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The Science of Evolution

The story you are about to experience will shock you; it will frighten you; it will expose the current state of genetic code medicine for what it is; a fatally flawed protein synthesis blueprint for making toxic therapeutic bioorganic molecules. This is the story of which begins in 1953 with the announcement that the British team of Drs. James D. Watson and Francis W. Crick had discovered the geometric crystalline structure of the DNA, the so called archiver of the genomes of all carbon based life forms on this planet earth. Modern medicine and the Multi-National Pharmaceutical Companies along with their understaffed and under budgeted FDA accomplices have hoisted fraudulent, negligent medicine upon the people of the United States as well as all cultures which practice western style medicine. Why does every single solitary final product of the genetic code cause toxic side effects to people and other animals that ingest this genetic coded synthetic organic molecule? Since 1966 when the almost universal code and its 64 3 bit codon genetic primer were agreed upon by the international scientific community, i.e. 37 years (2003-1966). In 37 years of making thousands upon thousands of biotech designed drugs with genetic sequence pin point targeting, this genetic production code has produced not one product which did not have harmful medical effects. The odds of over 10,000 pharmaceutical organic molecular structures each doing harm to the evolutionary produced metabolic systems of humans is 1,000, trillion to one. 1,000,000,000,000 to 1. In other words there is one chance in 1,000,000 billion or 1,000 trillion to 1. Do you know how large a thousand trillion is. The distance to the sun from earth is 93,000,000 or 9.3 x 10 to the 7th power; 1,000 trillion is 1 x 10 15th an order of magnitude 100 million times. To say the odds of the current genetic code i.e. one thousand trillion to 1) being right are infinitesimal might be the understatement of the century. As my mother used to say the proof is in the eating or seeing, lets examine the evidence for this most outrageous of scientific claims. Let you eyes and commonsense be your judge, not some over-educated genomic scientist who has never had a realistic bone in their egg-head bodies. Their world is one of abstraction, like the virtual worlds constructed through genetic algorithms using i = imaginary numbers.

In mother natures and by extension, Gods, mathematical and life science world, imaginary numbers have no place. We only use natural counting numbers as well as some of the transcendental number patterns, mankind cannot fathom. Non-Linear thinking is not one of mans greatest strengths but it is magnitudes higher than a digital computer no matter how many gigahertz or calculations can be done in a nanosecond. If you are calculating with the wrong algorithms, based on the wrong input, then each Pentium 4 chip calculation is just increasing the sludge of erroneous data stored in massively internet-connected linear x,y excel spreadsheet data matrices of digital (O,1) data. It is kind of hard to perform three dimensional calculations when you only have two dimensions i.e. x, y. Is x1, y1, z1 the same as x1y1x2y2? I dont think so nor does mother nature. The entire digital circuits must be changed to triple circuits if man wants to mimic and reproduce natures genetic algorithms with high fidelity. That is why the new genetic code proposed by drkyia and Novagon DNA have 6 genetic codes. 3 x,y,z codes for left ness symmetry (i.e. left hand, left foot, left eye etc.) and rightness symmetry. The protein molecular structures specified in natures genetic code are encoding the three dimensional coordinates of where the ribosome should be with the crystalline lattice, and the width, length, & height in nm of that same codon produced amino acid peptide. The story of how the double helix molecular model was adapted by the world life science international community is an interesting story in itself, which we will detail latter. We can say that in 1953 when the double vs. triple helix contest was conceded by the American led contingent of Dr. Linus Pauling, the double helix standard Watson-crick base pair model of DNA and RNA sequencing has never been properly validated in the empirical, scientific sense. The double helix model along with the 4 code DNA and RNA genetic primers have ever been seriously challenged by any practioners of sientific method where statistics, outcome criteria and base predictors have been acceptably controlled. On the other hand if one was a cynic, one could argue that in the 37 years of using the present 4 code DNA & RNA genetic primers O for at least 10,000. Ten thousand is a very conservative estimate of the number of therapeutic organic molecules which have been synthesized using the current genetic primer. Dont you think the current genetic code should have resulted in at least one prescription drug reviewed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference- The bible of analytical chemistry data of the 4,000 top selling prescription drugs which account for over 99% of the $300 billion a year pharmaceutical industry. The fact the same drug companies which make the drugs write its analysis for the PDR is even scarier. Imagine what the real picture of prescription drug side effects would be.

