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The first Gnostic Knight appeared on Earth when humanity began the journey of the Spiritual Warrior in search of the Holy Grail that would lead to God. The premier Knight manifested in the Garden of Eden of the East, the Pacific Continent that Continental Drift Theory refers to as Lemuria and the pan-Pacific people know as Mu, Hiva, Kumari Nadu, Havai’i-ti-Havai’i, Rutas, the Land of Rua, etc. This primal Gnostic Warrior was known as Karttikeya (from Krittika, a name for the Pleiades), who is said to have arrived from the Pleiades via the planet Venus with an entourage of fellow Gnostic Warriors, known collectively as the “Sons of God.” Karttikeya, who is also known historically as Sanat Kumara, Murugan, and Skanda, arrived from the heavenly region of his Mother, the Cosmic Serpent (the Seven Sisters or Pleiades), on his many-eyed peacock (representing and embodying his omnipresence and omniscience). As a Son resembling his Mother, Karttikeya possessed six heads, one for each of the six visible stars of the Pleiades, and he wielded the Wisdom of the Serpent (Gnosis) and the Power of the Serpent (the “Force”) both of which were represented by his weapon, the Vel Spear. The shaft of the Vel represented the path of the Serpent Power, the human spine, and its head or blade represented the Third Eye, the seat of Gnosis. The message embodied by Karttikeya’s Vel is that the best weapon of the Gnostic Warrior is Gnosis, i.e., inner, intuitive wisdom and guidance.

TheTheTheThe FirstFirstFirstFirst FisherFisherFisherFisher KingKingKingKing

Initially Karrtikeya founded three headquarters for his Gnostic Warrior tradition: Shambhala, and locations upon Lemuria now known as the islands of Kauai, and Sri Lanka. At Shambhala, which is now in eastern Asia, Karttikeya built a royal palace which he staffed with an entourage of Grail Knights. In his palace he served as humanity’s first monarch or “Fisher King” and as the incipient possessor of the Holy Grail. Technically, he was the first Holy Grail. He was a human chalice full of the Water of Life or Serpent Power. Legend has it that the drama that we know of as the Garden of Eden occurred on what is now the island of Sri Lanka when it was part of Lemuria. At that time God placed Adam on the summit of Adam’s Peak, which today is the location of a temple that holds his five-foot long footprint preserved in stone. After descending Adam’s Peak, the first man encountered Karttikeya, who had been sent down as a serpent to Earth by his mother, Sophia, in order to reveal to Adam and Eve – incipient humanity - their divine nature and the path to self- knowledge. Karttikeya appeared in the Garden of Eden as the “Serpent on the Tree” and proceeded to awaken gnosis within the first couple by activating the inner Serpent Power that dwells at the base of the spine and guiding it up the inner Tree of Life to the Third Eye of Gnostic revelation. The gnostic wisdom and power the first couple achieved and how to activate it through the awakening of the Serpent Power was eventually transmitted to their premier Son, Seth-Cain (Seth and Cain as synonymous), who then passed it on to the Sons of Seth. The Sons of Seth dispersed and established Gnostic Knight Orders in many countries.

Within all the international Knighted Orders eventually founded by the Sons of Seth the goal was to awaken the inner Vel Spear through activating the inner Serpent Force and raising it to the Third Eye. The Knighted Order of Gnostic Warriors in Egypt became known as the Order of Djedi Knights (from Dj, meaning “Serpent”), who carried staffs full of dynamic Serpent Power. In India, the Gnostic Warriors became known as the Order of Kshatriya Knights (from katra, meaning “to possess power”), and in the British Isles they manifested as the Order of Druid Adders (Serpents), who discharged their Serpent Power through their wands, staffs and incantations. In Central America they became the Order of the Quetzlcoatl Warriors (the “Plumed Serpent” Warriors), which was divided into the Gnostic Orders of the Eagle Knights and Jaguar Knights.

KarttikeyaKarttikeyaKarttikeyaKarttikeya becomesbecomesbecomesbecomes Mithra,Mithra,Mithra,Mithra, St.St.St.St. Michael,Michael,Michael,Michael, etc…etc…etc…etc…

As the Gnostic Warrior tradition moved westward from Lemuria to Europe Karttikeya became embraced and venerated by a series of civilizations. In Persian, Karttikeya (or Murugan) and his peacock became Mithra (or Mihr) and his bull. Both deities were intimately associated with the Sun and the cock or rooster. Later, during Roman times, Mithra as Mithras became the principal deity of the Roman Legions, who during their initiations into his cult pledged to help rid the world of the despotic Dark Lord, Ahriman, and his denizens. When the Persian king Cyrus the Great released the Jews from their captivity in Babylon, the Persian Magi traveled to the Middle East and introduced Mithra and his nemesis Ahriman to the Rabbis. The Rabbis then took their adopted Persian deities back to Palestine with them, but then changed the name of the Gnostic Warrior to St. Michael, and the diabolical Ahriman to Belial. The Essenes, who were perhaps the most ardent worshippers of St. Michael, anointed themselves St. Michael’s terrestrial army that would fight against Belial’s legions and sought to incarnate the spirit of Michael into a physical body so he could lead them in their battle with Belial and his dark forces. They believed they lived during the end times when the final battle between good and evil was destined to be fought….a truth they had received from the Mithra-worshipping priests of Persia.

Thus, Karttikeya and his peacock transformed into Mithra and his bull, as well as St. Michael and his dragon. The public masses accepted this mythos of darkness versus light literally, but the initiated Gnostic Warrior recognized the human-featured hero and his supposed nemesis as the Primal Warrior subduing and mastering his own inner Divine Power and the subsequent achievement of Gnosis. They also recognized the battle as a motif related to the creation of the universe by the Primal Dragon, wherein Michael was the Dragon’s Divine Mind and Michael’s Dragon was its Divine Force. In this scenario the legendary hero was not the enemy of the dragon, but the Divine Mind of the Primal Serpent that encoded the Serpent’s Divine Power with a blueprint of the forms it would subsequently condense into as the cosmos crystallized into physical forms. This transmission of a code is represented by St. Michael – Dragon motif, wherein

Michael inserts his spear into the dragon not to kill or destroy it, but to tame and shape it. From an additional perspective, the Gnostic Warrior recognized that he or she would eventually evolve into earthly manifestations of the Primal Dragon and that St. Michael, the Divine Mind of the Primal Dragon, would become their inner guide, and the Divine Force of the Primal Serpent would become the supernatural Force they wielded to meet all their needs.

TheTheTheThe GnosticGnosticGnosticGnostic WarriorWarriorWarriorWarrior embodiesembodiesembodiesembodies thethethethe DragonDragonDragonDragon andandandand GreenGreenGreenGreen MMMManananan

Many Gnostic Warriors recognized that St. Michael’s reflection was St. George, the Green Man, so in one sense the Cosmic Warrior was already manifest on Earth. From their perspective St. George, or Green George, and his unruly dragon were one united manifestation of the Primal Dragon on Earth. The earliest western Knighted Order, that of the Knights Templar, were indoctrinated into this wisdom through the Sufis, and under the guidance of their Islamic mentors also came to know that their patron St. George was synonymous with Al-Khadir, the Green Man of the Sufis, who in his turn was synonymous with Karttikeya. Eventually the Templars inherited the Johannite lineage of Gnostic Warriors from the Mandaeans from Sri Lanka, wherein all the Grand Masters were incarnations of the Green Man and wielded the Divine Power and Wisdom of the Primal Serpent. Their titles often included “Jnana,” a name of Karttikeya meaning “Gnosis,” or some version of it, such as Yohanan or John. When the itinerant Mandaean people eventually merged with the Essenes they produced the sect of Nasoreans or Nazarenes, the “Serpents.” Within this sect of “Serpent” Warriors was born John the Baptist, who founded the western Order of Johannites (“The Johns” or “those of John”). John the Baptist was succeeded by Jesus and John the Divine and Mary Magdalene, and then the leadership of the Order traveled down a succession of Grand Masters named John who continued to govern the sect until the First Crusade. At that time Hughes de Payen, the Grand Master of the Gnostic Warrior sect known as the Poor Knights of the Templar of Solomon, or Knights Templar, was chosen as Grand Master of the Johannites. The Templars assimilated the Johannite tradition and then, throughout their ensuing history, the most advanced Knights sought to embody the wisdom and power of the Green Man as John, which they venerated in the personified form of their Savior, John the Baptist. At the induction into the Order, most Templar Knights were given a cord that had been wrapped around John’s head, which had been discovered during the Fourth Crusade in Constantinople. This cord forever charged the new Knight with John’s Force and established a protective link with the Baptist. Later, if he proved himself worthy, the Knight was brought before the grizzled head during an initiation into the higher mysteries of the Johannites. A great amount of Force emanating from John would then directly enter the Knight and thereby invest him with the power to accomplish great feats of courage and achieve the hallowed summit of gnostic awareness.

