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Richard Langley with his adoring fans. (see article) Sir John chooses the STAR seat. Enough said The inflatable's Coventry. arrive at


EDITORS COMMENTS When I wrote the last editors comments we had just knocked Everton out of the cup. Who would have thought that that game would be the trigger for all that came through the remainder of the season. Up to then it had been a little disappointing to say the least, but the trip to Wembley I think was a just reward for everyone. I will make no comment about the result, but to say that it sets up next season well. I wish everyone a very enjoyable summer and look forward to seeing a packed Mad Stad on August 6th. URZ. At this point I would like to say a big thank you to Rowan Draffin, Helen Bullen and Dogger for sending in articles to be published. As usual can I make a request for articles that you would like us to consider for publication. Another thank you goes to Lianne Macbeth for the main cover photograph, Sybil Ford for Sir John (page 2) and Garden Opening (page 11). Ann Long for use of Shanes Early Days (page 20) and lastly Paul Ellix for the Wedding photograph (page 10). Photographs and articles on any STAR, RFC related subjects can be sent to info@star-reading.org. CONTENTS
Chairmans Notes.Page 4 Fans Forum: Players.Page 5 Quiz Night.Page 9 / STARs Royal Wedding.Page 10 Garden Opens.Page 11 / A Question of Reading.Page 12 Forgotten Hero.Page 13 / A Day Out.Page 16 Away Grounds : Your Views.Page 18 Paul Turner Match.Page 19 / STAR Interview Ann Long.Page 21 Carols Grandfather found.Page 23 / A View from STAR Base.Page 24 Cover Pictures Reading Supporters on their way to Wembley EDITORS Wendie Wakefield / Esther Madden / Nathan Wakefield / Pete Vickery Published on behalf of STAR Reading Football Supporters Society Ltd. trading as STAR


Hello again, welcome to the third Reading Matter of the season, and especially to those reading this in its electronic form. Well that season went on longer than anyone anticipated when I wrote the equivalent notes in February, and we all enjoyed the anticipation of the Wembley game if not the result. I must admit at half time I was thinking, please at least make us proud of you so the second half certainly did that and if only Jems shot had gone in it might have been a very different story. Since then we have had the visit to the Somme which was very moving and thought provoking and we intend to ask for contributions to a permanent memorial on one of the panels at the Madejski, so if you would like to be involved keep watching the website and our page in the matchday programme for details. Dont forget to contact us with anything you want us to raise at RFC management meetings as we can only raise problems we know about. As always you can contact us at the STAR Base opposite gate 7 before any home game or on info@star-reading.org Paula Martin

Do you have Management Training Skills? STAR are looking for someone to help us create a framework for our volunteers If you would like to help you can contact us at STAR Base behind East Stand or on info@star-reading.org

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Jake Taylor, Jem Karacan and Andy Griffin

Fans Forum 24 February 2011 with guests Andy Griffin (AG), Jem Karacan (JK) and Jake Taylor (JT) Q to JK: Why dont you reply to fans on twitter? Mikele Leigertwood always does as does Robbie Savage and Rio Ferdinand. It would improve your relationship with the fans to reply occasionally. JK: Ill start replying now! I dont really look at them too much but I will try to now and try to get a better relationship. Ill do it more. Q: Leigertwood is great on twitter. Any chance of encouraging more players to sign up? AG: I dont do it and if Im honest I dont really do technology in general. Im a closed book. JK: Churchy and Hal try to do it. Mikele loves it and uses it the most. We can try to persuade the others. JT: The youth team boys like it. Q: Church has struggled in front of goal recently, do you think he may still be grieving the loss of Gylfi?! AG: Yes, without a doubt. And I am. And Jem is. Hes a tremendous player. Churchy and Gylfi were worryingly close. Churchy has not played as much as he would like. He will soon be banging the goals in. JK: Yes definitely. They were a bit too close sometimes. We grew up with him and he was a massive loss and he misses it here. Churchy will soon bang in the goals. Q: Who are your heroes, sporting or otherwise? AG: For me, Stuart Pearce and Duncan Ferguson. Others are my granddad and nana, mum and dad, they have all been inspirational

