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Name 007 Racing 007 Tommorow never dies 3Xtreme 40 Winks

PSX ID SLUS01300 SLUS00975

TV Type

Manual Notes (Y/N)

NTSCNo U NTSCYes U popsloader @ 3.71:boots and plays fine by killergp123 Works fine on 3.71 and 3.90 Pops tested by Raymondgt08



Name A-Train Abalaburn PSX ID TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 3.90 by 2PS. Works perfectly on 3.90m33-3 tested by Raymondgt08 5.00 M33-6: The NTSC-U version of the game doesn't work. There's a black screen once you run it. The PlayStation logo doesn't show up and you are not allowed to choose a Pops. I've tried it with two US versions. I'll soon verify whether the PAL version works or not and post an update. JEETY: Use 4.01 pops. Played using psp2000 5.00m33-6. 3.80 by 2PS. 4.01 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS. 3.90: Music issues if the image is not good - try PAL version. By 2PS SLUS- NTSCNo 00003 U SLPS- NTSCNo 01280 J

Ace Combat 2

SLUS- NTSCYes 00404 U

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere Aces of the air Addie no Okurimono

SLUS- NTSCYes 00972 U SLUS- NTSCNo 01470 U SCPS- NTSCNo 10126 J

Adventure of Little Ralph, SLPS- NTSCNo The 01853 J Adventures of Lomax, The Agent Armstrong AirGrave Air Combat Air Hockey Akuji The Heartless Akumaj Dracula X: Gekka no Yas kyoku SCUS- NTSCNo 94906 U SLPS- NTSCNo 01073 J SLPS- NTSCNo 00559 J SLUS- NTSCNo 00001 U SLUS- NTSCNo 01467 U SLUS- NTSCNo 00715 U SLPM- NTSCNo 86023 J

3.80 by 2PS - Sound issues 5.00m33-6 game works perfectly sheriff. 5.00 M33-4 - works fine.

Get the English translation patch here (this patch is a recent 'retranslation' of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night), on 4.01 it works great but 5.00 crashes

at the beginning when Richter gets to Dracula Vlad Tepes, tested with patched version on my 5.00m33-6 slim, EBOOT made with Simple Popstation GUI 3.00 DebugJunky Alfred Chicken Alien Trilogy Alien Trilogy SCESPAL-E No 03817 SLESPAL-E No 00101 SLUS- NTSCYes 00007 U Working great on 3.90 with Zoom Mode, some sound glitches in menu Graphical Glitches 3.90 - Plays fine. -cephirobr Tested by MAN-biker Alone in the Dark - One Eyed Jack's Revenge SLUS- NTSCNo 00239 U Hey MAN-biker, please share your results... Tested on 5.00, gameplay seems real choppy... -DebugJunky Works perfectly fine. Tested on 3.90 M33 -Cheska 3.80: Crashed after character is chosen at a blank screen if left too long. Solution: After chosen character, the screen will go black, immediately press the X button and the game will run normally. By 2PS Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare SLUS- NTSCNo 01201 U 4.01M33-2: (tested on a PSP 'Fat') Played the first 15 minutes, everything works fine. By, Caustic Paradox. 5.50 GEN-D3: Seems to work fine if you have your 'Disc-Load Speed' set to 'Normal'. On 'Fast', it'll crash sometime during the first in-game conversation. TabsMH Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare SLES- PAL02805 ITA No Works flawlessly on cf 5.00M33-3 by Druids1974 On 3.71 works perfect fine by dopi Works fine on 5.0 M33-3; dumps occasionally and potential to freeze Alundra SLUS- NTSCYes 00553 U (Tanthalus). works perfectly using original from flash pops on 5.00 m33-6 as well as gen d-2 and gen d-3 (whitetiger2695)

Alundra 2

SLUS- NTSCYes 01017 U SLESPAL 02347 No

Works perfectly on my 5.00M33-3 by Druids1974 Works fine on 5.00 m33-6 5.50GENd-2 and GENd-3 whitetiger2695 Works flawlessly on 5.50 GEN-D3 using 3.90 pops by Nekroido This game Not working on all pops because required Dual Shock controller - marek2fgc Works perfectly on 3.90 testec by Raymondgt08

Amerzone Ape Escape Apocalypse Apocalypse Aqua GT

SCUS- NTSCNo 94423 U SLUS- NTSCNo 00373 U SLESPAL-E No 00460 SLESPAL-E No 03390

Update from SaintPizzy: Runs perfect on 3.71 and above. Arc the Lad SLUS- NTSCNo 01224 U Update from Druids1974: Works flawlessly on 5.00m33-3. By XsilentX: Runs flawlessly on 5.00 M33-4 Update from SaintPizzy: Works under 3.52 firmware. Use the popsloader plugin to select your PSX on PSP version. Arc the Lad 2 SLUS- NTSCNo 01252 U By XsilentX: Works fine in 5.00 M33-6. Update from Druids1974: New update - works flawlessly under 5.00m33-3 firmware. Update from SaintPizzy: Works under 3.52 firmware. Use the popsloader plugin to select your PSX on PSP version. Update from Druids1974: New update - works flawlessly under 5.00m33-3 firmware. Update from XsilentX: Works Arc the Lad 3 SLUS- NTSCNo 01253 U under 5.00 M33-6. Update from Orin6909: Works until the end of the first disc on 5.00m33-6. Freezes at hovercraft cutscene, dropped down to 3.72, but wouldn't let me switch discs at the prompt. Tried loading on disc 2 and same problem occured asking me to switch back to disc 1.

Area 51 Arkanoid R 2000 Armored Core Armored Core (SCEA release) Armored Core Master of Arena Armored Core Project Phantasma Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. Army Men 3D Army Men: Sarge's Heroes Assault Rigs

SLUS- NTSCNo 00164 U SLPM- NTSCNo 86262 J SLUS- NTSCYes 01323 U SCUS- NTSCNo 94182 U SLUS- NTSCNo 01030 U SLUS- NTSCNo 00670 U SLUS- NTSCYes 01022 U SLUS- NTSCYes 00491 U ? NTSCNo U

Works only for CFW under 3.40 OE (Such as 3.10 OE) 5.00m33-6 works fine -D3dGrlsDnyD4yN0

5.00-4 Works fine.

3.71 works. ~mechagodzilla

No flaws. 3.71 m33-4 ~Beaniehat~ Slight sound pops at main menu, nothing major. 5.00 m33-4 ~Larry D.~ Slight sound pops at main menu and no music ~Savior X~ No flaws. 5.00 m33-4 ~Larry D.~ 5.00 M33-4, Works Perfectly! -arNieLMine also works perfetly but the screen has a a black border at the top, if


ATV: Quad Power Racing ?

Azure Dreams

SLUS- NTSCYes 00614 U

anyone ould help I'd appreciate it. EBOOT was made with Simple Popstation GUI v3.00 - DebugJunky 5.00 M33-6 Works fine using 4.01 pops - Azure Fang


Name Baroque Batman Beyond: The return of the Joker Batman Forever: The Arcade Game Battle Arena Nitoshinden Battle Arena Toshinden PSX ID (Unknown) SLUS01207 SLUS00387 SLPS00485 SCUS94200 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) Works perfectly on 5.00 m33-6 so far (not yet finished). 3.80 - by 2PS. 3.90: Tested by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS. NTSCNo J NTSCNo Ub NTSCNo Ub NTSCNo Jb NTSCNo Ub PAL-E No Works perfectly on 3.71m33-3 with

Battle Arena Toshinden 4 SLES-

02493 Battle Tanx: Global Assault Beatmania Beast Wars Transformers SLUS01044 SLPM86126 SLUS00508 NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCNo J PAL-E No NTSCNo J NTSCNo J NTSCYes J NTSCNo J

Popsloader 3.71 (Tested by Raito) 3.80 by 2PS.

5.00m33-6 seems to be the best for this game other will produce graphics errors-by Sic-suicide 3.11 only - by 2PS. 3.30 only.

Beavis & Butthead SLPS(Virtual Aho Shoukougun) 01219 Bedlam BioHazard BioHazard Demo BioHazard Director's Cut BioHazard 2 SLES00334 SLPS00222 SLPM80027 SLPS00998 SLPS01222

SLPS-00222: Freezes when man in gun shop speaks (funnily enough, straight after he says freeze!). Tested on 3.403.52-3.71-3.80 pops.

BioHazard 2 [Beta 2]



SLPS-01222: Freezes once entered police station, same way it does with american version if game id isnt changed. Tested on 3.52-3.80 pops. NOTE: Debug menu when pressing select works to change location, including police station.

BioHazard 2 Demo BioHazard Gun Survivor Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S - Shin Shuyaku Soudatsusen Black Dawn Blade

SLPS00999 SLPS02553 SLPS00262 SLUS00321 SLES03213


Firmware 3.40 OE-A required, and SLPS-01222 MUST be set as the Game ID.

Testinsomegames: 5.00 the music will not work. 4.01 works perfectly fine. Tested on 3.52 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign Unknown 3.80 by 2PS.

Blast Chamber



3.71 works perfectly. 3.80 does not load levels. soupy

3.02: Seems to be working great. Blaster Master: Blasting Again SLUS01031 SLUS00100 SCUS94412 SLES04067 SLUS01496 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U PAL-E No NTSCNo U 3.71 M33-4: Crashes in on-foot dungeons. Tested by Joseph Collins. Blazing Dragons Blasto Block Buster Blockids Tested on 3.71 M33-2 by Dusteater1983. It works perfect! Seems to run perfectly, with no problems. 3.80 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS. Crashes at 'Dec 25' right after the Christmas Party, too bad, it's a great RPG/Dating Sim.

Please elaborate which pops you tried, GUI you used to create the EBOOT etc Bloody Bride SLPS00526 NTSCNo J - Debug Junky 5.00 works fine, intro animation has no audio though, game plays fine after with no graphical/audio problems at all (half an hour to an hour of testing with disc speed set to fast), disc image used had the fanpatched applied, EBOOT was made with Popstation GUI 3.00 DebugJunky Savegame function does not work correctly; savegames are seen as corrupt when read. Saving seems to be fixed on 3.71 M333. Tested by MonkeyJamboree Works fine on 5.00 M33-3 According to "John":"Works flawlessly and stretches perfectly in 3.9" Also works perfectly on 5.00 M33-3 with 5.01 patches. Hangs for a minute after Bloody Roar SCUS94199 NTSCNo U PS logo, and when you beat arcade mode, it freezes, but the gameplay is terrific Also no BG music. Stretch looks like widescreen. By Roxas6662 5.00 works perfectly - DebugJunky According to "John":"Works flawlessly and stretches perfectly in 3.9". I 2nd that motion. Flawlessly in 3.71, 3.80, and 4.01 M33. One of my FavS. Tested by MasterTurkey.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain



Bloody Roar 2



5.00 works perfectly - DebugJunky Bomberman Fantasy Race Bomberman Party Edition Bomberman Wars Bombing Islands, The Brain Dead 13 SLUS00823 SLUS01189 SLPS01347 SLUS01292 SLUS00083 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCNo U 3.80 by 2PS 3.90 by SleepyMan 3.90 by SleepyMan 3.90 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS If you use the default GameID it will freeze after the "Chapter 1" screen. So use one of the GameID's below. When you do use one of these gameIDs you'll sometimes notice a little slowdown or some stuttering in voices, but at least the game works. 3.52 and below: Use GameID SLPS-01156, SLPS-01724, or SLPS-01222. 3.71 and 3.72: GameID SLPS-01156 and SLPS-01724 will work. 3.90: Only GameID SLPS-01156 will work. Also the slowdown and stuttering Brave Fencer Musashi SLUS00726 NTSCYes U in voices is slightly better. EBOOT needs to be made with CDDA Popstation 1.24 (don't forget, you'll need keys.bin). Many GUIs make bad eboots... 3.90 Works perfect for me with SLPS01156, eboot made with Simple Popstation GUI 3.00 and 01156 ID was patched onto the eboot after DebugJunky 4.01: If you use GameID SLPS-01490 then gameplay and voices are MUCH better. However if you try to watch the opening cinematic after starting a new

game it will freeze at a black screen after it zooms in on the castle. So press Start as soon as you can to skip it. 5.00: GameID SLPS-01490 and SLPS01156 doesn't work, game gets stuck on black screen and doesn't even show the PS logo. If you use the default SLUS-00726 GameID the game will boot, but it will freeze after zooming in on the castle and after the "Chapter 1" screen. 5.00m33-6: Works perfectly (no slowdown, stutter, or freezes that I have seen so far up through chapter 2), looks, and sounds the best on 3.03 when using GameID SLPS-01156. Sincerely, X. UPDATE:Only seems to work if the EBOOT is created with Popstation GUI 300 BETA. Made mine with SLPS-01156 with PSX2PSP 1.3 and it works flawlessly so far (completed chapter 1) -Vyse Breakout SLUS01170 NTSCNo U 4.01: Working fine so far. Works perfectly on 5.00 M33-6 4.01 5.50 GEN-D3: Working Flawlessly, but encountered a black screen when switching overworld map to central Wyndia. Re-converted game using all compressions, encountered same glitch. Converted game with no compression, and now no problems. 3.00 - 3.41: Works, but earlier versions have poorer sound quality. Noticable frame skipping & slowdown (video only) in the more detailed 3D environments, like towns. Battles run perfectly, although later spells may change this (unable to test this myself). 3.42 & 3.51: Same as above, but the

Breath of Fire 3/III



Breath Of Fire 4/IV



sound is perfect. 3.52 - 3.72: Unplayable! After the Capcom logo you will get a blank white screen. The opening FMV can be heard playing, but the white screen remains and the game doesn't respond to button input. After the FMV you'll be stuck on the main menu until you quit. 4.01: Works again, but no noticable improvements over 3.42 & 3.51. NOTE: Upon first trying this pops the game started fine, but I had a black screen when I loaded my save file to the world map. I restarted and tried a new game instead, which worked fine. Ever since then my save file has worked. The black screen may have been a one-off glitch. Tested by Milkymoocowmoo using NTSC-U version, 4.01 M33-2 NTSC-U version (working on PC emulators) hangs at the Playstation logo. Using popsloader plugin, it fully works on 3.30 and 3.40 firmware. Edit: Retrying with a new EBOOT - made from the same image using the same program with the same settings successfully worked. Saving/loading also worked. People on forums also mention both; sometimes it works and sometimes not. But when it works, it keeps on working.~Haisook (NTSC-U version, tested on 4.01 M33-2) 5.00 M33-6:Works perfectly. No problems seen so far with this version (half-way through Chapter 3.) I can also confirm 5.00 works great -

DebugJunky 5.50 GEN-B2: runs perfectly. Game image was made using CloneCD from NTSC version; EBOOT created with Icetea. Tested on pops 4.01. -KuraudoBrigandine: The Legend of Forsena SLUS00687 NTSCNo U works perfect. tested with 3.80 & 4.01 3.90: Tested on PAL version (SCES00346) - by 2PS. By XsilentX: Works fine in 5.00 M33-6. andwan0 - SLUS-00484, freezes in Act 3, Paris hospital, CFW 3.10, 3.40, 3.72. Well actually, when I tried CFW 3.40 again, it appears that scene just runs very very slow. I left it running and it does still run.. after like 5-10 minutes. I just quickly try to get past that screen/stage and into the hospital room to speak to the guy to carry on with the storyline. I manage to get past that bit and never needed to return. Also, in Egypt or Ciaro there's some graphic background clitches. Again, this doesn't stop the game from playing. The only WORST part is trying to pick up the soap in the bathroom. Apparently this is a pixel hunt... and using the PS directional pad is a pain since it has a constant sensitivitiy...

Broken Sword: The Shadow Of Templars



Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror Bubble Bobble 2

SCES00798 SLUS00838

PAL-E No PAL No 5.00 M33-6: Works PERFECT for me without pops. By Sk8eR_PR Tested on POPs 3.01 to 5.00 M33-6, none working. 3.40: Changing ID seems to work, I used SLPS-01222 (others may work tough) and popsloader. Anyway, there are some serious performance issues; game doesn't run at full speed. 5.00 M33-3 Works fine. 3.80 by 2PS. 3.52: Playable. ~NXMT 3.71: Playable. ~NXMT 3.52: Playable. ~NXMT 3.71: Playable. ~NXMT

Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time



Bugs Bunny & Taz - Time SLESBusters 02896 Builder's Block SLUS01086 SCUS94180 SLUS00663


Bushido Blade

Bushido Blade 2

3.90: Freezes just before intro movie. ~NXMT Bust-A-Move'99 Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition Bust-A-Move 3dx SLUS00725 SCUS94243 SLES00991 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U PAL No 3.90 by 2PS. Works fine on 5.00 M33-3 Works fine on my 5.00 M33-3 by Druids1974 - Just no soundtracks but there are sounds FX 3.90: Experiencing a little delay when playing Hamm's stage. Bust A Move / Groove SCUS94263 NTSCYes U 5.00 m33-6:: on 4.01POPS no problem no delays. by JRM 3.90: Tested on US version 'SLUS01159' - by 2PS. Tested with Popsloader 3.71. Bust A Move / Groove 2 - SLPMDance Tengoku Mix 86219 NTSCNo J 4.01: A bit laggy. But R2/Dodge can be remapped to the L button. Yay. =]. 5.00 M33: Music cuts off during gameplay Buster Bros. Collection SLUS00208 NTSCNo U 3.90 by SleepyMan


Name C - The Contra Adventure PSX ID SLUS00499 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) Works on 5.00 m33-3 (may work on others). 3.90M33 Runs fine. Assassin2k NTSCNo U PAL-E No PAL-E No NTSCNo U PAL-E No 3.80 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS. SLUS01476 SLPM87053 NTSCNo U NTSCNo J Tested on 3.71 M33-2 Tested on 4.01 M33-2 by Trasgo7

C3 - Car Constructor's SLESChampionship (aka Max 01363 Power Racing) C-12 Final Resistance Cabela's Ultimate Deer Hunt: Open Season Capcom Generations CD2: Chronicles Of Arthur Capcom vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro Capcom vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 SCUS94666 SLUS01400 SLES11881

Pro SLPS01567 NTSCNo U 3.71 pops: runs and plays well but no music and some enemies have distorted sprites -theydidntnameme 5.00 m33-6: does not load theydidntnameme Seems works fine on 5.00 m33-3, and 4.01 popsloader. Needs POPS 3.10; didn't work under POPS 3.71. Sound glitches during gameplay, no BGM. (3.10 by PerfectCircle) Carmageddon [M4] SLES01960 PAL-E No - appears to be working fine: 5.00 m336 5.50 GEN-D3: works perfect with 3.10 popsloader Black screen with audio after death (in 2nd stage after extended play time) ***UPDATE*** 3.40 OE-A: The game freezes right after you choose a game mode on the main menu. 3.52 M33-4: Same result as the Castlevania Chronicles SLUS01384 NTSCYes U previous version. 3.71 M33-4: Fixes the bug on the main game menu. Beyond that, the game runs perfectly. 5.00 M33-3: Works great. EDIT: Sound lags all the time. So far, 3.71M33-4 is the best solution. 5.00 works perfectly, tested for about 20 minutes and experienced 0 problems DebugJunky Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Cat in the Hat, The Centipede Chaos Break Chase the Express SLUS00067 SLUS01579 SLUS00807 SLES03107 SCES02812 NTSCYes U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U PAL-E No PAL-E No 5.00 M33-3: Ran perfectly. 5.00 M33-4: Perfect 5.00 M33-6: Works Perfectly. Tested on Gen-D, works perfectly fine. Fast-load supported. Use the newest popsloader. 3.80 by 2PS. 3.71m33-4 Works, but freezes in the intro movie, if you just skip them then the game should play fine khajiit

Captain Commando

Captain Tsubasa Aratanaru Densetsu Joshou (New Legend)


SLPMNo 87060

Chessmaster 3D Chicken Run Chiisana Kyojin Microman

SLUS00052 SLUS01304 SLPS01926 SLUS00814 SLPS01951 SLUS00844 SLPS00242 SLPS00183

NTSCYes U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCYes J NTSCYes U NTSCNo J NTSCNo J 4.01 by 2PS This game does not let you save before changing discs, so you are going to have to either use a patch made by Psychospacefish, CWcheat, or create a multidisc EBOOT with popstation_md (only works on 3.71-4 m33 or higher) 3.40: Use GameID SLPS-01222. It will appear a little laggy, but it's less likely to freeze. Update: Use GameID SCUS-94640, it's much better. Tested in Popsloader 3.71, works fine. Works Perfectly on 3.90m33-3 tested by Raymondgt08 3.52: Works - by 2PS 3.80/.90: Hangs at loading bar - by 2PS 4.01: Playable. ~NXMT 5.00 M33-6: Works. -dtconcus

Chocobo's Dungeon 2

Chocobo Racing Chocobo Racing Choro Q Chou Aniki - Kyuukyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyou Otoko

3.51: Use GameID SCUS-94640. Chrono Cross SLUS01041 NTSCYes U 3.52: The game will freeze when accessing the character status.

3.71: Update by GamerbyDesign: Tested on 3.71 M33 with SLUS-01041 & SLPS-01222 it does not freeze when accessing character status, however it does freeze in the first boss battle against Mama Komodo. If you use GameID SCUS-94640 it wont freeze after Mama Komodo, but going to

character status it will freeze.

3.72: Use popsloader to run 3.72 pops. With GameID SCUS-94640 it wont freeze on character status or the first boss Mama Komodo! It REALLY matters what converter you use to make the eboot. Read Here for more information on what converter to use.

3.90: Intro movie does not load on the first disc. Use 3.80 popsloader to run 3.72 pops.

3.90: tested on my 3.90 psp and worked perfectly. i am using original the actual game id and i have both discs in one eboot. By LordJovanius -Tested it too. LordJovanius' info is correct. -Xzbit

4.01: Status screen freezing both with original and 94640. Loading 3.72 instead fixes it. -Froze at the end of the KingMoaman Battle using 3.72pops.Use 3.03 Pops to get past it.by LancerMoogle

5.00: Using GameID SCUS-94640 it doesn't freeze on Status screen and it doesn't freeze after beating Mama Komodo. 5.00 m33-3 might be just as good as 3.72 for this game. EBOOT was made with PSX2PSP v1.4.2

5.00m33-3: Use UltraISO to create the 2disc .ISO then use RS-GUI PopStationMD v.3.00 to create the single eboot.pbp (with psx2psp 1.4 the game freeze on Mama Komodo) and remember to use GameID: SCUS94640. Start now the game, it will stop after PSX logo: time to press Home and select to change Disc, select disc 2 and start the game again. This time the game will really start till the screen with New Game and Continue. Choose the one you need and you will be asked to insert disc 1. So time to make the second disc change again, so press Home and select Disc 1 and everything will work flawlessly - by Druids1974

5.00m33-4: Using GameID SCUS94640 Load with 3.40 pops as a single disc eboot and as soon as you gain control of your character check for the Status Menu freeze. If you've got no freeze then the game will run perfectly. Tested with eboot made from POPstation GUI 3.00 Beta By RagnaBlade47 Update by Reilsel: works perfect even without pops 3.40 eboot made with POPstation GUI 3.00 Beta By Zinga Burga. Does not freeze after defeating mama comodo and going into status screen.

5.00m33-4: Use popsloader for 3.71 m33. it goes fine on status and mama komodo. I picked 3.40 pops on the

pops menu.

