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1.0 Acknowledgement 2.0 Abstract 3.0 Introduction 3.1 Definition 4.0 Main Causes 4.1 Bored 4.2 To While Away The Free Time 4.3 Peers Influenced 5.0 Solution 5.1 Prevention 5.2 Enforcement 6.0 Conclusion 7.0 References

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Assalamualaikum and a very-very good day to all. Firstly, im very grateful to Allah SWT for giving me a chance in life to be a student in OUM. By His willing also this assignment can be done. I would like to express my gratitude of thankfulness to Madam Malathy A/P Nadarajah for being more than just a lecturer for me and all of my colleagues. With her kindness and pure heart of teaching would bring us more than just a student but to open our eyes for the bigger future upcoming. With her various experiences and teaching method, study process brings a lot of excitement and pleasure not only for me, but to all students. Secondly, this topic is written based on various sources such as newspaper, internet, forums and articles. This topic will explained why Mat Rempit becoming a social problems and some suggestion on how to solve the issue. Maybe its not a total elimination but the effort to change someone to live in a better culture is worthwhile. Lastly, hopeful this research report can benefits to all of us on how we understand the life of Mat Rempit, how they become social illness and finding the good medicine to cure this illnesses.

2.0 ABSTRACT From ice aged until now mankind has evolved from non civilized to civilized society. Cultural building itself within the civilized society, the more mankind civilized the more cultural habits are born. In Malaysia, Rempitism has evolved from just riding motorbikes in group to riding, snatch, rape, gangsterism and drugs taking. These new culture of the millennium are making its way to endangered the Malaysian society. If our Malaysians still closes their eyes and ears to take the problems as easy as they are, maybe our community has to bring policeman each and everytime they go outside their house. This kind of bad cultures must be stopped from the roots or whatever it takes to prevent our society being destroyed by it.


3.1 Definition Ex-Director of DBP (Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka), Noresah Baharum once said from her previous research the Mat Rempit origin name is taken from Ramp and It word. Utusan Malaysia (2008). Ramp means behave violently, as a lion stood up by the back of his feet. While Malays are the dominant player in it, then they just put the name as Mat. In the early 80s Mat Rempit formerly known as Mat Motor. They just a bunch motorcycle gang and did not involved in any crime, they just do riding for fun. Later on, after a few several years they involved in illegal street racing combine with gambling. When our society percapita income has risen, most of parents can afford to buy motorcycle for their children, after that from a bunch of motorcycle gang, they engaged in raped, snatch thieves, gangsterism, drugs, alcohol,bohsia and most popular of all are daredevil act with motorcycles.. Today rempitism has become a social threat and combating this social illness is a must.

4.0 MAIN CAUSES Since 2007, the police have detected an increase in the number of cases involving students aged between 13 and 18, who have been linked to the abovementioned crimes.Understandably, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan is alarmed over this phenomenon. 3,383 people detained for various crimes in 2007, Musa said 3,241 were aged between 13 to 18. Last year, 3,725 students were nabbed, with 3,629 of those involved aged between 13 and 18. "The cases comprise murder, rape, robbery, rioting, theft, break-in and others," Meanwhile, Musa said results of a joint study by the Malaysian Institute for Research in Youth Development and the Centre of Education for Psychology and Development Malaysia found that 87 per cent of 'Mat Rempit' was made up those aged between 14 to 25. The study revealed that 48.1 per cent of 'Mat Rempit' attributed their activities to boredom, while 38 per cent said it was to while away the free time. About 27.8 per cent said peers influenced them. Bernama. (2009). From the above statistic shows those people who are involved in such crime is in between 14 to 25 years of aged. We can say that most of that aged is still a students or a college man. In this age, Mat Rempit is eager to do some brave looklike things and want others to recognize them as macho or cool, the more they do the more others see them as stars of the group. When riding bikes combining with gambling, they will do anything to win the race including daredevil act, this daredevil act will dangered others motorist because most

of the racings take place at the common roads. They always using drugs to make them do some bravelike acts and forget the risk of being killed by accidents. Gambling needs money, to win a race they needs a powerful and speedier motorcycles. All of this need takes a really lots of money and still most of the Mat Rempit is not working, this circumtances will led them to be snatchers and also various crimes will appear within this condition.From above statistics we can conclude rempitsm appear within this main 3 reason:4.1 Bored 48.1 percent says they are bored. Why? , this happen when family especially their parents did not bother what their children doing for most of the times.Their kids did not have any useful activities or any worthfilling jobs in the freetime. Their parents ignorance causing their children to involved in such crimes. 4.2 To While Away The Free Time To while away the free time represents 38 percent of the offenders. This excuses is too common to understand why they are resorting in such bad activities. Each and every person has a different timetable in their lifestyles, so everyone has their own freetime, usually extereme activities has their own attraction for younger ages. 4.3 Peers Influenced 27.8 percent claimed peers influenced them to resort in rempitism. This acclamation happens in all sorts of cases, if ones dont have a good self proclaimed, they are easy to be influenced by. Now almost everyday we hear about these rempit in news and newspaper. People are getting angry and tired all of the crimes causes by Mat Rempit. Our minister also reacts into these issues. Below are some of their comments taken from Bernama::KOTA KINABALU, May 22 09 (Bernama) -- The Puteri Umno movement wants the proposal to impose stiffer punishments on road thugs or "Mat Rempit" to be carried out soon to address the menace.

