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Published by the SRA-La Granja Agricultural Research and Extension Center La Granja, La Carlota City Negros Occidental, Philippines ? 0912-510-1003


Vol. 1 No. 8

November 1997


In line with the SRA Extension Services Thrusts, the South Negros Area launched a series of OPSI planters seminars to keep the planters up-to-date with the most recent trends and technologies on sugarcane farming with the hope of increasing sugarcane production, proceeds, viability and competitiveness of the industry. A total of 26 seminars were conducted in various locations in BISCOM, SONEDCO/ Dacongcogon, Bais/URSUMCO and Tolong Mill Districts. These seminars were facilitated and handled by the SDTs (Sugar Development Technologists) in the various mill districts with the support of SRA-LGARECs specialists on the various topics of sugarcane farming, particularly on: (a)land preparation (b)variety programming (c)crop protection (control of pests & diseases) (d)seed selection (e)cultivation & weeding (f)importance of soil analysis & liming (g)harvesting & ratooning (h)farm management & records keeping and (i)prospects of the Sugar Industry. Most of these seminars were conducted as a regular extension activity while others were supported and sponsored by their respective planters associations in the districts, namely:
President Association 1. Mr. Arsenio Y. Acuna, Jr. SONEDCO Planters Assn. 2. Mr. Luis G. Azcona KABILOG Planters Assn. 3. Mr. Enrique G. Montilla III Binalbagan--Isabela Planters Association (BIPA) 4. Mr. Franklin Fuentebella Planters Assn. of Southern Negros (PASON) 5. Mr. Ricardo C. Yulo Independent Planters of BISCOM, Inc. (IPOBI)

The OPSI seminars were facilitated by the following Mill District Officers and SDTs under the supervision of Mr. Jose C. Palmares, Manager I, Extension Services, Negros-Panay Area with Mr. Dorli I. Catedral, as APPS:
Mill District Officer 1. BISCOM Mill District Wilfredo T. Mangao SDT 1. Ely Ramos 2. Alex Magno Gerona 3. Hernani Velez 4. Rueby Garche 5. Mario Domingo 6. Andres Buncio

2. SONEDCO Mill District Rolando C. Abadiano 1. Restituto Iligan 2. Valeriano Monton 3. Samson Gayotin 3. Dacongcogon Mill District Rolando C. Abadiano 1. Wilfredo Abada 2. Percival Entiero 3. Romeo Om-bion 4. Tolong Mill District Felicisimo Alabastro 1. Napoleon Elbanbuena 2. Protacio Arnaiz 3. Jade Villarias 5. Bais/URSUMCO Mill District Lazaro Tan 1. Condrado Ombi-on 2. Ricardo Adalia 3. Francisco Banlaygas 4. Edgardo Adalia 5. Angeles Suasin 6. Fernando Sauro, Jr. 7. Rouel Luga 8. Charlie Javile

OPSI seminars, on the other hand, are regularly conducted as a 5-day live-in activity at SRA-La Granja during the off-milling months. Planters associations in other mill districts may also conduct an OPSI seminar similar to that in the South Negros Area. /glr