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Damian, Krystel Cate C.

BSN-418 CUES SUBJECTIVE: pagising gising talaga ako kasi hindi ko mapigilan yung pag ubo ko, matutulog ako, tapos maya maya gigising nanaman para lng umubo, hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko hindi ako makatulog kagabi kasi mainit Objective: restlessness, irritability, slowed reaction NURSING DIAGNOSIS Sleep deprivation related to prolonged discomfort. GOALS OF CARE The patient will report improvement in sleep/rest pattern within the shift. INTERVENTIONS 1.Determined presence of physical or psychological stressors. 2. Noted Medical diagnosis that affect sleep. 3. Noted environmental factors that affect sleep. 4. Determined clients usual sleep pattern. 5. Observed physical signs of fatigue. 6. Recommended quiet activities such as, listening to soothing music. 7. Provided calm, quiet environment and manage controllable sleep-disrupting factors RATIONALE EVALUATION After the nursing intervention the patient will be able to report 6 hours of sleep that day and there is a decreased over all body malaise. -to help the client have a better rest and sleep. -to provide comparative baseline Goal met.

-to help the client have a better rest and sleep.