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Ik onkar Satgur Prasad. {One creator , realised through Satguru}.

Dohra "ATH TRITYEH ADHYIEH MAEH AAHT SHLOK UCHAAR. VARNEH MEHMAA KAAL KEE SUNNOH JANNOH URR DHAAR".{1}. Ath=now and future. Mehmaa=greatness. Kaal=death. Now in the third adhyieh {chapter} the eight salok eulogise the mehmaa {greatness} of kaal {creator} , heh sajjan purshoh! {oh friends} listen to the saloks and absorb them in your hearts.{1}.


BAKEH GUNN VAANKEH NIJJ TAJJI LAAJ MATT HAIH. HAU TAU GUNN KHAAN TUMM SAKKAR KE SAMAAN, KURUKETARGRASEH BHAAN MOH MAEH DAAN TADDH VATT HAIH. KEENIE MAEH ITTAADH KRITT SAASAN NAMITT PARR, SAANAH BHI SAEHI PARR SAAS N RAEHAT HAIH."{2}. Traan=security/sustain. Kaaj=for the sake of. Ke Ke=which. Kanjj dall=lotus leaves. Biraj=on it/them. Kng kanhi=droplet of water. Maddh karr=with ego. Bakeh=composed. Vaankeh=them. Hau tau= I have. Sakkar=Indar. Graseh bhaan=Eclipse of the sun. Saasan=breath. Saasnah=reprimand/insult. For the sake of sustaining my praan {life} what deeds have I not done? {rhetorical question} , but just as droplets of water slither away on the lotus leaf in the same way my breaths are slithering away {coming to an end}. As a result of hankaar {ego} those whose minds are blinded I stood before them composing/singing their praises , abandoning my kul's laaj {family honour} and my budhi {intelligence}. I am the khaan {treasure mine} of all gunn {good attributes} and you are a daani {donator} akin to Indar just as in Kurukshetra {during an eclipse} the donated alms give huge fruition , in the same way the daan {alms} given to me by you will give you much phall {fruition}. i.e. I am asking daan {good attributes from you in the form of alms}. For the purpose of sustaining my praan {life} I have engaged in such deeds , tolerating insults/reprimands from others but the svaas {breaths} still continue to decline.{2}.


RAHEH HAMM SAEKH DEH BRIDDH VAES LAHYOH HAIH. NADDHI RAET TEER PARR TURR YOH SAREER BHAYOH, PRATT DINNH MRITT TEER TEER ABBH AHYOH HAIH. GILLEH KAAL BHAIYAAL SAMM MAIDEKH KE AJEH HAMM, BAJEH BHOG MASHARR KOH MOH SOH MOODH JAHYOH HAIH."{3}. Bhaiyoh uttpatt=born for. Teh toh=they/them. Vaiss=age/lifespan. Saekh=rest/remaining. Vaes=roop/form. Teer parr=on the edge. Teer Teer=very close. Gileh kaal=in the mouth of death. Byaal=snake. Maidekh=daddhoo=frog. Bhajeh=running after. The parents who gave birth to me have passed away a long time ago. My childhood friends too have passed away , only I remain but my body has become aged. Just as there is a tree on the sandy banks of a stream , it is only short lived , my body has become like that and death is approaching nearer and nearer on a daily basis. Just as a snake has caught a frog in its mouth but the frog forgets death and fantasises about eating masharr {insects} , in the same way my janam {birth} as a maha moorakh {ultimate fool} has taken place who whilst in the mouth of the metaphorical snake {death} still yearn like the frog for the metaphorical{insects} masharr of bhog {physical indulgences} by running after them.{3}.


