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Triangle Group Roots

Started in 1810 One of the most deep rooted business families in Egypt Leather Tanning Factory, registration no. 1 in Egypt Nationalized in 1962 Family business re-established in 1970 Today Triangle Group is one of the large private sector groups in Egypt with drive and dedication for excellence and success


We will grow our business units, to be ranked among the top 3 professional companies in its field, by the year 2012


We will strive to provide our clients and partners with best in class services, while achieving exceptional returns to our shareholder. We firmly believe that our employees are the main pillar in our success. Hence , we will continue to invest in them , in order to maintain our quality of work life. We will Contribute to the environment through business success and community services.

Core Values
Team Work We actively work on building our teamwork foundation to achieve our common goals, and objectives, after all we do believe in Together Everybody Accomplishes More Integrity Ethical conduct, high quality of work, credibility and transparent activity with our partners shape and form the Groups foundation. Excellence We do Set high standards of performance, assuming responsibility and accountability toward the successful completion of assignments Commitment We are capable of handling day-to-day work challenges confidently, with willingness to satisfy and fulfill multiple demands and target dates. Adaptability We do maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; also we have the ability to adjust effectively within new work structures, processes or requirements.

Corporate Identity

Over the past decade, Triangle Group has witnessed tremendous growth and expansion across its diverse corporate portfolio. The tremendous growth of our business, in recent years, is the result of key achievements: one is the strong network of international partnerships that has been developed, based on our solid reputation at home, bringing scope and diversity to our portfolio of products and services. Through this wide network of global partnerships we now have the strategic capabilities to expand the services we offer, delivering complete, turnkey solutions in many of our sectors of operation. Another growth driver has been Triangle Groups introduction of its own range of exclusive products and services: these have given us a strong stand-alone dimension in many of our business areas and compliment the companys strong track record for successful partnerships.

Organization Chart
Chairman M. Eltawil Vice Chairman Ahmed Eltawil

CEO Amr Eltawil

Aviation DGM T. Helal

Railways DGM OsamaFawzy

Offshore DGM M. Moharam

International DGM A. Taysseer

Trading & Equipment supply GM H. Azzam

Facility Management GM Moharram

Onshore DGM A. Elkharashy

H. Equipments GM K. Hasan

Oilfield Services

CHRO M. A. Soliman

CFO N. Fawzy

Engineering Services GM A. Hamdan

Maritime DGM M. Attar

Business Sectors
Triangle Group business sectors:

Offshore Projects
- Triangle Offshore Division - Bourbon Offshore Triangle

Onshore Projects
- Triangle Onshore Division

Drilling Services
- Triangle Drilling Division

- Nile Oil Company (NOC)

Engineering & Contracting Services

- Onspec Engineering - Tricom Controls - GS Triangle

Business Sectors
Equipment Supply
- Tawakol Enterprises Outsourcing & Facility Management - Triangle Facility Management

Oil Field Services

- Triangle Oil Field Services

Power Projects
Triangle Power Division

Energy Investments

- Triangle Aerospace Division

Airports & Airlines

- Triangle Airports & Airlines

Business Sectors
Transportation & Heavy Equipment
Maritime -Triangle Maritime Division Railways -Triangle Transportation Division Heavy Equipment
- Triangle Heavy Equipment

Technology & Telecom

Raya Holding

International Operations
All of the above business sectors are covered in Iraq, Libya, Qatar& Saudi Arabia

Offshore Projects Triangle Offshore Division

Triangle Group Offshore Division offers a wide range of activities & services in both the Red and Mediterranean Seas. The activities include but not limited to : Offshore construction; Pipeline installation Deck & platform installation Sub sea equipment installation ROV services Umbilical installation Offshore Diving Activities; Full range of diving activities from basic diving to saturation diving and intervention diving vessels.

