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START UNAUSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN [RESEARCH NOTE MISSING PAGE(S)] vhen one consideres der numerous sites one can feind stundeing stones on der great isle of Britaein to create a lasteing work dot is (smudged beyond legibility) terrible fitteing never forgotten but purge derse words ein der writeing from meine psyche I witnessed der circles dot der giants built ein irelund scotlund britaein wales meleincourt wales al kazimiyah iraq said to be ein haiti und polynesia monstrouse works with enoremous stone unde pillars und stone set upon stone so heavy dot no strength of men could ever lift derm und derse stones are weigheing so much dot no man under god can hope to move derm (smudged beyond legibility) how so do dery come over here stones not of Uderrs keingdom mayhaps cunneing can move derse rocks mayhaps mayhaps mayhaps der north british giants carol (smudged beyond legibility) ein der tounge of english stonehenge (smudged beyond legibility) cintre rocher of der french und first recorded ein historia regnum brittaniae by geoffery of monmouth dot der stones were brought from dark continent to der north of isle und irelunde by giants derre is a literary mention of aurelius ambrosius to correlate truder einto der fanciful tales perhaps und der breingeing of der stones as memorial to a past or possibly future conflicte a chorea gigantum as marker to der fallen und many speakes did I hear with meine ears own of those (smudged beyond legibility) dot truly banished der lliogor (smudged beyond legibility) aurelius uderr constanteine [RESEARCH NOTE MISSING PAGE(S)] break y personally feel to note dot I has der expertise ein mans

sciences und studied der rocke of our planet I must noteing dot small stones und vhen I spake of der smaller of der megaliuths dot dery stund sometimes as much as hundreds of feet tall for der ones dot were broken by der uderr legend und vhere dery dermselfes fell as der fifth stone was feinally broken but der smaller of der stones can be as heavy were only of fiftey feet ein height [RESEARCH NOTE MISSING PAGE(S)] for move stones of this size weigheing hundreds naye thousunds of tonnes dot formed early monoeliders were quarried ein wales sended to salisbury plaeine through der bristol channel underwater underground with connections to astronomy und mathematicks smaller monglithes will not focus enough of der power many five sides churches dedicated to the stories of dragon slayings by such as saint michael und saint george (smudged beyond legibility) stone rings of five dedicated to worship der dark terrors of haunted mens dreams der legend of der stones ein numbere five is verificable und I agree dot ceintre rocher erected three thousunde one hundrede before der christe to one thousund five hundred before beaker people for der potts und crockery found ein derir burial mounds und tombs verified five megaliths evil for many evil horrors of types und descriptions too numerous to list horrors of all form und shape frome flabby to monstrous to twisted ein sites noted as neolithic und bronze ayge ein three stages stonehenge one stonehenge two stonehenge three larger didst der horror control und damage more were dery able to befall der keind peoples der wizarde der merlein moved to stonehenge or moved stonehenge und he damaged (smudged beyond legibility) cal ghat ana thoa cal ghat ana thoa cal ghat

ana thoa cal ghat ana thoa cal ghat ana thoa foolish enay to wish ye view the dread image of (smudged beyond legibility) than a fool but to preserve it within these pages is meine curse und (smudged beyond legibility) for begin sit amid the settled dust of a room of square angled equals and let no eyes witness your deeds save the doomed eyes of self barricade the doors from both sides as ye may know whats good for yeh seal and shuttle the windows in the sames fashion windowless be of the better then burn ye large single wicked beeswax for it is must needs to last from sun to sun and then bleed yourselfe with a sharper as much as yeh into the bowle after a time as yeh have bled good stare at the reflected flame and intone five times the phrase gha tana thoa come gha tana thoa show gha tana thoa bring gha tana thoa take gha tana thoa the reward (smudged beyond legibility) worth der price and der pnakotic manuscript only hints at how horrible (smudged beyond legibility) of body that is exchanged could never with forethought (smudged beyond legibility) understanding of der primal feares of mans history when shown as dark horrific trueths cal ghat ana thoa cal ghat ana thoa cal ghat ana thoa cal ghat ana thoa cal ghat ana thoa der wait wait ghatanothoa a great aulde one muttered by al azif now dot I am thinking about it ghatanothoa and der lliogor rex mayhaps is rex loosely connection here but with broken der fifth foot with der earth with spelles und enchantements of aulde malcolm of maclaireag raised thralls of number und didst raise megaliths five he was witnessed to have burned (smudged beyond legibility) what did anfac know what did anfac know he der mens of grete piety that rode out to destroy der water horse

