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Personal statement

As Sau said in 1978, I believe that since the dawn of history never before has the world seen
such unevenness in economics development as it does today . By this, he meant that -------. I

want to be a Mountbatten intern as I am passionate about learning more about the world from an international business perspective. I believe business can be a huge force for good in the development of fledgling economies and I want to be part of an organisation that believes in the power and potential of cross-cultural exchange and learning.

Visiting and volunteering in concentration and /work camps in Uganda in my mid-teensat the age of 15/16 with my mother, sparked my interest in Development studies and the opened my eyes to the harsh reality of the vicious cycle of poverty in the developing world, and sparked my interest in finding solutions to combating themthird world. Finding new perspectives in global development is my passion and I want to contribute to the future of world politics. While attending the 2010 UNAA (describe) convention in Washington D.C., various important themes were emphasised: the investment in education and inequality; the ----; the -----.

Rodney (1982) argued that the principle agent of African underdevelopment over the past five centuries has been radical incorporation of international capitalist systems in the forms of westernised these countys systems exploit periphery nations raw material for their own accumulation of capital. I would like to see myself as a political economist, as my degree integrated these two major social sciences subjects. As a student of political economy,ist I have become fascinated by international development and the expansion of inequality between less developed countries and more developed countries. Sau (1978) stated that since the dawn of
history never before has the world seen such unevenness in economics development as it does today.

Throughout history, Ive noticed that, the first two generations of development economists have brought about much progress in the evolution of the subject, many unsettled questions and central issues remain to be resolved e.g. peace and conflict; the obstacles of development. It is an honour for me to participate in this field. I have read some academic literatures, including the

World Bank reports, academic books and papers, which led me to delve into further studies. Particularly Frontiers of Development Economics: the future in perspective (Gerald M. Meier, Joseph E. Stiglitz): development as freedom (Amartya Sen) and Economics of Development (D. H. Perkins showed me the framework of the subject, its tasks and remaining challenges. Thus, I wish to obtain strict graduate economic training, especially with advanced theories of development economics. After a master degree, I wish to pursue doctoral studies in development studies or international organisations and their policies. As my ideal profssion would, at the momntFor me, to , be as an economic adviser whoich influences the policymaking and development management of less developed countries, I know how invaluable it would be for me to gain experience of business practices in New York and participate in the well-respected <SAY SOMETHING ABOUT MOUNTBATTEN/ COURSE/ WORK>. But that is not Only what I would like to gain from the Mountbatten experience. What excited me about this opportunity working with people from other countries including the Deutsch Bank Indian intake, living and working cosmos more here
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I also believe that I have a lot to bring to the role. is my ideal professional role in the fight against the vicious cycle of deprivation and poverty. IAs you can see from my CV, ----- HIGHLIGHT BEST BIT: WORK EXPERINCE, COMMUNICATION INCL TEAM WORK AND LEADERSHIP. Academically, in my dissertation, which I completed in my final year, I investigated the fundamental basis of imperialism and how it has contributed to the history of underdevelopment in Third World countries such as Kenya and Uganda. Along with this central issue, I indicated the magnitude of unequal exchange as a dominant factor of capitalist oppression; demonstrated the ramifications of imperialism on the new economic world order today (in the form of multinational corporations) and illustrated how imperialistic behaviour has transformed throughout the centuries.From this in-depth research and analysis, for which I was graded a high 2:1, I discovered my aptitude for digesting a large amount of information and producing concise, wellwritten argument. Whilst at University, I also learned ---, ----- and how to not give up when faced with a seemingly insurmountable challange. If there is one thing I know about myself is that my strength lies in facing challenges, because the bigger they are, the more determined I am to succeed.

My work ethic and dedication are further evidenced by my in-depth work experience placements in the UK and overseas. In 20--, I completed a <<how many months>> work experience placement in -----. MORE DETAIL HERE. I have also had office experience in --- MORE INFORMATION HERE. At school, I most enjoyed <<subjects>> because < ->>. I participate in DETAILS OF EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES HERE. Plus duke of Edinburgh. Playing clarinet. Politics and human rights society

My dissertation was concerned with illustrating the nature of underdevelopment; the causes of underdevelopment in Third World countries and the strategy for change. The modules I choose to study, reflect my interests in the fields which emphasise the importance of international cooperation in decreasing the gap of inequality between nation states both internally and externally. This wide subject of underdevelopment is one I would like to concentrate when decided a topic for my masters dissertation. Another important aspect of the more heightened awareness of underdevelopment is due to international organisation such as the UN and the IMF, who provide the necessary aid to less developed countries. A topic would like to investigate is the effects of aid: does it oppress or encourage development, and to what extent.
Aid is a smooth face of imperialism

(Hayter, 1970) Hawkins (1970) illustrates the importance of understanding the fundamentals reasons for aid in helping development in modern international world order. His book is concerned with foreign aid which is defined as a new element of international economy in dealing with flows of goods, services and capital (Hawkins) In relation to the argument of centre nations of western societies and the financial institutions such as the IMF (international monetary fund) and WB (world bank) which are affiliated with them, there has been a belief that aid is a form of disinterested international munificence (Hayter, 1970) and little is done to disguise this fact. The justification of imperialistic and economic barbarism of periphery countries is not longer seen as a necessity. Aid can be highly effective in promoting economic growth and sustainable development if it is integrated in a country which the right economic environment where there is a democratic government that aims in following sensible macroeconomic policies (Thirlwall, 2006) Apart

from official development aid there is another type of major method of financing development called private capital flows. Private capital flow enables nation states the ability to import more than they export and invest more than they save. From the immediate post colonial period of the 1960s until the present, there has been an increase in the amount of FDI being inject ed into periphery nations. This rise of FDI has been in the form of global profit maximising, liberalisation of global capital markets and the multinational corporations. There are many advantages of FDI however I will be deliberating the disadvantages to depict financial institutions resemblance imperialistic figures in peripheries.

Connecting and sharing ideas with people from all corners of the world inspires me and motivates me to seek further education in the field of international studiesa placement on the Mountbatten internship proramme in New York. I would love to ----, because I believe Mountbatgen is unique in ----. Thank you for onsideratpn of my application. If there is one thing I know about myself is that my strength lies in facing challenges, because the bigger they are, the more determined I am to succeed.

Your institution, known for its careful and exacting work ethic and nurturing academic atmosphere, is the university I have long admired. I am confident that with your distinguished faculty and recognized facilities, my potential will develop into knowledge and experience shall be very beneficial and aid me in reaching my professional and personal goals.