GANNH GRANTHAN MAEHEH UTT KAAVINN MOH YUTT KATHA RASSAMRITT PAAN KARHOH."{4}. Nimaiseh=time equivalent to the blink of an eye , Nimekh=so called , shinn=iota. Vaissah=age. Surr sarr= The Ganges=Ganga. Tatt parr = on the banks of. Tatt karr=by making. Taap=endurance. Gannh=many. Dhaareh=females. Ruch=devotion/love. Kaavin=in poetic style. 1. My remaining life is but only seconds , cannot figure out what to attach the mind to? 2. Sometimes I ponder "should I build a shack on the banks of the Ganges and engage in endurance in order to eliminate my torment?". 3. Then I ponder "the many istrian {females} of superior virtues who showed much devotion/dedication towards me , should I wander around with them?". 4. From time to time I have the furnah {fantasy/desire} to scrutinise thoroughly the teachings contained in the sacred scriptures , to focus on these scriptures thus drinking the metaphorical Amrit Rass {sweet nectar}.{4}. DOHRA "TAPP TRIYAH SUDDHA ASIDDH TRAEH NIMAKH AOUKHAH MAEHEH. DOOKH ROOP BHAVV TEH ABHEH BINN NIRAAS SUKH NAHEH."{5}. By sitting on the banks of the Ganges and engaging in strict endurance , the achievement of virtuous females , the acquisition of the Amrit rass {sweet nectar} of reading scriptures , these three things cannot be achieved since tapp {endurance} and vidhyia {education} requires a very lengthy lifespan. That is why without becoming niraas {renouncing} the dukh roop sansar {torment filled world} one cannot acquire Abbeh Sukh {eternal bliss}.{5}.

KABITT "KAAL BHAGHVAAN BRINDH KALAVAAN KAALI SANGH, KHELAT CHAUSAAR CHAAR DIGH HOOHN KI GHAR KE. CHAAR KHAANI PRAANI GHOTA RAEN DINH PAAS JOTAH, MAART ACHOOKH CHOTA DAMPATT ADARR KE. JAHEH EK GRAH MOH ANEK TAHAH EK RAEH, EK TE ANEK HAVAEH KHINEKH SABH SARR KE. KAAL KAALI KHAALI KEENEH LOKH LOKH PAALI SANN, CHAUPATT N HAALI AJAEH SAEKH LAU KARR KE."{6}. Brindh=many. Kaalvaan=with super strength. Kaali=death , one who has the power to kill. Chausaar=chaupadh=dice game. Digh=direction. Gotah=pawns/pieces. Paas=side. Jotah=both. Achook=never ending. Chotah=blows. Dampatt=both husband and wife , death and creator of death. Adharr=without fear. Khinek=in the blink of an eye. Sarr=has been done. Lokh=fourteen worlds. Lok paali=those responsible for the rearing of the world , i.e. Kuber/Inder/Bramha etc. Sann=together with. Saekh=the rest. The creator with unfathomable power in the form of kaal {death} together with his istri {wife} kaali {the creator in the form of} sit and play chaupadh {dice game}. The four directions , four sub-directions , four eras , and the four seasons are the sixteen houses of this game. The people of the four categories are the nardh {pawns/pieces} , day and night are the sides , this dampatti {husband and wife i.e. creator and death} cast the ultimate throw of dice since they fear on one. The house where there were many now just has one , where there was just one there are now many. Everything happens in the blink of an eye. Kaal and Kaali {creator and creator in the form of death} have emptied an abundance of pawns/pieces {people} but up until now the chaupadh {dice game} still remains intact since the staff i.e. Bramha etc still remain to be consumed.{6}.

