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Syllabus Avoca West iBook Buddies Instructor information: Mrs.

Geidner, Avoca West ITC Director I can be reached in person during school hours in the ITC, or by email: geidners@avoca37.org I check email regularly and you can expect a reply within 24 hours. Course Description: This course will focus on using the writing process, online tools, and collaboration with kindergarten buddies to publish a picture book. This online course is designed for 5th grade students, as a supplement to weekly classroom instruction. Objectives: Upon completion of the course, learners will: 1. be able to write a picture book that includes essential story elements 2. demonstrate ability to use online tools effectively to write, illustrate, publish and share your work 3. be able to create a story for a specific audience based on direct collaboration 4. evaluate and reflect upon your finished product Course Outline: 1. Overview a. Background This course was developed to provide you, the oldest students in our school, with an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about the writing process to our schools youngest students in an interactive and meaningful way. b. Requirements Act as a role model and mentor to a kindergartner Use various tech tools to write and publish both a print and digital version of a picture book based on the mutual interests of your kindergarten buddy and yourself. 2. Theory a. Writing Process An understanding of the writing process and story elements will be reviewed through face-to-face discussions as well as Skype visits with published authors.

Find and share examples of how the writing process is successfully used in picture books from our library. b. Leadership As the oldest students in the building, 5th graders are expected to lead by example. Opportunities for leadership during library include: demonstrating proper behavior in the library demonstrating how to locate and handle books demonstrating how to use various tech tools demonstrating how to work collaboratively to share and express ideas demonstrating reading for both enjoyment and for finding information All of the above should be demonstrated at all times. 3. Application a. Write and publish an ibook Print version to be processed for checkout by all, as well as copies for parents, grandparents, etc... (optional ordering opportunity will be made available.) Digital version which will be published using epub and will be loaded on iPads, iPods, Kindles, etc... b. Work collaboratively with peers and younger students Be a role model Develop a meaningful rapport