TheTheTheThe WarriorWarriorWarriorWarrior TTTTwinswinswinswins

In some parts of the world the Divine Mind and Power of the Cosmic Dragon were personified as two dragons or serpents, or two male warriors. They became famous as the ubiquitous Warrior Twins, who were venerated as culture- bearers and the heroes of humankind. Many civilizations around the globe alluded to these Twins in their creation myths as being the teachers of the arts of civilization and accorded them the indigenous names they are known by today, including: the Kumara or Ashwin Twins of India; the Kaberoi Twins of Egypt and Greece; the Dioscouri of Greece and Rome; the Poyangs of the Hopi Nation; Child of the Waters and Monster Slayer of the Navaho; the Ahayuta of the Zuni; Hunapu and Xbalanque, or Quetzlcoatl and Tzcatilipoca of the Central America tribes.

The early legends of the Twins portrayed the brothers as the most skilled of warriors who rid the world of nefarious beasts and demonic humans that threatened humankind and then become the founders of all the martial arts and many of the warrior clans. The Dioscouri Twins, Castor and Pollux, were known as the greatest of warriors, as were the Ashwins of India. Hunapu and Xbalenque became patrons of the Eagle and Jaguar Knights respectively, and the Ahayuta Twins of the Zuni were the patrons of the Warrior Clan. With the arrival of dualistic, patriarchal theology approximately 2-3000 years ago, the once amiable Twins were first portrayed in legend as being in occasional conflict, and later they were recognized as eternal enemies of each other. The Twin associated with the Divine Mind and Gnosis was recognized as the more spiritual of the two and linked to a Father God in Heaven, while his brother, the embodiment of the Divine Force, was given the lower worlds for his kingdom and associated with monstrous dragon-like beasts and called Ahriman, Belial, Satan, Lucifer and the Devil. In their best known manifestation worldwide these latter Twins were known as Christ and the Devil.

Lucifer and the Devil. In their best known manifestation worldwide these latter Twins were known as

TheTheTheThe KnightedKnightedKnightedKnighted OrdersOrdersOrdersOrders ofofofof thethethethe MiddleMiddleMiddleMiddle EastEastEastEast andandandand EuropeEuropeEuropeEurope

Within the mystical knighted orders that arose first in the Middle East and then in Europe following the First Crusade a Grand Prior or Grand Master assumed the role and duties of the ancient Fisher King. These Masters and Priors were Human Holy Grail chalices full of the Force like their antecedent monarchs had been. One such Grand Master was Hasan-i-Sabah, the leader of the Order of Assassins, who revived the line of the ancient Persian Fisher Kings. Hasan renewed the ancient Persian tradition by acquiring for his headquarters the Castle of Alamut in the Albourz Mountains, which was once the home of the powerful Persian Fisher Kings, including the great King Jamshid, the royal “Cup.” Hasan became known as one of the greatest of Persian alchemists, successfully filling himself and his knights with the Force. Hasan’s counterpart in the parallel order of Knights Templar, the Grand Master Hughes de Payen, similarly revived the tradition of the Fisher Kings of the East when he accepted the Grand Mastership of the Johannites and became John #70. Afterwards, he governed his knights as an embodiment of the ancient Fisher King, whose names had included Jnana or “John.”


The rites and levels of Freemasonry were adopted from the Knights Templar, and today they can be found to reflect the ancient path of the Gnostic Warrior. The 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite, and the 13 degrees of the York Rite are based upon the numbers of the fully enlightened Gnostic Knight, 13 and 33. Thus, when the Freemason has ascended all the degrees he should, technically, be an alchemically transformed enlightened Gnostic Knight. Unfortunately, since most alchemy has been expunged from Freemasonry, this is not longer the case.

AAAA GnosticGnosticGnosticGnostic WarriorWarriorWarriorWarrior ofofofof thethethethe IOGTIOGTIOGTIOGT

We in the IOGT are dedicated to reviving the alchemical and gnostic path of the incipient spiritual warrior Karttikeya. Through our academic and experiential curriculum our goal is to alchemically transform our members into Gnostic Knights who possess both the inner and outer weapons to meet all of life’s challenges.

TheTheTheThe DailyDailyDailyDaily LifeLifeLifeLife ofofofof thethethethe GnosticGnosticGnosticGnostic WarriorWarriorWarriorWarrior

Within the following pages are presented helpful guidelines for the developing Gnostic Warrior to observe in daily life.

RightRightRightRight CompanyCompanyCompanyCompany

The most important guideline any Gnostic Warrior can observe is in regards to the company he or she keeps. Right company supports the Warrior on his or her path to gnosis, while wrong company can be a distraction and completely take the Warrior off the path. This is why it has been encouraged by the Knighted Orders and initiatic societies to keep the company of other members of their order or society. A Gnostic Warrior should choose associates and friends with whom he or she you can have regular satsang (spiritual conversation) with and/or share his or her alchemical rites with.

TheTheTheThe InnerInnerInnerInner WeaponsWeaponsWeaponsWeapons ofofofof thethethethe GnosticGnosticGnosticGnostic WarriorWarriorWarriorWarrior

To meet the daily challenges encountered by a Gnostic Warrior he or she should develop an arsenal of inner weapons. Such inner weapons denote the inner abilities and qualities that a Gnostic Warrior relies upon in meeting life’s challenges.

Gnostic Warrior relies upon in meeting life’s challenges. TheTheTheThe InnerInnerInnerInner SpearSpearSpearSpear The

TheTheTheThe InnerInnerInnerInner SpearSpearSpearSpear

The Inner Spear of a Gnostic Warrior corresponds with his or her gnostic awareness. From this gnosis consciousness comes guidance from the all-knowing inner Spirit that can dependably guide a Gnostic Warrior through any crisis. Thus, the Inner Spear is the best and most reliable weapon for overcoming any opponent and meeting any obstacle. The Inner Spear is symbolized by Karttikeya’s Vel. The shaft of his Vel represents the human spine within which the inner Serpent Power ascends to the head, and the blade of his Vel denotes the Third Eye of Gnostic Wisdom that is activated by the ascending Force.

TheTheTheThe InnerInnerInnerInner SwordSwordSwordSword

The Inner Sword of a Gnostic Warrior corresponds to his or her inner discrimination. By utilizing the Inner Sword the Gnostic Warrior is able to cut through superfluous evidence and information to get to the underlying truth. The single-edged sharp sword denotes the sharp, single-minded intellect that the Gnostic Warrior needs to make quick decisions. The razor-sharpness of the Inner Sword denotes the razor’s edge and Middle Path of the Gnostic Warrior who seeks to live in harmony and balance with the Divine Will.

TheTheTheThe InnerInnerInnerInner ArrowArrowArrowArrow

The Inner Arrow denotes the inner will power of the Gnostic Warrior. When directed with one-pointed focus and perfect concentration, the Inner Arrow will hit the center of the target and the goal of the Gnostic Warrior will be achieved. Typically, mastership of the Inner Sword and Inner Arrow will occur well before the Gnostic Warrior has fully mastered his or her Inner Spear; i.e., the development of his or her intuition will normally arrive at a later stage than will development of the discrimination and will power. While gnosis is being developed, the Gnostic Warrior should continue to make decisions through deliberation and with good discrimination. But when it becomes well-developed, the Inner Spear will become the principal weapon used by a Gnostic Warrior.

TheTheTheThe InnerInnerInnerInner ShieldShieldShieldShield

The Inner Shield is the love and compassion within the heart of the Gnostic Warrior. When the Gnostic Warrior’s love and compassion is very strong, the Inner Shield will deflect all attacks and he or she can never be defeated.

TheTheTheThe ChivalricChivalricChivalricChivalric CodeCodeCodeCode ofofofof thethethethe GnosticGnosticGnosticGnostic WarriorWarriorWarriorWarrior

A Gnostic Warrior should devise his or her own Code of Chivalry and stick to it. However, a Chivalric Code should include be a few traditional mandates, including:

1. Act towards others as you would want them to act towards you.

2. Protect women, the weak (the young, the old, the infirmed), and the under-


3. Offer assistance (money, material resources, guidance) to those in need.

4. Serve humanity by assisting others on their path to Gnosis.

TheTheTheThe TTTTaoistaoistaoistaoist PhilosophyPhilosophyPhilosophyPhilosophy ofofofof thethethethe GnosticGnosticGnosticGnostic WarriorWarriorWarriorWarrior

A Gnostic Warrior should walk the “Middle Path” between the extremes of behavior while embracing the balanced philosophy of Taoism. As most of the great masters throughout history have demonstrated, the best path is the Middle Path that exists between the extremes of the male and female principles, or Yin and Yang. Taoism espouses a lifestyle that is the balance of the male (fiery, active, intellectual) and female (watery, cool, passive, emotional) principles. Too much or too little activity can be harmful, just as can too much exposure to either hot or cold, or too much time spent in either light or darkness. Besides living a balanced outer life, a Gnostic Warrior should also cultivate an inner balance of masculine and feminine traits. The goal of the Gnostic Warrior is to be prepared for all challenges, and he or she can only do that when he or she possesses such a perfect inner balance. The great Gnostic Adept Tukaram Maharaj of India proclaimed his own perfect inner balance when he stated: “I am so strong I can break a thunderbolt over my knee, but I am so soft that I would be bruised from lying down in a bed of rose petals.”


