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Marico Bangladesh Limited

An. overview Of Marico Bangladesh Limited

History of Marico Bangladesh Limited: Marico is a leading Indian Group in Consumer Products and Services in the Global Beauty and Wellness space. Marcos Products and Services in Hair care, Skin Care and Healthy Foods generated during 2005-06 a Turnover of about Rs.11.5 billion (USD 250 Million). Marico markets well-known brands such as Parachute, Saffola, Sweekar, Hair & Care, Nihar, Shanti, Mediker, Revive, Kaya, Sundari, Aromatic Fiancee and HairCode. Maricos brands and their extensions occupy leadership positions with significant market shares in most categories- Coconut Oil, Hair Oils, Anti-lice Treatment, Premium Refined Edible Oils, and Fabric Care etc. Marico is present in the Skin Care Services segment through Kaya Skin Clinics (47 in India and the UAE), the Sundari range of Spa skin care products (in the USA & other countries) and also through a recently acquired nascent soap franchise in (India and Bangladesh). Marico's branded products are also present in Bangladesh, other SAARC countries, the Middle East and Egypt. The Overseas Sales franchise of Maricos Consumer Products (whether as exports from India or as local operations in a foreign country) is one of the largest amongst Indian Companies and is entirely in branded products and service

Marico Bangladesh Limited

Mission, Vision, Objectives & Strategies of Marico

Company Vision
To be the market leader

Company Mission
The vision will be achieved by

Marico's business model is based on focused growth across all its brands and territories driven by continuously improving value propositions to consumers.

Market expansion and widening of retail reach Marico aims to be the leader in each of the businesses; by heightened sensitivity to consumer needs, setting new standards in the delivery and quality of products and services through processes of continuous learning and improvement.

Objectives of Marico Bangladesh limited

They want to improve the quality of people's lives in several parts of the world, through branded fast moving consumer products and services in Personal and Health Care sectors. They shall offer brands that enhance the appeal and nourishment of hair and skin through distinctive products and services based on the goodness of coconut,

Marico Bangladesh Limited

other natural substances and the underlying science of hair care and skin care. They shall make available brands that contribute to healthy living, through, both products drawn from agriculture offered in natural or processed forms, and services. They shall develop, in parts of the world beyond the Indian Subcontinent, a franchise for our branded products and services. They shall aim to be a leader in each of our businesses through heightened sensitivity to consumer needs, setting up of new standards in the delivery and quality of products and services and processes of continuous learning and improvement. They shall share our prosperity amongst members, shareholders and associates, who contribute in improving our equity and market value. We shall acquire the stature of a friendly corporate citizen, contributing to the betterment of neighborhood communities, where we are significantly present.

Company profile
Marico's business model is based on focused growth across all its brands and territories driven by continuously improving value propositions to consumers, market expansion and widening of retail reach. Marico aims to be the leader in each of the businesses; by heightened sensitivity to consumer needs, setting new standards in the delivery and quality of products and services through processes of continuous learning and improvement. The model ensures that Marico

Marico Bangladesh Limited

is present in unique / ethnic Indian Product or Services categories where typical MNCs would not be strong. Therefore, Marico does not, unlike many other Indian FMCG Companies, get caught in MNC cross fires. Marico is a professionally managed Company that has built for itself a stimulating work culture that empowers people, promotes team building and encourages new ideas. This has, over the years, enabled Marico to grow its stature as one of the few successful Indian FMCG Companies. National HRD Network awarded the National Award for outstanding work in HRD Marico in 1994 as also the award for Top Performing Global Growth Company from India at the World Economic Forum in 1997. Marico aims to be the leader in each of the businesses; by heightened sensitivity to consumer needs, setting new standards in the delivery and quality of products and services through processes of continuous learning and improvement.

Products and Services in Bangladesh

The products of Marico Bangladesh limited can be characterized as: Parachute (coconut oil) Aromatic Gold Camellia Beauty soap Parachute Belie

Marico Bangladesh Limited

About Aromatic Gold

Aromatic is almost a 10 years old brand in the market. It started off in 1997 with the claim 100% halal which at that time created huge hype and its marker share rose o 20%. This was the first soap in the market which started with a religious platform saying that other soaps in the market uses animal fat where Aromatic is with vegetable fat which is halal. Soon this halal claim turned into gimmick as others also started to claim their product as Halal and soon Market share dropped. But Marico Bangladesh bought it from Jomuna group and re-launches it as Aromatic Gold in last October.