mit a book und prayer he searched for the dragons perches and smote five or seven dependeing on vhich text you ur for reading der powere beyond is rumor to aide or to has been taked from beyonde der smoting seems not complex as whence perches und loft ware sundered too smalle afor the grete beasties dragged down split und broken Many mens vere lost but anfac drew on the faithful and his arme stay strong und devout with shouts and high speech of sung tones rung tones anfac borored strength from beyond or called forth a (smudged beyond legibility) powerre most strong to der fire (smudged beyond legibility) ende of it ein edeinburgh ein one thousund three hundred neinety six died screameing or calleing lliogor lliogor lliogor as thrall obedient is typical of servants [RESEARCH NOTE MISSING PAGE(S)] an der lliogor servants of der five giants usually driven to crime und utter depravity sexual appetites unmentionable und unspeakeable wickedness dragons voice to drive a pious man to leereing wickedness with der growth of boneless muscular limbs dot did not survive ein der historical record shows [RESEARCH NOTE MISSING PAGE(S)] so stonehenge consisted of large round ditch with a bank einside it vhich was excavated by neolithics useing deer antlers as picks und tooles two entry stones were erected at der norderast entrance und einside der ditch und bank twenty five mysterious holes five pentagrams der aubrey holes to be fully excavated dot said stonehenge remaeined ein this form for five centuries der second henge einitiated two thousunde one hundred before der kristian calendar und was eincorporateing eighty bluestone pillars riseing one hundred or und fiftey more

ein height ein reings of five vhich were to be erected ein concentric circles und aligned ein an avenue dot corresponded to der riseing of der sun for der summer solstice this stage was einterrupted dragons summoned from below ground neir didst occur as five were nay placed (smudged beyond legibility) und some of der stundeing were destroyed und mayhapes uderr et al were responsible could this be der kernal of true speake five poeints did mark as expected was never feinished ein two thousund before stonehenge with der gigantic leinteled sarsen stones und lliogor etcheings along der five poeint sometime say horseshoe formation five ley poeints as I have experimented und faithfully recorded der flutters of water und cork und magnetized seweing steel einside der reing were constructed arturs tombe ein der preseli montaeins wales und I must note dot der pillars of der modern stonehenge are shattered or oderrwise misseing along der five poeints dot mark der ley of der lund but der size of der megaliths is to be reckoned (smudged beyond legibility) und a removel of such a stone is far beyond my ken (smudged beyond legibility) destroyed most likely unless mayhaps one of der prayers of der faith of anfac (smudged beyond legibility) anfac anfac (smudged beyond legibility) und der dragon or thralls (smudged beyond legibility) lliogor has thralls as it be astral und thralls represent tangible power ein on our dimensional earth (smudged beyond legibility) thrall described as deleted of energy with depraved desired und a penchant for crimes of violence astral presences reported to cause paein of der cranium imbalances of der humors of der abdomen und desire for sleep also marked by voluntary amputation of

