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******************************************************************************** Disclaimer Let me start off by saying that I don't care what you do this guide, as I only wrote

this mainly for people who need help on this guide and since no one has ever wrote a guide on Biko 2:Reversible Face, I thought I take initiative to write one.Like I said before, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO,lend,buy,give to a friend or even sell this FAQ, even though you shouldn't even sell it. Otherwise, enjoy the guide and have fun. Biko 2:Reversible Face is a product of (C)ILLUSION This guide is written by delta47,Anthony Wong) ******************************************************************************* NOTE:Before you begin, make sure you set your encoding to Japanese if you want to view this text file properly. Current version:1.03 Initial release Contents 1.Introduction 2.Where to get this game? 3.System Requirements 4.Stalking? Give me break! 5.Characters 6.Walkthrough 6.1 Reona 6.2 Rika 6.3 Satsuki 6.4 Yayoi 6.5 Yoko 7.100% CG gallery 8.Acknowlegements 1.Introduction For those of you that don't know what Biko 2:Reversible Face is,it is 3D Genre Stalking Game, you basically take the role of male and select which girl and the story will take on from there. This game is the successor to the orignal Biko:Yoru no Kaerimichi, so not surprising the 3D graphics have recieved quite a good upgrade. You take on the role of your normal everyday male student named Tesiya()who is in love with a certain girl, that certain girl is someone you can select This game is intended for people who are 18 years of age, so if you are not 18 years old you shouldn't be playing this game, either way it's your choice. You would then stalk the choosen girl "Metal Gear Solid Style".There is a bar that has 10 dots, as you are more farther away from the girl, it will decrease and change colors untill all dots are gone,if that's the case, GAME OVER,PAL! Try again! If you also get too close the the girl, it is also GAME OVER. The controls,however are like crap, if you have a bad mouse, you would find playing the game to be somewhat of a challenge, the game doesn't even have WASD style of control. If you get caugt between a wall you'd have to use the mouse to turn 180 degrees just to get back in proper position, but the time your done,

she's already GONE. This paragraph pretty much explain what Biko 2 is about but it's still good. The game is in japanese,which is where I would come in to write an guide about this. 2.Where to get this game? To answer this question, this game was intended to be distributed and sold in Japan only, therefore trying to find this game can be hassle. To make matters worse,japanese laws requires that all images of human genitalia to be censored,this game already cost around $65 CDN(excluding shipping). At this point you may be wondering if it is worth the trouble, my suggestion is, yes. Try either ebay at www.ebay.com or a more reliable source would be Himeya at www.shop.himeya.com 3.System Requirements 64MB RAM 0S:WINDOWS 95 OR HIGHER SOUND CARD(DUH!) A GOOD 3D CARD (GeForce,ATI Radeon) 400MB HARD DISK SPACE DIRECT X 6.1 OR HIGHER MOUSE(DO I EVEN HAVE TO PUT THIS?) DVD ROM DRIVE PENTIUM 3 PROCESSOR 4.Stalking? Give me a break! Part of this game is to stalk girls and make choices at the same time, this could be frustrating as it happened to me before. Don't worry this what the guide here is for. 5.Characters Reona( )

A girl who is working part time at video rental store, which is the usual spot where Tesiya gets all his AV(adult videos).Apparently she is interested in soem guy who has the initials of T.I, while accidentally dropping a letter which Tesiya found on the floor. Not to hard to get. Rika( )

She is a normal everyday student that Tesiya bumped into on the train and accidentally causing him to touch her chest.He then gets slapped in the face and called a hentai(pervert)ouch!, to make

Teshiya'ssituatuation even worse, Rika accidentally pushes him of the train making our hero wait serveral minutes later for the next train. She works in a tape store and is somewhat of the passive type, her difficulty is somewhat moderate. Satsuki( )

A girl who just happened to be at the store Tesiya's working at,she steals a camera from the store and off goes our hero in pursuit of her. Satsuki is actually stealing beacuse of social issues.


Apparently she is the atheletic type and plans to run a 30 meter dash,when our hero just happened to be around the neigbourhood.Very easy to get.