KABITT "BHAAN HOOH KI GHATAGHATTI KARR DHINN DHINN PRATTT. PRAAN MEREH GHATEH JAISEH KHOREH GHATEH PAAN HAIH. GRAAM KAAMOH KARR SAAREH BHAVV KE BAEPAAR BHAREH. TAAMOH MATEH MATT VAAREH MRITKOH N DHIAN HAIH. JAAT JARAH PAAT UTT PAAT PAEKH BHATT JAAT. CHEET MOH N JAAT JAISEH BHATT MOH N BHAAN HAIH. MOH ROOP MADHRA PRAMADH KARR PAAN KEENOH BAURAH. BHAYOH BHAVV GAURAH BHAVV KOH N GYAN HAIH."{7}. Bhaan=sun. Gatta gatt=coming and going/rise and go down. Graam=all. Tamoh=in them. Matteh=intoxicated. Jaat=born. Jarrah=old age. Paat=to die. Uttpaat=pain/misery. Bheet=fear. Jaat=going. Bheet=wall. Bhaan=reflection of the sun. Madra=alcohol. Pramadh karr=under ignorance. Baurah=insane. Bhavv=world. Gaurah=Parbatti. Bhavv=ShivJi. As a result of the sun rising and then going down my breaths are decreasing on a daily basis just as the water in an unbaked clay pot seeps out drop by drop , thus leaving it empty. People of the world are so intoxicated in their daily routines of materialistic pursuits that they have forgotten death. The fear of death in childhood , adolescence , and old age does not enter/penetrate the mind just as the reflection of the sun does not enter/penetrate a wall. The world , having drunk the metaphorical alcohol of moh {attachment} , has become insane and that is why the world has neglected the concentration/meditation of ShivJi and Parbatti.{7}. SVAIYAH "AHOH VACHITTAR MANORATH SAGREH MOH URR MOH SAMBHAVV PHALL HEEN.

INNEH N AADH ANTT MADHH CHEENOH JALL TARRANGH IVV UJJPATT LEEN. UNN JAGRATT BALAADH TEENH TRIKK MAEH N HEEN KUSH SUKHPATTI KHEEN. JARRAH KEENH JOBHANN KOH BHOJANN PRAKRAMM HEEN BHAYOH MAEH DEENH."{8}. Moh=me/in me. Sambhavv=are produced. Tarangh=waves/water bubbles. Ivv=like so. Jarrah=old age. Unn kaal=three time spans i.e. past present futre. Awake/sleep/sub-conscious. Tinn balaadh= three stages of childhood , youth , and old age. It is of great amazement that the entities that do not give fruition are always taking place/being produced in my mind.

The beginning , middle , or end of such cannot be conceived just as waves/bubbles occur in the ocean but then disappear again and in the same way sankalp {flights of fantasy} occur and disappear in my mind. These flights of fantasy never cease in the three eras of time , the three eras of childhood , youth , and old age except for a short respite in sakhopti {deep sleep}. Budhepah {old age} has consumed javani {youth} as a result of which my strength has diminished and in every way I have become deenh {helpless}.{8}. SVAIYAH "BAAJ GUNN GAYANGH MOH TANN MOH GUNN APHALL BHAE SABB JYIOH TRIAH BAANJ. KAAL KHIMMA BINN BALLI KRITANT UPP PRAPATT ABB HANEH KE SAANJ. SEHSA YUKAT MUKT HITKOH SUBH JAH KARR MANN KOH SEHSA JAIYE. HAR KE PAIYE KANJJ JUGG HAR KE AVARR SAREH KAU KAUN UPAIEH."{9}.

Gunn gayangh=the good attributed creator. Khimma Binn=who mdoes not show mercy/forgiveness. Kritaant=kaal=death. Upp=sameep=near. Haneh=kills/destroys. Kih=or. Sehsa=prashan=question. Hitt=for. Sehsa=fear/worry. Harkeh=doing the renunciation of. Paiye kanjj=charan kamal=creator's name. Sareh=mukti=liberation. Without the realisation of Pramatma {creator} all the gunn {good attributes} in my body are aphall {futile} just as a barren female is aphall {non-productive}. Kaal {death} that is without mercy is immensely balli {powerful} , i.e. it does not leave anyone out , kaal is the destroyer of Bramha's {given the task of creating world} world and it is not known when kaal will strike. Upon hearing this my mann {mind} asks: Prashan {question}: What is the saresht {special} yukti {technique} for acquiring mukti {liberation}? as a result of which the mann's {mind's} sansa {doubts} dispel and reach a state of shanti {peace/calm}. Uttar {answer}:If both of the metaphorical lotus feet {Hari Charan , i.e. creators name} are forsaken then what other method of mukti {liberation} is there? {rhetorical question}. Artharth {in other words} Without the creator's name there is no other method of mukti {liberation}.{9}. KABITT "JAHKE BAAMEH DAAHNEH SAMATT CHAKKAR HOTEH AGGARR, RAAJAN KI SABBAH THEE MAYANK MUKHI NAARIAH. BHOOPAN KEPUTTAR THEH VACHITTAR BEER AHANGHKAARI BRIDH, BANDHI JANN HOTEH VANS KAEH UCHARIAH. AHOH BHAI BHAROH KASHT BHAARI BHOOP BHAE NASHT, SIMRITT PADEH PRAVISHT JAANKI KATHA BHAARIAH. HINSAK PRAPANCH SAH BRUNCH KOH ASANGH PUNNAH, TAIHEH KAAL BEER KOH JUHAAR BAAR BAARIAH."{10}.

