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BODY SHOP Mission Statement Dedicate our business to the pursuit of social and environmental change.

Creatively balance the financial and human needs of our stakeholders: employees, customers, franchisees, suppliers and shareholders. Courageously ensure that our business is ecologically sustainable, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. Meaningfully contribute to local, national and international communities in which we trade by adopting a code of conduct which ensures care, honesty, fairness and respect. Passionately campaign for the protection of the environment, to defend human rights, and against animal testing within the cosmetics industry. Tirelessly work to narrow the gap between principle and practice, whilst making fun, passion and care part of our daily lives. - This statement clearly describes an inspiring purpose that the value of company business is to dedicate and to contribute to communities.

This statement simply describes the companys responsibility to balance between financial and the needs of individual stakeholders however, this sounds a bit too much ideal and obscure.

It seldom defines a business domain and explanation why its business is attractive, as the statement is only focusing on company social responsibility and its contribution role to societies, the description on its core business nature is missing in the statement. In case anyone who is not aware of BODYSHOP reads this statement, hardly notice what is its business domain.

It hardly describes the strategic positioning that helps to identify the

sort of

competitive advantage company

looks for. Also,


statement seldom stated the detail of business nature and product category that indicates what will be specific competitive advantage against competitors in market. -

It surely identifies values that link with the company s purpose and act as beliefs with which employees can feel proud, that is Corporate Social Responsibility and meaningful contribution towards society.

Its values resonate with and reinforce the organizations strategy, which emphasizes pursuit of social and environmental change.

It certainly describes important behavior standards such as protection of the environment, defending human rights, being against animal testing etc. - that serve as beacons of the strategy and the values.

The behavior standards are well described however, there is an ambiguity individual employees to judge whether they are behaving correctly based on behavior standards.

It doesnt give a portrait of the company as it is very hard to capture the culture of the company.

It is somewhat easy to read, however there surely exist certain ambiguities for detailed strategic points on how execute companys value and beliefs.