5.00 m33-6: Crashes after PS logo, with or without pops. Workaround: If using a single disc eboot, change disc to the second cd, and it will run fine until the New Game/Continue screen. Chose either option and it will ask for the first cd. Change to the first cd and it should run fine from that point onwards. -cephirobr

5.00 m33-6: double boot loads fine under 3.72 pops. -greyfox_typezero

5.00 m33-6: Use SCUS 94640 as the game ID / Set popsloader to 3.80 works perfectly (Lorenz Cruz)

5.00 m33-6: 3.72 pops freezes on char. status screen. Use 3.8 pops to get by. (APTX-4869)

5.50 GEN-D3: 3.80 pops using psx2psp kept original main ID but changed game id on both discs to SCUS-94640 created a single disc eboot successfully able to see status screen and no freezes on bosses works perfectly same on 5.00 M33-6 firmware.(whitetiger2695)

5.50 GEN-D3: Run on 3.80 Pops using Game ID: SCUS-94640. I made a multi-disc eboot with RS-GUI

PopStationMD by Red Squirrel. No Mamma Komodo freeze, and no character status screen freeze. Runs almost completely perfect. Only lags a bit when going into to battles. Roxas6662

5.50 GEN-D3: Run on 3.80 Pops using Game ID: SCUS-94640. Worked Perfectly on PSP Phat Prometheus Ver 4, POPS 3.80 and Game ID-94640, destroying Time Devourer know hehe Lynx2303 Bad sound, key items menu not working. (Appears to be fixed in 3.03 OE-A) - Works fine with 4.01 It runs flawless from start to finish and will never crash perfect as if it was made for the psp on 4.01m33-tested by Deadlyangel91792 Chrono Trigger (Part of Final Fantasy Chronicles) SLUS01363 NTSCYes U 5.00m33-3 Works flawlessly - Game fully played and finished - by Druids1974 5.00 m33-6 loads flawless w/o pops -greyfox_typezero <b>5.50 gen-d works flawlessly w/0 pops Circuit Breakers City Of Lost Children SLUS00697 SCUS94150 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U - 3.90 by 2PS. - works flawlessly on 5.00 m33-6 3.90 by 2PS. <b>Bad Mr Frosty Played this for hours and hours and hours using 4.01. No probs. Worked fine on 5.00 m33-6 - YDNTK9. Don't work on 5.00m33-3 - by Druids1974 3.90 by 2PS 5.00 M33-6 Worked almost flawlessly, played game 100% all ending work. You may occasionally slow down in places with very high 2-d textures such as elevators, but other than that 100% playable. Deyadissa 14 July 2010 21:04 (MST)

Civilization II


Civilization II

Clock Tower



Clock Tower: The First Fear



Tested On PopsLoader 3.71 By NightmareTX. Have Some Not-SoFrequent Sound Issues. Tiny SlowDowns Due To High 2-D Graphics. Playable At 99.5% Anyway You Get The Idea. 3.80 by 2PS 3.71: New game caused the PSP to shut off completely during loading. Upgraded to 3.80 and it worked fine. Creepy use 3.40/3.51 pops; you can change aspect ratio to 16:9 in menu (and in pops to FullScreen) Use the same pops as Colin Mcrae Rally, or it will freeze when you start the race. Tested on 4.01M33-2 by Rronqe

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within



Colin McRae Rally

SCUS94474 SLUS01222 SLUS00543 SLUS00722


Colin McRae Rally 2.0

Colony Wars Colony Wars 2: Vengeance

Playing first mission just fine on 3.90 Loads up to the main menu but freezes when loading a mission. Tested on 3.52 M33-4 & 3.71 M33 by GamerbyDesign. Update: Game currently works fine with current SLUS. *No* freezing.

Colony Wars 3: Red Sun



4.01 - Graphical glitch in fast load mode, use normal. Otherwise works OK! Updated from Vildar: 3.80 Pops version. Slow load up on the begining And freezing after compleation of a mission. 3.40 Pops Version. Again slow load up, but works fine.

Command and Conquer



5.00 works perfectly for me on both discs, multi-disc EBOOT made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 DebugJunky

Command and Conquer: SLUSRed Alert 00431 Command and Conquer: SLUSRed Alert Retaliation 00665 (Allies Disc)

5.00 M33-6, 5.50 GEN-A, 5.50 GENB2: Works perfectly under POPS 3.51. Still playable using other POPS, but you can't save or load your progress (game freezes). LiquidSnakE 5.00 M33-6, 5.50 GEN-A, 5.50 GENB2: Works perfectly under POPS 3.51. Still playable using other POPS, but you can't save or load your progress (game freezes) and there are minor

Command and Conquer: SLUSRed Alert Retaliation 00667 (Soviets Disc)


sound glitches. LiquidSnakE Contender Contender 2 Contra - Legacy of War Cool Boarders 1 (A.K.A. Extreme Snowboarding) Cool Boarders 2 Cool Boarders 3 SCUS94294 SLUS01305 SLUS00288 SCUS94356 SCUS94358 SCUS94251 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U Tested on 3.71 M33 by GamerbyDesign NO Tested on 3.52 M33 by GamerbyDesign Cool Boarders 4 SCUS94559 NTSCYes U Works perfect on 5.00M33 made with SimplePOPStationGui3.00 Cool Boarders 5 (A.K.A. 2001) Courier Crisis Cowboy Bebop SCUS94597 SLUS00442 SLPS01126 SCUS94900 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCYes U Works perfectly 3.03, 3.40, 3.71, 3.80 & 3.90. Tested by SephirothX 5.00 works perfectly for me, tested through first stage DebugJunky Works perfectly 3.03, 3.40, 3.71, 3.80 & 3.90. Tested by SephirothX Works fine on 4.01 also. Tested on 3.71 M33 by GamerbyDesign 5.00-4 good. 3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS Works on 5.00 m33-3 (may work on others). Tested on 3.71 M33 by GamerbyDesign

Crash Bandicoot

Update from mimic_maverick: I've tried crash bandicoot 2, on psp slim - cfw 5.00-3 with the 5.00 popstation: Crash Bandicoot 2 SCUS94154 NTSCYes U with pops from flash(5.00) >> does not even start -with pops 4.01 >> does not even start -with pops 3.90 >> does not even start -with pops 3.80 >> does not even start -with pops 3.71 >> works with pops 3.40 >> works -with pops 3.03 >> works ```Update from dacomputernerd: I just tried Crash Bandicoot 2, on psp phat -

cfw 5.00-3 == The game only loaded on 3.30 popstation for me. On my 5.00 m33-6 it loads and plays perfectly well using pops from flash (5.00), half an hour of testing it plays fine! - DebugJunky Works perfectly 3.03, 3.40, 3.71, 3.80 & 3.90. Tested by SephirothX Tested using 5.50 GEN-D3 firmware with Pops4.01 and it has worked flawlessly so far (played the first level). Tested by Organized Chaos. 5.00m33-3: Works perfectly so far. 5.00 works perfectly for me, tested through first stage DebugJunky 5.50 MHU: Work perfect also work when I remove the Spyro the Dragon Demo (I just delete Dragon folder using Ultra ISO got the size down to ~107mb compress)-Shazam Crash Bash SCUS94570 NTSCYes U Works 3.03, 3.40, 3.71, 3.80 & 3.90. Slight occasional slowdowns. Tested by SephirothX Stuttering mouth animations during the opening sequence; has no affect on gameplay. Has severe glitches and not playable on 3.90 M33 - tested by +DONO Works 100% fine(including mouth animation) on 3.90m33-3 with Crash Team Racing SCUS94426 NTSCNo U exception of Dracula save icon glitch. tested by murderinthethirst To the above poster, the Alucard save icon glitch is a result of using icon0.png images bigger than 80x80 pixels on a pops higher than 3.71 as past 3.71 sony decided on all PS1 games on PSP having 80x80 as standard, so use 80x80 icons (check popsdb.com) and

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped



you should have no savedata image change. Also, this game works perfectly for me on 500 - DebugJunky 3.90pops-no problems from what I can tell.-chickut123 Attempted rip from original 'Platinum' PSX disc (SCES-02105), froze on loading a race for all pops. Menus worked fine and hub world, but at faster than usual speeds (varied depending on version). Downloaded a patched copy which has a built in PAL/NTSC switcher on the original ISO. Works perfectly on 5.00 M33-6 (except usual PAL borders). StormPooper Critical Blow SLPS01044 NTSCNo J 3.80 by 2PS Works fine, but occassional graphical gliches, and slowdown. Tested on 3.02 POPS. This is solved completely on 3.40 POP's. Tested by SephirothX

Crash Team Racing



5.00 m33-6: freezes after the introduction screen (before the intro), works great with POPS 3.30/3.40 Croc: Legend of Gobbo SLUS00530 NTSCNo U finished the game (100%) without even a single crash. - CrS_pl 5.50 m33 3.0 POP's Works great. A minor slowdown in cutscenes. Failure to load with 3.30 and 3.40 on 5.03 GEN-C. Appears to be working perfectly on 3.71, no slowdown apparent, tested by Starving Hobo. Works well. Slowdowns Tested on 3.03. By SephirothX Croc: 2 SLUS00634 NTSCNo U

5.00 m33-6: freezes on the cutscenes before the boss fights (the game WILL be saved though) - again use POPS

3.30/3.40 to make it work. - CrS_pl Crossroad Crisis Crusaders of Might and Magic Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness Cybersled SLUS01342 SLUS00799 SLPS01011 SLUS00008 NTSCNo U NTSCYes U NTSCNo J NTSCNo U 5.00m33-6 works perfectly, finished several times UltrasevenX 3.80 by 2PS


Name PSX ID TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 3.90: Doesn't boot - by 2PS.. Created Eboot using PSX2PSP v1.4.2. Used the game ID SLUS00128 and played through on CFW 5.00 M33-6 using POP's 3.72 and switched all three discs without any problems whatsoever - by Logeyboy.



Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix Dance Dance Revolution Konamix Dancing Stage Euromix

SLPM86897 SLUS01281 SLUS01446 Unknown

NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo J NTSCNo J NTSCNo U PAL No Update from Mr. Mallon: works fine (double arrows are difficult) Graphical glitches Update from Mr. Mallon: working up to trying to get to level 2 then fails 3.80 by 2PS 5.00M33-3: Runs perfectly. Tested by Tickolas. 3.90 no problems by LordJovanius 3.80 by 2PS works great on 5.50 GEN-D3 using 4.01pops, no freezes or lag, Enjoy By h34dc4s3 3.80 by 2PS Runs smooth, no problems

Dancing Stage SLPMFeaturing Dreams Come 86505 True Dancing Stage:Party Danger Girl Darkstalkers 3 Darkstone-Evil Reigns Dark Hunter: Shita Youma No Mori Dave Mirra Bmx Maximum Remix Davis Cup Tennis, Complete Dead or Alive Unknown SLUS00881 SLES01719 SLUS01182 SLPS00789 SLUS01347 SLES00096 SLUS00606


Deathtrap Dungeon Death Wing

SLUS00566 SLPS00489 SLUS01067


4.01: No issues 3.80 by 2PS Does not get passed PSX boot screen. Test on 3.71 M33 by GamerbyDesign. Will not work with 3.71-M33-4. Runs fine with pops 3.72; completed through first mission. 3.80 by 2PS. 4.01:Works fine 5.00 M33-6: Works PERFECT for me without pops. By Sk8eR_PR Works on 3.01 or 3.02 POPS Major lag issues. Sound skips. Tested on 3.71 M33 by GamerbyDesign. 5.00 m33-6: appears to work fine theydidntnamemetd> 4.01 by 2PS Sometimes freezes on 3.52. Use 3.40 for perfect gameplay. Freezes after Blizzard logo during intro if disc-load speed is set to fast. Runs

Deception III - Dark Delusion

Deep Freeze (SuperLite SLPM1500 series) 86497 Demolition Racer Destruction Derby Destruction Derby 2 Destruction Derby 3 (A.K.A. RAW) Devil Dice Dezaemon Plus SLUS00969 SCUS94302 SCUS94350 SCES02060 SLUS00672 SLPS00335




fine on 3.72 with disc speed on normal. Town portals don't work i've found. 5.00m33-6 works fine runs great 5.00 M33-6 Runs perfect no freezes only slow loads. Roxas6662

Die Hard Trilogy

SLUS00119 SLUS01015 SLUS01328 SLUS01404 SLUS01032 SLUS01193 SLES03936


works on 3.71 m33 custom firmware Works on 5.03GEN-A(Full) With no music .

Die Hard Trilogy 2 Digimon - Digital Card Battle Digimon Rumble Arena Digimon World Digimon World 2 Digimon World 2003

3.90 by SleepyMan 3.90 by SleepyMan 3.52 pops Works with cfw 5.50gen d3 original from flash 3.9 3.80. Created eboot using IceTea and changed the PAL Game I.D. to

SLPS01724. I'm almost 6 hours into the game and so far no freezes or crashes. I'm running the game on CFW 5.00 M33-6 using POP's 3.52 the game has some slight lag for me but that's it. Another user that has tried this method says that the game plays faster on their POP's 3.52 but again no freezes or crashes - by Logeyboy. Another functional ID is SLPS01222. Tested on 5.50 GEN-D2 by Largeroliker. On 6.35 Custom Beta fix2 the game runs well with original ID, but it freezes when you go away. Open the map and close it to fix the bug. Fake japeneses ID won't work anymore. Test by largeroliker. 3.71: Make sure you use GameID SLPS01724 5.00 M33-6: Use GameID SLPS01724 and 3.71 pops. There will be some minor slowdowns during load fades, but otherwise works Digimon World 3 SLUS01328 NTSCNo U perfectly fine - Azure Fang Inside the circuit boards, there are chances that the game will hang when you proceed to the next segment of the board. So in order to fix this, move around and engage in a digimon battle before proceeding. Also, SAVE FREQUENTLY - Y2Jacky Voices do not work under 3.52 M33. Update by GamerbyDesign: Everything works perfectly, including the voices. Tested on 3.71 M33. Update 2 by GamerbyDesign: On the PSP Slim when you switch to the shotgun and try to shoot the game freezes and the PSP shuts down. Tested on 3.71 M33-2. Update by JarvyBirdman: On the PSP Slim 4.01 Pops fixes the freezing problem with the shotgun tested on American version Everything is working perfectly so far, including voices. Update by Mavincenzi: (PSP-Slim

Dino Crisis



5.00 M33-6) To avoid the shotgun freezing bug, just change your eboot GAMEID to SLPS-02180 (Japanese Version), you will lose your gamesave, but the game works perfectly. Update by Slippy: Shotgun freezing is fixed on the PSP Slim using 4.01 M332. Japanese version of game was used. Everything runs perfectly so far, including voices. </b>5.03 GEN-C</b> Works on 4.01 POPS Syth Played the first 30 mins using a PSP FAT with 4.01 M33. No problems with weapons or items. MenuS fine. Sound and graphics are good. Added WORKING game manual link.Tested by MasterTurkey 5.00 m33-6: The game runs great overall. The only issues I had were with the last 3-4 FMVs where the PSP would freeze and shut off. You can circumvent this by pressing SELECT to skip the movie.Tested by FunkDAT25Z Game runs, but graphics are messed up (in pops 3.40). Graphics are perfect in 5.00. runs fine on 3.90 - by 2PS 3.90 by 2PS. 3.52 only - by 2PS. Works on POPSLOADER for 3.80M33 v2 + set game ID=SLPS02180. When popsloader loading menu appears, select 3.00, 3.01, 3.02, 3.03 or 3.10 pops ONLY, game does NOT work on pops versions above (hangs up after 2 intro movies)!!! Tested by MAN-biker on PSP Slim FW v3.80 M33-5

Dino Crisis

SLPS02180 SLES02207


Dino Crisis



Dino Crisis 2



Discworld Discworld Discworld II Discworld Noir

SCUS94600 SCES00012 SLES00793



SLES-0154 PAL-E No

Disney's Donald Duck Goin' Quackers



Disney's Hercules Disney's Tarzan Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour Disruptor DoDonPachi DonPachi

SCES00891 SCES01516 SLUS01106 SLUS00224 SLPS00548 SLPS-

PAL-E No PAL-E No NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSC- No 3.11 only - by 2PS. Game works fine. Tested on 3.90-5.00 M33-6. 3.80 by 2PS Tested and works on 3.40 POPS, 0 compression tested by BootsMegamix Works on 3.40 POPS tested by


BootsMegamix Freezes at first loading screen on ANY firmware (3.00-3.73). update* 3.80 pops works! same as




PAL, intro is fuzzy; no speed issue. ~Beaniehat~ Runs flawlessly on 5.00 M33-6, except for the fact that the music in the main menu and intermission screens is missing; it's there on 4.01 and this version seems to work just as fine so far Intro is messed up, but works! Gameplay is a little fast, such as faster reloading.*graphics are unviewable 3.00-3.03**3.80 fixes speed issue, intro still broken. ~Beaniehat~ 3.90 by 2PS.


SLUS00132 SLPS00191 SLPS01934 SLUS01440 SLUS01440 SLUS00493


Double Dragon Dr Slump Dracula: The Resurrection Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary Dragon Ball GT Final Bout


3.80 by 2PS. Perfect with 3.51 and 3.71 POPS 3.52: Sometimes freezes. Use 3.40 for perfect gameplay.

Dragon Ball Z Legends



3.72: Doesn't seem to freeze like it did before. Mr. Creehan reports: Seems to work pretty good in Pops 4.01 and 5.00 M336 3.72: Doesn't seem to freeze like it did before. 3.00-3.03: Strangely the Purple Plant does not drop Fire Magic, instead it drops a random item. If you want to unlock all the magic you'll probably have to use CWcheat codes.

Dragon Quest IV



Dragon Valor



3.10-3.72: For some reason the Purple Plant drops an invisible item. If you attempt to collect it the game will freeze. You cannot continue without collecting it, so use popsloader and run

the game on 3.03. 4.01: Same problem, freezes after trying to collect the invisible item from the Purple Plant. 5.00 m33-6 PSP slim - POPS 3.00 3.03 did not work for me, but there is another way: Using CW cheat, you can import a .mcr save to load from the game, put the .mcr in the seplugins/cwcheat/mcr folder, then run the cwcheat in game by holding select, choose manage memory cards, and load memory card 1 from memory stick with the slus of the game once that is done press O twice to exit the cwcheat and then load the game from the title screen. Chapter 1 - Tutorial Level crash Workaround http://www.mediafire.com/?2z5zc09pxiw - Dragon Valor- .mcr save after the purple plant is killed so you can progress. (4.01 still contains the "random item" crashes, but fortunately the items that get corrupted are more likely to be VAL coins, the tomes pickup fine. Be on the lookout for static/ discolored items, or invisible ones throughout the game, pickup will cause the game to crash.) Update 4/28/09* Chapter 5 - Demon Fortress crash Workaround -Crash found at Demon Fortress gate (Door will not open until item is picked up) in this case the item

was discolored and pickup caused the crash. -Crash found in Chapter 5 at the Demon Fortress (fighting crystal warriors). Fortunately, these segments were minimal and no crucial part of the storyline is missed. The .mcr will allow you to proceed past this one level with the crash. http://www.mediafire.com/?jgjt0wxssmd Follow the directions in the text file. by:StriderH2/MEGAXSTU

5.50GEN-B2: Created a multidisk EBOOT on PSX2PSP v1.4.2. Changed Disk 1 and Main Game ID to SLPS02190 and game works on pops 4.01, finished game twice without any crashing on any level (Purple Plant drops fire tome and game doesn't crash). by: Tuga98 5.50GEN-C: *Sigh*, I had high hopes of the newer firmware solving the issues.. Repeated the above, and it failed.(Purple Plant drops invisible object and game still crashes). by:robert Locks up at Deathpal boss UPDATE: Stopped locking up on Deathpal boss using 3.10 OE-A and up. Locks up on 3.80. Use 3.40 via Dragon Warrior 7/VII SLUS01206 NTSCYes U popsloader 4.01:works perfect- R()H@X 5.00: Text windows do not display. -SargeSmash UPDATE 5.00m33-3: Make multi-disk EBOOT (ImpalerPSX), use POPS 3.71.

Slow down issues. Update by hugotinini: Works fine on 5.00 M33-6, using 3.90 pops. Able to restart missions. Update by GamerbyDesign: Tested on 3.52 M33-4 game works perfectly except that you can't restart missions because it freezes. From Driver SLUS00842 NTSCYes U TheFilipinoChannel: The restart problem is gone when played from 'original from flash' in 5.00 M33-4. Although the slow down issue still remains. Played on PSP fat in version 5.00 M33-4. Dec/17/2008. 'Try again' crashes on my 5.00 M33-6 from flash and older pops. No slowdown though. 3.51 and below have sound issues too. StormPooper PSP cant switch to CD2. Use this patch in CD2 to play full game. Patch & Testing by largeroliker Driver 2 SLUS01161 NTSCYes U The link above is dead, ive reuploaded the file - OPALAO Link fixed Largeroliker PSP cant switch to CD2. Use this patch in CD2 to play full game. Patch & Testing by largeroliker You can use this GameShark instead patching: _S SLES_12997 _G Driver 2 Driver 2 SLES02997 PAL-E No CD2 ESP _C1 CD2 bypass fix _L 300108C2 00000031 _L 300108C3 00000032 _L 300108C4 00000039 _L 300108C5 0000002E _L 300108C6 00000039 _L 300108C7 00000037 GameShark trick by largeroliker Use 4.01 pops for this game , CD1 is playable but CD2 can't boot > Swap Disc doesn't work on PSP (with Simple or Multidisc EBOOT) No Apply this Fix for by-pass this problem : - Fix Disc 2 > (Fix NoSwap for CD2)

Driver 2



enable the game menu on disc 2 - Fix Disc 1 > (Use for Multidisc eboot only) add besides the "fix disc 2" for create a Multidisc EBOOT with AutoSwap Disc Fix for Driver 2 PAL-FR by Lyan53 :>> Link << - >> Mirror << With this Fix , the game is 100% playable Enjoy ... ~ Tested by Lyan53 ~ Game not working (3.52 M33-4)Tested by J30H30 Works perfectly (3.03)- Tested by J30H30 3.71 and 4.01 pops:3.71 seems to run the cutscenes a bit better 4.01 runs flawless except for some cutscenes- frosth@x

Duke Nukem - Land of the Babes



Duke Nukem - Time to Kill Duke Nukem - Time to Kill

SLES01515 SLUS00583

PAL-E Yes NTSCYes U Works perfectly on 5.00 M33-3 with 5.01 patches. Tested by Roxas6662. 5.00 m33-6, 3.90, 3.71: works, but has some slight framerate problems (speeds up on some occasions), regardless of ingame graphical settings; eboot created with simple popstation gui 3.00 and tested with compression levels 0 and 9

Duke Nukem - Total Meltdown




Name Earthworm Jim 2 Echo Night Eggs Of Steel PSX ID SLES00343 SLES00820 SLUS00751 TV Type PAL-E PAL-E Manual Notes (Y/N) No No 5.00M33-3: No music, otherwise it runs fine. Tested by Tickolas. 4.01: Music works, runs fine. 3.90 by 2PS. Screen appears black on all firmware from 3.00 to 3.90. By 2PS. 3.71 and lower: Use popsloader and 3.03 or the game will take FOREVER to load. 4.01: Runs great, doesn't take forever to load. Einhander SCUS- NTSC- Yes Played through first two bosses, worked






100%. 3.52, 3.90-3. -Meursault Works fine on 5.00 M33-3 6.20 TN-D on PSP-3000 4g - Works flawlessly from beginning to end. Used PSX2PSP 1.4.2 to convert.