Baameh=left. Daahneh=right. Sammat=ministers. Chakkar=many/all. Mayankh mukhi=moon faced. Brindh=many. Bandhi jann=singers of praise. Padheh=Upnishads. Pravisht=specially written or acquired. Hinsak=destroyer. Prapanch=world/universe. Bruch=Bramha. Sah=with. Beer=brave warriors. Juhaar=Namaskaar=salutation. Those kings who had ministers to their left and right , held courts with fellow kings , whose palaces were adorned with moonlit faced females , whose sons were proud fearless brave warriors , and who had an abundance of singers singing their praises. It is striking heh bhai {oh brother}! and a matter of great torment that even such mighty kings have been reduced to rubble ,i.e. dead. The creator through Bramha does the naas {finishing} of the world/universe but still remains asangh {unaffected} and is still not full ,i.e. still carries on destroying. My namaskaar {salutations} to that metaphorical warrior of death over and over again.{10}. SORTAH "AHOH BRAAHT ATT KASHT JAAS KAAL KE VASS BHAE. BHAE PRAAK SABBH NASHT GHAE SIMRITIEH PATHANN MOH."{11}. Praakh=in the past. Pathann=path/way. Moh=in. It is of great regret that oh brother! , it is of great torment that all of the kings of the previous eras have become the fodder of kaal {death} and have gone in the diection of Simritiah {ancient text} in other words {artharth} upon listening to the katha {meanings} of these ancient text the names of these kings are mentioned therein.{11}. ARDH BUYANGH PRAYAT SHANDD "JISEH KAAL GAALEH. SOH BHOOPAL PAALEH. JISEH AASEH PAASEH. SOMANTRI PRAKASHEH."{12}. The kaal that has destroyed abundant after abundant amounts of kings who were surrounded and illuminated in every direction by superior ministers.{12}.

"MAHAH BEER SIANAH. SABBHI NEET JAANEH. PUNNAH JAAHEH AAGAEH. SABBAH RAAJ LAAGEH."{13}. "CHALEH AGGAR JAANKEH. TANYEH BHOOP BAANKEH. YUVAH DRAVH MAATEH. SAHANKAAR JAATEH."{14}. The vazeer {ministers} who were brave and wise in all matters , who competent in all matters of rajneeti {political knowledge} , and who entertained the court of kings.{13}. Who had the handsome young princes ahead of them who were on a high with wealth and youth as a result of which they were very proud.{14}. "HUTTEH CHAARNAGREH. SABHOGANGH SAMGREH. TAHAH RAAJ DHAANI. HUTTI SHRAKK SAANI."{15}. TEEHAH INDH TUNDHI. MANHOH KAAM KUNDHI. JATTEE LAAL MOTI. GHANEE DHAAM HOTI."{16}. Who had their praises sung by singers , who indulged in all sorts of indulgences , and whose raajdhaani {palaces/capital city} was on a par with that of Indar {shakkar}.{15}. Indar=moon. Tundhi=faced. Their palaces were adorned with an abundance of moonlit faced females who were studded with gems and pearls , who appeared to be the embodiment of kaam {lust} itself.{16}. "CHALEH BHAAT GAATEH. CHIRINGJEEV DAATEH. JINEH KOPH AAGHEH SABHI BHOOPH BHAAGEH. {17}. "SIREH SHATTAR SHAAJEH. DISHA CHAAR BHRAAJEH. KAREE HAIH SAVAARI. KAREE HAIH SAVAARI."{18}. Haih= horses. Karee=done. Karee=elephant. Those whose praise is sung by bhatt {singers} in the form of shands {poetic style} and are accompanied by them. They say "heh daateh {oh