The life of the Gnostic Warrior requires discipline in body, mind, emotions and spirit. In order to keep the physical body fit and healthy, a healthy diet and a regular exercise regime should be adopted. The mind and emotions should be kept in check by striving to focus on generating positive and uplifting thoughts and feelings. A good tool for assisting the Gnostic Warrior in being completely present in the moment and not succumb to extraneous thoughts is regular meditation. To keep the mind steady, the Gnostic Warrior should adopt the alchemical and meditational practices outlined in this manual. A Gnostic Warrior should also daily affirmation that the Infinite Spirit exists within his or her heart and, therefore, anything can accomplished.

SpiritualSpiritualSpiritualSpiritual PracticesPracticesPracticesPractices

Every Gnostic Warrior should observe regular periods of meditation, contemplation and alchemical, spiritual disciplines. Without regular meditation and contemplation the mind will be unsteady and the inner centers of gnosis will remain un-developed. Without alchemical spiritual practices, the inner alchemical force will remain inactive.

ActivatingActivatingActivatingActivating thethethethe GnosticGnosticGnosticGnostic WarriorWarriorWarriorWarrior BodyBodyBodyBody

Every day the Gnostic Warrior should observe the below practice to activate the Gnostic Warrior Body, which is the subtle body composed of the chakra power centers and the Serpent Fire. This exercise is specially designed to awaken Kundalini in order for the Gnostic Warrior to alchemically transform and

develop gnosis, as well as for him or her to wield the Force. The practice also activates the Heart Chakra and Third Eye, two important centers from which gnosis originates in the human body. The Third Eye acts as an antenna to receive Gnostic Wisdom, and the Heart Chakra, seat of the inner Spirit, provides the Gnostic Warrior with his or her true identity and the gnostic revelation of “I am God,” “I am Spirit,” “I am Infinite.”

For best results this practice should be observed 1-3 times daily. Early morning is best, followed by sunrise and sunset. But any time or place is beneficial.

Step 1:

Sit down on a floor cross legged or cross your legs while seated in a chair. Put your left hand over your forehead (over Third Eye) Put your right hand over the lower spine (region of the Kundalini). This creates a circuit. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, fairly quickly. Do not pause between the in-breath and out-breath. Repeat these in and out breaths 15 times. While breathing, visualize energy coming up the spine on the out-breath. On the 15th breath, inhale and hold for a few seconds and then slowly exhale. Now keep your hands over Third Eye and base of the spine for 15-20 seconds while inwardly repeating to yourself “Arise Serpent Fire.” Repeat Step 1

Step 2:

Put your right hand on your heart. Put your left hand on top of your right hand. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, fairly quickly. Do not pause between the in-breath and out-breath. Breathe into the heart. Repeat breaths 10 times. On 10 th breath inhale, hold a few seconds, then slowly exhale. Keep hands on heart for 15-20 seconds while inwardly repeating “Awaken Sophia,” “Awaken the Christ,” or “Awaken Michael.” Repeat Step 2

Step 3:

Keep your hands on your heart. After you have finished repeating “Awaken the Christ” (or Sophia or Michael) slowly repeat “Ma Om” to yourself (mentally) while breathing in through the nose on the syllable Ma and out through your nose on Om. You can also repeat “I Am Love” for some time instead of the mantra, if you prefer. Continue the silent repetitions for 5-15 minutes. Your breathing will become gradually slower and you will slowly drift into a meditative state.

GnosticGnostic-GnosticGnostic--Alchemical-AlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemical MeditationMeditationMeditationMeditation PositionsPositionsPositionsPositions

There are some standard leg and hand positions that you can assume in order to stimulate the inner process of alchemy when you meditate. Simply stated, alchemy is the process of uniting the male and female polarities to generate the alchemical fire. Since the right and left sides of the body correspond to the male and female principles, simply by joining them together alchemy is performed. By using these alchemical positions the Serpent Fire or Kundalini can be activated, and the left and right hemispheres unite so that the Gnostic Warrior can experience gnostic consciousness and receive guidance from the inner Spirit.

consciousness and receive guidance from the inner Spirit. AlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemical

AlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemical SittingSittingSittingSitting PositionsPositionsPositionsPositions To unite the two halves of the body the Gnostic Warrior can sit in a cross legged position on the floor, or upon a bed or cushion, etc. He or she can also sit on a chair and simply cross the legs. To support the back so you can sit for a long period of time, either sit against a wall or elevate your buttocks by sitting on a pillow.

There are a few classic cross legged positions in Hatha Yoga. The simplest is “Easy Pose,” wherein the feet are tucked under legs. The next one in order of degree of difficulty is the “Half Lotus,” wherein the right foot rests on the left thigh (left foot on top of right). The most advanced sitting position is the “Full Lotus” wherein each foot sits upon the opposite thigh. The left foot should end up on top of the right foot, so that even though the polarity is united there a slight dominance given to the female, passive principle. The Full Lotus has many advantages: It keeps the legs “locked,” and this assists in keeping the mind one- pointed. It holds in the body’s Force so it can be used for concentration. And when held in for long enough the Force will heat up and become alchemical fire. The Full Lotus when held for one hour can purify most of the subtle nadis or meridians in the etheric body, thus keeping the Gnostic Warrior perfectly healthy. Remember that the first two sitting positions should be mastered – i.e., they become comfortable to sit in for a long period of time - before practicing the Full Lotus during meditation. When learning the Full Lotus, begin by holding the posture for five minutes. When it becomes comfortable for five minutes then add another five minutes, etc.

AlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemical HandHandHandHand PositionsPositionsPositionsPositions To unite the two halves of the body the Gnostic Warrior can also rest his or her two hands upon the lap, left hand on top of right, in the traditional

Buddha pose. He or she can also rest the hands, palms up, on the right and left knees while joining your index fingers to your thumbs. This position of the hands is known as “Chin Mudra” and assists in the activation of the Third Eye so the Gnostic Warrior can experience gnostic awareness during meditation.

AlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemical TimesTimesTimesTimes forforforfor MeditationMeditationMeditationMeditation There are certain times of the day that specially support alchemical meditation by promoting a yin-yang balance in the body. These are 4-6 am and sunrise and sunset. Between 4-6 am the body is the most balanced in the 24 hour cycle. Typically, every person breathes predominantly out of the right or left nostril, thus activating the Pingala or Ida Nadis and their corresponding male or female principles. Only between 4-6 am does a person breath evenly through both nostrils, thus creating a balance of the male-female principles and, ultimately, their union. Sunrise and sunset are also good alchemical times because there is a balance of light and darkness at those times, which will have the effect of balancing the yin-yang principles within the body. Meditation should not occur in the middle of the day or in strong sunlight. Hot and direct sunlight consumes the inner life force and makes the body predominantly yang.

GnosticGnosticGnosticGnostic MeditationMeditationMeditationMeditation Regular meditation will assist the Gnostic Warrior by making the mind steady and one-pointed. A steady mind will be less likely to succumb to negative or fearful thinking and be able to make quick decisions. Through meditation the Gnostic Warrior will also awaken the inner gnosis and learn to hear the guidance that is always coming from Spirit.

There are many forms of meditation a Gnostic Warrior can adopt in accordance with his or her temperament. They include:

1. One-pointed prayer and worship directed towards an image, a picture, or a


2. One-pointed meditation on a symbol or on a philosophical idea.

3. One-pointed meditation on some uplifting music or a captivating painting.

4. One-pointed focus on one’s daily work.

This fourth practice of meditation is not suited for everyone. The Gnostic Warrior must be able to completely shut out all extraneous thoughts and focus solely on his or her work. Thus, the work must be completely suited to and continuously enjoyable to the warrior. He or she must also be able to give up concerns

regarding the fruits of the work, and accept exactly what is gained through it, otherwise such concerns will disturb their mental stillness.

5. One-pointed repetition of a mantra.

This final form of meditation is often the easiest to learn and practice for the Gnostic Warrior. A mantra consists of one or more Sanscrit syllables that when mentally repeated or vocalized will generate a vibration in the body that will catapult the Gnostic Warrior into a meditative state. The more a mantra is used, the more powerful it becomes as a meditation tool. This is because the user of the

mantra plays a role in empowering it. The Gnostic Warrior should find one mantra that he or she feels most comfortable with and continue to use it with each meditation.

AlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemicalAlchemical MantrasMantrasMantrasMantras One of the best mantras to use is OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, meaning “Salutations to Shiva, the Infinite Spirit.” Each of the six syllables of the mantra correspond to one of the lower six chakras and one of the five elements, so its repetition will also activate those power centers and purify the five elements that constitute the physical body. During meditation repeat this mantra silently (mentally). Repeat once on the in-breath and once on the out-breath. Two-syllable mantras are very powerful tools for leading the Gnostic Warrior into meditation since they rapidly slow down the breathing. Because of the breath-mind connection, slowing the breath will naturally slow down the mind. These mantras include Ham-sa, So-Ham, and Ma-Om. Ham-sa and So-Ham are versions of the Sanscrit mantra Ahamsa, meaning “I am That.” Ma-Om is a gnostic mantra that resonates within both the heart and Third Eye. The first syllable of each of these two-syllable mantras is repeated silently (mentally) on the in-breath and the second syllable is repeated silently on the out-breath. If the mind of the Gnostic Warrior is very active when he or she begins meditation, the longer mantra of OM NAMAH SHIVAYA can be used first initially to effectively calm and slow down the mind, and then a two-syllable mantra can be used once the mind has become calmer.

AffirmationAffirmationsAffirmationAffirmationsss Affirmations are a powerful adjunct to meditation. Once the conscious mind is calmed through meditation then the inward repetition of positive, uplifting affirmations can easily travel into the unconscious mind. They will remain there following meditation and to influence the conscious mind throughout the day. One important positive affirmation for the Gnostic Warrior to repeat daily is:

“The Infinite Spirit exists within me and I am able to manifest all my goals.” Another is “I am a powerful Gnostic Warrior with all the inner weapons I need to meet the challenges in life.” And another is: “I meet all my challenges in life with both ease and peace of mind.”

MentalMentalMentalMental DisciplineDisciplineDisciplineDiscipline When the mind of the Gnostic Warrior is unsteady and descends into negative thinking, the Warrior should always be ready to replace negative thoughts with those that are positive and supportive. If he or she is unable to do this, then the Gnostic Warrior should consider spending some time raising his or her vibration through chanting, repeating mantras, meditating and performing alchemical practices. An empathic Warrior may need to remove him or herself from people in order to clear the auric field from the negative energies received from others. Crystals are clearing, so meditation in a crystal grid can be healing, as can a peaceful walk in nature and/or through a vortex.

PyramidsPyramidsPyramidsPyramids andandandand CrystalCrystalCrystalCrystal GridsGridsGridsGrids To enhance your meditation

PyramidsPyramidsPyramidsPyramids andandandand CrystalCrystalCrystalCrystal GridsGridsGridsGrids

To enhance your meditation you can set up a pyramid and/or a grid of crystals. The pyramid shape results from uniting two geometric forms associated with the polarity, so it will naturally balance and unite the polarity of a Gnostic Warrior who sits within one. A pyramid is produced by uniting a cube, the three dimensional form of the square, the symbol of matter, with a tetrahedron, the three dimensional shape of the triangle, the symbol of the fire of Spirit. The union of the male/female polarity as Spirit and matter within a pyramid produces a version of the fiery, transformative Kundalini, which rises up its center; thus the name, pyr-a-mid, “Fire in the middle.” If a Gnostic Warrior sits or lies down in a pyramid its transformative power will alchemically work to engender a union of the polarity in his or her body and thereby transport them into a meditative state. A crystal grid in the shape of a hexagon or octagon with the crystals at the points with terminations pointing inwards will also serve to unite the polarity within a Gnostic Warrior when he or she sits or reclines within such a grid for rest and/or meditation. While lying down within such a grid the Gnostic Warrior can also place crystals over the chakra centers to both activate and balance them. For optimum results set up a pyramid and place a crystal grid inside of it. This will create a very powerful meditation chamber. Lie down or sit up within this chamber while holding your Holy Stone and you will have a powerful alchemically induced meditation experience.

SelfSelfSelfSelf InquiryInquiryInquiryInquiry One practice that can calm and still the mind, as well as assist the Gnostic Warrior in achieving self knowledge, is the discipline of Self Inquiry. To perform this practice the Gnostic Warrior should begin by asking him or herself, “What am I?” Contemplation on this question, and the inquiry that ensues, will often have the effect of stilling the mind. The mental inquiry should lead the Warrior from the most physical to the most etheric levels of his or her being. In succession, the Gnostic Warrior should ask:

“Am I this physical body?” “Am I these emotions?” “Am I these thoughts?” etc, etc.

Each question will result in a resounding “NO” when the Warrior realizes that when the part of self under examination is absent he or she does not cease to exist. When the Warrior is asleep and not aware of the physical body, for example, he or she still exists. When the emotions and mind are still, he or she also continues to exist. So the true nature of the Gnostic Warrior transcends these levels. Ultimately, it will become clear that the essential part of the Gnostic Warrior that must always be present is pure awareness, i.e., the underlying, witness consciousness. When the Gnostic Warrior realizes that the witness consciousness is his or her eternal essence and true self, the inquiry is complete and he or she can then dwell in pure, untainted awareness.

“I“I“I“I amamamam notnotnotnot thethethethe Doer”Doer”Doer”Doer”

Once the Gnostic Warrior begins to know him or herself as the eternal witness consciousness, it will also become apparent that he or she is not the “Doer.” The real “Doer” is the Goddess, which as pure energy has condensed to become a person’s ephemeral components of mind, emotions, and body. The Goddess has even become a person’s ego, which is also impermanent and composed of energy. The Goddess has accomplished all the activity in the universe since the time of Big Bang, and all things continue to happen under her guidance and locomotion. She contracted her life force form to become the physical body, mind and emotions of the Gnostic Warrior, and She continually fuels and animates these parts of self with Her nurturing life force. As the conscious life force, the Goddess digests the Gnostic Warrior’s food, replaces his or her cells, pumps the heart, etc. The Goddess’s commanding influence on body and mind becomes completely evident to the Gnostic Warrior after he or she learns to dwell in the transcendental witness consciousness, where the dance of the Goddess spinning her web (the Matrix) can be witnessed without taking any part in it. He or she can then watch as the Goddess drives all the bodily processes, as well as the mind, emotions and the muscular movements involved in everyday living. The Gnostic Warrior can then truly proclaim “I am not the Doer.” He or she will then pray to the Goddess daily for protection and sustenance.

ActivatingActivatingActivatingActivating GnosisGnosisGnosisGnosis

The Goddess is also Sophia, your inner gnosis and guide. Sophia, meaning “wisdom,” is the wisdom that emanates from your inner Spirit. Thus, the Goddess is your wisdom and power but not the true you, the inner, transcendental Spirit. To receive guidance from the Goddess you can simply ask questions during your meditation and wait for an answer. You will know it is the Goddess speaking to you because the answer will arise with an accompanying “AHA!” that resonates throughout your body. At first the “AHA” in your communications may be subtle, even hardly perceptible, but the more you mediate and ask questions the more obvious and clear it will become. Remember: guidance does not come only as words, it may instead come as inspiration to take some course of action. You may be thinking of moving ahead with some project when all of a sudden you feel a

rush of inspiration telling you that you are on track with your plans. To receive guidance from the Goddess you can also call her forth by her various names. There are many of them to choose from. You can also repeat many of Her names at once as the 108 Names of the Goddess, which is a very powerful and reliable aid for receiving messages and inspiration from the Goddess. Both the 108 Names and some other assorted names of the Goddess can be found at the end of this guide. These names consist of Sanscrit letters that activate petals on various chakras, and each petal is associated with a different power or ability. All 50 letters of the Sanscrit alphabet are intoned when repeating the 108 Names of the Goddess. Therefore, solely by its daily repetition can the Gnostic Warrior activate all the petals, all chakras, and all his or her inner powers.

TheTheTheThe VisionVisionVisionVision QuestQuestQuestQuest

To initially connect to Sophia, i.e., the inner Gnosis, or to refresh that connection, the Gnostic Warrior should find time to exclusively devote to alchemical spiritual disciplines. One such observance which can be embarked upon with the specific intent of continually practicing these disciplines is the Native American rite of the Vision Quest. Typically the Vision Quest is observed in nature, in the wilderness or desert, and occurs over three days and three nights. With nothing but a bed roll and water, a Gnostic Warrior can use his or her time to exclusively observe spiritual practices designed to raise his or her vibration and unite with Spirit. Often, during the second or third day, a new revelation, answer, or vision will present itself to the meditating Warrior. For the Gnostic Warrior the Vision Quest has a secondary benefit. It assists the Gnostic Warrior in transcending his or her fears. When the Warrior realizes he or she is all alone in the wilderness many fears regarding self-protection suddenly arise. The Gnostic Warrior must then learn to replace such fears with a renewed faith in the protecting nature of the inner Spirit and the Great Spirit or Goddess that surrounds them.