Its chief, Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, said the proposal should be carried out without further delay with the problem on road thugs becoming more serious. "The relevant authorities should have amended the law a long time ago because today, these road thugs have become out of control. "If they (road thugs) have no moral conscience of their own, then they have to be taught with a stiffer punishment," she added. She said this in response to a call by Bukit Aman Traffic police chief Datuk Abdul Aziz Yusof for the government to amend Section 42 (1) of the Road Transport Act to make jail sentences mandatory so that offenders will automatically be sent to prison. Rosnah, who is Deputy Health Minister, hoped that concerted efforts would also be carried out by the relevant ministries and agencies to curb the problem on road thugs. She said parents should also play their role, if the problem is to be addressed effectively. Bernama (2009).

SEREMBAN: The "road thugs" (samseng jalanan) label given to Mat Rempit, youths with a penchant for street racing is a bit too much, said Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek. He said only a handful of Mat Rempit were involved in crime while the majority were just ordinary youths looking for some fun. "This explosion of culture happens in many countries like that shown in movies like Tokyo Drift and The Fast and The Furious," he said after presenting prizes to "Golf Amal 2009" participants at Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak here yesterday. Shabery said the scenario was similar to that during the 1980s when the community was against the craze for Scrambler motorcycles and Breakdance. Despite disagreeing with the label, the minister said Mat Rempit groups were looking for trouble racing in the streets rather than at the tracks. "Mat Rempit are not interested in real racing. They can always join racing clubs if they want to. The closure of Batu Tiga track and the distance of Sepang track is not an excuse. Building more race tracks is not the solution. They just want to show off to other road users." Shabery urged the authorities to tackle the Mat Rempit problem at the source, particularly the role of parents as most of the motorcycles used were owned by family members. NST (2009).

Now rempitism has make an attention to all Malaysians, this social illness must be ended no matter what it takes.

5.0 SOLUTION Most of all problems have their own medicine to help curing or vanishing the sickness. 2 ways on how to combating these problems: 1. Prevention 2. Enforcement 5.1 Prevention Prevention means we must educate our children about the risk and the danger of being mat rempit.This effort must be done from the early beginning before the potential mat rempit grows. Parents must have their own obligation to watch their kids, who their be friends of ?, what their freetime activities? and provide them with useful teachings.The teachings must include safety riding,safe manners, punishment and law. School also must have subject about this social problems.Schools dropouts and failures at SPM level need to be given the opportunity to develop non- academic skills that will help them become self-sufficient. These include courses to train workers in non-academic skills so that they can be gainfully employed as mechanics, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, cementers, tilers, carpenters, welders etc. Also we should encourage other means of earning income such as sports, music and art. The need to improve our public transport system to reduce dependency on motorcycles by the lower income groups in Malaysia. This will make it acceptable and justified when applying stricter penalties such as the suspension of driving licenses of motorcyclists who break the law.

5.2 Enforcement "Due to an increase in the number of Mat Rempit arrested for drug offences, the narcotics and traffic divisions are working together to curb the menace by jailing them for such offences," Federal police Narcotic Crimes Investigation Department deputy director Datuk Othman Harun. Asiaone News (2009). Above is one of the ways to reduce the rempitism activities, many suggestion has been brought up by our society.Some of the suggestion are, planted shrubs in an effort to block paths illegally used by motorcycles, prohibition of motorcycles from entering the city, stiff penalty for offenders, prohibition of using 2 strokes engine motorcycles, work for 8-12 hours a day at the spot where they had committed the offence, increase the minimum age for motorcycles license, jailed convicted offenders and canning punishment. These strict penalties should be enforced for Malaysian society especially Mat Rempit to help reducing the social illneses. This action can help curing the social illness and protecting Malaysian society from Rempitism.

6.0 CONCLUSION Rempitism is really a serious matter, all of our Malaysian should unite and take action altogether to assure this new social illness doesnt spread and become a threat to us. Prevention and enforcement should take place immediately to make the numbers of Mat Rempit reduced. Government, teachers, parents, enforcement body, police will play a vital role to keep this vision happen. Hopefully within these efforts our Malaysian will free from rempitism someday.


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