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POPULAR CONTEST & FESTIVAL Professional Editions (Gr. 5)��������� 28
Symphonic Band (Gr. 4)������������������������ 2 Grade 5������������������������������������������� 12 Jazz Ensemble Library (Gr. 4)������� 28
Concert Band Series (Gr. 3)������������������� 2 Grade 4������������������������������������������� 13 Professional Editions
Discovery Plus Series (Gr. 2)���������������� 5 Grade 3 to 3-1/2����������������������������� 16 with Vocal Solo (Gr. 5)������������������ 29
Flex-Band Series (Gr. 2-3)��������������������� 6 Grade 2 to 2-1/2����������������������������� 18 Vocal Solo with Jazz Ensemble
(Gr. 3-4)����������������������������������������� 30
Discovery Series (Gr. 1-1/2)������������������ 6 Grade 1-1/2������������������������������������ 20
Little Big Band Series (Gr. 3-4)���� 30
First Concepts (Gr. 1/2 - 1)�������������������� 7
Other Titles: Jazz Classics for the
Leopard Percussion Ensemble (Gr. 3)��� 8
Young Ensemble (Gr. 3)���������������� 31
International Marches
for Young Bands����������������������������� 19 Young Jazz Ensemble (Gr. 3)�������� 31
Other Titles:
Contest & Festival Highlights������� 21 Easy Jazz Ensemble (Gr. 2)����������� 32
The Star-Spangled Banner
Anniversary�������������������������������������������� 4 Essential Elements for Band���������� 24 Discovery Jazz Series (Gr. 1-1/2)�� 33
Easy Instrumental Music Resources for Band������������� 26 Essential Elements
Play-Along Series���������������������������������� 8 for Jazz Ensemble (Gr. 1-2)����������� 34
The Musical iPad��������������������������� 27
Pops for Ensembles Series��������������������� 9 Jazz Combo Paks (Gr. 3)��������������� 34
Music Accessories������������������������� 27
Music for the Holidays������������������������ 10 Easy Jazz Combo (Gr. 2)��������������� 34

Other Titles:
Essential Elements
for Jazz Ensemble�������������������������� 35
Solo and Section Features������������� 36
Classic Charts�������������������������������� 38
Jazz Play-Along Series������������������ 40
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Disney characters and artwork

© Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Symphonic Highlights Highlights from Frozen

from Frozen arr. Sean O’Loughlin
arr. Stephen Bulla Hailed as one of Disney’s best animated films
Using segments from the soundtrack in
 ever, Frozen is quickly establishing itself as
addition to the familiar hit songs, Stephen a classic with a heartwarming story, stunning
Bulla has created a dramatic and exciting visuals and magnificent songs. This impressive
medley showcasing the best musical moments concert medley features Vuelie, Do You Want
from this hit movie. Includes: Frozen Heart, to Build a Snowman?, For the First Time in
Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, For the Forever, and Let It Go.
First Time in Forever, Epilogue, and of course 04003804  ���������������������������� $65.00
Let It Go.
04003870  �������������������������������������������������������� $80.00 Let It Go (from Frozen)
Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez/
Eric Clapton on Stage arr. Michael Brown
arr. Paul Murtha Already on its way to becoming a classic, this memorable ballad from
Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Disney’s Frozen is arranged here in a very musical and dramatic
in 2000, Eric Clapton is considered one of the setting for the concert stage.
most influential guitarists of all time, and his 04003894  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
impressive string of hits spans four decades.
In this terrific medley for band, Paul Murtha Let It Go (from Frozen)
brings Eric Clapton’s signature songs to the Flexible Solo or Vocal with Band
concert stage. Includes: Change the World, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez/
Forever Man, Layla, Let It Rain, and Tears in arr. Paul Murtha
Designed as a flexible solo feature with band (use a vocalist or
04003802  �������������������������������������������������������� $80.00
instrumental soloist) this marvelous arrangement of the signature
hit song from Disney’s Frozen is a great way to add variety to any
Bond ... James Bond concert. Great for alto sax, flute, clarinet or trumpet solo!
arr. Stephen Bulla 04003926  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
Over the past five decades music from the James
Bond film franchise has become a part of our Alan Silvestri: A Night at the Movies
musical culture. This powerful setting of familiar arr. Michael Brown
film themes will appeal to all audiences. Includes:
Film composer Alan Silvestri has penned some of the most distinctive
James Bond Theme, Goldfinger, Nobody Does It
and memorable moments in recent cinema history. Sure to be a favorite
Better, Skyfall and Live and Let Die.
year after year, this impressive setting includes music in a wide variety
Stephen Bulla 04003478  �������������������������������� $80.00
of styles with familiar themes from The Avengers, The Polar Express,
Night at the Museum, Forrest Gump, and Back to the Future.
Glenn Miller in Concert 04003702  �������������������������������������������������������� $65.00
arr. Paul Murtha
Glenn Miller and his orchestra helped define the sound of the swing Metal!
era. Here is an entertaining and authentically scored medley that arr. Sean O’Loughlin
includes the signature tunes In the Mood, Tuxedo Junction, A String
Who knew that vintage hard rock tunes would
of Pearls, Little Brown Jug and Pennsylvania 6-5000.
adapt so well for the concert stage! Sean
04001107  �������������������������������������������������������� $75.00
O’Loughlin’s experience working directly with
some of the nation’s top recording artists gives
him a decided edge when it comes to making
these timeless “heavy metal” hits sound great for
Sean O’Loughlin band. Includes: Iron Man (Black Sabbath), Rock
You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions), The Trooper
(Iron Maiden) and Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne).
04003750  �������������������������������������������������������� $65.00

Highlights from Planes Applause
Mark Mancina/arr. Michael Brown arr. Michael Brown
For the Disney animated film Planes, composer Lady Gaga has struck gold again with this
Mark Mancina created an outstanding driving and catchy blockbuster hit. This
orchestral score filled with power and depth. up-tempo rock arrangement is characterized by
Michael Brown’s skillful adaptation for young a syncopated and rhythmic pulse and tuneful
band brings all the majestic qualities of the melody.
original to the concert stage. 04003704  ���������������������������� $55.00
04003686  ���������������������������� $65.00

