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Views y Tables A y ACCESS_GRP_LANG - Related Language y ACLCOMPCREF_VW Table y ACLCOMPONENT_V2 y ACCESS_GRP_TBL - Tree Access Groups y ACL_PAGES_VW1 - Class ID / Menu

Items y ACL_PRCSRUNCNTL - Run Control- Purge y ACL_PAGES_VW2 - Permission List Pages Users view y AEDAEMONMGR_AET - State record for y ACL_WEBLIB_VW - Authorized Menu Item AEDAEMONMGR y ACL_WEBLIB_VW2 - Authorized Menu y AEINSTANCENBR - Temporary Instance Item Numbers y ACTIONAME_VW y AELOCKMGR - Application Engine Lock y ACTIVITY_PROMPT y AEONLINEINST - Application Engine y AEAPPL_AUX - AE Program Prompt View Online Inst (Trans) y AEREQUESTPARM - AE Request y AEAPPL_LNG_VW - AE Programs Lang Parameters View (Trans) y AEREQUESTTBL - AE Request Table y AEAPPL_VW - AE Programs View (Trans) y AERUNCONTROL - AE Run Control Table y AE_APPL_VW - AE Application View y AERUNCONTROLPC - Checkpoint table for y AE_CACHE_FLD_VW - AE Cache Field PC globals View y AETEMPTBLMGR - Application Engine y AE_CACHE_REC_VW - View of AE Cache temporary table use Records y AE_APPL_TBL - Application Definitions y AE_DAEMON_PGM_V y AE_APPL_TMP - Application Definition y AE_DO_APPL_VW - AE Appl ID view Temp y AE_DO_PROD_VW - AE product view y AE_CV8_PAIR_TBL y AE_PROCESS_VW - AE Processes only y AE_INTTEST_AET y AE_SECTION_VW - Sections for DO y AE_OPTIONS - AE Options record prompt y AE_PTTSRPLC_AET - Temporary record 2 y AE_TEMPLOCK2_VW - Temporary Table for alloc Locks by Program & Table y AE_PTTSUNDO_AET - Temporary record 2 y AE_TEMPLOCK_VW - Temporary Table for alloc Lock by Table y AE_RECFIELD y AE_TEMPPGM_VW y AE_REQUEST - AE Request y AE_TEMPREC_VW - Temporary Table y AE_REQUEST_OPT - AE Request Options Records y AE_RUN_CONTROL - AE Run Control y AE_TEMPUSE2_VW - Temporary Table y AE_SECTION_TBL - Application Sections implementation y AE_SECTION_TMP - Application Sections y AE_TEMPUSE_VW - Temporary Table Temp implementation y AE_STEP_TBL - Section Steps y AE_TOOLS_CHK_VW - AE Statement y AE_STEP_TMP - Section Steps Temp Table Table y AE_STMT_B_TBL - AE Statement Chunk y AE_TOOLS_SAV_VW - AE Statement Table Table y AE_STMT_B_TMP - AE Statement Chunk y AE_UPGCONV_VW - Filter view for Message Log panel.

Temp Table y AMM_ARCH_DETAIL - App Message y AE_STMT_COMPILE - AE Statement Table Monitor Pub View y AE_STMT_TBL - AE Statement Table y AMM_ARCH_PC - Archived Publication y AE_STMT_TBL_TMP - AE Statement Table Contracts y AMM_ARCH_PUB - App Message Monitor y AE_STMT_TMP - AE Statement Table Pub View y AE_SYNCGEN_AET y AMM_ARCH_SC - App Message Monitor y AE_UPG8IDX_AET Sub Con View y AMM_FILTER - App Message Monitor y AMM_CHNL_SECVW - Message Monitor Filter y ANALYSIS_DB - Cube Instance Definition Channel Sec View y ANALYSIS_DB_DIM - Cube Instance Def y AMM_CHNL_WRITE - Message Monitor Channel Write View Dimension y AMM_DETAIL_SRCH - App Message y ANALYSIS_MODEL - Cube Definition Monitor Pub View y ANL_DB_BIND_VAL y AMM_MSG_ADM_VW - Roleusers with y ANL_DB_LANG access to channel y ANL_DB_QRY_ESS y AMM_MSG_SECVW - Message Monitor y ANL_MOD_DAT_SRC Message Sec View y ANL_MOD_DIM y AMM_PUBCONERR - Publication Contract y ANL_MOD_DIM_FLD Errors y APPDES_OBJ_PERM y AMM_PUBCONLIST - Publication y APPMSGARCH_AET - IB Archive AET file Contracts y APPR_HDR_LNG - alternate language for y AMM_PUBERR - App Message Monitor Pub rule sets Err View y APPR_INST_LOG - Approval Instance Log y AMM_PUBLIST - App Message Monitor y APPR_INST_TBL - Approval Instance Table Pub View y APPR_RULE_AMT - Approval Rule y AMM_SUBCONERR - Subscription Amounts Contract Errors y APPR_RULE_DETL - Approval Rule y AMM_SUBCONLIST - App Message Definition Details Monitor Sub Con View y APPR_RULE_FIELD - Approval Rule y AMM_SYNCERR Definition Route Control y AMM_SYNCLIST y APPR_RULE_HDR - Approval Rule y ANL_DB_DIM_VW - Cube Def Dim View Definition Header y APMSGSTATUS - Prompt View for App y APPR_RULE_LN - Approval Rule Message Status Definition Line y APMSGSTATUSLANG - Related Language y APPR_RULE_QTY - Approval Rule view App Message Status Quantities y APPDESOBJ_PRMT y APPR_RULE_ROLE - Approval Rule y APPDES_PERM_VW1 - App Designer Authorized Roles Objects y APPR_VA1_WRK - Virtual Approver y APPDES_PERM_VWM - App Designer Output Scroll Objects y APPR_VA2_WRK - Virtual Approver y APPDES_PERM_VWO - App Designer Output Scroll Objects y APP_DES_OBJECTS y APPDES_PERM_VWR - App Designer

Objects y APP_DES_OBJ_PAR y APPDES_PERM_VWT - App Designer y ARCH_AUDIT y ARCH_AUDIT_AET - PS Archiving Report Objects y APPR_INST_SRCH - Approval Instance Request Search View y ARCH_AUDIT_RQST - PS Archiving y APPR_INST_VW - Approval Instance Log Report Request y ARCH_COMMON_KEY - Archiving Tables View y APPR_RULE_VW - Approval Rule Common Keys Definition View y ARCH_CTRL - PS Archiving Control y APP_DES_MISC_VW - App Designer y ARCH_EXP_AET Objects y ARCH_FLT_AET y APP_DES_OBJ_VW - App Designer Objects y ARCH_FLT_OPT - PS Archiving History y APP_DES_OBJ_VW1 - App Designer Request Objects y ARCH_FLT_PARM - PS Archive Hst y APP_DES_REN_VW - App Designer Request Parameters y ARCH_FLT_RQST - PS Archiving History Objects y APP_DES_TLS_VW - App Designer Objects Request y ARCH_HST_OPT - PS Archiving History y ARCH_AUDIT_VW - Archiving Audit View y ARCH_COMKEY_VW - Archiving Option y ARCH_HST_RQST - PS Archiving History Common Keys View y ARCH_CTRL_VW - PS Archiving Control Request View y ARCH_IMP_AET y ARCH_CTRL_VW2 - PS Archiving Control y ARCH_IMP_OPT - PS Archiving Import View Option y ARCH_IMP_RQST - PS Archiving Import y ARCH_HST_VW - PS Archiving History View Request y ARCH_KEYFLD_VW - Key Fields for y ARCH_IMP_TAO Tables y ARCH_LNG_TMP y ARCH_OTH_CTRL - PS Archiving Other y ARCH_KEYFLD_VW2 - Common Key between Tables Control y ARCH_OPRCLAS_VW y ARCH_PROC_AET y ARCH_OTHFLD_VW - View of fields from y ARCH_PROC_TAO 2nd table y ARCH_PROJ - PS Archiving Projects y ARCH_OTH_CTL_VW - PS Archiving y ARCH_RPT_AET - PS Archiving Report Other Ctrl View Request y ARCH_RPT_RQST - PS Archiving Report y ARCH_PRIORTY_VW - Prioritizing Opt Table View Request y ARCH_PROJ_VW - PS Archiving Projects y ARCH_RQST - PS Archiving Request y ARCH_RQST_OPT - PS Archiving Request View y ARCH_RECFLD_VW - Views of fields from Option table y ARCH_RQST_PARM - PS Archiving y ARCH_SQL_LNG_VW Request Parameters y ARCH_TBL_VW - PS Archiving Tables y ARCH_SECURITY View y ARCH_SQL_LNG y ASYNCREPLYVERVW -

y ARCH_SQRFLD y AUTHPRCSGRP - Authorized Process y ARCH_TBL - PS Archiving Tables y ARCH_TMP_RECNAM - Temporary Storage for Recname1 y ARCH_TMP_RECUNQ - Temp table to hold arch_uniq y ATTACH_DETAIL B y BATCHWLOPR y BARITEMNAME_VW y BATRUNCNTL y BARNAME_VW y BAT_TIMINGS_DTL - Batch Timings y BASE_CUBE2_VW - Base Cube Instance details* View y BAT_TIMINGS_FN - Batch Timings built-in y BASE_CUBE3_VW - Base Cube Def View functions analysis* y BASE_CUBE4_VW - Base Cube Inst y BAT_TIMINGS_LOG - Batch Timings Log* Component View y BYPASS_TABLE - Bypass record deletion y BASE_CUBE_VW - Base Cube Instance table NOT View y BASE_STRINGS_VW - Retrieves base language strings y BSLNGCDXLAT - Edit view for BASE_LANGUAGE_CD y BSLNGCDXLATLANG - Edit view for BASE_LANGUAGE_CD y BUSINTLK_AUX - Bus Interlink Prompt View (Trans) y BUSINTLK_LNG_VW - Bus Interlinks Lang View (Trans) y BUSINTLK_VW - Business Interlink View (Trans) y BUSPROCNAME_VW - Approval Business Process View y BUSPROC_BD_VW - Approval Business Proc BD View C y CDM_AUTH - Content Distribution Manager y CDM_ARCH_DT_VW - Process Monitor - User Access Process Types y CDM_BOE_MAP - Report Distribution y CDM_AUTH_R_VW - Content Distribution BOE Map Manager - Role Access y CDM_DIST_NODE - Content Distribution y CDM_AUTH_U_VW - Content Distribution Manager - Dist Node Manager - User Access y CDM_FILEEXT_LAN - Related language y CDM_DISTNODE_VW table y CDM_DISTSTATLNG - Process Monitor y CDM_FILE_EXT - Rpt Dist - File types Run Status y CDM_FILE_LIST - Rpt Mgr - File list y CDM_DISTSTATUS - Process Monitor Run Status y CDM_FILTER - Process Monitor Filter

y CDM_FILTER_ARCH - Rpt Dist - Archived y CDM_FILELIST_VW - Rpt Dist - File list rpt filter y CDM_FILE_VW_LAN - Rpt Dist - File list y CDM_LIST - Content Distribution Manager - y CDM_LIST_VW - CDM - Content List (for Content List User) y CDM_LIST_ARCH - Content Distribution y CDM_LS_NDN_VW - Rpt Dist - Rpt List Manager - Content List w/o node y CDM_LIST_PURGE y CDM_LS_ROLE_VW - CDM - Content List (ROLE access) y CDM_TEXT y CDM_TRANSFER y CDM_LS_R_VW - CDM - Content List (ROLE access) y CDM_TRNFR_RJCT y CDM_NODELANG_VW y COOKIES y CDM_OPSYSLNG_VW y CTIAGENTPRES - CTI Agent Presence y CDM_OPSYS_VW y CTICONSOLETYPE y CDM_SRCH - Report List search record y CTIREN y CTI_AGENTREASON - CTI Agent Reason y CMPINTFC_AUX - Component Interface Prompt View (Trans) y CTI_PERSONAL - CTI Agent y CMPINTFC_LNG_VW - Component y CTI_SYSREASON Interface Lang View (Trans) y CUBE_AGG_DEF y CMPINTFC_VW - Comp Interfaces View y CUBE_AGG_DIM (Trans) y CUBE_FILTER_ITM y CURRCD_TBL_LANG - Currency Related y CNTLSCHEMA_SRCH - Run Control for PT Utilities Language y CURRENCY_CD_TBL - Currency Codes y COMPDEFN_LNG_VW - Component y CURR_QUOTE_TBL - Currency Quotation Definition Lang View y COMPNLS_LNG_VW - Component labels table language view y COMPNLS_VW - Panels in Component view (Trans) y COMPNTDEFN_VW - Component View (Trans) y CONT_IMAGE_VW - View of Image Names D y DAEMONGROUP - Daemon Group y DAEMONGROUP_VW Definitions y DATA_FIND_C_VW - Tables with column y DATA_FIND_BASE - base record for find y DATA_FIND_F_VW - view of fields from tables PSRECFIELD y DATA_FIND_CRIT - general work record y DATA_REC_VW - Tables with column y DATA_TRANS_CRIT - Data Transfer y DATA_SBR_VW1 - sub records with column Criteria y DATA_SBR_VW2 - sub records with column y DECIMAL_POS_TBL y DATA_SBR_VW3 - sub records record y DEPT_ACCESS_TBL - Tree Nodes definition y DEPT_NODE_TBL - Tree Nodes y DBAG_QUERY_VW y DIMENSION - Dimension y DDLDEFPARMS_VW - DDL Model y DIMENSION_LANG - Dimension Parameter View y DIM_CTRL_TBL y DDLMODEL_VW - DDL Model Statement

View y DIM_DATA_SRC y DIM_TREE_VW - Dim Rollup Tree View y DIM_INPUT_FLD y DSCONNECTID_VW y DIM_ROLLUP - Dimension Rollup y DSDIRID_VW y DIM_ROLLUP_LVL y DYNROLE_TMP_VW y DIM_ROWSQL_TBL y DIRATTRIBMAP - Directory Group y DIRATTRIBXLAT - Directory Group y DIRCHLDMAP - Directory Group y DIRDNMAP - Directory Group y DIRDNXLAT - Directory Group y DIRECTORYATTRIB y DIRECTORYSETUP y DIRECTORY_LOC y DIRGROUP - Directory Group y DIRMAP y DIRMAPFILTER y DIROBJECTCLASS y DIR_USERMAP y DSCONNECTID y DSCONTDEFN y DSCONTDEFN_LNG y DSINSTALLEXT y DSSECFILTER y DSSRCHATTR y DSSRCHINQUIRE y DSSRCH_SBR y DSUSRPRFLMAP y DYNROLE_TMP - Temp Table: DYNROLE AE Process E y ECACTIONCDS - EC Action Code y ECACTIONS_VW - EC Action Code View Definition y ECAUDIT_01_VW - EC Audit Staging Area y ECACTIONS - EC Action Code Assignment View y ECAUDIT_02_VW - EC Audit Staging Area y ECBUSDOCDATA - EC Bus Doc Detail Data View y ECBUSDOCDTL - EC Bus Doc Detail y ECAUDIT_03_VW - EC Business Document y ECBUSDOCERR - EC Bus Doc Line Error Links y ECAUDIT_04_VW - EC Audit Staging Area y ECBUSDOCHDR - EC Bus Doc Data View Header y ECAUDIT_05_VW - EC Audit Staging Area y ECBUSDOCID - EC Bus Doc ID y ECBUSDOCLINK - EC Business Document View y ECBUSDOCLN1_VW - EC Bus Doc Line Links View y ECBUSDOCLN - EC Bus Doc Line y ECBUSDOCLN_VW - EC Bus Doc Line y ECBUSDOCLN_WL - EC Bus Doc Line

Worklist View y ECBUSDOCTMP_WL - EC Bus Doc Line y ECBUSDOCQ_VW - EC Error/Queue Join Worklist View y ECCACHE_AET - EC Cache Record y ECBUSENTITY_VW - EC Business Entity y ECCVTPROFILE - EC Convert Profile IDs View y ECENTITYCDS - PS Entity Code Definition y ECBUSHDR_IN_VW - EC Bus Doc Data Header Inbound y ECEXTPARTNER - EC External Trading y ECEXTRELATED_VW - EC Related Partner Trading Partner Vw y ECEXTTPLINK - EC External Trading y ECINMAPFILE_VW - EC Inbound Map File Partner Link Assignment Definition y ECGENERAL y ECINMAPFLDCV_VW - EC Inbound File y ECINMAPFILE - EC Inbound Map File Field Convert Definition y ECINMAPFLD_VW - EC Inbound Map File y ECINMAPFLD - EC Inbound Map File Fields Fields y ECINMAPFLDCVT - EC Inbound File Field y ECINMAPRECFD_VW - EC Inbound Map Recfields Convert y ECINMAPREC - EC Inbound Map Record y ECINMAPREC_VW - EC Inbound Map Record y ECINMAPRECFLD - EC Inbound Map y ECINMAP_P1_VW - EC Inbound Map Recfields y ECINTLINK - EC Entity Link Assignment Recfields y ECINMAP_P2_VW - EC Inbound Map y ECINTPARTNER - EC Internal Trading Recfields Partner y ECINMAP_P3_VW - EC Inbound Map y ECMAPDEFN - EC Map Definition Recfields y ECMAPPROFILE - EC Map Profile y ECMAPDEFN_IN_VW - EC Inbound Map Definition Definition View y ECNAMES - EC TP Names Staging Area y ECOUTMAPCVT - EC Outbound File Field y ECMAPDEFN_OU_VW - EC Outbound Map Definition View Convert y ECOUTMAPFLD - EC Outbound Map File y ECOUTMAPCVT_VW - EC Outbound File Field Convert Field y ECOUTMAPFLD_VW - EC Outbound Map y ECOUTMAPREC - EC Outbound Map File Field Record y ECOUTMAPWHERE - EC Outbound Map y ECOUTMAPREC_VW - EC Outbound Map Record - Work Where Clause y ECOUTMAPWHER_VW - EC Outbound y ECPACKAGEDETAIL - EC Audit Map Where Clause Information - Package y ECPACKAGELOG - EC Audit Information - y ECPRODFLTS_VW - EC Profile Defaults View Package y ECPROTRANS_VW - EC Profile Trans y ECPACKAGELOG_EC - EC Audit Definition View Information - Package y ECQUEMAINT y ECPREPSELECT - EC Map Definition y ECRECFIELD_VW - View of Fields from y ECPRIEVENTCDS - EC Primary Event PSRECFIELD Codes y ECTPALIAS_VW - EC TP ID Alias View y ECPRODFLTS - EC Profile Defaults