Offshore Projects
Bourbon Offshore Triangle
Bourbon Offshore Triangle

Bourbon Offshore Triangle is a Joint venture between Bourbon Offshore and Triangle Group providing local market with oil & gas service vessels related to the offshore oil industry to meet growing need for deepwater development; - AHTS - Supply Vessels - MPSV - Crew Boats

Offshore Major Partners

Saipem SPA & Misr Saipem UK Sonsub

Cal Dive


Onshore Projects
Triangle Onshore Division
Triangle Group is actively engaged in developing the Middle Easts vast oil and natural gas resources. The Oil & Gas Onshore Projects Division at Triangle Group provides a diverse range of engineering & contracting services, facilities, and products, including but not limited to LNG plants, refineries and processing plants, petrochemicals complexes, production facilities and pipelines. These services include design, engineering, construction, and procurement as well as project management through alliances with world leaders in the field. Triangle Group is also a leading supplier of products & equipments for these projects. The Oil & Gas Onshore Projects Division is supported by three key goals: -Innovative business relationship -Dynamic workforce -Operational excellence

Onshore Major Partners

Worley Parsons PMC for Mega Refineries Shaw Group PMC / EPC Contractor

Lukoil Company

Flex LNG

Triangle Drilling Division

Triangle Group Drilling Division partners with world class drilling contractors providing onshore and offshore service & activities to local customers as well as those in the neighboring region. Through its partnership Triangle Group provides customers with a fleet that operates both in shallow and deep water using jack-ups and semi submersible units. Services provided include managing onshore drilling activities, associated with an adequate technological and operational level.

Drilling Major Partners

Saipem Drilling

Onshore, Offshore & Drilling

Major Projects
Burullus Gas Company/ BG Offshore drilling Installation of sub sea equipment Rasheed Petroleum Company / BG pipeline installation umbilical installation Petrobel / IEOC Offshore drilling Gulf Of Suez Petroleum Company / BP pipeline and platform installation Petroleum Marine Service (PMS) / Egyptian Government Deck and platform installation Agiba Petroleum Company Onshore Drilling J125 Citadel Refinery Project management contract (PMC)

Trading Nile Oil Company (NOC)

Nile Oil Company ( NOC) is a trading company specialized in the trading of crude oil, and refined products. NOC management has extensive experience in the trading business for more than 20 years. We drive our strength from our experience & knowledge of the market demand, pricing formulas, and our established contacts within the international trading networks and refineries. Our trading activities include: Crude Oil Naphtha Jet A-1 Gas Oil Gasoline Bitumen Fuel Oil

Trading Nile Oil Company (NOC)


Engineering & Contracting Services Onspec Engineering Solutions

OnSpec Engineering Solutions is a Multidisciplinary Engineering and Consultancy firm serving Petroleum Upstream, Oil Refining, Gas Processing, and Petrochemical Industries.

OnSpec offers a combination of Engineering Services, Process

Engineering Software and Model Based Solutions in the area of process engineering design, steady state & dynamic process simulation, transient multiphase flow simulation, performance monitoring, optimization, Operator Training Simulator (OTS), pipeline management systems, advanced process control and production planning tools.

OnSpec offers a wide range of services from software supply and

support to engineering services and modeling and simulation services using best of class software and finally training services on Process Engineering in the area of Oil and Gas Processing, Process Modeling, Steady State Simulation, Dynamic simulation, Computer Aided Process Design Programming and Automation Applications.

Engineering & Contracting Services Tricom Controls

Tricom Controls delivers customized process automation solutions to industrial

sectors through quality, timely, innovative and price/value competitive services using our competent & empowered workforces. Eventually this will ensure customer loyalty and serve our stake holders interests. Our activities are :
Sales & Presales Design, material selection, pricing, customer and manufacturer

follow up.
Project management Planning & control projects activities, customer & sub-suppliers

management , reporting & project quality control.

Engineering Design (H/W&S/W), logic interlocks & control loops, programming,

graphic displays building, system & marshaling panels manufacturing, testing & documentation.
Field activities Including installation, commissioning, start up and maintenance. Training Both standard and customized courses.

Engineering & Contracting Services

Gs Triangle

GS Triangle for Engineering and Construction is an engineering and contracting

company operating in Egypt with the capability to provide the following services: Engineering; Construction; Commissioning; EPC Contracts; Operation; Maintenance; Turbo Machinery Maintenance, and Turnaround Management services. The company operates in the field of Oil & Gas, petrochemicals, electricity and water, Chemicals and Fertilizers GS Triangle has been established as a joint venture company in Egypt, between Triangle Group Egypt and Gulf Spic Trading & Contracting Company Kuwait. Gulf Spic is considered to be one of the leading contracting companies in Kuwait providing EPC and O&M services to the Major Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations.