Banners on Parade Blurred Lines

arr. Stephen Bulla Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke/arr. Paul Murtha
Perfect for any patriotic event or showing pride in the national colors Robin Thicke’s monster smash hit of the summer storms onto the
at any time, here is a rousing and creative arrangement of familiar stage in this arrangement for band that features a moderately paced
flag-wavers! Stephen Bulla opens with You’re a Grand Old Flag, groove and solid scoring.
followed by the “hurrah for the flag of the free” trio section of Stars 04003722  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
and Stripes Forever, and finishes with a toe-tapping rendition of
Yankee Doodle Boy. A guaranteed crowd pleaser! Brick House
04003706  �������������������������������������������������������� $65.00
arr. Paul Murtha
This funky hit recorded by the Commodores in 1977 has proven
Highlights from Jersey Boys its staying power over the years. Paul Murtha’s lively arrangement
arr. Michael Brown featuring the signature horn riffs is sure to become an audience
Showcasing the story of Frankie Valli and the favorite.
Four Seasons, the hit musical Jersey Boys is 04003752  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
a nostalgic look at some of the most popular
songs of the 1960s. This fast-paced medley Atlas (from The Hunger
includes: Big Girls Don’t Cry, Can’t Take My
Eyes Off of You, December 1963 (Oh, What a Games: Catching Fire)
Night), Rag Doll and Walk Like a Man. arr. Michael Brown
04001123  ���������������������������� $65.00 Recorded by Coldplay, this beautiful and
emotive ballad from The Hunger Games:
Happy Catching Fire notably marks the first time
that the band has ever written and recorded an
(from Despicable Me 2) original song specifically for a motion picture.
Pharrell Williams/arr. Michael Brown 04003726  ���������������������������� $55.00
Rarely does the title of a song so accurately
describe the actual music! Pharrell Williams’ Welcome to the Jungle
megahit was recorded for the movie Despicable
arr. Paul Murtha
Me 2 but has taken on a life of its own on the
internet and pop charts. Just hearing this tune Named the greatest hard rock song of all time
makes you feel good! by VH1, Guns N’ Roses’ signature hit was
04003868  ���������������������������� $55.00 introduced back in 1987 and remains as popular
and recognizable today as ever. Featuring plenty
of musical variety and excitement, this version
Turn the World Around will challenge young players but is guaranteed to
Harry Belafonte and Paul Murtha inspire them to practice!
Robert Freedman/arr. Michael Brown 04003724  �������������������������������� $55.00
Harry Belafonte’s masterful song about the
interconnection between fire, water, mountain The Pacific (Main Title)
and spirit was performed to much acclaim
Hans Zimmer and Blake Neely/
on the The Muppet Show in 1977. The song,
arr. Ted Ricketts
which explains that through understanding
we can all “turn the world around,” became From the acclaimed TV miniseries, with a
a favorite of Muppet creator Jim Henson production team that included Steven Spielberg and
and was performed at his memorial service. Featuring an infectious Tom Hanks, comes this distinctive and poignant
African-flavored groove in 5/4, this is a unique and effective setting main theme. Apart from the series itself this
for band. powerful music stands on its own, and is beautifully
04003898  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00 Ted Ricketts adapted for band by Ted Ricketts. This is sure to be
a standout selection on any program.
04003746  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00

Solamente Una Vez
Agustin Lara/arr. Robert Longfield
Written in the Mexican bolero style, this Latin
classic from the 1940s has enjoyed continual
popularity and airplay, often recorded with
English lyrics as “You Belong to My Heart.” The Star Spangled Banner –
200th Anniversary
Robert Longfield’s version is expertly crafted
using lush harmonies and varied scoring, and
Robert Longfield offers an appealing change of pace.
04003728  �������������������������������� $55.00 Inspired by the 1814
American victory at the
Battle of Fort McHenry
during the War of 1812,
MUSIC FOR THE HOLIDAYS – GRADE 3 lawyer and amateur
I Saw Three Ships poet, Francis Scott Key,
composed the poem that
arr. Luther Henderson/
would become the lyrics
adpt. Michael Brown
for our national anthem.
Arranged by the legendary Luther Henderson Listed below are stirring
and recorded on the recent Canadian Brass CD versions for all grade
Christmas Time Is Here, this lighthearted version levels.
of the holiday favorite is adapted here for full
concert band.
04003942  ������������������������������� $60.00

Canadian Brass
Grade 5 Flex-Band
arr. John Williams arr. Michael Sweeney
04002210/$95.00 04003017/$40.00
Christmas Pipes
Brendan Graham/arr. Michael Brown Grade 4 Marching Band
Most notably performed by Celtic Woman, this marvelous song arr. John Philip Sousa arr. John Williams
features a lilting Celtic style and a distinctive melody. This effective 50348110/$40.00 03745061/$80.00
setting for band includes the striking use of O Holy Night as heard in (G. Schirmer) (2004 Rose Bowl version)
the original. Sure to be a highlight of any holiday concert.
04003928  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00 arr. John Higgins arr. Bill Moffit
21819020/$55.00 01400277/$45.00
Do You Hear What I Hear? (Band with Chorus) (Grade 4)
Noel Regney and Gloria Shayne/
arr. Adam Anders and Peer Astrom/adpt. Jay Bocook arr. Johnnie Vinson arr. John Higgins
Originally composed in 1962, few holiday songs can boast being 04002176/$45.00 10819100/$50.00
recorded by so many varied artists, or maintaining a level of continued (Grade 4)
popularity as this masterful song. Based on the version recorded by
the cast of Glee on their second Christmas album, here is a standout
Grade 3 arr. John Higgins
arr. John Clayton 10119010/$45.00
arrangement for young band sure to be a holiday favorite.
24122011/$50.00 (with Herald Trumpets)
04003930  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
(Whitney Houston Version)
arr. John Clayton
Fantasy on the Huron Carol 13523051/$40.00
arr. Robert Buckley Grade 1 (Whitney Houston Version)
Using this inherently beautiful traditional carol as arr. Paul Murtha
a basis, Robert Buckley has created an outstanding 08725126/$35.00 arr. Paul Lavender
symphonic fantasy for the concert stage. The 13219040/$40.00
haunting melody is skillfully woven through a (Grade 2)
series of rich and varied stylistic variants. Every
section of the band gets a chance to be featured at
Robert Buckley some point resulting in a sparkling holiday gem.
04003900  �������������������������������� $65.00

