I am Magesh Kumar, Can efficiently manage and establish a congenial and productive work atmosphere, inspire colleagues and subordinates towards hotel policies. Team building, empathize and motivate team towards organizational goals. Excellent interpersonal skills, can establish a good rapport with peers, superiors and subordinates. Attitude of commitment and perseverance with ability to adapt the environment, extrovert, having amiability of manners flexibility of mind and physical potential to do demanding tasks. I have been successful completing all tasks performed in my carrier.


Craft course in food production from IHMCT (institute of hotel management & catering technology Chennai Tamil nadu. (1999 -2000)

 BBA- Bachelor of business administration completed in Madras university (2003-2005)

8. Awarded “ BEST EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH” 10. 5. Certified in HACCP foundation level training classes. Certified in TRAIN THE TRAINER programmed in the Chancery pavilion. 3. 9. 4. Participated in different regional food festival in SAVERA Chennai. 7. Nominated two times for the employee of the month award in The chancery pavilion.  Menu planning for the banquet functions and A-la. Awarded “BEST EMPOYEE OF THE YEAR” in 2009-2010. 2. 6.etc  Handling banquet kitchen and Indian specialty restaurant.carte Indian &south Indian restaurant. Bangalore . ABC Analysis. Bangalore. Done a Chettinad food festival in The chancery pavilion.India. 2011. Currently working as a sous chef in HAMPSHARE group of hotels DREAM COCHIN from June 20.AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS: 1. Guest satisfaction score. . Bangalore.  Conducting training classes for the subordinates. EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: 1.  Maintaining food cost 20% in banquets and 24% in Indian specialty restaurant. Certified in PEST CONTROL programmed in The Trident Chennai. Duties performed  Preparing monthly reports as like cost controlling points. Done a kebabs & Biryani food festival in the Chancery pavilion. Done a Kerala food festival in the Savera Chennai.

Cooking various types of starters and soups. In beautiful presentations.  Conducting training classes for the subordinates. different types of meats and seafood. Serving with suitable accompaniment. Duties -partie Bangalore.2.etc  Handling banquet kitchen and Indian specialty restaurant. preparing foods and controlling the section and the orders in the pass counter. . risottos.      4. 2007. Preplated foods.  Maintaining food cost 20% in banquets and 24% in Indian specialty restaurant.Worked in The chancery pavilion as a chef . Indian fusion. Guest satisfaction score.  Responsible for hot section. Conducting Indian theme nights serving traditional foods as well.  Responsible for pans section and grill section. ABC -partie in The chancery pavilion from March 13.  Menu planning for the banquet functions and A-la. Organizing and cooking beach Barbecues Making Indian foods in western style. 2006. Cooking different kinds of pastas. For example like Indian thali foods. from March 13. Duties performed. 3.carte Indian &south Indian restaurant. Controlling inventories and store request. Duties performed  Preparing monthly reports as like cost controlling points. Worked as Demi chef. Worked as a Sous Chef in Swissotel chancery pavilion from Nov 2009 to June 2011.

Constant training of staff. and jus. juices. Ala-carte and buffet restaurant. Maintaining stock rotation and store requisitions. controlling & monitor the daily operation of hot kitchen. Helped chef to recruiting staff by organizing interviews and food trial. . Duties performed  Cooking different types of sandwiches. 6. drinks from cold kitchen. 7. Chennai as Commis for one year and six months. Chennai as a Commis III for Two years and six months.  Cooking different types of pastas. Duties performed  Worked in specialized South Indian restaurant and mughalai restaurant cooking all kinds of Indian foods. working in new dishes and presentation style.  Responsible for all starters. Worked with Hotel Savera.  Worked in multi-cuisine restaurant for making different types of dishes and basic knowledge of Chinese and Thai foods.      Specialized in pans grill and Indian. Worked with The Oberoi group of hotels in The Trident Hilton. sauces. Focus on quality of food and food costing.  Worked in South Indian and Indian Section. Worked in The Savera Chennai as an industrial trainee for the period of 6months. Supervising.  Well specialized in south Indian foods and receive different awards. burgers and salads. 5.

PERSONAL DETAILS Experience Total Father’s Name Date of Birth Nationality Sex Languages Known Hobbies Passport number Permanent address : Ten Plus years : N. Contact no:+91 9880737905 DECLEARATION I do hereby declare that the above furnished are correct and true to the best of my knowledge.Magesh kumar . & Hindi : social welfare activities. Reference Chef Sitapathi Director culinary experience Swissotel chancery pavilion Bangalore. E.Ellappan : 02/06/1982 : Indian : Male : English. India. Tamil nadu. Tamil. staff welfare : E 6303623 : Irumaram Neyyaduppakam post Magaral via Uthirameroor taluk Kancheepuram district. PLACE: DATE: YOURS FAITHFULLY.