JK: Paul Gascoigne. And Tuncay. And my mum and dad. JT: Zola, I dont know why. I liked to watch him play. And my family. Q: How do you think you have performed this season individually and as a team? JK: There is always room for improvement. I watch on DVD to see what I can improve. There have been some highs and some lows. Weve had a team discussion and promotion is always the priority. JT: I just want to be involved as much as possible, even if just on the bench. Ive not played as much as I would like. But I will keep my head down, work hard and hope I get involved. AG: Overall, Id like to think Ive been reasonably consistent, as throughout my career. Im not usually outstanding or have a nightmare. So being consistent is the thing for me. As Jem said, you should never settle for how you do, you can always improve. We should always strive for 10/10 in the papers. Crossing, shooting, whatever, you can always improve. As a team I think it is reasonably healthy. We could have more points but we are where we are. Its a fact that weve drawn too many games but there are thirteen games left, we could go on a fantastic run and win 10 or 11 and then see where we finish. Q: How can you improve as a player? JK: As I said we analyse all games. I could score some more goals and improve my passing. I can improve by working hard in training. I talk to Griff, Jobi and Hartey who help me. Im 22 and hope Ill have a long career and be the best that I can be. JT: I can improve a lot of things. Im working on the defensive side of my game. It comes with age. I will train hard and get the most out of every day. AG: Ive only ever scored 8 goals, so my goals per game ratio isnt good! I just want to get one goal, but my shooting is a bit wayward, left or right foot its just not working at the moment. Q: What is best about playing for Reading? JT: Ive been here for 12 years. I had a season ticket when I was young. I love playing for Reading. JK: Its home from home for me really. Its a part of my family. I love it every day and I want to play in the Premier League with Reading. AG: Its playing with freedom. Ive not come across that before. Its hard to explain. I came here last year and I couldnt understand

why I watched the Liverpool game and Brynjar was playing at right back and I thought why do you need me? I was welcomed in very quickly. There are good young players here who are willing to learn. When Id finished my loan spell my heart was set on coming here. OK, Ive played with bigger names, but I felt comfortable with this group. Q: Which teams have impressed you most/least in the Championship? AG: QPR are impressive, and Watford considering they were on the verge of relegation last season. Leeds and Norwich have done well. Least? Whoever is bottom. JK: Norwich, Leeds, Millwall all good and QPR are on fire. And Leicester with Sven. Any team who signs Yakubu will do well. Worst, Bristol City perhaps or the bottom team JT: Swansea play good football and are getting good results and QPR. Worst the bottom team Q: Which players have impressed you? AG: Taarabt has the most natural ability and has had a lot of media coverage. Hes got a big future. Also Mikele, I cant understand why hes not playing in QPR team. Hes been a very good player for us and I hope he stays longer. JK: Yes Taarabt is brilliant. And Hoolahan is the best Ive played against this year. And after a slow start Shanes on fire now. JT: Andy King for Leicester. Hes only 21 and he is their captain, thats impressive. Q: Do you see yourselves ending up in management eventually? AG: A lot of people have been asking me that. Ill be 32 in March and Ive probably got about 4 more years in me. Some things I definitely wont be are a paramedic, no, or a fireman, no I get asthma. If Im honest perhaps coaching of the academy under 12s a youth team perhaps. I dont think Id go into management, there are too many egos and too much pressure to cope with. JK: Ive not thought about it. Its been drummed into you to look after what you earn. My mum and dad owned a caf, its where I grew up. So perhaps a chain of cafes or shops called Flames! JT: A lot go down the coaching route and do their coaching badges. Ive been in football all my life so I would want to keep being involved.

Q: Best and worst pitches? And the Madejski pitch? AG: Worst, Nottingham Forest? looks a bit boggy. Best, dont know. It is always great playing at home but our pitch is not the greatest as its shared with a rugby union team, it takes a lot of hammer, the groundsman has his work cut out. Q: How does it feel playing against ex-Reading player? JK: Its nice. I grew up with Harper and hes doing well for himself at Hull. He didnt give me the chance to do him. I want to do my best though. When I play against friends like Ryan at Forest, I have to remember hes not here anymore and Im playing against him. We speak after the match. Q: What is your least favourite football rule? JT: The celebration rule and taking your shirt off. I think you should be able to celebrate in any way you want. Its a stupid rule. JK: The same. I want to score a few more and get booked for taking my shirt off! AG: Yes I agree. It is an emotional game with so much at stake. But if I score the winning goal in the play off final Ill run into the crowd naked! And the offside rule is he or is he not interfering with play? FIFA should sort that one out. Q: FA cup or play offs? JK: The main aim is the play offs. The cup is a great competition, but Everton is a difficult tie and at the end of the day that would be a bonus. The play offs is the aim. Promotion that way would be the best thing. But its a nice buzz to be in the cup. The forum ended and all the guests were thanked for their time and for coming.