Yuko() She is a office lady with a huge atitutude,she is Tesiya colleague at work, and treats him as a friend.However, she is not what you think she is as this will reveal some spoilers in the ending, unlike the rest of the girls,she is smart and actually carries a pepper spray to avoid trouble(now if only girls would actually do this more often). This is probably the most difficult girl to get. 6.Walkthrough This section will tell you the outcome of your choices, each girl has a good and bad ending, good ending is when you actually took the time to find some items and background information about the certain girl you have choosen, this will result in consentual sex. The bad ending is where you actually rape the selected girl,you'll also need certain items to get a bad item which is very similar to the good ending. In short, the whole process is to follow the girl and find some background information while finding items along the way, so you MUST find items or you wont't get a any ending at all. My nihongo(Japanese) is not very fluent so I simply just wrote which button you should click on,the stalking part of the game is very straight forward, so you do need a FAQ on stalking. 6.1 Reona( )

1st Choice Red--->Nothing happens,leads to 3rd Choice Orange--->find a letter,leads to 2nd choice Yellow--->nothing happensleads to 2nd choice 2nd Choice

Red--->Someone had just bought the last copy of an AV,leads to 3rd Choice Orange--->Same as above and Find a dildo 3rd Choice Red---->Leaves the store and begin to stalk Orange---->Find handcuffs and start stalking 4th Choice Red---->Good ending(requires letter) Orange---->Bad ending(Requires hand cuff 6.2 Rika( )

1st choice Red------>Find Rika's tape Orange----->GAME OVER PAL Yellow----->Proceeds to third choice 2nd Choice Red---->See Rika walking and game proceeds to 3 choice Orange---->same as above, start stalking 3rd choice Red---->See Rika working in store Orange---->Start stalking 4th Choice Red---->Find a taser and see Rika in back door of the store Orange---->Same as above but you don't get a taser,start stalking 5th Choice Red---->Find some pink sex toy?,start stalking Orange---->Start stalking 6th Choice Red---->Good ending(Make sure you have Rika's tape) Orange---->Bad ending(Must have the taser,sex toy is optional) End 6.3 Satsuki( ) 1st Choice Red--->Leads to second choice Orange--->Find Student ID and leads to 3rd choice Yellow--->leads to 3rd choice 2nd Choice Red--->See Satsuki walking around the streets,find a camera and start stalking Orange--->Start stalking 3rd Choice Red--->leds back to second choice Orange--->Satsuki is back in the store,pick up an item 4th Choice Red---->Good ending(Student ID) Orange--->Bad ending(Not really sure,forgot)

6.4 Yayoi(

1st Choice Red----->nothing happens Orange--->find a good luck amulet Yellow---->find some rope 2nd choice Red---->nothing happens Orange--->find rope Yellow----->find rope 3rd Choice Red---->find a candle Orange--->nothing happens Yellow---->nothing happens 4th Choice Red---->Good ending(requires a good luck amulet,that's it?) Orange--->Bad ending(requires the rope,candle is optional) 6.5 Yuko() 1st Choice Red--->Find a piece of paper labelled 0/20,leads to 2nd choice Orange--->Find a piece of paper listed 2109,leads to 5th choice Yellow--->Find no items,leads to 2nd choice 2nd Choice Red--->Find a paper listed 2109 and lead to 3rd choice Orange-->no items leads to 6th choice 3rd Choice Red--->Yuko asks what you are doing,leads to 4th Choice Orange--->see yuko leaving office,leads to 7th choice 4th Choice Red--->Leads to 7th choice Orange--->Find a photo,leads to 7th choice 5th Choice Red--->Find 0/20 paper,leads to 3rd choice Orange--->leads to 3rd choice 6th Choice Red--->leads to 4th choice Orange--->Leads to 7th Choice 7th Choice Red--->Start stalking Orange--->Game over pal 8th Choice Red--->Good ending(requires a photo) Orange--->Bad ending(Not sure yet...) Whew! That wasn't too hard was it? I still haven't found out how to get Yuko's bad ending,anybody that has information on this and would like to help please send it to me at

phantom_god34@msn.com 7.100% CG Gallery In order to have every scene availiable in the gallery, you must have attained the good and bad ending for each girl. This is why items are important here, you need them to get the endings, make sure you get every item, this will ensure that you get every scene for the selected girl.However, you do not need to get every item,you only need the important ones. For example, to get 100% on Rika, you need the tape to get the good ending, the taser for the bad ending. The sex toy just gives you additional scenes and is not required to attain the bad ending. So make sure you got every item that is availiable, finally, SAVE OFTEN!, you may never know what will happen. 8.Acknowledgement The following people are listed below,without them the guide would not have been made Felix For introducing me to Biko2:Reversible Face,I wouldn't have wrote this guide if it was not for him Andy,Andrew and Vincent For letting me lend their game cd's. ILLUSION For creating a good game,even though the controls suck. Anybody that wants to help this guide get better,I'll put your name here. send suggestion,information,etc to phantom_God34@msn.com And please have some proper courtesy when emailing me,or I won't even bother reading it.