Assignment y ECTPCVT_HDR_VW - EC TP Convert y ECPROMAP - EC Map Profile Assignment Header y ECPROTRANS - EC Profile Trans Definition y ECTPCVT_LN_VW - EC TP Convert Line y ECQUEUE - Electronic Commerce Queue y ECTRANSVALID_VW - EC Valid Transactions by TP y ECQUEUEAPPERROR - EC Application y ECTRANS_IN_VW - EC Transaction List Load Error y ECQUEUEAPPERRWL - EC Application View Load Error y ECTRANS_OUT_VW - EC Transaction List View y ECQUEUEINST - EC Queue Instance y ECTRANS_VW - EC Transaction List View y ECRUNCNTL - Run Control EC y ECSECEVENTCDS - EC Secondary Event y ECXMITDFLTS_VW - EC Transmission Type View Definition y ECXMITPREF_VW - EC Transmission y ECTPALIAS - EC TP ID Alias Definition y ECTPCVT - EC Conversion Type Definition Preferences y ECTPCVT_HDR - EC TP Convert Header y EC_DATA_TBL_VW - EC/Mass Change SQR Datatypes y ECTPCVT_LN - EC TP Convert Line y EO_EIP_MSG2_VW - EIP View over App y ECTPPROFILE - EC Profile Definition Message Subscrib y ECTRANS - EC Transaction Definition y EO_EIP_MSG_VW - EIP View over App y ECTRANSGROUPDTL - EC Audit Message Subscrib Information - Group y ECTRANSGROUPLOG - EC Audit Information - Group y ECTRANSGROUP_EC - EC Group Audit Staging y ECTRANSOPTION - EC Trans Option Definition y ECTRANSOPVAL - EC Trans Option Value Definition y ECTRANSSET_EC - EC Trans Set Audit Log y ECXMITDFLTS - EC Transmission Type Assignment y EDIINMAPRECFLD - EC Inbound Map Recfields y EDIMAPDEFN - EC Map Definition y EDIOUTMAPFLD - EC Outbound Map File Field y EDIOUTMAPWHERE - EC Outbound Map Where Clause y EO_EIP_PRG_MSG - Data Maint Prg_Message Names F y FACT_CTRL_TBL y FIELDNAME_VW y FACT_MAP_TBL y FUNCTION_VW y FIXEDEXPR_TAO - Query Upgrd Tmp

Activity Object G y GEN_MSG - Generic Message y GEN_MSG_FORWARD - Generic Message Forward View y GEN_MSG_DEFN - Generic Message y GEN_MSG_REPLY - Generic Message Definition y GEN_MSG_ROLEUSR - Generic Message Reply View Role Users y GEN_MSG_VW - Generic Message View y GEN_MSG_USER - Generic Message User y GET_KEYS_VW List y GET_XLAT_FLD_VW y GEN_MSG_WL - Generic Message Worklist y GROUP_MAP H y HIER_CTRL_TBL y HIER_MAP_TBL y HOLDEXPKEYS_TAO - Query Upgrd Tmp Activity Object I y IB_APCL_TMP - IB Upgrade -- message y IB_NODETRXVW mapping y IB_NOD_TRX_VW - Node Transaction y IB_ARCH_RUNCNTL Definition y IB_BK_PCODE_AET - Used for the IB y IB_PGLT_MSG_VW backport y IB_PGLT_NOD_VW y IB_CHANNEL_AET - IB Upgrade Chanel y IB_UPG_RELAT_VW - View of current migration relationships y IB_CHNL_SEC_AET - IB Upgrade -y IB_UPG_VER_VW - Node Transactions for Channel Security upgrade y IB_CONNPROP_SS - Self Serv Conn Prop y ICONV_PANEL_VW Override y ICONV_PROJ_VW - Project Definition y IB_FAILOVER_AET Table y IB_FO_RUNCNTL y INTRNTNLWRK_LVW y IB_HANDLER_TMP - IB Upgrade -y INTRNTNLWRK_VW message mapping y IB_MSG_NODE_AET - Node for Upgrade y IB_NOD_TRX_AET - Node Transactions for Upgrade y IB_POPTN_TBL y IB_RELATION_AET - Relationship table for upgrade y IB_RELATION_TMP - Relationship table for upgrade y IB_ROUTING_TMP - IB Upgrade -message mapping y IB_SERVICE_AET - IB Upgrade record for services y IB_SERVICE_TMP - IB Upgrade -- message

mapping y IB_SV_OPER_TMP - IB Upgrade -- message mapping y IB_UG_NODE_TRX - Node Transactions for Upgrade y IB_UPGRADE_AET - Application Message Definition y IB_UPG_SETUP - IB Upgrade -- Setup parameters y IB_UPG_TRANSFRM - AE Application Definition y IB_UPG_TRANSX - Node Transactions for upgrade y IB_UPG_TRXBASIC - Temp tables for node transaction y ICONV_PANELLIST - Run Control Record - Sample y ICONV_PANELNOT - Run Control Record Sample y ICONV_PROJLIST - Run Control Record Sample y ICONV_PROJNOT - Run Control Record Sample y ICONV_RUNCNTL - Run Control Record Sample y INTL_FLDSIZ_TBL - International Field Sizes K y KEYVALUEMP - Directory Group L y LDAPATTRIBMAP - Directory Group y LANG_STRINGS_VW - Retrieves translated strings y LDAPMAP y LOCALIZATION - Localisation Record M y MAINTENANCE_LOG y MAINTLOGREL_VW y MAKE_ANL_DB_BU y MAINTLOGSRCH_VW y MAKE_ANL_DB_REQ y MCFBUDDY_VW y MASS_RPT_DLVRY - Mass Report y MCFCHATLOG_VW Roleuser List y MC_CRIT_ATTR_VW - MC Criteria Fld y MASS_RPT_HDR - Mass Report Header Attribute View y MASS_RPT_PT_LN - Mass Reporting Line y MC_DEFN_PT_VW - Mass Change Sample Definition Tools View y MASS_RPT_XX_LN - Mass Reporting Line y MC_DFLT_ATTR_VW - MC Default Fld Sample Attributes View y MCFAGENTBUDDY - Agents buddy list y MC_FIELD_VW - Mass Change Fields View


y MC_PSRECFIELD - Mass Change PSRECFIELD View y MC_RECNAME_VW - Mass Record Table View y MC_TEMPLATE_VW - Mass Change Template View y MC_TEM_CRIT_VW - Mass Change Tem Criteria View y MC_TEM_DFLT_VW - Mass Change Tem Default View y MC_TEM_FIELD_VW - Mass Change Tem Field View y MC_TEM_HR_VW - Mass Change Template HR View y MC_TYPE_JN_VW - Mass Change Type Join View y MC_TYPE_RECFLD - Mass Change Type Recfield View y MC_TYPE_VW - Mass Change Type View y MENUITEMLANG_VW - Menu Item Translate Language y MPCONTDEVLANG_V y MPCONTDEV_VW y MPDEFNDEVLANG_V y MPDEFNDEV_VW y MPDEFNLANG_VW y MPDEFN_VW - Mobile page view y MSGCHNL_AUX - Translate Message Channel Prompt y MSGCHNL_LNG_VW - Message Chnl Lang View (Trans) y MSGCHNL_VW - Message Channel View (Trans) y MSGDEFN_AUX - Message Definition Prompt View (Trans) y MSGDEFN_LNG_VW - Message Definition View (Trans) y MSGDEFN_VW - Message Definition View (Trans) y MSGQUEUELNG_VW y MSGQUEUE_VW - Message queue view (trans)

y MC_DEFN_CRIT - Mass Change Definition Criteria y MC_DEFN_CRIT_VL - Mass Change Definition Criteria Values y MC_DEFN_DEFAULT - Mass Change Definition Defaults y MC_DEFN_DESCR - Mass Change Definition Description y MC_DEFN_LANG - Mass Change Definition Description y MC_DEFN_PT - Mass Change Definition PeopleTools y MC_DEFN_SQL - Mass Change Definition SQL y MC_DEFN_SQL_LN - Mass Change Definition SQL Line y MC_DEFN_STMNT - Mass Change Definition Statement y MC_DTTM_PARMS - Mass Change Date/Time Parameters y MC_GROUP - Mass Change Definition Group y MC_GROUP_LN - Mass Change Definition Group Line y MC_HIST_CRIT - Mass Change History Criteria y MC_HIST_CRIT_VL - Mass Change History Crit Value y MC_HIST_DEFAULT - Mass Change History Defaults y MC_HIST_STMNT - Mass Change History Statement y MC_OPRID - Mass Change Operator Security y MC_OPR_SECURITY - Mass Change Operator Security y MC_PROMPTS - Mass Change Prompt Table Setup y MC_RUN_CNTL - Mass Change Run Control y MC_TEMPLATE - Mass Change Template y MC_TEM_CRITERIA - Mass Change Template Criteria y MC_TEM_DEFAULTS - Mass Change Template Defaults

y MC_TEM_DESCR - Mass Change Template Description y MC_TEM_LANG - Mass Change Template Description y MC_TEM_STMNT - Mass Change Template Statement y MC_TYPE - Mass Change Type y MC_TYPE_DESCR - Mass Change Type Description y MC_TYPE_FIELD - Mass Change Type Field y MC_TYPE_JOIN - Mass Change Type Join Table y MC_TYPE_LANG - Mass Change Type Description y MC_TYPE_RECORD - Mass Change Type Record y MC_TYPE_SQL - Mass Change Type SQL Statement y MC_TYPE_STMNT - Mass Change Type Statement y MC_TYPE_WHERE - Mass Change Type Where Clause y MESSAGE_LOG - Message Log Table y MESSAGE_LOGPARM - Message Parameter Log y MESSAGE_SET_CPY - Message Sets Work/Copy y MOBILEID y MSF_PUBDATA_AET - AE state record for MSF_PUBSUB_Q N y NVSDRILL_LANG - PS/nVision Drill y NODE_DIM_VW Registration y NOSEARCH_VW y NVSDRILL_LAYOUT - PS/nVision Drill y NVSALLTREEND_VW - Tree Node Level Registration View y NVSDRILL_SRCH - PS/nVision Drill y NVSDRILL_SRV_VW - PS/nVision Drill Coordinates Registration y NVS_OPR_RPTS - Personalized nVision y NVS_DRILLOUTLNG Reports y NVS_DRILLOUTPUT - PS/nVision prompt y NVS_REPORT - PS/nVision Report y NVS_DRIOUT2LNG Requests y NVS_DRIOUTPUT2 - PS/nVision prompt y NVS_REPORT_AUTH y NVS_OUTFORM_VW - PS/nVision prompt y NVS_REPORT_LANG - related language y NVS_OUTFRMLANGV - PS/nVision table for NVS_REPORT prompt

y NVS_SCOPE - PS/nVision Scope y NVS_SCOPE_FIELD - PS/nVision Scope Field y NVS_SCOPE_VALUE - PS/nVision Scope Values

y NVS_OUTTLANGVW - PS/nVision prompt y NVS_OUTTYPE_VW - PS/nVision prompt y NVS_SCOPE1LANGV - PS/nVision prompt y NVS_SCOPENDBUVW - XX y NVS_SCOPENODEVW - XX y NVS_SCOPE_1_VW - PS/nVision prompt y NVS_TREENODEVW2 - Tree Node Level View y NVS_TREENODE_VW - Tree Node Level View y OBJNAME_VW - Portal objects prompt view y OLAPATTR_LVL_VW y OLAPATTR_STD_VW y OPERATIONLNG_VW - Operation Related Language View (trans) y OPERATION_VW - Operation view (trans) y OPERATOR_VW - Operator View y OPRDEFN_TLS_VW - View of PSOPRDEFN Table y OPRHDLRLNG_VW - IB opr handler RL view (trans) y OPRHDLR_VW - IB opr handler view (trans) y OPRID_VW2 - View of Opr IDs in PSOPRDEFN y OPRVERDFNLNG_VW - IB opr version RL view (trans) y OPRVERDFN_VW - IB Service Versions view (trans) y OUTDESTFMT_LANG - Request Dialog Output Type y OUTDESTFORMAT - Request Dialog Output Type y OUTDESTSRC y OUTDESTSRCLANG y OUTDESTTYPE y OUTDESTTYPE2 y OUTDESTTYPE2_LG y OUTDESTTYPELANG y y y y PAGENAME_VW PMN_AUTHLANG_VW PMN_CATGACTV_VW PMN_CDM_AUTH_VW -


P y PINGOPTIONS - PINGOPTIONS y PMN_FILTER - Process Monitor Filter y PORTAL_CSS_RUN - Security Sync Run Control

y PORTAL_FLDRP y PMN_CURLINKS_VW y PORTAL_FLDRPTMP y PMN_MSGLOG_VW - Process Monitor Message Logs y PORTAL_HPCOL1 y PMN_PRCSACTV_VW y PORTAL_HPCOL2 y PMN_PRCSJOB_VW - Process Monitor y PORTAL_HPCOL3 Filter y PORTAL_HPCOL4 y PMN_PRCSLIST - Process Monitor Process y PORTAL_HPHDR List y PORTAL_HPHDR2 y PMN_PRCSLISTLNG - Process Monitor y PORTAL_HPHDR3 Process List y PORTAL_SRCH_PRF y PMN_PRCSNAME_VW - Process Monitor y PRCSDEFN - Process Definition y PRCSDEFNCNTDIST - Process Definition - Filter y PMN_PRCSTYPE_VW - Process Monitor Distribution Process Types y PRCSDEFNCOND y PMN_RECURLSTLNG - Process Monitor y PRCSDEFNGRP - Process Definition Process List Process Groups y PMN_RECUR_LIST - Process Monitor y PRCSDEFNLANG - Process Definition Process List Related Language y PMN_RUNSTATLANG - Process Monitor y PRCSDEFNMESSAGE y PRCSDEFNMETA - Process Definition Meta Run Status y PMN_RUNSTATUS - Process Monitor Run String y PRCSDEFNNOTIFY - Process Definition - Status y PMN_SRVRLIST - Process Monitor Server Notification y PRCSDEFNPNL - Process Definition - Panel List y PMN_SRVRLSTLANG - Process Monitor Groups Server List y PRCSDEFNURL - Process Definition y PRCSDEFNURLKEY - Process Definition y PMN_TYPE_LNG_VW - Process Monitor Process Types y PRCSDEFNURL_LNG - Process Definition y PMN_URLLINKS_VW y PRCSDEFNXFER - Process Definition y PNLFIELD_LVW - Panel Field Translation Panel Transfers View y PRCSFILE y PNLFIELD_VW - Panel Field Translation y PRCSJOBCHGHIST View y PRCSJOBCNTDIST - Process Joby PNLGROUPLANG_VW - Panel Group Lang Distribution Trans. View y PRCSJOBDEFN - Job Definition y PORTAL_FP_VW y PRCSJOBDEFNLANG - Job Definition y PORTAL_IDXLG_VW Related Language y PORTAL_IDX_VW y PRCSJOBGRP - Job Definition - Process y PORTAL_LNODE_VW Groups y PRCSJOBITEM - Job Definition - Job Items y PORTAL_NAME_VW - Local Portal View y PORTAL_OBJECTS - Base portal objects y PRCSJOBITEMCHG view y PRCSJOBMESSAGE - Process Job Message y PORTAL_OBJ_LNG - Portal objects y PRCSJOBNOTIFY language view y PRCSJOBPNL - Job Definition - Panel y PORTAL_PARNT_VW -