Emperor's New Groove, The Equestrian Showcase Eretzvaju / Evil Zone Eternal Eyes Evil Dead Hail to The King Excalibur 2555 A.D. Exhumed Extreme 500

SCUS- NTSCNo 94571 U SLUS01462 SLPS01790 SLUS01034 SLUS01072 SLUS00541 SLES00097 SLES02220 NTSCYes U NTSCNo J NTSCYes U NTSCNo U NTSCYes U PAL-E PAL-E No No 3.80 by 2PS 3.90: Doesn't boot - by 2PS. 3.11: Crashed when attempting to quit ingame - by 2PS. works flawlessly in 3.71 pops 4.01 M33-2 PHAT


Name Fade to Black Fatal Fury Wild Ambition PSX ID SLUS00236 SLUS01001 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) Best on 3.72 with Fast Load Speed NTSCYes U NTSCNo U Disc swapping not possible via PSP in all pops as "wrong disc" is always displayed. To work around this issue use cwcheat to save and then transfer to PC, use emulator to get to next disc and save at first opportunity. Convert save back to PSP and continue on next disc (make sure save is correct game code for the disc). Assassin2k 5.00m33-3 - It works flawlessly with ISO made with UltraISO and a single multi disc eboot made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2. - by Druids1974

Fear Effect



Fear Effect

SLES02166 SLUS01266 SLES03386 SLUS-



Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix

NTSCNo U PAL No 5.00m33-3 - It works flawlessly with ISO made with UltraISO and a single multi disc eboot made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2. - by Druids1974 3.80 by 2PS

Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix Felony 11-79



Works perfectly. Tested on 3.71-M33-2. 5.50 GEN-D3

FIFA '99



Problems with music. Game freezes after No goal or corner kick etc. PSX2PSP 1.4.2. Lukay

FIFA '05 Fighters' Impact Fighting Force

SLUS01585 SLPS00822 SLUS00433


Tested and working on 3.03, 3.40, 4.01, and 5.00-M33/Popsloader. No lag or bugs. 3.80 by 2PS 3.80/3.90/4.01/5.00 M33-6: Playable, but some music and sound fx are missing. LiquidSnakE Runs flawlessly on 5.00 M33-6, except for the fact that the music in the main menu and intermission screens is missing; it's there on 4.01 and this version seems to work just as fine so far; linked manual is down A minor sound glitch occurs, an example of this is a song stalling while the game continues playing. This occurs on most versions emulated by 3.80 M33 Popsloader. No gameplay issues have been seen while using 3.80 M33 to emulate 3.40, but the sound glitch still occurs at one point, but it does not affect gameplay. [3.51] Works perfectly so far. The sound glitch from 3.40 has disappeared. I am only beginning the game, so I don't know if it has problems in the later stages. - Fuzone Going to the save game screen sometimes draws garbage. Hitting cancel to back out of all menus and then going back to it (sometimes it takes a few tries) will eventually cause it to draw properly. Testinsomegames: 5.00 M33-6, I'm two hours into it, and I've experienced this same problem. From my observations, it occurs only on the world map, and when the just enter it and try to save. You have to move at least one square for the graphic error to not occur. Like when you just leave a town, or just make dock, or just leave a battle, just move a square or two and you should be able to see your save screen. From Mr. Creehan: The final fantasy V[From Final Fantasy Anthology] bug seems to be neither caused by the pops nor the conversion form. The same bug

Final Doom



Final Fantasy IV/4



Final Fantasy V/5



is present in the PS2: [1] . If you use a high version of pops you will get a corrupted save. To solve this, delete your non working save, then use popsloader to run the game on 3.03. Once you get to the title screen you'll have a perfectly working save. You can now reset and use popsloader and use a higher version to play the game. 5.00 m33-6:There's no corrupt save file problem. Make sure your Disc-Load Speed is set to "Normal". If you have it on Fast the game may glitch after a battle. 3.03: Certain enemy moves can cause the the whole screen to turn green or red while still hearing battle sounds and music, the game time will literally slow down to where one attack can take ten minutes to complete. If you do manage to make it to the field screen, save then reset to restore the glitched graphics. Known moves to cause this so far: Hell Bubbles, Sleepel, Ultrasound, and Limit Break: Seal Evil (basically any attack that can cause sleep or silence). Final Fantasy VII/7 SCUS- NTSCYes 94163 U 3.11: No battle swirl, but sleep and silence attacks don't cause game to glitch. 3.40: Battle swirl works fine, but sleep and silence attacks DO cause the game to glitch. Game glitches in battle after Yuffie steals your materia. 3.52: Battle swirl works fine, also sleep and silence attacks no longer cause glitches. 3.71: The Music tempo is slightly too quick but other than that it works great didn't crash or glitch at all. -anthall1991

Final Fantasy VI/6



Right after you beat Demon Gate, you wake up in Gonagaga, Go down to the south of Gonagaga, BUT there will be no Tiny Bronco there. The game freezes at certain points in Cosmo Canyon. Switch to a different version of Pops to get past this issue. Jar in which Yuffie hides in during the Wutai sidequest doesn't shake. Switch to a different version of Pops to get past this issue. The game froze when trying to enter the 3rd area of the Ancient forest. Everything else worked fine. 3.80: Unplayable. The battle swirl causes the game to glitch. Use the new popsloader to run the game under a version that works. 3.90: Same problem 3.80 has. Use the popsloader designed for 3.80 m33 and boot up in 3.71 pops. 3.90M33-3: Use the popsloader designed for 3.80 m33 to boot up in 3.71 pops. -anthall1991 4.01: Some attacks sound odd but other than that it runs flawlessly. -anthall1991 The first Rocket cinema upon meeting Cid and/or the Gold Saucer date scene may freeze the game. Other FMVs might freeze as well. I'm getting the freezes consistently, anthall1991 is not, and we are both running 4.01 M33-2. If you get this freeze, switch down to 3.71 to get past the cinema. -Tzepish 4.01 M33-2: Some scenes cause

pixelation like unreadable text and wrong colors.-blindreaper 5.00: Starting a New Game causes the game to hang endlessly. -Tzepish 5.00 M33-3 Have started a new game it no longer hangs at the opening FMV and I'm playing through it. No errors at all so far will update this if I come across anything. -Mick1155 5.00 M33-3 Whether your New Game and FMVs crash/hang seems to depend on which programs were used to create your EBOOT. For best results, use ImgBurn to extract the disc images (in BIN/CUE format), and PSX2PSP to convert them to a multidisc EBOOT. Tzepish

5.00 M33-3 I extracted the CDs using CloneCD and popstation_md version 1.24 to create a multi-disc eboot and it has been running perfectly. I am currently 3 hours in to Disc 1. I will edit this as I get further in to the game. NoahBody 5.00 M33-3 UPDATE After many hours of perfect gameplay, it finally froze in Rocket Town while the FMV was playing. Also hangs on 4.01 & 3.90. FMV plays fine on 3.71, 3.72 & 3.80. I will remake the eboot with PSX2PSP as suggested above and see if it will then work. NOTE: I ripped the images from original black, unscratched discs. -NoahBody 5.00 M33-3 UPDATE 1 I remade the multi-disc eboot with PSX2PSP v1.4.2 and the FMV in Rocket Town played fine!

I also started a new game and played up to the first battle and all was well. I guess there are different bugs in the the different eboot makers! Will update again later in the game. -NoahBody 5.00 M33-4 Cd extracted using Latest version of image burn... Multidisk eboot created using PSX2PSP v1.4.2... Main Game ID using the original... each cd game id i use the original from the cd(PSX2PSP v1.4.2 automatically load it when u choose eboot) I Finish the game already... 100% playable... No Lockup... phantomrenegade5.00 M33-4 Extracted from a scratchy NTSC-U disc with latest imgburn, and created a multidisc eboot(3 discs) with PSX2PSP 1.4.2. Seems like the game sometimes get totally messed up when exiting battle if the disc speed is set on fast. (the whole screen gets white/red/blue, but you can still play.) Works perfect if set on normal through. And minor slowdown when exiting battle, but nothing that a average player would notice. Finished the game without problems. - Pojkflickan 5.00 M33-6 works flawlessly, no lags or freezes. enjoy!- jquad_666 5.50 GEN-B 3.80 POPS causes draw error / locks in battles. 3.90+ POPS cannot run FMV. 3.71/3.72 POPS works great except for minor sound glitches... Otherwise 3.71/3.72 POPS is perfect through whole game. -Mikey5.00 works 100% perfect on my 5.00

m33-6 slim, I also patched each disc with Gemini's Spirit Bug Fix (available here) so that the SPR stat actually does something now and the EBOOT works perfect. EBOOT made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 - DebugJunky 5.50 GEN-D works fine on disc 1, i'm already at disc 2 and still no freezing,hold or lag. I used original pops from the 5.50 GEN-D. can someone post how to use the Gemini's Spirit Bug Fix VEnDeTtA_bOy UPDATE: I'm now at disc 3 and still no error except for 1 when you get the Imperial Guard item, when i equip it to someone on my team, suddenly a green or something like when you use the CHICHEN. opening the file on photo like that happened to me.

Final Fantasy VII/7



5.50 GEN-B 3.72 pops seems to work fine. FMV: check. Battle Swirl: check. Magic: check. Img Burn to Rip, Ice Tea to create single disk EBOOT. AeroSigma 1 October 2009 19:46 (MST) Works flawlessly on 5.00m33-3 with a multi disc single eboot made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 - by Druids1974 In 3.03OE-C, the screen is moved to the bottom. Playing in "original" size works, but stretching it in any way crops the screen at the bottom. Set camera movement to 0% in the game's configuration. Try using an alternate GameID (SCUS-

Final Fantasy VII/7 (Platinum)

SCESPAL-Ita No 00867 SCESPAL-E 00869

Final Fantasy VII/7


Final Fantasy VIII/8



94640, SLPS-02180, SLPS-01222, or SLPS-01156). There's also this tool to switch between two popular IDs. Things that may cause the game to freeze (especially on the default

GameID): Zell's Duel Burning Rave Some of Quistis' limits. Scanning and casting magic in battle. Drawing for an extended period of time. Many special attacks monsters and bosses can do. Fighting Elvoret in the Comm Tower. Fighting Granaldo in Training Area (3.71 M33-4) Wendigos in the Dollet forest can cause the game to randomly freeze. When fighting Griever if he draws from you, the game may freeze. *** WARNING!: SMALL SPOILER *** During the battle on the train, with the captured 'President' Deling, Using SCAN is likely to cause a crash, along with a few other spells and actions(mixed, just luck I guess). This is using ORIGINAL ID(SLUS-00892). I managed to get through the battle and to the next save point by just using IFRIT(Squall), SHIVA(Selphie), and Blizzard(Zell) - There were a few slight glitchy bits where I thought it was going to freeze, but it worked ok first try without using SCAN. If you want to just use the original Game ID, then be weary of certain magic and moves. [Pops From Flash On CFW 5.00_M336] - Anarchy4_20 For specific information on making this game more compatible, go to the Final

Fantasy VIII page. 4.01: Default GameID on default settings works great. It drops a frame or two when entering a battle, but that's about it. 4.01: Still problems with Scan magic :( freezing before or just after scan on 90%. Upd: Works fine when popsloader is disabled. If you encounter the Lunar Cry Crash when Squall is unable to move after the previous FMV, you will need to use popsloader 3.71 and then mash buttons at the end of the FMV in order for the game to hopefully trigger the next scene. (This will only be necessary if you are using a Multiboot, as Single boot users can use lower versions on popsloader.) Aekom 4.01:Working with no problems encountered using game id SLPS02180, and in single-disc eboot, even popsloader is enabled in 4.01M33-2 (set in original from flash) - krystabegnalie 3.90 Use PSX2PSP v.1.4.2. Create Eboot with at least 2 (I did all 4) Discs. Use SLPS_02180 for every Disc. Using this method I NEVER had any freezing and only (in 40+ hrs of play) 3 - 5 slowdowns. Used ISO Producer 1.1 (from autopopstation 4). 75UR15 4.01M33:For some people it may freeze on the first disc during the dance when rinoa looks at squall after bumping into another couple this problem is caused by a bad torrent download if it happens to you i reccomend downloading it from an

alternate location 4.01M33:disc 2 is a bit laggy in battle useing game id slps02180 disc 1 runs flawlessly except for some fmvs will update when i get to disc 3 deadlyangel91792 4.01:Freeze the last battle against ultimecia (CD4)using game id SLPS02180 - Alucard 5.00-3 Game does not load either disk Jimbo 5.00 m33-3 I used psx2psp to convert the game. Im already on disk 3. It didnt froze on Diablos fight or any boss fight so far. Not freezing when using scan. Using default game ID and original from flash pops - breakfastboi im trying to do the Angelo Search trick but it doesnt seem to work on 5.00 m333. But so far, using the orig game ID works for me, im juts finishing the sidequests before going to disc 4 breakfastboi 5.00 m33-6 FF8 is working fine except the part where the lunar cry fmv is, Squall will not move. tried pops 3.80 and it worked fine and went back to 5.00pipax21 3.80 M33 Used CloneCD to rip and popstation_md version 1.24 with the games own GameID. I've been playing over an hour with no problems at all. Will update as I get further into the game. NoahBody 5.00 M33-6 Most of the game works fine.

Using certain spells such as Full Life, and Bio, freeze the game. All FMV's work. Made EBOOT with Popstation GUI 3.00. Tested by Roxas6662. 5.50 GEN-B Followed instruction found under "Another Note" in FF VIII page. Compiled multi disc eboot using RS-GUI and used GameID SLPS-02180 to remove the problems of cast/draw locking. YOU MUST USE 3.80/3.72/3.71 POPS to get though the FMVs in the game. You can use 3.71/3.72/3.80 through entire game but there is major slowdown in some battles and when junctioning GFs and Magic along with sound problems in battles. Use 3.90 POPS to run game at full speed and just switch to 3.80/3.72/3.71 when you need to get though an FMV. - Mikey 5.50 gen-d need 3.71 popsloader to get past opening and used 3.90 afterwards seems to play flawlessly even with ifrit battle,drawing,casting, limit breaks, fmvs etc will update when i get further in the game. -shiro <>5.50 gen-d Multidisk eboot. Game freeze after Lunar Tear FMV while you'r inside the space station [CD3]. I tryed ALL pops and none of it seems to work. Any ideas? - Xandro 5.50 GEN-D3: Created multidisc eboot using SLPS-02180 and RS-GUI PopStationMD v3.00. Use 3.90 POPS to play the game, but use 3.71 POPS to get past FMVs that don't work on 3.90 POPS. For those who have trouble with the Lunar Tear FMV, run on 3.71 POPS

and set the "Disc-Load Speed" to FAST. - Tacoguy

Using 3.71 pops on my 5.50 Prometheus PSP with disc speed load set to normal, my 4 disc eboot worked fine except for Laguna dream 5. Do not save using cheats and turn off your system at the start of this section, it will glitch and you will no longer have a way to proceed. -Rurik PAL versions of FFVIII are copyprotected; in order to play them, it's necessary to fix the images with a PPF patch (use PPF-O-Matic 3.0 to apply the patch) before converting them into eboots. Game works with more or less the same flaws afflicting the NTSC version, fixable with the GameID workaround. (3.71 M33'3 by PerfectCircle) Final Fantasy VIII/8 SLES02080 PAL-E Yes Edit: to patch the PAL version of FFVIII (and FFVII for that matter) search for an app called PatchIt (DCEmu has some of the files necessary) and Zapper / Zapper2000 (not sure on this one though it may just fix the screen position between PAL and NTSC). - Keikura 3.71:Minor frame dropping during scenes with many characters, nothing to affect playability. Minor sound glitches during some modelbased battle scenes on 3.71 M33-3 by MonkeyJamboree. SLUS01251 NTSCYes U 3.80 M33-5:Plays perfectly except for minor graphic problems in 2 FMV's (When queen Brahne summons Bahamut (Disc 2?), and Zidane in the lifa tree (Disc 4)). Eboots created with

Final Fantasy IX/9

Alcohol 120% and popstation GUI V 3 beta by ZiNgA BuRgA

3.90:Opening FMV played for me, however there was no sound. I copied the game with Alcohol 52%, then made the eboot with PSX2PSP v1.3.

3.90 m33-3 Slim: The second FMV that plays after Pinnacle Rock (With Zidane and Dagger running through the field towards Lindblum) is like the opening FMV, as it has no sound. - G_S

Confirmation: 3.90 M33-3 Plays the intro FMV with no sound irrespective of programs used to copy/convert to eboot. Additionally the FMV at the start of the festival can bug out and make a loud buzzing sound. Other than that works perfect. -Vanit

4.01 M33-2: Opening FMV played from the first disk (and probably single disk eboots) has no sound, however you can get the sound to play by switching to one of the later disks and selecting New Game. It'll ask you to put in the first disc. After switching disks it'll start the FMV with all of the sound. This probably won't help any for the later FMV, though. Ganoran 5.00 M33-3 With a multi-disc Eboot when

you start a new game, the screen goes black and locks up. With a single disc Eboot, the opening movie has no sound but the game plays fine so far. 4.01 With a multi-disc Eboot when you start a new game, the screen goes black and locks up. With a single disc Eboot, the opening movie has no sound but the game plays fine so far. 5.00 M33-4 Well, i ripped from my NTSC-U black discs in perfect condition with latest imageburn, and the game played fine as a single-disc eboot. Just like the orginal, the intro played fine. With sound. And all other FMVs too. Worked perfect. Converted with PSX2PSP v1.4.2. //Pojkflickan

4.01 M33-2:used poploader 3.72 and have sound on the intro!--Chaosbladeuk 14 January 2009 12:29 (MST) 5.00 M33-4 As a single disc eboot load in 3.80 pops and game runs perfectly so far. I'm in Gizamaluke's Grotto with no problems with the gameplay. There is barely noticeable lag in music during the entering a battle sequence and putting your PSP into suspend mode while the game is running and turning it back on freezes your PSP. Eboot made with POPstation GUI 3.00 Beta By RagnaBlade47

5.00 M33-4:Using single disc eboots in the default Popsloader (from flash so

5.00), it's very much playable. The opening sequence had no sound but everything else was fine. There are some minor sound and lag issues during opening/closing menus but its barely noticeable. Also, the scene when Alexandria is attacked by Bahamut, the sound got stuck but the video played fine. I found battle lags more in forest areas for some reason especially magic casting. Other than that, I've had no other problems and I'm on Disc 4 but I'll update if it changes. //Lufie101 Update:At the end of Disc 4, the game froze right after walking in space. I was in a battle with the crystallized of the elemental bosses and cast Quake and it froze. I switched the Popsloader to 4.01 and it worked fine to the end of the game (FMVs and all). 5.00 M33-6 Using popstation to load 3.80 emulation, settings Normal, Normal, +2, Fast, everything seems to be all right on all discs, movies play with sound. If you have problems in game, swap out Fast for Normal.

5.00 M33-6 Played through all 4 discs on multidisk eboot made with First MultiDisc Popstation GUI by akadewboy. Works 100% (including through all side quests), without a single crash. Used Fast for disc load speed. -Tikaszar

5.00 M33-6 Using a multidisk EBOOT, if you reset the game and load a disc other than disc 1, and try to start a new game,

it will ask you to change discs. After you change discs to disc 1 the opening FMV will have sound. -SlimJimGuyMan

Using 3.90 pops on my 5.00 m33-6 PSP with disc load speed set to fast, my EBOOT worked fine and had sound on the intro FMV, I used PSX2PSP 1.4.2 to convert mint .img disc images, used compression level 4, I have no idea why me EBOOT works fine and has sound on the intro and others' don't... DebugJunky

GEN 5.50-D3 Using Debug Junkies method of making the multidisc EBOOT seems to work flawlessly. Using PSX2PSP make sure your compression level is set to 4 and hit convert. When starting the game use popsloader 3.90 and have your disc load speed set to FAST. Just finished the game with no mentioned lack of sound or other glitches noted above. -Sithious PAL versions of FFIX are copyprotected; in order to play them, it's necessary to fix the images with the appropriate regional patches prior to conevrting them into eboots. Game is perfectly emulated under POPS 3.80; lower versions originate sound issues, due to the emulator skipping regional checks and forcing the game to run at 60 HZ while it was retooled to run at 50. (3.80 M33'5 by PerfectCircle) Update from Vildar: Final Fantasy 9 PAL: Works fine in the 5.00 M33-2 firmware with the iso patch. You can find

Final Fantasy IX/9




the patch here: Final Fantasy IX Patch, and you will have to patch it With this ISO patcher tool. patch the images to remove the protection. multidisc eboot made using PSX2PSP 1.4.2, works perfectly with 3.72 pops, all pops versions above 3.72 have the problem of not playing sound during the intro. - EasySan Works perfectly on 5.00 M33-3 with 5.01 patches. Tested by Roxas6662. Works perfectly on 5.00 M33-3. Tested by Chrisguy. 3.30 created by autopopstation 4, Final Fantasy Tactics SCUS- NTSCYes 94221 U original game id, iso producer 1.1 for disc rip. no slowdown/freeze/problems of any kind. Tested all the way through main story and some side quests. 75UR15 Final Round Firo & Klawd Fisherman's Bait Fluid Flying Squadron SLUS00064 SLES00094 SLUS00802 NTSCNo U PAL-E No 3.90 by 2PS 3.52 only - by 2PS 5.00 M33-4 - works 3.80 by 2PS 3.80/3.52 - Sound issues - by 2PS Tried demo [SCED-03788] in 6.35 Custom Beta 17 fix2 and it's pretty buggy and unplayable. You cannot drive. Tested by largeroliker Tested only briefly, but seems to work perfectly on 5.00 M33-6 3.80 by 2PS Hangs Using CFW 5.00M33-6 Running on original from flash all working perfectly Tested by GrimeHavoc on 6/28/2009 use 3.40/3.51 pops (best sound) From Mallard: Due to a bug, the game crashes (freezes) through the battles, when the HP of the Wanzer legs is 0 (player or

Final Fantasy IX/9



Final Fantasy Origins





Formula One 2001

SCESPAL 03404 SLUS00458 SLUS00101 SLUS00925 SLUS00506 SLUS01172 SLUS01011


Forsaken Fox Hunt FOX NHL Championship 2000 Frogger Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge


Front Mission 3

enemy). It happens with a chance of 98% during the battle-animations ... :( So it would be wise to make a battle save with every turn and to avoid direct attacks to an opponent with Leg HP = 0. Missle attacks and attacks with Flamethrowers will work much better. Aside of that, there are no other problems (i played the game 25 hours up to now). From Reifnir: Possibly resolved leg audio issue by setting EBOOT compression to none. (Setup: PSX2PSP 1.2, Slim 3.71 M33-2, not using popsloader) Played several hours into the game and have only crashed once. Everything looks pretty good. From Ryouru: No bugs verified when playing from flash on 5.00 m33-3. Game crashs and my PSP shuts down when, after the Ba Kui Dam battle, you choose the Xinzhu path, rather than the Yingko path(15~20 hours of gameplay). Even with compression level at none the issue remains. From TheFilipinoChannel: After the Yingko path battle, the game stops loading (unlike what Ryouru mentioned, the PSP remains OK) when you reach the Rural Village in Taiwan. The Xinzhu path is still broken. Played on 'original from flash' in firmware 5.00 M33-4 on PSP fat. Even the lower POPS (versions which i couldn't remember) do the same thing. Dec/17/2008 From Druids1974: Don't start at all on

5.00m33-3 From GamerbyDesign: I've been playing on the Fat PSP with firmware 5.00 M33-6 for about 11 hours now. The game boots fine and I have not experienced the 0 HP Leg bug. However I did find an issue in the mission choice after the Ba Kui Dam. If you choose Xinzhu the PSP will show the loading screen but then stay black. From Jeety:No leg issues, no problems on both Yingko and Xinzhu paths, All Working perfectly so far(5.00M33-6 original from flash, PSP Slim). I must be pretty lucky. From realitor: Playing on a PSP-3000 with 5.03 GEN-C loaded, using original from flash. Game runs flawlessly. No 0 hp leg bug. Eboot created using PSX2PSP 1.2 (uncompressed). Behaves the same as above. Although if the enemy wanzer's legs HP is 0 and you destroy the wanzer all parts or the body (not sure on that yet) it won't freeze, yet if you only do damage and no kill then it will freeze - Keikura 3.71 works. ~mechagodzilla 5.00m33 does not start. ~mechagodzilla Tested on 3.71 M33-3 by MonkeyJamboree Tested on 3.51 M33 by Finstern PS. Works great over ADHOC through IRShell

Front Mission 3




Front Mission Alternative

SLPS00953 SLUS00739


Future Cop L.A.P.D.