limbs as show of piety to dragons dragon poison leaves lund pocked greene with pools of blue green bile or poison dot crackle und burn einto der lundscape as a fiery vomit lliogor can be driven back by prayere not slaeine und possesseing only a form of astral material und marked by der days of yule imbolc ostara beltaeine (smudged beyond legibility but assumed to be the pagan midsummer and lughnasadh holidays) mabon und samhaein beeing der eighte holidays of der pangean or pagan derories about its origein und use und meaneing und has been regarded as a temple und calendar und abacus such hypoderses of meaneing are equally applicable to der oderr neolithic formations ein britaein five is of constant mention five und all five always all five der uderrians report death at der momente der fifder giant fell but also der giant as told to me was truely a monolite (smudged beyond legibility) megalith for shattereing der fifder und der resulteing feinal breader of der giants blew out derir lives der sound no louder than distant thunder dery were torn to pieces und der lund was blighted und spattered with foulness survivors report und unconfirmed this be dot der sorroundeing ait was was split einto levels by swirleing astral leines und a felt or heard throbbeing noise dot penetrated derir body one theing to not among der survivors is der same reaction to this phenomena der survivors were all men of limited eintellect of der lesser races of lesser eintellect und self proclaimed cowards run run did dey run at der first sign of astral change to live you must run und not return although hid as coward hid [RESEARCH NOTE MISSING PAGE(S)] meine researches has showed thrall (smudged beyond legibility) worshippers are

make traps deseinged to slaye der runneing man (smudged beyond legibility) terrible really und this would also result ein fewere (smudged beyond legibility) also none of this has been (smudged beyond legibility) by myself however und folk lore is usually based ein truth but rarely der vhole trueth [RESEARCH NOTE MISSING PAGE(S)] vhat mean dhis byakhee draining und witnessers didst spake of dere flapping und dese servivitors vas proof of der horrores dot lie beyond mans ken a horde uf hybride bewinged tings und vus such dot belied descriptione et vas said der werse not altogether (smudged beyond legibility) ants nein der decomposed (smudged beyond legibility) but something der elded ones cannot nay und must not recall nein nein byakhee biting and holding like wicked dogs draining like der undeads from evil homes und of der ether navigationes leather und not yet fur thick of hide und untrustable killing maiming rending with der horrorer and der death swirling in der air around them byakhee byakhee der cold is deadlie mayhaps der book celaeno fragments has der chapter und verse to show (smudged beyond legibility) surviving am I der colds of ether pos es byak hee pos es byak hee pos es byak hee pos es byak hee pos es byak hee vhen der sun haf faded und the coolness of night arrives stand mit der self der group und face to der sky der rain must needs be able to touch der faces freely gash thine owne flesh (smudged beyond legibility) of nein earthe bourne metal but a bond of ethers own and purest moonmetal ours den mingle the bloodes of newe samelike wounds mit der first blood den joine into an unbrokein ring der hands of all and bespake prayers of byak hee in service byak hee who cannot be named

byak hee in service byak hee I command thee byak hee und for shure speake all mit der one voice den vait for der rhythmic flapping ting to stande before der first blood und show you alonge his way as you seeke pos es byak hee pos es byak hee pos es byak hee pos es byak hee pos es byak hee it be said three alignments be of der giant bluestones stone alignments of vhich der first is known as menhir und be seingle erect stone dot often disteinguishes der norderrnly or souderrnly setteing of der sun or moon by poeinteing der top of der stone tipped to der horizon der alignment of a straight leine of megaliths found ein norderrn und western britaein have eluded astronomical analysis or morehaps dot dery have no astronomical analysis or purpose it is my believes dot derse leines served merely to marke der passeing ley dot has no focus but how to view derm som mein byak hee som mein byak hee som mein byak hee som mein byak hee som mein byak hee der teiny eisle had der tribe of peoples und der stories vas as much der same as dey ver different similarities are confusion for der minde und times meine thoughts get almost oute of control in meine owne head der elder instructe me to blowe a blast on der vhistle flute he has for given me blast for each of myselves when kaomaaiku can see und would sende something to travele (smudged beyond legibility) kaomaaiku needs his kaomaaiku vhistle is nots being any vhistle der bull perhaps (smudged beyond legibility) drink it to protecte from the rigorous travele der eye of der bull must hear der right notes from der right flute for sure wot is der eye of bull it must be upon me und meine und den der eye or der bull sendes us for someplace or wills he to travele us to it how

