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Benefits of Joining this Workshop !!

1 - You will short cut at least Two years of Your Self Study. 2 - You will Learn Technical Analysis. 3 - You will Receive Valuable Guidance to Reshuffle Your Portfolio and Propel to Super Profits! 4 - You will Receive the Company of Like Minded Investors!! 5 - You will get to know other Websites and Books for Future Study!! 6 - You will get the Ability to Invest Scientifically in the Future. 7 - You will be able to do Advanced Tax Planning!! 8 - You will start investing really!

Workshop On Personal Finance & Stock Markets

All about creating more Profits for your Money !
Free introductory Seminars
11-8-2010 (Wed) - Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Race Course Road, Opp. RC College 14-8-2010 (Sat) - Bell Convention Centre, beside City Railway Station, Opp. KSRTC Bus Stand, Subhash Nagar 20-8-2010 (Fri) - City Central Library Auditorium, behind Aladamara Bus Stop. RPC Layout, Viajayanagar, Bangalore - 560 040

Fee includes study materials, file, Lunch & Cofee / Tea. Kindly note- The program is very interactive and practical. The whole program is presented on a LCD screen for better comprehension. The seats are limited, so hurry for registrations. What to bring: A Pen and Calculator with Eight Digits.

Specially designed for Investors who are beginners into Stock Market and for those who are already investing but would like to invest scientifically in the future

Details of Workshop
Dr. Bharath Chandra a behavioural therapist and Success coach of international repute. He has been conducting workshops on personal success in India, Far East, Middle East and Africa over the last 28 years. Dr. Bharath Chandra is a very popular trainer and sought after speaker and has the unique distinction of having addressed over 90 lakh people from the stage apart from training 90,000 people from various walks of life. He has been popularly nick named as the Dale Carnegie of India.
28 Aug 10 29 Aug 10 30 Aug 10 Sat Sun Mon 8.30 am to 5.30 pm 8.30 am to 5.30 pm 2.15 pm to 7.00 pm Venue: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Race Course Road, Opp. RC College, Bangalore.

Dr. Bharath Chandra

Winners Institute Pvt. Ltd.

No. 80 & 81, Anugraha, 4th Cross, Bhuvaneshwari Nagar, Hebbal Kempapura, Bangalore - 560 024. Mobile: 09900520066 Website: Email:

Workshop on Personal Finance & Stock Markets

Suppose you have more money than you need for current consumption, you are a potential investor. You may deposit your surplus in a bank account to earn a fixed rate of interest or purchase a speculative share on the stock market or buy gold or contribute to a provident fund account or buy a piece of art or invest in some other form. Whatever is your decision, you are essentially making a sacrifice in the present, in the hope of deriving benefits in future. Every investment decision has two key aspects: time and risk. While the sacrifice occurs in the present and is certain, the benefits come in future and may be uncertain. Your economic well-being in the long run depends significantly on how wisely or foolishly you invest.

How to create your own infallible pension account by two techniques !! 1-One time payment technique 2- Monthly payment technique. How to make the education of your children absolutely free by wise investment by two techniques !! 1-One time payment technique 2- Monthly payment technique. How to Select a Good Mutual Fund or Stock ? How to manage your own accounts by learning online trading !! How much you need to insure your children ?
How to save Rs. one lakh & twenty thousand of income from tax every year !!

How much money shall I invest in bank deposits ??!! Shall I put all my money into Insurance !!?? Gold is very profitable! Shall I buy only Gold !!?? Shall I buy only Real Estate !!?? I have Rs 50000/ to invest ! How to Invest Safely ? If you are buying or building your own house, is it better to take loan or invest from your own money ?? How profitable is a second house ? Never combine your insurance with your investments. Keep them separate !! 96% of people dont know anything about Shares !! 92% of people dont know anything about Mutual Funds !! You can buy a share like a Nurse and you can buy a Share like a Doctor. You can also buy a share like a cardiologist !! Do you know that you need not pay income tax upto Rs. 4,65,000/- if you are a male tax payer !! Rs. 4,95,000/- if you are a female tax payer !!

The Whole Workshop deals with Three things. 1- Which Shares to Buy? 2- When to Buy? 3- When to Sell ? Select the right kind of life insurance and save money to invest for super profits !! What is asset allocation for a matured human being ? How to create short term profits ? How to create long term profits ? The necessity of Medical insurance ? How to Calculate Profits in Stocks and Mutual Funds ? What are Futures and Options? Four STYLES of investing ! Factors effecting the stock prices ? How to create emergency fund ? The mantra called diversification for safety ! When to sell stocks ? The method of portfolio building and management !!