couple have made a covenant with God in the sacrament of marriage and that covenant cannot be broken by any earthly power. Non-Roman Catholic Christians allows divorce because: Jesus allows divorce in Matthew 19:9 for a partners adultery (Fornication) Christians are allowed forgiveness and a new chance for confessed sins, so they should have another chance at marriage as long as they are determined to make it work this time. If the marriage has broken down the lesser of two evils theory means that divorce should be allowed ( the effects of the couple not divorcing would be a greater evil than the evil of divorce) Marriage is just a piece of paper, you might just as well live together. Reason for supporting this statement could be: Explanation of how cohabiting is no different from being married The success of cohabiting partnerships Reasons for not supporting this statement The Catholic teachings on marriage as essential for a proper relationship Evidence that marriage gives more stability to family life. What does the word COHABITING mean? Living together without getting married


Do you think divorce is the best solution to unhappy marriage? Agree: The problem faced by children if their parents constantly keep arguing The effects on husband and wife if they are arguing all the time Disagree: Catholic teachings against divorce The reasons for these teachings Explain why Family life is important for Roman Catholics. The family was created by God as the basic unit of society and as the only place in which children should be brought up. The Bible says many references to the importance of family life. Raising a Christian family is a major feature of the marriage service. The catechism teaches that the family was created by God to keep society together The family is the place where children learn the difference between right and wrong so that without the family there would be much more evil in the world The family is the place where children are introduced to the faith through baptism and then through being taken to church to worship, first communion etc. this means that the family is very important for Roman Catholic Christianity to continue and grow. You cannot be a Christian and have a homosexual partnership Reasons for supporting this statement could be: A Biblical teaching against homosexuality The belief that sex should be for procreation which is impossible for homosexual sex The teachings of certain Christian Churches Reasons for NOT supporting this statement could be: Christian teachings allowing homosexuality in certain circumstances The idea that religious people are bound to be influenced by the practices of the people around them. The idea that love is more important that religious teachings.

What is religious pluralism? Accepting all religious as having an equal right to coexist Do you think Catholics are just as racist as anyone else? Agree: Evidence of Catholic racist such as the Falangists in Spain/ real IRA in Northern Ireland Evidence of Catholics known to the candidate who are racist Disagree: Biblical teachings against racism Catholic Church statement and actions against racism Explain why mixed-faith marriages may cause problems for religious families Often there are no religious wedding ceremony because both couples must be members of the religion The question of which religion the children of the marriage will be brought up in The problem of death rituals; will the couple have to be buried in separate parts of the cemetery according to their religion? Parents may feel that they will have no contact with their children/ grandchildren in the after life


The parents and relatives may feel that their children have betrayed their roots and family by falling in love with someone from a different religion

Christians needs women leaders Agree: The need for Christianity to demonstrate that it is not sexist The idea that women leaders would bring a different attitude and approach to issues Disagree: Catholic teaching that only men can be leaders The difficulties of women being accepted as leaders in a male-dominated religion What is Community Cohesion? A common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society Do people from different religion have the right to try to convert you? Yes: Many religions sees it is their right to convert everyone to their religion They believe that their religion is the only true religion so they should show the followers of other religions that they are wrong It is part of the right to religious freedom No: Trying to convert followers of other religions when living in a multi-faith society is a form of prejudice Trying to convert other religions can be regarded as discriminating against those who do not have the same faith as you It can lead to arguments and even violence within a multi-faith society when people are told their religion is wrong Explain why Catholics should help to promote racial harmony Jesus treated people different races equally St. Paul had a vision from God telling him that God has no favourites among the races In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus showed that races who hated each other (as did the Jews and Samaritans) should love each other as neighbours St. Paul taught everyone is equal in Christ and so there can be divisions of race among Christians St. Paul also taught that s God created all nations from one man, Adam, all nations are there to equal to each other There are Roman Catholic cardinals and bishops of every race and colour of skin the Church is dedicated to fighting racism in all its forms. All religions are just different paths to the same God. Reasons for supporting this statement could be: The similarities between religions More examples of similarities between religions Reasons for not supporting this statement could be: The belief that one particular religion has the truth The belief that some religions are wrong


