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Business Plan Development

Your dream wedding....We do it!!
Group No. 9 Name
Yash Parekh Rohit Srimal Shubham Desai Hitesh Brahmbhatt Manish Sharma Ketan Dalmia Umesh Agarwal

93 115 77 70 106 75 66

Operations Operations Marketing Marketing Finance Finance Operations



To be a top-of-mind wedding planning team in the country by providing outstanding personalized quality service, innovative ideas, and

unwavering dedication in an effort to give our clients the kind of service needed to meet their objectives.


To deliver the clients' message through events that target specific demographics, fulfills marketing requirements and improves customer relations.

Survival and Success Factors

Survival Factor 1 Continuous Improvement 2. Contacts Success Factors Demographic Dividend One stop shop To meet deadlines

Micro Market
1. Hybrid: Mix of Product & Service 2. Customer Base: People planning to get married 3. Customer Description: a) Age:21-39 b) Monthly Income: Above Rs.30000 c) Email Address: Yes d) Mobiles: Yes 4. Benefits to Customer: We believe in providing best possible service at competitive prices depending upon the capacity 5. Better/Faster/Cheaper: Better because we are new into the market and our focus is on customisation 6. Same product to more customers

Macro Market
1. Currently, the country has a population of around 1.25 billion and

considering an average family with five members, there are around 250 million families in India. With about one marriage per family every 20 years, the country averages roughly 10 million marriages every year. It is also expected; the per capita income will be tripled in a couple of decades and the per capita consumption during weddings or otherwise will increase. With half of India s population being under 29 years of age, the marriage market is set to boom like never before over the next five to ten years. 2. Money Customers willing to pay : Lakhs to crores 3. Frequency: ot more than 3 or 4 time in a life 4. Yes we would continue to offer the service despite entry of more players in the segment.

Macro 1. Is it Difficult to start similar venture? Yes Because it requires lot of contacts 2. Supplier Power: Not really because suppliers market is a monopolistic competitive market so those who are established will sell at the premium and those who are not would sell at normal market price. 3. Buyers Power: yes, differs from customers budget, number of services availed. 4. Substitute Product: Do it all by yourself and manage the show. 5. Competition: Many players are existing in the market at the moment (shaadi online, plan a wedding etc.) 6. IP Creation: yes, for an idea which is unique

1. Delivery of Products/Service: Client, Strategic partners, Client requirement, Commission (2 parties) 2. Key Elements of Business Model: a. Cost Structure: i. Start-up Cost:Rs.3,50,000 b. Key Resources: Money Owners Capital, People Vendors & Assistants, Stock of goods Zero inventory as we believe in having good relations with the vendor, Marketing Through Fliers, brochures, heavily rely on Social Media, Sales team through Word of Mouth Marketing. c. Revenue Streams: Follow a policy of 30% advance, 50% on the day of wedding, 20% post the event. d. Distribution Channels: At the customer convenience. 3. Economical Viable a. Operating Profit: About 35% b. Yes. The investment is justified.

TEAM 1. Achieve through this venture: Our main aim is to satisfy our entrepreneurial curiosity and then make some profits. 2. Contribution from each Team Member: Rs.50,000 3. Awareness of Losing Money in Venture: All 4. Roles: Name Designation I. Ketan Dalmia Finance II. Rohit Srimal Operations III. Shubham Desai Marketing IV. Hitesh Brahmbhatt Marketing V. Manish Sharma Finance VI. Yash Parekh Operations VII. Umesh Agarwal Operations

Future Prospects
1. Country wide

Shehnai Your dream wedding

we do it!!

Questionnaire Group No - 9
1. Age group - 25 35 - 35 45 - 45 + 2. Do you have a son or a daughter yet to be married? - Yes - No (If no, terminate the interview) 3. What do you associate marriage more with amongst the given options? - Responsibilities - Celebration 4. What is the budget you have in mind for your child s marriage? - 5 10 lakhs - 11 20 lakhs - 21 30 lakhs - 31 40 lakhs - 41 50 lakhs - 50 + 5. Which of the following would be a part of your wedding plan? - Venue booking - Catering - Decoration - Guest invitations & travel - Guest accommodation - Photography - Wedding theme - Music & entertainment - Others _________________________________________ 6. What responsibilities in your wedding plan would you like to outsource? - Venue booking - Catering

- Decoration - Guest invitations & travel - Guest accommodation - Photography - Wedding theme - Music & entertainment - Others _________________________________________ 7. Have you heard about wedding planners? - Yes - No 8. Would you prefer a professional wedding planner helping you i n planning and executing the entire wedding according to your requirements? - Yes - No


Each and every member of the group had made a huge contribution towards the success of the project, but individually. There are some major contribution in specific area of the project. Primary data collection has been done by every group member. Shubham Desai: Generation of idea Rohit Srimal: Preparation of Questionnaire Yash Parekh & Umesh Agarwal: Analysis of primary data Hitesh Brahmbhatt: Analysis of micro market and the industry as a whole Manish Sharma & Ketan Dalmia: Preparation of cost sheet & the report