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Microsoft Dynamics AX

BENEFITS Improve vendor invoice approval process with task fulfillment reports Control time sheet registry with work group, construction site and calendar restrictions Manage credit transaction cash flows Regulate construction expenses with normative cost control Record work logs to support management information Manage multi level real estate property sheets Access construction infomation, work recipes through one form Procurement bid support: make vendors fill in questionnaries for a better evaluation Real Estate Development (RED) module was designed to support AX project module with new functions required by the construction industry. RED is capable of controlling the rightness and accuracy of all transaction types that are to generate cost or revenue posting related to a project or property. Task checking enables project managers to require certain documents or processes to be finished prior to any modification in a task. Thus legal regulations can also be followed in the workflows. Job recipes store all budgeted and actual works with detailed cost and revenue estimates, technical description and normative control. Work log journals open up certain periods for time sheet registry as well as record any important events on the site. Credit management function can generate future installment cash flows related to a property or construction process. AX can automatically create invoices based on the scheduled instalment lines. RED property register helps user to register all self defined data related to a property asset. Properties can be stored in complex hierarchy trees, each with unique fields to be filled. All the works and postings related to a property can be accessed from the same form.

RED link with other modules

Questionnaire Financial - Budget Logistics RED Project HR Fixed Assets

Structure inside RED

the process to do Job Normatives Job Recipes Actual Cost Procurement

the target to achieve Real Estate Projects Activities Budget

the resources Work Groups Daily Logs Time Sheets Assets & Material

Tell RED what you want to achieve

Create your real estate property

add your own fields add accessories, contacts, responsibles create sub properties, setup hiearchies

Create projects for building process, renovation etc.

add, schedule, sort activities set up budget control link projects to your property

Import building industry cost normatives

create job recipes to calculate the building costs compare normative costs to budgeted or actual cost turn job recipe step into a project activity

Support procurement process

create fullfillment questionnaries for certain tasks make your vendors answer these questionnaries for an easier quotation evaluation

Credit management
Plan the cash flow of installments for loan or credit contracts Auto invoice credit installments to your customers

Control your resources

Work groups
create work groups, link employees, sub contractors add daily calendars, setup work hour limitations define quilification requirements for certain jobs setup hierarchy between workers

Work logs
create daily log about the works done, define your own fields allow group of employees to register their daily work for a log link logs to properties, activities, projects borrow assets for the jobs from fixed asset warehouse

employees can register their work done daily record cost category, control daily hour limits post timesheets to the ledger of budgeted or actual cost

Assets and materials

lend fixed assets to workers, track condition and usage calculate normative, budgeted and actual material usage post cost of materials to the ledger