Groups y PORTAL_TEMP_VW y PRCSMUTUALEXCL y PORTAL_TEMP_VW2 y PRCSOUTDESTLIST y PORTAL_USER_VW - Operator Definition y PRCSOUTDESTTYPE - Process Output List y PRCSDEFNDIST_VW - Process Definition y PRCSOUTPUTLIST - Process Output List Distribution y PRCSPURGELIST y PRCSDEFNFLDR_VW y PRCSRECUR - Recurrence Definition y PRCSDEFN_AUX - Process Definition Prompt View (Trans) y PRCSRECURDATE - Process Scheduler Recurring Date y PRCSDEFN_LG_VW2 - Process Definition y PRCSRECUREXEMPT - Process Scheduler View (Trans) y PRCSDEFN_LNG_VW - Process Definition Recurring Date y PRCSRECURLANG - Recurrence Definition View (Trans) - Related Language y PRCSDEFN_VW - Process Definition View (Trans) y PRCSRQSTDIST - Content Distribution y PRCSDEFN_VW2 - Process Definition View Manager - User Access y PRCSRQSTNOTIFY - Process Request y PRCSDEFN_VW3 - Process Definition View Notification y PRCSDISTOPSLANG - Valid Server y PRCSRQSTURL Operating Systems y PRCSDISTOPSYS - Valid Server Operating y PRCSRUNCNTL - Run Control Record Sample Systems y PRCSRUNCNTLDIST - Run Control Record y PRCSFLDR_VW_LNG - Tools y PRCSGRP_VW - Process Definition y PRCSRUNCNTLDTL - Run Control Record Process Groups - Tools y PRCSJOBDIST_VW - Process Joby PRCSRUNCNTLEOPT - Run Control Distribution Record - Tools y PRCSJOBITEMDIST - Process Joby PRCSSEQUENCE Distribution y PRCSSYSTEM - Process Scheduler System y PRCSLIST_VW - Process Definition List Record y PRCSOUTPUT_VW - Process Output List y PRCSTYPEDEFN - Process Type Definition y PRCSOUTTYPE2_VW - Process Output List y PRCSTYPEDEFNLNG - Process Type y PRCSOUTTYPE_VW - Process Output List Definition - Related Language y PRCSPNLGRP_VW2 - Authorized Panel y PRCSTYPEMETA - Process Type Definition Groups Meta List y PRCSPNLNAME_VW2 - Process Definition y PRCS_CAT_LG_TBL - Panel Groups y PRCS_CAT_TBL y PRCSRENMAP_VW y PRCS_GROUPS y PRCSROLE_LNG_VW y PRCS_GROUPS_LNG y PRCSROLE_VW y PRCS_RENSERVER y PRCSRQSTDLGLIST - Request Dialog Process List y PRG_PERMISSIONS - Permissions List Purge History y PRCSRQSTDLGLNG - Request Dialog y PRG_USR_PROFILE - User Profile Purge Process List History y PRCSRQSTITEMDST - Request Distribution Work Rec y PTACEDIMGRIDREC -

y PTAFAW_APPR_ARC y PRCSRQSTITEMS - Request Dialog - Work Rec y PTAFAW_AUTH y PRCSRQST_CI_ADD y PTAFAW_AUTH_DTL - Authorisation Detail y PRCSRQST_CI_UPD y PRCSSRVROPSLANG - Valid Server y PTAFAW_DECISION - Mass Approvals Action Table Operating Systems y PTAFAW_IDS - SAC_AW Id counters y PRCSSRVROPSYS - Valid Server Operating Systems y PTAFAW_LOG y PRCSUSER_VW y PTAFAW_NOTIFY - SAC_AW Process y PRCS_LIST_VW - View to list y PTAFAW_NOT_HDR - Approval PROGRAM_IDs Notifications Header y PTAFAW_NOT_USER - Notification setup y PRT_ATTRB_VW - Portal Attribute Value Table table y PTAFAW_NTF_CHLD - Email Recipients y PRT_ATTR_LNG_VW - Portal Attribute y PTAFAW_NTF_PRNT - Used to send email Value Table (Trans) y PTACESTATUS_LVW offline y PTAFAW_PATH - Approval Path Definition y PTACESTATUS_VW y PTAFADHC_PKG_VW y PTAFAW_PATH_LNG - Approval Path Definition y PTAFADMAPRSRCVW y PTAFADMORGRELVW y PTAFAW_PRCS - Approval Process Definition y PTAFADMPRCSRCVW y PTAFAW_PRCS_LNG - SAC_AW Process y PTAFADMSIDSRCVW definition record y PTAFADMSIDSRVW2 y PTAFAW_STAGE - Approval Stage y PTAFAMTRECFIELD - All record fields w/ y PTAFAW_STEP - Approval Step sub-record y PTAFAW_STEPINST - Instance of approval y PTAFAMT_REC_VW - Record Definition step View y PTAFAW_STEP_LNG y PTAFAWNTFPKG_VW - Selects y PTAFAW_STG_LNG - Approval Stage Notification Package y PTAFAW_TIMEOUT - Stores escalation y PTAFAWSNDPKG_VW options y PTAFAWTXNLVL_VW y PTAFAW_TO_LOG - Tracking mechanism y PTAFAW_ACTION_V for timeout y PTAFAW_ADHOC_VW y PTAFAW_TXN - Approval Transaction y PTAFAW_ADM_VW - Approval Process Registry Admin y PTAFAW_TXN_CFG - Approval y PTAFAW_AHOC_VW - View of Records Notifications Header from PSRECDEFN y PTAFAW_TXN_COMP y PTAFAW_APPCLSVW y PTAFAW_TXN_LBL - Approval y PTAFAW_AUTH_SR - Approval Transaction Levels Transaction Search y PTAFAW_TXN_LNG - SAC_AW y PTAFAW_DEFN_VW Transaction registry y PTAFAW_ESCAL_VW - Escalation view for y PTAFAW_TXN_LVL - Approval Approvals Transaction Levels y PTAFAW_HIST_VW y PTAFAW_USERINST - Step inst assigner to

user y PTAFAW_WL - Main Approval Worklist y PTAFAW_XREF_WRK y PTAFCRTA - Criteria Definition y PTAFCRTA_LNG - User List Definition y PTAFCRTA_REC - Criteria Definition y PTAFCRTA_RECLNG - Criteria Definition y PTAFCRTA_VAL - User List Definition y PTAFEMCLTLN_LNG - Related Language for PTAFEMC_LYT_LIN y PTAFEMC_LYT_HDR - Form Layout Definitions Header y PTAFEMC_LYT_LIN - Form Layout Definitions Line y PTAFEMC_MSGHDR y PTAFEMC_PND_HDR - Pending Collaborative Emails y PTAFEMC_PND_LIN - Collaborative Emails Pending y PTAFEMC_SPM_LOG - EMC Spam Log y PTAFFIELD_LIST - Field List Definition y PTAFFRMINPT_HDR y PTAFFRMINPT_LIN y PTAFNEM - Main record for NEM y PTAFNEM_AET - State Record y PTAFNEM_EMAIL y PTAFNEM_EVENTS - Event Table for the SACNEM y PTAFNEM_RQST - Run Cntrl record y PTAFNEM_STATUS - NEM Status y PTAFUSER_LIST - User List Definition y PTAFUSER_LNG - User List Definition y PTAFXLAT_SYMBOL y PTCHPLC_COMPS y PTCHPLC_PROJ - Pre-load project y PTCHPLC_PROJ_RN y PTGRANTTBL y PTIB_BACKPORT y PTIB_BACK_AET y PTLT_ASSGN_FEAT - Product to Feature Mapping y PTLT_ASSGN_PRFT - BP to Product Feature Join y PTLT_ASSGN_PROD - Product Suite -

y PTAFAW_NTF_ROOT y PTAFAW_PNL_VW - Component Page View y PTAFAW_PRCSSRCH - Approval Process Search y PTAFAW_REC_VW - View of Records from PSRECDEFN y PTAFAW_SND_ROOT y PTAFAW_STEP_VW y PTAFAW_TXN_VW y PTAFAW_WL_OPRVW - Active Approval Worklist View y PTAFAW_WL_VW - Approval Worklist View y PTAFCLASS_VW - Application Class View y PTAFDSCRPKGROOT y PTAFDSCR_PKG_VW y PTAFEMCDSCPKGRT y PTAFEMC_PKG_VW y PTAFFLD_LBL_VW y PTAFLYTMSGSR_VW y PTAFMENU_PNL_VW - Panel Group Definition View y PTAFMSGSRCH_VW y PTAFNEM_ACLS_VW - Application Class Definitions y PTAFNEM_APKG_VW - App Package View for Actions y PTAFNEM_ECLS_VW - Application Class Definitions y PTAFNEM_EPKG_VW - Packages for the Evaluations y PTAFNEM_TIME_VW - View to display Recurrence Time y PTAFNEM_VIEWS - SQL Views y PTAFPACKAGE_VW - App. Class Package View y PTAFPAGE_VW - Panel Group Definition View y PTAFPRCSROOT_VW y PTAFROLEDEFN_VW y PTAFUSERPKGROOT y PTAFUSER_PKG_VW y PTAFVIEWDEFN_VW -

Product Rel y PTAFXLAT_REL_VW y PTLT_ASSGN_TASK - Feature to Task y PTAFXLAT_SRCH Mapping y PTAF_RASGN_NNVW y PTLT_BP_SELECT - Selections by Business y PTAF_SQLID_VW Process y PTATTREENODE_VW y PTLT_BUSPRC - Business Process y PTCDBRLDFNVWLNG - Related Language Definitions Role View y PTLT_BUSPRC_DTL - Business Process - y PTCDBRLDFN_VW - Role Definition View Detail y PTCHPLC_COMP_VW y PTLT_COMP_NAV - Define Setup y PTCHPLC_MKT_VW Components y PTIBPROJ_VW y PTLT_COMP_R_STG y PTIB_JMSNODE_VW - Returns routings y PTLT_EXCI_LIST that use JMS y PTLT_EXCI_RUN y PTIB_JMSTRX_VW - Returns routings using y PTLT_EXCI_STG JMS y PTLT_FEATURE - Define Features y PTLT_ASN_FT_VW - Product to Feature y PTLT_FEAT_LANG - Define Features Mapping y PTLT_FILE_ATT y PTLT_ASN_PRD_VW - Product to Feature y PTLT_INSTALL - Setup Manager Mapping Installation y PTLT_BP_DTL_VW - Business Process y PTLT_NAV_STG1 Detail y PTLT_NAV_STG2 y PTLT_BP_VW - Business Process - Detail y PTLT_PF_SELECT - Selections by Solution y PTLT_B_P_F_VW - Product Features-Bus Processes y PTLT_PORTAL_STG - Portal URL Text convert y PTLT_B_P_F_VW1 - Product Features-Bus y PTLT_PORTAL_TMP - Portal URL Text Processes convert y PTLT_CIPG_VW - Component Interface y PTLT_PRODUCT - Product Definition View y PTLT_PROD_LANG - Product Definition y PTLT_CMPMENU_VW y PTLT_PROD_SUITE - Product Suite y PTLT_CMPTASKLVW Definition y PTLT_CMPTASK_VW y PTLT_PROJ_DEFN - Implementation y PTLT_COMPMKTVW Project Definition y PTLT_FEATFLTRVW - Project Feature y PTLT_PROJ_RECS - Implementation View Records y PTLT_FEATFL_LVW y PTLT_PROJ_RUN - Generate Task - Run y PTLT_FT_FLTR_VW Control y PTLT_INSTFLD_VW - INSTALLATION y PTLT_PROJ_TASK - Project Task List Product Fields y PTLT_PROJ_UPG - Project Task List y PTLT_MNUITMLVW2 y PTLT_PSUIT_LANG - Product Suite y PTLT_MNUITM_VW - Menu Item View 1 Definition y PTLT_MNUITM_VW2 - Menu Item View 1 y PTLT_SEQ_STG y PTLT_MNUTASK_VW y PTLT_TASK y PTLT_ORGTASK_VW y PTLT_TASK_LANG y PTLT_PGRP_LVW2 - View on

PSPNLGRPDEFN y PTLT_TASK_LOAD y PTLT_PNLGRP_VW2 - View on y PTLT_TASK_SEQ PSPNLGRPDEFN y PTLT_TASK_SEQ_U - Task Sequence y PTLT_PNLTASKLVW Upgrade Table y PTLT_PNLTASK_VW y PTLT_TASK_STG y PTLT_PORTALLVW y PTLT_TLOAD_LANG y PTLT_PORTAL_VW y PTLT_TSEQ_LANG y PTLT_PRD_FTR_VW - Product Suites for a y PTLT_VIEW_STG - View STG record y PTPPB_ADMN_PRMS - PW - Administer Product y PTLT_PRJRNWK_VW - Generate Task Parameters Run Control y PTPPB_DATADISP y PTLT_PRODFLTRVW - Project Product y PTPPB_DATATYPE View y PTPPB_DFMT_LANG y PTLT_PRODFL_LVW - Project Product y PTPPB_DISP_FRMT View y PTPPB_DISP_PRMS y PTLT_PRODLVW2 - Valid Product y PTPPB_DISP_VALS Definitions y PTPPB_DS_SETTGS y PTLT_PROD_VW2 - Valid Product y PTPPB_DTYP_LANG y PTPPB_FOOTER - Pagelet Wizard Footer Definitions y PTLT_PROJDTL_VW - Project Load Mtd y PTPPB_FTR_LANG Details View y PTPPB_HDR_LANG y PTLT_PROJFEATVW - Project Feature y PTPPB_HEADER View y PTPPB_HTML_LANG y PTLT_PROJPRODVW - Project Product y PTPPB_IBCON_DFT - IB Connector DS View Default Security y PTLT_PROJ_CI_VW - Project Excel to CI y PTPPB_IBCON_SEC - IB Connector DS View Security y PTLT_PROJ_DM_VW - Project Data Mover y PTPPB_IBCON_TBL - IB Connector DS view Connectors y PTLT_PROJ_VW2 - Setup Definition View y PTPPB_LINKPARMS - Pagelet Wizard Link y PTLT_PRS_PR_VW - Solutions/Product Parameters rollup view y PTPPB_LINKPATHS - Pagelet Wizard Link y PTLT_SCOMP_VW1 - Extract Setup Tasks Paths y PTLT_SETUP_VW - Implementation Task y PTPPB_PAGELET - Pagelet Wizard List View Definition y PTLT_S_P_F_VW - Product Features in y PTPPB_PARM_VALS Solutions y PTPPB_PGLT_CATG - Pagelet Wizard y PTLT_S_P_F_VW1 - Product Feature View Category y PTLT_TASKCMP_VW y PTPPB_PGLT_CLNG - Pagelet Wizard y PTLT_TASKLD_VW Category Language y PTLT_TASKOTHLVW y PTPPB_PGLT_HTML y PTLT_TASKOTH_VW y PTPPB_PGLT_LANG y PTPPB_ADMIN_GVW - PW - Admin Grid y PTPPB_PGLT_PRMS View y PTPPB_PGLT_URL - URL Data source y PTPPB_ADMIN_LVW - PW - Admin

URLs Language View y PTPPB_PRMS_LANG y PTPPB_CATG_LVW - Pagelet Category Prompt View y PTPPB_PVAL_LANG y PTPPB_CATG_PVW - Pagelet Category y PTPPB_SECURITY Prompt View y PTPPB_SOAP_REQ - Pagelet Wizard y PTPPB_FTR_LVW - Pagelet Footer Prompt SOAP Request View y PTPPB_SYSVAR y PTPPB_FTR_PVW - Pagelet Footer Prompt y PTPPB_THRESHOLD View y PTPPB_TRSH_LANG y PTPPB_HDR_LVW - Pagelet Header Prompt y PTPPB_TRSH_VAL View y PTPPB_TXFM_LANG y PTPPB_HDR_PVW - Pagelet Header Prompt y PTPPB_TXFRMTYPE View y PTPPB_USER_PRMS y PTPPB_IBCON_PVW y PTPPB_USR_THRSH y PTPPB_IBGAT_PVW y PTPPB_XSLT_PROT y PTPPB_IBMSGNDVW - Message Node y PTPPB_XSL_LANG View for PW y PTPP_CPPRJ_RUN2 y PTPPB_IBMSG_VW - Message Definition y PTPP_CPPRJ_RUN3 View y PTPP_CPPRJ_RUN4 y PTPPB_IBNOD_PVW - Message Node View y PTPP_CPPRJ_RUN5 for PW y PTPP_CPPROJ_AET y PTPPB_IBOPR_VW y PTPP_CPPROJ_RUN y PTPPB_IBPROP_VW y PTPP_FD_DELETE - AE Folders to Delete y PTPPB_IMGCAT_VW - PW - Image Prompt Temp View y PTPP_FD_KEEP - AE Folder CleanupTemp y PTPPB_PAGE_LVW - PW - Page Prompt Data Lang View y PTPP_FD_RUN - Run Control ID Folder y PTPPB_PAGE_PVW - PW - Page Prompt Delete View y PTPP_OPTIONS - Installation Options y PTPPB_PGLT_VW - Contents of Pagelet y PTPP_PUB_OPT - Publication Types Folder y PTPP_SCSYNCCOLL - Portal Structure y PTPPB_QUERY_VW Permission y PTPPB_SCNAMELVW - Navigation y PTPP_SCSYNCOBJ - Portal Structure Collection Lang VW Permission y PTPPB_SCNAME_VW - Navigation y PTPP_SCSYNCPERM - Portal Structure Collection Prompt Permission y PTPPB_SRCFVWLNG - Registry Content y PTPP_SCSYNC_AET - State Rec Collection View Sync y PTPPB_SRCREF_VW - Registry Content y PTPP_SCSYNC_RUN - Run Control View Collection Sync y PTPPB_USER_LANG - Pagelet Wizard y PTPP_SCUPG - Portal Structure Permission Person Search Language y PTPP_SCUPG_AET - State Rec Collection y PTPPB_USER_SRCH - Pagelet Wizard Sync Personalisation Search y PTPP_SITE_OPT - Site Options y PTPP_CPCOLL_LVW - Collection