Name G-Darius G-Darius G-Police PSX ID TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 3.90 by 2PS. SLES-01314 PAL-E No SLUS-00690 SLUS-00544 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U 4.01: Working perfectly

Gaiaseed: Project Seed NTSCSLPS-00624 No Trap J Galaxian^3 Galaxy Fight Galerians SCES-00269 PAL-E No SLES-00197 PAL-E No SLUS-00986 NTSCYes U Yes

3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS 4.01 by 2PS


SLES-02328 PAL

5.00m33-3 - works flawlessly with a single eboot made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 by Druids1974 PSP 3k 5.03 GEN C : work flawlessly, eboot made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 by Haruhi91 3.80 by 2PS 5.00m33-6 works perfectly, finished several times - UltrasevenX 3.80 by 2PS 5.00 M33-6 Perfectly working tested by Roxas6662 =] 3.51 only - by 2PS 3.11 only - by 2PS 5.00 M33-6: Plays with no music, loading screen only has loading bar.

Gallop Racer



Gamera 2000 Gatchaman: The Shooting (Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.08) Gaunlet Legends Gear Fighter Dendoh



SLUS-00624 SLPS-03189

NTSCGekido - Urban Fighters SLUS-00970 No U

Everything else seems OK.StormPooper 4.01 on 5.00 M33-6: seems fine, slight pauses in music occasionally (for split second).StormPooper

Gekioh Shooting King(Shinryu) Gekitotsu Toma L'Arc L'Arc-En-Ciel vs. Tomarunner Geom Cube

SLUS-01498 SCPS-10134 SLUS-00024


3.80 by 2PS

3.90 by 2PS. popsloader @ 3.71:boots and plays fine - by killergp123 4.01:works flawless.freezes on 3.71

Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko



pops,regardless of what the person above me says -Frosth@x 3.71 pops:major sound glitches on some levels,when some levels are left it takes a very long time to load:tested

by REfan190 Plays fine on 5.00 M33-6, but the aforementioned sound glitches are present (Egypt level) popsloader @ 3.71:boots and plays fine - by killergp123 Popsloader @ 5.00 M33-6 works along with intro (3.71 boots up without intro) Update: 5.00m33-6 have audio glitches during gameplay. Best select 4.01 pops popsloader @ 3.71:boots and plays fine - by killergp123 Occassional sound glitches and sound cut out on one liners. Gameplay perfect and smooth with no crashes played to 100% completion. 5.03 GEN-C, tested by Starving Hobo. Hangs when firing gun Update: May work when using the SLPS-01222 game ID Use the SLPS-01222 ID. 5.00 M33-6:Runs fine. ChapmeisterFlash 4.01 by 2PS Tested on 3.71 M33-2 Gran Turismo SCUS-94194 NTSCYes U Tested running 5.00m33-6, no changes needed in id number works 100% Tested on Firmware 3.40 OE-A< Saiashi_Ryu: Tested on 5.00 M33-6: WORKS PERFECT SO FAR. Made eboot with PSX2PSPv1.4.2, ran under "Original From Flash"/td> Tested on 3.71 M33-2 On 3.90 M33, it seems to work until you begin to race (Excluding license drives) where it freezes. Tested on 4.01 M33-2 work flawlessly now :-D Gran Turismo 2 SCUS-94455 NTSCYes U




Gex - Enter The Gecko



Ghost in the Shell Ghost in the Shell Ghost in the Shell Goo! Goo! Soundy

SCPS-10043 SLUS-00552


SCES-01050 PAL-E No SLPM-86250 NTSCNo J

Gran Turismo

SCESp00984 PAL-E No

Jeety:freezes when you exit a race(simulation mode), even the demo race in the main menu. Running 5.00 m33-6 original from flash.(UPDATE)Problem solved after

switching to 3.71 pops. Gran Turismo 2 SCES-12380 PAL-E Yes Tested on 3.90 M33-3, Seems to work fine. Unknown - was there actually a PAL release made? No Errors on 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree (and yes, a PAL release WAS made. SLES-00032, for reference) Unknown. No Errors on 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree Works great on 5.00 M33-6 5.50 GEN-B2: Works perfectly. LiquidSnakE No Swapping Needed. No Errors on 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree 4.01: Works great 4.01 & 5.0 M33-3 The game itself works on both but locks up on a black screen at the beginning if you let it go Grandia SCUS-94457 NTSCYes U past the "Skywalker Sound" screen (multi-disc eboot) BUT works perfect on 3.71. 5.00: Plays flawlessly til the end of disx one, where it freezes on the animation at the end of twin towers. (got past it with 3.71 pops) Verdeni 5.00: Locks up when you go to teleport at the basement at the beginning of the game. - XsilentX 5.00 M33-6: Seems to work fine when using 4.01 via popsloader (no problem with teleport to first dungeon, battles work). 3.90: Works perfectly 4.01: Works perfectly PSP 3k 5.03 GEN C : Work fine, rare slowdown in the game - By Haruhi91 Ripped from my own disc using CloneCD, then used PSX2PSP V1.2 to make the EBOOT. Tested in 5.00 POPS. There are some attacks that monsters use, and the last two final battles with Xizan, that cause some slowdown. Just to make sure I tried every attack in the game, watched every FMV, and did every sidequest. Game NEVER crashed, and besides the above issues, it runs perfect!!!

Grand Theft Auto



Grand Theft Auto

SLES-00032 PAL


Grand Theft Auto 2



Grand Theft Auto: London



Granstream Saga, The



Groove Adventure Rave: NTSCSLPM-87121 No Plue no Daibouken J Groove Adventure Rave: NTSCSLPM-87011 No Yuukyuu No Kizuna J

Guardian's Crusade



Guilty Gear Guitar Freaks 2 Gundam Battle Assault

SLUS-00772 SLPM-86446 SLUS-01226

NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U Works on 3.40 while running 5.00m33-3. Locks up on other pops at random spots. 3.52 works with barely noticeable sound glitches 4.01 M33-2 4.01: works flawless R()H@X

Gundam Battle Assault 2 SLUS-01418 Gunship SLUS-00313


Name Hard Boiled Hard Edge Harmful Park Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Harvest Moon: Back To Nature HBO Boxing PSX ID SLES00033 SLES01539 SLPS04998 SLUS01415 SLUS01115 SLUS1027 TV Type PAL-E PAL-E Manual Notes (Y/N) No No 3.80 by 2PS Works flawlessly on 5.00M33-3 by Druids1974 Runs perfectly, tested on 3.71M33-4. Perfectly playable despite being in Japanese. Started playing, no apparent issues on 5.50 GEN-D2 3.90: Music stutters on switching from one area to another. 4.01: Music no longer stutters. 5.00m33-3: Works perfectly so far. 3.90 by 2PS Works flawlessly just like the Pal version. Again, no save between disc 1 and 2, however, a multi-disk version works perfect so you can change disks. Tested on 3.90 M33 -Cheska 3.72 M33-4 Works perfect. I finished it without any problem. I have both discs in Heart of Darkness SLUS00696 NTSCNo U one eboot (I made it with Impaler PSX (Game ID for both disk: SLUS-00696) JND 5.00 freezes with a graphical mess on the start/load screen. 4.01 works perfectly fine though. EBOOT made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 - DebugJunky 4.01 M33 Works fine so far. Heart of Darkness SLESPAL-E No Works flawlessly. No save between disc



1 and 2, still have to try a multidisc POPS with it. (3.71 M33'3 by PerfectCircle) 5.50 GEN D-3:Starts with a graphical mess on the start/load screen, after waiting about 30 seconds, the demo starts to play. From this on you can return to the start menu (still with graphical mess) and chose the different options. Game runs flawlessly, but save option doesn't work perfectly, often i had to begin a level from begin on, after rebooting the PSP. Unfortunately at the last level the game crashes and the PSP reboots so I couldn't finish the game.... PAL-E No 3.80 by 2PS. 3.71, 3.80 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS. Screen position is not valide. 3.80 by 2PS. 5.00 M33-6 Works flawlessly by Zauberer. 5.50 GEN-D3 "Final" Works perfectly by Toxcity. 5.00 M33-6 Works flawlessly by YDNTK9. tested on 3.40 3.72 and 4.01 M33 crash at the end of the first chapter when the game try to save 5.00 M33-6: Crashes on story mode opening cutscene, as Ken first appears in top-down view and someone shouts. Does the same on pops 4.01. Works using 3.52 pops. Blank screen after seeing a grave in a cutscene (assuming it's the end of the chapter). Can quit using Home. StormPooper. Tested on 3.71 M33-2 by GamerbyDesign - Works perfectly on 5.00M33-3 by Druids1974 3.80 by 2PS Every POPS Version: Does not work and will not work on any version. Loads EA Logo, and then Intro, black screen no load or sound. This is the one PSX game that cannot be emulated on any platform. Tested by SephirothX 3.51 only - by 2PS. No sound on older pops. 3.90 M33-3:Works Perfectly, No Errors!

Hell Night: Dark Messiah Herc's Adventures Hermie Hopperhead

SLES01562 SLUS00298


SCPS- NTSCNo 10012 J

Hogs of War




Hogs of War



Hokuto no Ken Seikimatsu Kyseishu Densetsu



Hoshigami Running Blue Earth Hot Shots Golf 2



SCUS- NTSCYes 94476 U

Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing

SCUS- NTSCNo 00946? U

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger Hydro Thunder

SLPS03353 SLUS00847


Tested by linksword01


Name Ichigeki: Hagane No Hito Image Fight & X-Multiply (Arcade Gears) PSX ID SLPS02199 SLPS01267 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS. 3.90: PAL/US title hangs at the start of the first mission, try other FW (3.80) - by Incredible Crisis SLUS01225 NTSCNo U 2PS. Sometimes choppy but not enough to affect gameplay 4.01: Working flawlessly, no noticable slowdowns. Incredible Hulk - The Pantheon Saga, The SLUS00150 NTSCYes U 3.80 by 2PS. Intelligent Qube SCUS- NTSCYes 94181 U SLUS00906 SLES04040 SLES00333 NTSCYes U PAL-E PAL-E No No 3.90 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS. Technically it does run however your better off looking at a slide show. Its faster then the FPS you get on this game. Tested on 3.71 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign 3.80: Press START to load Kung-Fu Master, if you press X, the game will crash! By 2PS 5.00 M33-4: I used CloneCD to rip the image of the disk, then tried multiple PSX to PSP converters, as well as their respective versions. The game played properly in all EBOOTS I tried, but the game music wouldn't play, no matter what I tried. I tried lots of different CDDA converters too, and no go. By padawon1234 5.00m33-3 Works flawlessly - by Druids1974 Intellivision Classics International Karate+ International Track & Field NTSCNo J NTSCNo J

Invasion From Beyond - B- SLUSMovie 00709


Irem Arcade Classics



Ironman & X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal



Irritating Stick IS: Internal Section ISS Pro Evolution Soccer ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 2

SLUS00775 SLPS01868 SLES02095 SLES03321 SLES03489 SLUS01457 SLES00480


3.80 by 2PS 3.90 by 2PS Works flawlessly under 3.03 - requires full screen fix with pal4u which also fixes missing audio tracks. by Bebeto94 Works flawlessly under 3.03 - requires full screen fix with pal4u which also fixes missing audio tracks. by Bebeto94 3.90: Title hangs at the loading screen by 2PS 5.00 M33-6: Aparently plays fine with Original from flash - by largeroliker Tested on 3.71-5.00 all worked fine. MJC 3.11 only - by 2PS



Italian Job, The



Italian Job, The Iznogoud



Name Jackie Chan's Stunt Master PSX ID SLUS00684 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) Game hangs after the initial Midway credit screen. Confirmed by j1ggy using 4.01 M33. Same thing with 5.00 M33-6 Game crashes before the Midway logo can be reached, ran pops 3.01-4.01, even replacing the .STR movies with blanks (PSXLDR) does not resolve this issue. By StriderH2 using 5.00M33-6. Game starts and runs, but a fatal crash in the second forest stops all progress in the game.


Jackie Chan's Stunt Master



UPDATE Try 3.52 pops to get past forest. If it doesnt let u save like the old bug, Jade Cocoon: Story of the SCUS- NTSCNo Tamamayu 00854 U then try 3.80 pops also Try the new 4.01 pops maybe that will work to get past 2nd forest. I have tried 3.03, 3.40, 3.52, 3.71, 3.72, 4.01 and 5.00 (from flash) and none have got me past the area that the game freezes in the second forest (Dragonfly Forest) (3.03 didn't even recognize my savedata). Tried converting the EBOOT with the Japanese version's gameID didn't work. Basically unless someone comes up with a fix it looks like this game

can't be fully played on PSP DebugJunky 5.00 M33-6 Change GAME ID to SLPS01222 and use 4.01 pops Or in 3.71 pops, the game freeze in the second forest ("Dragonfly Forest" or Jade Cocoon: La Lgende SLESde Tamamayu 02202 PALFR "Fort de la libellule" in french) . To get No past 2nd forest or others freezes , use 3.30 pops . This game can be fully played on PSP. (Maybe that will work on others PAL/NTSC versions , Good Luck !) ;) ~ Tested by Lyan53 ~ Jersey Devil Jet Moto Jet Moto 2 Jet Moto 3 Jigsaw Madness Johnny Bazookatone Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Juggernaut Jumping Flash SCUS- NTSCNo 94907 U SCUS- NTSCNo 94309 U SCUS- NTSCNo 94167 U SCUS- NTSCNo 94555 U SLUS01509 SLUS00194 SLUS01060 SLUS00894 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCYes U NTSCNo U 3.80 by 2PS Works well 3.03 & 3.90. Power pill & timestop cause temporary slowdowns. Tested by SephirothX Works well 3.03, 3.40 & 3.90. Timestop causes temporary slowdown. Tested by SephirothX 3.80 by 2PS. 3.90 by SleepyMan Tested on 3.52 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign 4.01:works flawless R()H@X Tested on 3.71 M33-2 by GamerbyDesign 3.80 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS.

SCUS- NTSCNo 94103 U SCUS- NTSCNo 94108 U SLUS00177 NTSCNo U

Jumping Flash 2 Jupiter Strike


Name Kagero - Deception II Kaikan Phrase Kartia - The Word of Fate PSX ID SLUS00677 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) Tested on 3.71 M33-2 by GamerbyDesign 4.01 by 2PS Tested on 3.71 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign NTSCNo U


Kickboxing Killing Zone

SLUS01412 SLUS00369


3.90 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS Doesn't seem to work properly on any version, severe speed issues ingame (tested on pops versions 3.52 to 5.00 M33-4)

King of Fighters'98: Dream SLPM- NTSCNo Match Never Ends, The 86201 J

King's Field



(Update by OMOIKANE)The same speed issues occurs even on the PSX hardware. Runs perfect. 3.90 M33-3. Tried it myself and you're right, seems to be a badly programmed game...

King's Field 2 Kingsley's Adventure Kiss Pinball Klaymen Klaymen (The Neverhood)



Intro is played slightly too fast, gameplay seems perfect otherwise (5.00 M33-4) 3.90 by 2PS. 4.01: Works and loads fine - by 2PS 3.80: Slow loading times - by 2PS No Errors on 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree 1st area boss does not appear, crashes when boss fight begins; occurs with POPS 3.02 and 3.03 firmware. In 3.80 M33, the game loads and plays well-- up until somewhere in Vision 2, then it seems to freeze at random points. 3.90 m33-3: Game runs great. When you finish Vision 2-1 and try to load the next level the game hangs. Just save at the end of vision 2-1 and when it freezes,

SCESPAL-E 01659 SLUS01366 SLPS01365


Klonoa Door To Phantomile

SCUS- NTSCNo 00585 U

quit game then restart it and load your save. Should load Vision 2-2 fine. Did for me. I've almost completed the game so I'll update when I do. 3.71-runs almost flawless.freezes sometimes once or twice after a save.just reset game,and run the save and you may continue.will try other pops to see if maybe the ones not mentioned work flawless or not - frosth@x 5.00 m33-3 Works flawless for me so far,

I'm halfway through the game. - Xyle 5.50-MHU-Runs flawlessly without pops. Konami Arcade Classics SLUS00945 NTSCNo U 3.90 by 2PS. 4.01: Freezes a few seconds after talking to couple at beginning of game. Multidisc image, ripped from original discs using CloneCD and converted using PSX2PSP 1.3, maximum compression. Have not tried single-disc images. -SargeSmash UPDATE: I got past the previous contributor's freeze by using 3.40 UPDATE 13/02/2009 - Bad Mr Frosty This is a bit of a pain to get working. As mentioned above, the game tends to freeze after playing ingame engine generated cutscenes (prerendered CGI cutscenes do not cause the game to freeze) Here is what I did:

1. Create single disc eboots AND a multi Koudelka SLUS01051 NTSCU disk eboot. 2. Start the game from the single disc eboot for disc one using POPS 3.52 (I could not even get the game to boot using 3.40 mentioned above) 3. Play until the end of disc 1. There is a save point just before the disc switch, save here. 4. Quit the game and start up the multi disk eboot using POPS 3.72 5. Load up your save (the multi eboot and the single eboot for disc 1 have the same ID`s so the saves are shared) and continue playing, switching disks to disc 2 when promted. 5. I was able to play the game from the multi disc eboot using firmware 3.72 for the entire second disk without it freezing.

6. When you reach disc 3, save the game and quit (Otherwise the game will freeze right after the cutscene where Koudelka finds Edward and James behind the big metal door) 7. Boot up the single disc eboot for disc 3 in POPS 5.00. Go to the memory card management section from the HOME menu and import your save from the multi disk eboot. 8. Quit and reload disk 3 in POPS 3.52 and play until the end of the 3rd disc 9. Quit and reload the multidisk eboot in POPS 5.00, import the save from disc 3. Play until after the disc switch, save and quit 10. Boot up the single disc eboot for disc 4 in POPS 5.00. Go to the memory card management section from the HOME menu and import your save from the multi disk eboot. 11. Quit and reload disk 4 in POPS 3.52 and play until the end of the game

UPDATE ~ 18/7/2009 - Verdeni Give it the GameID SCUS94640 (Syphon Filter 3) The Whole game plays without freezing, multidisk eboot AND single. Tested on 3.52 pops.

Update: Tested on both 5.00 M33-6 and 5.50 GEN-D2... IMPOSSIBLE to play a multiple-disc eboot without freezes and glitches, regardless of pops. I don't know what the above guy is smoking but 3.52 doesn't support multiple-disc games. The only pops that can run this game without issues is 3.30. Play a single-disc eboot

and if you like it buy the game, or find out how to switch discs on PSP. Krazy Ivan Kula World SLES00128 PAL-E No

SCUS- NTSCNo 94303 U 3.80: Graphical issues during the demo by 2PS. 3.80: Would play fine, but would glitch and die every time I tried to load a game. Switched to 3.71 POPS and it worked. Creepy Tested on Firmware 3.40 OE-A by dvdchas. Note: Background music is CDSCESPAL-E 01000

Kula World


Audio, so was absent during my tests. UPDATE: Tested in 3.71 pops, converted using Popstation_toc_tinnus. Working with background music. 3.90-m33 Runs flawlessly! -anthall1991 4.01-m33 Runs flawlessly! -anthall1991 5.00-m33 Runs flawlessly! - Druids1974 5.03 CFE works perfectly with flash pops - marek2fgc




4.01 by 2PS


Name Last Report, The PSX ID SLUS00889 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 3.80 by 2PS. Minor sound deterioration during Talking Sequences on ALL firmwares 3.71 and 3.72 included other then that gameplay has no errors on 3.71m33 and higher Tested by Finstern, works perfectly under 3.90m33-2, no sound defects. Tested by dish: works with 3.72POPS, but with 3.90M33-2 opening CG movie won't start (black screen). 3.72 has some lags especially on "Drowned Abbey" level. Finished the game. Works fine on 5.00 M33-3, no lockups. NTSCNo U

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver



Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

SLES01301 SLES00730



After Main Menu, game freezes to black screen. unplayable. tested on 3.90m33 2. 5.50 GEN-D3 : Perfect !. 4.01: Works great. Recommended that you change shoulder buttons to R1 and R2 so you can do special combos and magic more easily. Minor sound deterioration during battles; resolved by saving and restarting on 3.71 m33-3, the sound deterioration disappears, but you get a black screen at parts. Seems to happen at the same spots. While playing on 3.71 you'll get a blackscreen after Lenus fight. Update to 3.80 and it will run fine. Also use popsloader to emulate other firmwares, so you can change back, because there will be more blackscreens and you'll need to change firmware back to 3.71. (At least, that worked for me). Works perfectly on my 3.90 m33-2!! People have found that if you don't turn into a Dragoon during the Lenus fight




Legend of Dragoon

SCUS- NTSCYes 94491 U

then it wont freeze. (yes she's hard, but you don't want to risk it freezing, so don't change into your Dragoons.) -Above poster is definately correct but also on single-disc eboot you can go to 3.03 pops to get through that fight then save and switch pops back after DebugJunky works on 3.52 pops krayziefox tested on 5.00 m33-3 CFW... Work 99% perfect... only lagging in battle scene when to many enemy join the battle,like the last fight with melbu frahma on disk 4... and the ending FMV has been skipped automatically... eboot created using SIMPLE popstation GUI 2... i try

later with the PSX2PSP v1.4.2 and inform how the progress Later phantomrenegade New Update 5.00m33-4 with latest pops... multidisk eboot created myself using Latest version of ImgBurn and PSX2PSP v1.4.2.. Game 100% playable... eboot run nice and smooth... no lagging and all... Ending run perfectly... -phantomrenegade-

Tested on 5.00 M33-6 . . . works flawlessly with all 4 disks in one eboot made by PSX2PSP 1.4.2 ^_^ Saiashi_Ryu

5.50 GEN-D3 Works perfect. All 4 discs in one eboot made with RS PopStation MD by Red Squirrel. No lag or freezes. Roxas6662 5.00M33-4: Sometimes after using Dragoon-Magic the fight will not continue. Using other Firmwares does not fix the problem... Actual gameplay works fine on 3.71m334, only glitch i've seen is in dialogue sometimes the "press x button" is corrupted, but its barely noticeable khajiit Graphics glitches, Using items freeze the game for most people. UPDATE: seems to work fine on 5.00 M33-3, i didnt change the GameID. Tested by LowsNameBrand Change GameID to SCPS10059 Game doesn't appear to start when made with Ice tea, works fine with PSX2PSP v.1.4.2. Not sure why Graphics glitches when using some artifacts Legend of Mana SLUS01013 NTSCYes U Minor sound glitches(sound is almost perfect with 3.52 M33+). Some Artifacts lock game when placed.