comes der travele der celaeno fragments might hold light for this but where am I to find that unwholesome text from the great hall som mein byak hee som mein byak hee som mein byak hee som mein byak hee som mein byak hee vhile oriental dragons have no weings dery didst fly ein legend und oure legend shows weinged dragons several paeinteings show variations of shape of head und der beweinged und unweinged but flyeeing always flye of heights unknowns mayhaps einto der ederr of space und heavens astral form astral form und how many spokes have der ley ein trueth more powerful und terrible eindeed is der dragon vhen encompassed by der reing of stone der five reing usually markeing der extreme riseing or setteing of der sun und moon along der pangean eighte ten ten or eighte are two lost ponder this at anoderr time der more weighty der marker giant giant megalith giant monolith der size of der underground giant is der power of der der dragon der water horse ein Scotlund lliogor with der breader of fire run run der dragon comes und run run reports of der burned found hidden hideing with tombes not as monuments but as protectant und ein cornwall a second urderrian tombe near der olde slaughter bridge over der river camel two stones mayhaps of five called arthurs stone der first gower wales arthur is said to have flung this stone his last battle would urderr or any of der fallen return if der dragons were to return der second set of stones at dorstone herefordshire vhere der sword was taken from der stone excalibur und der fivestone more stone reinges on der isle of arran on der west coast of der islund der machrie moor a small ancient circle is protected by a five poeint stone wall und two groups of small vhite boulders ein

leines of five vhich lie to der right of der path dern furderr down on der left broken tall red stones three remaeine with dead spots of earth markeing der misseing of five as suspected so I found without much effort although der larger of der megaliths make for isles of islay der site of feinlaggan near askaig der ancient seat of der lord of der isles ein der fourteenth und fiveteenth centuries Eilean Mor as big isle und Eilean na Comhairle a council isle on der big derre are two large rueins what at der times was of [RESEARCH NOTE MISSING PAGE(S)] a five sided steaple on a chapel dedicated to saeint feinlaggan plus remaeins of over twenty buildeings ein groupeings of five with most destroyed to der ground of one of a great central hall vhere a terrible eincident a fire of unknown origein killed three of der guard dot were searcheing for a depraved crimeinal dot burned der fallen all slaein with two survivors dot guarded der entrance vho reported no audible blastes or explosions or einjurie also to note I see dot derir headstones were carved with dragons sigils by vundals of brutal artisan skill I note carved gravestones were very near der chapel spotted eight crannogs ore ancient loch dwelleings need to check this on islay und der isle of jura with several damaged menhirs stundeing scattered about der east coast of jura a neolithic burial cairn can be found south of strone farm south-east of ardmenish on lowlundmans bay is der dun known as an dunan an fac anfac at kilmartein thirtey miles south of oban prehistoric und medieval monuments eincludeing burial cairns stone circles und cup und reing engraveings isle of mull der menhir south of tobermory ein a five circle dervaig along der road from Tobermory if you have a good map of der

area der Kilmore stundeing stone reing einside der forest on der right but are not of size enough to breing forder der dragones [RESEARCH NOTE MISSING PAGE(S)] is described as exceedingly horrible mit der flail of tentacles host of snappings maws und (smudged beyond legibility) definite und dreadeful outline. Viewing ise said to shrivel the soule as well as der body. The damned have bespoke of a prayer of shriveling mayhaps saint anfacs prayer named der shriveling der shriveling der shriveling der shriveling der shriveling und note here dis are not of the white artes und are black und foul artes to begun ye must grind a piece of recently living bone und tissue dot vas taken mit one stroke und grind it to paste mixing vit salt dried from der salt water before and spred dot horrible mixture across your unclothed figure use der blood uf der victim und make out a five point circle den chalke der circle well den lay down in der five candle circle and align your limbs ghatanothoa lliogor ghatanothoa lliogor ghatanothoa lliogor ghatanothoa lliogor ghatanothoa lliogor gird your soule und move not until der bloody mix has dried unto der yellow powder completeley completeley failure is death you cannot outrun if you haf survive to collect collect der evil yellow powder in a darkened leather bag to smite your enemy make use of der hand dipped in der powder und make meanspirited contact der shriveling der shriveling der shriveling der shriveling der shriveling horses of water lift der great stones mayhaps der stone of size is der larger dragon dragon prayers make mention of strength of der dragon to a pious thrall uthurian shatters or beinds a fifth giant und morgan was mereley a leg of der dragon uderr falls ein der