Definition y PTP_CHART_DUMRE PTP_CHART_DUMRE y PTPP_CPCOLL_VW - Collection Definition y PTPP_CPFLDR_LVW - Folder Definitions y PTP_TABLE1 - Performance Test Page Table 1 y PTPP_CPFLDR_VW - Folder Definitions y PTP_TABLE2 - Performance Test Page y PTPP_CPNODE_VW Table 2 y PTPP_CPPAGE_LVW - Page Definitions y PTP_TST_CASES - PTP Test Case y PTPP_CPPAGE_VW - Page Definitions Identifier* y PTPP_CPPGLT_LVW - Pagelet Objects y PTUPGCONVERT - Upgrade AE Driver y PTPP_CPPGLT_VW - Pagelet Objects Sections y PTPP_CPPRJ_LVW - Project view y PTUPG_RUN_AEC - Conversion y PTPP_CPPRJ_NMVW - Project view Documentation y PTPP_CPPRTL_LVW - Portal Name view y PTUPG_STATE_AET - Upgrade driver state y PTPP_CPPRTL_VW - Portal Name view record y PTPP_CREF_LVW - Content Reference y PT_AMM_DUMMY - App Message Prompt Lng Workflow Dummy Table y PTPP_CREF_PVW - Content Reference y PT_CTI_AGENT - CTI Agent Information Prompt y PT_CTI_AGENTGUI - CTI Agent GUI y PTPP_PGLTHP_LVW - Homepage Pagelet Information Prompt Lng y PT_CTI_CONFIG y PTPP_PGLTHP_PVW - Homepage Pagelet y PT_CTI_PBKAGENT - CTI Agent Prompt Information y PTPP_PGLTTP_LVW - Template Pagelet y PT_CTI_PBKCTI Prompt Lng y PT_CTI_QUEUE y PTPP_PGLTTP_PVW - Template Pagelet y PT_CTI_SWITCH Prompt y PT_CTI_SYSCONF y PTPP_PMPGHP_GVW - Populate HP y PT_EIP_MSG_ERR Pagelet List Grid y PT_EIP_MSG_TAO2 y PTPP_PMPGHP_LVW - Populate HP y PT_EIP_MSG_TAO3 Pagelet List Grid y PT_EIP_MSG_WL - App Message Error y PTPP_PMPGTP_GVW - Populate TP Pagelet Worklist List Grid y PT_EIP_PUB_ERR y PTPP_PMPGTP_LVW - Populate TP Pagelet y PT_EIP_PUB_TAO2 List Grid y PTPP_PMPRTL_GVW - Populate Portal List y PT_EIP_PUB_TAO3 Grid y PT_EIP_PUB_WL - App Message Error y PTPP_PMPRTL_LVW - Populate Portal List Worklist y PT_EIP_SUB_ERR - App Message Errors Grid Language Record (WF) y PTPP_PMPSRC_LVW - Portal Source y PT_EIP_SUB_TAO2 - App Message Errors Related Display y PTPP_PMPSRC_RVW - Portal Source Record (WF) y PT_EIP_SUB_TAO3 - App Message Errors Related Display Record (WF) y PTPP_PMPTGT_LVW - Portal Target Related Display y PT_EIP_SUB_WL - App Message Error y PTPP_PMPTGT_RVW - Portal Target Worklist y PT_ERR_RUNCNTL - Inbound Data Error Related Display

Run Control y PTPP_PORTAL_LVW - Portal Name Prompt Language y PT_OPT_SYNC_AET y PT_WEB_BROW_TAO - Web Profile y PTPP_PORTAL_PVW - Portal Name Prompt Browsers y PTPP_SCCOLL_LNG - Collection List Related Language VW y PT_WEB_COOK_TAO y PT_WEB_PROF_AET y PTPP_SCCOLL_VW - Collection List y PT_WEB_PROF_TAO y PTPP_SCIMAGELNG - Database Image y PT_WEB_PROP_TAO - Web Profile CustomLanguage Record y PTPP_SCIMAGE_VW - Database Image Properties VW y PT_WF_GUIDLOG - RIM response log record. y PTPP_SCLOOKUPVW y PT_WF_NOTFYGUID y PTPP_SCSYNC_LNG - Collection List Related Language VW y PT_WF_NOTFY_TBL - Workflow Notifications y PTPP_SCSYNC_VW - Collection List y PTPP_SCXSLT_VW y PT_WF_NOTFY_USR - Workflow Notification Address y PTPP_STSHEET_VW - StyleSheet View y PT_WF_NOTIFY_WL - Generic Message y PTP_TABLE1_VW - Performance Test Page Worklist Table 1 y PT_WF_NOT_DSCFG y PTP_TST_CASE_VW y PT_WF_NOT_USRD - Workflow y PTUPGCONVERT_VW - Upgrade Data Notification Address Conversion y PT_WF_NOT_USRL - Workflow y PTUPG_AEAPPL_VW - Upgrade AE Notification Address program view y PT_WF_NOT_USRO1 - Workflow y PTUPG_AESECT_VW - Upgrade AE Notification Address Section view y PT_WF_NOT_USRO2 - Workflow y PT_FLD_PRMPT - Folder Prompt Table Notification Address y PT_FLD_VWLNG - Folder Prompt Rel y PT_WF_NOT_USRU - Workflow LangTable Notification Address y PT_IQ0_VWLNG - Related Language View y PURGE_ROLEDEFN - User Profile Purge for Reg Level 0 History y PT_IQ1_VWLNG - Related Language View for Reg Level 0 y PT_IQ2_VWLNG - Related Language View for Reg Level 0 y PT_IQ3_VWLNG - Related Language View for Reg Level 0 y PT_IQ4_VWLNG - Related Language View for Reg Level 0 y PT_IQLEVEL0 - Registry Folder Structure Level 0 y PT_IQLEVEL1 - Registry Folder Structure Level 1 y PT_IQLEVEL2 - Registry Folder Structure Level 2 y PT_IQLEVEL3 - Registry Folder Structure

Level 3 y PT_IQLEVEL4 - Registry Folder Structure Level 4 y PT_IQREGITEM - Registry Content View y PT_IQREGPERM - Permission Lists per CREF y PT_IQREGROLE - Roles per CREF y PT_IQREGUSER - Users per CREF y PT_IQRGVWLNG - Registry Content View y PT_IQTPLNGVW - Registry Top Level Fldr Prompt y PT_IQ_CNT_VW - Registry Provider Prompt View y PT_IQ_PRD_VW - Registry Product Prompt View y PT_IQ_PRM_VW - Registry PermList Prompt View y PT_IQ_PRT_VW - Registry Portal Prompt View y PT_IQ_REGLNG y PT_IQ_REGLV1 y PT_IQ_REGLV2 y PT_IQ_REGLV3 y PT_IQ_REGLV4 y PT_IQ_ROL_VW - Registry Role Prompt View y PT_IQ_TMPLNG - Registry Templ RelLang View y PT_IQ_TMP_VW - Registry Template View y PT_IQ_TOP_PR - Registry Top Level Fldr Prompt y PT_IQ_USR_VW - Registry User Prompt View y PT_IQ_VW y PT_IQ_VWLNG y PT_PE_IQ_TMPLNG - Registry Templ RelLang View y PT_PE_IQ_TMP_VW - Registry Template View y PT_TREEDEFN_VW - Tree Definition & Attributes y PT_TREEDFV_LANG - Tree Definition related language record y PT_UQSAMPLEQVW - Queues in a MCF cluster

y PT_WF_NOTFY_SRC - Workflow Notifications y PT_WSRP_PORT_VW y PT_WSRP_PRO_VW PSA y PSACCESSLOG y PSACEMDLLNG_VW y PSACCESSPRFL - Access Profile y PSACEMDL_VW y PSACECUBE y PSACLMENU_VW2 - List all non-popup menus y PSACECUBECOLL y PSACTIVENODEVW - Active node view y PSACECUBECOLMAP y PSAEAPLTRNS_VW - AE Application y PSACECUBEDIMS Definition y PSACEDIM y PSAERECFLDVW y PSACEEXPDIMS y PSAMMMSGVERVW y PSACEEXPSET y PSAPMSGARCHVW - App Message y PSACEMDLDEFN Archive View y PSACEMDLDEFNDEL y PSAPMSGINUSEVW - App Messages in use y PSACEMDLDEFNLNG y PSAPMSGMNARCHVW - App Message y PSACEORGANIZER Monitor Archive View y PSACEORGMAP y PSAPMSGMON1VW - PubCon Summary by y PSACERULE MSGNAME y PSACETREE y PSAPMSGMON2VW - PubCon Summary by y PSACEUSRFUNC CHNLNAME y PSACTARCHIVE y PSAPMSGMON4VW - PubCon Summary by y PSACTIVEXLIC MSGNAME y PSACTIVIMG - Activity Definition y PSAPMSGMON5VW - SubCon Summary by Language CHNLNAME y PSACTIVIMGLANG - Activity Definition y PSAPMSGPCON_VW - IB Pub Contracts Language View y PSACTIVITYDEFN - Activity Description y PSAPMSGPUBCA_VW y PSACTIVITYDEL - Activity Description y PSAPMSGPUBCN_VW y PSACTIVITYLANG - Activity Definition y PSAPMSGPUBHA_VW Language y PSAPMSGPUBHD_VW y PSACTIVITYLOG - Activity Guide Log y PSAPMSGSCON_VW y PSAEAPPLDEFN - AE Application y PSAPMSGSUBCA_VW Definition* y PSAPMSGSUBCN_VW y PSAEAPPLDEL - AE Application y PSARCHBATCH_SRC Definition* y PSARCHQRY - Archive Queries y PSAEAPPLLANG - AE Application y PSARCHREC_VW - Records in Archive Definition (Related Language) Template y PSAEAPPLSTATE - Application state record y PSAEAPPLTEMPTBL - Application Engine y PSARCHRSTQRY_VW - Archiving Restore Query Definition Temp Tables y PSAESECTDEFN - AE Section Definition* y PSARCHSELQRY_VW - Archiving y PSAESECTDEL - AE Section Definition* Selection Query Definition

y PSAESECTDTLDEFN - AE Section Detailed y PSARCHUSEQRYVW - Archive Template Definition Queries y PSAESTEPDEFN - AE Step Definition y PSAUTHCI_VW y PSAESTEPMSGDEFN - AE Message Action y PSAUTHITEM_VW2 - Authorized Menu Definition Item view y PSAESTMTDEFN - AE Statement y PSAUTHOPTN_VW - Authorized options Definition* view y PSANALYTICREG - Analytic Tools Engine y PSAUTHWEBLIBVW Registry y PSAUTHWS_VW - Authorized Web y PSAPMSGARCHPC - Archived Publication Services View Contracts y PSAUTHWS_VW1 - Authorized Web y PSAPMSGARCHPD - App Message Data Services view Archive y PSAUTHWS_VW2 - Authorized Web y PSAPMSGARCHPH - App Messaging Services View Header Archive y PSAPMSGARCHPT y PSAPMSGARCHSC - Subscription Contracts Archive y PSAPMSGARCHST y PSAPMSGARCHTMP - App Message Archive Temp y PSAPMSGCHUNKTBL - IB Segment Chunking y PSAPMSGDOMSTAT y PSAPMSGDSPSTAT y PSAPMSGPCONDATA y PSAPMSGPUBATTR y PSAPMSGPUBCERR y PSAPMSGPUBCERRP - App Message PubCon Error Parameters y PSAPMSGPUBCLOCK y PSAPMSGPUBCON - IB Publication Contracts. y PSAPMSGPUBCSYNC y PSAPMSGPUBDATA y PSAPMSGPUBERR y PSAPMSGPUBERRP - App Message Pub Error Parameters y PSAPMSGPUBHDR - IB Transactions y PSAPMSGPUBINST y PSAPMSGPUBLOCK y PSAPMSGPUBSYNC y PSAPMSGQUEUESET - IB Message Queue Status

y PSAPMSGSCONDATA y PSAPMSGSUBCERR y PSAPMSGSUBCERRP - App Message SubCon Error Parameters y PSAPMSGSUBCLOCK y PSAPMSGSUBCON - IB Subscription Contracts. y PSAPMSGSUBCSYNC y PSAPMSGSUBPRCID y PSAPMSGXTB y PSAPPCLASSDEFN - Application Class Definitions y PSAPPRRULEDEL - delete table for approval rule y PSARCHAUDIT - Archive Audit y PSARCHBATCH - Archive Batch y PSARCHIVE_AET - AET record for PSARCHIVE y PSARCHIVE_TAO - TAO record for PSARCHIVE y PSARCHOBJDEFN - Archiving Object Definition y PSARCHOBJDEL - Archiving Object Delete Table y PSARCHOBJLANG - Archiving Object Definition Language y PSARCHOBJREC - Archive Object Records y PSARCHRUNCNTL - Data Archive Manager Run Control y PSARCHRUNQRYBND - Archive Query Bind Definitions y PSARCHTEMPAE - Archiving Template AE Definition y PSARCHTEMPDEL - Archive Template Delete Table y PSARCHTEMPLANG - Archive Template Definition Language y PSARCHTEMPLATE - Archive Template Definition y PSARCHTEMPOBJ - Archiving Template Object Definition y PSARCHTEMPQRY - Archiving Template Query Definition y PSASOFDATE - SQR Request Dates y PSATTRIBUTE - WSDL Attribute table

y PSAUDIT - Field Level Audits y PSAUDITWRK - Audit Work Table y PSAUTHBUSCOMP - Authorized Component Interfaces y PSAUTHCHNLMON - Message Monitor Channel Security y PSAUTHCUBE y PSAUTHITEM - Authorized Menu Item y PSAUTHMP - Mobile Page Access y PSAUTHOPTN y PSAUTHPRCS - Authorized Process Groups y PSAUTHQUEUEMON - Message Monitor Channel Security y PSAUTHSIGNON - Authorized Signon Period y PSAUTHWS - Authorized Web Services PSB y PSBATCHAUTH y PSBARITEM_VW y PSBATCHAUTHLONG y PSBARNAME_VW - Lists bar names y PSBATCHRPT_HDR - Batch Reporting y PSBATCHRPT_PVW - Search Rec for Header PSBATCHRPT y PSBATCHRPT_SEQ - Batch Report y PSBATCHRPT_SVW - Batch Report Messages Messages y PSBATCHRPT_TBL - Batch Report Table y PSBCDEFNLNG_VW3 - IB View of CIs y PSBATREPPROFFLD - Batch Replication y PSBCDEFN_VW - Component Interface Field Definition View y PSBATREPPROFHDR - Batch Replication y PSBCDEFN_VW3 - IB View of CIs Profile Header y PSBCDEFN_VW4 - IB View of CIs y PSBATREPPROFLNG - Batch Replication y PSBPITEMLANG_VW - Lang dep for bus Profile Language proc items y PSBATREPPROFMSG - Batch Replication y PSBPITEM_VW - Bus proc item table view Profile Message y PSBUSCMP_PRMTVW y PSBATREPPROFVAL - Batch Replication y PSBUSPROCDEFNVW - Navigator Profile Value Business Processes y PSBATREPREQHDR - Batch Replication Request Header y PSBATREPREQMSG - Batch Replication Request Message y PSBATREPREQRES - Batch Replication Req Results y PSBCDEFN - Component Interface Definition y PSBCDEFNLANG - Component Interface Definition (Alternative Language) y PSBCDEL - Component Interface - Tools Del

y PSBCITEM - Component Interface Item Table* y PSBCITEMLANG - Component Interface Item - (Alternative Language) y PSBINDRULE - Bind Table y PSBUSPITEMIMG - Images for bus proc items y PSBUSPITEMLANG - Lang dep for bus proc items y PSBUSPRIMG - Business Process Definition Language y PSBUSPRIMGLANG - Business Process Definition Language y PSBUSPROCDEFN - Business Process Definition y PSBUSPROCDEL - Business Process Definition y PSBUSPROCITEM - Bus proc item table y PSBUSPROCLANG - Business Process Definition Language y PSBUSPROCSEC - Business Process Security PSC y PSCDBACTION - Action Definition y PSCDBOBJTYPEVW - Object Application Class map y PSCDBACTLANG - Action Related y PSCHNLDEFN_VW Language y PSCHNLDEFN_VW2 y PSCDBACTPARM - Action Parameters y PSCDBACTSEC - Action Definition Securityy PSCLASSDEFN_SRC y PSCDBAPPCDLANG - Dashboard y PSCODESETGRP_VW Application code y PSCODESET_VW y PSCDBAPPCODE - Installed Application y PSCONNGATEWAYVW Code y PSCONNIDVW y PSCDBAPPSERVER - Dashboard y PSCONNPROPIDVW Application Server y PSCONNPROP_VW - Connector Properties y PSCDBBATCHAET - Batch Messaging Statey PSCONPROPDATAVW Record y PSCONPROPNAMEVW y PSCDBBATCHAPP - Batch Load App. y PSCONPROPVALVW Codes y PSCONTNAMEVW y PSCDBBATCHOBJ - Batch Object y PSCRYPTALGCHNVW - Encryption y PSCDBBATCHRUN - Batch Load Run Algorithm Chain Control y PSCRYPTALGPRMVW - Encryption y PSCDBCHNGQ - Dashboard Change Queue Algorithm Chain y PSCDBCOL - Dashboard Data Object y PSCRYPTALG_VW y PSCDBDATA - Dashboard Data Object y PSCRYPTCHN_VW y PSCDBINSTALL - Dashboard Installation

y PSCDBLOADSTATUS - Initial Load Status y PSCRYPTDEFN_SRC - PSCRYPTDEFN search view y PSCDBMSGPARM - Dashboard Action y PSCRYPTDLL_VW Message y PSCDBMSGTEST - Table saving message y PSCRYPTKEYVALVW tests y PSCRYPTKEY_VW y PSCDBMSGXML - Dashboard Message y PSCS_MTCHNM_VW - Code Set Match XML Name View y PSCDBOBJCLASS - Object to App Class y PSCS_MTCHVAL_VW - Code Set Match map Name View y PSCDBOBJGROUP - Dashboard Object Group y PSCDBOBJGRPDTL - Dashboard Object Group Detail y PSCDBOBJGRPLNG - Dashboard Object Group y PSCDBROLEUSER - Dashboard Role User y PSCDBSCHEDQ - Dashboard Change Queue y PSCDSETVALDE_LG y PSCERTDB y PSCHARSETS - List of valid character sets y PSCHGCTLHIST - Change Control History Table y PSCHGCTLLOCK - Change Control Locked Objects y PSCHNLDEFN - Channel Definition y PSCHNLDEFNLANG - Channel Definition (Alternative Language) y PSCHNLDEL - Channel Definition Delete y PSCHNLNODE - Channel Node y PSCIREF - Component Interface - Reference y PSCIREFENUM - Component Interface Enumeration Path y PSCIREFLANG - Component Interface - Ref (Alternative Language) y PSCIREFPROPERTY - Component Interface - Ref Property y PSCISYNCDEFN - Component Interface Sync Definition y PSCLASSDEFN - Permissions Lists Definition y PSCLASSDEL y PSCLOCK - Database Clock Access y PSCODESET y PSCODESETGROUP -

y PSCODESETGRPVAL y PSCODESETVAL y PSCODESETVAL_DE y PSCODESETVAL_HD y PSCOLLATIONS - Collation Information y PSCOLORDEFN - Color Definition y PSCOLORDEL - Color Definition y PSCONN - Connector Definition y PSCONNCTSTRDOWN y PSCONNECTSTRING - Message Node Connect String y PSCONNLANG - Connector Definition y PSCONNPROP - Connector Properties y PSCONNPROPLANG - Connector Properties y PSCONTDEFN y PSCONTDEFNLANG y PSCONTDEL y PSCONTENT y PSCONTENTLANG y PSCRYPTALGCHAIN - Encryption Algorithm Chain y PSCRYPTALGDEFN y PSCRYPTALGPARAM - Encryption Algorithm Parameters y PSCRYPTCHNDEFN - Encryption Chain Definition table y PSCRYPTDEFN y PSCRYPTDLLDEFN y PSCRYPTKEYSET y PSCRYPTPRFL y PSCRYPTPRFLPRM - Encryption Profile Parameter y PSCUBETBLSPC PSD y PSDB2TRIGGER y PSDATAMEMBER_VW - Data Permissions Membership y PSDBFIELD - Database Field* y PSDBFIELDNAMEVW y PSDBFIELDLANG - Database Field (Alternative Language) y PSDBFLDLABLLG_V - Label View for Translations y PSDBFLDLABL - DBField Label Table y PSDBFLDLABL_V - Translation view y PSDBFLDLABLLANG - DBField Label Language Table y PSDBFLDLABL_VW - PSDBFLDLABL y PSDDLDEFPARMS - DDL Model ParameterView y PSDBFLDLBLLNG_V - PSDBFLDLABL y PSDDLMODEL - DDL Model Statement