Legend of Dragoon

SCES- PAL 03045 (G)


Legend of Kartia




Legend of Legaia

SCUS- NTSCYes 94254 U

Golden Seed locks game on 3.4 OE and 3.52 M33. Golden Seed does not lock game on 3.71 M33 Using heavy attacks with the bow and the flail causes severe artifacting, all other weapons work fine (3.40 OE)

All issues are cleared up in POPs 3.72 NO sound glitches no artifact glitches everything 100% on 3.72 POPs [Solace] 5.00m33-3Game freezes when you talk to Gaia (the big mountain) so some quests are unfinished IE lil cactus adventure or anything that requires you to talk to him, this is an issue on ALL pops 5.00m33-6 Seems to work perfectly, no problem talking to Gaeus. The above issue may be due to a disc image format problem, not pops (had a similar issue where that was the case with Tomb Raider 1). I extracted the disc to bin/cue format using IsoBuster. PSP-3K with 5.03 GEN-A via ChickHEN Played 15-odd hours with pops disabled (or rather I forgot to enable it ;) ) - No audio/visual glitching, no locks, game doesn't crash at Gaia. Converted with Alcohol 52% and PSX2PSP1.4 - Gojiratron First of all - this game was only released in Europe and Japan, so most likely you'll be using the PAL release. On 5.00 m33-6 it won't even boot. On 3.30 POPS the game is barely playable - HORRIBLY long loading times and a whole lot of graphic glitches. Use 3.72 POPS to play it - the game works perfectly fine finished the first part of the game (Citadel Island) with no problems. Also - if you encounter the "purple mountains" glitch (the whole screen looks like purple mountains), be sure to change the game ID to SLPS-01222 + apply NTSC graphics fix in POPStation. - CrS_pl

Little Big Adventure (AKA: SLESRelentless: Twinsen's 00698 Adventure)



PSP Slim 2000 with 5.50 GEN-D3 PAL version working with POPs 4.01 with no sign of graphical glitches after a good hour's worth of play. Use 'Controller settings' version 5 (Press the PS home button) to re-map the buttons and assign Twinsen's 'moods' to the square, circle, X and triangle, right trigger as the action button and left trigger as 'X' to make life easier when playing - PFC Hudson Loaded Lode Runner - The Legend Returns Lone Soldier Lost World: Jurassic Park LSD: The Dream Emulator SLUS00076 SLPS00182 SLES00131 SLUS00515 SLPS01556 NTSCYes U NTSCNo J PAL-E No Works great, no problems in 1st level. 3.80 m33-5 ~Beaniehat~ Tested by MAN-biker 3.80 (SLUS-00557) by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS. No Errors on 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree Running perfectly with 3.71. Tested on 5.03 GEN-C by Starving Hobo Use CWcheat to switch discs. if using 5.00 m33-6 with pops 3.72, no need to use CWcheat 3.90: works fine on this firmware with single eboot. byLordJovanius 3.90: multidisc, completed the game, works perfect. by dish Lunar Silver Star Story Complete SLUS00628 NTSCNo U 4.01: works fine on this firmware with multidisc eboot. byJonregulo 5.00m33-6: Multidisk, I had some trouble with the second disk, but I used 3.72 pops and it worked and the game also looked better. Sincerely, -X. 5.00m33-6: Multidisk, confirmed with 3.72 pops, all other versions hang at disc 2 load - fluke84 3.71 & 3.72:Game Hangs on the end of Lunar 2:Eternal Blue SLUS01071 NTSCNo U FMV where u exit the Blue Sphere Tower just on the first disc


3.71: Multidisk. With 3.90 game hangs on "Blue Sphere Tower Exit Movie" (black screen), after change to 3.71 works fine - it did hang two or three times ("home"-menu was still working). Completed the game (epilogue included). by dish 3.80 M33-5: Game no longer hangs on any FMV sequence; I have had no freezes in the game at all. There was no need to use CWCheat to bypass any glitches or problems besides changing discs which is inevitable. Some people say you need to run the game in Normal screen size but I was able to run it in Full Screen the entire game. My specs are CFW 3.80 M33-5 with Popsloader 3.71, (This EBOOT is a Multidisc EBOOT!) , im not sure if the game works on ANY other version because i've only checked it on 3.80 M33-5. - Gekkstate// 3.90: This one doesn't even load the FMV, so for those wanting to play the game don't use popstation_md. Just make single disc EBOOTs and play the game on an earlier popsloader 3.90: Ok i am testign this one out now and you can make a single eboot of multidisc for this game and so far it works perfectly, escept you can't change the screen setup. it hung on me in the blue spire garden on full screen, i changed it to original and it works great so far. by LordJovanius 4.01 M33-2: I had the same hang on the "Blue Sphere Tower Exit Movie" with 3.80 M33-3 and PSX2PSP 1.3 and a

multi-disk EBOOT. If I used the same thing but with a single disk EBOOT I was able to get past that point. However, upgrading to 4.01 M33-2 and PSX2PSP 1.4.2 and recompiled the multi-disk EBOOT, and that works now too, without any special popsloader. (by Squirrelly) 5.00 M33-3: Used UltraISO and then with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 I made the multi-disk EBOOT, and everything works flawlessly - by Druids1974


Name PSX ID TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 5.00M33-3: First time I tried it, froze at Playstation screen. On the second try, runs fine. Possibly some minor slowdown, but if so it's barely noticable. Tested by Tickolas. 5.00M33-6: Original from flash. Works flawlessly (music, videos, sound and gameplay) until you reach the Phase 10, there's no music, also on the final stage's intro video the game freezes when Lin Minmay takes a letter, to avoid this, press start before she do this. Made from the two discs of the game (SLPS-02005 and SLPS-02006), I extracted the CDs using Magic ISO maker 5.3 and PSX2PSP v.1.4.2 to create a single multi-disc eboot. Tested by Prangalf 3.72 Pops Works fine, one minor pixelation on the Last Phase introduction video, nothing that affects gameplay, also the problem with the sound of Phase 10 mentioned above is solved.Tested by Prangalf

Machine Hunter




Macross: Do you remember love?



Magic Carpet Magic Carpet Magic the Gathering: Battlemage Magical Drop III

SLUS00029 SLES00211 SLUS00247 SLPM86051

NTSCNo U PAL-E No NTSCYes U NTSCNo J PAL No 3.03 only - Graphical issues in other firmwares. by 2PS. 3.80: Runs fine! by 2PS. 5.00 M33-6:Runs fine. ChapmeisterFlash

Magical Drop III (Special SLESEdition) 02964

Magical Hoppers (Pandemonium) Magical Tetris Challenge Manpuku Marble Master Marvel Super Heroes

SLPS00737 SCES02175 SLPS03381 SLUS01471 SLUS00257


testinsomegames: Works perfect in 5.00M33-3. 3.90: Tested by 2PS.

3.90 by 2PS. 4.01:By CrZyKD

Marvel Super Heroes VS SLUSStreet Fighter 00793 Marvel Vs. Capcom Mass Destruction Master's Fighter, The MDK Mechwarrior 2 Medal of Honor Medal of Honor: Underground Medievil Medievil Medievil 2/II Medievil 2/II Megaman 8 Megaman Battle & Chase SLUS01059 SLUS00462 SLPS00722 SLUS00426 SLUS00401 SLUS00974 SLUS01270 SCES00311 SCUS94227 SCUS94564 SCES02544 SLUS00453 SLES00766

3.90 by 2PS. Tested on 3.71 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign 4.01 by 2PS 3.90 by 2PS. Works on 3.80 M33 via Popsloader. Not working on 5.00 m33-6 5.00 M33-6: Playable. - LiquidSnakE

No Errors any more! Works fine on 5.50 M33-3 No Errors on 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree Works flawlessly on 5.00M33-3 by Druids1974 Works Perfect on 3.90 M33-3. Tested by Vanit Works in 5.00 M33-3 No problems I can find as of 3.90 M33 Working on 3.90 Tested on psp phat, firmware 5.00 M33-4 by - Manko - Once you get to

Megaman Legends 1



south ruins gate (cardon) and try to get out of the ruins after you go in, you might get a black screen of death -saying "exeption RI" and lots of more white text rubbish. What I did was load

3.40 pops and got by that point with no problem. Id try playing the whole game just on 3.40 - seems to run better =) P.S: save frequently! 5.00 works great (tested not completed) - DebugJunky 5.50 GEN-D3 graphical errors on all POPS and original flash memory. Tested on 3.71 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign. Im using a PSP-Slim with 3.90 M33 and it freezes on the Flutter if you go down the second ladder and try to go up again, the game even turn off my console, I tried the saulcomcors EBOOT and making my own with IceTea 1.3 even used Popsloader 3.80 (Full) with the FW on 3.71, but nothing, you cant go up the ladder and you need to do so a little further in the game by VoltKaizer. Experienced ladder glitch using Megaman Legends 2 SLUS01140 NTSCYes U 5.00m33-6, 3.71, and 4.01 via Popsloader. Eboot made with PSX2PSP v1.4.2. -Blocken PSP Slim 5.00 m33-3 eboot created using PSX2PSP v1.4.2. everything seems 2 be fine and well tested... phantomrenegade5.00 works great (tested not completed) - DebugJunky 5.00 Ladder crash glitch seems to happen to ALL ladders, including the Flutter ladder to leave Pokte Village (first key island) -Dragunhart 3.52 Fixes pokte ladder crash, recommended pops version to bypass glitch. -Dragunhart

All verions 3.40-5.00 tested Crash at second flutter ladder. (Any version 3.30 and below cannot load saved data 3.30+, and game freezes when you use the second flutter ladder to go up) Dragunhart Ladder glitch fixed in CFW 6.20 PROB4 finally. Voiceovers during cutscenes are not in synch and if the video finishes first it cuts out the remaining dialog. Gameplay seems perfect otherwise. Tested on OE-B PAL-E No Ladder glitch is around even in the PAL version. Tested on 5.00m33-6, eboot made with PSX2PSP v1.4.2. - Blocken SLES00503 Locks up after 'Capcom' video when displaying Now Loading screen as of 3.90 M33. Works Perfect on 3.52 M33 firmware tested by shadowfire36 If for some reason game freezes during WARNING for Boss, Use SLPS-01222 Megaman X4 SLUS00561 NTSCYes U Note: Now works perfectly under 3.9! Also works in 4.01 M33-2 (Trasgo7) Works in 5.00 M33-3 Megaman X5 Megaman X6 Meta-Ph-List Gamma X 2097 SLUS01334 SLUS01395 SLPS00680 NTSCYes U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J Works fine on 3.90 M33 Works in 5.00 M33-3 Works perfectly in 3.9 (tested in 3.90M33 by Trasgo7) Works in 5.00 M33-3 3.80 by 2PS. If you are having problems with stuttering voices in 'codec' conversations, then use GameID SLPM-86114. You can use popstation_md to Metal Gear Solid SLUS00594 NTSCYes U combine both discs into one eboot. (only works on 3.71-4 m33 and above) If you don't want to make a Multi-disc eboot, then you can switch discs using CWcheat codes, read

Megaman Legends 2


Megaman X3


psychospacefish's post. Hint: During the Psycho Mantis fight go to your Home menu and change controller ports (only works on 3.30 and above). 3.72 POPS: Freezes during the Hind D boss fight. Multidisc EBOOT using SLPM-86114. ~NXMT 3.72 (Pops) Used a multidisc eboot (made by PSX2PSP 1.4.2) and SLPM86114 as Game-ID - and I just finished the game on normal difficulty. To make sure the game won't crash or freeze during certain conversations or cutscenes I watched them all - they played flawlessly. No lock-ups during Hind-D battle. There's just one minor glitch I noticed: in rare cases the sound of the game gets interrupted by a short "beep". Nothing that's affecting gameplay though. - LiquidSnakE 3.80 Seems to work fine but haven't gone all the way through the game! 3.80 (Pops) Finished the game. Playble, but has some graphic glitches during several cutscenes (after the Psycho Mantis boss fight and during the ending sequence - I finished with the good ending). 3.72 still works better. Used a multidisc eboot made by PSX2PSP 1.4.2 and SLPM-86114 as Game-ID. - LiquidSnakE 4.01: Freezes after boot screen. ~NXMT 4.01: the entire game is beatable using cheskas version. i used 5.00m33-6 with

4.01 pops and got through it ALL from start to finish 5.00 M33-3 Freezes after boots screen. Interesting thing: If you boot disc 2 (multiboot disc) and it you use the HOME menu to switch discs, it freezes after the "Now Checking..." message comes up, everything works fine by booting disc 2 until you have to swap discs.... strange! 5.00 M33-3 Game works perfectly so far. Unlike the post above, the game does not freeze on the boot. Used PSX2PSP 1.4.2 to make a single disc eboot. -EternalLight 5.00 M33-4 I had the freeze problem listed above, and I switched to 3.72 using popsloader and it worked perfectly. 5.00 M33-4 Using POPS 3.72 with Disc-Load Speed set to Fast and switching the in-game audio to monaural in Option > Sound fixed 99% of the codec stuttering. Multi-disc eboot made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2. Main Game-ID and Game-ID for Disc 1 SLPM-86114, SLPM-86115 - Disc 2. BKvaluemenu 5.00 M33-6 Game (multidisc eboot made by PSX2PSP 1.4.2) boots up and works perfectly without using POPS so far, unfortunately codec coinversations stutter heavily. REAL heavily, that is. I didn't hear one flawless conversation in about an hour of playing. Didn't change the Game-ID

to SLPM-86114 tough. - LiquidSnakE 5.00 M33-6 Used the same multidisc eboot and SLPM-86114 as Game-ID playable, but has the same stuttering issue. - LiquidSnakE 5.00 M33-6 (POPS 3.90) Fixes the stutter issue in all breifing videos, codec also seams perfectly stable, no glitches so far, Multiboot with SLMP86114, made with psx2psp converter, may update after more gameplay if any issue appears KK1N5@N3 SLPM86115 works for fixing the audio glitches as well, I used this instead as I used the SLPM86114 ID on Metal Gear Solid: Integral to fix the audio glitches, using different IDs for these two means their savedata won't be saved to the same folder and won't merge when you view them on your mem stick on PSP. DebugJunky 5.50 GEN-D3 Everything works great on my psp's custom firmware - Karelvp 5.50 GEN-D3 seems to work, if like me you used original game ID (SLES01370 for disc 1, SLES-11370 for disc 2) it will have the same codec audio glitches and minor graphic stutters during cutscenes the NTSC version had, then try using SLES01734 (spanish ID i think) and it seems to have sorted the audio out so far. I used it as the main game ID with or without compression doesnt matter. Tested with multi-disc EBOOTs made with PSX2PSPv1.4.2 (Have not gone through full game) - WickedWiz 5.00 is working perfectly for me atm DebugJunky Also, this game works perfectly as part of a multi disc EBOOT with both discs of Metal Gear Solid under pops 3.72 (used SLPM86114 as

Metal Gear Solid

SLES01734 PAL-E Yes

Metal Gear Solid VR Missions



the main game ID and each discs game ID) - DebugJunky 3.71, 3.72 and 3.80 work fine (I reccomend 3.80), but using the original game IDs (SLPM86247-9) incurred the same codec audio glitches that the NTSC-U release has with it's original game IDs, I tried using SLPM861114 (which helped sort the MGS audio glitching) and it seems to have sorted this problem for me, I used it as the main game ID and the ID of all 3 discs. Using pops 4.01 or 5.00 the EBOOT will crash. Tested with multi-disc EBOOTs made with popstation_md DebugJunky 5.00 is working perfectly for me atm DebugJunky Also, this game works perfectly as part of a multi disc EBOOT with both discs of Metal Gear Solid under pops 3.72 (used SLPM86114 as the main game ID and each discs game ID) - DebugJunky

SCPS45412 / Metal Gear Solid Integral SLPM86247-9


Metal Gear Solid VR Missions



Metal Slug X Mickey's Wild Adventure Micro Machines v3 Mini Moni Dice de Pyon Mini Moni Shakka to Tamborin Da Pyon! Miracle Jumpers (Pandemonium 2)

SLUS01212 SCES00163 SLUS00559 SLPM87015 SLPM87079 SLPS01224

NTSCNo U PAL-E No NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo J NTSCNo J testinsomegames: Works perfect in 5.00M33-3. Crashes after Tiesel gets kidnapped just before you start the actual game. 3.72: Best played on this firmware 3.80-4.01: Use the 3.80 Popsloader to load 3.72 Tested by shortboy 5.00 M33-3 Works great. Update: 5.00 have no BG audio, best select 3.71 or 3.72

Misadventures of Tron Bonne, The



3.90 Working, but may freeze when acquiring certain items on Digging missions. 3.80-5.03: Works but there are problems with the sound when there is a conversation, like missing words. The rest plays fine until the battle with

Glyde; 3.72doesn't have the sound problems. Mobil 1 Rally Championship Mobile Light Force (aka Gunbird) Monkey Magic Monopoly SLUS01103 SLUS01525 SLUS00930 SLUS00507 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U 3.80 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS. No music Since you can't change CDs in the emulator to get more monsters you're going to be limited to just a few. However there's CWcheat codes that will help you get what you want. Go to the Monster Rancher page for more info. Works great on 3.71 If you copy this save into your SAVEDATA folder you'll be able to slate a whole bunch of new monsters at the shrine. Monster Rancher 2 SLUS00917 NTSCNo U Otherwise you are going to need to use CWcheat codes. Go to the Monster Rancher 2 page for more info. Tested on 3.71 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign Monster Rancher Battle Card Episode II Monsterseed Moorhuhn 2 Mort The Chicken Mortal Kombat II Mortal Kombat 3 Mortal Kombat 4 SLUS01178 SLUS00743 SLES03278 SLUS01021 SLPS00444 SCUS94201 SLUS00605 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U PAL-G No NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCYes U tested on 3.90 m33-2 using 3.72 pops. No problems so far. -Xzbit No music, no sound - see the PSX on PSP - Multi-Track Disk Handling manual for fixes. Mortal Kombat Trilogy SLUS00330 NTSCYes U Update by GamerbyDesign: It has music and sound. Runs perfectly. Tested on 3.71 M33-4 Update by jjennings089: Runs on Works perfectly on 5.00 M33-4 Works fine on 5.00 M33-4 3.80 by 2PS 3.90 by 2PS

Monster Rancher



3.72. 4.01 does not run well; game sticks after loading stage. Running CFW 5.00M33-6: Created PSX Image with CloneCD then created eboot.pbp with Popstation GUI 3.00 beta. Ran the game on CFW 3.72 popsloader pack seplugins. Game works perfectly, music & sound work too. Tested by GrimeHavoc on 6/24/2009. 3.80 (SLES-01020): Press START/X button at the text screens that follow after boot-up, otherwise the game will hang - by 2PS. Tested on 3.71 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign

Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub Zero



Moto Racer Moto Racer 2 Moto Racer World Tour Motor Mash Motor Toon Grand Prix Mr. Driller Ms. Pac-Man - Maze Madness MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch Mummy, The Muppet RaceMania Muscle Ranking Kinniku Banzuke: Vol.2 Aratanarugenkai Enochousen! Muscle Ranking Kinniku Banzuke : Road to Sasuke Myst

SLUS00498 SLUS00738 SCES03037 SLES00310 SCUS94355 SLUS01111 SLUS01018 SLUS01453 SLUS01187 SCES02008 SLPM86457 SLPM86490 SCUS94602

NTSCNo U NTSCNo U PAL-E No PAL-E No NTSCNo U NTSCYes U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U PAL-E No 3.80 by 2PS. 4.01: Works flawlessly! Tested by Milkymoocowmoo, 4.01 M33-2 Tested on both 3.90 and 4.01 and worked flawlessly -pitchblack3 Tested by MAN-biker 3.90 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS. Tested on 3.90 M33-2 and 4.01 M33-2 by Louington, No initial problems found. 3.80 by 2PS. Tested on 3.71 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign


3.80 by 2PS. Loaded on 3.80 and lower, did not load on 3.90 or higher. MJC


Name PSX ID TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N)

N2O Nitrous Oxide N-Gen Racing Namco Museum Encore Namco Museum Vol. 1 Namco Museum Vol. 2 Namco Museum Vol. 3 Namco Museum Vol. 4 Namco Museum Vol. 5 Nanotek Warrior Naruto: Shinobi no Sato no Jintori Kassen NASCAR Rumble

SLUS00637 SLUS01155 SLPS01050 SLUS00215 SLUS00216 SLUS00398 SLUS00416 SLUS00417 SLUS00325 SLPS03553 SLUS01068 SLUS00002 SLES13493 SLUS00764 SLUS00204 SLUS00276 SLUS00620 SLUS00826


3.90 by 2PS. 5.00 M33-5 Turns off PSP after PSX bios. 3.80 by 2PS 5.00 M33-3 Works great! 5.00 M33-3 Works great! 5.00 M33-3 Works great! 5.00 M33-3 Works great! 5.00 M33-3 Works great! 3.90 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS. This game worked fine using 4.01 pops on my 5.50 GEN-D3 CFW PSP. I didn't try it with any other, I just chose that option first. 4.01 POPS: Works great including CDDA (by temper999) 3.80 by 2PS No issues - runs fine Works great on 3.90 by smithy1185 Works OK with 3.71 pops (at this moment) 4.01 Everything fine except music by acidrain Runs fantastic, no problems UPDATE on 3.80 Works on 5.00 m33-6 - YDNTK9 Runs great on 5.00 by acidrain 3.80 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS. Works epic on 4.01 - Project Sound stops when starting game

NBA Jam T.E Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness Nectaris Military Madness Need For Speed Need For Speed 2 Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit Need For Speed 4 - High Stakes


Need For Speed - Porsche SLUSUnleashed 01104 Nekketsu Oyako Next Tetris (Deluxe), The NFL Blitz 2000 NFL Gameday 2005 NHL 2000 SLPS00006 SLPS02507 SLUS00861


00965 Nightmare Creatures Nightmare Creatures 2 Ninja: Shadow of Darkness No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking No one can stop Mr. Domino! Nuclear Strike SLUS00804 SLUS00518 SLUS00582 SLUS00582 SLUS00435

U NTSCYes U NTSC[No] U NTSCYes U Works on 5.03 GEN-A(Full) with no music but flawless gameplay and graphics. Tested under 5.50 GEN-D3 and its working good:)PSX2PSP 1.4.2. - Lukay Tested under 3.03 and its working just fine. by Darkace Tested under 3.90: psp is turning off after the loading screen. by rakker psp turns off after ps1 intro screen NTSCU NTSCU 3.90 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS.


Name PSX ID TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) Tested on 3.71 M33-3 by MonkeyJamboree. If you have some issues with sound use 3.40/3.51 pops. Works perfectly on 5.00 M33-3 with 5.01 Oddworld Abe's Exoddus SLUS00710 NTSCYes U patches. Videos work perfectly, stretch is perfect, and no hangtimes or anything, runs great. Tested by Roxas6662. 5.00 works perfect for me, multi-disc EBOOT made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 DebugJunky 3.10 Works perfectly for use with 2 player ad-hoc mode under IRShell. Tested by Finstern 3.52 M33 Sound hangs on the title Oddworld Abe's Oddysee SLUS00190 NTSCYes U screen, clears up during the "Now Loading" screen. 3.71 M33-3 Tested with no errors by MonkeyJamboree 5.00 M33-3 Works perfectly with 5.01 patches. Everthing is perfect. Tested by Roxas6662.

