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Pain Relieving Creams

Pain r eliev ing cream is a topical a nalgesic cr eam that is intended to r eliev e muscle a nd joint pain a ssociated with arthritis, ba cka ches, knee pain, sh oulder pa in, tendinitis, str ains, spra ins, and br uises. Initially created for pr ofessional athletes to enhance per form ance, it is promoted as a da ily topica l pain r elief cream . Its producers also claim th at the product can be used as a pre-activ ity cream tha t loosens mu scles and joints, and a post-activ ity crea m tha t allev iates body aches. Flex-power's cha racter istics include a non-offensiv e m edicinal sm ell, gradual heating sensa tion and its use of nanotechnology .

People use these topical pain r elief cr eam s for m any different conditions. Muscle ach es, muscle pain, ar thr itic joint pain, sports injuries such as spra ins a nd strains, chronic conditions like ca rpal tunnel, TMJ, back pain, neck pain and so for th.

The idea of a pa in relief cr eam is that it penetr ates down thr ough y our skin. It then effects the muscles and soft tissues im m ediately below y our skin and fina ly pen etr ates deep enough to help with the connectiv e tissues of the joints.

Different kinds of pain relieving cream

Pain r eliev ing cream s, also known as topical analgesics, ar e sim ilar to other form s of pain reliev ers except that th ey are applied to the skin. Many differe nt ty pes of pain reliev ing cr eam s are av a ilable ov er the counter for a v ar iety of purposes, but relief from joint pain a ssociated with a rth ritis is the m ost com m on use of pain reliev ing cream s.

For pain r eliev ing cr eam s to wor k, they m ust contain a high concentra tion of m edication that is capable of being absorbed into the skin and tissue. Topical pain reliev er s can be v ery effectiv e at reliev ing site-specific pain and are prefer red by m any people to or al m edications for such specific pa in relief. Besides relief from joint pa in, pain r eliev ing cream s may also be used to r eliev e pain from insect bites or stings, sunbu rn, certain ty pes of headaches, and sim ilar ty pes of site-specific, body surface pa in.

Topical non-steroidal anti-inflam ma tor y drugs (NSAIDs) a re used m ost often for joint pain r elief. Ca psa icin and lidocaine

are two drugs com monly found in pain reliev ing cream s. Ca psa icin, which found in hot peppers a nd is also a pr im ary ingredient in pepper spray , is a m edica tion tha t is capable of blocking the sensation of pain. It is pr im ar ily used in pain reliev ing cr eam s to pr ov ide tem porar y relief of joint pain from a rth ritis a nd m ild spr ains and stra ins. Capsaicin produces a heat sensation , which a ids in th e blocking of pain.

Lidoca ine is another dr ug used primar ily in pain r eliev ing cream s. It is a local anesthetic that wor ks by blocking the pain signals at the nerv e endings. Unlike Capsaicin, Lidocaine produces a cooling sensation a nd is th us often found in pain reliev ing cream s designed to treat mild to m odera te sunburn and oth er skin irr itations. Som e pain r eliev ing cream s contain na tura l in gredients, rather than drugs. Cam phor, m enthol a nd euca ly ptus ar e com m only found in a v ariety of pa in reliev ing cream s tha t tr eat sinu s headaches.

Though pain r eliev ing cr eam s ar e relativ ely sa fe, ther e are certain precautions that shou ld be taken when using them . Ev en ov er the counter v arieties shou ld be used according to the ma nufa ctur er s directions a nd consum ers need to be aware of any dru g intera ctions listed. Pa in reliev ing cream s should not be used on open wounds or broken skin unless a doctor ha s adv ised it. You should also av oid using pain r eliev ing cr eam s in or nea r the ey es and m ou th.

A conv enient and effectiv e way to ma nage ailm ents such as joint pain, stiff and sor e muscles, back pain and a rth ritis is by using a pain r elief cream . There ar e m any differ ent ty pes of topical pain cr eam s tha t cla im to work for m any different ailm ents. This ar ticle will take a look a t som e of the ma in ingredients that y ou will find in the m ost popu lar pain r elief cr eam s and go ov er which ones are the safest a nd most effectiv e.

Saly cilate Pain Relief Cream Som e of the m ore well known and popula r ov er the counter pain crea ms contain saly cilates such as "Methy l Saly cila te". These cream s include Ben Gay and the Icy Hot Patch. Most people do not know this, but this ingredient can be toxic and can ca use an ov erdose if used in ex cess. Th ere was r ecently a r eported case of a teena ge tra ck star who died of a m ethy l saly cila te ov erdose due to ov eruse of Ben Gay .

Most of these ty pe of pain creams also hav e a high dosage of m enthol which ca n be effectiv e for sh ort ter m pain relief as it

Most of these ty pe of pain creams also hav e a high dosage of m enthol which ca n be effectiv e for sh ort ter m pain relief as it prov ides an im m ediate shock to the tissues it is applied to. Howev er, th e downside is the ov erwhelm ing smell and the fact tha t it does not pr ov ide long la sting r elief of pa in.

Pain Cream Containing Capsaicin Capsaicin is the activ e ingr edient in chili peppers and can also be found in certain topical pain cr eam s. Zostr ix is a n exam ple of an ov er the counter pain crea m tha t uses capsaicin. This ty pe of cream ca n be effectiv e for fibrom y algia, joint a nd muscle pain a s well as ba ck ach es. Pain crea m conta ining capsaicin works by depleting the body of substance P (a chemica l tha t tra nsm its pa in). This helps to prov ide shor t term pain r elief. The only downside is that it m ay not be as conv enient for long-term relief of conditions such as ar thr itis and chronic back pa in as it needs to be a pplied continuously for relief of pain. Some side-effects m ay include an uncom forta ble burning or itching.

