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Gi c lp. Tm thi c gi cho cc em mt s ch ni sau: Speaking topics: 1. 2.

2. Two old friends chatting about their news Some students on an English course getting to know each other during a

break A. Nice to meet you, may I know your name? B. Nice to meet you too. My name is B. And you? A. My name is A. What do you feel most interesting about the course today? B. Absolutely, the topic about earthquake in Japan is very exciting. I can update the news and some useful information for earthquake preparation. A. I agree with you and the teacher is very open and helpful to me. B. By the way, what do you do? I am an engineer in BK-ECC and have worked for 2 years in Dung Quoc Refinery and 1 year in Danang City A. I am a translator of ALAI-DCCD. I work in Nguyen Van Troi-Tran Thi Ly Bridge Project. B. It sounds great. We are in the construction sector. Hope to see you someday in construction projects. A. I hope so. 3. Two passengers sitting next to each other on a long flight

A. Hello, Its a long flight, isnt it? B. Yeah, It is a first flight of my life. Where is your final destination?

A. My hometown is in Hai Duong, 30 Km from Ha Noi Capital. After my flight, I will take a bus to go there. B. I am in Ha Noi. After taking off from Noi Bai airport, I also take a bus to Ha Noi. A. How do you feel when being in the first long flight? B. A little bit headache and backache. I havent got familiar to the flight. A. You should better stretch your muscle or stand up and then take a short nap. You must be well. B. Thank you very much. It is very kind of you to say so. 4. A businesswoman meeting a colleague from abroad for the first time

A. Hello, You are Ms. Lien from BK-ECC? Nice to meet you, My name is Cong B. Yes, my name is Lien from BK-ECC, So glad to be in US with you. A. How is your flight Ms. Lien? B. Thanks, quite long but I am feeling well. I only eat a little because I get dizzy. How about your life in US? Are you familiar with the food and weather? A. Oh, I am adapting to all the new things. Luckily, I arrived US when it is sunny. So it is same as the weather in Vietnam. For the food, there is a small Vietnamese store near my house, so I can buy some food like in Vietnam. B. So great. You must be happy with a very happy beginning. A. Yeah, besides I also have many supports from the friends here. They are very kind to me and show me the culture in US. You should not worry so much because I will show you my experience in US. B. Absolutely. Lets go back to our department first. 5. A person answering questions for an application forms (job interview)

A. Hello, BK-ECC highly appreciated for your concern to our company. Could you introduce yourself please? B. Thanks, my names Cong. I was born in Quang Nam Province. I am 24 years old. I would like to apply for a job as a Auto Cad Designer. As you can see from my CV, I have 4 year-experience in design using AutoCad for some houses projects and road projects. A. How can you know our recruitment and why you chose our company? B. I know your company through advertisement from Internet. I feel you scope of works inspired me and I hope I can contribute to your long term objectives. A. What do you think about your most prominent strength? B. So far, my inquiring mind and my ability to withstand pressure together with honesty will be my most prominent to match with the requirement of your company. A. We will call you back no later than 5 days after. Nice to talk with you B. Thanks and hope to work with your company the latest day. 6. 7. 8. 9. Design a tour Take a holiday Book a flight Interview a person that you particularly admire (either personally or a

famous person) A. Hello, It is a great chance for me to talk and meet the most famous student in our department. Could you give me a favor? B. Yes, of course, it is my pleasure to talk and speak to everyone.

A. Could you share with me your secrete in learning? How can you reach the highest points for all exams? B. I am so glad to hear so. As my experience, I focus on the overall content of the lessons, then understand the central points and convert them into our knowledge. We should learn by our mind instead of learn by heart. We should find the places and the time which is most suitable for learning and avoid interfere from outside A. And how about your relaxation? B. Normally, I usually spend about 1 hour for myself to enjoy reading, listening to music, or doing sport. At the weekends, I often go out with friends or go for a picnic to let my mind be relaxing. A. So interesting to talk to you. Hope you will enjoy your day. B. Thanks you very much for your regards. Wish you a nice day.

Mt s on hi thoi gi : 1. Two old friends chatting about their news -Hi, A. How are things with you? -Oh, hi B. Ok, Im not too bad. -Hows your job going? -Oh, dont talk about it. Ive moved to a new office, but I hate it. The people are very unfriendly! Actually, Im looking for a new job! -Oh, really? Me, too. Im just so bored with my job -So what job are you looking for? -I dont know really. Maybe something in the travel industry. Id love to work in Paris.

