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Painting Black Templars Initiates

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Painting Black Templars Initiates

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29th Jun 06 7:56 PM


Atrox Morts

Painting Black Templars Initiates

Painting a Black Templars Initiate A Step by Step Guide for Beginners


Table of Content: 1. Introduction 2. Tools & Preparation 3. Procedure 4. Conclusion 5. Credits and Reference

1. Introduction Welcome to Relicnews P&M Tutorial Forum. As the title suggests, this tutorial is to provide the readers some tips and guides in painting Black Templars initiates. Conversely, some of the methods shown later can also be applied to painting other Games Workshop miniatures that is not restricted to Black Templars. This is an extensive tutorial and it is aimed particularly for beginners. I attempted to describe each painting stage as detailed as possible. As such, it would be easier for everyone to follow and understand the process of producing any particular painting effect that otherwise could only be understood or convinced by experience itself. The rule here is 'what feels good, do it.' There is no "correct" way doing anything in modeling, what works for one may not work for another. - by Terry Ashley

2. Tools and Preparation The following are the fifteen pots of colors that are needed to paint this power fist initiate: Bestial Brown, Bleached Bone, Blood Red, Boltgun Metal, Chaos Black, Codex Grey, Dark Flesh, Chestnut Ink, Fiery Orange, Fortress Grey, Graveyard Earth, Mithril Silver, Skull White, Space Wolves Grey, Sunburst Yellow.

3. Procedure

3. Procedure Stage 1 Painting and Highlighting Black Armor Before we proceed, personally I think is better to go through the official Games Workshop article Painting Black Power Armor by Rick Smith. You may choose any of the listed techniques to highlight your Black Templars. I used the extreme highlighting method. As it is already described in great details in the abovementioned article, I will only emphasize some overlooked matters in the following procedures. S-1.1 Firstly, the model was assembled. Most of the bits can be found in Black Templars Chapter Upgrade sprues. The tabard was made out of Green Stuff. For more information of how I would make the tabard, see Simple Green Stuff Tabard or grab Brother Armands PDF here.

S-1.2 The model was primed with Chaos Black primer. Remember to wash and clean the entire model before priming if you detected any visible layer of dust accumulated. Next, it was painted with two coats of thinned Chaos Black to cover all the small gaps. The Chaos Black (from the pot) will also make the power armor looks slightly shiny. Please ignore the painted tabard shown for the moment.

S-1.3 The power armor was now ready to be highlighted. Refer to GWs detailed instruction here. You may download the Flash movie and view the key highlighted areas of initiate: Black Power Armor Highlighting. Try to leave the two endings of each highlight stroke sharp as the highlight is diminished. When it is done, please take a short break and have closer look at the highlights. You should see two or three layers of grey up close. When viewed at normal distant, all should turn out to be sharp grey highlights smoothly blended into the black colored recesses. S-1.4 Next, I was going to paint some major details of the power armor that is, chest eagle, skulls, Maltese cross etc.

a) Firstly, I painted the chest eagle. I used a method called drybrushing to accomplish this. I used a small soft, flat brush to do so. Instead of drybrushing it with metallic colors, I gently drybrushed the chest eagle with Codex Grey. This was followed by drybrushing with Fortress Grey at the outer facing edges. Lastly, I drybrushed the outermost facing edges with Skull White.

b) Next was the skull. The whole skull was painted with watered down Graveyard Earth but the eye sockets and teeth spacing were left black. I mixed a 50:50 Bleached Bone and Graveyard Earth and painted the raised edges. The outer edges were highlighted with Bleached Bone and this was followed by a lining the outermost edges with Skull White. c) Red Maltese cross. I applied the method described in Painting Blood Ravens by VtraXx and I found that it is brilliant recipe to paint a red colored area with fabulous red blending effect. I recommend everyone to try it and experience its stunning effect yourself. d) Purity Seals. Paint the seal red with the method mentioned above. The papers are painted with thinned Bleached Bone and the darker recesses were painted with a mix of Bestial Brown and Bleached Bone. The join between the papers and the seal was lined with Chaos Black. The edges were highlighted with Skull White. Then I used a very fine brush to draw the writing on it using a mix of Chaos Black and Codex Grey.

Stage 2 Painting Shoulder Pads

S-2.1 The shoulder pad was painted with two layer of thinned Fortress Grey (or Codex Grey). Then at least six layers of heavily watered down Skull White were applied. The boundary separating the Skull White and the Chaos Black was carefully tidied up. The cloth on his left shoulder pad was painted with Bleached Bone and then highlighted with a mixture of Skull White and Bleached Bone. The Maltese cross on the right was painted with the red color painting technique mentioned in S-1.4 c). You may try to paint the shoulder pad with Bleached Bone instead of Skull White to match the off-white tabard and to show some weathering effect.

Stage 3 Boltpistol and Powerfist

S-3.1 Instead of painting the Boltpistol with metallic color, I painted it grey. It was first painted with a mixture of thinned Codex Grey and Chaos Black, followed by highlighting the edges with Codex Grey and the vertices were painted with Fortress Grey. The gun muzzle was painted with Boltgun Metal and highlighted the front edges with Mithril Silver. The chains were simply painted with Mithril Silver, leaving the seams black.

S-3.2 The skull on the Powerfist was painted the same way as in S-1.4 b). The Maltese cross was painted the same way as in S-1.4 c). As in painting the chains of the Boltpistol arm, I painted the chains of the Powerfist with Mithril Silver. The pipes and wires were painted with Dark Flesh, drybrushed with Blood Red and carefully overbrushed with Fiery Orange mixed with a little bit of Blood Red. Then, they were washed with Chestnut Ink, making the seams darker. I highlighted the Powerfist using the same technique as in highlighting the black Power Armor (sorry for the blue -ish picture ) .

Stage 4 Helmet S-4.1 The pipes on the face were painted with Dark Flesh and highlighted with Blood Red followed by a mixture of Fiery Orange and Blood Red. The eyes were also painted in the same manner, except that I added a small dot of Skull White on each of them to exhibit light reflection.

Stage 5 Tabard S-5.1 This is a little more complicated. Apologies. I skip this for a moment as Ill be looking for another tabard to demonstrate this.

Stage 6 Base and Finishing S-6.1 This was simple. It was covered with glued sand and painted with a coat of Chaos Black. When it dried, I drybrushed the sand with Space Wolves Grey. Then, I glued two layer of modeling snow at several random spots on the sand. In the end, I added two pockets made of one large pocket cut into two to reflects any extra equipment or add on he carries in a battle. Lastly, I painted some area where I touch the most when holding the figure with Matt Varnish.

Finished Initiate


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