GRADE 2 Roar
arr. Michael Brown
With a moderate yet powerful rock pulse and signature strong
DISCOVERY PLUS SERIES melodies, this Katy Perry hit adapts easily to a setting for young
Let It Go (from Frozen) bands. Sure to be a popular choice.
Kristen Anderson-Lopez and 04003720  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
Robert Lopez/arr. James Kazik
This hit song from the animated film Frozen Cups (When I’m Gone)
and sung by Broadway superstar Idina Menzel A.P Carter, Luisa Gerstein and Heloise Tunstall-Behrens/
is on its way to becoming a classic. Here’s a arr. Johnnie Vinson
terrific setting for young players. The critically acclaimed movie Pitch Perfect about a college a
04003808  ���������������������������� $45.00 cappella group featured this upbeat hit recorded by Anna Kendrick.
The clever “cups” routine performed with a cup and table tapping
has inspired numerous versions on social media. This arrangement
Meet the Beatles! for young players allows you to feature the percussion section, or be
arr. Johnnie Vinson adventurous and have someone actually doing the “cups” routine out
Featuring songs performed by the Beatles on in front of the band!
the Ed Sullivan Show television broadcast in 04003754  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
1964, and recorded on their first U.S. album
Meet the Beatles, here is an exuberant medley John Williams:
for band that demonstrates the excitement and Movie Adventures
appeal of these early hits. Includes I Want to
John Williams/arr. Michael Sweeney
Hold Your Hand, Till There Was You, and All
My Loving. Here’s an outstanding medley for younger
04003903  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
groups that captures the excitement of several
of John Williams early movie hits. Included
are Star Wars Main Theme, Duel of the Fates
Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) from The Phantom Menace, Theme from
arr. Michael Brown Jurassic Park, and Theme from E.T.
Kelly Clarkson’s rock anthem has become a modern day classic with 08724678  ���������������������������� $55.00
its catchy melodies and powerful driving pulse. Here is an impressive
sounding version for band in a solid, yet playable arrangement. The Best of Queen
04003886  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
arr. Paul Murtha
The group Queen practically invented the “rock anthem” with their
Climb Ev’ry Mountain driving rhythms and catchy riffs. Here is an easy but hard-hitting
(from The Sound of Music) medley of three of their trademark hits: We Will Rock You, Another
Richard Rodgers and One Bites the Dust and We Are the Champions.
Oscar Hammerstein II/ 08724966  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
arr. Robert Longfield
From the landmark musical The Sound of
Music, this signature song boasts a timeless MUSIC FOR THE HOLIDAYS – GRADE 2
message and unforgettable melodies. Robert
Longfield’s skillful setting for band is easy to Noel Fantasy
learn while sounding rich and impressive. arr. James Curnow
04003952  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00 Here is a joyous celebration of the Christmas
season featuring two familiar uptempo carols; the
Best Day of My Life traditional French carol Noel Nouvelet and the
17th-century English carol The First Noel. James
arr. James Kazik
Curnow skillfully uses a set of variations and
Recorded by the group American Authors, contrasting musical styles in weaving both tunes
this pop hit has already enjoyed popularity on James Curnow into an appealing and uplifting setting, perfect for
numerous television spots and other media, as any holiday concert.
well as success on the music charts. The catchy, 04003934  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
uplifting flavor of the tune adapts nicely for band
in this solid setting by James Kazik.
James Kazik 04003958  �������������������������������� $45.00 All Is Well
Michael W. Smith and Wayne Kirkpatrick/
Royals arr. Michael Brown
Ella Yelich-O'Connor and Joel Little/arr. James Kazik Originally recorded by Michael W. Smith on his
1989 Christmas album, the peace and stillness of
Recorded by New Zealand singing sensation Lorde, and winning the
the holiday season are beautifully expressed in
2014 Grammy® Award for “Song of the Year,” this pop hit features a
this touching holiday song. This lyric setting for
unique and distinctive sound. Effectively set for band, this is sure to
band is sure to add a welcome element of contrast
be high on your students’ request list. Michael Brown and variety to your winter concert.
04003956  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
04003954  �������������������������������� $45.00

arr. Michael Brown
• Perfect for incomplete or unbalanced instrumentation Featuring a distinctive bass line pattern combined with a hypnotic
•  Scored with just five parts rhythmic groove, this hit by the group War has remained popular
• Playable with combinations of woodwinds, brass, ever since being recorded in 1975. Here’s a terrific version scored for
or strings flexible instrumentation.
•  Includes traditional percussion parts 04003888  �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00

Music from Frozen The Great Escape (March)

Kristen Anderson Lopez and Elmer Bernstein/arr. Johnnie Vinson
Robert Lopez/arr. Johnnie Vinson From the classic 1963 film starring Steve
From Disney’s spectacular animated movie McQueen, here is an adaptation of one of the most
Frozen, here is a medley of catchy songs famous movie marches of all time! With flexible
skillfully arranged for flexible instrumentation. instrumentation, this arrangement will work with
Includes: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, just about any band.
For the First Time in Forever, and Let It Go. 04003866  �������������������������������� $50.00
04003806  ���������������������������� $60.00 Johnnie Vinson


The Phantom of the Opera Here Comes Santa Claus
Andrew Lloyd Webber/ (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
arr. Johnnie Vinson
Gene Autry and Oakley Haldeman/
Scored for flexible instrumentation, here is arr. Paul Murtha
a marvelous setting of these dramatic and
Paul Murtha puts a unique spin on this familiar
poignant songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s
Christmas tune using a mix of styles from two-
timeless classic. Includes: The Phantom of the
beat, to rock shuffle, to straight-ahead swing.
Opera, All I Ask of You, Think of Me, and The
Every part gets a chance to play the melody in
Music of the Night.
this entertaining and festive arrangement.
04003748  �������������������������������������������������������� $60.00
04003946  ���������������������������� $50.00

Crocodile Rock My Favorite Things (from The Sound of Music)

Elton John and Bernie Taupin/ Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II/
arr. Paul Murtha arr. Robert Buckley
Elton John’s quirky and upbeat rock hit was Even using the format of flexible instrumentation, Robert Buckley has
first recorded in the early ’70s, but it has created an inventive and classy setting of this well-known favorite from
remained popular ever since. Paul’s version The Sound of Music. A wonderful choice for any holiday occasion.
for flexible instrumentation skillfully passes 04003920  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
the melody around from part to part, giving
everyone a chance to have some fun.