Lord} may you be chiringjeevi {have a long life}". Many other kings feared the wrath of these such kings. {17}. Their heads would have a shattar {large unbrella} above it , their hukam {command} would be accepted in all four corners of the land. They would ride elegant horses and ride elegant elephants. {18}. "INNEH AADH RAAJEH. HUTTEH SAA SAMAAJEH. SABHI KAAL MAAREH. GANNEH KAUN SAAREH. {19}. BHAE TEH PURANEH. NAKOH TAHEH JAANEH. KATHA JE PURANEH. SANNH NAAM JAANEH." {20}. These kings who once were , who rule with pride have all been consumed by kaal {death} now. Who can count the number of such kings? {rhetorical question}. {19}. They have become puraneh {old} , no one knows them now. Only those who listen to the katha {meanings} of the Puraans {ancient Indian text} will know of their names. {20}. "PUNNAH TEENH LOKHI. SUNEHOH VILOKHI. NIMEHKEHAK MAAHI. GILLOH KAAL TAAHI. {21}. YUBHA BRIDH SHOREH. KAHOON KOH N SHOREH. NAMOH TAA KAALEH. JISSEH SARAB GAALEH." {22}. Furthermore the beings of the three worlds whose names are in the Shaastras {ancient text} have all been consumed by death in an instant. {21}. My namaskaar {salutation} to the mighty kaal {death} who shows no mercy on child , youth , and elderly. Kaal destroys everything. DOHRA "HANEH HANTH PUNN HANEGHO UTTAM MADHAM MANDH. GANNEH BAROBARR SARDH KOH TAANTEH TAANKOH BANDH." {23}.

My namaskaar {salutation} to the kaal {death} that does not discriminate between uttam {high} , madhamm {middle} , and neech {low}. Kaal consumes all on an equal basis. {23}. KABITT "JINOH DHANOH KARR SABH MILEH MANOH KAAM JABB, TAAKOH BHAYOH SIDH TABB KAHAH LAABH MAAN HAIH. ARINN KOH SIRR PARR CHARAN KOH DHAAR KARR, KAHAH BHAYOH DHAAR DHAAR SOYH SAABHMAAN HAIH. JOH SANEHI JANNOH DHANN KARR MAAN KEENOH GHANOH, KAHAH BHAYO TOHEH BHANOH TOOH KUL BHAAN HAIH. KALP PRAYANT BHOG BHOGENARR KAHAH HOGH JAATEH, ANTT NAASI LOKH SANEH KAAR KAAN HAIH." {24}. Arinn=enemy. Dhaar dhaar=being without fear. Kul bhaan=sun of the lineage. Kalp=one day of Bramha.....when 14 Indars have finished their raj then one day lapses for Bramha..........72 chaunkdiah yug is the time equivalent to the time taken for Indar's one raj. Kaar Kaan = Karak avtar {an Avtar for a specific purpose}. The material wealth that everyone yearns for , when that is obtained what is the benefit of such? If by crushing all enemies one becomes fearless and sleeps with ego , so what? If friends sing your praises when they receive material wealth from you and they say "that you are the suraj {sun} of your kul {lineage} , what happens? Heh bandheh {oh being}! even if one's life span was that of kalp and one indulged in all the bhog {material pleasures} , what will happen? In the end together with the kaarak Avtar all people will be consumed by death. {24}. DOHRA

"BHAYOH KAAL BHAIH PRAGAT KARR TRITYEH ITT SRI AAP. VAIRAAGADHIK SUTT JANEH HANEH SARAB BHAIH TAAP." {25}. With the fear of death the teesra adhaiy {third chapter} has been written. This fear of death has given birth to the metaphorical son of "vairaag" {renunciation} etc. The likes of which dispel all fears and torments. {25}. ITT TRITYEH ADHAIY {third chapter}.