Language View y PSDBFLD_XLAT - Fieldname and Field Length VW y PSDDLDEFPARM_VW - DDL Model Parameter y PSDDLMODEL_VW - DDL Model Statement y PSDIAGPKGLANGVW - Diagnostic Pkg Language View y PSDIAGPKGVW - Diagnostic Package View y PSDIAGQRYVW - Diagnostic Framework Query VW y PSDIAGQRYVW1 - Diagnostic Query View 1 y PSDIAGQRYVW2 - Diagnostic Query View 2 y PSDISTROLE_VW - User Roles y PSDSUSERATTR_VW - Directory Services User Attributes

y PSEXTNODE_LVW - External Node Definition View y PSEXTNODE_VW - External Node Definition View y PSFIELDRECDVW - Records for a field y PSFLDDEFN_VW -

y PSFILEREFS y PSFILE_ATTDET y PSFLDDEFN - File Layout - File Definitions y PSFLDDEL - File Layout - Tools Delete y PSFLDFIELDDEFN - File Layout - File Fields y PSFLDSEGDEFN - File Layout - File Segments. y PSFMTDEFN - Format Definition Table y PSFMTDEL - Format Definition Table y PSFMTITEM - Format Item Table PSG y PSGATEWAY y PSGATEWAYDEL y PSGRANTTBL PSH y PSHOLIDAYDEFN - Holiday Definition y PSHOMEPAGE_SRCH - Navigator Homepage List y PSHOLIDAYDEL - Holiday Definition y PSHUBNODEVW PSI y PSIBBRKSLAVE - IB Slave y PSIBDOMSTAT2VW - IB Static Slave Domains y PSIBERR y PSIBDOMSTAT3VW - IB Static Slave y PSIBERRP Domains y PSIBFAILOVER y PSIBFILERUNCNTL - Inbound File Loader y PSIBDOMSTATUSVW y PSIBDSPSTATVW Run Control y PSIBFLOMSGMAP - Inbound File Loader y PSIBMSGSERV_VW - Messages for a Service. Layouts y PSIBPCODE_VW - Subscription Peoplecode y PSIBFODOMTSTAMP y PSIBPUBCONAR_VW - IB Pub Headers y PSIBFOLOCK y PSIBPUBCON_VW - IB Pub Headers y PSIBGATEWAYURLS y PSIBINFILERULE - IB Inbound File Loader y PSIBPUBHDR2_VW - IB Pub Headers y PSIBPUBHDRAR_VW - IB Pub Headers y PSIBLOADBALURL y PSIBPUBHDR_VW - IB Pub Headers y PSIBLOGARCHTMP y PSIBRESPVER1 y PSIBLOGDATA y PSIBRESPVER2 - Message Version Prompt y PSIBLOGDATAARCH View y PSIBLOGERR y PSIBRQSTVER1 - Message Version Prompt y PSIBLOGERRP - App Message PubCon View Error Parameters y PSIBRQSTVER2 - Message Version Prompt y PSIBLOGHDR View y PSIBLOGHDRARCH y PSIBRTNGDEFN_VW - IB Routings y PSIBLOGIBINFO y PSIBRTNGSERV_VW - IB Service Routings y PSIBLOGIBINFOAR y PSIBRTNGSRCH_VW - Search view for IB y PSIBMONADMIN - IB Slave


Routings y PSIBRTNGSRC_LVW - IB Routing Search View y PSIBSCHEMAS2_VW y PSIBSCHEMAS_VW y PSIBSECURBC_VW y PSIBSECURIT2_VW - IB Security View y PSIBSECURITY_VW - IB Queue Security View y PSIBSUBCONAR_VW - IB Pub Headers y PSIBSUBCON_VW - IB Pub Headers y PSIBUDDI_VW y PSIBVWMSGVW1 - Message Definition View y PSIBWMSGDEFNVW - Message Definition View y PSIBWMSGVERVW1 - Message Version Prompt View y PSIBWNODETRXVW - Node Transaction Definition y PSIBWNODTRXVW0 - Node Transaction Definition y PSIBWNODTRXVW1 - Node Transaction Definition y PSIBWRELATRXVW - Relationship Transactions y PSIBWRELAVW - Integration Broker Relationship y PSIBWSDL2_VW - IB View of the WSDL repository y PSIBWSDLLAT_VW - WSDL Repository y PSIBWSDLMAX_VW - WSDL Repository y PSIBWSDLOPRVW y PSIBWSDLOPR_LVW y PSIBWSDLSVCVW - View for Default WSDL y PSIBWSDLSVC_LVW - Related language view. y PSIBWSDL_VW - WSDL Repository y PSIODEFN_VW y PSIOSETTINGS_VW -


y PSLOCALEOPTNVW - Locale Based Options y PSLOCOPTN_LVW - Related Language Record for PSLOCALEOPTNVW

y PSMCFAGENTVW - Agent in MCF cluster and queue y PSMCFLOGENT_VW y PSMCFQUEUES_VW y PSMCFTPBUDDY_VW y PSMCF_PHYSQ_VW y PSMENUBAR_VW - Menu Item View y PSMENUCOMPLG_VW - Language record for PSMENUCOMP_VW y PSMENUCOMP_VW - Menu Component View y PSMENUDEFN_VW - Menu Definition View y PSMENUGROUP_LVW - Menu Group View y PSMENUGROUP_VW - Menu Group View y PSMENUNAMELG_VW - Language record for PSMENUNAME_VW y PSMENUNAME_VW - Menu View y PSMENU_PRMTVW1 - List all non-popup menus y PSMESSAGEMON_VW - Message Monitor Channel Security

y PSMCFSYSTEM - MCF system key/value y PSMOBILEPAGE_VW - Mobile Pages View config y PSMPDEFN_VW - Mobile Page Definition y PSMCFTPAGENTQ - MCF UQ Agent View y PSMSFSEQ_VW y PSMCFTPAGENTS - Agent Nickname y PSMCFTPAGNTBDDY - Agents buddy list y PSMSGDEFNLN_VW6 - IB Message View y PSMCFTPAGNTCUST - Agent y PSMSGDEFNVW - Message Definition customisation View y PSMCFTPAGNTMISC - Agent y PSMSGDEFNVW1 - Message Definition Miscellaneous View y PSMCFTPAGNTMSG - Agent messages y PSMSGDEFN_VW2 - Message View y PSMCFTPAGNTPRES - Agent Presence y PSMSGDEFN_VW3 - Unstructured Message View y PSMCFTPAGNTURLS - Agent URLs y PSMSGDEFN_VW4 - Unstructured Message y PSMCFTPAGTMEDIA View y PSMCFTPCLSRLANG y PSMSGDEFN_VW5 - Unstructured Message y PSMCFTPCLSTR_Q View y PSMCFTPCLUSTER y PSMSGDEFN_VW6 - IB Message View y PSMCFTPFLAG y PSMSGDFN_LVW - App. Message y PSMCFTPPBKAGENT - CTI Agent Definition Version Information y PSMSGDFN_VW - App. Message Definition y PSMCFTPQLANG Version y PSMCFTPQUEUES y PSMSGPARTS_VW - Message Parts y PSMCFTPQURLS - Queue URLs y PSMSGVER2_VW - IB Messages and y PSMCFTPSYSMSG y PSMCFTPSYSTEM - MCF system key/value Versions y PSMSGVERCON2_VW - IB Messages and config Versions y PSMCFUQAGENTQ - MCF UQ Agent y PSMSGVERCON3_VW - IB Messages and y PSMCFUQAGENTS - Agent Nickname Versions y PSMCFUQCLUSTER y PSMSGVERCON_VW - IB Messages and y PSMENUDEFN - Menu Definition Versions y PSMENUDEFNLANG - Menu Definition y PSMSGVER_VW - IB Messages and Language Versions y PSMENUDEL - Menu Definition y PSMENUITEM - Menu Item y PSMENUITEMLANG - Menu Item Language y PSMERCHANTAPP y PSMERCHANTCAT y PSMERCHANTID y PSMERCHANTIDLNG y PSMERCHBI y PSMERCHBIPARMS y PSMERCHNTCATLNG y PSMPCONTDEV y PSMPCONTDEVLANG -

y PSMPDEFN y PSMPDEFNDEL y PSMPDEFNDEV y PSMPDEFNDEVLANG y PSMPDEFNLANG y PSMPRTPREF - Moblie Runtime Preferences y PSMRCHANTCATTBL y PSMRCHNTCTTBLNG y PSMSFDIST y PSMSFINITFILEID y PSMSFOPTIONS y PSMSFPENVSTAGE y PSMSFPUBDATA - MSF staging table for pub/sub y PSMSFREFRESH y PSMSFSEQ y PSMSFTABLES y PSMSFUSER y PSMSF_AET y PSMSGAGTDEFN - Message Agent Definition y PSMSGCATDEFN - Message Catalogue y PSMSGCATLANG - Message Catalogue y PSMSGDEFN - Application Message Definition y PSMSGDEFNLANG - Message Definition(Alternative Language) y PSMSGDEL - Message Definition y PSMSGFLDOVR - Record Field Override y PSMSGNODEDEFN - Message Node Definition y PSMSGNODEDEL - Message Node Definition y PSMSGPARTS - Message Parts y PSMSGREC - Message Definition Record y PSMSGSETDEFN - Message Sets y PSMSGSETLANG - Message Sets y PSMSGVER - App. Message Definition Version PSN y PSNODCONPRPLANG - Connector y PSNAVMEMBER_VW - Navigator Properties Homepage Membership y PSNODECONPROP - Connector Properties y PSNODEDEFNVW - Active Node Definition

View y PSNODEDEFNLANG - Message Node Definition Language y PSNODETRXMSGVW y PSNODEPROP - Business Entity Properties y PSNODETRXVW y PSNODEPROPLANG - Business Entity y PSNODETRXVW2 - Node/Trans Self Properties Service View y PSNODESDOWN - Undelivered y PSNODETRX_CVW - Node Transaction Transactions Definition y PSNODETRX - Node Transaction Definition y PSNODETRX_VW2 y PSNODETRXDEL - Node Transaction y PSNODEVW - Node View for Self Service Definition y PSNODEWTRX_VW - Unstructured Message View y PSNODEURITEXT - Node URI Text y PSNODTRCNPRLANG - Node Trans y PSNODPROPNAMEVW Connector Props y PSNODTRXCONPROP - Node Trans Connector Props y PSNVSBATCHRSTRT y PSNVSBOOK - PS/nVision Report Book y PSNVSBOOKREQUST - PS/nVision Report Book Request PSO y PSOBJCHNG - Object Change y PSOPERATION2_VW - IB Non-default versions. y PSOBJGROUP - Object Group* y PSOPERATIONACVW - IB Service App. y PSOBJSECDESC - Object Security Class ENTTYPE description y PSOPERATIONCIVW - IB Service App. y PSOPERATION - IB Services y PSOPERATIONAC - IB Service App. Class Class y PSOPERATIONDPVW - IB Service y PSOPERATIONCI - IB Service Comp Handlers Interfaces y PSOPERATION_LVW - IB Non-default y PSOPERATIONDEL - IB Service Delete versions. Record y PSOPERATION_VW - IB Non-default y PSOPERATIONDMS - IB Service Comp versions. Interfaces y PSOPERATIONLANG - IB Service Related y PSOPERCIHAND_VW - IB CI Handlers y PSOPRALIAS_VW - Peoplesoft ID Values Language Record y PSOPRCLS - Operator classes per operator y PSOPRALIAS - Peoplesoft ID Values y PSOPRCMEMBER_VW - Primary y PSOPRALIASFIELD - Operator Alias Permissions Membership Fieldnames y PSOPRALIASTYPE - Peoplesoft ID Types y PSOPRDEFN_VW - User ID search view y PSOPRFLTMSGS_VW - IB Service y PSOPRALSTYPLANG - Peoplesoft ID Parameters Types - LANG y PSOPRHDLR2_VW - IB Service handlers y PSOPRDEFN - Operator Definition* y PSOPRHDLR_VW - View of Operation y PSOPRDEL y PSOPRGENRTGPARM - IB Service Routing Handlers y PSOPRMSGWSDL_VW - Message WSDL Parameters View y PSOPRHDLR - IB Server Handlers

y PSOPRHDLRDEL - IB Service Handler y PSOPRRTNWSDL_VW - Service Operation Delete Rec WSDL View y PSOPRHDLRLANG - IB Service Handler y PSOPRVERDFNL_VW - IB Service Rel Language Versions y PSOPROBJ - Operator Object Group y PSOPRVERDFNM_VW - IB Service Operations View y PSOPRVERDFN - IB Service Versions y PSOPRVERDFNDEL - IB Services Delete y PSOPRVERDFN_VW - IB Service Versions Record y PSOPRVERMSGS_VW - IB Service Parameters y PSOPRVERDFNLANG - IB Services y PSOPRVERWSDL_VW - Service Operation Related Language Record WSDL View y PSOPRVERDFNPARM - IB Service Parameters y PSOPTCATGRP_LVW - related language record for PSOPTCATGRP_SRC y PSOPTCONARRAY y PSOPTCATGRP_SRC - Personalisations y PSOPTCONSEXP Category Grp y PSOPTFIELD - Optimisation Application y PSOPTNCATLANGVW - Personalisation Rec. Fields Category view y PSOPTINDEX y PSOPTNCATLVL_VW y PSOPTINDEXSET y PSOPTIONS - PeopleTools System Options y PSOPTNCATSR_LVW - related language record for PSOPTNCAT_SRCH y PSOPTLINEXP y PSOPTNCAT_SRCH - Personalisation y PSOPTMDLSLVR Category search y PSOPTMODEL y PSOPTNCAT_VW - Personalisation y PSOPTMODELDEL Category view y PSOPTMODELLNG y PSOPTSTATUS y PSOPTNCATGRPLNG - Personalisation Category Group language y PSOPTNCATGRPTBL - Personalisation Category Group y PSOPTNCATLANG - Personalisation Category Language y PSOPTNCATTBL - Personalisation Category table y PSOPTOBJECTIVE y PSOPTPARAEXPDIM y PSOPTPARARRAY y PSOPTPARMTYPE - Transaction Parameter Types y PSOPTPARSDIM y PSOPTPRBINST - Optimisation Problem Instances y PSOPTPRBINSTLNG - Optimisation Problem Instances Language y PSOPTPRBTYPE - Optimisation Problem Types

y PSOPTPRBTYPEDEL - Problem Type del table y PSOPTPRBTYPELNG - Optimisation Problem Types Language y PSOPTPRED y PSOPTPREDDIM y PSOPTPTMODEL y PSOPTREC - Optimisation Application Records y PSOPTRECLNG - Optimisation App. Records Language y PSOPTREGION y PSOPTREGIONDIM y PSOPTSETDIM y PSOPTSLICEDIM y PSOPTSLICESET y PSOPTSOLVERCODE - Optimisation 3rd party license y PSOPTSOLVERPARA y PSOPTSYNC - Optimisation Prob. Inst. Sync. y PSOPTTRN - Optimisation Transactions y PSOPTTRNCTLG - Optimisation Transaction Catalogue y PSOPTTRNLNG - Optimisation Transaction Language y PSOPTVARARRAY y PSOPTVAREXPDIM y PSOPTVARSDIM PSP y PSPACKAGEDEFN - Application Package Definition y PSPACKAGEDEL - Application Package Delete y PSPACKAGELANG - Application Package Language y PSPCMNAME - PeopleCode Reference y PSPCMPROG - PeopleCode Program* y PSPCMPROGDEL - PeopleCode Program y PSPCMSYNCID y PSPERMLISTOTHER y PSPERMLIST_RMT - Permissions Lists Remote y PSPGEACCESSDESC -

y PSPACKAGCLAS_VW - Application Package Paths y PSPACKAGE_VW - Application Package Definition y PSPACKAGPATH_VW - Application Package Paths y PSPACKAGROOT_VW - App Class Roots y PSPAGENAME_VW y PSPCEVENTVW - PeopleCode Event Name View y PSPERMNAVCLS_VW - Perm. Used as Nav. Homepage y PSPERMOPRCLS_VW - Process Profile Permlist used

