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Leveraging your strengths for greater efficiency and new revenue

Competition has become a powerful force for todays energy companies. In seeking ways to optimize their infrastructure and workforce, many organizations are now seeking to develop and expand their telecommunications capabilities. Some continue to struggle with developing their own communications infrastructure, uncertain about the process. Those with existing telecommunications systems believe that greater operating efficiencies and cost reductions are possible, but are unsure about how to uncover them. Others believe that, for enterprising organizations willing to leverage their existing telecommunications assets, additional value and cash flow can be generated in new markets. But commercial venturing into rapidlychanging and unfamiliar industriesas many have learnedcan prove to be a costly gamble that poses great risks to the enterprises profitability. No matter what stage of development or condition your communications system may be in, or what unique circumstances your company may be facing, you will have access to our extensive, worldwide telecommunications experience. We will put our expertise to work to meet your organizations specific needs in every aspect of telecommunications infrastructure development, from demand/market forecasting and regulatory/competitive analyses to design, implementation, and commissioning.

Communications has evolved into a remarkable strategic asset that, when properly structured, can reduce operating costs, improve reliability, and open up new revenue streams. Strategies Based on Experience
The prevailing trend in the telecommunications business is rapid change. Myriad technical and structural trends, options, and challenges are present, and their progress is difficult to forecast. The fundamental business drivers, however, remain constant. KEMA Consulting thoroughly understands all of these factors because we have had the advantage of working directly with both telecommunications companies and power utilities around the world. In fact, KEMA Consulting knows that for many organizations, telecommunications can be a valuable revenue opportunitywith minimal incremental costs and by using the existing infrastructureif the initiative is properly planned, approached, and implemented. Our experience also proves that the correct approach can greatly improve reliability and cost efficiency of the same infrastructure. It takes exceptional telecommunications expertise to uncover these opportunities and to apply proven success strategies to affect the desired results.

A well-developed telecommunications infrastructure offers significant potential for enhancing enterprise value through improved efficiencies and new revenue streams.
Telecommunications infrastructure can enhance core capabilities as well as generate new business opportunities. It equips the utility to address many of todays key utility issues more effectively, such as:

Security; Metering; Outage Management; Mobile Workforce Management; Mapping and Staking; and Customer and Vendor Relationship Management.
Realizing the rewards while minimizing the risks requires a broad range of hands-on systems development and problem-solving experience in todays fast-paced telecommunications business.

Independence and Objectivity

KEMA Consulting is an independent and wholly-owned consulting companywe are not affiliated or partnered with energy operating companies, equipment manufacturers, or vendors. This independence allows us complete objectivity so that we can develop and deliver impartial analyses, assessments, services, and recommendations on your behalf. Your organization receives the service and expertise it needs, along with the best technology for the project. This is one of the main reasons why our clients have come to trust our expertise.

Winning at telecommunications requires a combination of technical competency, market knowledge, and proven success strategies.
With an exceptional track record of proven telecommunications success strategies, KEMA Consulting is adept in all aspects of developing and operating communications systems. Our services encompass the following major areas:

To be successful, todays energy enterprise must understand the entire scope of telecommunications and ITfrom the boardroom to the switch room. Services Designed for Success
To help progressive utilities capitalize on the extraordinary potential of todays telecommunications opportunities, KEMA Consulting offers a full spectrum of market-tested, success-proven services and expertise including:

Demand and Market Forecasting; Legal and Regulatory Analysis; Competitive Assessments and Strategic Planning; Network Architecture and Design, and Technical Assessments; Financial Analysis; and Procurement and Implementation Support.


Demand and Market Forecasts

Critical information needs to be uncovered about your telecommunications needs and your environment before any actions can be implemented. The market trends in your operating region are important to define in order to develop a successful telecommunications strategy. This is the first and most important step in the process. We offer demand and market forecasting to determine specifics on usage and density, and demand forecasting which is critically important in service planning.

Internet, Data, and Packet Switching; Satellite Communications; Telemetry, Command, and Control; and Radio and TV Broadcasting. Financial Analysis
How well your company understands and manages your telecommunications financial resources is another key to success. From project finance, capital formation, and debt/equity structures to institutional analysis, we have extensive experience in developing successful financial strategies for telecommunications and utility companies alike. As a key part of your business plan, our strategies help you achieve the ideal balance between risk and reward.

Regulatory Analysis
A key telecommunications success strategy is determining the legal and regulatory climate of the operating environment for your business. KEMA Consulting offers analyses that help you identify legal limits, trends, allowance, liabilities, and other factors that can impact success. We then develop strategies to help you deal with these issues effectively and confidently.

Rate and Tariff Development

The cost accrual and recovery of telecommunications investments can spell either success or failure for your business. KEMA Consulting will assess your situation and develop the appropriate rate structures and tariffs to maximize your operations competitive advantage and profitability.

Competitive Assessments
We will conduct extensive assessment studies to investigate the competitive landscape in your market, including carriers, bandwidth trading opportunities, broadband demand transport, and consumption levels. We can then develop the most effective market entry and partnering strategies for your organization.

Organizational Analysis
Numerous organization factorspersonnel, processes, policies, and trainingcan impact your communications effectiveness. Human resources are as critical to success as technological resources. KEMA Consulting knows from experience where to look for improvements in efficiency and how to apply the right strategies for optimum effectiveness.

Service Definition
Using our extensive experience in telecommunications, KEMA Consulting will help you clearly define the level, nature, and extent of your service offering that will have the greatest chance for success.

Infrastructure Assessments
Your current and planned infrastructure must be assessed for its utility to the current and future needs as well as for the strategic direction of the firm. Options such as outsourcing, trading, and new technology can offer cost-effective solutions for network development. It is important to assess the existing infrastructure capabilities and capacity and to identify needed technologies. Technical assessments and engineering and design of communications infrastructures are among our greatest strengths.

Implementation Planning and Support

While other consulting firms walk away after they submit their recommendations, our team of experts is there to guide and support you every step of the way, when and where you need it, from tender development and procurement, to oversight and project implementation, to commissioning and testing. Our goals are the sameto assure an ideal communications infrastructure that meets your specific needs.

Network Architecture and Design

With the needs defined and the existing infrastructure assessed, KEMA Consulting can design an optimized network that leverages installed facilities and implements the appropriate new technology and outsourcing for success of the enterprise. From network architecture to design, KEMA Consulting can help determine current capacities and capabilities, and interpret the results into meaningful strategies for additions, improvements, and refinements. Our expertise in telecommunications systems and technologies includes:

For utilities worldwide, no one can match the level, breadth, and depth of telecommunications expertise of KEMA Consulting.
Look to KEMA Consulting for broad-based, impartial expertise in assuring your telecommunications project is a success. Think of us as your trusted, strategic business partner. Let us put our worldwide experience and proven success to work for your organization.

Fiber Optics and Microwave Transmission Systems; Mobile and Cellular Systems; LAN/WAN;

KEMA Consulting is an international corporation with more than 450 energy specialists. We provide a full complement of services to enable our clients to implement the systems and processes necessary to achieve maximum reliability and improved customer satisfaction. From tactical procedures and technological issues to strategic and executive-level decisions, we offer the energy industry a formidable partner to address the dynamic changes that are taking place. KEMA Consulting has assisted more than 500 clients in over 70 countries in achieving their strategic and operational goals. Applying global experience and regional insight, we support generation through the consumer side of the meter. KEMA Consultings comprehensive solution services position us as a premier provider of total business solutions for the energy industry.

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