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Welding technical regulations of welded flange pipe

1Flange Welding Item Welding Method Technical Paramete r Electrode welding

Welding bar No. Z408

190~25 Inside 0 then Outside 3.2 130~19 0 1.1 Clear the 20mm scope of the appearance of pipes and flanges to be weld, and the appearance of the pipes to be weld should be grinded to be metallic luster. 1.2 The welding should be performed right after the hot installation, and the temperature of the flanges should not be lower than 100. If the flange temperature before welding is lower than 100, the welding spot should be toasted. The welding should be divided in section symmetrically, first weld inside then outside. The moving of the weld bar should be regularly, in order to make the weld ripple in uniformity with the same width. Also the restarting weld should be on the weld bead instead of base metal. After weld should press the previous weld 10 ~ 20mm. When Multi-pass welding, each welded should be clean before welding to prevent defects produced, such as slag. Welds should be full, even, with the same width, and weld width should not be less than the standard pipe wall thickness. Fillet should be with smoothly transit with the tube, the flange. After Welding the keeping heat and slow cooling should be done immediately. 1.3 When there is weld cracks or other excessive defects, the rework should be executed according to the following requirements. Remove the defect completely by hand wheel, and grinding out the width in uniform, smooth surface to facilitate the groove for welding, the groove should have a certain slope at both ends. Preheat the rework parts, and the preheating temperature should be 30 ~ 50 more than the original preheat temperature. Rework welding

Welding bar diameter 4.0

Welding Current

Flange Temperatur e 100

Welding Order

specifications, parameters should be the same as the original weld. 1.4 After welding is completed, clean the weld surface. When necessary, grinding by hand wheel. 1.5 After flange welding is completed, welders should use the green paint to write their own number on each flange. 2. Airtight, Hydro test Test Test items Method Airtight Test pressureMPa Experimen Pressure holding t times Hydro test Test DN 80 pressure DN MPa 100~150 DN 200~600 DN 700~1200 DN 1400~2600 Pressure holding times 2.1 Apply with a brush dipped in soapy





0.6 20 2. 5 2.5 5.3 3.5 1.7 60 water in order to brush the 5.3

internal and external weld position one by one, if soap water is blistering, the quality of welding is poor, marked with chalk leak to repair. 2.2 After using soapy water the holding time of high-pressure gas should not be less than 20 seconds, if the soapy water is not blistering, then weld air-tight pass the test and the flanged pipe can be transferred to the next process. 2.3 When hydrostatic test failed, leaking parts should be polished to the roots then welding, operating strictly complied with the 1.1 1.2 1.3