y PSPING_CHART - PSPING_CHART y PSPERMPFLCLS_VW - Permlist used in Proc. Profile y PSPING_DEL_DUMR y PSPERMROLCLS_VW - Permission used in PSPING_DEL_DUMR Roles y PSPING_DYNA_DUM y PSPERMROWCLS_VW - Permlist used for y PSPMAGENT - Agent Definitions Data Perm. y PSPMAGENTFILTER - Agent filter level y PSPERM_TBLS_VW - OPRID DeleteTable y PSPMARCHRUNCNTL - Archiving run Selection view control y PSPMCOLLINST - Collator server instances y PSPING_DELET_VW y PSPMCONTEXTDEFN - Context definitions y PSPING_DYNA_VW1 y PSPMCONTEXT_LNG - Context definitions y PSPING_DYNA_VW2 y PSPING_DYNA_VW3 y PSPMEVENTARCH - Event history y PSPING_DYNA_VW4 (archive) y PSPMEVENTDEFN - Performance Monitor y PSPING_DYNA_VW5 Event Definition y PSPING_QUERY_VW y PSPLISTOTHER_VW y PSPMEVENTHIST - Event history y PSPMEVENTHISTCL - Event history y PSPMAGENT2_VW - Agent Definitions View y PSPMEVENTSET - Event set y PSPMAGENT3_VW - Agent Definitions y PSPMEVENTSET_LN - Event set y PSPMEVENT_LNG - Performance Monitor View y PSPMAGENT4_VW - View into Agent Event Definition Definitions y PSPMMETRICDEFN - Metric definitions y PSPMAGENTTYP_VW - Agent type view y PSPMMETRICVALUE - Metric Value y PSPMAGENT_VW - Agent Definitions View Labels y PSPMCONTEXT1_VW - Context view y PSPMMETRICVL_LN - Metric Value Labels y PSPMCONTEXT2_VW - Context view y PSPMCONTEXT3_VW - Context view y PSPMMETRIC_LNG - Metric definitions y PSPMMONINST - Monitor instances y PSPMCONTXT1_LVW - Context view y PSPMMONITORGBL - Global Setup y PSPMCONTXT2_LVW - Context view y PSPMOPRDEFN - User ids. y PSPMCONTXT3_LVW - Context view y PSPMPERFTRACE - Performance trace y PSPMDOMAIN_VW - Domain name view names y PSPMEVENT10_VW - Current Event View y PSPMPNLGRPDEFN - Component y PSPMEVENT11_VW - Current Event View definitions y PSPMEVENT12_VW - Current Event View y PSPMSYSDEFAULTS - System Defaults y PSPMEVENT13_VW - Batch Queue Events y PSPMSYSDEFN - System identifiers. y PSPMEVENT14_VW - Current Event View y PSPMSYSDEFN_LNG - System identifiers. y PSPMEVENT15_VW - Current Event View y PSPMSYSVERSION - System version y PSPMEVENT16_VW - Current Event View y PSPMTABLEMAP - Table mapping y PSPMEVENT17_VW - Current Event View y PSPMTRANSARCH - PMU History y PSPMEVENT18_VW - Current Event View (archive) y PSPMEVENT19_VW - Current Event View y PSPMTRANSCURR - Current PMUs y PSPMEVENT1_VW - Current Event View y PSPMTRANSDEFN - PMU Defn. y PSPMEVENT20_VW - Current Event View y PSPMTRANSHIST - PMU History y PSPMEVENT21_VW - Current Event View

y PSPMTRANSHISTCL - PMU History y PSPMEVENT22_VW - Current Event View y PSPMTRANSSET - PMU Set y PSPMEVENT2_VW - Current Event View y PSPMTRANSSET_LN - PMU Set y PSPMEVENT3_VW - Current Event View y PSPMTRANS_LNG - PMU Defn. y PSPMEVENT4_VW - Current Event View y PSPNLACEGRDAXIS y PSPMEVENT5_VW - Current Event View y PSPNLACEGRDDATA y PSPMEVENT6_VW - Current Event View y PSPNLACTIVEX y PSPMEVENT7_VW - Current Event View y PSPNLBTNDATA y PSPMEVENT8_VW - Current Event View y PSPNLBTNLANG y PSPMEVENT9_VW - Current Event View y PSPNLCNTRLDATA y PSPMHOST_VW - Domain host/port view y PSPNLDEFN - Panel Definition y PSPMMETRIC1_LVW - Perf. Mon. Metric View y PSPNLDEFNLANG - Panel Definition y PSPMMETRIC1_VW - Perf. Mon. Metric y PSPNLDEL - Panel Definition View y PSPNLFIELD - Panel Field* y PSPMMETRIC2_LVW - Perf. Mon. Metric y PSPNLFIELDLANG - Panel Field y PSPNLGDEFNLANG - Panel Group Related View y PSPMMETRIC2_VW - Perf. Mon. Metric Language View y PSPNLGROUP - Panel Group y PSPNLGROUPLANG - Panel Group Related y PSPMMETRIC3_LVW - Perf. Mon. Metric View Language y PSPNLGRPDEFN - Panel Group Definition y PSPMMETRIC3_VW - Perf. Mon. Metric y PSPNLGRPDEL - Panel Group Definition View y PSPMMETRIC4_LVW - Perf. Mon. Metric y PSPNLHTMLAREA - Panel HTML Area View y PSPNLHTMLLANG - Panel HTML Area y PSPMMETRIC4_VW - Perf. Mon. Metric y PSPNLTREECTRL - Panel Tree Control View y PSPRCSCHLDINFO y PSPMMETRIC5_LVW - Perf. Mon. Metric y PSPRCSJOBSTATUS View y PSPRCSLOCK - Process Scheduler - Lock y PSPMMETRIC5_VW - Perf. Mon. Metric Rec View y PSPRCSPARMS - Process Request y PSPMMETRIC6_LVW - Perf. Mon. Metric Parameters View y PSPRCSPRFL - Process Profile y PSPMMETRIC6_VW - Perf. Mon. Metric y PSPRCSQUE - Process Request Queue View y PSPRCSRQST - Process Request* y PSPMMETRIC7_LVW - Perf. Mon. Metric y PSPRCSRQSTARCH - Process Request View y PSPRCSRQSTFILE y PSPMMETRIC7_VW - Perf. Mon. Metric y PSPRCSRQSTMETA View y PSPRCSRQSTSTRNG - Process Request y PSPMPERFTR_VW Text y PSPMPNLGRP_VW - Component name y PSPRCSRQSTTEXT - Process Request Text view y PSPRCSRQSTTIME y PSPMPPMIOPR_VW - View into y PSPRCSRQSTXFER - Process Request PSOPRDEFN Transfer y PSPMSESSIONS_VW - Active user sessions y PSPRCSRUNCDEL - Run Control Record - y PSPMTRANS10_VW - PeopleCode

Tools Del summary trans. y PSPRCSRUNCNTL - Run Control Record - y PSPMTRANS11_VW - Level 1 Comp. Tools Transactions y PSPRCSRUNCNTLS - Run Control Record - y PSPMTRANS12_VW - Portal and PIA Tools transactions. y PSPRDMCNTPRV - Portal Content Provider y PSPMTRANS13_VW - Transactions with no Table parents. y PSPRDMDEFN - Portal Definition Table y PSPMTRANS14_VW - PeopleCode Ad-hoc SQL View y PSPRDMDEFNLANG - Portal Definition Lang Table y PSPMTRANS15_VW - PeopleCode Ad-hoc SQL View y PSPRDMDEL - Portal Definition Delete Table y PSPMTRANS16_VW - Component PMUs y PSPMTRANS17_VW - PIA PMUs y PSPROJDEFNLANG - Project Definition Lang Table y PSPMTRANS18_VW - PIA PMUs y PSPROJECTDEFN - Project Definition y PSPMTRANS19_VW - Portal GetContent Table* PMUs y PSPROJECTDEL - Project Definition Table y PSPMTRANS1_VW - Current PMU view y PSPROJECTDEP - Incident Dependency y PSPMTRANS20_VW - PIA PMUs Table y PSPMTRANS21_VW - PeopleCode y PSPROJECTINC - Project Incidents Table summary trans. y PSPROJECTITEM - Project Item Table y PSPMTRANS22_VW - PMU view for charting y PSPROJECTMSG - Project Messages y PSPROJECTSEC y PSPMTRANS23_VW - Tuxedo summary PMUs y PSPROJECTWORK y PSPMTRANS24_VW - Tuxedo summary y PSPRSMATTR - Portal Attribute Table PMUs y PSPRSMATTRLANG - Portal Attribute y PSPMTRANS25_VW - Component PMUs Lang Table y PSPRSMATTRVAL - Portal Attribute Value y PSPMTRANS26_VW - Redirect PMUs y PSPMTRANS27_VW - View on PMU 401. Table y PSPRSMATTRVALNG - Portal Attribute y PSPMTRANS28_VW - View on PMUs 406, Value Lang Table 407, 408. y PSPRSMCTRBEXCL y PSPMTRANS29_VW - View on PMUs 406, y PSPRSMDEFN - Portal Structure Definition 407, 408. Table y PSPMTRANS2_VW - Authenticate transactions y PSPRSMDEFNLANG - Portal Structure y PSPMTRANS30_VW - SQL PMUs Definition Lang Table y PSPRSMDEL - Portal Structure Definition y PSPMTRANS31_VW - PMU History Del Table y PSPMTRANS32_VW - View on PMUs 406, y PSPRSMHPASGPGLT - Portal Assigned 407, 408. Pagelets y PSPMTRANS33_VW - View on PMUs 414 y PSPRSMPERM - Portal Structure Permission y PSPMTRANS34_VW - Authenticate y PSPRSMPERM_RMT - Portal Structure transactions Permission y PSPMTRANS3_VW - User logon/logoff y PSPRSMSYNC - Portal Registry Sync Id PMUs table y PSPMTRANS4_VW - Portal GetContent

y PSPRSMSYSATTR - Portal System AttributePMUs Table y PSPMTRANS5_VW - Latency PMUs y PSPRSMSYSATTRVL - Portal Sys Attribute y PSPMTRANS6_VW - Transactions with no Value Table parents. y PSPRSMWSRPCONS - Consumed Portlets y PSPMTRANS7_VW - Portal request PMUs y PSPRSMWSRPPROD - Produced Portlets y PSPMTRANS8_VW - Tuxedo summary y PSPRUFDEFN - Portal Registry Favourites PMUs Definition y PSPMTRANS9_VW - PeopleCode summary y PSPRUFDEL - Portal Favourite Del Table trans y PSPMTRANSARCHVW - PMU History y PSPRUHDEFN - Portal User Homepage (archive) View Definition y PSPRUHDEL - Portal User Homepage Del y PSPMTRANSCHT_VW - PeopleCode summary trans. Table y PSPMTRANSCURRVW - Current PMUs y PSPRUHPERSPGLT y PSPRUHTAB - Portal User Homepage Tab View y PSPMTRANSHISTVW - PMU History View data y PSPMURLDEFN_VW - PSPing test URLs y PSPRUHTABPGLT - Portal User HP Tab Pagelet y PSPNLGRP_SRCH y PSPRCSGRP_VW - Process Groups y PSPSWDEMAIL y PSPSWDEMAILLANG y PSPRCSMEMBER_VW - Proc. Profile Perm. Membership y PSPSWDHINT - Lost Password Hint y PSPSWDHINT_LANG - Lost Password Hint y PSPRSMCREF_VW - Portal Registry CRef View y PSPSWDHISTORY y PSPRSMDEFN_VW - Portal Structure y PSPT_WSWORKLIST Definition Table y PSPURGEPERMLIST - Permissions List y PSPRSMFLDR_VW - Portal Registry CRef Purge History View y PSPSWDEMAIL_SCH y PSPSWDHINT_SRCH - Search View for Lost Pswd Hint y PSPSWDHINT_VW - Password Hint prompt View y PSPSWDQUESTVW - Lost Password Hint y PSPTIBNODE_VW y PSPTIBOPERAT_VW y PSPTTOOL_VW - View to prompt for tools y PSPUBLSVC_LVW - Services with ANY routing y PSPUBLSVC_VW - Services with ANY routing y PSPUBNODE_VW PSQ y PSQASCONFIG - PT - CE Integration y PSQUEUEDEFN_LVW Config y PSQUEUEDEFN_VW y PSQASFIELDS y PSQUEUEDEFN_VW2 -

y PSQASPROMPTS y PSQUEUESEC_VW - Message Monitor Channel Sec View y PSQASRUN y PSQRYACCLSTRECS - Query Access Record List y PSQRYBIND - Query Prompt y PSQRYBINDLANG - Query Prompt Alternate Lang. y PSQRYCRITERIA - Query Criteria y PSQRYDEFN - Query Definition* y PSQRYDEFNLANG - Query Definition Alternative Language y PSQRYDEL - Query Definition* y PSQRYEXECLOG - Query Run Time Log y PSQRYEXPR - Query Expression y PSQRYFAVORITES - Query Manager Favourites Table y PSQRYFIELD - Query Field y PSQRYFIELDLANG - Query Field Alternate Language y PSQRYFLAGS - Query Global Flags Table y PSQRYLINK y PSQRYPREFS y PSQRYRECORD - Query Record y PSQRYSELECT - Query Select y PSQRYSTATS - Query Run Time Statistics y PSQRYTRANS y PSQUEUEDEFN - IB Queue Manager* y PSQUEUEDEFNDEL - Delete IB Queues* y PSQUEUEDEFNLANG y PSQUEUEPART PSR y PSRECDDLPARM - Record DDL Parameter y PSRECDEFNPVW - Rec Definition Prompt View y PSRECDEFN - Record Definition* y PSRECFIELDALL - All record fields with y PSRECDEFNLANG - Record Definition sub-record (Alternative Language) y PSRECFLDKEYSVW - Unique Key Fields y PSRECDEL - Record Definition* y PSRECFLDKEYVW - Unique Key Fields y PSRECFIELD - Record Field* y PSRECFLDNOSR - Record field without sub y PSRECFIELDDB - Record Field Without record Sub-records* y PSRECFLDAUGRP - Rec Field Auto Group y PSRECFLDSR - Record fields in sub record y PSRECTBLSPC_VW - Records not in y PSRECTBLSPC PSRECTBLSPC y PSRECURDEL - Process Recurrence y PSRELATCNTCT_VW - Relationship Definition y PSRECXL - Exclude list for Auto Lookup Contact Details

y PSRELATCONTACT - Relationship Contact y PSRELATION_VW Details y PSRELATNODEVW y PSRELATIONLANG - Integration Broker y PSRELATNTRXVW Relationship y PSRELSRCTRXVW y PSRELATIONPROP - Relationship y PSRELSRCTYPVW Properties y PSRELTGTTRXVW y PSRELATIONSHIP - Integration Broker y PSRELTGTTYPVW Relationship y PSRELTRNSFRMVW y PSRELATIONTRX - Relationship y PSRELTRX_CVW Transactions y PSRELTRX_SRCH - Relationship y PSRELATSHIPDEL - Integration Broker Transactions Relationship y PSREMOTENODE_VW y PSRELATTRXDEL - Relationship y PSRENID_VW Transactions y PSREN_MCF_VW y PSRELEASE - Release Table y PSRESPMSGVERVW - Message Version y PSRELPROPLANG - Relationship Properties Prompt View y PSREMOTEDBDEFN - Remote Database y PSRESPMSGVERVW1 - Message Version Table Prompt View y PSREN y PSRF_FINFO_LGVW - Report Folder Info y PSRENCLUSTER Table y PSRENCLUS_OWNER y PSRF_FINFO_VW - Report Folder Info y PSRENNAMETOPIC Table y PSRF_FINFO_TBL - Report Folder Info y PSRF_FVIEW_VW - View For Folder List Table Prompting y PSRF_FLIST_LANG - Folder List Language y PSRF_FVWVW_LNG - Related Lang View Table For FVIEW_VW y PSRF_FLIST_TBL - Folder List Table y PSRF_PGLET_VW - Reports Pagelet View y PSRF_FVIEW_LANG - Folder List y PSRF_POPTN_VW - Pagelet Options View Language Table y PSRF_RINFO_VW - Report Info Table y PSRF_FVIEW_TBL - Folder List Table y PSRF_RLIST_VW - Report List View y PSRF_POPTN_TBL y PSROLEDEFN_SRCH - Role Definition y PSRF_RATTR_TBL - Report Attributes View Table y PSROLEDEFN_VW - Role Definition View y PSRF_RDESC_LANG - Lang Rpt DescrTbl y PSROLEDYNMEMBER - Dynamic Role For Folders Members y PSRF_RDESC_TBL - Report DescrTbl For y PSROLEGRANTORVW - Roles That Can Folders Grant - View y PSRF_RFLTER_TBL - Report Chron View y PSROLEGRANTVW - Grantable roles for Filter user y PSRF_RINFO_TBL - Report Info Table y PSROLEMEMBER - Role Members y PSRF_RSCRTY_TBL - Report Security y PSROLEOTHER_VW Table y PSROLEQRY_VW - Role Query View y PSRGWFLDOPT - Record Gateway Field y PSROLESRCH_LANG - Role Definition Options y PSROLEUSER_SRCH - Oprids as Roleusers y PSRGWIDX -

y PSRMT_COLUMN y PSRMT_TABLE y PSROLECANGRANT - Roles That Can Be Granted y PSROLECLASS - Role Classes y PSROLEDEFN - Role Definition y PSROLEDEFNLANG - Role Definition Language table y PSROLEDEFNL_RMT - Role Definition Language table y PSROLEDEFN_RMT - Role Definition y PSROLEDEL y PSROLEGROUP y PSROLEOTHER y PSROLEPERM_RMT - Role Classes y PSROLEUSER - Role User y PSROLEUSER_RMT - Role User y PSRTFOBJCOUNTER y PSRTNGDFNCONPRP - IB Routing Conn Properties y PSRTNGDFNLANG - IB Routing Definitions Rel Lan y PSRTNGDFNPARM - IB Routing Definitions y PSRUN_SEARCH y PSRUN_SRCH_AET - State Record for SEARCH_BUILD PSS y PSSCDICTDEFN - Message Sets y PSSCWORDDEFN - Spell Check system words y PSSECNODEOPR - Profile Security Table y PSSECOPTIONS y PSSERVERSTAT - Process Server Statistics y PSSERVICE - IB Services y PSSERVICEDEL y PSSERVICELANG y PSSERVICEUDDI y PSSGWIDX y PSSGWSTARTOPT - Spider Gateway -start options y PSSHADOWDATA y PSSHADOWPAYLOAD y PSSHADOWSEQ -

