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Frame D(D1): VFD150E23A/23C, VFD150E43A/43C, VFD185E43A/43C, VFD220E43A/43C

Minimum Mounting Clearances

For Fra me A: L is 1 20mm For Fra me B,C,D: L is 150mm

Optional KEP-LE02 Digital Keypad

1 2 3



users for reference.

Instruction Sheet

Air Flow

4 7 1 Status Display


High Performance/Flexible Options/Micro Type AC Motor Drives

Before installation, please read this instruction sheet thoroughly. Keep this instruction sheet at hand and distribute to all

AC Motor Driv e

AC AC Motor Motor Drive Drive

6 8 5 UP and DO WN Key
Se ts the parame ter n umber a nd c han ges the nume ric al da ta, su ch as Mas ter Freq uency .

Disp la ys t he driv er's c urren t stat us.

L Single drive

L Side-by-side installation

To ensure the safety of operators and equipment, only qualified personnel familiar with AC motor drive are to do installation, start-up and maintenance. Always read this instruction sheet thoroughly before using VFD-E series AC Motor Drive, especially the WARNING, DANGER and CAUTION notes. Failure to comply may result in personal injury and equipment damage. If you have any question, please contact your dealer.

2 LED Dis pl ay
In dicat es fre quenc y , v olta ge, curre nt, us er def ined units and et c.

Chan ge be tween diff erent disp lay mode.

Potenti ometer
For mas te r Frequen cy s ett ing.


For VFD-E-P series: example of the heat sink system

Air -extrac ting appar atus

4 RUN Key
St arts AC d riv e operat ion.

Please notice the following warning, danger and caution notes when using this product.

VFD-E series is used only to control variable speed of 3-phase induction motors, NOT for
1-phase motors or other purpose. A charge may still remain in the DC-link capacitors with hazardous voltages before the READY LED is OFF, even if the power has been turned off. Please do not touch the internal circuits and components.
Electr ic box Duct temperature 40 C Air flow s peed 2m/sec


There are highly sensitive MOS components on the printed circuit boards. These components
are especially sensitive to static electricity. To prevent damage to these components, do not touch the circuit boards before taking anti-static precautions.

dust c ollector

User 's heat sink should c omply with the follow ing conditions: 1. F latnes s < 0.1mm 2. Roughnes s < 6um 3. G rease 10um~12um 4. Sc rew torque: 16Kgf-cm 5. Recommended temperature < 80 C

8 ENTE R Used to enter/modify programming parameters

St ops AC d riv e o perat io n an d res et the drive af ter f ault oc curred .

Operation Flow Chart

Sett in g Mod e


A charge may still remain in the main circuit terminals with hazardous voltages even if the AC
motor drive is stop.

AC motor driv e fan

When the source of operation command is set to the external terminals, it may cause the motor
to run immediately after applying power and may cause personal injury.

NO TE: In t he s el ect ion mode, press

Sett in g paramet ers
D D1 D2

t o s et the paramet ers.


W W1

DO NOT install the AC motor drive in a place subjected to high temperature, direct sunlight, high
humidity or liquids.

The AC motor drive must be put in the environment with the surrounding temperature from -20
to +60 and relative humidity from 0% to 90% (no condensation allowed).


If the AC motor drive is stored for more than 3 months, the temperature should not be higher than
30. Storage longer than one year is not recommended, it could result in the degradation of the electrolytic capacitors.

Su cces s to set p aramet er.

In put data error

NO TE n t he parameter set ti ng mode, you can pres s I

H1 H

t o ret urn t he s elect ing mode.


When the motor cable between AC motor drive and motor is too long, the layer insulation of the
motor may be damaged. Please use a frequency inverter duty motor or add an AC output reactor to prevent damage to the motor. Refer to appendix B Reactor for details.

To shi ft d ata

The rated voltage for 230V models AC motor drive must be 240V ( 120V for 115V models;
480V for 460V models) and the short circuit must be 5000A RMS (10000A RMS for the 40hp (30kW) models). Frame A1 W 72.0 [2.83] A2 72.0 [2.83] W1 60.0 [2.36] 56.0 [2.20] 89.0 [3.50] 116.0 [4.57] 180.0 [7.09] H 142.0 [5.59] 155.0 [6.10] 174.0 [6.86] 260.0 [10.24] 310.0 [12.20] H1 120.0 [4.72] 143.0 [5.63] 162.0 [6.38] 246.5 [9.70] 290.0 [11.42] D 152.0 [5.98] 111.5 [4.39] 152.0 [5.98] 169.2 [6.66] 190.0 [7.48] D1 50.0 [1.97] 9.5 [0.37] 50.0 [1.97] 78.5 [3.09] 92.0 [3.62]

D2 4.5 [0.18] 4.0 [0.16] 8.0 [0.31] 10.0 [0.39]

S1 5.2 [0.20] 5.3 [0.21] 5.5 [0.22] 6.5 [0.26] 10.0 [0.39] S2 5.2 [0.20] 5.5 [0.22] 5.5 [0.22] 9.0 [0.35]
Setting PLC Mode
or or

Product Appearance

Sett ing di rect ion

(When t he s ourc e of operat ion c ommand is set to t he digit al k eypad)

Input ter minals (R/L1, S/L2, T/L3)

B1 Terminals R/L1, S/L2, T/L3 U/T1, V/T2, W/T3 Descriptions C1 AC line input terminals (1-phase/3-phase) D1 AC drive output terminals for connecting 3-phase induction motor Connections for brake resistors (refer to appendix B.1 for details) +/B1, Connections for external brake units (BUE series) (refer to BUE series manual for details)

100.0 [3.94] 130.0 [5.12] 200.0 [7.87]

enter PLC 2 mode

Control board c over

Optional k eypad

+/B1, B2

Frame A(A1): VFD002E11A/21A/23A, VFD004E11A/21A/23A/43A, VFD007E21A/23A/43A, VFD015E23A/43A, VFD002E11C/21C/23C, VFD004E11C/21C/23C/43C, VFD007E21C/23C/43C, VFD015E23C/43C, VFD002E11T/21T/23T, VFD004E11T/21T/23T/43T, VFD007E21T/23T/43T, VFD015E23T/43T Frame A(A2): VFD002E11P/21P/23P, VFD004E11P/21P/23P/43P, VFD007E21P/23P/43P, VFD015E23P/43P Frame B(B1): VFD007E11A, VFD015E21A, VFD022E21A/23A/43A, VFD037E23A/43A, VFD007E11C, VFD015E21C, VFD022E21C/23C/43C, VFD037E23C/43C Frame C(C1): VFD055E23A/43A, VFD075E23A/43A, VFD110E23A/23C, VFD055E23C/43C, VFD075E23C/43C, VFD110E43A/43C


Output terminals (U /T1, V/T 2, W/T 3)

enter PLC 1 mode

Earth connection, please comply with local regulations