Quiz night? I hear you cry. The Famous STAR Quiz Night I replied. Oh when was quiz night? 20th April last. Oh I missed it then? Yes.

How many teams took part? Eighteen, but we would like more next year, I replied. Were the questions hard? Some were and some were easy. Go on then, ask me one of the questions! How did forty year old Emily Davison come to public notice at Epsom on 4th June 1913? Oh, wasnt she the lady who jumped in front of the Kings horse during the Derby? Yes was my swift answer. That wasnt that hard. Was it for charity as in previous years? The charity chosen for this year was EVERYMAN. What do they do? EVERYMAN is a cancer charity dealing with male cancer. Oh, and will the quiz be for charity next year? Of course. Who were the winners? The Scrambled Eggheads, by one point. Then who won the wooden spoons. The Frazzles. Is there a quiz next year? Yes, you coming?

A big thank you go to our Question Master Paul Ellix and his team. Also the organisers Wendie and Nathan. See you next year.


Helen Bullen

Yes, folks the day had finally arrived! The one that Coach 2 have been hearing about for most of the last couple of seasons. STARs Vice-Chair, Michele was getting married!! The first surprise of the day was the date anyone who knows Michele well will know that not only is she a bona fide loyal Royal, but also a fully paid up member of Fabios Barmy Army. So when one received the wedding invite, one had to think, Hang on, werent England due to play a vital Euro 2012 qualifier at Wembley against Switzerland on the 4th of June? Did this mean we were all trooping up there for the second time in a week? No, being a project manager in her normal life, Michele had already worked out if she scheduled the wedding for 2pm, shed be Mrs Mead and ready to join Lampard, Terry et al in singing the National Anthem by 3.45. Micheles friends will also tell you that being late is not an option. Come 2pm though, a nervy looking Peter was checking his watch. Fortunately, the registrar remembered to tell him that she had indeed turned up! Soon after 2pm, we all rose to watch the blushing bride waltz down the aisle on the arm of her very proud Dad Michael. There were a few tears, but she recovered to say I Do and before we knew it, Miss Law was Mrs Mead. After the marriage ceremony, Michele and Peters friend, the Reverend Stuart Tanswell gave a short blessing, after which the wedding party spilled out onto the terrace at Mill Hall for drinks.


As a nod to Peters hobby of playing with trains a small steam train was hired to give rides. Strangely, this seemed to attract more of the adult guests!! After a wonderful dinner of salmon, bangers and mash and cheesecake, it was time for the speeches from the father of the bride, the bridegroom and the best man. He asked Peter to cover Micheles mouth with one hand and take the other in his. We all wondered what racy bits of Peters lurid past were going to be divulged, until Andrew pointed out that this would be the last time Peter had the last word and the upper hand! By this time, England had scraped a not very convincing 2 all draw with the Swiss, so we all went off to throw some shapes on the dance floor and eat cake, which was much more fun.. A wonderful time was had by all.


On Thursday 7th April The Remembrance Garden was opened by Sir John Madejski. May we take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all who have helped with this project.



This year STAR has broadened the events calendar with a new show A Question of Reading. Two teams of well known Reading players battled it out through various rounds to become the Question of Reading Champions. Team One was ably captained by Graeme Murty with Brynjar Gunnarsson and the legend who is Richard Langley. Richard, beside a busy schedule, stepped into the breach at the last minute. (For those who can remember seeing Richard play, please do read the next article. Ed) The other equally capable captain was Matt Mills with his guests Andy Griffin and Noel Hunt. Your quiz master for the evening was Ady Williams assisted by Michele Law keeping the scores (which was regularly questioned by Graeme through out the evening). By the interval Graemes team was well in the lead with Matts team declaring it was a stitch-up. After the interval Ady subjected us all to his Red Nose Day standup comedy routine. He finished to a rapturous round of applause by all there. The Red Nose Day collection buckets filled fast Second half continued as the first with Graemes team again in full flow and Matts team complaining bitterly about a stitch-up. By the end of the evening it became a completed 6-0 type victory for Graeme. STAR would like to say a big thank you to Radio Berkshire who arranged the sound system and the TV, radio and newspaper crews who covered and helped advertise the event. Was it a complete success? I believe the answer is a definite yes. Will Richard Langley ever play for Reading again? Ask the Gaffer. Was Matts team stitched-up? We will never know.