y PSROLEUSER_VW - User Roles y PSROLEUSR_DM_VW - User Roles for Dist User Maintenance y PSROLEXLATOPRVW - Role User View y PSRQSTMSGVERVW - Message Version Prompt View y PSRQSTMSGVERVW1 - Message Version Prompt View y PSRTGANYPARMVW - IB Routing Parameter View y PSRTNGDFNPARMVW - IB Routing Parameter View

y PSSERVICE2_LVW y PSSERVICE2_VW y PSSERVICE3_LVW - IB Services View y PSSERVICE3_VW - IB Services View y PSSERVICE4_VW - Restricted service operations y PSSERVICE5_LVW - Non-restricted IB Services y PSSERVICE5_VW - Non-restricted IB Services y PSSERVICEOPR_VW y PSSERVICEOP_LVW y PSSERVICE_LVW y PSSERVICE_VW y PSSERVWSDL_VW - IB WSDL Services y PSSIGNON_VW - Authorized Signon Period

y PSSIDXDEFN - Search Index Definitions y PSSIDXLANGUAGE - Languages in each Search Index y PSSIDXSCHED y PSSIGNONPPC y PSSIMPLEGRAPH - Simple Graph y PSSPCDDLPARM - Space DDL Parameters y PSSPTDEFN y PSSPTDEL y PSSPTIMES y PSSQLDEFN - SQL Object Definition* y PSSQLDEL - SQL Object Definition* y PSSQLDESCR - SQL Object Description y PSSQLLANG - SQL Object Definition (Related Lang) y PSSQLTEXTDEFN - SQL Object Text* y PSSTATEFULSRV y PSSTATUS - PeopleTools System Control y PSSTEPDEFN - Step Definition y PSSTYLECLASS y PSSTYLECLASSFNT y PSSTYLECLSLANG y PSSTYLEDEFN - Style Definition y PSSTYLEDEFNLANG - Style Definition Related Language y PSSTYLEDEL - Style Definition y PSSTYLEDFNLANG y PSSTYLEFNTLANG y PSSTYLSHEETDEFN y PSSTYLSHEETDEL y PSSUBCHNL - Sub-channel Definition y PSSUBDEFN - Subscription Definition y PSSUBDEL - Subscription Definition y PSSUMMARYTBL - SUMMARY TABLE y PSSYNCSERVERVAL y PSSYSTEMID PST y PSTBARITEMLANG - Toolbar Item language y PSTBLSPCCAT y PSTHRESHOLD - SimpleGraph y PSTIMEZONE - Time Zone Data y PSTIMEZONELANG - Time Zone Data y PSTOOLBARDEFN - Toolbar Definition


y PSTBLSPCCAT_VW y PSTEMPTBLCNTVW - Application Engine Build cntl y PSTGTMSGVERVW - Message Version Prompt View y PSTREEACCGRPPVW - Query Access Group Prompt

y PSTOOLBARDEL - Toolbar Definition y PSTOOLBARITEM - Toolbar Item y PSTRANSFRM_TST y PSTREEBRADEL - Tree Branch y PSTREEBRANCH - Tree Branch y PSTREEDEFN - Tree Definition* y PSTREEDEFNLANG - Foreign Language Tree Definition y PSTREEDEL - Tree Definition* y PSTREELEAF - Tree Leaf y PSTREELEVEL - Tree Level y PSTREELOCK - Prompt table for Tree Manager y PSTREENODE - Tree Node y PSTREEPROMPT - Prompt table for Tree Manager y PSTREEPUBSUB - Record TREE_CHANGED Message y PSTREESELCTL - Tree Selection Control y PSTREESELECT01 - Tree Select Work-Size 1 y PSTREESELECT02 - Tree Select Work-Size 2 y PSTREESELECT03 - Tree Select Work-Size 3 y PSTREESELECT04 - Tree Select Work-Size 4 y PSTREESELECT05 - Tree Select Work-Size 5 y PSTREESELECT06 - Tree Select Work-Size 6 y PSTREESELECT07 - Tree Select Work-Size 7 y PSTREESELECT08 - Tree Select Work-Size 8 y PSTREESELECT09 - Tree Select Work-Size 9 y PSTREESELECT10 - Tree Select Work-Size 10 y PSTREESELECT11 - Tree Select Work-Size 11 y PSTREESELECT12 - Tree Select Work-Size 12 y PSTREESELECT13 - Tree Select Work-Size 13

y PSTREEACCRECPVW - Query Access Group Rec Prompt y PSTREECATGVW - List of Tree Categories y PSTREECMPDTLVW - Tree Structure Component Prompt y PSTREECMPLVLVW - Tree Structure Component Prompt y PSTREECMPNODVW - Tree Structure Component Pr0mpt y PSTREEDEFACCVW - Prompt View for Tree View y PSTREEDEFACCVWL y PSTREEDEFBVW - Prompt View for Tree View y PSTREEDEFDSETVW - Detail Tree Set Id Prompt View y PSTREEDEFDTLVW - Tree Definition Prompt - No Branches y PSTREEDEFMVW - Tree Definition Prompt - No Branches y PSTREEDEFNKVW - Prompt View for Tree View y PSTREEDEFNVW - Tree Definition Search Record y PSTREEDEFN_VW - Search Rec for TREECTL_TEST y PSTREEDEFQRYPVW - Prompt View for Tree List y PSTREEDEFVW - Prompt View for Tree View y PSTREEDEFVWLANG - Prompt View for Tree View y PSTREEDEFVWR_VW - Prompt View for Tree View y PSTREEFLDDTLVW - Tree Structure Rec Field Prompt y PSTREEFLDNODVW - Tree Structure Rec Field Prompt y PSTREELEVELSVW - Tree Level y PSTREELVLNUMVW - Tree Mgr Level Page y PSTREEMACCADDVW - Prompt View for Tree View y PSTREEMENUDTLVW - Tree Manager Menu Bar Prompt

y PSTREESELECT14 - Tree Select Work-Size 14 y PSTREESELECT15 - Tree Select Work-Size 15 y PSTREESELECT16 - Tree Select Work-Size 16 y PSTREESELECT17 - Tree Select Work-Size 17 y PSTREESELECT18 - Tree Select Work-Size 18 y PSTREESELECT19 - Tree Select Work-Size 19 y PSTREESELECT20 - Tree Select Work-Size 20 y PSTREESELECT21 - Tree Select Work-Size 21 y PSTREESELECT22 - Tree Select Work-Size 22 y PSTREESELECT23 - Tree Select Work-Size 23 y PSTREESELECT24 - Tree Select Work-Size 24 y PSTREESELECT25 - Tree Select Work-Size 25 y PSTREESELECT26 - Tree Select Work-Size 26 y PSTREESELECT27 - Tree Select Work-Size 27 y PSTREESELECT28 - Tree Select Work-Size 28 y PSTREESELECT29 - Tree Select Work-Size 29 y PSTREESELECT30 - Tree Select Work-Size 30 y PSTREESELNUM - Tree Select Control Number y PSTREESTRCT - Tree Structure y PSTREESTRCTLANG y PSTREESTRDEL - Tree Structure y PSTRGRECS y PSTRIGGERDEFN y PSTRUSTNODES y PSTYPECODEDEFN y PSTYPECODEDEL y PSTZOFFSET - Offsets for Query

y PSTREEMENULVLVW - Tree Manager Menu Bar Prompt y PSTREEMENUNODVW - Tree Manager Menu Bar Prompt y PSTREEMGRADDVW - Prompt View for Tree View y PSTREEMGRNAV_VW y PSTREEMNBRDTLVW - Tree Manager Menu Bar Prompt y PSTREEMNBRLVLVW - Tree Manager Menu Bar Prompt y PSTREEMNBRNODVW - Tree Manager Menu Bar Prompt y PSTREEMNITDTLVW - Tree Manager Menu Item Prompt y PSTREEMNITLVLVW - Tree Manager Menu Item Prompt y PSTREEMNITNODVW - Tree Manager Menu Item Prompt y PSTREEMOVLEAFVW y PSTREENAMEVW - Distinct List of Tree Names y PSTREENODEPVW - Tree Node y PSTREEPAGEVW - Tree Structure List of Pages y PSTREESRCHRECVW - Tree Mng. View on PSPNLGRPDEFN y PSTREESTRCTDFVW - Tree Structure Detail FieldName y PSTREESTRCTDTVW - Detail RecNames on Structures y PSTREESTRCTLVVW - Level RecNames on Structures y PSTREESTRCTMVW - Tree Structure Maint View y PSTREESTRCTNDVW - Node RecNames on Structures y PSTREESTRCTNFVW - Tree Structure Node Field Name y PSTREESTRCTPVW - Tree Structure Prompt View y PSTREESTRDTVWLA y PSTREESTRLVVWLA y PSTREESTRNDVWLA y PSTREESTRPVWLAN -

y PST_PNLFIELDS - Upgrader Panel Work PSU y PSUPGMCF843_AET - AE state table for y PSUSERCLASSVW UPGMCF843 y PSUSEROPTCAT_VW - User Option Categories VW y PSURLDEFN - URL Table y PSURLDEFNLANG - URL Table y PSUSEROPTNLSRCH - User Option View Language y PSURLDEL y PSUSEROPTN_SRCH - User Option View y PSUSERATTR - User Security Attributes y PSUSEREMAIL - User ID's Email Addresses y PSUSEROPTN_VW - User Option View y PSUSEROTHER_VW y PSUSEROBJDEFN - Parent table for y PSUSERTYPELNGVW persistence y PSUSEROBJTYPE - Format for persistible y PSUSERTYPEVW object y PSUSROPTLISTLVW - Personalisation y PSUSEROPTNDEFN - User Personalisation Option List Admin y PSUSROPTLIST_VW - Personalisation y PSUSEROPTNLANG - Related Lang Option List PSUSEROPTNDEFN y PSUSRSLFOTHERVW y PSUSEROTHER y PSUSERPRSNLDEL - User Prsnl Deletes y PSUSERPRSNLOPTN - User Personalisations y PSUSERSELFOTHER y PSUSERSRCHDEFN y PSUSERTYPEON PSV y PSVAITEM - Bus proc item table y PSVAITEMIMG - Images for bus proc items y PSVAITEMLANG - Lang dep for bus proc items y PSVA_DELCHG_TMP y PSVA_DELCNT_TMP y PSVERITYLOCALE y PSVERSION - Manager notification versions* PSW y PSWEBPROFBROW - Web Profile y PSWEBLIBCREFVW - Authorized Menu Browsers Item view y PSWEBPROFCOOK - Web Profile Cookies y PSWEBLIB_ITM_VW y PSWEBPROFDEF - Web Profile Defaults y PSWEBLIB_PRMTVW y PSWEBPROFHIST - Web Profile History y PSWEBPRFHS_SRCH - Web Profile History Search y PSWEBPROFILE - Web Profile y PSWEBPROFDEF_VW y PSWEBPROFNVP - Web Profile y PSWEBPROF_SRCH - Web Profile Search Name/Value Pairs y PSWEBPROFPROP - Web Profile Custom y PSWSBINDOPS_VW - WSDL Binding

Properties Operations View y PSWLINSTMAX - Worklist Instance y PSWSDEFN_VW - Web Service Definition Maximum View y PSWORKLIST - Worklist Entry y PSWSDLOPER_LVW y PSWSBINDOPS - WSDL Binding y PSWSDLOPER_VW - Service operation Operations Details y PSWSDLFILE_ATT y PSWSDLSVCOPRLVW - WSDL Service Operation View y PSWSENDPOINT - WSDL Endpoints y PSWSDLSVCOPR_VW - Service Operation y PSWSOPINOUT - WSDL Operation Lang View InOutFault y PSWSDSERVICE_VW y PSWSRPCPHDEFN y PSWSDSVC_VW y PSWSRPCPHDEL y PSWSRPPLTDEFN - Remote WSRP Portlet y PSWSENDPOINT_VW - WSDL Endpoints view Definition y PSWSILSVC_LVW - WSIL Service Lang y PSWSRPPLTDEL y PSWSRPPLTGRPID - Remote WSRP Portlet View y PSWSILSVC_VW - WSIL Service View Group-Id y PSWSOPINOUT_VW - WSDL Operation y PSWSRPPLTKW InOutFault y PSWSRPPLTKWLANG y PSWSOPRDEFN_VW - Web Service y PSWSRPPLTLANG Operation Def View y PSWSRPPRDDEFN - Remote WSRP y PSWSOPS_VW - WSDL Service Operations Producer Definitio View y PSWSRPPRDDEL y PSWSSERVICE1_VW - WSDL Service y PSWSRPPRDLANG Endpoints View y PSWSRPPRDPROP y PSWSSERVICES_VW - WSDL Service y PSWSSERVICE - WSDL Service Endpoints View PSX y PSXFERITEM - Popup Menu Item Transfer y PSXITMMNTLN_VW - Translate Value Defns Item Lang View y PSXLATDEFN - Translate Value y PSXITMMNT_VW - Translate Value Items View y PSXLATDEFNDEL - Translate Value y PSXLATFIELD_VW y PSXLATITEM - Translate Value Items y PSXLATITEMLANG - Translate Value Item y PSXPDATFLD_VW y PSXPDSSRCH_VW Language y PSXPFLDLIST_VW y PSXMLSIGNDATA y PSXMLSIGNINST y PSXPJOINTBL_VW - XMLP Record Lookup y PSXPDATASRC - XMLP Data Source Definition y PSXPJOIN_LNG_VW - XMLP Record y PSXPDATASRCDEL - XMLP Data Source Lookup y PSXPOUTDSTYP_VW - XMLP Outdest Delete y PSXPDATASRCLNG - XMLP Data Source Type View Definition y PSXPOUTDTLNG_VW - XMLP Outdest Type View y PSXPRPTCAT - XMLP Report Category y PSXPQRUNSLNG_VW - XMLP Query y PSXPRPTCATAUTH - XMLP Reportcat

Authorisation Report Scheduler UI y PSXPRPTCATLNG - XMLP Report y PSXPQRUNSRCH_VW - XMLP Query Category Report Scheduler UI y PSXPRPTDEFN - XMLP Report Definition y PSXPQRYSRCH_VW - XMLP Query Search View y PSXPRPTDEFNDEL - XMLP Report Definition Delete y PSXPROLE_LNG_VW - XMLP Role Lookup View y PSXPRPTDEFNLNG - XMLP Report y PSXPROLE_VW - XMLP Role Lookup Definition y PSXPRPTOUTFMT - XMLP Report Output View Format y PSXPRPTSRCH_VW y PSXPRPTSCOPEFLD - XMLP Report Scopey PSXPRPTTMCTL_VW - XMLP Rpt Definition Template Control Table y PSXPRPTSRCHKEYS - XMLP Report y PSXPRPTTMPLF_VW Definition Search Keys y PSXPRPTTMPL_VW - XMLP reporty PSXPRPTTMPL - XMLP report-template template mapping relation y PSXPRPTTMPL_VW1 - XMLP reporty PSXPRPTTMPLCTRL - XMLP Rpt template mapping Template Control Table y PSXPRPTTPLG_VW1 y PSXPRPTVIEWER - XMLP Report Viewer y PSXPRPTTPLNG_VW Table y PSXPRTMPSRCH_VW y PSXPSCHEMAFLMN y PSXPSTMPSRCH_VW y PSXPSMPLDTMN y PSXPSUBTMPLF_VW y PSXPTMPLDEFN - XMLP Template y PSXPTMPLLIST_VW Definition y PSXPTMPLSRCH_VW y PSXPTMPLDEFNDEL - XMLP Template y PSXPTRNSLTF_VW Definition y PSXPTRNSRCH_VW y PSXPTMPLDEFNLNG - XMLP Template y PSXPTRNSRCH_VW2 Definition y PSXPUSER_VW y PSXPTMPLFILEDEF - XMLP Template File y PSXP_RF_VW - Reports Pagelet View Definition y PSXPTMPLOUTFMT - XMLP Template/Out format defn y PSXPTMPLTRINFO - XMLP Template Translation Info y PSXPTMPLTYPE - Template Type Definition y PSXPTMPLTYPELNG - XMLP Template Type Definition y PSXP_FILEURL y PSXP_FLURL_ARCH y PSXP_RATTR_ARCH - Report Attributes Table y PSXP_RATTR_TBL - Report Attributes Table y PSX_HELPCONTEXT - Help Context Work

Table y PSX_TREEBRANCH - Tree Save WorkBranch y PSX_TREEDEFNLNG - Foreign Language Tree Definition y PSX_TREELEAF - Tree Save Work-Leaf y PSX_TREELEVEL - Tree Save Work-Level y PSX_TREENODE - Tree Save Work-Node y PSX_TREENODEGAP - Tree Gapping Record y PSX_TREENODENUM - Tree Gapping Record y PSX_TREENODEUPD - Tree Save WorkNode y PSX_TREE_SAVE - Tree Save Work y PSX_VALUES - Simple Graph PSY y PSY_VALUES - Simple Graph Q y QRY_DUP_HD_AET y QUERY_RUN_CNTRL - Scheduled Query Run Control y QUERY_RUN_PARM - Scheduled Query Run Parameters

y QRYCONVERT_VW - Crystal Enterprise Query Convert y QRY_FLD_HDNG_VW - Query Field Heading y QRY_FLD_VW - Query Field View y QRY_HDNG_NUM_VW - Query Field Heading y QRY_NAME_VW - Query Name View y QUERY_DIM_VW y QUERY_RUN_QRYVW - Scheduled Query Search Record