AcademicAcademicAcademicAcademic StudyStudyStudyStudy

The academic study of the Gnostic Warrior should cover a wide range of helpful topics, including the mechanics of living in the world. Even a peripheral study of business practices is helpful. Spiritual study should include the lives and legends of the Gnostic Warriors, the Knighted Orders, and the Gnostic Sects, as well as the contemplative words of the enlightened Gnostics.

PracticalPracticalPracticalPractical studystudystudystudy shouldshouldshouldshould include:include:include:include:

First Aid Nutrition Basic Herbology Survival Skills: Skills for self-survival in any environment (desert, wilderness, etc.)

Skills for living in civilization (including social skills, basic business skills etc.) The mechanics of Martial Arts

AdditionalAdditionalAdditionalAdditional StuStudyStuStudydydy shouldshouldshouldshould include:include:include:include:

History of the Knights Templar The Holy Grail – Arthurian Legends Basic Psychology Basic Philosophy

SpiritualSpiritualSpiritualSpiritual StudyStudyStudyStudy shouldshouldshouldshould include:include:include:include:

The stages and mechanics of the Spiritual Path Esoteric study of the Chakras and Kundalini History of the Gnostic-Alchemical Path since Mu The lives and teachings of the Alchemists and Gnostic Masters The mechanics of meditation, mantra and alchemical transformation

TheTheTheThe BhagavadBhagavadBhagavadBhagavad GitaGita:GitaGita::: ScriptureScriptureScriptureScripture ofofofof thethethethe GnosticGnosticGnosticGnostic WarriorWarriorWarriorWarrior

The definitive scripture for the Gnostic Warrior is the Bhagavad Gita, the “Song of God.” The Gnostic Warrior should make the study of this scripture a basic part of his or her daily contemplation. At the heart of the Bhagavad Gita is a conversation on the battlefield of Kurukshetra in ancient India between Arjuna, the archetypal Gnostic Warrior, and Krishna, his inner Spirit who is depicted as Arjuna’s chariot driver. During the dialogue, Arjuna, becomes despondent at the realization that he was about to slay some of his own relatives, but he is able to resume his role of warrior after receiving instruction from Krishna regarding the Dharma (code, modus operandi, lifestyle) of a noble Gnostic Warrior. All facets of the Gnostic Warrior lifestyle, including diet, alchemy and meditation are covered in detail during the ensuing conversation. One of the principal lines in the Bhagavad Gita that aptly sums up the entire text is “Yoga is skill in action.” This means that by using good discrimination in all his or her actions, the Gnostic Warrior is performing yoga and will evolve spiritually. Another important and essential passage reads “Prakriti (the Goddess) is the performer of all actions and the Self (the inner Spirit, true Self) is actionless.”

MartialMartialMartialMartial ArtsArtsArtsArts

All martial arts have their respective benefits, however it is encouraged that the Gnostic Warrior study a martial art that incorporates a spiritual emphasis. Such martial art schools include:

Akkido: A purely defensive school with a spiritual philosophy Kung-Fu: A school of with a spiritual philosophy. Tai Chi: A very soft-style martial art that teaches Taoist philosophy. Tai Chi Swords


In times of danger a Gnostic Warrior can call upon the Goddess and/or Her Son for protection. A Sanscrit mantra used to invoke the support of the Goddess is:

OmOmOmOm NamoNamoNamoNamo ParashaktyaiParashaktyaiParashaktyaiParashaktyai NamahaNamahaNamahaNamaha (Salutations(Salutations(Salutations(Salutations totototo thethethethe UniversalUniversalUniversalUniversal Goddess)Goddess)Goddess)Goddess)

For correct Sanscrit pronunciation, use the pronunciation key near the end of this manual.

To receive protection from the Son of the Goddess, Sanat Kumara (aka Skanda), the First and Archetypal Gnostic Warrior, continually repeat the following mantra:

OmOmOmOm NamoNamoNamoNamo SkandayaSkandayaSkandayaSkandaya NamahaNamahaNamahaNamaha (Salutations(Salutations(Salutations(Salutations totototo SanatSanatSanatSanat KumaraKumaraKumaraKumara asasasas Skanda)Skanda)Skanda)Skanda)

asasasas Skanda)Skanda)Skanda)Skanda) Even more powerful invocation is the Gayatri Mantra of Sanat

Even more powerful invocation is the Gayatri Mantra of Sanat Kumara:

OmOmOmOm ShadhananayaShadhananayaShadhananayaShadhananaya VidhmaheVidhmaheVidhmaheVidhmahe ShaktShaktiShaktShaktiii HastayaHastayaHastayaHastaya DheemaheDheemaheDheemaheDheemahe TannoTannoTannoTanno SkandaSkandaSkandaSkanda Prachodayad.Prachodayad.Prachodayad.Prachodayad.


Om,Om,Om,Om, TheTheTheThe OneOneOneOne withwithwithwith sixsixsixsix facesfacesfacesfaces WithWithWithWith thethethethe powerfulpowerfulpowerfulpowerful VelVelVelVel givengivengivengiven bybybyby ShaktiShaktiShaktiShakti IIII worshipworshipworshipworship thethethethe feetfeetfeetfeet ofofofof SkandaSkanda-SkandaSkanda--Murugan-MuruganMuruganMurugan

PrayersPrayersPrayersPrayers forforforfor ProtectionProtectionProtectionProtection

forforforfor ProtectionProtectionProtectionProtection For protection the Gnostic Warrior can also repeat one of

For protection the Gnostic Warrior can also repeat one of the following prayers:

Prayer to the Goddess:

“Oh“Oh“Oh“Oh SupremeSupremeSupremeSupreme GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess GreatGreatGreatGreat MotherMotherMotherMother ofofofof allallallall ProtectProtectProtectProtect memememe inininin thisthisthisthis momentmomentmomentmoment ofofofof danger.”danger.”danger.”danger.”

Prayer to Karttikeya (Sanat Kumara) or St. Michael:

“Most“Most“Most“Most gloriousgloriousgloriousglorious KarttikeyaKarttikeyaKarttikeyaKarttikeya (or(or(or(or St.St.St.St. Michael)Michael)Michael)Michael) HeadHeadHeadHead andandandand chiefchiefchiefchief ofofofof thethethethe CelestialCelestialCelestialCelestial armyarmyarmyarmy ProtectProtectProtectProtect memememe inininin thisthisthisthis momentmomentmomentmoment ofofofof danger.”danger.”danger.”danger.”

To remain strong and fearless, each day the Gnostic Warrior can repeat:

“O“O“O“O SupremeSupremeSupremeSupreme GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess (or(or(or(or LordLordLordLord KarttikeyaKarttikeyaKarttikeyaKarttikeya orororor St.St.St.St. MichaMichaMichaMichael)el)el)el) GiveGiveGiveGive memememe youryouryouryour wisdomwisdomwisdomwisdom andandandand strengthstrengthstrengthstrength TTTToooo defeatdefeatdefeatdefeat mymymymy fearsfearsfearsfears AndAndAndAnd riseriseriserise upupupup totototo allallallall mymymymy challenges.”challenges.”challenges.”challenges.”

DealingDealingDealingDealing withwithwithwith FearFearFearFear

A knowledge of Martial Arts is a great benefit for a Gnostic Warrior in overcoming fears regarding his or her physical safety. But a Gnostic Warrior must also be able to overcome all his or her other fears to live in equanimity. Nothing cripples a Gnostic Warrior like fear. Only when a Warrior has transcended most of his or her fears can their consciousness remain calm enough to hear the gnostic guidance coming from the inner Spirit or Goddess Sophia. This guidance, symbolized by the Spear, is the Gnostic Warrior’s greatest weapon. The fear experienced in the present moment is often related to traumatic experiences from earlier in the current life and other lifetimes. Fear also results from feeling separate and alone from others and a lack of trust in the protecting and nurturing power of the Goddess. The development of the polar opposite emotion of love can offset these feelings. Through alchemical spiritual practices and service to others a Gnostic Warrior awakens the inner centers of love and thereby overcomes the natural sense of separation that accompanies a physical body and ego. An accompanying sense of love for the Goddess will also intensify one’s feelings of support and protection. Emotional release therapy can assist a Gnostic Warrior in releasing those traumatic experiences that are generating fearful responses to life. Such release can occur through psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and energy work, including massage, acupuncture or Reiki. These modalities effectively move and help release unhealed emotions that have become blocked energy in the meridians and nadis of the etheric body. When these blockages are moved and released, so is their corresponding emotions. A Gnostic Warrior can also overcome his or her fears by intentionally putting him or herself in circumstances that evoke them. Often intensely experiencing a fear is the best remedy for defusing and releasing it. Fear that exists within a Gnostic Warrior from lack of trust in a higher power can also be overcome by consciously trusting the Goddess and Her Son on a daily basis to protect, guide and nurture him or her. In times of stress, hardship and danger, the Gnostic Warrior can call upon the Goddess and Her Son for support and protection. The Goddess is the Matriarch of the Gnostic Warrior Path and is always there to support those who call upon Her. The Goddess’s Son is the model Gnostic Warrior known as Karttikeya, Michael, or Al-Khadir. He is also always ready to assist one on the Gnostic Warrior path – which he himself first taught.

