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D7E 290 euro 5, eev


The D7E290 is a 7.1-litre, in-line six-cylinder diesel engine with a power output of 290 hp, equipped with a turbocharger and intercooler. The engine meets the EUs exhaust emission standards according to Euro 5 and EEV*.
The D7E engine is equipped with updated systems for fuel injection and the latest-generation engine management system, EMS 2.2. A particularly wide torque range contributes to excellent driveability. Electronic engine management and extremely precise common rail fuel injection promote accurately controlled fuel injection. This together with high boost pressure from the turbocharger, high injection pressure and optimisation of the fuel injector nozzles in the combustion chamber leads to efficient combustion. The efficient combustion process together with after-treatment of the exhaust gases using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology means this engine is environmentally optimised, approved according to the Euro 5 emission norms. What is more, emission levels are below the limit for EEV* (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) which imposes even higher demands, for instance requiring even lower levels of particulate emissions. The engine is very smooth and quiet owing to its design. The timing mechanism is surrounded by a steel panel with a cast iron cover. The D7E engine has long service intervals, which contributes to low maintenance costs.

The D7E engine has long service intervals, which contributes to low maintenance costs.

Efficient combustion is achieved through measures such as high boost pressure from the turbocharger.

Product benefits The engine offers a very wide torque range and responds alertly to the accelerator, resulting in excellent driveability. Electronic engine management EMS 2.2 with precise fuel injection promotes efficient combustion and low emissions with the help of SCR technology. Electronic fuel injection with precise control of the amount of fuel injected and injection timing results in low exhaust emissions and good fuel economy. Exhaust treatment with SCR technology means the engine meets the EUs tough environmental standards according to Euro 5 and EEV*. Disruptions in the exhaust treatment system are shown in the display in the instrument panel.
*Applies to certain versions.

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APProved for todAys And tomorrows environmentAl stAndArds Thanks to its high efficiency rating, the D7E has low emissions. The exhaust gases are further cleaned using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. This means that an additive known as AdBlue is injected into the exhaust gases before they pass through an SCR catalytic converter where the nitrogen oxide is converted into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapour. As a result, the emissions are so low that the engine meets all the EUs emission requirements as per Euro 5 and EEV* (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle). Since exhaust treatment takes place without affecting the engines combustion process, this also means that fuel consumption is not affected. Precise injection for efficient fuel utilisAtion In the D7E, injection takes place using common rail technology. The fuel is injected under high pressure through a common feed rail. The engines various functions are controlled electronically with the help of Volvo EMS 2.2 (Engine Management System), which means that pressure and timing can be monitored and regulated with immense precision. As a result, combustion can always be optimised on the basis of the current driving conditions, thus contributing to excellent driveability. The engine control unit is linked with the vehicles own electronic system. This has the added advantage of providing advanced scope for diagnostics and fault-tracing. Disruptions in the exhaust treatment system are shown in the display in the instrument panel. comPonents And lubricAtion system dimensioned for long service life The cylinder block and cylinder head are made of cast iron, which gives a sturdy yet light framework for the engine. The engines moving parts are all built to withstand long-term strain. The lubrication system in the D7E guarantees effective lubrication and cooling of all the engines systems. The gear-driven oil pump ensures secure oil flow under all operating conditions. A separate oil system for piston cooling guarantees cooling all the way from idling speed. All this together gives the D7E high reliability and a long service life.

Output kW 320

Torque Nm


280 2000 260 1800 240 1600 220 1400

*Applies to certain versions.

200 1200

sPecificAtions Type designation Emission class Max power at 2100 r/min Max torque at 1050-1650 r/min No. of cylinders Bore Stroke Displacement Compression ratio Oil-change volume including oil filter Oil filters, number D7E290 Euro 5 EEV 213 kW (290 hp) 1200 Nm 6 108 mm 130 mm 7.1 dm3 17.3:1 28 litres 1 full-flow

180 1000 160 800 140 600 120

D7E-290 Euro 5




40 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 rpm

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