GRADE 1 1/2
04003758  ���������������������������� $50.00

Just a Closer Walk with Thee

arr. Don Gillis/adpt. Michael Brown DISCOVERY SERIES
Adapted directly from the classic version by the Canadian Brass,
here is an arrangement for flexible instrumentation that retains the
Let It Go (from Frozen)
signature slow New Orleans style introduction, followed by an Kristen Anderson Lopez and
uptempo Dixieland romp. Robert Lopez/arr. Johnnie Vinson
04003950  �������������������������������������������������������� $60.00 Students can’t seem to get enough of the
magical songs from Disney’s blockbuster
Final Countdown movie Frozen. Here is the hit single Let It Go
Joey Tempest/arr. Robert Buckley in a version that’s playable by second year
Recorded by Swedish band Europe, Final Countdown has remained
04003936  ���������������������������� $40.00
one of the classic rock hits of all time. This version for flexible
instrumentation captures all the high-energy of the original, plus
adding a bit of contemporary flare. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
04003932  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
(from Frozen)
Superstition Kristen Anderson Lopez and
Stevie Wonder/arr. Paul Murtha Robert Lopez/arr. Johnnie Vinson
Stevie Wonder’s hit from 1973 remains as fresh-sounding as ever. One of the most popular songs from the hit movie Frozen, here is a
Paul Murtha’s version for flexible instrumentation features a funky skillfully arranged version for young players that’s easy to learn and
groove and all the signature riffs. still maintains all the flavor and charm of the original.
04003948  �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00 04003890  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00

(from Despicable Me 2)
GRADE 1/2 - 1
Pharrell Williams/
arr. Michael Sweeney FIRST CONCEPTS
Rarely does a song come along that no one
seems to get tired of hearing or playing. • Simplified Instrumentation
Happy is just that song, and here is a very easy • Unison Bass Line
arrangement with limited ranges and rhythms • Optional Advanced Snare Drum part
perfect for second year players. • Optional Piano Accompaniment
04003962  ���������������������������� $40.00
Camden Crossing
Bad (Fanfare and March)
Michael Jackson/arr. Johnnie Vinson Michael Oare
Michael Jackson left a legacy of stylized pop hits, and “Bad” is This piece for beginning players opens with a
certainly one of his best. Expertly scored by Johnnie Vinson at a very majestic fanfare followed by a tuneful march
easy level, this is sure to be a favorite with students as well as parents. melody. Even at this easy level, Michael has
04003730  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00 built in enough scoring variety and contrasts
to keep every member of the band interested
Skyfall and engaged.
Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth/
04003696  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $40.00
arr. Robert Longfield
04003697  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00
With Robert Longfield’s carefully scored
arrangement, even very young players can
enjoy this popular and distinctive hit from the Echo Lake
blockbuster movie and recorded by Adele. Robert Buckley
04003732  ���������������������������� $40.00 As the title implies, this energetic piece for beginning players
cleverly bounces motifs back and forth between sections of the band.
An enjoyable way to teach counting and dynamic contrasts, and to
introduce rhythmic independence.
Forget You 04003744  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $40.00
arr. Robert Longfield 04003745  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00
Originally recorded by Cee Lo Green and made even more popular
thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow and the cast of Glee, this is an entertaining Roman Juggernaut
and solid arrangement for very young players. James Curnow
04003756  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00 Composed in a “pass in review” format, Roman Juggernaut describes
through music these massive legions of military might. Featuring
Gangnam Style thundering percussion and blaring fanfares, one can easily imagine the
Gun Hyung Yoo and Jai Sang Park/ spectacular pageantry of thousands of soldiers on parade.
arr. Robert Longfield 04003938  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $40.00
Recorded by South Korean superstar Psy, here 04003939  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00
is a very easy version of the clever and catchy
dance tune that took the world by storm.
04003734  ���������������������������� $40.00 MUSIC FOR THE HOLIDAYS – GRADE 1
Jingle Ye Merry Gentlemen
James Curnow
Cleverly combining Jingle Bells with God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen,
Music from Grease here is an entertaining arrangement for young players reminiscent of
Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs/arr. Johnnie Vinson an old-fashioned sleigh ride. It’s fun, it’s jolly and it brings to life the
Here is a 2-tune medley including We Go Together and Greased Christmas season.
Lightnin’ from the landmark 1971 musical Grease. Infectious and 04003940  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00
exciting music for students and audiences alike.
04001709  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00 Greensleeves
arr. Michael Sweeney
The Lord of the Dance With its modal harmonies and hauntingly beautiful melody, this
Ronan Hardiman/arr. Johnnie Vinson holiday favorite will sound terrific with your beginning players thanks
The exciting Celtic pageantry of Michael Flatley’s dramatic 1996 to Michael Sweeney’s skilled arrangement.
stage production is captured in Johnnie’s easy medley for developing 00860966  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00
bands. The title song is based on a Celtic folk song, also known as
Shaker Song.
08724446  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00

Jump in the Line
arr. Diane Downs/ed. Rick Mattingly
04003136  ���������������������������� $30.00 Books with Online Audio Tracks
Even novices will sound great with this fantastic new
series. Features include:
Soul Bossa Nova
Quincy Jones/arr. Rick Mattingly • Perfect for beginning instrumentalists!
• Audio demonstration tracks played by real instruments
04003694  ���������������������������� $30.00
• Backing tracks provided so you can play along with the band
• All tracks are accessible for download at
• Only $9.99 each!
Yellow Bird
Irving Burgie/arr. Diane Downs/ed. Rick Mattingly Classic Rock
04003688  �������������������������������������������������������� $30.00 Another One Bites the Dust • Born to Be Wild
• Brown Eyed Girl • Dust in the Wind • Every
Blues by Five Breath You Take • Fly like an Eagle • I Heard
Red Garland/arr. Diane Downs/ed. Rick Mattingly It Through the Grapevine • I Shot the Sheriff •
Oye Como Va • Up Around the Bend.
04003690  �������������������������������������������������������� $30.00

Soul Sacrifice
Carlos Santana/arr. Rick Mattingly
04003692  �������������������������������������������������������� $30.00 00122195 Flute 00122203 Trombone
00122196 Clarinet 00122205 Violin
00122197  Alto Sax 00122206 Viola
00122198  Tenor Sax 00122207 Cello
POPS FOR ENSEMBLES 00122201 Trumpet 00122208 Keyboard
00122202 Horn Percussion
Baby Elephant Walk
(Percussion Ensemble) Classical Themes
Henry Mancini/arr. Will Rapp Can Can (Offenbach) • Carnival of Venice
04003762.............................. $25.00 (Benedict) • Finlandia (Sibelius) • Largo from
Symphony No. 9 (“New World”) (Dvorak) •
Morning (Grieg) • Musette in D Major (Bach)
The Jive Samba • Ode to Joy (Beethoven) • Spring (Vivaldi) •
(Percussion Ensemble) Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, Fourth Movement
Nat Adderley/arr. Will Rapp (Brahms) • Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke).
04003764.............................. $25.00