Dogger Banks

Richard signs yet another shirt for one of his adoring fans

Reading Matter is privileged to have obtained this exclusive interview with the famous Richard Langley star of the team comprising of our 2005 / 06 Championship winning heroes in the recent STAR Question of Reading quiz. Our intrepid Reading Matter reporter (Dogger Banks) managed to track Richard down to a small cleaners cupboard in the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre where he was entertaining his adoring red-headed fan shortly after the end of Question of Reading. Without much cash changing hands Richard agreed reluctantly to recount his days as part of the record-breaking team exclusively for STARs members. (DB) Richard, many thanks for agreeing to this interview. I suppose that I want to start really by asking what your favourite memories of that fantastic season are. (RL) Dogger theres so many to choose from I couldnt possibly say. (DB) Oh okay lets move... (RL) No wait a minute... let me think (pause). Ah yes (longer pause)... of course. (DB) Are you going to tell me? (RL) Yes, Im sorry I was just reliving the special moment. It was in the home game against Sheffield United. In the last minute with the score at one each we had a free kick to the right of the penalty


area. I saw Bryn (Gunnarsson) lose his marker and whipped a perfect cross for him to glance the winner past Paddy Kenny. (DB) I thought that was Sekou Baradji. (RL) Its an easy mistake to make Dogger, but no, it was definitely Paddy Kenny... Sekou used to play for us by the way. Kenny shouldnt have been on the park then anyway. (DB) Do you mean because he denied a clear goal scoring opportunity when he handled the ball outside the penalty area from Nick Montgomerys header back to him? (RL) No, hed had a dose of the squitz in the morning... shouldnt have been playing at all in my opinion stank like the loos in the South Bank at Elm Park. I didnt shake his hand at the end of the game just in case. The one other match that stands out for me was the three two home win over Crystal Palace, where I scored the best goal of my career with that overhead kick to bring it back to two each. (DB) Surely you mean Leroy Litas overhead kick? (RL) No! Absolutely not. I cant believe the audacity of that man in still trying to claim that goal. He wasnt even playing as it was evening game... he was clubbing down in Bristol... or at least thats where said he was... the video was on YouTube, but it didnt particularly look like Bristol to me. How the gaffer let him get away with it I dont know. (DB) Ok, probably best to be moving on. What was it like to play under Murts captaincy? Was he an inspiring leader? (RL) Dunno, he may have been... I couldnt understand a word he said once he broke into that Scottish burr. (DB) I thought that he came from near Middlesbrough. (RL) No broad Scottish! Tartan jock strap; eats nothing but neeps, tatties and deep fried Mars bars; tosses cabers and grapples bagpipes in his spare time; has Andy Stewart on his iPod; constantly whistling Donald wheres yer Troosers; took his luggage to away games in two Johnnie Walker bottles. The only person who could understand him was Kevin Dillon. He used to translate for us ....at least he may have done, but as I couldnt understand Dills either Im not too sure. (DB) What do you remember about the promotion winning match at Leicester? (RL) I have mixed feelings on that one. (DB) What you mean sick as a parrot and over the moon at the same time? (RL) Are you taking the Mickey? Of course it was great that we


