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Workplace Health & Safety Activities

By Hannah Wahlig, eHow Contributor http://www.ehow.com/list_6576339_workplace-health-safety-activities.html Workplace safety activities promote health and safety knowledge among employees. safety? image by Robert Kelly from Fotolia.com Occupational health and safety standards are integral to running a successful and compliant business. Employees who are educated about workplace health and safety are more likely to protect themselves and their coworkers from work-related illnesses and injuries. Health and safety activities promote knowledge and awareness of safety procedures and guidelines as well as encourage employees to remain proactive in the pursuit of a safe workplace.

Warning Label Bingo


Many workplaces include several kinds of warning labels or symbols that restrict access to an area or provide instructions for using machinery. Host a game of warning label bingo for employees. Create bingo cards with warning label symbols or images in each square; each card should have squares in a different arrangement. On small index cards, write the explanations of what the symbols mean, one per card. Place the index cards in a large box or bag. Provide employees with bingo cards. Draw index cards from the box one at a time. Employees match the explanation to the relevant symbol on their bingo card. The first employee to correctly match five symbols in a row on their card wins a work-related prize, such as an extended lunch hour or a safety certificate.

Spot the Hazards


Employees are often the first line of defense in preventing work injuries or illnesses; they are able to identify and report potential work hazards so that they can be addressed. Train employees in hazard identification specific to your field. Take employees on a walk-through of several areas in the work place; ask employees to identify potential work hazards in each area. Hazards might include hidden fire extinguishers, exposed cords, blocked fire exits or unlabeled containers. If a work area is free of hazards, stage an area with controlled hazards and either take a picture of the area or walk employees through the area.

Stress Workshop

Stress at work can lead to a number of health concerns as well as decrease productivity. Arrange a stress workshop for employees; invite a yoga instructor, masseuse, stress management therapist or medical doctor to speak to employees about work-related stress and the various ways to

manage it. Have the presenter demonstrate simple stress reduction techniques such as simple stretching or controlled breathing. Ask employees to brainstorm the various ways that stress could create work hazards such as distracting an employee from correctly performing an essential task.

Doctor Check-in
Limiting the spread of illness is an important piece of promoting workplace health. Organize an employee meeting in which employees are asked to assess the health risk of various scenarios. Divide the participants into groups of three. Provide each group with a hypothetical illness scenario that lists an employee's risk factors, exposure and symptoms. Each group discusses what the illness might be and whether or not the employee should come to work or see a doctor. Each group presents its evaluation to the group for discussion.

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By Hannah Wahlig, eHow Contributor


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