Fear of danger to ones physical form can also be overcome by learning some self survival techniques. A Gnostic Warrior should have knowledge of how to survive alone in any environment, including the desert, the wilderness, high in the mountains, and even in snow and ice-covered regions. Finally, fear can also be overcome through mystical experience during which the Gnostic Warrior recognizes his or her eternal nature. Astral travel and out of body experiences will reveal to the Gnostic Warrior that he or she is more than a physical form and will, therefore, survive any harm to their physical body. These expansive mystical experiences are an essential part of all gnostic paths.

DietDietDietDiet forforforfor aaaa GnosticGnosticGnosticGnostic WarriorWarriorWarriorWarrior

A Gnostic Warrior should eat a diet that is right for his or her constitution

and lifestyle, and one that also promotes spiritual work. In general, the amount of food consumed should be consistent with the daily amount of energy spent through physical, emotional and mental activity. Too much food will consume the life force (including the Kundalini, a high frequency prana) needed for spiritual work. If the Gnostic Warrior eats too much one meal he or she should reduce intake in the following one or two meals.

EatEatEatEat forforforfor youryouryouryour ConstitutionConstitutionConstitutionConstitution

A Gnostic Warrior will possess either a Vata, Kapha or Pitta body type and

constitution. A VataVataVataVata ConstitutionConstitutionConstitutionConstitution or body type is thin, wiry, and “airy.” There is a predominance of the air element in his or her constitution. A Vata person is mercurial, intellectual, and often quiet or introverted, although he or she can also be garrulous and animated. He or she suffers from a weakness of the digestive system, especially in the intestines, and is prone to accumulating an abundance of internal gas. A person with a Vata Constitution should consume a diet that is easy to digest and made up of a predominance of grains, fruits and vegetables. Sweet carbohydrates and easily digested meats are fine as long they are not consumed in too great an abundance. Milk products are good in order to keep flesh on a Vata body and calm the overactive nervous system. Beans and legumes can be problematical. Spicy foods can assist the weak digestive system, but they may be too stimulating for some Vata Constitutions.

A KaphaKaphaKaphaKapha ConstitutionConstitutionConstitutionConstitution is one which possesses a predominance of the earth

and water elements. There is a tendency to gain weight easily for a Gnostic Warrior with this body type, and the muscles are doughy and not usually very well defined. A person with a Kapha Consitution usually moves slow, is never a “morning person”, and needs a greater amount of sleep than those with other body types. In order to balance the earth and water elements, the Gnostic Warrior with Kapha Constitution should eat salty and drying foods, and limit their consumption of carbohydrates. Lean meats, vegetables, fish and fruits are good for this constitution. Spicy foods can help to balance the earth and water elements, but carbohydrates and sweets will exacerbate them and are counter-indicated. A PittaPittaPittaPitta ConstitutionConstitutionConstitutionConstitution is the most athletic of the three. It possesses an abundance of the fire element. Gnostic Warriors with this constitution produce fiery energy that can be channeled into athleticism, abundant activity and creativity, but also aggressiveness and anger. Pitta people have well defined muscles, as well as good, efficient digestion, since fire is the element that digests food, and they can often eat most anything without suffering from digestive disorders. In order to balance their fire, Pitta people should limit their consumption of meats, salty, spicy and drying foods.

AAAA SpiritualSpirituallySpiritualSpirituallylyly SupportiveSupportiveSupportiveSupportive DietDietDietDiet

A spiritual diet is one that does not consume one’s prana or life force and supports spiritual work. Here are a few important guidelines to follow:

DoDoDoDo notnotnotnot overeatovereatovereatovereat orororor consumeconsumeconsumeconsume hardhard-hardhard--to-toto-to--digest-digestdigestdigest foods.foods.foods.foods.

Overeating and eating rich, hard-to-digest foods will consume the life force of a Gnostic Warrior. This includes the alchemical Serpent Power, which is a high frequency life force. A depletion of the life force will result in lack of both energy and inspiration, and give rise to lethargy and a slow, dull mind. Spiritual progress will be slowed, and it will be very hard to experience inner peace, gnosis and an ecstatic union with the Divine.

EatEatEatEat SattvicSattvicSattvicSattvic FoodsFoodsFoodsFoods

Food is either Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. Sattvic food supports spiritual

work, so it should be principally consumed by a Gnostic Warrior. Sattvic foods include easy to digest foods such as fruits, grains and vegetables. Sattvic foods are usually sweet and/or lightly spicy and benefit the water and earth elements of the body. They make a person calm and peaceful and promote contemplation and meditation. By contrast, Rajasic foods are fiery and heat producing foods, such as meats and overly spicy foods that make a Gnostic Warrior active and aggressive, and Tamasic foods are overly processed, extra rich and hard to digest foods that make a person lethargic and uninspired


WhenWhenWhenWhen totototo EatEatEatEat DairyDairyDairyDairy During times when a Gnostic Warrior is involved with intensive sadhana (spiritual practices) and therefore generating a lot of inner alchemical power, or Kundalini heat, it is important for him or her to consume dairy foods. Kundalini feeds off of the inner liquids (seminal fluids, hormones, etc.). Inner fluids and flesh can become consumed quickly during intensive spiritual work unless certain foods, such as dairy products, replace them quickly. If the flesh is not continually nourished, then once it has been consumed by the Kundalini the Serpent Fire will feed off of what is known as the ojas (bone marrow) and jing (seminal fluids). This will give rise to a dangerous deficiency of the immune system and an invitation to a host of disease syndromes that are nearly impossible to overcome. Jing, which is one’s inner essence stored in the kidneys, fuels all the inner organs. When it is depleted the inner organs become weak and inactive. When the Jing is completely consumed, death is either near or has arrived.

NourishingNourishingNourishingNourishing andandandand IncreasingIncreasingIncreasingIncreasing thethethethe ForceForceForceForce

As stated previously, an abundance of life force is imperative for spiritual work. Here are some basic guidelines for nourishing the life force on a daily basis: SleepSleep.SleepSleep A Gnostic Warrior should get 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Too much or too little sleep can weaken the life force. ActivityActivity.ActivityActivity Too much activity will overly consume the life force. A Gnostic Warrior should get the right amount of activity for him in accordance with his or her constitution. A Warrior with a Vata Constitution requires less physical exercise than one with a Pitta Constitution. A Kapha Constitution person requires an amount of physical exertion consistent with their mass. If they are very over- weight they need to have less physical activity than those who are of normal weight. The right amount of activity will saturate the blood with nourishing life force and leave a person feeling tired but not exhausted. TaiTaiTaiTai ChiChiChiChi andandandand YogaYogaYogaYoga – Both Tai Chi and Yoga can greatly help to increase the life force. Through performing Tai Chi in the morning, when the chi in the air is at its peak, the Gnostic Warrior can assimilate an abundance of the Force both from the ground through the feet, as well as from the air. The asanas of Hatha Yoga, when combined with proper breathing, will have the natural effect of both moving and increasing the Force.

44.44 Stress.Stress.Stress.Stress. Emotional stress is one of the greatest contributing factors in weakening a

person’s life force. Emotional stress will both create blockages in the flow of the

life force and consume the jing. When emotional stress is experienced ongoingly it will consume the inner jing fluids that are the raw materials being transformed by the body into life force.

55.55 Sex.Sex.Sex.Sex. To much sex with ejaculation depletes the jing (sexual fluids, hormones),

which is the body’s fluid essence that supports the production of life force and Kundalini. By contrast, discipline and abstinence in sexual relations will nourish and build up the jing to a degree that it produces fire which can bring sexual desires into the mind. Sexual abstinence and celibacy is only required among those Gnostic Knights involved in intensive spiritual activities because at that time they are creating copious amounts of Kundalini power that feeds off the jing. If the jing is depleted at such times the Kundalini is likely to feed off the bone marrow or “ojas” and this could seriously damage the person’s immune system and any reserves of energy.

breathing.breathing.breathing.breathing. Slow and controlled breathing into the lower


abdomen or Dantien, the point just below the navel, will increase the life force power in a Gnostic Warrior. He or she should hold the breath in the Dantien for a count of five and then slowly exhale. This practice will transmit life force down to the kidneys, which will then distribute it to the other organs (the kidneys are recognized as the root of all the organs). When held for a certain period of time the retention of life force in the lower part of the body can also turn into fire that awakens the Kundalini force at the base of the spine. Controlled breathing practices should be observed first thing in the morning when the life force is more

Slow,Slow,Slow,Slow, controlledcontrolledcontrolledcontrolled

concentrated in the air, although they can be performed at any time.