Marketing Objective:
Though Aromatic is a 10 year old brand. It Is now lost from consumers mind as for the last couple of years no marketing effort was put behind this brand, Moreover, it had no unique selling proposition and no particular product benefit. Currently the lapsers of the brand are also increasing. Now with this re-launch the company will be offering the goodness of a range of traditional ingredients along with modern ingredient. This product benefit supports the concept of balanced modernity. With both these product offering along with the winning consumer proposition the marketing objective of the company will be:

Marico Bangladesh Limited

To generate awareness regarding the new launch of Aromatic Beauty soap leading to trial. To bring back the lapsers To convey to the TG that its the only soap which offers balanced modernity both in terms of product and concept

Product Offerings:
Like the winning concept of balanced modernity, the product itself will be designed to represent the concept. The basic idea is to offer modern ingredients with combination of traditional ingredients and to make it more visible in product; beads will be used to represent traditional items on base color. We are planning to go for the below product offerings during re-launch:

Soap Varia nt Whit e Pink

Mode rn Ingre dient Milk crea m Milk cream Milk crea m Milk crea

Tradit ional ingre dient Turm eric Rose water Lemo n Neem

Base color s Whit e Pink


Orang e/dark yellow Dark pink Dark green Dark green


Yello w Gree n

Yello w

Marico Bangladesh Limited

m The communication should result in convincing consumers that it is the only soap in the market, which offers balanced modernity, and hence they must try it.

Different types of Aromatic Gold:

Aromatic Gold is 4 types

Pink with rose flavor

Lemon with lemon flavor. Green with Neem flavor Yellow flavor. with turmeric

Analysis of Competitors:
There are a limited number of competitors in the market area of beauty soap. Like Lux Keya, Tibet, lifebuoy, meril, dettol, gold sevlon, etc.


Therefore we can say that there is

Marico Bangladesh Limited

a moderate but potential market for beauty soap. The quality of these is major concern, but in most cases they do not maintain the quality level. In terms of promotion, advertising, cost of production, shipments and in case of transportation cost they are in a disadvantageous situation. So it is a great opportunity for Marico Bangladesh limited to be a market leader in this sector.

Company analysis:
Marico introduced its operation of Soap project in 2006 in an attempted to offer a high quality product that will be consistent in a quality standard in accordance with good manufacturing practices with appropriate environment friendly packaging. Its distribution network is throughout the whole country and outstanding reputation to reach the consumers of the remotest places.

Customer Analysis:
The target customer of Marico is lower to middle class household. They dont search extensively for information about the brands, evaluate the brand characteristics and make weighty decisions about which brand to buy. Instead they passively receive the information as they watch television or read magazines. Therefore think little to have bath soap instead of fragrance. Also there is a growing trend among the low income household and lower midlevel family seeking for a soap that suits their lifestyle in this tropical region.

Marico Bangladesh Limited

SWOT Analysis Marico Bangladesh Ltd.

The potential growth of the food industry in Bangladesh is very prospective due to the countrys large population and relatively a small number of competitors. It is growing and at the same time being competitive. To keep up this upward trend absolute dedication to understanding and fulfilling their customers need with the appropriate mix of standard service, reliability, improved technology, and skilled as well as dedicated manpower is necessary.
Good Owner Structure. Nice flavor to get the fast mover advantage Good Owner Structure. Financial Soundness. Nice flavor to get the fast mover advantage Introducing advance technology Financial Soundness. Skilled Human Resource. Introducing advance technologyof packaging Attractive design and new style Skilled Human Resource. Attractive design and new style of packaging



Mixture of different cultures Limitation of offering diversified product Price structure Distribution/Channel strategy.

Opportunit y

Economic growth Large potential market Drinkable for all aged groups Easy to collect raw materials Chance to create a new product line


Government regulations. Competitors Devaluation of money Price war. Shortage of technical persons

Marico Bangladesh Limited

Conclusions & Recommendations:

I would like to start the conclusion part from the analysis of the research results, it is clear that Consumers of Aromatic Gold soap are not loyal towards the company. They clearly pointed that if another company comes with similar or better offer, they will not hesitate to switch. If Marico does not take care of these dissatisfactions... Therefore, I recommended some courses of action. My observations make me believe that if Marico follows these recommendations; it will enable them to achieve a sustainable distinct competitive advantage and to run smoothly with loyal subscribers & market leadership.

Satisfying consumers is the primary goal of a company and to be successful the company must do a better job than their competitor. Thus marketing strategies must be chalked out to the needs of consumers competitors. Designing competitive marketing strategies begins with thorough data analysis of the market, the demand, the competitors and the business environment. The company constantly compares the values derived and the customer satisfaction delivered by the product, price, distribution channels and promotion with those that of the competitors.









Marico Bangladesh Limited

They have to put increased emphasis on the strength and weaknesses of the competitor; try to find out the objective of the competitors and the reaction of the competitors to the companys strategies. The Availability of the product must be followed. The customer should inform that it is a product of Parachute Company.

It must be inform that the product is different from the old


The company can participate in trade fairs with special offers.

The name Marico is unknown to people, it is necessary to introduce