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Death Wish A man stopped his car on the bridge late at night.

Suddenly, a cop appeared and started to talk with the man. This cop thought that the man was a suicide so after convincing him the policeman noted down the mans name: Edward Wright. The same man went to the psychiatrist and told him that he had had a strange dream. The dream, he knew, indicated a decreasing wish to live. Afterwards, a doctor had to pump the mans stomach and them this man bought a gun and some bullets. The real name of this man was Mark but he had given Edward Wrights name all day. It was his plan. That night Edward Wright heard his back doorbell ring. He looked outside, recognized his visitor, and opened the door. His visitor put a gun in Edward Wrights stomach. It was Mark. He accused Edward of killing his own wife because he did not let her to run away with Mark. Edward admitted it, at that moment Mark ordered Edward to write a suicidal note. Edward did not understand anything; he did not know that his murder will not be investigated because there were a lot of evidences of suicide. Death on Christmas Eve The familys lawyer knocked on the door of the Boerum House. Celia opened it, inside the house there were no lights so the lawyer had to go to Charlies bedroom with no lights given. Charlie was the brother of Celia. His wife fell from the stairs( that was what the judge said) but all the people knew it was Celia who had pushed her down. Charlie knew it too so he hated Celia. The lawyer tried to persuade him to go out to drink something with his friends. However, Celia appeared and both started to discuss. It was time for the lawyer; he left the house and went to the bar. When he arrived, the owner asked him about the Boerum House and the lawyer told him that the situation was the same. Charlies wife died twenty years ago on Christmas Eve but they have become crazy. The Heroine Before Lucille arrived at the Christiansens house, she had worked as a maid at he Howell house in New York for the last seven months. Her mother had died three weeks earlier and the psychiatrist had said that she was sane but she had to relax, enjoy life. The Christiansens did not know anything about her past. Lucille enjoyed her worked and liked the children, though she wanted to work harder for less money. But she felt she wanted to do something heroic to prove how much she cared about the family. So late one night she started a fire that reach the gasoline tank and blew up the house, hoping that his would give her the chance to save the children and be a heroine. Ride the Lightning Nudger,a private detective had been hired to investigate the execution of Curtis Colt. The person who hired the detective was Curtis fiance Holy Ann. Some witness saw Curtis inside the liquor store, robbing it. He and his partner had robbed three other places that night, but they were gas stations. The old man who owned the store came out of the back room and saw his wife with her hands up but Curtis shot him .then the woman run at him and Curtis shot her. Then both disappeared.

Nudger could not prove what have happened before the execution but them he realized that someone had tried to confuse him. After speaking with all the witness Nudger went to talk with Holy Ann and accused her about being Cutris partner( Nudger found a false moustache an a beard at Holys bathroom). She admitted it; furthermore, she admitted that she was the own who shot the man and the woman. Nudger could not accuse her because there were no evidences. Lazy Susan Susan Carpenter asked her husband to teach her to shoot a gun. She wanted this because she was robbed and she felt more angry than scared. In addition, she started attending self-defence classes. There they studied which are the characteristics of a mugger and of mugging victim. After three weeks of self defence-training Susan felt that time had arrived. She left her office work and she became a mugger. The Lipstick Elinor Hammond had gone happily through life. At her inquest; her cousin miss Baring did not believe Elinor had jumped from the tenth-floor window of Doctor Barclays waiting room. Miss Baring started investigating this suicide. There was no one else in the waiting room. The Doctor said that her patient had not spoken about one particular problem. Miss Baring thought about Fred ( Elinors husband) sitting alone and it made her sad. She decided to visit him. There she found that Fred was with his sister Margaret. She did like Elinor and the cousin knew it. The bag that Elinor was carrying had not a lipstick, this surprise Miss Baring so she went to the street where Elinor had fallen and found the lipstick. The lipstick had fallen too. It is strange to commit suicide when you are putting make up on your lips. She went up to the doctors office. She saw Margaret speaking with the Doctor. What was doing Freds sister? Miss Baring heard the doorbell of her house. It was Doctor Barclay. He had come to advise Elinor of not going out that night. She did not understand anything; she wanted to go to tell Fred about her sister. At the end she did not take notice of the doctors words. When she went out of her house, she lost consciousness. She woke up at the hospital and discovered Doctor Barclay. He said that someone had shoot her. It was Fred. He also said that Fred had pushed Elinor because he was jealous, he thought that Elinor love Doctor Barclay. He had made a mistake The Gutting of Couffignal The Couffignal Island was a small and exclusive place where rich people had huge houses. In one of them, there was a wedding, and the family had hired a private detective to guard the presents. One night, when a storm was raging, this detective heard the sounds of gunfire and some explosions. Keith Hendrickson ordered the detective to go down and discover what was happening at the town. He found gunfire on a car which was used to rob the bank and the jewelers house. He also found that the robbers had blown up the bridge so the robbers were going to escape by boat. When the detective explored the bay, he is shot by another machine gun. he could escape.

Finally, he realizes he has crossed paths with the same people over and over: Russians. San Francisco police arrived, the detective had a friend in it and he told him that the robbers where the Russians. The detective decided to return to the Hendricksons house; there he found that the presents had been stolen. He had to find them so he went to the Russians house. He spoke with Zafrina the Princess, and she told him everything because she thought she could escape. Nevertheless, the detective shot Zafrina in the leg and could take her to the police. Characters Mark: is the man who had deceived a policeman, a psychiatrist, a doctor and a gun owner. He had just said that he was Edward Wright and this entire people had believed him. He had done it because he was going to kill the real Edward Wright and the police will think he has committed suicide. Celia: is the sister of Charlie, she is crazy, she had killed Charlies wife because she wanted to be with his brother forever. Lucille: is a woman whose mother was dead, this has marked her, now she is working at a house where there are come children. she loves children and she wants to show her loyalty to the family doing something heroic. She makes a fire, blows up the house and then enter in the house to save the children and the family Susan: is a woman who has been robbed. She fell angrier than frightened so she decided to be taught using gun. She also started to go to self-defense classes where she learned the characteristic of the muggers. Surprisingly, she left her office work and became a mugger.

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