00123108 Flute 00123114 Trombone
Bonanza 00123109 Clarinet 00123115 Violin
(Percussion Ensemble) 00123110  Alto Sax 00123116 Viola
Jay Livingston and Ray Evans/arr. Will Rapp 00123111  Tenor Sax 00123117 Cello
04003766.......................................................... $25.00 00123112 Trumpet 00123118 Keyboard
00123113 Horn Percussion

The Ballad of Davy Crockett • Can You Feel
the Love Tonight • Candle on the Water • I Just
Can’t Wait to Be King • The Medallion Calls
• Mickey Mouse March • Part of Your World
• Whistle While You Work • You Can Fly!
You Can Fly! You Can Fly! • You’ll Be in My
Heart (Pop Version).

00122184 Flute 00122189 Horn
00122185 Clarinet 00122190 Trombone
00122186  Alto Sax 00122191 Violin
00122187  Tenor Sax 00122192 Viola
00122188 Trumpet 00122193 Cello
00122194 Keyboard

 hort ensemble arrangements that feature sections
of the band
•P  erfect for pre-concert programming
or special occasions
• Use with or without rhythm section
• Grade 2-3

Only $25.00 each!

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FLUTE TRIO OR Mission: Impossible TRUMPET TRIO Smoke on the Water

ENSEMBLE Theme OR ENSEMBLE 04157718  (arr. Vinson)
04157682  (arr. Murtha)
Baby Elephant Walk Alexander’s Ragtime Band Tequila
04157582  (arr. Moore) Moon River 04157578  (arr. Murtha) 04157528  (arr. Sweeney)
04157644 (arr. Christensen)
Chim Chim Cher-ee Ballad of the Tiger Rag
04157572 (arr. Osterling) The Music of the Night Three Amigos 04157506  (arr. Berry)
(from Phantom of 04157712  (arr. Brown)
Edelweiss the Opera)
04157502 (arr. Curnow)  04157524 (arr. Lavender) Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
04157510  (arr. Sweeney)
I Whistle a Happy Tune Puttin’ On the Ritz PERCUSSION
04157632 (arr. Christensen) 04157540 (arr. Osterling) Bugle Call Rag ENSEMBLE
04001620  (arr. Nowak) Apache
The Music of the Night A Whole New World
(from Phantom of (from Aladdin) Jericho 04157722  (arr. Rapp)
the Opera) 04157500  (arr. Lavender) 04157514  (arr. Curnow) NEW! Baby Elephant Walk
04157588 (arr. Moore)
Yesterday The Lonely Bull 04003762  (arr. Rapp)
My Favorite Things 04157706  (arr. Vinson) 04157640 (arr. Murtha) NEW! Bonanza
04157542  (arr. Del Borgo)
Malagueña 04003766  (arr. Rapp)
My Heart Will Go On 04157574  (arr. Murtha) Friend like Me
(from Titanic) SAXOPHONE (from Aladdin)
04157584 (arr. Moore) QUARTET Pirates of the Caribbean –
Dead Man’s Chest 04157508 (arr. Rapp)
Pennywhistle Jig OR ENSEMBLE 04157690  (arr. Brown) George of the Jungle
04157602 (arr. Moore) The Addams Family
Theme Supercalifragilistic- 04157522  (arr. Rapp)
Silver Bells 04157560  (arr. Murtha)
expialidocious NEW! The Jive Samba
04157512 (arr. Curnow) 04157714  (arr. Brown)
04003764  (arr. Rapp)
Bohemian Rhapsody
Whistle While You Work 04157710  (arr. Murtha) Lady Gaga Fugue
(from Snow White and LOW BRASS
the Seven Dwarfs) It Don’t Mean a Thing ENSEMBLE (arr. Dettori/adpt. Rapp)
04157538 (arr. Osterling) (If It Ain’t Got George of the Jungle
That Swing) St. Thomas
Yankee Doodle/Yankee 04157548  (arr. Nowak)
04157568  (arr. Christensen)
04157724  (arr. Rapp)
Doodle Boy
Lassus Trombone
04157634 (arr. Christensen) Jump, Jive an’ Wail Tico Tico
04157576  (arr. Christensen)
04157590  (arr. Vinson) 04157606  (arr. Rapp)
Mission: Impossible
The Muppet Show Theme Trashin’ the Camp
CLARINET 04157580  (arr. Bocook)
04157604  (arr. Rapp)
ENSEMBLE  04157550  (arr. Berry)
Night Train Peter Gunn Under the Sea
Bella’s Lullaby
04157530  (arr. Berry) 04157556  (arr. Rapp)
04157704  (arr. Murtha) 04157726  (arr. Christensen)
Puttin’ On the Ritz The Phantom of Viva La Vida
Clarinet Polka
04157708  (arr. Vinson) the Opera 04157720  (arr. Rapp)
04157558  (arr. Osterling)
Satin Doll 04157518 (arr. Berry)
Colors of the Wind
(from Pocahontas) 04157516  (arr. Sweeney) Seventy Six Trombones
04157544  (arr. Del Borgo) Sesame Street Theme 04157716  (arr. Christensen)
Michelle 04157636 (arr. Holmes)
04157622 (arr. Osterling) Yakety Sax
04157504  (arr. Norred)

Carol of the Night
GRADE 4- 5 GRADE 3- 4 Fanfare and (Based on “Silent Night”)
arr. Richard L. Saucedo
Hark! The Herald
Angels Sing 04000922/$55.00
arr. Chip Davis/ Christmas on a
adpt. Robert Longfield Snowy Night
04002454/$60.00 arr. John Moss
A Fresh Aire Christmas 04000946/$60.00
arr. Calvin Custer A Gleeful Christmas
08721344/$65.00 arr. Sean O’Loughlin
Fum, Fum, Fum 04003244/$60.00