PranayamaPranayamaPranayamaPranayama andandandand ChiChiChiChi GungGung.GungGung These are controlled breathing practices that the

Gnostic Warrior should daily observe principally in the morning to increase the


88.88 MantraMantraMantraMantra repetition.repetition.repetition.repetition. All mantras contain Force, especially those of a sacred

language like Sanscrit or Hebrew, and those that have been repeated by their owner over a long period of time. Moreover, if the mantra comes from an enlightened spiritual teacher it will be full of the Master’s Force. Thus, the Force contained by a mantra is contingent on its language, where it comes from, and how often the practitioner has used it. It is good for the Gnostic Warrior to repeat mantras each morning in order to begin his or her day full of the Force. A mantra should be repeated a certain number of sacred repetitions, or groups of mantras,


as in the 108 Names of the Goddess, or with mantras many verses (stotra mantras), like the Bhagavad Gita, can be repeated. The 108 or 1000 Names of the Goddess (see end of manual) will fill the Warrior with the Force of the Goddess. They will also fill the Gnostic Warrior with inspiration from the Goddess and draw Her protection and assistance in meeting life’s needs and responsibilities.

MovingMovingMovingMoving thethethethe ForceForceForceForce

Besides nourishing the life force a Gnostic Warrior should also keep it flowing. The life force moves within subtle energy channels in the etheric body known as nadis (Hindu) and meridians (Chinese). When it becomes blocked then emotional, mental and physical ailments can result. To restore health the movement of the life force must be restored. To keep the life force flowing optimally and/or to restore its flow, consider the following:

HathaHathaHathaHatha YogaYogaYogaYoga andandandand TaiTaiTaiTai Chi:Chi:Chi:Chi: These are two excellent disciplines for keeping the life force flowing optimally. They are traditionally performed in the morning when the life force is strong in the air; thus, they not only regulate the flow of the life force but nourish it as well. Exercise:Exercise:Exercise:Exercise: Moderate exercise will move the life force and restore its movement. Too much or too little exercise can, however, both block and deplete the life force. AcupunctureAcupunctureAcupunctureAcupuncture andandandand Massage:Massage:Massage:Massage: These are two excellent healing modalities that are designed to restore the movement of the life force. Massage moves the life force through stroking motions applied to the physical tissues, and brakes up blockages by loosening tight muscles. Acupuncture uses metal needles inserted directly into the meridians to unblock the life force and resume its proper movement. The needles act as conduits to either release blocked and congested life force by moving it out of the meridians, or they increase life force by moving it from the outside and conducting it in to the meridians.

Stress:Stress:Stress:Stress: Stress is one of the greatest offenders for proper life force movement. Stress stops the proper flow of life force, which then causes tightness in the muscles, body tissues and/or disturbs the proper functioning of the internal organs. Prolonged stress can cause permanent muscular and tissue tightness in an area of the body that is continually effected and/or severe inner organ disturbance or failure.

DirectingDirectingDirectingDirecting thethethethe ForceForceForceForce

As embodiments of the Infinite Spirit, all humans possess the power to create and manifest their desires. The personal mind and life force of a human is a microcosm of the Divine Mind and Divine Power of Spirit which at the beginning of time manifested the entire universe. Just as the Divine Mind emanated the Divine Force, a spiral of creative power is continually emanating from the Spirit and mind located inside a person’s heart. As the Chinese say, “the heart is the seat of the mind.” To efficiently manifest the life force emanating from a Gnostic Warrior must be strong and abundant. The speed and efficiency of manifestation will depend on the amount of time the Gnostic Warrior spends giving the object of desire his or her one-pointed mental focus. When focused, the Gnostic Warrior will send into the universe his or her thought forms to be manifested. These thought forms are magnified by the Warrior’s personal life force, and they can be further magnified by the use of wands, staffs and hand-held crystals, or by sitting or standing within a vortex or pyramid. When using wands the Gnostic Warrior should point his or her tool in all four directions while visualizing the object of his or her desire. The thought forms of the Gnostic Warrior receive assistance in their manifestation through the vocalization of the syllable OM. The OM is known in India as the “Pranava,” meaning “that which produces prana (life force).” When OM is vocalized it will produce additional life force to carry the thought form into the world and promote its manifestation. The OM is the sound-syllable of the Goddess, whose form body is the Sri Yantra, the geometrical form produced by the OM vibration. The OM is the Divine Power of the Infinite Spirit, which is the Goddess. Thus, through vocalizing the OM the Gnostic Warrior is invoking or summoning the Goddess as life force to assist in the successful manifestation of his or her object of desire.

A thought form can also be empowered by an emotion. After visualizing and inwardly experiencing the joy of successfully manifesting the chosen object, the Gnostic Warrior should then vocalize the OM mantra. This will send both the thought and emotion of the successfully manifested object of desire into the world. The life force will then be encoded to accelerate its manifestation.

KnowKnowKnowKnow YourYourYourYour Destiny,Destiny,Destiny,Destiny, KnowKnowKnowKnow YourYourYourYour DharmaDharmaDharmaDharma

When you know your destiny you will understand your Dharma. Your Dharma is the special work you were born to do in this life. Astrology is a good tool to use for understanding your destiny and dharma. A Natal Astrological reading will inform you of your basic dharma and what planetary forces will most powerfully be directing your destiny throughout life. A Vedic or Hindu chart can also inform you as to what planet is predominant in your life at any given time. At some point you will pass through a Mars Cycle of 7 years, a Moon Cycle of 10 years, a Jupiter Cycle of 16 years, etc., until you have moved through all the planetary cycles. Once you know your current cycle, you will know what planet is predominant in your life and how to use that energy constructively and positively. Astrology can also be a valuable tool that can inform you when you are under planetary influences that are conducive to spiritual work and gnostic experience/development. These should be the periods when you plan a Vision Quest and/or increase the length and frequency of your spiritual practices.

EmpowerEmpowerEmpowerEmpower YourselfYourselfYourselfYourself WithWithWithWith GemsGemsGemsGems

When you have your Astrological Natal Chart erected you will know what gems to wear in order to align with positively with the planets controlling your destiny. These are generally planets that are strong and favorably disposed in your chart. You will also know what gems can be harmful to you because they are governed by unfavorable planets in your chart. Besides wearing stones indicated by the natal chart, a Gnostic Warrior should also wear stones ruled by the planet whose cycle he or she is progressing through.

SuppoSupportSuppoSupportrtrt fromfromfromfrom LordsLordsLordsLords andandandand LadiesLadiesLadiesLadies ofofofof thethethethe RaysRaysRaysRays

A Vedic Astrological Natal Chart will also reveal what your Ray is. Every person is aligned with one or more of the Seven Rays that the Goddess Sophia divided herself into when creating the universe. Knowing your Ray will give you information as to what role you will play in the Goddess’s family as well as the Ray Lord’s that are supporting you in life. Each Ray has two or more Lords or Ladies that protect and support those born under that Ray. They can be called upon at any time for protection, guidance and support.

TheTheTheThe SevenSevenSevenSeven RaysRaysRaysRays ofofofof HealingHealingHealingHealing CorrespondenceCorrespondenceCorrespondenceCorrespondence CourseCourseCourseCourse

Through the Seven Rays of Healing Correspondence Course you can learn how to determine your Ray and the Rays of other people, as well as how to treat yourself and others medicinally in accordance with your Ray. The Seven Rays of Healing is a complete and comprehensive system of natural healing that will assist you in diagnosing and treating most illnesses that do not require emergency medicine or surgery. The Seven Rays Healing System unites Peruvian, Chinese, and Hindu healing systems and is one of the only gnostic approaches to healing in the world today.

SanscritSanscritSanscritSanscrit GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess MantrasMantrasMantrasMantras OmOmOmOm NamoNamoNamoNamo

SanscritSanscritSanscritSanscrit GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess MantrasMantrasMantrasMantras

OmOmOmOm NamoNamoNamoNamo ParashaktyaiParashaktyaiParashaktyaiParashaktyai NamahaNamahaNamahaNamaha SalutationsSalutationsSalutationsSalutations totototo thethethethe UniversalUniversalUniversalUniversal GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess

OMOMOMOM MAHAMAHAMAHAMAHA KALYAIKALYAIKALYAIKALYAI NAMAHANAMAHANAMAHANAMAHA SalutationsSalutationsSalutationsSalutations totototo thethethethe GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess whowhowhowho isisisis thethethethe greatgreatgreatgreat goddessgoddessgoddessgoddess KaliKaliKaliKali whowhowhowho destroysdestroysdestroysdestroys allallallall obstaclesobstaclesobstaclesobstacles totototo enlightenmentenlightenmentenlightenmentenlightenment

OMOMOMOM MAHAMAHAMAHAMAHA DEVYAIDEVYAIDEVYAIDEVYAI NAMAHANAMAHANAMAHANAMAHA SalutationsSalutationsSalutationsSalutations totototo thethethethe GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess whowhowhowho isisisis thethethethe greatgreat,greatgreat,,, nurturingnurturingnurturingnurturing andandandand protectingprotectingprotectingprotecting goddessgoddessgoddessgoddess

