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MEANING OF FLIPPING FANTASTIC Word Flip Meaning 1. Turn in a different direction or side. 2. Jump up and turn over in the air so that your feet are over your head. 3. (American English) to like something very much as in Jane flipped over the new car. 1. Very good 2. Excellent


B. SYNOPSIS It is a story about twin brothers; Tristan and James. Both of them have just completed their primary education at Peter Hill Primary School. Tristan is a disabled child and use a wheelchair to move around. James is a normal, shy boy. He is fearful about life. The boys are worried because they are going to different secondary schools. Their mothers is also concerned about how they will cope. At first, Tristan tells his mother that he does not want to go to new school. James is happy but then he knows that Chesterlea Grange is the best school for Tristan.

So James talks to his brother about the benefits of going to Chesterlea Grange. Their mother reliefs as Tristan change his mind and decides to go to Chesterlea Grange. The twins go to their separate schools and find it a flipping fantastic new experience.

C. SETTING Physical Setting Peter Hill Primary School Chesterlea Grange Highfields Home Time Setting End of Primary School Going to Secondary School

D. THEMES A mothers love and care towards her children. The relationship between brothers. The pain of separation. Helping one another. Facing new challenges. Positive thinking. The importance of honesty. Accepting one anothers strengths and limitation. Respecting the decisions of others.

E. POINT OF VIEW First person point of view: from Tristan, James and Mum.

F. CHARACTERS MAIN CHARACT ERS Characte rs Tristan - 12 years old Characteris tics Smart Confident Evidence Scores in exams and excels in class. (page 19) Does not let his disability to

- using wheelchair - likes new Loving, challenges Caring, Sensitive and Thoughtful Nervous

block the way of achieving success. (page 24) Concerned about other people and thinks of ways to help them. (page 36-37) Tristan has first-day anxiety about his new school and the fact that James will not be there with him. (page 25) The mixed feelings that he experiences causes Tristan to Question his decisions. (page 31) Nervous and stutters when he is stressed. (page 54) - Dislikes subjets such as Maths/Computer studies (page 19) - Forget his line in the play (page 32) Relies heavily on Tristan for support. (page 19) Concerned about Tristan wellbeing at new school. (page 27) Does things for Tristan that Tristan cannot do himself. (page 32) Does not differentiate between her sons and loves them equally. (page 21) A proud and supportive Mum. (page 21, 23 and 37) Understand her childrens fears and anxieties. (page 37) Notices the changes in her childrens attitudes and personalities. (page 24 and 29)


Shy Slower learner

James - 12 years old - a shy child - afraid of new challenges

Lack of confidence Caring Helpful


Loving Proud Understand ing Observant



Characteris tics



Mr. Sewell - the English Language teacher at Peter Hill Primary School - in charge of the end-year play Mrs. Roberts - the Maths teacher at Peter Hill Primary School - Tristans favourite teacher Jessica Parker - a student at Peter Hill Primary School - Tristan thinks she is trying to get Jamess attention Kiara Jones - Tristans friend at Peter Hill Primary School - Tristan introduces her to James and they become friends

Sensitive Supportive and encouragin g Dedicated

Helps Tristan in the play physically. (page 20) Has kind words for both Tristan and James. (page 21 and 23) Tristan acknowledges Mr. Sewells effort . (page 20) Tristan wants his new Maths teacher to be like Mrs. Roberts. (page 28)

Dedicated, kind, popular and patient

Loud A little bossy (menonjol diri)

James noticed her laughing at him during the play when he stuttered. (page 21) Made James feels uncomfortable in school with her personality.

Helpful Athletic Friendly

Helped push Tristan in his wheelchair. (page 27) Plays football too. (page 27) Didnt mind being friends with James after being asked by Tristan. (page 37)

G. PLOT 3. Climax Tristan and James react evry differently after the school play. They realise how much they depend on each other. Tristan is nervous when he thinks of being alone in his new school. Tristan tells his Mum that he does not want to go to Chesterlea Grange.

2. Rising Action Both Tristan and James have mixed feelings about going to their new schools. They are worried about being separated and whether they can adapt to their new schools. 4. Falling Action James reminds Tristan how wonderful Chesterlea Grange is. Tristan changes his mind and decides to to the new school.

1. Beginning Tristan and James are twins and are in Year 6 at Peter Hill Primary School. It is the end of term and the boys are performing in the schools year end play.

5. Resolution Both boys realise that they have made the right decision. They love their new school. Tristan found that Chesterlea Grange is just flipping fantastic.

H. LITERARY DEVICE 1. Simile: Page 24 his mind flows as freely as a freshly oiled cog (Tristan is fast, clever) Page 25 I feel like a tyre that has burst (I feel depressed and have no energy to go on)

I. MORAL VALUES 1. We must always help one another in a family. 2. We must not be too dependent on others. 3. We must always look at the positive side of things. 4. We must be frank and honest with our family members. 5. We must know our strengths and use them. 6. We must overcome our weaknesses.

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