-Ok, I know. It would be lovely to go and live abroad. -Hey, Why dont we go there together? You and me set up a travel business. -Great! But the problem is, I dont speak English well. -Neither do I. Perhaps, we should take a course to improve our English. -Oh, well, one day, maybe. Anyway, hows all your family? -Yeah, Theyre all well. My parents are now very old but they are still very active. Oh, the buss coming. See you later. Bye -Ok, bye.

2. Take a vacation: A. Are you going on vacation to Spain next year? B. Yes, I plan to visit Spain for about five weeks. I will stay in Toledo. A. Will anyone be accompanying you? B. The last time I visited, I went with my mother. This time both my father and mother will accompany me. A. What will you do during your trip? B. Since we all love art, we shall visit the art galleries during the first week. A. Do you know what the weather will be like? B. Yes, the weather is very beautiful at this time of the year. It will be cool, but not cold. A. Do you plan to live in Spain? B. Yes, I am definitely going to live there after my studies.

A. Will you know how to speak Spanish well before leaving? B. Yes, I am studying Spanish, and these trips will help me to improve. A. Do you think you will be fluent? B. Yes, I think I shall achieve a certain degree of fluency. A. Are you going to visit many cities? B. Yes, and we shall also be in France for a few days. A. Will you travel to France by plane or train? B. We shall go across the border by car. A. Have a great trip. Have fun. B. Thanks. I shall see you when I return.

3. At a travel agency A: May I help you? N: Yes, I need a ticket to Paris. A: One way or round trip? N: Round trip. A: When will you be leaving? N: Next month, the 2nd. I prefer a morning flight. A: Do you want any particular airline? N: No, but I do want to go business class and have a direct flight. A: When will you be returning?

N: I want to return on the 15th of next month. A: Let me check the computer. Yes, there is a flight available on Blue Skies Air Ways. The tickets will cost $1645. N: Sounds good, book it. A: Thank you. You can pick up your tickets at this office on the 28th. N: Thanks.
Bi tp: I. Grammar and vocabulary 1. you rather go by car or by bus? a. Would b. Will c. Do d. Are 2. Its said to be . city of the world a. the bigger b. the biggest c. bigger than d. biggest 3. Which word has the opposite meaning to fair? a. blonde b. dark c. green d. none is correct 4. Ruth, my roommate, is . me. a. more organized b. the most organized c. organizeder than d. more organized than 5. Although I have tried my best, my English is still Pauls. a. badder than b. badder c. worse than d. the worst 6. Which word has the opposite meaning to pale? a. white b. slim c. fair d. tanned 7. Liz is now than she was a year ago. a. more friendly b. friendly c. most friendly d. friendlier 8. A place where there are a lot of people is .., the opposite is empty or quiet. a. crowded b. full c. noisy d. abandon 9. this word describe a holiday accommodation where you can cook your own meals. a. self-catering b. hotel c. hostel d. B&B 10. If you go to another country, you go .. a. aboard b. foreign c. abroad d. around 11. Our flight was , so we had to wait at the airport for four hours. a. delayed b. postponed c. good d. a&b are correct 12. This is a very dry place where it never or almost never rains. a. dessert b. ocean c. mountain d. valley 13. I . speak to Miss Stanly, please. a. like b. would like c. would like to d. like to 14. I .. travel the world after graduating. a. going to b. am going c. would rather d. planning 15. Her computer is .. mine. a. the same like b. the same as c. the same d. all are correct 16. Im afraid you . wait. There are ten people before you. a. will be b. will have c. will have to d. will to