CANADIAN arr. Chip Davis/ Grown-Up Christmas List

adpt. Robert Longfield (with Optional Vocal Solo)
A Calypso Christmas  BRASS 04002343/$60.00 arr. Michael Brown
arr. Calvin Custer  CONCERT BAND 04001331/$50.00
04000530/$70.00     WORKS God Rest Ye Merry,
Gentlemen Happy Holiday/
A Fireside Christmas A Canadian Brass arr. Robert Longfield
Christmas White Christmas
arr. Sammy Nestico 04001576/$55.00 Irving Berlin/arr. Ted
arr. Howard Cable
04001533/$75.00 Good King Wenceslas Ricketts
arr. Chip Davis/ 04001207/$55.00
Good Swing Wenceslas
A Canadian Brass adpt. Robert Longfield
arr. Sammy Nestico Christmas Suite A Jazzy Christmas
04002440/$60.00 04002587/$60.00 arr. Johnnie Vinson
arr. Calvin Custer
Greensleeves 04001291/$60.00
A Home Alone 04050318/$60.00
Christmas arr. Chip Davis/ Let It Snow! Let It
Jolly Old St. Nick/ adpt. Robert Longfield
arr. Paul Lavender Jingle Bells    Snow! Let It Snow!
04002353/$80.00 04003109/$60.00 arr. Paul Lavender
arr. Jay Bocook
Hallelujah 25912040/$50.00
The Most Wonderful 08724034/$60.00
Time of the Year arr. Robert Longfield Selections from
arr. John Moss 04002133/$60.00 The Nightmare Before
04001553/$55.00 Pat-A-Pan Christmas
arr. Chip Davis/ arr. Michael Brown
The Nutcracker 04001161/$65.00
arr. James Curnow adpt. Robert Longfield
23714010/$70.00 04002589/$60.00 Ode to “Greensleeves”
Stille Nacht arr. Richard Saucedo
Overture to Miracle on 04000884/$50.00
34th Street arr. Robert Longfield
arr. Johnnie Vinson 04053882/$50.00 Somewhere in My Memory
04002444/$60.00 (from Home Alone)
Symphonic Prelude on MANNHEIM John Williams/
“Adeste Fidelis” STEAMROLLER arr. John Moss
arr. Claude T. Smith
Auld Lang Syne GRADE 3 04000996/$55.00
Sounds of the Season
arr. Chip Davis/
A Winter’s Night adpt. Robert Longfield arr. John Moss
(based on “Silent Night”) 04002341/$50.00 04000598/$60.00
arr. Rick Kirby Away in a Manger The Toy Trumpet
04003085/$60.00 arr. Robert Longfield (Trumpet Solo
04002135/$50.00 and Section Feature) 
arr. Robert Longfield
arr. Chip Davis/
adpt. Robert Longfield This Christmas
04002345/$60.00 arr. Ted Ricketts
Faeries Baby, It’s Cold Outside 04001125/$50.00
(from The Nutcracker) arr. John Moss
Ukrainian Bell Carol
arr. Chip Davis/ 04001157/$50.00
arr. Richard L. Saucedo
adpt. Robert Longfield 04000952/$55.00

We Need a Little Christmas I Want a Hippopotamus Frosty the Snow Man
(from Mame) for Christmas arr. John Edmondson
arr. Ted Ricketts arr. James Kazik 04282285/$40.00
04001201/$50.00 08725327/$45.00
Gloucester Wassail
White Christmas It’s Beginning to arr. Robert Longfield
arr. John Edmondson Look Like Christmas 08725331/$35.00
21223010/$50.00 arr. John Moss
08724938/$40.00 Grandma Got Run Over
White Christmas by a Reindeer
(Vocal Solo or Alto Sax Noel arr. Eric Osterling
arr. Richard L. Saucedo 08724444/$35.00
Solo with Band)
arr. John Moss Greensleeves
04000702/$55.00 Nutcracker Suite Jazzy Holidays arr. Michael Sweeney
arr. Paul Lavender arr. Johnnie Vinson 00860966/$40.00
Winter Holiday 04003226/$50.00
arr. James Swearingen 26014010/$45.00
Here Comes Santa
04001014/$65.00 Over the River Silver Bells Claus
arr. John Moss arr. Johnnie Vinson arr. Johnnie Vinson

GRADE 2 08725134/$40.00 04003274/$50.00 08724956/$35.00

The Polar Express White Christmas Instant Christmas
A Celtic Christmas arr. Paul Lavender arr. Michael Sweeney Concert
arr. Richard Saucedo 08725044/$55.00 04002497/$50.00 arr. Eric Osterling
04001759/$50.00 22625097/$45.00
A Renaissance
The Chipmunk Song Christmas Jingle Bells
arr. Ted Ricketts
arr. Johnnie Vinson
GRADE 1- 1 1/2 arr. John Higgins
African Noel
Christmas at the Movies A Rockin’ Christmas arr. Johnnie Vinson Jolly Old St. Nicholas
arr. John Moss arr. Paul Murtha 08724738/$40.00 arr. Michael Sweeney
08725110/$55.00 08724650/$40.00 00860518/$35.00
Ancient Carol
The Christmas Song Rudolph the Red-Nosed arr. Paul Jennings Pachelbel’s Christmas
(Chestnuts Roasting on Reindeer 26625046/$40.00 arr. Larry Moore
an Open Fire) (Low Brass Section 08725064/$35.00
arr. Michael Sweeney Feature) Auld Lang Syne
08721356/$40.00 arr. Michael Sweeney The Polar Express
arr. John Moss
00860956/$35.00 arr. Johnnie Vinson
Christmas Time with 08724736/$45.00
Charlie Brown Santa Baby Baby, It’s Cold Outside
arr. John Moss arr. Paul Murtha Rudolph the
arr. Michael Brown Red-Nosed Reindeer
08724802/$55.00 08725280/$40.00
08725325/$45.00 arr. Paul Lavender
Do You Hear What I Hear Carol of the Drum
A Shepherd’s Carol 00861314/$35.00
arr. Michael Sweeney arr. Paul Lavender
arr. John Moss Silver Bells
04001658/$40.00 24803020/$35.00
08725136/$40.00 arr. Paul Lavender
Feliz Navidad The Cherry Tree Carol
Silver Bells 00861320/$40.00
arr. Michael Brown arr. Johnnie Vinson
arr. Johnnie Vinson Somewhere in
08724942/$45.00 04003258/$35.00
08725182/$40.00 My Memory
Hanukkah Holiday The Chipmunk Song (from Home Alone)
The Star of Bethlehem
arr. David Marshall arr. Robert Longfield
(from Home Alone) arr. Paul Lavender
04001523/$50.00 08725238/$35.00
arr. Robert Longfield 08725066/$40.00
Hark! The Herald 08725240/$40.00 Christmas Clock Two French Carols
Tubas Sing Timothy Johnson
arr. John Moss
arr. Michael Sweeney Stille, Stille, Stille 44010903/$40.00
arr. James Curnow 08725112/$35.00
26423047/50.00 Christmas Time Is Here Up on the Housetop
Holiday Funny Favorites arr. Michael Sweeney
arr. Michael Sweeney
arr. Paul Murtha A Swingin’ Christmas 08724936/$35.00
arr. Johnnie Vinson 00860522/$30.00
08725012/$55.00 Feliz Navidad White Christmas
A Holiday Swing-Along arr. Paul Lavender
arr. John Higgins
arr. Paul Murtha 00860908/$35.00

