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Leadership!for!High!Performance! !
by!Luiz!Otavio!da!Silva!Nascimento !
It! has! already! been! talked! a! lot! about! the! winds! of! changing,! the! impacts! on! the!
entrepreneurial! environment! and! the! exponentiation! of! competition! worldwide.! Their!
effects! on! a! great! variety! of! segments! have! also! been! shown! through! lists! of! companies!
that! succumbed! to! bad! weather! in! a!market! under! continuous!mutation.!Whichever! the!
sector! analyzed ,! we! will! find! a! consolidation! process! and! increasing! difficulties! to! create!
value!fo r!al l!parts!involved.!But!if!on! one!hand!we!see!many!funerals,!on!the!other!extreme!
and!not!at! reduced!proportions!we! find!some!oasis!of!high!performance,!which! – ! at! first!
sight! – ! seem!immune!to!the!corporate! black!holes.! !
Based! on! a! research! done! in! 2004 1 ! abou t! the! management! elements! that! would!
from! the! subjects! of! Business! Administration,! which! require! knowledge! and! discipline! of!
application!and!execution. !
shown!here ! and!they!are!related!among!them!by!being!mutually!supported.!!
1 NASCIMENTO, Luiz Otavio da Silva. Management Elements for High Performance, 2 nd part of the book
! ! Figure!I! – ! Management!Elements!for!High!Performance ! ! They! drive! companies! to! high! performance! and!
Figure!I! – ! Management!Elements!for!High!Performance !
They! drive! companies! to! high! performance! and! they! have! been! researched! on! a!
marketing! case! study! held! in! the! Brazilian! state! of! Rio! Grande! do! Sul,! having! been!
identified!those!of!hi gher!impact!on!results!achieved.!!
Upon! trying! seeking! for! the! origins! of! these! management! elements,! it! has! been!
space,! namely:! Culture,! People! and! Managerial! Systems.! T his! idea! is! demonstrated! in!
Figure!II.!Therefore,!these!axes!have!been!named! “ Roots!for!High!Performance” .!The!way!
of!matching!and!dealing!with! them!is!what!will!generate! fruits!as!being! the!management!
elements,! which,! then,! together! might! offer! the! nectar! for! high! performance.! The!
Figure!II! – ! The!Three!Big!Axes! – ! The!Roots!for!High!Performance !
2 !
! ! The!axis!of!the!Managerial!Systems!comes!from!the!Classical!Administration!Theo ry! and! from! the! Scientific!
The!axis!of!the!Managerial!Systems!comes!from!the!Classical!Administration!Theo ry!
and! from! the! Scientific! Administration.! ! The! basic! functions! of! the! Administrator! are!
contained!in!it,!as!Fayol ! said ,!even!the!current!processes!as!Strategic!Planning,!for!instance,!
including! Partnerships! and! Organizational! Learning.! The! People! axis! covers! the! entire!
People/Staff! Management! /! Human! Resources,! Human! Capital! Management! and!
C ompetences,! whereas! the! Culture! axis! refers! to! social! knowledge! systems,! ideology,!
value,!law,!daily!rituals,!beliefs!and!company!practices.!The!management!elements!for! high!
performance! can! own! co Y ordinates! on! each! axis! at! rates! which! change! according! to! the!
company,!being!consisting!and!mutually!related. !
Figure!III! – ! The!Alignment!Among!The!Three!Axes!and!The!Management!Elements!
Cowen! and! Osborne! (2002) 2 ! refer! to! such! conclusion.! Guild! et.! al.! (2001,! p.10) 3 !!
believe! that! the! ability! to! generate! high! performance! is! an! organizational! competence!
which! can! be! learned.! Learning! to! align! the! roots,! the! big! axes,! with! the! management!
elements!are!what!may!make!high!performance,!as!seen!in!F igure!III.!However,!alignment!
2 ! COWEN,! Scott! S.;! OSBORNE,! Richard! L.;! High Y Performance! Companies:! The! Distinguishing! Profile;!
Management!Decision!Volume!40! – ! Numbe r!!3;!MCB!University!Press,!2002. !
3 ! GUILD,! Robert;! GUILD,! Will;! MUNDY,! Ron;! OWEN,! Keith;! Creating! and! Sustaining! the! High! Performance!
Organization;!Managing!Service!Quality,!Volume!11! – ! Number!1;!MCB!University!Press,!2001,!pp!10! Y 21. !
3 !
! is!a! dynamic!management!activity,!as! the!entrepreneurial! scenery!is! daily!modified! upon! demanding! that! the!
is!a! dynamic!management!activity,!as! the!entrepreneurial! scenery!is! daily!modified! upon!
demanding! that! the! company’s! leaders! check! their! management! elements! and! the!
consistency! among! them! by! also! watching! the! three! big! axes! and! defining! priority!
importance!for!high!performance. !