5.00 M33-6 Works Fine. 5.00 M33-6 Works perfectly for me, about half an hour of testing DebugJunky Limited screen problem - no report on the NTSC versions 5.00 M33-4 Works perfectly. By XsilentX Tested on 3.71 M33-3 by MonkeyJamboree 3.90: Hangs at boot - by 2PS. popsloader @ 3.71:boots and plays fine by killergp123 5.00 M33-3 Works great! 3.80 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS. 4.01 Pops works perfectly! No lag, no crashes. Played it all the way through. 5.00m33-6 use 3.10 or 3.11 pops otherwise it will hang at the ps screen.only problem is the screen has a black border around it.completed first level with no problems will update when played a bit more.sheriff

Ogre Battle




Omega Boost



One Piece Grand Battle 2 One Piece Mansion Overblood






Name PSX ID TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) Works on 3.90m33.Tested by Geoninja Hangs on load with 5.00M33-3. Works perfect on 3.90m33.Tested by Knutsky UPDATE: Works perfect in 5.00M333. 5.00 M33-3 Completed game with no problems and disc speed set on Fast. -NoahBody Works perfect on 3.90m33. Tested by Knutsky Pandemonium 2 SLUS00578 NTSCNo U Works perfect on 3.71 pops:Tested by REfan190 UPDATE: Works perfect in 5.00M33PAL-E NTSC optional No from in game menu

Pac-Man World: 20th Anniversary





3. Panzer Bandit Panzer Front ParanoiaScape Parappa The Rapper SLPS00899 SLES03339 SLPS01375 SCUS94183 NTSCNo J PAL-E No Works on 3.52 through 4.01 by Edric777 3.80 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS Freezes on 4.01 3.52 M33 and below Use psychospacefish's patch to combine both discs into one. Note: If your ISO has been patched, it will only run on 3.52 or lower. Anything above freezes after PS logo. StormPooper 3.71 M33-4 Runs perfectly as a multidisc eboot.* 3.72 M33 From beginning to the end work perfectly. by chloe560 4.01 M33-2 Runs perfectly.* 5.00 M33-3 Used UltraISO to create 2 iso's or 2 bin's then merged into one Parasite Eve SLUS00662 NTSCYes U eboot (either psx2psp 1.4 or RS-GUI PopStationMD v3.00 will be ok) but it needs Popsloader 5.00 installed in your mem stick and needs to be run under 4.01 pop - by Druids1974 5.00 M33 1-6 Works fine. Hangs on startup, enter the Controller Settings menu by pressing "Home" then exit, and the game will load normally, runs perfectly to completion with a multidisc eboot. Any other hangs are fixed the same way. 5.00 m33-6 If it continues to lag after exiting the controller settings, try switching the disc-load speed to fast in the other settings menu from the home button menu. <3 Banana_kun


(*)Aya does not dispose of keys until she reaches the hospital. Not gamebreaking, but takes up some item slots in your inventory. (**) The keys can be placed in storage in the basement of the police department. <3 Banana_kun 5.00 M33-6 Works fine as single eboot with no GameID change or patch. Make eboot using PSX2PSP v1.4.2 with no compression, use 4.01 pops and set disc load speed to fast. Will seem to hang at black screen after PS logo when loading from Disc 1, but will load just fine if left alone for about one minute. Disc change and save recognition work fine - Azure Fang 5.50 GEN-D2 Multidisk EBOOT,no popsloader, just stick it in x:\PSP\Game\Parasite Eve(or your preferred folder name) and go on your merry way. Will freeze after the Playstation logo appears, easily fixed by setting disk load speed to fast (Credit all goes to Azure Fang above for quelling my anger at a black screen all night XD). It runs smoothly all the way through but when you beat the game, it's over, because after the credits, it's black screen town all the way. Sorry Crystler Tower!!! - Zyphr the Gray SLPS-00025 must be used (on both discs) to get this to boot at all. Parasite Eve 2 SLUS01042 NTSCYes U Room 5 and the Loft may be unlocked for a short while before you should be able to enter them (before obtaining

the Master Key). Entering Room 5 without the Master Key leads to some kind of rendering test room with no textures (may be worth a look, but don't save after entering). Entering either room will cause Room 6 to be locked later on, which makes it impossible to continue the game if the huge ANMC in Dryfield smashes the walkway. To proceed to Disc 2, save game immediately after defeating Number 9 in Dryfield, save game in Douglas's trailer or Motel Room 6 and reload using Disc 2. Reloading in Motel Lobby freezes at loading screen. 3.10 Pops Works perfectly as single disc eboot. No FMV glitches. 3.11 Pops Works perfectly as single disc eboot. No FMV glitches. 3.30 Pops Opening the map with the select button sometimes causes corrupt graphics requiring a reset to fix. 3.40 Pops Playable, but the FMV's are glitchy. 3.52 M33-4 Freezes at the publisher screen. 3.71 M33-2 Freezes at the publisher screen. 4.01: Use GameID SLPS02480 4.01 M33 I used the games own GameID and it seems to work fine so far (2 hours).

5.00 M33-3 Doesn't work. 5.00 M33-6: Works just fine on single disc eboot. Currently on disc 2 so I have to test a multi-disc eboot with psx2psp using game ID SLPS-02480 and pops 4.01. Have fun!! :P 5.00 M33-6 Will not boot using pops from flash but works fine with pops 4.01, fast disc-load, as multi-disc eboot as mentioned above. Small graphical error with Kyle floating in the air during dialogue after SDI system fires on the bunker, but I think that was on disc as well. -Azure Fang PSP-3K with 5.03 GEN-A via ChickHEN SLPS-00025 would only work as a single disc eboot with pops 3.10/3.11. No FMV glitches, but I was caught out by the Motel Room 6 glitch mentioned above (even though I didn't enter room 5 or the loft prior to that). Froze once when using Combustion and occasionally wouldn't recognise memory card as well. Experimented for a while and found that SLPS-02480 worked as a multidisc eboot on pops 4.01 IF compression (converted with PSX2PSP 1.4) was low. At level 9, froze at Square EA screen (level 1 still compressed to 23% anyway, the same as level 9). If disc speed is on high, this can cause the publisher screen freeze (and possibly hang when loading rooms as well). Played through first disc so far and swapped to disc 2 without any problems. Will

update when (if) game is completed. With regards to the Motel Room 6 glitch, I recommend saving in the MIST garage before you leave for Dryfield. Upon arrival, go up to Motel Room 6. If it lets you enter, your game's borked as you won't get the cut-scene with Douglas in the garage and won't receive the key to the room. After the fight with the huge ANMC you'll be trapped upstairs. Reload from the MIST garage and try again. Gojiratron Note for home rips: Some US copies of disc 2 (SLUS-01055) use intentional bad sector copy protection which will abort some tools like Alcohol 120% with an unexpected/unrecoverable read error. If you run into this issue use CloneCD to create the .img for conversion. Completed raw playthrough, full + Pierce scenario, no problems. Will update if anything arises during future/secondary mode playthroughs Azure Fang ISO/BIN/IMG files *must* be patched with a PPF patch to circumvent the copy protection. 3.40 POPS: Playable. Use SLPS00025 to avoid publisher screen Parasite Eve 2 SLES02558 PAL-E No freeze. Movies are watchable but has slight distortion. Certain cutscenes lag and not in sync with the audio on max compression. Saving may fail on rare occasions but all you need to do is retry. ~NXMT

3.90: Freezes at publisher screen. ~NXMT 4.01m33-2 - SLPS-00025 is not effective. Game still freezes at publisher screen, but this could be due to the game being a multi-disc eboot. And if it is, then Parasite Eve 2 [PAL] can not be played in multi-disc eboot format, period, since older pops, namely 3.40 pops, can't run multi-disc eboots and it's the only version of pops that currently runs Parasite Eve 2 [PAL]. Patriotic Pinball Penny Racers SLUS01539 SCES00391 NTSCNo U PAL-E No 3.90 by 2PS. From TheFilipinoChannel: Game is OK when played with 4.01 POPS and lower. DO NOT play it with 'original from flash' in 5.00 M33-4 because when you play the game, you will only hear the SFX and no music. Played with PSP fat in firmware version 5.00 M33-4. Dec/17/2008 Freezes on the first loading screen with 4.01 and 5.01m33-3. Works fine on 5.01m33-6. 3.71seems to be working fine. I used 4.01 POPS with GameID SLPS-02825, which comes from the japanese version of the game. You must create the EBOOT using PSX2PSP, otherwise the game won't even start with the 4.01 POPS. There is no lag, even when there's a lot of text onscreen. Also, by using this ID, you won't have to share the memory cards with Innocent Sin saves. The rare random crashes in battle persist even with this ID, but you can HEAVILY decrease the freeze frequency by setting the Disc Speed to fast. I also used no compression when making my eboot, I don't know if that helps too. I had over a dozen freezes in my first 20 hours while using a compressed ISO and the normal Disc Speed, especially during boss battles. After setting the Disc Speed to fast and removing the ISO compression, I had only 3 crashes in over 20 hours of gameplay, and none during a boss fight. I beat the final boss without problems. Hope 4.01: Runs fine - by 2PS 3.80: Slow loading times - by 2PS







Persona 2:Eternal Punishment



it helps! -by Sephiroth1311 5.00m33-3 with GameID SLPS-02100 Creat ISO with UltraISO and eboot.pbp with RS-GUI Popstation MD 3.00. Then run game with Popsloader 5.00 and with 3.71pop and everything will be OK.<br Use 4.01 with GameID SLPS-02100 and you shouldn't have many problems. Rarely the game may freeze, so be sure to save often. 5.00m33-3 with GameID SLPS-02100 Creat ISO with UltraISO and eboot.pbp with RS-GUI Popstation MD 3.00. Then run game with Popsloader 5.00 and with 3.71pop and everything will be OK. 4.01 pops works great for both the game and bonus disc using ID SLPS02100 for both. I also made a multi-disc eboot containing v1.0a fan patched Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Persona: Eternal Punishment and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment bonus disc using SLPS02100 as the main ID and as each discs ID - the game ran great for all 3 discs on 4.01 pops on my 5.00m33-6 phat. Eboot was made with PSX2PSP v1.4.2 - DebugJunky An English patch is availible for this game. Get it here. Completed (with translation patch) on 5.00 m33-6 using popsloader 4.01, very rarely there may be a little slowdown in battle and also there may be a graphical glitch after saving, getting into a battle gets rid of this though. NOTE: to play this game past the first battle the eboot must be made with simple Popstation GUI 3.00 DebugJunky Tested on 4.01 m33-2 maybe

Persona 2:Innocent Sin



slowdown a bit for some time, but still work. no bug, no freeze so far. Game completed in 40 hours with one and only crash in battle. I used the "Original from firmware" option while using Prometheus 5.50 v-4. PSX2PSP was used when converting the translated ISO. -Sephiroth1311 PGA Tour'98 Philosoma Pikinya! EX Pinobee Pipe Dreams 3D Pitball Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle PO'ed SLUS00517 SCES00059 SLPS01345 SLUS01494 SLUS01409 SLUS00146 SLUS00254 SLUS00097 NTSCNo U PAL-E No 3.80 by 2PS 3.90 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS Works fine on 5.00 M33-3 3.80 by 2PS Update from Mr. Zhang - "Sometimes during the light blue Pocket Fighters loading screen between rounds while playing Arcade Mode, the game freezes. Im using 3.90 M33-3. As far as I could tell it is random." If anyone has any tips, feel free to let us know. UPDATE: Does not get past loading screens in 4.01 or 5.00. 3.90 is the most recent that it work in, but it, and 3.72, 3.71, and 3.80 all still freeze randomly. UPDATE: You should try having the disk speed on fast...i managed to get past the loading errors by doing this also running 4.01 m33-2.-Mr.Mario. Runs perfectly on 5.00m33-6 put Disc speed to fast-Ariesboy88 5.00-M33-3: Runs much like the US version did before 5.00. Crashes randomly during loading in all game modes. Also always seems to crash when about to fight Felicia in Arcade mode. Runs fine until then though. Minor graphical glitch on the level with the wagon, one of the pigs appears as a mass of


Pocket Fighter



Pocket Fighter




discolored pixels until victory. Tested by Tickolas. Point Blank Point Blank 3 Polaris Snowcross SCES00886 SLUS01354 SLUS01033 PAL-E No

NTSCNo U NTSCNo U 5.00 M33-6 Tested by Roxas6662 5.00m33-6: Works perfectly (English patched). Note: For disc 2 eboot (disc 2of3); Make sure the GAME ID is set to SLPS00215 (same ID as disc 1 eboot), otherwise the saved file cannot be seen or be continued - By 2PS 4.01 loads up ok (will test further and update soon), multi-disc eboot made with popstation_md - DebugJunky 5.03 GEN-C: Same as 5.00 :D Tested on 3.40 OE-A, works great. 5.00 M33-6 [LOADED POPS FROM FLASH] - Works PERFECTLY. Played right through first and second levels FLAWLESSLY. Movie and Audio sequences are fine. Recommend this one, a Genuine Classic!! - Anarchy4_20


SLPS00215 SLPS00216


Populous: The Beginning



Populous: The Beginning



Porsche Challenge Power Move Pro Wrestling Power Rangers Zeo Full Tilt Battle Pinball Power Serve Tennis 3D Power Shovel Poy Poy Poy Poy 2

SCUS94187 SLUS00408 SLUS00256 SLUS00105 SLUS01343 SLUS00486 SLUS00486 SLUS00126 SLES03284 SLUS00371 SLUS00639

NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo U PAL-E No Game works fine. Played through several matches with dif characters. Tested with 4.01 M33 by MasterTurkey. 3.80 by 2PS. 3.01-4.01: Hangs on Interplay logo screen - by 2PS. 3.01-4.01: Hangs on Interplay logo screen - by 2PS. Use pops 3.51 or less if you have sound problems. 5.00-4 - no music. testingsomegames: So far, works perfect on 5.00 3.80 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS

Primal Rage

Prismland Story Pro Pinball - The Web Pro Pinball - Timeshock!


Professional Underground League of Pain Project Overkill

SCUS94551 SLUS00045 SLUS00165 SLPS00409 SLPS00530 SLPS00879 SLUS01307


Main Menu music seems to not play, no problems otherwise; tested on 3.71 M33-3 by Don Roberto

Psychic Detective

Title does NOT work in ANY firmware/emulator as it requires the game to be run from CD only. There is a copy protection message at the start. By 2PS 3.80 by 2PS. 4.01 by 2PS 3.90 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS

Pukunpa: Joshikouki no Houkago Puyo Puyo: Tsuu Ketteiban Puzzle Arena Toshinden Puzzle Star Sweep


Name Qix Neo PSX ID SLUS01561 SLUS00757 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 3.80 by 2PS. Graphics and sound are GOOD! After remapping some buttons, this game played fine through the first few levels. Tested on 4.01 M33 by MasterTurkey. NTSCNo U NTSCNo U

Quake 2


Name Racing Lagoon Raiden DX Raiden Project (Anniversary Edition) Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf PSX ID SLPS02038 SCPS45019 SCUS94402 SLUS01473 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 3.72 Pops - works perfectly - EasySan 3.90: SLPS-00728 by 2PS 3.90: Also works on PAL (SLES00051) - by 2PS. NTSCNo J NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCNo U 3.80 by 2PS. 4.01 M33 -- using IceTea and maximum compression, the game works OK except for an around 10 pixel of a cut-off area at the top of the screen. by Haisook. Tested on 3.52 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign

Rakugaki Showtime



Rally Cross



Rally De Europe Rampage Through Time Ranma 1/2 Renaissance Rapid Reload Ray Tracers RayCrisis: Series Termination Rayman

SLPS02679 SLUS01065 SLPS00522 SLUS00534 SLUS01217 SLUS00005 SLES00049

NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCNo J 3.90 by 2PS NTSCNo U NTSCYes U NTSCYes U PAL-E No 3.90 by 2PS working fine on 4.01m33-2 w/ pops original flash -Xzbit Just be sure to use a converter that supports CDDA audio, like Simple Popstation GUI 3.00, or PSX2PSP. Alternatively, follow jawB.C.'s guide. Working only on 3.90 pops, make sure Disc-Load Speed is set to Normal (because of graphics glitches) Tested on 3.93. Works fine until "The Bayou" level. Freezes at the part in which you must hit the switch and get to the door before it closes. 3.90: J (SLPS-00678) by 2PS. 5.00 works perfectly, tested it for about half an hour - DebugJunky 3.90 by 2PS 3.90: Runs fine - 2PS 3.80: Freezes once in-game/demo 2PS

SCES-0004 PAL-E No


Rayman 2



Raystorm RC Helicopter RC Revenge Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

SLUS00482 SLUS01376 SLUS01168 SLUS00857


Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: SLUSRound 2 01147 Real Bout Garou SLPMDensetsu (Fatal Fury) 86085 Special: Dominated Mind

3.90 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS 3.71: Flawless. Use this version and the whole game should run smoothly. CaptainEmbro

Red Asphalt (Rock 'n Roll Racing II)



3.80: Unable to get pass options/selection screen - by 2PS. 5.00: Froze when attempting to save. Don't use this firmware. CaptainEmbro

Resident Evil



Works well 3.71. Some sound glitches. Tested by SephirothX 5.00 M33-3 Works fine so far (3 hours)

Resident Evil



5.00 M33-6 Works OK but can have problems when characters talk. Sound can get stuck in a loop. ChapmeisterFlash Works perfectly 3.40. Tested by SephirothX. 3.52: Playable. ~NXMT 3.71: Playable. ~NXMT

Resident Evil: Director's Cut



5.00 M33-6: Playable. - LiquidSnakE 5.00 M33-6 using default game id plus 4.01 pops game plays flawlessly from beginning to end with no issues. sheriff

Resident Evil: Director's Cut



5.50 GEN-D3 Pops 3.80: Works perfectly! Tested by ShikaeshiRaito 3.40/3.52: SLPS-01222 MUST be set as the Game ID. 3.71: Disc 1 reported to work if you use the GameID SLPS-01510, however disc 2 freezes at police station. 3.80: Both disk 1 and 2 work perfectly using SLPS-01222 again. Tested by Cheska. During the train boss battle with Birkin on Claire Scenario B the game will freeze if you stay too close to the train door-solution: go to the

Resident Evil 2



opposite side of the train and fight him there, once the battle is over there is no danger of freezing(Note: this is on a two eboot none multi disc version it may be different on multi disc.) Tested by REfan190 3.90: Both disk 1 and 2 freeze at Violence Warning screen on SLPS01222. Leon/Claire A Scenarios (Disk 1) works perfectly using SLPS-01510, but B Scenarios freeze at random points when going up stairs or ladders

in the police station. 5.50GEND-2 pops 4.01 using psx2psp to create single eboot changed game id and main game ID to SLPS-01222 and works without a flaw woot!! cw cheat works with it as well in the cheatpops db file change game id to whatever cwcheat shows for the game. -->> upgraded to 5.50GENd-3 and still working flawlessly Whitetiger2695 5.00 M33-6/5.50 GEN-B2: Before getting crazy trying to make this game to work correctly (like me! :P), just look my observation about it at the 'Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition NTSC-U' bellow. I'm sure it will be very usefull! ;) - joe1310 CFW Enabler 3.51: joe1310's way works! The PAL version does work. POPS v3.40 required (Download all POPS versions using POPLoader - activate plugins in Recovery Menu). Tested on SLIM 3.71 M33-3. 3.52: Works perfectly - Use SLPS01222 - by 2PS 3.72: Freezes at violence warning screen (used multidisc eboot and SLPS-01222). - LiquidSnakE Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition SLUS00748 NTSCNo U 3.80/.90: Crashes at violence warning screen even when using SLPS-01222 use other fw (3.52) - by 2PS 3.80: Freezes at violence warning screen (used multidisc eboot and SLPS-01222). - LiquidSnakE 3.80: My multidisc eboot (with

Resident Evil 2



SLPS01222 as the main ID and both discs IDs) gets past the violence warning screen on both discs and works awesome, I made mine with popstation_md and disc images of the dual shock edition - DebugJunky 3.90: Freezes after PlayStation logo (used multidisc eboot and SLPS01222). - LiquidSnakE 4.01: Freezes after PlayStation logo (used multidisc eboot and SLPS01222). - LiquidSnakE 4.01M33-2: (tested on PSP 'Fat') Freezes after entering the Police Station. Use Game ID: SLPS-01222 and Popsloader to emulate 3.25 and everything will work fine. By, Caustic Paradox 5.00 M33-6: Works Fine (used multidisc eboot that I created myself using PSX2PSP v1.4.2 and SLPS01222 and pops 3.9). - xFrostx 5.00 M33-6/5.50 GEN-B2: Works very fine, exactly as xFrostx said, BUT there is a VERY IMPORTANT MISSING DETAIL that it cost me a lot of time! Here it is: To prevent the game to freeze at violence warning screen, when creating the EBOOT.PBP file DO NOT FORGET to change each one of the disks IDs TOGETHER WITH the Main Game ID! To make it easier, just follow this: before clicking the 'Convert' button at the 'whatever-program-youare-using' interface, make sure you have changed the Main Game ID to

SLPS-01222, the Disk #1 (Leon) ID to SLPS-01222 and finally, the Disk #2 (Claire) ID to SLPS-01223. My advice: use PSX2PSP v1.4.2 to do this, as far I know, no other program allows you to adjust the IDs like this one. If you bypass this step or change only the Main Game ID, the game will freeze at the violence warning screen for sure! I'm using firmware 5.00 M33-6, with POPsloader 3.90 and the game is running flawless now! By the way, this same information is also valid to the RE2 without Dual Shock support. Enjoy the game! ;) - Updated Info: I've updated my PSP to 5.50 GEN-B2 and still works very fine. Don't worry, be happy! :D - joe1310 Works great on 5.50 Gen-D3, running pops 3.90 as said above, got past the police station aswel, i named the leon disc and tagged it with main game id 01222, and the same for the game id changing it to 01222, not too sure about clares disc havent got that far, if im reading the details above right you have to name the main game id 01222 and the game id 01223 for her disc, ive made the eboot but waiting to finish disc 1 then ill report back if disc 2 sticks or freezes anywhere, also alot of people were having problems gettin the cwcheat to work with dual shock version, i too had problems, it took me 2 full days to figure it out the game saved in the database already isnt working with nstc versions of this game so you think change the game id to

SLPS_01222 will help, it doesnt,what i done was downloaded the latest cwcheat database from their site and edited it with cwcheat editor deleting all resident evil 2 entrys and create my own new entry with the same details that came up when the cheats didnt work,its a little complicated talking about it here, if any of you want the new database, email me, if anyone needs help on it then contact me by my email, h34dc4s3_r3lo4d3d@hotmail.com, ENJOY!!! h34dc4s3 (UPDATE) Clare disc works also and have gotten cheats to work aswel, i only added a few cheats for clares disc, its not that hard to add the cheats using the cheat databae editor,as ive said above if you need the cheat database just email me. ENJOY!!! 5.50 GEN-D:</b> still freezes at police station when using SLPS-01222 and 3.90 pops - VEnDeTtA bOy 5.03 MHU (CFWEn 3.51): Game freezes at warning screen with popsloader 3.72 using SLPS-01222. Any other popsloader will either freeze the PSP or cause the game to not start. - rtyu12 5.50 GEN-D, pops 3.70 & 3.90. Game doesn't load at all. I tryed what joe1310 says above(about changing the ID for both disk) and also tryed with a miltidisk eboot, but nothing seems to work. Bring us a little light here anyone. Xandro.

5.00 m33-6:slim psp game play's perfectly through both leon and claires discs using pops 3.40 plus game id SLPS-01222 also setting disc speed to fast. (the only problem was a bit of slowdown when using the machine gun with claire playing the arranged game).sheriff. 5.00 M33-6 WORKS PERFECTLY!!(Up to 1st Save Point, at least. This way you could - in theory - save it and then use any of the compiled EBOOTs that normally crash after the loading screen.) Compiled EBOOT.PBP file using Zinga's Simple Popstation GUI 3 BETA - It goes to the black screen after the introduction video, and after testing different theories I found a few ways to get it to work, this was the most efficient (No guarantee this will work for you, best chances to get these to work are to compile your EBOOT using Zinga's Simple Popstation GUI v3 beta): The way I do it is by pressing MENU, then selecting More Options/Other Options and changing DISK LOAD SPEED to FAST. I find that tapping MENU to pop the MENU up and down, improves the success rate of this(my friend's PSP only loads it when I change disk load speed AND tap MENU)- Then Go back and it should load up the GAME MENU. My suggestion is to get to a save point and svae it ASAP. Beats the black screen on new game, which could come in handy. Keep a copy and you won't have to worry about that problem next time. Important! Use SLPS-01222 (BioHazard 2 Game ID) to avoid Clock Tower game freeze. To avoid game freeze after getting the firehose, instead of going directly to the alley, go back to the parking lot to deposit the hose in the chest. Now go directly to the alley (without the fire hose) and then there you withdraw the hose

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis



skipping the door where the game freezes. 4.01m33-2: freezes when open chest use SLPS-01222 (BioHazard 2 Game ID) - by gameoke. 3.90 Works fine so far (1 hour) 4.01m33-2 with Popsloader 3.40 works fine, but freezes after Clock Tower - by ZosKiaCvltvs1992 on 5.00m33-6 using 3.52 pops with game id SLPS-01222, i experienced random freezes while playing the "NEXT GAME" - by johnyboy727 Works flawless!Game-id SLPS01222, firmware 5.00 M33-3, and pops 3.40. Got a complete game and well though a second - Arkuni // Important note: It works, just finished the game (POPS 3.40 on Firmware 5.50 GENB2), BUT it works only if Game-ID AND Save-ID is SLPS-01222! If you use PSX2PSP 1.4 to alter the Save-ID so you can have RE 2 and 3 (both need the Biohazard 2-ID to work) together on the same Memory Stick without one screwing up the other's Saves, RE 3 will be broken in the process and lock up at the church! - LiquidSnakE 5.00 M33-6: Black screen after intro. Happens if you use SLPS-02300 (japanese Game-ID of Biohazard 3: Last Escape) as well. Tried out some POPS, 3.40 worked good, but freezes after the hospital when you're entering the church with Carlos. - LiquidSnakE 5.00 M33-6: use id SLUS-00923 and

Zinga's Simple Popstation GUI 3 beta,Once you encounter black screen after intro, press "Home" button then press again to return to game, Main menu screen will appear - jmtstan 5.00 M33-6 GAME-ID: SLUS-00923 [POPS 3.90] ... NO BLACK SCREEN ON BOOT!!. GAME STARTS PERFECTLY. EBOOT Compiled Using PSX2PSP v1.4.2 - Freezes up at the beginning text, after video sequences when she is saying "this is my last chance...blah blah". If you want to get this to work, use the technique described at the top of this row. Anarchy4_20 3.40 pops on a 5.00 m33-6 psp is working great so far (half an hour of testing only) using SLPS 01223 - I used 01223 (the Claire disc ID) instead of 01222 so that my save files would come up seperate to those of resi 2 (I used the SLPS 01222 ID on resi 2) and so that the the savedata wouldn't use the default gameID name, which happens when multiple games share the same ID - DebugJunky PSP3000 with 5.03 GEN-B via ChickHEN It seems to work with the Biohazard 2 SLPS-01222 ID and POPS 3.90, works fine so far(1-2hours aprox).-Chukymaster SLESResident Evil 3: Nemesis 02529 SLUS01087 Freezes on violence warning screen on boot up. Tested on 3.71 M33-2 Use an .IMG file. Then run on 3.40, with popsloader. Tested by SephirothX Works perfectly 3.40, 3.71 & 3.90. Tested by SephirothX 5.00 M33-3 Seems to work fine.