GRADE 5 Ancient Desert Drone
Henry Cowell/trans. James Worman
Festival Fanfare for Christmas Ancient Desert Drone was composed for orchestra in 1940, at the
request of Percy Grainger, who encouraged the idea of using a single
(for Wind Band) pitch “drone” throughout the work (similar to Grainger’s own The
John Wasson Immovable Do) and to whom the piece is dedicated. While the work
Originally created for full orchestra, this version suggests an Eastern charm with its distinctive mode and primitive
for advanced level bands, and recorded by the rhythms, Cowell himself stated there was no particular programmatic
acclaimed Dallas Wind Symphony conducted by intent. This transcription for band is an exotic and welcome addition
Jerry Junkin, is a magnificent and powerful setting to the repertoire for winds. Dur: 5:00 (G. Schirmer, Inc.)
for the holidays. Starting with a brilliant fanfare 50499651  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $85.00
John Wasson for brass, the piece then blossoms into a showcase 50499652  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00
for the entire ensemble incorporating the familiar Recorded by the Trinity University Symphonic Wind Ensemble –
carols O Come, All Ye Faithful and Joy to the World. An impressive James Worman, conductor
way to open a holiday concert! Dur: 3:45 (MusicWorks)
04003966  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $85.00 Four Sea Interludes
04003967  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00 (from Peter Grimes, Op 33a)
Recorded by the Dallas Wind Symphony – Jerry Junkin, conductor Benjamin Britten/trans. Joseph Kreines
On “Horns For the Holidays,” Reference Recordings RR-126
Britten’s critically acclaimed opera Peter Grimes was first performed
in 1945 and has become a part of the standard repertoire. Additionally,
Purple Whispers the orchestral concert suite Four Sea Interludes is frequently
Richard L. Saucedo performed, and includes the movements Dawn, Sunday Morning,
This remarkable and descriptive work opens and closes with members Moonlight and Storm. This authentic transcription by Joseph Kreines
of the ensemble whispering to one another, creating a soft yet chaotic is a masterful work for mature ensembles, and an important addition to
effect. The simple poem is by the composer: “Whispers move in the repertoire for wind band. (Boosey & Hawkes Windependence
colored flight, seeking signs of next twilight, purple as the violets - Artist Level)
grow, warm but rich for all to know.” As the piece progresses, 48023104  Digital Score and Parts���������������������� $225.00
introduced by a solo piano, the listener is taken through a dynamic 48023105  Digital Score��������������������������������������� $25.00
range of emotional tension and release before the quiet mood 48023106  Score Only����������������������������������������� $35.00
returns to close out this uniquely effective composition. Dur: 5:15
An American Tapestry
04003964  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $85.00 (for Wind Ensemble)
04003965  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 Daniel Kallman
Recorded by the Marshall University Wind Symphony – Steve Barnett, conductor An American Tapestry is a continuous medley
of three American folk songs: the happy-go-
lucky The Girl I Left Behind Me, the somber
Spanish Dance and reflective He’s Gone Away, and the foot-
(from The Gadfly) stompin’ hoedown Ol’ Dan Tucker. The setting
Dmitri Shostakovich/arr. James Curnow
Daniel Kallman was originally composed for chamber winds (11
Originally composed for the movie The
 players) and has been completely rescored by the composer in this new
Gadfly, this brilliant dance number was later edition for full wind ensemble. The contrasting tempi and sentiments
included in the Suite for Variety Orchestra of the tunes, enlivened with unique and colorful harmonies and
No. 2. Carefully crafted in this adaptation instrumentation, contribute to make this appealing for wind players
for symphonic band, this is an exciting and from high school to professional. Dur: 7:15 (Boosey & Hawkes
explosive work suitable as an opener or encore Windependence - Artist Level)
selection. Dur: 2:40 (G. Schirmer, Inc.) 48023092  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $95.00
50499653  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $85.00 48023093  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00
50499654  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00 Recorded by the University of Wisconsin - River Falls Symphonic Band –
Kris Tjornehoj, conductor

Lullaby for Natalie Liquid Compass

John Corigliano/trans. Peter Stanley Martin Alex Shapiro
Originally composed for Anne Akiko Meyers and then orchestrated for Continuing in the tradition of her innovative
Marin Alsop’s 20th season at the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary electroacoustic band works including Paper Cut,
Music, this lovely lyric work was transcribed for band under the Immersion, and Tight Squeeze, Alex Shapiro’s Liquid
composer’s supervision. Accessible to musicians and audiences, Compass takes the musicians and the audience on a
yet extremely sensitive with its dramatic sonorities, the music is journey that spans the mystical and the triumphant. A
both soothing and subtle even as the tonality is stretched. Dur: 4:30 subliminal connection to the sea is conveyed through
(G. Schirmer, Inc.) Alex Shapiro the creative use of metal bowls filled with water,
50499540  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $75.00 and flutists will particularly enjoy the otherworldly
50499541  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 “ooh-wah” effect that wends through the piece. Commemorating the 140th
anniversary of Carthage College’s wind band, this work migrates to different
places, but never loses its bearings in pursuit of a musical true north. Dur: 9:00
(Activist Music)
04003972  Score and Parts������������������������������� $195.00
04003973  Score Only����������������������������������������� $35.00