17. When I wanted to go on holiday, the was fantastic. She gave me really good advice about the best place to go, and got us a cheap flight. a. weather b. hotel c. travel agent d. plane 18. Well, here I am .. France! The weathers fantastic and a. at b. in c. on d. from 19. Our leaves at 6.30 on Saturday morning from Heathrow Airport a. fly b. flied c. flight d. flying 20. Its very . at this time of year. a. peace b. noise c. relax d. peaceful 21. I find sitting by the swimming pool very . a. relax b. relaxing c. relaxed d. relaxes 22. Its one of the . hotels in the Middle East. a. luxury b. most luxury b. more luxurious d. most luxurious 23. We want to be close .. the beach. a. to b. at c. near d. on 24. My parents decided to go a cruise this winter. a. in b. at c. on d. by 25. Ill see you next week. Bye .. now! a. by b. at c. for d. 26. .. you got any plans for today? a. Are b. Do c. Have d. Will 27. Were staying a very lovely hotel. a. in b. at c. on d. by 28. My surname is yours. a. similar b. similar with c. similar to d. similar as 29. Ill give you a ring when I get a. at home b. to home c. home d. in home 30. Hi Mum! Here .. in Spain a. Are we b. we are c. we come d. coming 31-35. Circle the odd one out in the following groups * river beach ocean canal * hotel villa office apartment * friend customer neighbour fit * fair dark pale tanned * pretty good-looking ugly gorgeous II. Choose the best sentence 36. would like/ go out/ a drink? a. Would you like going out for a drink? c. Would you like to go out to a drink? b. Would you like go out for a drink? d. Would you like to go out for a drink? 37. hotel/ best/ world a. That is the best hotel in the world c. That is one of the best hotels in the world b. That hotel is the best on in the world d. All are correct 38. easy/ book holiday/Internet a. Its easy to book holiday on the Internet c. None is correct b. Booking holiday on the Internet is easy d. Both are correct 39. sunny/ I / get/ tanned a. Its sunny but Ill get tanned. c. Its sunny because Ill get tanned. b. Its sunny so Ill get tanned. d. Its sunny, however, Ill get tanned. 40. mini-dictionary/ look/ meaning/ new words a. You can use the mini-dictionary to look up the meaning of new words b. You can use the mini-dictionary to look away the meaning of new words c. You can use the mini-dictionary to look in the meaning of new words

d. You can use the mini-dictionary to look at the meaning of new words III. Reading A. Text 1 The new express train will begin service between Riverdale and Mayfield on October 24. The trip takes five hours on the older, slower train. On the express train it will take only three hours. The express train will have larger, more comfortable seats, and there will be free food for the passengers. There will be two express trains a day between Riverdale and Mayfield. There will also be four regular trains. Many people will prefer the regular trains because the tickets are cheaper. 41. How long is the trip on the express train? a. 2 hours b. 3 hours c. 4 hours d. 5 hours 42. How many regular trains will there be a day? a. Two b. Three c. Four d. Five 43. Why would people prefer the regular trains? a. the seats are larger b. The tickets are less expensive c. The food tastes better d. They are more comfortable B. Text 2 Look at this letter
ATCO, Inc. 9611 Spingfield Avenue Silicon Valley, CA 91151 Dear Professor Jenkin, We are processing the job application of David Jones for the position of programmer. Mr. Jones has given your name as a reference. We would appreciate if you could fill out the attached form and send it back to us as soon as possible. Please note that we have included an addressed envelope for your convenience. Sincerely, Thomas Fried Personnel Officer Enclosures -

44. Who is David Jones? a. A job applicant b. A professor c. A personnel officer worker 45. According to the letter, which of the following is true of professor Jenkins? a. Hes looking for a job b. He wants to be a programmer c. He is a reference for David Jones c. He is the manager of the company 46. Which is enclosed with this letter? a. an addressed enveloped c. some stamps b. an application form d. Davids CV 47. Which of the following is true of Thomas Fried? a. He works as a programmer b. He works for ATCO, Inc c. He works for David Jones d. He was the student of Professor Jenkins

d. a

C. Paragraph 3 The Bureau of Tourism reports that travel in 1987 between Hong Kong and Shanghai has doubled since 1985. The increase is due to the commercial relations between the two cities. the Textile Trade Agreement (TTA) of 1980 is said to be responsible for the increase. Textile manufacturers in Hong Kong and Shanghai are now making clothes for markets in the United States and Europe.

48. According to the passage, how many people traveled between Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1987? a. Twice as many as in 1985 c. Half as many as 1985 b. Less than in 1980 d. The same number as in 1980 49. According to the passage, what is the reason for the increase in travel? a. Commerce b. Tourism c. Education d. The film industry 50. In which of the following places will the products be used? a. Korea b. Europe c. Hong Kong d. Shanghai