Resident Evil: Survivor


Resident Evil: Survivor Re-Volt Return Fire Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Ridge Racer (Greatest Hits) Ridge Racer Ridge Racer 2 (A.K.A. Revolution) Ridge Racer 3 (A.K.A. Rage Racer)

SLES02732 SLES01973 SLUS00184 SLUS01073 SLUS00540 SCES00001 SLUS00214 SLUS00403


3.90: Apart from minor screen clipping at the bottom, game is fully playable. ~NXMT

3.80 by 2PS Works fine using 5.00 m33-6 using 4.01 Popsloader. Doesn't work with 3.72 Popsloader. Tested on 3.71 M33-2 Screen clipping at bottom Tested on 3.71 M33-2 Tested on 3.71 M33-2 Tested on 3.71 M33-2 4.01: Playable. - LiquidSnakE 5.00 M33-6: Playable. - LiquidSnakE

Ridge Racer 4 (A.K.A. SLUSR4: Ridge Racer Type 4) 00797


Ridge Racer High Definition Edition (RR Type 4 Bonus Disc)



Tested on 3.71 M33-2; hangs at the Namco logo 5.00 M33-6 Works great, Made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2

5.00 hangs at the PS logo for disc 1 Rival Schools: United by SLUSFate (Arcade Disc) 00681 NTSCYes U (arcade) but works fine for disc 2 (evolution disc), 3.71 works perfectly for both discs. Used immaculate disc images and converted with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 - DebugJunky Rival Schools: United by SLUSFate (Evolution Disc) 00771 NTSCYes U 5.00 M33-6 Works Flawlessly, was made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 note:' 2.5 Gigabyte game (5 discs). Don't use DATA.PSP when converting. It may result in a black screen when launching the game. Riven: The Sequel to MYST SLUS00535 NTSCNo U 4.01 M33-2 Working, but it may crash in a VERY few select points if you try skipping a cutscene. There's a LOT of video in this. The cutscenes are also very short so there's USUALLY no

problem in letting them play, but if the game freezes, try not skipping that cutscene next time. 5.00 M33-4 Working here, too Road Rash SLUS00035 NTSCNo U 3.72 POPS: Playable. ~NXMT 5.00 M33-6 by Roxas6662 3.52 POPS: Certain songs will freeze the game. ~NXMT 3.71 pops: got past loading screen and played a race. so far so good. theydidntnameme 3.72 POPS: Locks up at the initial loading screen (The progress bar will loop endlessly). Road Rash 3D SLUS00524 NTSCYes U ~NXMT 4.01: Locks up at the initial loading screen (The progress bar will loop endlessly). ~NXMT 5.00 M33-6: Loaded once, worked fine. Endless loading loop on retrying race, now get endless loop on initial loading screen. Also got it to get to the main menu before freezing. StormPooper. Road Rash Jailbreak Robo-Pit Robo-Pit 2 Rock'em Sock'em Robots Arena Rockman X3 Rockman X4 Rockman X5 Roll Away/Kula World Rollcage SLUS01053 SLUS00316 SLUS01563 SLUS01124 SLPS00283 SLPS00902 SLPM86666 SLUS00724 SLUS00800 SLUS00867 SLUSNTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo J NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSC- No Works fine on 3.71 M33-2, 4.01 M33, 4.01 M33-2. Tested by j1ggy 3.90: PAL (SLES-00539) by 2PS. 3.90 pops SLUS-00800 works with music. by Killy Does not boot at all. (3.90 M33) 5.00 M33-4 and every pops: infinite loop on PS logo. by Killy 3.90: Playable. ~NXMT 5.00 m33-6 Works -Piratesmack 5.00 m33-6: runs fine theydidntnameme 5.00 m33-6: runs fine theydidntnameme 3.80 by 2PS Work fine with popsloader to pops 3.52 and use Fast Disc speed 3.90 by SleepyMan

Rollcage - Stage II Romance of the Three

Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire 00195

U 3.71: FMV's have no sound. Everything else works fine. ~NXMT 3.90: FMV's have no sound. Everything else works fine. ~NXMT 4.01 : FMV's have sound. everything works perfect. - By Haruhi91 PSP 3k 5.03 GEN C : everything works perfect. - By Haruhi91 3.80 by 2PS. 3.90 by SleepyMan Also on 5.00 M336 by Roxas6662 Works on 3.10OE-A' No Errors on 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree No Errors on 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree 5.00 M33-3 Works fine.

Romance of the Three SLUSKingdoms VI: Awakening 00918 of the Dragon


Rox RPG Maker R-Types R-Type Delta R-Type Delta Running Wild

SLES04069 SLUS00640 SLUS00753 SLUS00877 SLPS01688 SCUS94272



Name PSX ID TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) May encounter flickering backgrounds on lower firmware/Popstation versions. Use 3.10 Popstation with Popsloader if using 3.03 OE-C or lower, or use firmware 3.30 OE-A. 5.00m33-3 Works flawlessly - by Druids1974 Does not load Duel fights, causing the game to be unplayable on 3.71 M33-2. My first Duel loaded just fine on 4.01 M33-2 5.00m33-3 Works flawlessly - by Druids1974 3.71 pops works fine -Xzbit Saiyuki: Journey West SLUS01381 SLPS03506 SLPM86345 NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo J 5.00m33-3 Works flawlessly - by Druids1974 Samurai Deeper Kyo Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage 3.80 by 2PS Also known as Samurai Spirits Shinshou - kenkaku Ibunroku

Saga Frontier



Saga Frontier 2



Yomigaerishi Soukou no Yaiba Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage Scooby Doo and Cyber Chase SD Gundam G Generation F Sentient Sentinel Returns Sexy Parodius SLUS01039 SLUS01396 SLPS02900 SCUS94110 SLUS00604 SLPM86009 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J 5.00 M33-6 As multi-disc eboot, won't boot at all on pops 3.71-3.80, hangs at black screen on FMV transitions on pops 3.90 and 4.01. Images made with Alcohol 120% and eboot made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2 with 0 compression. Single disc eboots suffer the same problems as multi on pops higher than 3.11, function fine with pops 3.11 and under, but anything under 3.11 causes Shadow Madness SLUS00468 NTSCNo U some sound problems. Issue with single disc eboots is that this game requires constant disc changes rather than a permanent swap after progressing far enough in the game and doesn't allow save at disc change screens. Unless a fix for multi-disc can be found, PSP play of this game is not feasible - Azure Fang Shadow Man Shaolin SLUS00895 SLES01658 SLES02895 NTSCYes U PAL-E Yes Working, but slow (like on PSX) 3.80 Runs ok but crashes when coming out of options menu - by 2PS Voice acting can be off, on 5.00M33-6 has severe slowdown when a new animation/scene is playing, which causes it to become unplayable in some areas. 3.71: flawless -theydidntnameme 4.01 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS Tested and working perfectly on 5.50 GEN D3 with original pops from flash. Tested by Necrofenser 3.90 by SleepyMan

Sheep Dog and Wolf


Shipwreckers! Shura No Mon

SLUS00558 SLPS01202


Silhouette Mirage

SLUS00728 SLUS00902


3.90 by 2PS. 3.90: Severe slowdown issues whenever explosions occur at the tutorial, after that everything runs fine! by 2PS No Errors on 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree Works fine on 3.90 M33-3. ~NXMT Works Flawless on 5.00 M334.Completed game. Tested by Corpse. Perfect on 5.00 M33-6 Tested by Roxas6662

Silent Bomber

Silent Hill



Confirmed to be perfect on 5.00 M33-6, although there will be some occasional minor slowdown unless the disc speed is set to "Fast." 5.50 MHU Work fine. -Shazam

5.50 GEN-D3 Occasional lag spikes, unless disc speed set to fast. Also freezes quite often. -Chase Silent Hill Silverload SLES01514 SLUS00050 SLUS00113 SLUS01227 SLUS00209 SLES01090 PAL-E Yes NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCYes U NTSCNo U PAL-E No 3.80 by 2PS No Errors on 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree 5.00 M33-4: Crashes after Playstation splash screen, PSP needs a hard reboot afterwards. Tested by Tickolas. 4.01/5.00: Same issue applies as with 3.71 M33-3. 3.52/.80/.90: Same issue applies as with 3.71 M33-3. By 2PS Will not work on PSP at all as of 3.71 M33-3, nor on PS2 with original disc. Tested on Firmware 3.40 OE-A by dvdchas 3.80 by 2PS 5.00m33-6 it is playable, but it lags a little - D3dGrlsDntS4yN0 Does not work on CFW 5.50 Prometheus for PSP-1000-2000. GamerbyDesign

Sim City 2000

Simpsons Wrestling Skeleton Warriors





Tested by MonkeyJamboree Slap Happy Rhythm Busters Slayers Royal Slayers Wonderful SLPS02789 SLPS01363 SLPS01599 NTSCNo J NTSCNo J NTSCNo J 3.90 by 2PS. 5.00 M33-4: Starts up fine. Have not tested battles as yet. Tested by Tickolas 5.00 M33-4: Runs fine. Long load times after FMVs. Tested by Tickolas 3.52, 3.71, 3.72, 3.80, 3.90, 4.01 music works but makes it lag. 3.51 is the most recent pops version that seems to work fine. 5.0 Runs extremely slow Compared to 3.51 and has no music. Use 3.51 for this game. 3.90 by 2PS. 5.00 M33-6: Runs great. - by bosshunter 4.01 by 2PS 5.00 M33-6: Playable, but with occasional slowdowns if there's too much going on on-screen. LiquidSnakE Unknown Saiashi_Ryu: Tested on 5.00 M33-6 with "Original From Flash" POPSplays, but opening video has graphic glitches. Also, gameplay has MAJOR slowdowns, and will crash PSP on initial boot. No further boots caused crashes so far. Will post updates as I try different POPS versions. 3.80 by 2PS 3.10: works perfect 3.71: black screen with sound after character selection 3.90: black screen with sound after character selection Not at fullspeed, Crashes at 2nd stage (3.51 update: Now runs at fullspeed, 2nd-stage bug fixed. Edge Master mode freezes at 'Mission 1' screen. Soul Blade SLUS00240 NTSCYes U SLPS-01222 increases compatibility, but re-introduces slowdown.)

Sled Storm



Smash Court 3 Smurfs, The Sniper, The (Simple 1500 Series Vol.056) Snobow Kids Plus

SLPS03001 SLES01749 SLPM86762 SLPS01823 SLUS01299


Spec Ops - Ranger Elite

Speedball 2100



Sonic Wings Special Soukyuu Gurentai Oubushutsugeki AKA Terra Diver

SLPS00307 SLPS01172


UPDATE: Running at full speed, no crashes in 3.71 pops. Converted using

Icetea using id SLUS00240 Finally figured out what causes the crashes in Edge Master mode. One occurs when you press "start" to fight while reading the book, so to avoid it, you cancel out (x), then choose "battle" from the map menu. Another occurs if you press start from the weapon choice menu, and one more if you skip the animation after beating Cervantes (just the first time, but in subsequent times you need at least a bit of the animation to play). Tried with 3.71. - Menagerie Screen Offset due to PAL, but not severe, Fullspeed (3.51 update: Screen centering fixed, Edge Master mode freezes at 'Mission Soul Blade SCES00577 PAL-E No 1' screen. SLPS-01222 introduces the same compatibility and slowdown issues as the NTSC version.) 5.00 M33-6:Runs fine. ChapmeisterFlash Fullspeed (Running 3.80 with popstation : Popped in 3.71 and it ran fine. This is a Jap PS game I imported this off ebay. Created using all the default numbers. GIDN off disk etc. Tested by MasterTurkey. see youtube ncpr707. 3.90: No problems, dojo-crash bypassed! - by 2PS 3.80 M33-5: Crash occurs when attemping to exit out of the dojo sparring-game when SELECT is pressed - by 2PS

Soul Edge



Soul Of The Samurai



South Park South Park Rally

SLES02158 SLUS00984 SLUS00061 SCES01763 SLUS00613 SLUS00230 SLUS00875

PAL-E No NTSCNo U NTSCNo U PAL-E No NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCYes U 3.90 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS 4.01: works flawlessly. No music in 5.00 M33-6, use 4.01 instead 3.90 by 2PS. Tested on 3.52 M33 by GamerbyDesign

Soviet Strike Speed Freaks Speed Racer Spider - The Video Game Spider-Man

Spiderman 2 - Enter Electro Spin Jam

SLUS01378 SLUS01250


Sound and video seem fine, tested in 3.71 M33-3 by Don Roberto 3.80 by 2PS. 3.71 & above: constantly lags; 3.03 works flawlessly cutscene sound out of sync, screen offset slightly UPDATE: Everything seems working ok in 3.71 M33-3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree Seems to work ok with 5.00 M33-3 AND popsloader 4.01, with raw 5.00 M33-3 doesn't even start. The voiceovers sometimes drop out 5.00 M33-6: Works fine with no popsloader (original from flash). No problems with voice overs dropping out (so far). Iso extracted with magiciso and converted to eboot using psx2psp v.1.4.2 -By AzraelDagda414 Works poorly 3.71 & 3.40. Can crash randomly while entering worlds. Tested by SephirothX. Update from Mr. Mallon: working up to trying to get to level 2 then fails. Update from NuVanDibe: Able to reach lv 2 on 4.01 m33-2. Also, it is unknown at this point if the pops will be subject to the copy protection included in this game. I am, however, using an intro'd release. 5.50 GEN D-3 works fine on 3.71 and original from flash also a few others but the others have minor malfuctions. 3.90 by 2PS 3.80 (SLUS-00372) by 2PS Possible freeze when you first enter Fienal Tower and watch FMV with fast disc loading setting. Change to normal to fix this. Update from neoxavien "seems to freeze randomly during battles the farther I got into the game. tested on popsloader 3.72 and 3.90 with cfw 3.90 m33-3". If you have more information to pass along or fixes, pass them on! 5.50 GEN D-3 using psx2psp for single eboot changed nothing but made the boot icons etc. works perfectly disc 1&2 no problems no flaws. 3.80 by 2PS Seems to play fine but the weapon graphics and enemy sprites are

Spongebob Squarepants SLUSSupersponge 01352 SCUS94228

Spyro The Dragon

Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer




Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage



Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon



Stahlfeder Star Gladiator

SLPS00162 SLPS00539


Star Ocean: The Second SCUSStory 94421


Star Sweep Star Wars: Dark Forces

SLPS01040 SLUS00297


"junked" and blend with the wall texture. Star Wars - Demolition SLUS01183 NTSCNo U 5.00 m33-3 - works perfectly with 5.00 popsloader, EBOOT created by PSX2PSP 1.42.By tomsho Without any fix and with original ID, it freezes after PlayStation logo screen. Changing ID to SLPS01222 it arrives to Game Menu, you can start a new game but it hangs without showing any loading screen. Fixing the ISO (riping zanzibar.000 with Star Wars Episodio 1: La SLESAmenaza Fantasma 02038 PALESP No a empty file) and with original ID shows loading screen but freezes with a black screen when it ends. Fixing it and changing the ID to SLPS01222 shows very graphical issues and a hang when finished loading. All tests with Pops 3.52 on 5.00 M33-6 - by largeroliker Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace SLUS00884 NTSCNo U Does not work on 5.00M33. Freezes right after Playstation logo screen. Tested by Watsonator117 Extreme graphical problems 3.02. Tested by SephirothX 5.00 m33-3 - works perfectly with 5.00 popsloader, eboot created by PSX2PSP 1.42. By tomsho. 5.00 m33-3 - works perfectly with 5.00 popsloader. Multidisc EBOOT created by PSX2PSP 1.42 By tomsho 3.80 Works fine on NTSC-J (SLPS00022) - by 2PS. Continuing or pausing the game will send you back to the start of the first level, may sometimes warp you to the second level. 3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS testinsomegames: 5.00 suffers the music glitch, meaning there isn't any. 4.01 everything seems to work perfect. 3.52 by krayziefox testinsomegames: Tested on 4.01 and 5.00M33-3. Works perfect on 4.01, sound works fine. 5.01M33-3 has NO music. CDDA audio does not seem to

Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi



Star Wars - Rebel Assault II



Starblade Alpha



Starfighter Starfighter Sanvein Street Fighter Alpha Warriors' Dreams Street Fighter Alpha 3 Street Fighter Collection Disc 1 (Super SFII & Super SFII Turbo)

SLUS00241 SLUS01302 SLUS00197 SLUS00821 SLUS00423


work in 5.00. Play it on 4.01 using Pops, or that version firmware. Has black bars on top and bottom no matter what way to convert it or what region it is. Probably the way it was made, and more than likely won't be fixed. testinsomegames: Tested on 4.01 and 5.00M33-3. Works perfect in both, music and everything. I recommend it on 5.00, so that way you can enjoy it on your TV as well as your PSP ;) Suffers same black bars on top and bottom as first Street Fighter Collection. It's normal, and probably won't be fixed. testinsomegames: Tested on 5.00M33-3. Works perfect, all bgm included. Suffers same black bars on top and bottom as first Street Fighter Collection. It's normal, and probably won't be fixed. 3.90 by 2PS. UPDATE: Works perfect in 5.00M33-3, including music. testinsomegames: Everything seems to work fine in 5.00M33-3. Including bgm. 3.90 by 2PS. Update: 5.00 has no music. 4.01 does, and works perfect. 3.90 by 2PS. popsloader @ 3.71:boots and plays fine - by killergp123 4.01 M33-3 Works great even with fast disc speed set. 5.00 M33-3 Doesn't work. Black screen even before PS logo. popsloader @ 3.30 with fast disc load speed while using 4.01 M33-2, no freezing occurs and rarely lags if at all, fully played through as Hiryu and Hien - by Serph 5.00 M33-3 Works fine. popsloader @ 3.11 seems to allow 100% compatibility, the prior pops versions will not allow level 2 to proceed past segment 1 - StriderH2 5.00 M33-6 3.80 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS.

Street Fighter Collection Disc 2 (Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold)



Street Fighter Collection 2 (SFII, SFII Champion Edition, SFII Turbo) Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha Street Fighter EX 2 Plus Street Fighter - The Movie Street Racer Street Sk8er



SLUS00548 SLUS01105 SLUS00041 SLUS00099 SLUS00818 SLPS02620


Strider 1

Strider 2



Strider 2

SLUS01163 SLUS00139 SLUS01078 SLUS01337 SLES-


Strike Point Striker Pro 2000 Strikers 1945 Strikers 1945 II

3.80 by 2PS.