Engineering & Contracting Services

Major Clients
ENPPI EMC Geisum Oil Company BP-Egypt ECG MIDOR CORC Rashpetco Apache-Egypt Qatar Petroleum Maersk Oil Qatar ADMA-OPCO - ADNOC Libyan Petroleum Institute AGIP Oil Libya Saudi Aramco Safanya Kazakhstan Petroleum Co. UGDC Burullus Gas Company / BG Petrobel / IEOC Agibba / IEOC Syrian Petroleum Co.

Equipment Tawakol Enterprises

Tawakol Enterprises for more than 30 years, has been

successfully supporting the delivery of many projects in the Oil & Gas, Gas Processing & LNG, Refining, Petrochemical, Mining and General process industries. Through our world class partners, we provide solutions for our customers project needs; whether by supplying new equipment, or through maintenance and revamps for the existing facility in the following areas: Drilling & Work Over Rigs and Pumping Units OCTG, Line Pipes up to 100, and all type of Valves Offshore Platforms & Offshore and Onshore Process Modules Sub sea Production modules, WHCP, and Sub Sea Valves Energy Utilization Plant modules ( HEX, Air Cooler, ..etc) Gas Treatment Packages, and LNG Plant Equipment Refinery reactors, Heaters, Incinerators and Flares and Equipment

Equipment Major Clients




Outsourcing & Facility Management

Triangle Facility Management

Triangle Facility Management (TFM), established itself as one of the main

service provider to the Oil & Gas industry in the manning, work permits, and
lodging services.

TFM strategic goals focus on diversifying the upstream services and regional
expansion, with this in mind we do consider our employees, the main asset, hence we do invest in them to leverage on their expertise, and capability to meet the highest industry levels. We are committed to maintain a high level of QHSE performance through our QHSE management system. In recognition of its technical excellence, the company received an ISO rating (ISO 9001:2002) in year 2003. Our services include Recruitment, Training, Payroll services, Logistics support & services, Medical insurance, Leasing of camp sites, Site management & Catering.

Outsourcing & Facility Management Major Clients


Jones Lang Lassale

CCI AG Switzerland

Proctor & Gamble

Oilfield Services Triangle Oil Field Services

is a member of Triangle Group of companies and currently operates in Egypt, Libya & Qatar. The company has built a solid reputation within the oil and gas industry for its dependable service and continuing technological innovation. Triangle Oilfield Services offers an array of patented technologies and services that add significant value to the oil & gas industry in the following fields:

Triangle Oilfield Services

Inspection Services Advanced Inspection Techniques Asset Integrity Management Threaded Flow Line Construction Services Drilling Rigs Operations Oil & Gas Training Services Structural certification Sucker Rods & tubing pulling units.

Oil Field Services Major Partners

Rina Inspectors for their operation (Inspection & Certification)

Force Technology Advance Inspection Technique & Asset Integrity Management

Al Nas Electrical Submersibles Pumps

Oilfield Services Major Clients

Agiba-Agip Wepco-IPR EL Hamra-IPR Centorium Expl Khalda-Apache General Petroleum Petrozeit-Devon Luke Oil Qaroun Petroleum Challenger Libya Saipem Drilling Shingli Bohi Drilling Cepsa Alam El Shawish Power Well Nafto Gaz Of Ukrania Egyptian Chinese Drilling Sapesco Baker Hughes Inteq

Power Projects
Triangle Power Division

Triangle Power Division is active in the different sectors

of power generation; from BOT projects to EPC contracting & supply of equipment. Teamed up with the most reputable partners in the field, the power division targets renewable energy projects, hydro power and conventional power projects.

Energy Investments
Triangle Group through its companies invests in a number
projects in the different fields including investment in the oil & gas projects i.e. concessions, refineries and & petrochemicals complexes.

Rally Energy
Rally Energy is a subsidiary of The National Oil Production Company (NOPC) a Cairo-based upstream oil and gas exploration and production company owned by Citadel Capital and a consortium of co-investors.

The Egyptian Refining Company (ERC)

The Egyptian Refining Company (ERC) is a Platform Company created by a group of leading regional co-investor. ERC is building a state-of-the-art US$ 3 billion greenfield oil refinery in Mostorod, in the Greater Cairo Area. The facility will produce more than 4 million tons of refined product, including over 2 million tons of EURO V diesel, the cleanest fuel of its type in the world.