The fact not one single solitary drug has been made using the current genetic code has to call into serious question, the legitimacy of this 4 coded (DNA = A1-T1,G1-C1), and 4 coded (rna A2-U1, G2-C2) genetic proteins synthesis primer. One can immediately see the only difference between the current dna and rna genetic codes are the codes T1 = Thymine and U1 = Uracil. It is this substitution operation of uracil for thymine in dna transcription through rna translation which has undermined natures perfect genetic code. As we will reveal, the appropriate mathematical operation in protein synthesis is addition, like adding the parent purine base IMP so that there are 3 purines and 3 pyrmidine genetic codes. 6 is the magic number. In genesis, how many days does it say, it took God to make heaven and earth? Was it 4 or 6? Which is the only number where the sum and multiplication final products are the same? (i.e. 1+2+3 =6; 1 x 2 x 3 = 6). Six (6) is the only number in the universe where two of the four prime mathematical operators result in the same output from the calculations between the pieces or sub compositions i.e. 1,2,3 = sub-components. Even the base molecule of DNA and RNA has 6 sides. (i.e. a C4N2 hexagonal benzene closed ring structure). ( 4 carbons + 2 Nitrogen positions = 6 total molecular points or bonding/binding nodes). The final and best reason 6 is the right number of codes is from the functional requirements of the genetic code itself. What are the final products the genetic code is supposed to produce? Three dimensional proteins of course; even linear chains of amino acids are three dimensional, a fact, apparently overlooked in the current digital double helix genetic algorithms. 4 codes can produce only 2 pairs, and pairs are the basis of evolution and inheritance. Four points can be either a two dimensional square or a three dimensional triangular pyramid . It does not allow for the two triangulated pyramids to merge into 6 point molecular structures which are the exact number necessary to code for X,Y,Z left and X,Y,Z right. The three dimensional structures and positions of the amino acid based peptides and polypeptides.

The structure of this scientific presentation proof , tries to answer the most fundamental question for the pharmaceutical and life science community? Why does every one of your final products have at least one defect or toxic flaw when it is ingested in good faith by a trusting patient of a well meaning but misguided family physician? The medical doctor prescribers of the PDR based 4,0000 prescription drugs unfortunately are educated, supported, and favored by the same people who make and sell the drugs using the incorrect 4 code genetic primer. It is quite ironic that our best and brightest scientific minds have never considered that it is not the individual company variances which cause the industry wide side effect outcomes, but the entire system is to blame for want of a better word.

Side effects are a systemic scientific model problem not a technical or methodology problem. The fundamental knowledge kernel is corrupt; it is missing two of the six team members. The genetic code should have the parent purine (IMP) as well as the binary fissioned pyrmidine Thymine present in the master protein production codes. The ultraviolet light absorbed by thymine to create the first twin thioester was a major milestone in the growth of pyrmidine and purine bases evolving into their present day status as the molecular structures of the genetic code. We believe it is essential to keep natures initial covalent pyrmidine- purine covalent pairing intact (i.e. A1-T1, G1-C1, I1 U1). Instead of two base pair complements there are three base pair complements which are of the same dimensions, atomic mass and PH electronegative charges (COOH = 3.2 & NH2 = 9.6). The tRNA wobble codon specifies a switchover from the anabolic ATP purine synthesis process (i.e. IMP to GMP and AMP) to the catabolic Uric Acid xanthine oxidase (E.C. = (i.e. AMP deaminase Inosine urea cycle excretion of toxic levels of ammonia molecules which are fatally toxic to humans CNS i.e. brain (glutamate calcium) neurotransmitter regulator. By omitting the Inosine family from the genetic code two mission critical metabolic pathways and cycles have been disrupted ( purine metabolism IMP to GMP and AMP) and the urea uric acid elimination cycle and pathway. Xanthine to uric acid to ammonia level decrease. We will be presenting the scientific and empirical proofs in a new type of learning technology called visioneering. It is an ordinary digital photograph but embedded in the image are the major chemical compounds, color coded, with the intention of showing the key forces(i.e. energy, mass, light speed and frequency)in their natural habitat in terms of metabolic pathway position and anabolic or catabolic functional role. If a picture is worth a thousand words then visioneering should increase gestalt organic thinking and problem solving. When one can follow visually the interrelated biochemical metabolic pathways and see where the interfaces, switches and resultant redox products are, it heightens ones comprehension of the big picture or how this stuff works. That is our hope and mission.