03510 Plays flawlessly on 5.00 M33-6 Submarine Commander SLES02728 PAL-E No 5.00m33-6, original from flash - works fine so far. JEETY 3.72: Runs fine, no problems - by 2PS 3.80: Glitchy/corrupted graphics inSuiko Enbu: Outlaws of the lost dynasty SLPS00137 NTSCNo J game - by 2PS 3.52 M33-4: On the VS screen and the victory screen, the overall picture is discolored. Other than that, it runs smoothly 3.90 Freezes when you entered then exit Neclord's Castle in Neclord Sidequest. Just Set the Disc-Load Speed to normal - tested by kryst abegnalie Freezes on Mist monster in 3.40 and below. WORKS 100% on new 3.51 M33 Firmware - see Installing PSP 3.51 Suikoden 2 SLUS00958 NTSCYes U M33 Firmware. 3.90 Works perfectly - tested by kryst abegnalie 5.00 M33-6 Works perfectly - Azure Fang Super Bubble Pop Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo SLUS01528 SLES00605 SLUS00418 NTSCNo U PAL-E No NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCNo J NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCYes U 3.90 by 2PS. Works fine on 3.90 M33 tested by Knutsky CFW 4.01 M33-2:Works perfectly with updated Popsloader 3.80 DatNukkaInfamy cfw 5.00 m33-6: Popsloader set to 3.80, otherwise the game will not load. cfw 5.00 m33-6: Popsloader set to 3.71, loads with minor image layer errors if left unattended. No crashes as of yet. 3.80 by 2PS




Super Robot Wars Alpha SLPSGaiden 03147 Super Robot Wars Alpha SLPS(part. Eng. trans.) 02636? Super Robot Wars F Super Shot Soccer Syndicate Wars SLPS01727 SLUS01464 SLUS00262

Syphon Filter



3.90: Playable. ~NXMT 3.80: cfw 5.50 GEN D-3 perfect audio video and gameplay -whitetiger2695 Doesn't go past beginning FMV on 3.90 M33_2. Loaded fine with popsloader using 3.71 official.* 3.90: Tested using a personal rip and the game is fully playable. Bin/Cue converted using Popstation GUI 3.0 with the default ID. ~NXMT 3.90: Works only with the 2 cds version

Syphon Filter 2



(Fully playable, without crashes), the multidisk version doesnt work. OPALAO 3.71 & 3.72: Works fine with the multidisk version at the beggining , random freezes at the flamethrower part and it freezes at the train mission OPALAO

Syphon Filter 3



3.90: Playable. ~NXMT


Name PSX ID TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 5.00m33-6 Acquired the original psx game, used Ultra ISO to make .Bin and .Cue, loaded the Cue into Popstation Gui 3 to convert into eboot (to have audio tracks ingame). Ran the game with 4.01 pops. T'ai Fu: Wrath of the tiger SLUS00787 NTSCNo U Runs well, no crashes seen beyond level 1. Update 4-17-09* Loading game: Two instability crashes. One involves not switching the memory card before choosing a save, the other

involves save 1. Before choosing Save 2, you must first press the Circle button to switch from memory card 1 to 2, and then back to 1. There are 3 save sections per memory card. Save 1 causes the game to crash on load. (DO NOT USE) Save 2 allows the game to load (USE) - by MEGAXSTU/StriderH2

T'ai Fu: Wrath of the tiger




5.00m33-3 - Used UltraISO to make the .BIN and PSX2PSP 1.4.2 to make the eboot and the game starts but works only for the first introductive level and then freezes both if trying to save or if trying to go to next level. - by Druids1974 Works great on 3.71 and above - big thanks to Mr. SaintPizzy for the update.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling SLUSTogether 00560 Tail Concerto Tail of the Sun SLUS00660


SCUS- NTSCNo 94607 U

Works perfectly on 3.71 M33 3.90 by 2PS. 3.03 OE-C: When using spells with animations(spells that make every unit on the screen stop their movement until the attack finishes), the game may freeze. Spells that don't have animation may freeze but with extremely low chance(only encountered once out of

Tales of Destiny



20+ hours). 3.52:works flawless - krayziefox 3.71: When I was playing on 3.71 sometimes after a battle it would get stuck at a black screen, this was really rare though. Other than that the game works great just be sure to save often. 3.72: Using popsloader to run 3.72 it seemed to freeze less than other

versions, but I haven't tested it thoroughly, I only used it the last half of the game. 5.00m33-3:works flawlessly - by Druids1974 5.00 M33-6 Works perfectly - Azure Fang Tales of Destiny II SLUS01355 NTSCNo U 3.71,3.72,and 4.01:works fine on these pops versions.4.01 works fine if disc load speed is on fast - R()H@X Get the English translation patch for this game here. The English translation patched and original Japanese versions work perfect on pops 3.71 on my 5.00 m33-6 (eboot made with simple popstation gui 3.00). Also Lourde Incarnadine on GameFAQs had some freeze issues in the Morlia Mines, we fixed this by reducing the compression level to a max of 4 - DebugJunky 3.90-m33 Works just fine without popsloader, compression level lower then 4 required (too high compression produces freezes when Arche casting spells or even hangs on FMVs). 6.35 PRO-B: Finally works PERFECTLY with NO FREEZES with 6.35's POPS as long as you leave the disc speed on NORMAL. - DemonicStrife 3.90 by 2PS 4.01 by 2PS Freezes on loading screen on 3.71 m33 2&4 Game seems to work properly, but since it's been released only in the PAL format, the screen is not centered. Tried using the PAL to NTSC fix from Popstation GUI 3, but this only resulted in a total mess. Then I tried the PAL4U2k tool, which gave better results, but still there's a black bar on top of the screen. Tested on 5.00 M33-6. 3.90 by 2PS

Tales of Phantasia



Tall Infinity (The tower of wisdom) TAMA - Adventurous Ball in Giddy Labyrinth Team Buddies

SLUS01547 SLPS00003 SLUS00869


TechnoMage: Return of Eternity




Tecmo Stackers Tecmo's Deception: Invitation To Darkness Tecmo World Golf Tekken

SLUS00560 SLUS00340 SLUS00299 SLUS00006


3.80 by 2PS

Tekken 2

SLUS00213 SLUS00402 SLUS00402 SLUS00283 SLSP01272 SLUS00706


5.00 M33-6: Playable. - LiquidSnakE 3.40 pops- runs, but not at full speed.Credits doesn't show up.-Xzbit 3.71 pops- works smoothly except for the credits.-Xzbit 3.80 by 2PS 3.90 by 2PS. 5.50-Prome 4 works perfectly! 5.00 M33-6: Playable. - LiquidSnakE Lots of skipping during cutscenes, music, and dialogue. UPDATE: 3.90, 4.01 and 5.00 stall and go black when trying to read from Memory Card. 3.72 and 3.80 are the most recent versions of POPs that I got everything to work perfectly fine on it. No skipping of cutscenes or music and such. ;)

Tekken 3 Tekken 3 Golden Lion Edition Tempest X3 Tenchu Tenchu Stealth Assassins

Tenchu 2



Test Drive 5 Test Drive Offroad Tetris Plus Tetris, The (SuperLite 1500 series) Tetris X Theme Hospital Theme Park

SLUS00610 SLUS00396 SLUS00338

NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U 3.52 only - by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS Runs great on 3.71. And 3.80 Works on 5.00 M33-6 - YDNTK9 3.90 by 2PS. Hangs during opening sequence on 3.52 M33. One hour in and works fine with minor audio glitches on 4.01. 5.00 loads and plays great for multi-disc EBOOT, tested briefly, will update when I find time to play - DebugJunky Froze up when boarding Mountain Hand in Chapter 7 on 5.00 on 5.00 M33 6 switched to 4.01 on popsloader and problem was alleviated. Seems advisable just to use 4.01. -Formatt Encountered some trouble later on using 4.01. One section (can't recall now) got hung up for a time but sorted itself out after a time and later when obtaining Flareniel after in Rockbit encountered a freeze at the sacred flame. Switching to


Thousand Arms



5.00 solved the latter problem. So far no problems that were catastrophic as all problems encountered occurred with a save point nearby and could be solved by switching pops versions. -Formatt Thrasher Skate and Destroy Thrasher Skate and Destroy Threads of Fate Three Stooges, The SLUS00935 SLES02340 SLUS01019 SLUS01486 NTSCNo U PAL-E No 3.40OE: completed the game for both characters. Tested by dish. Haven't had any problems on 3.71. 3.80 by 2PS. Freezes on exit load 3.80 M33 (Tested by J30H30) Tested on 3.52 M33 by GamerbyDesign Thrill Kill SLUS00752 NTSCNo U Works fine on 5.00 M33-6 by DiRtYStEvE Works perfectly on 3.00 pops:Tested by REfan190 Works on 5.00 M33-6 By Roxas6662 Thunder Force V: Perfect System SLUS00727 NTSCNo U NTSCNo J PAL-I No 3.90 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS. 3.80 by 2PS. No Music 3.71 M33-4 ~Beaniehat~


Time Bokan Series: Bokan SLPSto Ippatsu! Doronbo 00609 Time Bokan: Yattaman Time Crisis Time Crisis - Project Titan SLES03651 SLUS00405 SLUS00405 SLPS00383 Time Gal & Ninja Hayate SLPS00384 Tiny Tank Tiny Toons Adventures: The Great Beanstalk Tom & Jerry In: House Trap



3.80/5.00m33-6 by 2PS


3.80 by 2PS. 5.00 M33-3 Works fine. 3.90 by 2PS. PSP 3k 5.03 GEN C : work fine, sometimes freeze when loading (rare) BY Haruhi91 5.00M33-4 - works fine. Level doesn't load (3.52 M33-4/3.03)J30H30

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six SLUS- Lone Wolf 01473 Tomb Raider SLUS00152

5.00 M33-3 Seems to work fine. 5.50 GEN D-3 Works fine, but with some random freezes in certain places while going to invertory or pausing the game. 5.00 M33-6 Works fine on pops 4.01 YDNTK9 - 2011-04-11 Tomb Raider SLES00024 PAL-E Yes Tested on Firmware 3.40 OE-A by dvdchas It loads up but freezes after 5 seconds after loading the trianning level. Tested on 3.52 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign Tested on slim psp 3.90 m333.03 pops. Works perfectly(as far as I can tell) doesn't freeze at training level. Used Tomb Raider II SLUS00437 NTSCYes U alcohol 52% to rip .ccd,.sub,.img from disc then PSX2PSP v.1.2 to make the eboot. by Mornaug 5.00 M33-3 Seems to work fine. Ripped with CloneCD. Ebooted with popstation v1.24. - NoahBody Works with the new CDDA enabled version of Popstation - we'll post a link once we have one! Tomb Raider II SLES00718 PAL-E No Doesn't work with Firmware 3.40 OE-A by dvdchas 5.00 M33-6: Intro runs. Crashes when you start game. ChapmeisterFlash Tomb Raider III SLUS00691 SLUS00885 SLUS01311 NTSCNo U NTSCYes U NTSCYes U 5.00 M33-3 Seems to work fine. Ripped with CloneCD. Ebooted with popstation v1.24. - NoahBody 5.00 M33-6 Works fine. - YDNTK9 Works with 3.03 OE-C ripped with CloneCD and processed with Zinga Burga PopstationGUI 3.00 5.00 m33-3 works fine with 5.00 popsloader. EBOOT created by PSX2PSP v.1.42. Works on 3.52 through 4.01 by Edric777

Tomb Raider IV (A.K.A. The Last Revelation) Tomb Raider V (A.K.A. Chronicles)

Nearly completed on 3.71 and works Tomba! SCUS- NTSCYes 94236 U flawlessly - DebugJunky 5.00 m33-6: - works like a charm completed the game without even a single crash. - CrS_pl

Tomba! 2 Tony Hawk Pro Skater

SCUS- NTSCNo 94454 U SLUS00860 NTSCYes U

5.00m33-6 didn't work for me, 3.71 is working perfectly so far though DebugJunky Works great on 3.90 by smithy1185 works on 3.72. failed at main screen on 3.90 UPDATE: 5.00M33-3 Works perfectly fine. Played it on my TV. UPDATE: 5.00 M33-3 Gameplay works perfectly fine. Video openning crash in the ending, but

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2



the game continues. (mavincenzi)

5.50 GEN-D3 Works 100% perfect. Used Simple Popstation GUI 3 Beta to make the EBOOT. Kept Original game ID. No pops needed. -Roxas6662 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 Total Drivin' Total Eclipse Turbo Trap Gunner Trap Gunner-US version SLUS01419 SLUS00967 SLES00307 SLUS00021 SLPS01076 SLUS00679 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U PAL-E No works fine using 5.00 m33-6 3.11 only - other firmwares will crash. by 2PS 3.90 by 2PS 3.90: US version doesn't work either try Trap Runner - By 2PS. 3.80: It loads to the main menu without any issues, but I didn't test it past that. Schwaka 3.90: Runs great! by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS


Trap Runner (PAL version SLESof Trap Gunner) 01628 Treasures of the Deep Triple Play '99 TRL: The Rail Loaders True Pinball Turnabout SLUS00430 SLUS00618 SLPS02626 SLES00052 SLUS01499 SLUS00188


3.80 by 2PS. 5.00 M33-6: Game runs OK. Slight audio corruption on "Law & Justice" table. ChapmeisterFlash 3.80 by 2PS 5.50 GEN-D3 Working great for the moment. Used Popstation GUI 3 Beta for EBOOT. Kept game ID. No pops needed.


Tunnel B1

Twisted Metal Twisted Metal 2 Twisted Metal 3

SCUS- NTSCNo 94304 U SCUS- NTSCYes 94306 U SCUS- NTSCNo 94249 U SCUS- NTSCNo 94560 U

Works fine. ~Beaniehat~

Odd audio glitch when approached by enemy vehicle <b>5.00 M33-4: Works perfectly, but will require CDDA patch and 4.01 POPS for background music to work (same with other Twisted Metals). ~Zevlar~

Twisted Metal 4


Name Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) PSX ID SLES02903 TV Type PAL-E Manual Notes (Y/N) No 3.90 by 2PS. 3.90 Sound issues - by 2PS. Um Jammer Lammy SCUS- NTSCNo 94448 U Sound is messed up 5.00 M33-6: NTSC-J version works perfectly. StormPooper. 3.80 by 2PS 3.03: Freezes on Pause screen after starting a new game. 3.10-3.72:Works fine

Umihara Kawase Shun: Second Edition

SLPS02549 SLUS00676


Unholy War


Name V-Rally '97 V-Rally 2 Championship Edition V-Tennis PSX ID SLES00250 SLES01907 SLES00285 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N)

PAL-E No PAL-E No PAL No 5.00m33-6 game runs great using 4.01 pops sheriff 3.80 by 2PS 4.01: Playable but with some slowdown at cut scenes with heavy 3D 3.40: From what I can see, it works fine. No slowdown opening cut scene, was able to make a new game okay. That's about as much as I tested. (by Lybi) 5.50: Tested played a bit and it works good so far. 3.03 OE-C: Dialog voices are glitchy. Freezes after talking with Odin.This

Vagrant Story



Valkyrie Profile



isn't working for me can someone edit this with a pops that works?> 3.71m33 Everything loads fine. A bit stutter in sound but it is very very minor. Might try 3.72 also to see how it goes - by Agentghost 3.71m33 You cannot check the equipment of a of a character without the game locking up. Same with 3.72 and 5.00 - Schlittk 5.00m33-3 Stop loading (black screen) during the Intro when Lenneth, after reminding marriage, starts walking towards Odin palace- by Druids1974 3.80, 3.90, 4.01 and 5.00 freeze at the game intro (after the line "How nostalgic"), however 3.71 gets past this, but it freezes when you go to the status screen, 3.80, 3.90 and 4.01 will let you access the status menu - so in summation: Load and play through the intro using 3.71 then when you get to the first dungen save and reboot in 3.80, 3.90 or 4.01. EBOOT made with PSX2PSP 1.4.2, tested on my 5.00 m33-6 slim - DebugJunky Vampire Hunter D Vanark - Astro Trooper SLUS01138 SLUS01035 SLUS00447 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U Tested, working perfectly on 5.00m336 - DebugJunky 3.90: No probs - by 2PS 3.80: Hangs at boot - by 2PS 4.01: Worked perfectly - Hitcher Vandal Hearts Worked perfectly in 5.00 M33-4 XsilentX 4.01: Working perfectly so far. Will update when completed - Hitcher. Works perfectly on 5.00 M33-6 PSP 3k 5.03 GEN C : works flawlessly by Haruhi91 Flawless with 3.03 OEA 3.90: works flawlessly on my 3.90 firmware by LordJovanius 3.80: Runs fine BUT is not playable as the game does not appear to stream

Vandal Hearts II



Vanguard Bandits Vib Ribbon

SLUS01071 SCES02873


any music from the game itself (once in-game the level is just straight (Flatlined). By 2PS 3.90: Crashes after the initial menus are bypassed (graphical crash). By 2PS 4.01 m33-2 Works perfectly. Tracks play. Now for the next challenge of getting custom tracks to play. Victory Boxing Challenger Viewpoint SLES02727 SLES00123 PAL-E No 3.90 by 2PS 3.52: Runs fine - by 2PS 3.80/90: Loops to PS logo when game is started (After the 'Prepare to Engage' screen)- by 2PS Half of the levels won't run, redraw problems for distant objects (no textures), some sound problems Vigilante 8 SLUS00510 NTSCNo U Update from dopi:On POP's 3.40 sound works only sfx no music. Every level works no freezes, completed "quest mode" with no prob. Redraw problems for distant objects (no textures), lens flare redraw problem, some sound problems, occasional crash--edit 3.03 oe-A has sound(music) problems when you change music in game but when used in 3.30 oe-A sound(music) work fine. 3.90 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS 3.90 by 2PS works perfekt with 3.90m33-2.Tested by Knutsky


Vigilante 8: Second Offense



Virtual Hiyru No Ken Virtual Pro-Wrestling VIRUS: It is aware Volfoss VR Powerboat Racing Vs.

SLPS00338 SLPS00449 SLES01317 SLPS03140 SLUS00625 SLUS00513


3.90 by 2PS.


Name PSX ID TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N)

Wanted War Games War Gods

SLES04158 SLUS00599 SLUS00328


3.80 by 2PS. 3.40 OE-A and 5.00 M33-3 by Roxas6662 (may take awhile to load) 5.00m33-6 with 3.72pops works without any problems by D3dGrlsDntS4yN0 3.72 M33 Works fine 3.80 M33 Works fine 3.90 M33 Not Working. Freezes on Loading screen.B

Warcraft II: The Dark Saga



4.01 M33 Not Working. Freezes on Loading screen. 5.00 M33-3 Not Working. Freezes on Loading screen. 5.00 M33-6 Works fine

Warhammer: Shadows of SLUSthe Horned Rat 00117 Warhawk Warzone2100 WCW Backstage Assault WCW vs. NWO: Thunder Weakest Link, The Welcome House 2: Keaton and his uncle SCUS94305 SLUS00819 SLUS01274 SLUS00779 SLUS01413 SLPS00633 SCUS94608 SCES00321

PAL-E No NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCNo U NTSCYes U NTSCNo U NTSCNo J NTSCYes U Plays fine on 3.72. Minor strangeness during some FMV's. By RandomManA. Runs Perfect (so far) on 3.71 and 4.01 By Deathhall@gmail. Works fine on 5.50 (5.50 GEN-a, from flash) WCW Mayham Works perfect on pop 3.71 3.80 by 2PS. 4.01 by 2PS. testinsomegames: Everything seems to work fine in 5.00M33-3. PSP 3k 5.03 GEN C work perfect (so far) by Haruhi91 5.00 M33-4: Runs just fine. Tested by Tickolas Load screen does not come up on 3.40 using 3.80 M33 Popsloader to emulate the prior version. 3.90 M33-3 seems to work after a few hours of play 5.00 m33-3 - Works perfectly with 5.00 popsloader, multidisc EBOOT created by PSX2PSP 1.42.By tomsho 3.90 by 2PS Music works just fine on 3.71 M33-3 if

Wild Arms

Wild Arms


Wild Arms 2



Wild 9



using a GOOD disc image. most out there seem to be without the audio track info in the .cue file. Tested by MonkeyJamboree 5.00 M33-3 Works BUT I checked several versions and if you let the game sit without starting a new game the screen will go black and you will hear music but the game will be locked up. Tested on 3.52 M33-4 by GamerbyDesign WipeOut SCUS94301 NTSCNo U 5.00 M33-4 no music. by Killy 3.90 pops Works fine with music. by Killy WipeOut SCES00010 PAL-E No Tested on 3.80m33-5 5.00 M33-6: Game runs OK. No music. ChapmeisterFlash Hangs after intro. Tested on Firmware 3.40 OE-A by dvdchas WipeOut 2097 SLES00327 PAL-E No UPDATE: Working fine in 3.80 M33-5. 5.00 M33-6: Hangs after intro. ChapmeisterFlash Tested on 3.52 M33 by GamerbyDesign WipeOut XL SCUS94351 NTSCYes U 5.00 M33-4 no music. by Killy 3.90 pops Works fine with music. by Killy Wip3Out (WipeOut 3) SLUS00865 NTSCNo U 5.00 M33-4 no music. by Killy 3.90 pops Works fine with music. by Killy Crashes 2-5 secs after starting race on all courses/teams. Tested on 3.71 M33-2 + 3.80 M33-5 5.00 M33-6: Game runs OK. No music. Can hang during demo. ChapmeisterFlash 3.71 pops: Works fine, music plays. Wip3Out (WipeOut 3)(special edition) SCES02845 3.80 pops: Works fine, music plays. 4.01 m33-2: Works fine, music doesn't play.

Wip3Out (WipeOut 3)




5.00 M33-6 [Pops 3.80] EBOOT.PBP compiled using PSX2PSP v1.4.2 Everything works perfect. Sound is playing fine Extensive testing(5+ hours) A Hacker's Favourite is Reborn!! - Anarchy4_20

5.00 M33-6: Works fine, music doesn't play. World's Scariest Police Chases Worms SLES03425 SLUS00336 5.00m33-3: works flawlessly - by Druids1974 All Versions - Boots up but never finishes loading. 5.00 m33-6 - EBOOT.PBP Compiled Using PSX2PSP v1.4.2. >> Crashes after the first loading animation(white arrow spinning in the top-left of the screen) when selecting "Original From Flash". Have only just started testing this game, so will update this info just as soon as I have done some more extensive testing. (Here's hoping I can find a way to make it work) - Anarchy4_20 3.01-4.01 (Several issues): 1. After the PS logo is shown, the Worms Pinball SLES00483 PAL No game hangs 2. Once in-game, there is corrupt graphics of the ball (ball trails) - by 2PS WTC World Touring Championship Wu-Tang Shaolin Style WWF Attitude SLPS02852 SLUS00929 SLUS00831 NTSCNo J NTSCNo U NTSCNo U




Worms Armageddon



WWF Smackdown


NTSCYes U 3.71: Playable. ~NXMT 4.01 M33-2: Entrances or loading screens do not load, otherwise the

WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role



game plays fine. 5.01 M33-3: Loading screens still don't work, but entrances seem to work perfectly fine, and the rest of the game runs pretty smooth.

WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role WWF Warzone

SLES03251 SLUS00495

PAL-E No NTSCYes U testinsomegames: 3.90, 3.80, 4.01 and 5.00 all suffer major glitches, including controller problems and general crashing. 3.72 is the most recent POPs version that everything seems to work fine.

WWF Wrestlemania: The SLUSArcade Game 00013



Name X-Com: Terror from the Deep PSX ID SLES00077 TV Type PAL-E Manual Notes (Y/N) Yes Bad Mr Frosty Played this for hours and X-Com UFO Defence SLUS00141 NTSCNo U hours and hours using 4.01. No probs. Also works fine in 5.00 but no CD Music. X-Files X-Men Vs Street Fighter X2: No Relief X2: No Relief SLUS00915 SLUS00627 SLES00455 SLPS00766 NTSCNo U NTSCNo U PAL-E No testinsomegames: Seems to work fine in 5.00 5.00 works perfectly - DebugJunky 3.80 by 2PS 3.80 by 2PS First form Deus has an attack that locks game. (beat him quickly) Xenogears SLUS00664 NTSCYes U 3.52 m33: May freeze during the "Old Movie Countdown" scene. Use 3.40 if this happens.


There's no need to beat Deus quickly, you only must wait his attack wich drops his energy and yours at 50%, but do not fear, that attack do not kill anybody, then wait until his energy (and maybe yours) is below of 1000 HPs then use System ID with Fei and attack with X button, that attack should kill Deus, is important that you don't attack Deus before, if you do, then Deus will counterattack with the attack that freeze the game. By JuanMan. 3.71 M33: Seems to work without problems, except a small sound hitch upon leaving the Save menu. May be in the original game? On 5.00 m33-6 using POPS 3.71 it seems to work perfect for me, I had no sound glitch like the above poster. BIN/CUE made with Toast 8 and EBOOT made with Prometeus on Mac DebugJunky On 5.50gen-d3 using POPS 3.72, same as above. 3.90 M33: Freezes after the "shatter" effect during the first battle of the intro, with a sound loop. Use 3.71 if you require multi-disc PBP support. 4.01 M33: Freezes after the "shatter" effect during the first battle of the intro, with a sound loop. Use 3.71 if you require multi-disc PBP support. 4.01 M33: No problems observed with freezing as seen by author above after roughly three hours of gameplay (up to falling into the caverns beneath the

desert). Game was ripped using CloneCD from original discs, and converted to a multi-disc EBOOT via PSX2PSP 1.4.2, with maximum compression enabled. --SargeSmash 5.00m33-3: Everything seems to be working. 5.00m33-6: Freezes after the "shatter" effect during the first battle of the intro, with a sound loop. --TRaGiC 5.00m33-6: Play using 3.71 got pass the "shatter" effect and continue to play for one hour no problems. --Chii Winglese 5.00m33-6: Using 3.71 pops worked fine other than 1st form Deus. I tried waiting for his 1/2 HP attack (he needs to use it 3 times before you can beat him with System ID) but he seems to randomly cycle through 3 attacks even if you don't attack him. 1 of those attacks locks up the game every time, not just on the PSP, but on PS2's and PC emulators as well. I had to use my PS3 to copy the save file to a Memory Card and use my PS1 to beat him, then copy the save file back to my PSP after. --Phane 5.50 GEN-D2 3.71 Popsloader defeats the menace of the 1st battle shatter freeze(just like everyone else). Nothing else tested as of yet. - Zyphr the Gray (Bringing the information on GEN to the masses) Xevious 3D/G+ SLUS00461 NTSCNo U 3.80 by 2PS.


Name You Dont Know Jack PSX ID SLESTV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 4.01 Pops - works perfectly - EasySan PAL-G No

03499 YoYo's Puzzle Park Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories SLES01784 SLUS01411 PAL No 3.80 by 2PS Works perfectly on 3.51 pops tested by Raymondgt08



Name Zanac X Zanac Zero Divide 2 Zoop PSX ID SLPS03354 TV Type Manual Notes (Y/N) 3.90 by 2PS. 3.90 by 2PS. 3.72/90 by 2PS. NTSCNo J No

SCESPAL-E 01094 SLUS00078