Among! the! elements! put,! it! must! be! emphasized! Leadership.! In! companies! with!
high Y performance! characteristics,! leaders! have! two! basic! functions:! 1)! to ! achieve! results!
through!happy!people;! and! 2)! to!build!the!future!of!their!companies!without!letting!to!do!
today,!because! there!will!not!be! tomorrow!if! their!companies!do!not!“ have%lunch ”!every!
day. !
In! many! companies,! leaders! are! complacent! and! they! become! like! excuse!
performers! on! presenting! negative! outcomes! blaming! the! market! or! the! government!
action! – ! or!its!absence.!But,!they!have!not!been!hired!to!do!that.!Successful!companies!are!
the!ones!that!have!executives,!who!use!their!intelligence!and!capacity! to!change!reality!so!
I!!!CAME © !
The! l etter! C! stands! for! Communication ,! which! is! the! main! tool! of! a! leader.! In!
general,! leaders! of! companies! with! high Y performance! characteristics! are! excellent!
important!concepts. !
When! someone! talks! about! communicati on! what! usually! comes! from! his! or! her!
generally,! is! brief,! well! designed,! original! and! attractive,! being! repeated! thoroughly! to!
enter”! into! their!customers’!minds.!But,! these!companies!make!their!inner!communication!
4 !
! amateurishly;!it!is!very!often!in! the!corridor.!The!leader!passes!on!an!important!message! only!once,!
amateurishly;!it!is!very!often!in! the!corridor.!The!leader!passes!on!an!important!message!
only!once,! en%passant,!and!he!believes!it!is!totally!understood!by!all!his/her ! co Y workers.!!
Leaders! of! companies! with! h igh Y performance! characteristics! devote! time! to! build!
The! first!concept! that!leaders!communicate!is,!in! fact,! the!practice!of!Principles!&!
Values! of! their! companies! by! offering! their! own! personal! examples! and! thus,! forming!
apostles! to! disseminate! them.! Understanding! the! organization! Principles! &! Values! – ! the!
company!beliefs!– ! frees!his /her ! co Y workers!to!act. !
in! a! company! mus t! know! the! strategic! orientation,! which! must! be! summarized,! to! be!
broadly! and! repeatedly! informed.! Co Y workers! must! know! where! the! company! is! being!
The! next! concept! is! how! to! do! it,! that! is,! the! processes.! The! processes! have! the!
capacity! of! simplifying! a! company.! They! make! possible! knowledge! and! development!
abilities!by!allowing!co Y workers’!training!and!also!on!enterprising!programs!of!continuous!
improvement.! Companies! with! high Y performance! characteristics! have! processes! for!
everything.!They!seek!ceaseless! for!the!best!existing!practices!in!marketplace.!They!apply!
solutions,!which!incorporate!these!practices!and!which!are!always!up Y to Y date,!by!searching!
The! fourth!concept! to!be!communicated!is! the!coaching!work,!which!starts!with!a!
“apostles”.! The! leader! acts! demonstrating! clear! understanding! and! respect! for! the! co Y
workers,!being!available!to!guide! them!professionally!and!personally,!presenting!tools!and!
not! imposing! them! solutions.! It! is! worth! remembering! an! English! saying:! walk! what! you!
Finally,!communication!must!be!used! to!make!people!evolve! throughout!a!system!
of! constant! feedback.! All! co Y workers! must! know! how! their! outcomes! are! perceived! and!
5 !
! The! l etter! A! from! our! anagram! means! Alignment. ! Because,! to! achieve! their!
The! l etter! A! from! our! anagram! means! Alignment. ! Because,! to! achieve! their!
company! goals,! the! leaders! will! need! to! align! different!management!elements,! specially;!
strategy,! structure! and! culture.! One! of! the! main! tools! they! own! is! management! for!
competences,! which! – ! based! on! the! necessary! competence! analysis! to! succeed! in! their!
markets! – ! leaders! might! choose! either! developing! such! competences! internally! or!
The!following!letter!is! M ! of! Metrics.!Deming!has!asserted:!“ You%can’t% manage%what%
you% can’t%measure,% you% can’t%measure% what% can’t% be% defined,% you% can’t% define% what% you%
can’t%understand,%and%there%is%no%success%in%what%can’t%be%managed”. !
At! medium! level! companies,! usually,! co Y workers! do! not! have! indicators! and! they!
refer!to! their!goal!reaching!by!using!adjectives.!
- How!are!sales!doing? !
- They’re!good! !
But!what!is!“good”!for!these!co Y workers!and!their!companies? !
Companies!with!high Y performance!characteristics!have!indicators!for!every!activity!
and! every! process.! The! indicators! gi ve! a! clear! visualization! of! the! goals! achieved! or! not,!
they!allow!a!fast!action!to!eliminate!any!eventual!nonY conformity.! !