clinched promotion, but Doyler (Kevin Doyle) seemed to get most of the praise for his equalising goal; unjustly in my view. Everyone seems to have forgotten that if I hadnt been obstructing the goal keeper it would have been a simple save. Its a team game... you know, all for one and threes a crowd etcetera. I agree wholeheartedly with all of that as long as credit is given where its deserved. The scenes at the end were wild though... I managed to pick up 4.74 in loose change, a Swiss army knife, half a pack of wine gums and the keys to a Vauxhall Viva when the Gaffer threw his coat into the crowd. (DB How would you describe the scenes at the Mad Stad after the title winning match against Derby? (RL) That was really incredible... Ill never forget the look on the kids faces when Sidders (Steve Sidwell) pulled Kingsleys head off. They thought hed killed Kingsley... mind you we had a real chance a few weeks later after my namesake conceded the penalty against QPR in the final game. I thumped that in and we all set-off after Kingsley. We really laid into him then... how he got up from that Ill never know. I made sure that I got a good few kicks in. (DB) You scored the penalty... I thought that it was Murtss goal. (RL) Youre not the first to say that... but wed all been out on the razz the night before and we were still so hung over that none of us were really sure at the time who took it. Still the important thing is that lion will think twice before messing with us again. (DB) Were there any times in the season when you doubted that you would get promotion? (RL) Well, not really, other than not getting a date with that woman who danced topless on the stage at the STAR promotion party at the After Dark Club cant remember her name, but I think that she is on STARs Board. Oh, and it became a real pain in the backside, match after match, having to explain to opponents who Kyocera were. Look, I hope you dont mind but Im expecting another friend any minute... Aah, here she is. Would you step in here love and Ill come in a minute? Dogger, its been a real pleasure talking to you. Id like to tell you the real story of the Premiership years one day. By the way this is all off the record isnt it? (DB) Richard the pleasures all mine. A couple more silent minutes passed until with a shrug of his shoulders Richard vanished back in to the cupboard. Will we ever hear about his Premiership days? We dont know, but we will keep trying for another interview.



The Wait..The Queue..The Anticipation..



The Journey..The Pride..The joy..THE AGONY



Cardiff, Cardiff City Stadium Weve been there twice this season. The first time was a draw, but the second time was just sweet. Sorry the outside of the stadium looks as if it has been built from left-over panels that other stadiums didnt want. Cardiff has a reputation, but once through the outer barbed wire fence, you are safe enough in a dedicated away supporters compound. The ground is always heavily Policed. Away concourse feels as if its just an extension of the car park with make-shift walls put up around it. Stewards are friendly. For the last result it has to be 10 out of 10. Stadium 6 out of 10.

Manchester City, City of Manchester Stadium How many coaches did we take? A lot. What a stadium. No wonder when it came up after The Commonwealth Games they jumped at it. Very, very impressive. Facilities were good. View from your seat good. Result was bad. This stadium has to be 10 out of 10. Result 1 out of 10.



Rowan Draffin

On Sunday 6th June, a selection of former Reading and Tottenham legends took part in a charity match held at the Madejski Stadium to benefit former Royals head physiotherapist Paul Turner. Having served in the Royal Marines for 14 years, including action in the Falklands Crisis, Paul joined Reading in 1994. He would go on to spend seven memorable years at the club which featured play-off finals at Wembley and Cardiff as well as the heartbreak of relegation in 1998. He also witnessed the clubs move from previous home, Elm Park, to the current surroundings of the Madejski before leaving in 2001 to focus on his teaching and podiatry clinic. However, in 2010 Pauls life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with Encephalitis. This debilitating viral infection that causes inflammation of the brain left him unable to walk and close to death. In a tribute to Pauls service to Reading as well as his recent battle against illness, the Ex-players Association organised the match with former heroes such as Graeme Murty, Ady Williams and Mick Gooding representing the Royals XI and Darren Anderton and Steve Sedgley helping make up the Spurs outfit. The two teams were greeted to a very warm welcome by fans as they made their way onto the pitch but the biggest cheer was reserved for Paul as he emerged from the tunnel accompanied by his family to get the game underway. It was the Reading side who made the more positive start with their early pressure resulting in a goal within the opening two minutes. Lee Nogan cut inside from the left to curl the ball expertly past Espen Baardsen into the top corner from just inside the box. Despite making a couple of terrific saves, the Norwegian was unable to prevent the Royals from doubling their lead after 25