Triangle Aerospace Division

Triangle Aerospace is a leading player in the Egyptian market providing consultancy to renowned aerospace contractors with the Egyptian MOD and its affiliated authorities. Triangle Group enjoys a wealth of qualified personnel through a group of consultants, supported by a team of young highly skilled business developers.

Airports & Airlines

Triangle Airlines & Airports Division

Triangle Group specializes in Airlines and Airports projects & solutions. On the Airlines side, Triangle Group is a trusted local partner for global leaders in the Aviation Industry. The company covers a wide spectrum of products & services that include the supply, lease and maintenance of various aircraft and helicopters. Triangle Groups comprehensive range of products also includes all aircraft related equipment such as: Avionics, Entertainment Systems, Satellite Communication Equipment, Seats, Galleys, and Auxiliary Power Units. Services such as full Aircraft Maintenance, Engine Repair, Component Repair, Simulation and Training Solutions, and Consulting Services complete our broad spectrum of offerings. On the airports side, the company combines its own experience in airport development with the expertise of its world-class partners providing Airport Design, Equipments, Construction, Consultancy and Management.

Airlines & Airports Major Partners

NACO Airport Consultants Lufthansa Technik Aircraft Maintenance

FRAPORT Airport Management


FLIGHT SAFETY Full Flight Simulators

INET 400 HZ and PCA equipment

Thorn Europhane Airfield Lighting Systems

Airlines & Airports Major Partners

THYSSEN AIRPORTS Elevators and Passenger Loading Bridges) DRIESSEN Aircraft Galleys

Doppelmayr Cable Car

Automated People Mover Systems

Hawker Pacific Aerospace

Airports & Airlines Major Projects

o o o o o o o

Guiness Peat Aviation Purchase of EgyptAir old fleet. Sundstrand Supply of Auxiliary Power Units. Lufthansa Technik Group Aircraft and Engine maintenance. Sony Transcom and Airshow Inc . In-Flight Entertainment & Map Display Systems. Jamco and Driessen Supply of galleys on New Aircraft. Honeywell Supply of Avionics for EgyptAir (and Private Airlines). TFC Simulation Supply and installation of Emergency Evacuation Trainer and Cabin Service Trainers Lufthansa Consulting Restructuring of EgyptAir Holding Company & all its subsidiaries. Operations Upgrade for EgyptAir Cargo & Ground Services Companies.

Cairo Airport Company (CAC)

o o

Fraport Total Airport Management. Supply of equipment for New Terminal Building 3; Passenger Loading Bridges, Escalators, Elevators, Travelators, 400Hz Converters & Pre-Conditioned Air Units, HVAC ( Carrier ).

Egyptian Airports Company (EAC)


Supply of the vast majority of EAC's Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Vehicles.

Transportation & Heavy Equipment

Triangle Maritime Division

Triangle Maritime Division has partnered with the worlds leading
maritime consulting, services, and construction companies to help Egypt become a leading world hub for trade. The following companies, represented by Triangle, help to achieve this goal:

DHV, a leading consultancy firm, to assure that new ports, such as

East Port Said Port, are designed for the maximum space utilization, without compromising efficiency, and costs for shipping companies and terminal operators. Lockheed-Martin to assure a high safety standard in Egyptian territorial water, for vessel Tracking Management System in the Gulf Suez. China Harbor Engineering Company, one of the worlds leading port and terminal contractor, for port and terminal construction

Maritime Major Partners

DHV Consultant for Infrastructure Project ie: Ports, Roads and Highways, Railways etc. China Harbor Engineering Company Designs and constructs marine works

Lockheed Martin Vessel Tracking Systems

Transportation & Heavy Equipment

Triangle Transportation Division

Triangle Groups Transportation Division has grown from a

simple, single-account activity to a complex, multi-discipline player in a demanding, competitive and unforgiving environment. The areas of interest include, among many, Locomotives, Rolling stock, signaling systems, supply of complete components and kits, supply of spare parts such as composite break shoes and break pads, level crossing inserts and wheels & tires, supply of rails and upgrading of turnouts/level crossings, Monorail project

Triangle Railways Major Partners

China Railway No. 5 SABIC


Prointec Group

Construcciones y Auxiliar de Worley Parsons Ferrocarriles (CAF), S.A.

Triangle Railways Major Partners



Talleres Alegria, s.a.


