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tWO Inspiring Days of Painting, Mixed Media and Play T with Tracy Verdugo and Hollyeva in Wollongong, Sydney Australia October 8th and 9th, 2011 Austinmere beach Scout Hall Moore St Ausintmere

"To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong" Joseph Chilton Pearce Over two days of discovery and play, we will explore new and non threatening ways to make Art, learn to be inspired in every moment and realise that there are no mistakes in the creative process, only opportunities to learn and grow! We will spend the weekend creating paintings and mixed media pieces spontaneously and intuitively, with no expectations, a wholehearted approach and an open mind! In this two-day workshop, we will start each day with simple stretc hing and breathing exercises, moving out of our busy minds and into our hearts. With a focus on gratitude, letting go of our inner critic and playful exploration, Hollyeva and Trac y will dance you through a series of fun projects to the beat of some great music, encouraging you to be bold and to listen to your heart. Tracy will share tips and techniques on creating vibrant, expressive, colourful paintings, using acrylics, ink and pastels. She will gently guide you into your own person al creative flow and teach you her methods of making awesome textural patterns with no More Gaps, handmade stamps from pizza bases and fabric to add subtle patterning to your work. You can expect to take home two beautiful canvases from the weekend! Hollys focus will be on funky and hip mixed media pieces; bring your sewing machine if you have one and please dont be terrified even if youve never sewn..all aspects of this workshop are suitable for all levels! Holly is an expert on upcycling and recycling, creating beauty out of discarded items and putting them together with a whole lot of Kapow! Both artists will help you jump bravely into the unknown moving back and forth between intuition and making conscious decisions.be prepared to be an expert multitasker at the end of this weekend! At the end of the weekend you can expect to take home a large mixed media Gratitude painting, a gorgeous personal concertina art book, a creative mixed media wrist cuff, an upcycled fabric necklace and an embellished collage wall hanger ( maybe more if youre really prolific!!)

HollyEva: Named after the famous Haleiwa Beach in Hawaii by her surferdad , with just a little tweak in the spelling but the same pronunciation, Holly Eva is a lover of life, laughing out loud and loves using vibrant and bold colours in her designs. With a professional background in dance and movement Holly Eva has taught hundre ds of people to express their creativity and loves reaching out to share her passions and connect with others. She feels this is her way of giving back in this beautiful world we live in. Holly has splashed paint around, played with beads and made handmade gifts for friends and family for as long as she can remember and is quite proud of being bold and fearless in her approach to art. She has overcome her own self doubts and learnt ways to deal with the noisy inner critic inside all of us and loves to share all she has and is in her work shops. Holly is a prolific artist who creates many things from painted canvas bags to neck pieces to journals to collage. She loves making accessories and all forms of wearable art and tends to lean towards vibrancy because it sings out to her. Her works are selling from her Etsy store to clients both in Australia and internationally. She believes strongly in living a life of passion and purpose while doing what you love WHOLEHEARTEDLY! http://hollyevagay.blogspot.com www.etsy.com/hollyevahollyeva Tracy Verdugo artist.singer/songwriter.workshop facilitator The universal theme of connection underlies all of my work; connection to each other and the ways in which we express our humanity; connection with the natural world and the beauty that surrounds us; connection with the divine and a sense of something greater at work in our lives. My paintings are often created intuitively and I am often surprised at the finished piece. I am inspired by our travels in Mexico and the colours, exuberance of Spirit and magical experienc es I have shared with m y family t here. I love text ure and the sensuality, rhythm and pattern of fabrics and ofte n incorporate these mixed media elements into my work. I like to believe that we are all part of an intricate and breathtaking tapestry. Our only c hoic e each m om ent is whet her t o be a part of t he c reat ing or a part of t he unravelling. Tracy Verdugo live s in Huskisson with her husband, 2 daughters and 3 cats in a Mexican adobe home. She has had 8 successful solo exhibitions since 2002 and contributed to many group shows. Her work is in collections locally, nationally and internationally and her skills are well recognised as a creative workshop facilitator for both adults and children. Her studio is open by appointment and she can be reached on 0244417603 or 0423464230. http://artoftracyverdugo.blogspot.com
Workshop Details: This workshop will take place at Austinmere beach Scout Hall on Moore Street. Dates are 8 th and 9 th of October, 2011. The cost of the workshop is $260 and includes two full days (14 hours) of instruction with Tracy and Holly. Participants are asked to bring a plate of something scrumptious each day to share in a communal lunch. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the day. Payment by direct deposit with 50% due at the time of registration and the balance paid by end of September 2011. Maximum number of students is 20. Accommodation is available around the town if required. For questions, material list and registration, please contact Holly Gay at : holly.gay@hotmail.com Workshop Schedule: Saturday ocotber 8th 2011 Morning Workshop: 9am 1pm******Lunch: 1pm - 2pm*******Afternoon Workshop: 2pm 5pm Sunday Sept 18th Morning Workshop: 9am 1pm******Lunch: 1pm - 2pm*******Afternoon Workshop: 2pm 5pm