OMOMOMOM MAHAMAHAMAHAMAHA LAKSHMYAILAKSHMYAILAKSHMYAILAKSHMYAI NAMAHANAMAHANAMAHANAMAHA SalutaSalutationsSalutaSalutationstionstions totototo thethethethe GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess whowhowhowho isisisis thethethethe greatgreatgreatgreat goddessgoddessgoddessgoddess LakshmiLakshmiLakshmiLakshmi whowhowhowho isisisis thethethethe sourcesourcesourcesource ofofofof life'slife'slife'slife's bountybountybountybounty

OmOmOmOm KundalinyaiKundalinyaiKundalinyaiKundalinyai NamahaNamahaNamahaNamaha SalutationsSalutationsSalutationsSalutations totototo thethethethe GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess whowhowhowho isisisis thethethethe transformativtransformativtransformativtransformativeeee KundaliniKundaliniKundaliniKundalini

OmOmOmOm MuladharaikaMuladharaikaMuladharaikaMuladharaika NilayayaiNilayayaiNilayayaiNilayayai NamahaNamahaNamahaNamaha SalutationsSalutationsSalutationsSalutations totototo thethethethe GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess whowhowhowho dwellsdwellsdwellsdwells inininin thethethethe RoRootRoRoototot ChakraChakraChakraChakra

OmOmOmOm AjnaAjnaAjnaAjna ChakrantaralasthayaiChakrantaralasthayaiChakrantaralasthayaiChakrantaralasthayai NamahaNamahaNamahaNamaha SalutationsSalutationsSalutationsSalutations totototo thethethethe GoddessGoddessGoddessGoddess whowhowhowho dwellsdwellsdwellsdwells inininin thethethethe ThirdThirdThirdThird EyeEyeEyeEye

108 Names of the Goddess, the Divine Mother

This is a selection of names from the Shri Lalita Sahasranam, The Thousand Names of the Devi, which is very ancient and has its roots in Lemuria, the primeval Goddess civilization. You can start your regular repetition of this chant by first learning to repeat the first 18 mantras. Then increase to 52, and then 108. The more you repeat this chant the easier and more powerful it becomes. It will eventually fill you with the power of the Goddess while activating all your chakras. It will give you both inspiration and gnostic guidance. It is, therefore, an excellent chant to do the first thing in the morning before beginning your day.

OM SHRI LALITAMBIKAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the great goddess Shri Lalitambika

OM SHRI MATRE NAMAHA Salutations to the sacred Mother

OM SHRI MAHA RAGNYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the great Empress

OM BHAVANYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the consort of Shiva

OM BHAVANA GAMYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is reached through constant reflection on Truth

OM BHADRA PRIYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who loves to be benevolent

OM BHADRA MURTYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the embodiment of benevolence

OM BHAKTI PRIYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is pleased by Her devotees' loving worship

OM BHAKTI GAMYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is reached by yearning service and meditation

OM BHAKTI VASYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is made one's own by loving acts of devotion

OM BHAYA PAHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who dispels all fear

OM SHAMBHAVYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who worships Shambhu

OM SHARADARADHYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is worshiped as the Goddess of learning in the autumn

OM SHARVANYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the consort of Sarva

OM SHARMADAYINYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is always the giver of happiness

OM SHANKARYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is inseparable from Parama Shiva

OM SHRIKARYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is Vishnu's consort, Lakshmi

OM SHATODARYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who has a slender waist

OM SHANTIMATYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is ever at peace with Her devotees

OM NIRADHARAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who has no other support

OM NIRANJANAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is unstained

OM NIRLEPAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is untouched

OM NIRMALAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is ever pure

OM NITYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is eternal

OM NIRAKARAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is without form

OM NIRAKULAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is never perturbed

OM NIRGUNAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is attributeless

OM NISHKALAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is indivisible

OM SHANTAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is perfectly serene

OM NISHKAMAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is free from all desires

OM NITYAMUKTAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is eternally free from illusion

OM NIRVIKARAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the unchanging basis for all change

OM NISHPRAPANCHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is beyond all phenomena of the world

OM NIRASHRAYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who depends on none

OM NITYA SHUDDHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is eternally taintless

OM NITYA BUDDHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is perpetual abode of knowledge

OM NIRAVADYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is entirely free from flaw

OM NIRANTARAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is without end

OM NISHKARANAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is without beginning

OM NISHKALANKAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who has no lapse whatsoever

OM NIRUPADHAYE NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is limitless

OM NIRISHVARAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Motherwho is supreme


Salutations to the Mother who has no passions

OM RAGA MATHANYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who destroys all attachments

OM NIRMADAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who has no pride

OM MADANASHINYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who wipes out arrogance

OM NISHCHINTAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is free from all anxiety

OM NIRAHANKARAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is completely free from ego

OM NIRMOHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is completely free of delusion

OM MOHA NASHINYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who cures the delusions of Her devotees

OM NIRMAMAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who has no ego or "my"-ness

OM MAMATA HANTRYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who destroys conceit and selfishness in Her devotees

OM NISHPAPAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the negation of sin

OM PAPA NASHINYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who completely destroys sin by the mere repetition of Her name

OM NISHKRODHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who has no enemy or anger

OM KRODHA SHAMANYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who extinguishes anger rising in the minds of Her devotees

OM NIRLOBHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is completely free from greed

OM LOBHA NASHINYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who removes greed from the minds of Her devotees

OM NIHSAMSHAYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is free from doubt

OM NIRBHAVAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who has no origin

OM BHAVA NASHINYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who puts an end to the rounds of birth and death

OM NIRVIKALPAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the eternal pure intelligence

OM NIRABADHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who remains ever untroubled

OM NIRBHEDAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother in whom all are one

OM BHEDA NASHINYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who destroys the distinctions made by the mind

OM NIRNASHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is immortal

OM MRITYU MATHANYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who uproots the cause of death in Her devotees

OM NISHKRIYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is beyond all action

OM NISHPARIGRAHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who takes nothing

OM NISTULAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is unequaled

OM NILA CHIKURAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who has locks of shining black hair

OM NIRAPAYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who never departs


Salutations to the Mother who is beyond all danger

OM DURLABHAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is attained through long-sustained and necessary efforts

OM DURGAMAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is not reached without painstaking continued exertion

OM DURGAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is Goddess Durga

OM DUKHA HANTRYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who destroys sorrow

OM SUKHA PRADAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who confers the bliss of liberation

OM SARVAGNAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is omniscient

OM SANDRA KARUNAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is intensely compassionate

OM SARVA SHAKTI MAYYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the source of all power

OM SARVA MANGALAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who possesses all that is auspicious

OM SAD GATI PRADAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who takes the seeker to the supreme goal

OM SARVESHVARYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the queen of the universe

OM SARVAMAYYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is immanent in all

OM MAHESHVARYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who transcends nature and is the source of all

OM MAHA KALYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the great goddess Kali who destroys even death

OM MAHA DEVYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the great goddess

OM MAHA LAKSHMYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the great goddess Lakshmi who is the source of life's bounty

OM MAHA RUPAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the supreme form

OM MAHA PUJYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is worthy of worship

OM MAHA MAYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the great creator of the illusory energy

OM MAHA SATTVAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the supreme existence

OM MAHA SHAKTYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the supreme energy

OM MAHA RATYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is boundless bliss

OM MAHA BHOGAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the supreme enjoyment and luxury

OM MAHAISHVARYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who has supreme dominion

OM MAHA VIRYAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother of supreme prowess and strength

OM MAHA BALAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is of great strength

OM MAHA BUDDHYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is supreme intelligence

OM MAHA SIDDHYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother whose attainments are supreme

OM MAHA TANTRAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the subject of the great Tantras

OM MAHA MANTRAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the great mantra

OM MAHA YANTRAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is worshiped in the symbols of yantras

OM MAHASANAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother whose seat is worthy of great worship

OM PARAM JYOTYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the supreme radiance

OM PARAM DHAMNE NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the supreme abode

OM PARAMANAVE NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the most subtle

OM PARAT PARAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the greatest

OM PARA SHAKTYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the supreme energy

OM SHRI SHIVAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is with the worshipful Shiva

OM SHIVA SHAKTAIKYA RUPINYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the form of energy or potency united with Lord Shiva

OM VISHNU SHAKTYAIKYA RUPINYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is a form of the potency (shakti) united with Lord Vishnu

OM BRAHMA SHAKTYAIKYA RUPINYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is a form of the shakti united with Brahma

OM SHRI LALITAMBIKAYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is the goddess Shri Lalitambika

OM SHRI MATA AMRITANANDAMAYE NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother who is called Amritanandamayi

OM SHRI MAHA TRIPURA SUNDARYAI NAMAHA Salutations to the Mother whose name is also the divine Mother Tripurasundari