Transportation & Heavy Equipment

Triangle Heavy Equipment

Triangle Heavy Equipment represents some of the worlds leading heavy equipment brands. All are global industry leaders whose products combine exceptional performance and quality and with rigid standards of environmental compliance. They include: Freightliner Brand trucks of Daimler Trucks North America LLC., Detroit Diesel on-highway engines, FG Wilson power generation units Heli Forklifts .

Heavy Equipment Major Partners

Daimler Trucks Freightliner Brand.

Detroit Diesel
On-High Way Diesel Engines.

F G Wilson
Generator Sets.

Heli. Fork Lifts.

Heavy Equipment Major Clients

Cairo Air Civil Iron

Port Co.

Aviation authority. & Steel Co. -The Nile Company for Food Industries Cairo Poultry Elpharana. Cement Co.


Ceramic National Detac Cairo

Contracting Co. Transport Authority . Petroleum Co. Petroleum Co.


Khalda Misr

Aluminum Co. Works Co. Co. Co.

Water Alkan


Technology & Telecom Raya

Raya is a globally recognized corporation serving the ICT industry in the area of systems integration and soft ware development, call center operations, retail and distribution. Through its branches in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Algeria & USA and its partners in the region, Raya, with a group of employees of around 2700 professionals, provides technological solutions and world-class value-added services. The company has succeeded in introducing several mega-projects in the fields of finance, industry, telecommunications, government and different services.

Regional Presence

Our group is driven by several incentives & initiatives regularly communicated by the management, most prominent of which is GROWTH ;based on an unyielding level of business ethics. To achieve the repetitive annual growth rates that we envisaged meant cross border expansion. Offshore holding companies were therefore established to act as the growth springboard for our International Business.


Triangle Numerous Iraq

TNI : Triangles first ever venture outside the borders was in Iraq, where Triangle Numerous Iraq (TNI) has achieved great successes and provided its stakeholders with healthy returns through a GSM distribution network. Triangle International established a presence in the northern region (Erbil) through its branch office, to handle medium to large size projects, awaiting the stability of Iraq and maintaining an existence as a step ahead towards potential business opportunities. Triangle International Branch office is offering its services to the Oil & Gas Sector in the Kurdish Region as well as pursuing projects in the Aviation & Aerospace domain. Triangle International has established a local Iraqi company in Baghdad (Triangle Commercial Services Ltd.) with local experienced team . With improving situation in Iraq, Triangle International has started to pursue several projects in the oil & gas and transportation sector


Because of the countrys complex corporate laws, we have established: - Triangle for Agencies to support the major vendors for the Transportation and Oil & Gas sectors.
- Aman Global International a joint venture between Triangle & Challenger Limited

Groups for Oil & Gas and Transportation Sectors

Abu Dhabi

Aman Global International is a Joint venture established in Partnership with Challenger limited (www.challengerlimited.com) for its activities in United Arab Emirate (UAE). The joint venture is a 50%-50% partnership with an existing active set up in Abu Dhabi. Aman Global International has set an aggressive Business Development Strategy and is actively pursuing a number of large projects in the Transportation, Construction & Engineering and Oil & Gas sectors. The company is backed by the expertise, experience and huge resources of the two groups; Triangle & Challenger.


TQC Energy Group : Together with a strong local partner, (Qatar Connect), Triangle International has established Triangle Qatar Connect Energy Group (TQC Energy Group) ,a local entity, to penetrate the Qatari market, mainly offering several services like Tubular and Pipe Inspection services, Facility Management services, and Engineering services. With our aggressive business strategy, Triangle Group is in the process of expanding its activities in Qatar and is in the process of establishing a JV with one of the largest Marine Construction companies to serve the Qatari Oil & Gas market. Triangle International is also currently pursuing several major projects on the oil & gas and transportation sectors with strong international vendors.

Saudi Arabia

With the Up rise in oil prices and the booming business opportunities in the Oil & Gas Sector, the Saudi Market is still considered a very promising and growing market, with great potential and large business opportunities. Triangle Group , with its aggressive business development strategy, is in the process of establishing a local Saudi Joint Venture with Al Mehwarin , a member of Al Haitam Group, one of the largest groups in the Kingdom. This Joint Venture will focus on large Energy projects. The Joint Venture will also pursue the railway projects in the Kingdom as one of the most growing market sectors