poison death der dyeing breath of it did prayers of anfac destroy did dery drive off did dery destroy der astral or dery drive away or beind dery is logical to surmise dot one may or must needs protect from der breath of der astral run evoide or end defend und der fivestone destruction of der five legs run run from breath einstead destroy all der legs of der beast five legs of der water horse und smaller legs beget (smudged beyond legibility) to beget younger stronger impossibly larger horrors der thralls are key und merely woundeing lliogor will not stop it all for all of time (smudged beyond legibility) der strength of der legs can be replaced vhen der enemy numbers enough (smudged beyond legibility) der thrall are released with der breakeing of der fivestone rebuild und dery will until der last giante is downed giants of size will be harde to replace und der control of thrall will dispossess but der turned are wicked und purgeing is an acte of humanity und for humanity but act agaeinst is not der way for scholarly men but ware der thrall or know der thrall vhen emancipated will be wicked of deed und heart but der lack der eintellect will einduce failure einduceing desperation einduceing spiralleing deeper einto trueth but also einto madness as evidenced by base behaviours und desires until der thrall expires until der master is called (smudged beyond legibility) summoned mayhaps dese unausprechlichen kultens terrible cults to so many nameless horrors followers of der tings so horrific und what I have seen with mine own eyes things that will never fade und remain forever etched into mine brain with such data unavoidably in my thoughts I knowe that more study require I but theings I have seen just this past eve things

undescribible things I cannot dwell on and i must write no more at the now for fear that I resolve a questione and dirrections to a lost library have I recently gained from a stranger dot called me friend (smudged beyond legibility) have plans for der travele mayhaps to dream of travele mayhaps merely for full of der peace dream again but for now der night is a terror I can barely endure and der astrals walk during all times among us and dragones be real in more than mankind mayhaps will want bespaken as [RESEARCH NOTE MISSING PAGE(S)] END OF UNAUSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN

KEEPER EYES ONLY this last page is not part of the book I prefer to let the players actually find the spells in the actual text rather than just giving them a spell. It's more fun that way. I print off a copy of the above, remove this page of course, and then let the copy weather on my back porch for a week or so. Makes it feel authentic. Below is the spell list for the Golden Goblin Press Translation of von Junzts Unausprechlichen Kulten. Each spell has been colorfully woven into the above text, but the stuff below will make it clear from a game standpoint. And if they do it wrongtoo bad! Once a spell is begun, it has begun. The claim well if I knew that would happen, I would have never is no protection from the horrible repercussions of a magic spell. Too bad I say to those who would use foul magicks. But feel free to modify this to include your favorite spells.
Shriveling (search for der shriveling above) The Ritual 1) Collect seawater and let it evaporate until only the salt remains, reserve the salt. 2) With one single stoke, hack off a finger, toe, limb, any area with living flesh and bone is suitable. The victim can be any living human and may be put to death afterward if desired. 3) Place the amputated piece in a large coarse mortar. 4) Salt heavily with the sea salt 5) Grind it to a fine paste. Spend 1 MP per +10% to success, 95% max, 5 min of grinding per MP invested. 6) Mark out a five point circle with the blood of your amputee. 7) Chalk the circle by sprinkling ground chalk or rubbing solid chalk 8) Light a candle at each junction point 9) Strip naked and smear your body with the salt and bloody meat and bone mixture 10) Lay down in the center of the circle with each limb plus your head aligned with a candle 11) Speak Ghatanothoa Lliogor five times. (the mixture will eventually (1d6 hours) spontaneously ignite (Caster auto loses 1d3 SAN. Witnesses auto lose 1 SAN.) and burn hot and yellow, it will hurt horrifically and screaming and blacking out for hours is normal. No permanent physical damage will occur, but lingering heat blisters are common. If you leave the circle while burning, you will burn to ash immediately and be lost.) 12) Wait until the mixture dries to a coarse dull flaky yellow powder. User will get 1d2 uses per 10 pounds of flesh and bone invested. To Use: 1) Dip your hand into the mix. 2) Speak Ghatanothoa Lliogor five times (takes 2 rounds). 3) Tell the Keeper how many magic points you are using for this attack. 4) Physically contact the skin of your enemy with your coated hand. 5) Lose SAN = to the MP invested. 6) Victim receives one point of damage (blasted and blackened) per MP invested if caster beats targets magic points on the resistance table. This makes your skin a magical weapon also. Summon Byakhee (search for som mein byak hee above) Simply blow an enchanted whistle (made of a platinum (meteorite metal) and silver alloy) at night in a place open to the sky while Alderbaran (the eye of Taurus) is above the horizon. One whistle blast per Byakhee required up to a maximum five and a sixth blast or more will be ignored. Roll the whistles magic percentage or less and a Byakhee will arrive in the night (1 hour wait per Byakhee summoned). Fail the roll and nothing will happen. The whistle makes the same sound whether it worked or not. If the Byakhee is called it will arrive and attempt to physically touch the summoner being almost blind of others if they make no physical noise, movement, or attacks of any kind. The Byakhee will head straight for the summoner because it must touch the summoner to end the summoning that it hears in its head. Having done so, the Byakhee will suddenly and surprisingly attack the summoner unless properly binded by spell. The Byakee is mindlessly closing in on the summoner and if forced to walk into an obvious trap, it will. They will not leave until they physically touch the summoner (dead or alive) in any case. Alderbaran, a giant star 71 light years away, will appear as a red-tinged star. Known in Hawaiian as Kao-ma'aiku, it is the bull's eye in the constellation Taurus. Generally visible in the Western hemisphere between October 1 and March 31.

Each whistle is created by the Create Enchanted Whistle spell mentioned in Celaeno Fragments and each has its own random % chance of success ((1d8+1)*10) unless created by one of the players. Seeing the Byakhee will cost SAN but the whistle does not nor does using it.

Bind Byakhee (search for pos es byak hee above) Byakhee tolerate humans only when forced to and would prefer to kill their ugly warm bodies and be done with them. This spell must be cast in a place open to the sky and at night either before or after summoning byakhee. 1) Summoner summons the Byakhee with the proper spell 2) Summoner uses a platinum alloyed object and cuts his own flesh for one point of damage (+5% to success per 1 MP or personal HP invested) 3) Summoner cuts the flesh (1 point of damage and not added to success %) of those that would protected from the byakhee, including himself, and wipes summoner blood into the wound. 4) Join hands and all intone byak hee in service byak hee who cannot be named byak hee in service byak hee I command thee byak hee. Everyone loses 1 SAN. 5) The byakhee will arrive (more SAN might be lost by the sight), touch the summoner, and recognize the blood wards of command on everyone. They will then follow one basic command of the summoner and merely transport and tolerate others that are properly protected.

Contact Ghatanathoa (search for cal ghat ana thoa above) 1) Summoner prepares a square room with no windows or witnesses 2) Caster lights a single candle and sits before a basin or waterproof depression 3) Caster cuts self for equal amounts of HP and invested MP (+10% per pair invested) and watches the candle flame as reflected in the basin full of blood. 4) gha tana thoa come gha tana thoa show gha tana thoa bring gha tana thoa take gha tana thoa is repeated five times 5) if spell is good: caster loses 1d4 DEX permanently but gains as many plus one in POW. 6) if spell fails: caster loses 1d4 DEX permanently 7) caster loses 1d20/1d6 SAN

This document is intended purely for fun as a free unofficial supplement to the Call of Cthulhu role playing game. You can use it for fun. If you find a way to make money off it, send some love my way. The text is mine, but concepts and a few names have been taken from the Cthulhu mythos stories of H. P. Lovecraft (and others) and the role-playing game Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium (and other Cthulhu based games as well).