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World renowned working Texas Ranch resort

Texas Ranch Life

Breathe in the count air, relax in elds of wildowers, exlore for miles on horseback... less than an hour from Houston.
10848 Cactus Lane i chappell Hill, TX i 1-866-TEXASRL i 979-885-8338 www.texasranchlife.com 77426

Weve authentically restored and luxuriously appointed 8 historic Texas homes dating back to the 1850s. They feature original paint and stenciling and are furnished in wonderful antiques, oriental rugs, and Texas pieces, but with all the modern conveniences. Overnight accommodations for up to 60 people with conference facilities are available.

Histor. Privacy. Luxr. Comfor.

Kitchens Private Decks and Patios 5 Star Luxr Bedding Beautifl Antique Decor Spa Bath Robes Views for Miles Secluded Homes Private Suites for Families Wireless Interet in the Ranch Business Center Organic Gardens and Greenhouse by homes Breakfast Deliver on Weekends

Ride. Shoot. Hunt. Fish. Discover.
Texas Ranch Life is always bustling with activity. Out working ranch offers riding, ishing, hunting and skeet shooting and a bevy of other ranch events for larger groups including: Private Ranch Rodeos Campire Cookouts Barn Dances Tomahawk Throwing Kawasaki Wildlife Adventures Team Cow Penning Cattle Drives Biking and Hiking Ranch Work Demos and A Day

Experience the great outdoors of Texas Ranch Life irst hand on board our guided Kawasaki Adventure Tour and see the natural wildlife and habitat up close. Ride the rolling hills on horseback amidst herds of registered Texas Longhorns and American Bison.

Diverse. Majestic. Fresh. Wild.

Or stay with us for a weekend and experience nature at your own pace... walking our nature trail, biking around the ranch or merely resting in hammock under the Texas sunshine.

The Lonesome Pine Ranch was originally settled by two of Stephen F. Austin's "old 300" families, Joel Leakey and James Stevenson, who back in the early 1830's, had their pick of the best spots in Texas. The descendants of these two settlers are still in the area.

Presered. Restored. Living. Authentic.

The Elicks homestead is the Prairie Place Ranch in near Bellville, TX. They acquired the Lonesome Pine Ranch between Bellville and Chappell Hill beginning in 1989. In 1996 they purchased the Eagle Roost Ranch near Sealy.

John's father, Jerry Elick, instilled in him an appreciation for the land, which he learned from his father, a Czech immigrant in the 1800s, who also believed in hard work and dedication. Together John and Taunia have continued that legacy at Texas Ranch Life, using their land to preserve a working piece of Texas history and their family's history, while restoring the land to its natural glory. John and Taunia have made preservation both of history and habitat a lifelong goal and use the ranch as an outlet to highlight their work.

Cororate Events
We tailor our corporate retreats to meet each groups' needs, be it merely space and a beautiful environment to have discussions and presentations or a weekend bonanza of ranch activities, team building, steak dinners and dancing. Corporate events at the ranch have included everything from tomahawk throwing, team penning, calf wrestling, skeet shooting, horseback riding, cattle ranch work, coyote moonlighting, longhorn cattle

Work. Lear. Exlore. Unite.

Previous Cororate Guests

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Experience your fairytale wedding with the majesty of nature. Realize your perfect day in our beautifully restored, elegantly rustic white chapel or under a canopy of centuries old oak trees with a hilltop view for miles at the Spanish Hacienda.

Elegance. Love. Beaut. Eterit.

World renowned working Texas Ranch resort

Texas Ranch Life

$275 (for 2 persons, per night) $400 (for 2-8 persons, per night)

The Creekside House


Menu of Rates

$200 (for 2 persons, per night) $225 (for 3-5 persons, per night)

The Lakehouse

$100 (for overnight guests) $125 (for day visitors)

Horseback Riding


$160 (for room or suite, per night) *Tack not included* $500 (for house sleeps 13,per night)

The Lodge

Free* (for overnight guests) $60* (for day visitors, per person, 4 person min.)

Day Fishing

Rates are listed at per night prices with a two night minimum.

Reservations & Cancellation Policy

$275 (for 2 persons, per night) $350 (for 3-9 persons, per night)

The Confederate House

$75 (per person, 2 person min.)

Dove Hunting

$140 (for 2 persons, per night) $174 (for 3 persons, per night)

The Cabin

$275 (for 2 persons, per night) $350 (for 3-10 persons, per night)

The Hacienda

$400 (per person, 2 person min.) Includes lodging, horseback riding, ishing, and meals,

Guest Ranch Package

$175 (for 2 persons, per night) $200 (for 3 persons, per night)

The Suday House

$45 (per person, 4 person min) two hour guided tour of ranch

Kawasaki Adventure

Because we provide an intimate and unique experience, cancellations affect us greatly. A one night non-refundable deposit is required to hold a reservation. In the event cancellation is necessary, the deposit may be applied to later weekday stay. However, no cancellations are allowed for holidays, special events and within 2 weeks of stay.

$275 (up to 5 persons, per night)

The 1869 House

$40 (per person, equipment not included) from sunrise to sunset, unguided

Mountain Biking

All of Texas Ranch Life's facilities are no smoking. Guests are responsible for any damage or loss to property resulting from their stay. Activities are subject to availability and weather. Cancellations resulting from weather may reschedule.

Call for pricce quote minimum of 10 required

Skeet Shooting