R y REC_GROUP_REC - Record Group Records y RECDEFNLANG_VW - Rel language record for RECDEFN_VW y REC_GROUP_TBL - Record Groups y RECDEFN_VW - View of Records from y ROLEMAP PSRECDEFN y ROLEUSER_ARCH - Role User Archive y RECFIELD_CUR_VW - View of Fields from Table PSRECFIELD y ROLEXLATOPR - Role User Table y ROLEXLATOPR_ARC - Role User Archive y RECFIELD_UOM_VW - View of Fields from PSRECFIELD Table y ROLEXLATOPR_LNG - Related Language y RECFIELD_VW - View of Fields from PSRECFIELD Record y RECFLD_DESCR_VW - PSRECFIELD / y ROLEXLATOPR_OLD - Old Role User PSDBFIELD View Table y RECNAME_VW y ROLE_LDAPRULE y ROLEUSER_VW - Role User View y ROLE_PPCRULE -

y RPT_DLVRY_ROLE - Report Delivery y ROLEUSER_VW1 - ROLEUSER_VW View Roles y ROLEUSER_VW2 - ROLEUSER_VW View y RPT_INST_TBL - Report Instance Value y ROLEUSER_VW3 - Rolexlatopr View Table y ROLEUSR_TBLS_VW - OPRID Delete y RPT_RQST - Report Request Table Table Selection view y RPT_RQST_TXT - Report Request Email y ROLEXLATOPR_VW - Role User View Text y ROLE_TABLES_VW - List ROLE Security y RPT_RUN_CNTL - Report Run Control tables Sample y ROLE_USRLST2_VW y RTE_CNTL_HDR - Routing Control Type y ROLE_USRLST_VW - User List Role y RTE_CNTL_LN - Route Control Profile Line Definition View y RTE_CNTL_PROF - Route Control Profile y RPT_DLVRY_VW - Report Delivery View y RTE_CNTL_RUSER - RoleUser Route y RPT_PRCSDEFN_VW - Report Request Control Profiles Process Definition View y RTE_CNTL_RU_ARC - RoleUser Route y RPT_RQST_VW - Report Request View Control Archive y RTE_CNTL_LN_VW0 - Route Control y RTE_CNTL_TYPE - Route Control Type Profile View 10 y RT_INDEX_LANG - Market Rate Indicies y RTE_CNTL_LN_VW1 - Route Control Rel Language Profile View 1 y RT_INDEX_TBL - Market Rate Indicies y RTE_CNTL_LN_VW2 - Route Control y RT_RATE_DEF_TBL - Market Rate Data Profile View 2 Definition y RTE_CNTL_LN_VW3 - Route Control y RT_RATE_TBL - Market Rate Data Table Profile View 3 y RUN_CNTLAUDTRGS - Run Control for y RTE_CNTL_LN_VW4 - Route Control PT Utilities Profile View 4 y RUN_CNTLDAP_AET - Run Control for PT y RTE_CNTL_LN_VW5 - Route Control Utilities Profile View 5 y RUN_CNTLLDAP - Run Control for PT y RTE_CNTL_LN_VW6 - Route Control Utilities Profile View 6 y RUN_CNTLSCHEMA - Run Control for PT y RTE_CNTL_LN_VW7 - Route Control Utilities Profile View 7 y RUN_CNTL_SYSAUD - SysAudit Control y RTE_CNTL_LN_VW8 - Route Control Table Profile View 8 y RUN_CNTL_WF - Run Control for y RTE_CNTL_LN_VW9 - Route Control Workflow Profile View 9 y RUN_LOADCACHE y RTE_CNTL_RU_VW - RoleUser Route Control Prof View y RUN_QRYACCLIST y RTE_CNTL_USERVW - RoleUser Route y RUN_SCHEMA_AET Control Profiles y RUN_TREEMOVER - Tree Definition y RTNGDEFNLNG_VW - IB Routing RL y RUN_TREE_UTILS - Run Control : Tree view (trans) Utilities y RTNGDEFN_VW - IB Routing Definition view (trans) S y SCHDLDEFN - Schedule Definition y SCHDLRQSTLST_VW -

y SCHDLDEFNINFO - Schedule Definition y SCHDLVERSION_VW y SCHDLDEFNLANG y SDK_CUR_RT_TYPE - SDK Currency Rate Types y SCHDLITEM - Schedule Job Items y SDK_DEPT_TBL_VW - SDK Department y SCHDLMESSAGE - Schedule Message Table View y SCHDLNODEPARM - Schedule Node y SDK_OPER_VW - SDK Operator View Parameters y SDK_PER_SRCHGBL - SDK Personal y SCHDLNOTIFY - Schedule Notify Search - Global y SCHDLRPTDIST - Schedule Report y SDK_STOCK_SR - SDK Stock Quote Search Distribution y SDK_USER_SRCH - SDK User Search y SCHDLTEXT - Schedule Text y SCRTY_ACC_GRP - Access Group Security y SECURITY_DIM_VW y SEL_LABEL_ID_VW - Displays y SCRTY_QUERY - PS/Query Profile y SDK_AMORT_PREF - SDK Amortisation TRANSLATED label IDs y SERVICELNG_VW - IB service RL view Pagelet Preferences (trans) y SDK_BUS_EXP_DTL - SDK Business y SERVICE_VW - IB Services view (trans) Expense Details y SET_FIELDNAMEVW - TableSet Fields y SDK_BUS_EXP_PER - SDK Business Expense Periods y STRINGS_DBF_LVW - Strings DBFIELDs Related Language View y SDK_COMPANY_TBL - SDK Company y STRINGS_DBF_VW - Strings DBFIELDs Codes View y SDK_COUNTRY_TBL - SDK Countries y STRINGS_LBL_VW - DBField Label View y SDK_CURR_CD_TBL - SDK Currency for Strings Codes y STRINGS_VW - Strings Search View y SDK_DEPT_TBL - SDK Departments y SYNCIDGEN_SRCH y SDK_EM_MAILLST - SDK Email List y SYNCPROJ_VW y SDK_EM_RCVMSGS - SDK Email Receive y SDK_EM_SNDEMAIL - SDK Email Send y SYNCREC_VW y SDK_FILEUTL_AET - SDK File Utility Work Record y SDK_INSTALL - SDK Install Record y SDK_INTL_FLG_CD - SDK International Flag Codes y SDK_JOB - SDK Job History y SDK_LOCH_TBL - SDK Company Site Locations y SDK_PERS_DATA - SDK Personal Data y SDK_POS_DATA - SDK Position Data y SDK_PSTREENODE - SDK Tree Node y SDK_RP_INPUT - SDK Red Pepper Input y SDK_RP_PO - SDK Red Pepper PO y SDK_RP_POLINE - SDK Red Pepper PO Line y SDK_RP_QUERYWRK - SDK Red Pepper Work Record

y SDK_RP_RESULT - SDK Red Pepper Result y SDK_RP_SALORDER - SDK Red Pepper Sales Order y SDK_RP_SITE - SDK Red Pepper Site y SDK_RP_SOQRY1 - SDK Red Pepper Sales Order y SDK_RP_SOQRY2 - SDK Red Pepper Sales Order y SDK_RT_TYPE_TBL - SDK Market Rate Data Types y SDK_RUNCNTL - SDK Run Control Record y SDK_SCRTY_DEPT - SDK User Access to Departments y SDK_SM - SDK Strings y SDK_SM_CONCATE - SDK String Concatenation y SDK_SRCHSPREF - SDK My Tasks Personalisation y SDK_SRCH_SAVE - SDK Saved Searches Master y SDK_STOCK - SDK Company Stock Table y SDK_STOCKXCHG - SDK Stock Exchanges y SDK_STOCK_PRF - SDK Stock Quote Preference y SDK_UPS_COST - SDK UPS Cost y SDK_UPS_CST_RES - SDK UPS Rates y SDK_UPS_TIME - SDK UPS Time y SEC_QUERY_WRK y SERVERACTVTY y SERVERCATEGORY y SERVERCLASS - Server Definition Process Types y SERVERDEFN - Server Definition y SERVERDEFN_LNG - Server Definition y SERVERMESSAGE y SERVERMONITOR y SERVERNOTIFY - Server Notification y SERVEROPRTN y SERVERPURGLIST - Server Purge List y SETID_LANG - TableSet IDs y SETID_MAP - TableSet Partial Sharing Map y SETID_TBL - TableSet IDs

y SET_CNTRL_GROUP - TableSet Record Groups y SET_CNTRL_REC - TableSet Record Detail y SET_CNTRL_TBL - TableSet Controls y SET_CNTRL_TREE - TableSet Tree Controls y SFMAINT_RUNCNTL - Run Control Record - Sample y SQLSTMT_TBL - Stored SQL Statements y STRINGS_LNG_TBL - Strings Table Related Language y STRINGS_TBL - Strings Table y SYNCIDGEN_CNTL T y TLSINST1_AET - TLSINST1 State Record y TREEMOVER_AET - Tree Definition y TREE_LEVEL_LNG y TREE_LEVEL_TBL - Sample/Default Tree Level Table y TREE_MAINT_AET - Tree Utilities State Record y TREE_NODE_LANG - Tree Nodes y TREE_NODE_TBL - Tree Nodes y TSE_COMPANY_TBL - Company Codes y TSE_COURSE_TBL - Training Courses y TS_OPR_DEFAULTS - Operator Defaults y TS_PROFILE - Do This - Do That Criteria y TS_PROFILE_TXT - Search Criteria - Text y TS_RECORDS - Text Searchable Records y TS_REC_KEYFLDS - Text Search Record Key Fields y TS_REC_TXTFLDS - Text Search Record Text Fields y TS_RESULT_DATA - Do This - Do That Result Data y TS_RESULT_KEYS - Search Result Keys y TS_RESULT_MSG - Search Result Messages y TS_RESULT_PNLS - Search Result Panels y TS_RESULT_TXT - Search Result Text Found

y TBLSELECTION_VW - OPRID Delete Table Selection vieww y TM_TREE_BUVW y TM_TREE_EFDT_VW y TM_TREE_NAME_VW y TM_TREE_SETCNTL y TM_TREE_SETIDVW y TM_TREE_SETID_V y TREE_DIM_VW y TREE_LEVELPIAVW - Sample/Default Tree Level Table y TREE_LEVEL_BUVW - Sample/Default Tree Level Table y TREE_LEVEL_VW - nPrompt y TREE_LVLBUS_VW - nPrompt y TREE_LVL_VW - Tree Level View y TREE_NDLVNS_VW - Tree Level View No Setids y TREE_ND_LVL_VW - Tree Node Level View y TREE_NODE_PIAVW - Tree Nodes y TREE_ROOT_VW - Tree Root Node y TR_DATA_REC_VW - Tables with column y TS_ALL_VW - Search Criteria-All Searches y TS_COMPLETE_VW - Search Criteria Complete y TS_MSG_VW - Search Result-Msg Catalogue Text y TS_NEW_VW - Search Criteria - New Searches

y TS_RECORD_VW - Base and Non-Base Records y TS_RPLC_RDY_VW - Search CriteriaReplace Ready y TS_RPLC_VW - Search Criteria-Rplc Available y TS_SEARCHED_VW - Search Criteria Searched y TS_SRCH_ONLY_VW - Search Criteria Search Only y TS_SRCH_RDY_VW - Search Criteria Search Ready y TS_UNDO_RDY_VW - Search Criteria Undo Ready y TS_UNDO_VW - Search Criteria-Undo Available y TU_PGFIELD2_VW y TU_PGFIELD3_VW y TU_PGFIELD4_VW y TU_PGFIELD_VW U y UPGCONV_DEFN - Upg Conv program list- y USERCLASS_VW - Role Classes runtime. y USRXLATTABLE_VW - User Optny UPGCONV_LIST Translate Value View y UPGPTPP_AET - State Record - Upgrade y USRXLATTBLE_LVW - User OptnTranslate Value View y UPGPTPP_STAGE - Portal Structure Permission y UPGQRYEXPR_AET V y VERTICAL_MARKET W y WEBLIB_ALERT y WF_ACT_EVT_VW - WF Activity / Event View y WEBLIB_XMLLINK y WF_ACT_EVT_VW2 - WF Activity / Event y WFEXPR_BUS_UNIT - WF Example View Business Units y WF_ACT_EVT_VW3 - WF Activity / Event y WF_INSTSTATUS - Instance Status View y WF_INSTSTATUSLG - Instance Status y WF_ACT_WL_VW - WF Activity / WL Language View y WF_MON_NOTIFY - WF Monitor y WF_BP_ACT_VW - WF Bus Proc / Activity Notification y WF_MON_OPRID - WF Opr Monitor Pool View y WF_KEYDEFN_VW - Workflow y WF_MON_RUSER - WF Mon Roleuser PSKEYDEFN View Notify List y WF_MESSAGE_CAT - WF Message y WF_MON_SETUP - Workflow Monitor Catalogue View Query Setup

y WF_MON_WL - Worklist Monitor Worklist y WF_MON_SCR1_WRK - Workflow Monitor Work Scroll y WF_RPT_DTTM_CVT - WF Date/Time y WF_RPT_OPRID_VW - Workflow Oprid / Conversion for Reports Roleuser View y WF_RPT_OPR_POOL - WF Reporting Oprid Pool y WF_SEARCH_LIST - Worklist Search y WF_SYS_DEFAULTS - Workflow System Criteria y WF_TIMEOUT_SRCH - Timeout Worklist Defaults View y WF_TO_WL - Timeout Worklist y WF_TO_WL_VW - Timeout Worklist View y WL_DISTR_GRP - Distribution Groups y WF_WL_DEFN_VW - Worklist Definition y WL_RIMRESP2_AET View y WL_RIMRESP_AET - AET file for y WF_WL_MENU_VW - Workflow Menu WL_RIMRESP y WL_RIMRESP_ERR - Processing table for View y WF_WORKLIST_LVW - Tools Worklist RIM y WL_RIMRESP_PROC - Processing table for View y WF_WORKLIST_VW - Tools Worklist RIM View y WL_RIM_RUN_CNTL - RIM pager run y WF_WORKLIST_VW2 - Tools Worklist control record. y WL_TEMPLATE - Component Templates View y WL_TEMPLATE_GEN - Generic Template y WIN_VALID_VW y WL_TEMPLATE_GLN - Related language y WL_AEAPP_LIB_VW - View of App. Engine libraries record y WL_TEMPLATE_LNG - Related language y WL_DISTR_LN_VW - Related language view record y WL_TEMPLATE_VAR - Template variables y WL_FLDLABEL_LVW - View of field labels. y WL_TEMPL_CMPVAR - Component y WL_FLDLABEL_VW - View of field labels. template Vars y WL_TEMPL_CMP_LN - Related Language y WL_MARKET_VW - Prompt on valid Markets record y WL_TEMPL_GEN_RS - Generic Template y WL_PNLGROUP_VW y WL_PNLGRP_VW - View of Components Responses y WL_PNLNAME_VW - Panel View y WL_TEMPL_GEN_TK - Generic Tokens y WL_TEMPL_GNRSLN - Related language y WL_RECFIELD_VW - View into PSRECFIELD table record y WL_TEMPL_GNTKLN - Related language y WL_RECORD2_VW y WL_RECORD_VW record y WL_TEMPL_RESP - Component template y WL_RIMERR_VW responses y WL_TDISTR_VW - Template distribution y WL_TEMPL_RSP_LN - Related Language groups record y WL_TEMPLATE_VW - Search record y WL_TEMPL_URLKEY - URL key record y WL_TEMPL_CMP_VW - Component y WL_TEMPL_URLVAR - Define URL variable View variables y WL_TEMPL_CPLNVW - Component y WL_TEMPL_URL_LN - Related language variable View record y WL_TEMPL_DEL_VW - Component

y WL_TEMPL_XURL - Define external URLs Templates y WL_TEMPL_XUR_LN - Related language y WL_TEMPL_GENLVW - Related language record record y WL_TEMPL_GEN_VW - Generic template View y WL_TEMPL_LNG_VW - Rel. Lang. Search record y WL_TEMPL_URLNVW - Related language record y WL_TEMPL_URL_VW - View template URL variables y WL_TEMPL_VAR_VW - View of component names. y WL_TEMPL_XULNVW - Related language record y WL_TEMPL_XURLVW - View into external URLs y WORKLISTNAME_VW - Worklist Name View y WORKLIST_PRMPT y WORKLIST_PROMPT - Worklist Name View y WORKLIST_SEARCH y WORKLIST_VW - Worklist View y WORKLIST_VW2 - Worklist Entry View X y XMLSERVICEINFO y XPDATASRCLNG_VW - XMLP Data y XPQRYRUNCNTL - Run Control Record - Source RL view (trans) y XPDATASRC_VW - XMLP Data Source XMLP view (trans) y XPQRYRUNPARM - XMLP Query Run Parameters y XPOUTDESTFORMAT - Request Dialog Output Type y XPOUTDESTTYPE y XPOUTDESTTYPE2 y XPOUTDESTTYPLNG y XPQRYRPTDEFN_VW y XPQRYRPTDEF_VW2 y XPQRYRPTDLNG_VW y XPRPTDEFNLNG_VW - XMLP Report Definition RL view (trans) y XPRPTDEFN_VW - XMLP Report Definition view (trans) y XPTMPLDEFN_VW - XMLP Template Definition view (trans) y XPTMPLDFNLNG_VW - XMLP Template

LNG view (trans) y XREF_DEFAULT_VW - Records used as defaults y XREF_MENU_VW - Records used on menus y XREF_PANEL_VW - Records used on panels y XREF_PCMNAME_VW - Records used in PeopleCode y XREF_PCREC_VW - Records used in PeopleCode y XREF_PNLREC_VW - Records used on panels y XREF_PROJECT_VW - Record to Project XREF y XREF_PROMPT_VW - Records used on prompts y XREF_PSRECDEFN - Records y XREF_VIEW - Record cross reference search y XREF_VIEW_VW - Records used in views