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2nd September 2001. I am ten years old and it is my first day at a new middle-school.

A bit nervous but curious about all the new things I was going to learn. Soon I realized that only one subject out of all the others is special. It was History. Lessons compelling enough to keep my mind in focused state and the most satisfying ones were about The Ancient Egypt. My interest in Egypt has remained until today. I finished High School with final exam from History, hoping that I will be able to continue to study it at some university. However, the university which I was applying to has not opened the Archeology Course because of a low number of applicants. By applying to this course, I hope that one day I will be able to touch history and visit the places where something remarkable happened long before our modern civilization started. As I grew older, my hunger for knowledge was bigger and bigger. Things I learned in school were simply not enough any more. I started to read books about Ancient Egypt, like Oxford History of Ancient Egypt and series of books about pharaohs from author Joyce Tyldesley. Right now, I am trying to learn how to read hieroglyphs with a great help from the book How to read Egyptian hieroglyphs from two authors Mark Collier and Bill Manley. I hope that the ability to read ancient Egyptian texts will help me in further study of their culture, habits and history. I often visit the museum when there is an exhibition related to Egyptian culture. Also, whenever it is possible, I travel to different countries to visit their exhibitions. Early morning hours are the most enjoyable because exhibitions are not crowded and I can walk amongst the exhibits undisturbed. During high school, I attended various Science classes and I participated in all sport related events. Like basketball and football tournaments. In adition to English lessons on high school I attended English courses in British Council for five years. At the end of each year at my high school, we had to write an essay related to a subject selected by our teachers and then present it to our fellow classmates, teachers and parents. I believe that this experience gave me some valuable skills in recitation and speaking in front of public audience. I graduated from high school in 2009 at the age of 18. I took a year off during which I played basketball and did some part-time jobs. During this time, I was looking for a university where I could continue in my study of ancient history. Unfortunately, this task proved impossible since none of the universities in my country offered archeology courses. It was already too late to send the applications to different countries so I ended up at Comenius University in Bratislava as the rest of my family did before, where I just finished my first year of study. Over the past year, until today, I have been employed in an international insurance company MetLife Amslico as IT Systems Administrator where I deal with customers, helping them resolve their issues. This taught me much about human relations, teamwork, responsibility and time management. However, I want to make the next step in becoming a full-grown adult by studying at a university in the United Kingdom because of its advanced education system, difficulty level, advanced research in all fields of science and its high level of academic achievements throughout the history.