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Which countries we are focusing currently: KENYA, TANZANIA, UGANDA, RWANDA, and BURUNDI What we are trying to do:

IT automation of Teaching and referral hospital on turnkey basis SCOPE of WORK: We have studied the needs of the institute and propose the following to the teaching & referral hospitals as part of the IT automation on turnkey basis: Starting from the top of the pyramid, we will do a further detailed system study (GAP analysis) by interviewing various departmental heads to understand all the components of hospital which need to be covered in the IT automation. The business functions will be identified and following applications will be deployed: o Health / Hospital information System o Financial Accounting o Picture Archival Communication System PACS o Telemedicine System o Clinic Management System o Document Management System o Health portal o Digital Library

This will be centralized applications, which will be deployed at a central data center and will connect to all associated institutes. The application will provide dashboards to the decision makers with intelligence reports on the complete information. A state of the art, Tier III Data center will be built with complete security w.r.t access controls and biometric access cards. The data center will be powered and cooled using the latest and best industry standards and will be built with redundancies at all levels. The application will be deployed on latest infrastructure w.r.t servers, storage and back up, ensuring high availability and scalability for future growth. This centrally deployed application will be accessed though out the campus by all the designated users through a campus wide LAN. Wipro shall set up a fiber optic LAN across the campus with data points for the targeted users of the system. In addition to the data and the video networks through a LAN, Wipro shall set up a state of the art voice communication system or an EPBAX for all communications - throughout the campus and the associated institutes. In addition, an internal call center will be set up which will serve as a single point of contact for data sharing, trouble shooting etc In addition Mphasis shall supply the institute Desktops, Laptops to all the users and the students. Office automation products like photocopiers, scanners etc will also be supplied and maintained by Wipro. Mphasis shall undertake and establish this set up and also sustain the same for a period of 5 (Five) years. We shall set up a help desk and deploy suitably skilled resources on campus for supporting the hardware and the application set up. Mphasis has a state of the art NOC at

our Mysore facility and we will design a hybrid onsite / offsite model to support the entire set up at hospital campus. In summary, Mphasis shall be the single point of contact for the entire project. We shall establish a Program Governance Cell in coordination with the Institute to successfully run the system.

Teaching and Referral hospitals that want to undertake automation: TANZANIA: 1. Bugando Medical Centre is a consultant and teaching hospital for the Lake and Western zones of the United Republic of Tanzania. Situated along the shores of Lake Victoria in Mwanza City, it has 900 beds and approximately 900 employees. It is a referral centre for tertiary specialist care for six regions, including Mwanza, Mara, Kagera, Shinyanga, Tabora and Kigoma. It serves catchments population of approximately 13 million people. 2. Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre is located in the foothills of the snow capped, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. It was opened in March 1971 by the Good Samaritan Foundation. KCMC is a referral hospital for over 11 million people in Northern Tanzania. The hospital is a huge complex with over 450 beds, with hundreds of outpatients and visitors coming to the centre everyday. KENYA: 1. Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldorate

RWANDA: 1. 400 Clinics need to be automated and interlinked. The data collected at these clinics will have to be consolidated at Ministry of Health Clinic Management System Hardware Power backup Solar

Cost to execute the turnkey project: 7 to 10 Million USD per hospital for period of 5 years. The hospitals are willing to write a letter to Indian Government requesting for GRANT.