Pain Relief Cream Containing Celaplex Celaplex is a com bination of sev eral anti-in flam ma tor y ingredients that when combined wor k to reliev e pain and rebuild dam aged tissue and cells. Celeplex uses a nano-deliv er y sy stem to deliv er these natur al compounds such as Cety lated Fa tty Acids an d Deodorized Gar lic Oil deep into da maged tissue and cells. Th is pr ov ides not only im mediate relief of pa in, but helps to r ebuild tissue an d dam aged cells for long ter m relief. Celaplex works on most ty pes of pain caused by inflam ma tion and is ideal for use as a pain r elief cream for ar thr itis, joint pain, back pain a nd most com mon sports injuries such as tendonitis, spra ins a nd strains and sore m uscles from exer cise.

MYO-MED is a n exam ple of a pain cream th at uses Celaplex. The adv a ntages of using this ty pe of pa in relief cream are that it pr ov ides both long term and imm ediate pain relief and becau se the ingredients ar e natural a nd fr ee of saly cila tes, it is sa fe to use a s often as needed and there a re no side effects.

Solution of pain relieving cream

When it com es to pain r elief, patients will do just about any thing to ma ke their discom for t go away . Whether it is popping the latest Ty lenol capsule to u nder going expensiv e sur gical procedures, a pain-free life is one of the most im por tant goa ls for an indiv idu al su ffering from an painful condition. One of the m ore inexpensiv e a nd som etim es most effectiv e rem edies for pain relief is the use of pa in relief cr eam s. Whenev er throbbing, r edness, swelling or a stinging sensation is felt in th e joints, m uscles or skin ther e are nu merous pain r elief cream s tha t offer a sim ple topical solution. Knowing the ingredients that best treat pain relief will help y ou to choose a pain relief cr eam that will better reliev e y our sy mptom s. For ex am ple, aloe v er a is a comm on ingredient in pa in relief cream s. It causes the soothing sensation and relief of m any differ ent ailments. Athletes and ar thr itis pa tients know the relief that can com e fr om a good pain relief cream , such as Icy Hot or Aspercr em e. Activ e ingr edients in these pain relief cream selections include m ethy l salicy clate, m enth ol, and cam phor, which act as a n external a nalgesic. These a re some of the elem ents of pa in relief cream s that prov ide r elief fr om com m on conditions and ailments, such as ach ing m uscles, joints and backach es. Relieving Arthritis Pain -One of the m ost painful conditions to attack the body is ar thr itis. Ther e are num erous pain relief cr eam s on th e m ar ket that pr om ote the ea sing of ar thr itis. Som e are r ath er popula r like Aspercream or BenGay . You ma y see som e of these com mercials on a daily basis, while oth ers like Zostrix use u nfam iliar ingredients like capsaicin for pain r elief. Bengay Arth ritis Cream , which has been on the m ar ket for a long tim e, conta ins m ethy l salicy la te and m en thol, where Aspercrem e uses trolam ine salicy la te as its activ e ingr edient. Icy Hot is quite popular a mong athletes, as th e m ethy l salicy late and m enth ol use cold and hot approaches to dull and

Icy Hot is quite popular a mong athletes, as th e m ethy l salicy late and m enth ol use cold and hot approaches to dull and relax away the pain. Tiger balm is r ecom mended for m uscula r aches and joint pain and uses ca mph or, menthol, cajuput oil and clov e oil as pa rt of its trea tm ent. For a triple dose of pain relief, y ou m ay consider Nuprin Arth ritis Clear Gel Ma xim um Str ength, which offers the effects of m enthol a nd capsaicin in a gel for mu la. Diabet ic Pain Relief - Diabetics often suffer from poor circulation and pa inful heels that m ay hav e har dened ov er time. There ar e pain relief cream s made with aloe that aim to deeply penetrate the skin, prov iding conv enient lubrication that ev entu ally leads to the softening and relief from dr y , cr acked heels. This is when pain r elief cream s not only ease the pa in of a condition, but also facilitate the restora tion of body par ts. Aches and Pains - Ach es and pains of the joints, m uscles or bones ma y occur in people of all ages. You m ay hav e strained or spra ined a body par t and the throbbing is too m uch to bear . Lifting a hea v y box m ay cause lower back pain in any num ber of people. Massaging a pain r elief crea m into the skin will pr ov ide tempora ry relief fr om whatev er is ailing y ou. You m ay choose a pain relief cr eam , such as JointFlex, which contains cam phor , Glucosam ine, and Chondroitin Sulfate for the conditioning of th e skin. With this option, y ou will not feel a burning sensa tion like Icy Hot and don't ha v e to bother with the m edicinal smell in BenGa y . JointFlex can be used for the trea tm ent of ailm ents, such as m uscle sprains, tendonitis, bruises, cram ps a nd knee pain. Eczema and Psoriasis - Often with a condition that affects the skin in a way wher e painful rashes and blisters a rise, there is a need for som e sor t of ba lan ce. Pa in relief cr eam s ca n r eliev e som e of this discom fort, as well as prov ide the proper m oisture tha t the skin needs. This is especially effectiv e when eczema or psoria sis has affected the legs, hands, sca lp and elbows.

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