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Question Bank for BASIC CIVIL ENGINEERING. SURVEYING Define surveying. What is meant by surveying?

What is the object(objective/aim) of surveying? What are the different/primary types of surveying? What is meant by geodetic surveying? What are the various purposes of surveying? What are various instruments used in chain surveying? State the principle of chain surveying. Define the terms: Base line and Check line. Name the two principles of surveying. What is chain surveying? What is the use of offset rods? Define ranging of a line List the suitability of chain surveying. State two advantages of chain surveying. State two limitations of chain surveying. Define bearing of a line What is compass surveying? Distinguish between True meridian and Magnetic meridian Prismatic compass and Surveyors compass True bearing and Magnetic bearing WCB and RB Compare fore bearing and back bearing What is meant by Local attraction? Define leveling What are the objects of leveling? What is Mean Sea Level (MSL)? What are the instruments used for leveling? State the accuracy to which a reading can be taken on a leveling staff What is dumpy level? State its functions. Name the various types of leveling Define Bench Mark. Reduced Level Line of collimation Change point Intermediate sight Distinguish between Back sight and Fore sight Name the methods for calculating reduced levels Give the arithmetic check for calculating R.L. in H.I method and Rise and fall method. Define contour/ contour line. Explain the characteristics and uses of contours. State the two methods of contouring. Define contour interval. State some of the units of measurement of areas. State and give the equation for Trapezoidal rule. State and give the equation for Simpsons rule. State and give the equation for Mid-ordiante rule. Compare Simpsons and Trapezoidal rule. Give the assumptions made for Simpsons rule. CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS

How do you classify rocks geologically and chemically? How do you classify rocks based on physical structure? Give examples for each type of geologically classified rocks. List the requirements of a good building stone. What are the uses of stones in building construction? Write a brief note on building stones available in India. What do you mean by crushing strength of stones. Write a short note on quarrying and its methods. What do you mean by dressing of stones? What are the four distinct operations in brick manufacturing process? How are bricks classified? List the uses of bricks in construction. State the characteristics of good bricks. What is Frog in bricks? What is the standard size of brick? List the types of special bricks with their uses. Give the names of the test carried out for testing the quality of the bricks. Differentiate between Clamp burning and Kiln burning. Give the advantages of kiln burning over clamp burning. What you mean by Efflorescence in bricks? Tell how the brick is tested for soluble salts. Write in short the procedure for Water Absorption test on bricks. What are the ingredients used for the manufacture of cement? Give the functions of each ingredient. List the uses of cement State the various types of cement. State the various properties of good cement. What are the various operations involved in the manufacture of Portland cement? Explain the Manufacturing process of cement with a neat sketch of Rotary kiln. (or) Give the harmful ingredients in the cement. Discuss briefly on setting and hardening of cement. Write a short note on test for chemical composition of cement. With a help of a flow diagram briefly explain the main operations involved in the manufacturing of cement. Discuss on various types of cement with their composition and uses. Discuss briefly on properties of cement. State the chemical properties of cement. Which test is used to check the proper grinding of cement? How sand is classified based on the available source? Why sea sand is not used for construction. Give the classification of sand based on Grain size. Write short note on bulking of sand List the functions of sand in construction. Give a few tests conducted on sand. Give the classification of mortar based on Bulk density Binding material used Nature of application List the types of special mortars with their uses Give the functions of the mortar. What are the characteristics of Good building mortar? What are the major uses of mortar? Give the properties of concrete. Discuss in brief the strength properties of concrete. Write a brief note on general properties of concrete Define Workability Define Curing of concrete

Write a short note on ingredients of concrete. What do you mean by proportioning of concrete? What is meant by M20 grade of concrete? Write a note on water cement ratio(W/C ratio). Explain in detail the procedure for slump test with neat sketches. Give the significance of slump test. List the types of slumps and its suitability. Write a brief note on different methods of curing. Discuss on various types of concrete and their specific uses. Give the advantages and disadvantages of R.C.C Compare P.C.C with R.C.C. What is steel? Give the different forms of steel. Give the properties of mildsteel. Why mild steel is preferred for reinforcement bars? Give a neat sketch of Rolled Steel Joists indicating their parts. List the different forms of structural steel used in construction. List the uses of steel. FOUNDATION Define Footing. State the purpose of foundation. Define Bearing capacity of soil. What are the methods for improving the bearing capacity of the soil? What do you mean by Cement Grouting? List the essential requirements for a good foundation. Give the brief classification of foundations. List the types of shallow foundation. Differentiate between Deep and shallow foundation. Compare basement and foundation. In which situation the following are adopted 1. Grillage foundation 2. Continous footing 3. Trapezoidal combined footing 4. Raft foundation 5. Batten piles 6. Compilation piles Write a note on 1. End bearing pile 2. Well foundation State the advantages of Well foundation What are the important points to be noted to design a machine foundation? What are different failures of foundations? MASONRY What are the rules for brick bonding? What are the types of bond? Give the essential features of English bond. Write short note on 1. Cornice 2. Bed joint 3. Throating 4. Pin header Give the brief classification of stone masonry. Compare ashlar and rubble masonry.

Compare between Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry. Give the types of beams based on end support conditions. Define Clear cover, Effective span. Differentiate short column and long column What are the types of lintels? ROOFINGS Give the types of roofs. With neat sketch explain Lean to roof. Give the sketches of different steel trusses. With neat sketch explain the Madras Terrace Roof. Give the advantages of flat roof. List the types of roof covering. Compare G.I sheets and A.C sheets used for roofing. FLOORING What are the components of the floor? What are the factors that decide the selection of flooring material? Study the advantages and disadvantages of ALL types of flooring. With neat sketch explain the salient features of All floorings. PLASTERING What are the requirements of good plaster. What are the types of plaster Compare lime plaster and cement plaster. DAMS/BRIDGES What are important factors to be considered in selection of site for DAM/Bridge? With neat sketch explain the component parts of ALL types of bridges. Explain the components of Gravity dam with neat sketch. Explain the components of Earth Dam with neat sketch What are the different types of failures in Dams? Give the classification of bridges under different categories. Give the types of dams based hydraulic design.