DISCIPLESHIP/ DEATH AND RESSURRECTION/ EVIL AND SUFFERING What is moral evil? Actions done by humans which cause suffering The Eucharist is not important for Christians today. Do you agree? Give two reasons for your opinion No, its very important for Christians today: Its a memorial of Jesus passion and resurrection Christians celebrate it as He asked them to do, in His memory, Catholics are obliged to participate in Mass every Sunday. Jesus is really present in the Eucharist we are strengthened through this sacrament for our journey of faith. Eucharist makes us one with God and with each other. Its not important: We can see many Christians dont participate in Mass For some Christians Mass is not important because they dont believe in a real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Explain how the failure of disciples in Gethsemane could be both a help and a problem for Christians today. HELP: We are all weak as disciples, we should try not to fail to vigil. The same disciples became later witnesses of Jesus. Jesus was upset but understood the disciples: The Spirit is willing but the body is weak PROBLEM: If first disciples of Jesus failed to support Him, how can we manage to be faithful? As disciples of Jesus, some Christians today are not faithful to God during time of persecution Peter was among them was he a right person for a leader? All Christians should have the same belief about the Eucharist. Yes: We are followers of the same Lord. We follow the log tradition initiated by Jesus with the institution of the Eucharist at the last supper, protestant churches split from that main stream centuries after Jesus (XVI century) Jesus prayed for unity before His death, He wants us to be one. No: We should respect different tradition there is something we can be enriched with What is Passover? Jewish festival celebrating the release from Egypt. God should stop evil and suffering in the world. Do you agree? Yes: There would be peace and love everywhere and more people would believe in Him. Theres really too much suffering and pain, especially among the innocent people, God cannot be indifferent He is all-knowing, all-good and all-powerful, He should act. No: God respects our free will, He created us with freedom. If God stopped evil and suffering we wouldnt be strong and convinced about our identity. If God stopped evil and suffering we would become like puppets in His hands.


Explain why different groups of Christians have different beliefs about the Eucharist. Four main beliefs about the Eucharist: TRANSUBSTANTIATION actual body and blood of Jesus CONSUBSTANTIATION they are both bread and wine and body and blood of Jesus. RECEPTIONISM Jesus is really present in the bread and the wine in a spiritual way, as they are consumed. MEMORIALISM the bread and wine are no more than symbols. Peters denial shows that he shouldnt have been appointed by Jesus as leader of the twelve. Yes: Leader of Christian community should be steadfast in faith, should never betray the master, should be the first one to die for Him. What did the disciples learn looking at Peter? He wasnt a model for them No: Jesus knew whom He was choosing, He is God. Jesus taught Peter as important lesson: everyone can fail, its important to acknowledge our need for Gods mercy and love come back lesson of humility. Peter, after his betrayal, became strong and powerful witness to Jesus.

CONFLICT AND ARGUMENT/ LIFE AFTER DEATH What is a temple? The building in Jerusalem where sacrifices were made. Do you believe in reincarnation? Give two reasons for your opinion. Yes: There are evidences of reincarnation in peoples who undergo hypnosis Some people have experience of Deja vu No: Catholics believe that after death our soul goes to heaven, purgatory or hell, it doesnt wander and enter other bodies (Hebrews 10:27) reincarnation is contrary to the Bible and Christian belief in after life. Dj vu is just a creation of our imagination Hypnosis might be dangerous, because there is dependence of the Hypnotized on the will of the hypnotist, one surrenders for a time his own capacity to reason. Explain why Jesus entry into Jerusalem is important to Christians today? Jesus is peaceful, non-violent Messiah Jesus is a humble Messiah Jesus fulfils the prophesies He is chosen one, He is God who is faithful to His promises The beginning of week Jesus passion celebrated today on Palm Sunday. There is nothing after we die. Yes: No one returned from the dead to tell us how it is there People wish they could live forever thats why they invented the idea of heaven and hell Paranormal is just a wishful thinking There is no scientific evidence that there is life after death


No: Jesus Christ raised from the dead Jesus brought back to life Lazarus, the widows son and Jairus daughter Jesus told us that there is life after death, place that the Father prepared for those who believe in Him. The Church teaches us about eternal life Some saints have experienced the presence of souls from purgatory asking prayers for them

What is meant by near-death experience? When someone about to die has an out of body experience. Do you think Jesus was right to get angry when He saw people trading in the temple? Yes: The Temple is the place of prayer, not of trade. Jesus is God and His house, which is to be a house of prayer for all peoples has become a den of robbers Jesus fulfilled the prophecy that Messiah would purify the temple (Malachi 3:1) Jesus wants everyone to enter His house, not only Jews. No: Jesus is our loving God, He shouldnt use violence, He shouldnt get angry This act upset the religious authorities, Jesus could have avoided it Explain why Christians believe in life after death. Jesus Christ raised from the dead (resurrection) Jesus brought back to life Lazarus, the widows son and Jairus daughter Jesus taught us that there is life after death, place that Father prepared for those who believe in Him The Church teaches us about eternal life. The Bible says there is life after death The Creed says there is life after death The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) Catholic believe that life after death gives life meaning and purpose Christians shouldnt get involved with the politics. Yes: Jesus said: Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God We shouldnt mix politics with religion, we should have secular states. Politics is a worldly issue, Christians should be rather involved with the issues of life eternal and how to get to Heaven. No: Jesus said: Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God Gods laws are more important that human laws. Thats why Christians should be involved in politics to ensure that Gods law and the dignity of every person Gods son and daughter is respected. Christians continue proclamation of Gods Kingdom in the world today, if there are realities they deny freedom, peace and justice to a person, values for which Jesus died they should react, defend the poor, the oppressed, the neglected .....(Christians cannot be indifferent)