minutes. Dylan Kerrs pinpoint pass through the heart of the Tottenham defence resulted in a one-on-one opportunity for Michael Gilkes, who duly poked the ball into the bottom corner. Moments later, Jimmy Quinn added the third as his scuffed finished looped over the keeper after fine work from Gooding to give Reading a commanding lead at half-time. Spurs looked to assert themselves at the start of the second half, with the evergreen Anderton beginning to pull the strings in midfield. However, shortly after an extravagant James Bunn bicycle kick flew over the goal, Reading grabbed a fourth. A deep cross-field ball from Simon Osborn found Keith Scott unmarked in the box and the substitute guided his header into the opposite corner. Having made a string of saves that most current Premier League stoppers would be proud of, Scott Howie was finally beaten when Micky Jarrett slotted home after being put through. A headed goal for both sides completed the scoring to round off an entertaining match with Reading emerging as 5-2 victors. Paul returned to the pitch to present Royals captain Gooding with the trophy to a standing ovation. After the match STAR was able to catch up with Paul who said he was touched by the reception from the fans and the players and pleased to be able to raise awareness of his condition. He also stated how important his family had been during the long recovery process through lots of gym work and support from my family, I am gradually getting there. I just need to get on with it and keep thinking positively. Fans favourite Murty was eager to express how big an influence Paul had on his footballing career right from the start he took me under his wing he continued it is great to see such a brilliant turn out for a man who helped to provide a great foundation to this club. Another former Royals captain, Williams, echoed these positive sentiments stating that Paul was, a brilliant physio and a great pro. The head of the Ex-players Association, Richard Wickson, summed the day up when he declared, the fact that the players have travelled from all over to be here today shows how much Paul meant to this club; the players did it for Paul. STAR would like to wish Paul Turner all the best with his ongoing recovery.



Wendie Wakefield

We were lucky enough to catch up with Ann for a chat and to ask a few questions at the end of the season. (WW) How did it feel when Shane first came to Reading? (AL) It was very daunting at the time, we had just moved to Cork and it was Shanes final year at school. The club made sure Shane finished his schooling and helped him in every way they could. (WW) How hard was it to leave the rest of you family back in Ireland? (AL) It was a very big wrench to leave the rest of the family behind, they suggested that I go with Shane and it was the three lads that made the decision for me. Everyone was so good to us and very helpful, they helped sort out accommodation and everything they could to make our move possible and comfortable. We were made very welcome from the start. (WW) You have been a regular traveller on the STAR coaches, what made you decide to travel with the rest of the supporters? (AL) When I arrived I didnt know anyone and I wasnt very comfortable driving, I heard about STAR and decided to travel with them. Prior to that, on one occasion we were driving to an away game and we werent sure where we were going, we spotted two Horseman coaches and decided to follow them and it turned out they werent the STAR coaches. We got lost. I would like to say a very big thank you to every one at STAR and especially all those on COACH 2 for making us all feel very welcome and being so very kind to us. (WW) At what age did Shane get into football? (AL) He was about 13. Shane originally started playing football to keep fit for hurling. He was already very good at hurling. (WW) If and when Shane decides to move on from Reading will you go with him or would you go back to Ireland? (AL) I would probably go with him, as I would get to see another part of the world. I will eventually go back to Ireland someday. Tipperary is known as the premier county, (with Reading). (WW) What was your career before you had you family? (AL) I was a seamstress. I used to play badminton and


(WW) Are all your boys sporty? (AL) Yes they all play hurling, badminton and Gaelic football. (WW) How would you describe your time in Reading following Shane and the Royals? (AL) It has been a journey that I never thought I would make. When I came over here it was my first time out of Ireland. There have been some magical moments, getting promoted to the Premiership, going to Anfield where I skipped down the road like a little girl, that was just so surreal. There have been too many great times to mention but they are all very special as is everyone at Reading from the manager to the supporters. (WW) How do you pronounce the place in Ireland that you come from? (AL) GORT NA WHO. (AL) Before I go I have brought along a copy of a picture of Shane when he played in a youth team. I thought you would like to put it in the magazine. Can you spot him?

We would like to thank Ann very much for her time, and should Shane not be with us next season we wish Ann, Shane and their families all the very best wishes for the future. (Back row, second from the right)



On our recent trip to The Somme Battlefields Carol Buckell found her Great Grandfather, Heber Slatter who lies next to his fellow gunner in Couin Cemetery.




Weve been everywhere, man, Always paid a cheap fare, man, Weve been everywhere. We never made it to Derby, man, The snow got in the way, man, But we tried our best anyway. Weve been to Torquay, Portsmouth, Leicester, Millwall, Middlesbrough, Preston, Bristol, Burnley, Watford, Hull, Swansea, Doncaster, Stevenage, Cardiff, Norwich, Sheffield, Crystal Palace, Everton, Ipswich, Manchester, Barnsley, Nottingham, Scunthorpe, Leeds Coventry, Wembley and Queens Park Rangers. Weve been everywhere.

Another season about to start, man, More thrills on the way, man, Were going everywhere.