The! other! letter! of! the! anagram! is! E! of! Execution.! About! it,! Theodore! Levitt! has!
said:!“ Many%people%with%good%ideas%have%a%particular% notion%that%their%tasks%end%when%the%
assignments% are% presented;% they% believe% it% concerns% someone% else% to% elaborate% the%
action%is%a%nonJ productive%way%of%behavior”. !
and! let! the! others! do! the! task! by! making! it! come! true.! In! a! company,! nothing! happens!
High! performance! leaders! follow! personally! the!execution.!The! sentence! they! say!
the!most!is:!l et!me!see!it!!
6 !
! The! last! letter! of! the! anagram! is! I! of! Innovation.! In! a! marketplace! in!
The! last! letter! of! the! anagram! is! I! of! Innovation.! In! a! marketplace! in! continuous!
mutation,! risk!and!innovation!are!known!as! needs! by! companies!with! high Y ! performance!
They!do!not!incorporate!the!latest!entrepreneurial! fashions,! but! – ! on!the!contrary! – ! they!
Innovation! must! be! pragmatic,! i.e.,! it! must! create! value! for! the! customers! and!
results! for! the! company.! About! it! Drucker! has! mentioned:! “ Innovation% is% not% invention%
neither%discovery.%It%may%require%either%of%them% – % very%often%it%does,%but%its%main%focus%is%not%
knowledge,%but%performance%– % at%a%company%that%means%economic%performance”.!!
One! example! that! illustrates! it! comes! from! the! auto! industry! where! occurred! a!
launching! of! a! new! car! whose! doors! opened! for! the! up side,! alluding! to! the! wings! of! a!
butterfly.! Such! innovation! was! a! failure! from! the! company’s! opinion,! which! launched! it,!
flex! engines,! that! is;! which! work! ethanol! and! gasoline! and! or! gas,! is! a! success! from! any!
perspective. !
Together! with! the! anagram! mentioned,! the! study! has! demonstrated! that! the!
an! assertive! one,! who! gives! his /her ! personal! example,! owning! systemic! vision! and!
constancy!of!purposes.!He/she! has!emotional!intelligence.!!
He/she! is! reliable,! visionary,! he/she! motives! people! through! his /her ! clarifications!
and! he/she! provi des! feedbacks! of! performance.! The! success! patterns! are! clear! for!
He/she! maximizes!commitments!towards!the!company’s!objectives!and!strategies.!
He/she! fits! the! individual! task! within! a! big! vision.! He/she! determines! the! end ;! however!
he/she! gives!people!space!enough! for!action!so! that! they!may!develop! their!own!means.!
He/she! gives!them!freedom!to!innovate,!experiment!and!take!measured!risks.!!
The!leader’s!main! role!is! to!build!up!an!organization!and! for! that!he/she! uses! the!
communication! to! transmit! its! principles! &! values,! strategies,! processes,! planning! and!
7 !
! As! previous!mentioned! here,! the! leader! of! a! high! performance! company! has! two! fundamental! functions:!
As! previous!mentioned! here,! the! leader! of! a! high! performance! company! has! two!
fundamental! functions:! to! get! results! through! happy! people! and! to! build! his! company’s!
future,! but!always! remembering! that! it!won’t!exist! future! if! his! organization! don’t! “ have%
lunch ”!every!day.!!
Luiz!Otavio!da!Silva!Nascimento .!Master!in!Business!Administration!(UFRGS! Y ! Brazil),!specialization!in!Marketing!(FGV ! Y !
Brazil)!an d!General! Management!( Emerging!Leader!Program! Y ! Darden!Business!School!of!the!University!of!Virginia! – ! USA!
and! L’École! des! Hautes! Etudes! Commerciales! – ! HEC! of! Paris! Y ! France ).! He! has! a! 25! year! professional! experience! in!
management!retail!and!c onsumer!good!companies,!like!Perrier,!Owens Y Illinois,!Lojas!Renner!and!Diadora.! Currentley,!he!
is!consultant!and! counselor.!!Author!of!the!book s!“ Gestor%Eficaz% – % práticas%para%se%destacar%num%ambiente%empresarial%
competitive ”!(Effective!Manager! – ! practices ! to!be!succeeded!in!a!competitive!business!environment),! ! “ Êxodo% – % da%Visão%
à%Ação% – % Uma%Proposta%para%o%Varejo%Brasileiro ”!(Exodus! – ! From!Vision!to!Action! – ! A!Proposal!for!the!Brazilian!Retailing!
Market)! and! co Y author! of! the! book! “ Administração% de% Empresa s% Comerciais ”! (Administration! of! Commercial!
Companies). ! Professor! of! MBA ! courses ! at! Laureate!Universities! in! Brazil! (Anhembi Y Morumbi! and! Business! School! São!
Paulo). %
8 !