Bill Whelan/arr. Johan de Meij GRADE 4
This arrangement marks the 20th anniversary Fanfare and Call to the Post
of Riverdance, one of the most successful Richard L. Saucedo
musical theatre productions ever. Being
Composed as a tribute to legendary thoroughbred
neighbors in the same New York apartment
racehorse and 2006 Kentucky Derby winner,
building enabled Johan de Meij and composer
Barbaro, this work for mature ensembles captures
Bill Whelan to work very closely together
the excitement and pageantry of race day at the
on the arrangement. It features the following
track. Rhythmically dynamic from start to finish,
songs: Cloudsong, Firedance, Lift the Wings,
this is a perfect opener for festival or concert use.
Dance of the River Woman and the spectacular Riverdance Finale.
Dur: 13:00 (Amstel Music) Richard Saucedo Dur: 2:05 (MusicWorks)
04003794 Score and Parts................................ $240.00
04003976  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $70.00
04003795 Score Only.......................................... $50.00
04003977  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
04003796 Parts Only........................................ $200.00

Summer Adirondack Festival Overture

Johan de Meij Stephen Bulla
Summer is the second in a series of symphonic Adirondack Festival Overture is an exciting work for band that
poems, inspired by the seasons and the folk combines original music with a variety of traditional fiddle tunes
music of Scandinavia. In Spring, de Meij made from the Adirondack region of New York state. The fiddle was far
use of two Swedish folk tunes, whereas Summer and away the most popular folk instrument of the time, and these
Johan de Meij focuses on Finnish folk music. The work opens appealing melodies have been handed down through generations of
with an impression of the pastoral landscape of amateur players. Includes: Chateaugay Reel, The Wild Mustard River,
Ostrobothnia, an elongated area on the west coast of Finland. Throughout and Ripsaw. Dur: 5:30 (MusicWorks)
the piece, there are subtle musical glimpses of Jean Sibelius, Finland's 04003698  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $75.00
iconic composer, and a short quotation from his First Symphony. 04003699  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
Dur: 11:30 (Amstel Music)
04003797 Score and Parts................................ $200.00 Stella Maris
04003798 Score Only.......................................... $40.00 Samuel R. Hazo
04003799 Parts Only........................................ $160.00 Composed as a memorial piece for a beloved teacher and friend,
tender melodies and lush harmonies combine in this moving and
Spring lyrical work for mature ensembles. Stella Maris is a Latin term
(Overture for Wind Orchestra) for Polaris, the North Star, with its symbolic role as “the star that
protects and guides.” It’s this reference that serves as the inspiration
Johan de Meij
and premise of this emotional and rewarding work. (The piano
Spring recounts the magical re-awakening of introduction is optional.) Dur: 4:40 (MusicWorks)
spring’s arrival in Sweden. After a long and 04003768  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $75.00
dark winter, creatures great and small join 04003769  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
Swedes desperately longing for the first rays
of warming sunshine. Two beautiful Swedish
folk songs are featured in this magical work: Ode to the Spirit of Man
När som jag var på mitt adertonde år (‘As I James Curnow
was on my 18th year’) and Ack Värmeland du sköna (‘Oh Värmland A powerful work for the symphonic band, Ode to
Thou Art Beautiful’) Dur: 10:00 (Amstel Music) the Spirit of Man is based on thematic material taken
04000275 Score and Parts................................ $200.00 from the fourth movement of Beethoven’s Symphony
04000276 Score Only.......................................... $40.00 No. 9 and developed into a fantasy of kaleidoscopic
04000277 Parts Only........................................ $160.00 nature. The opening is a joyful expression of the
spirit of freedom and is based on the composer’s
James Curnow own themes derived from Beethoven’s music.
Cloud Factory Throughout the work, various themes from the
Featuring works by Johan de Meij. symphony are interwoven, including Alla Marcia, Scherzo, Andante
Includes: Spring, Cloud Factory, Wind Power, maestoso and finally the uplifting Ode to Joy. Dur: 5:15 (MusicWorks)
The Seville Suite and At Kitty O’Shea’s. 04003892  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $80.00
04000285............................... $25.00 04003893  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00

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(GRADE 4 – continued) The Free Lance March
John Philip Sousa/arr. Jay Bocook
Passacaglia (from Suite No. 7) Composed in 1905, this classic and sophisticated
march by John Philip Sousa is unique from the
George Friderick Handel/arr. Robert Longfield
standpoint of opening in 6/8, then switching to 2/4
Handel’s Passacaglia from Suite No. 7 in G minor was originally midway. Jay Bocook has skillfully adapted this
written for harpsichord and consists of a series of variations over distinctive march for contemporary ensembles.
a repeating four-measure harmonic progression. In this masterful Dur: 4:00 (MusicWorks)
transcription by Robert Longfield, Handel’s Baroque gem serves as Jay Bocook 04003924  Score and Parts��������� $70.00
a vehicle to showcase the colors and timbres of the modern concert 04003925  Score Only������������������� $7.50
band. Dur: 4:30 (MusicWorks)
04003780  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $75.00
04003781  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 Crosslands
Rossano Galante
Arctic Fire Creating a musical representation of earth’s grand
vistas and landscapes, Crosslands opens with
Robert Buckley
a delicate, simple theme that is pastoral and
The cinematic approach to the music of Arctic reflective. Building to a bold heroic theme stated
Fire portrays many different images of the by trumpets and horns, the piece then concludes
north – the crimson sunlight glinting off the as the music subsides quietly representing the
icebergs, the radiance of the Northern Lights,
the blaze of the Red Twig Dogwood, the
Rossano Galante soft rays of a picturesque ocean sunset. Another
beautifully descriptive work for winds from the
scarlet red sunsets, and the fiery spirit of pen of Rossano Galante. Dur: 4:10 (G. Schirmer, Inc.)
the people who live there. The piece opens 50499564  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $75.00
and closes with a series of dramatic musical 50499565  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
snapshots. In between, the music evolves and transforms through a
wide range of stylistic textures and moods. A brilliantly scored and
effective setting for winds. Dur: 5:15 (MusicWorks) Themes from
04003738  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $75.00 An Outdoor Overture
04003739  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 Aaron Copland/arr. James Curnow
An Outdoor Overture by Aaron Copland was
Fantasy Sketches composed for orchestra in 1938 for the High
Johnnie Vinson School of Music and Art in New York City, then
Drawing inspiration from books and films of transcribed for wind band in 1941. This adaptation
fantasy adventure, Johnnie’s three-movement by James Curnow features the primary themes
Aaron Copland from the original work in a concise, yet bold and
suite explores a variety of descriptive moods
and styles. The first movement (Wizards) has a appealing format. The music itself is an example
noble and grand flavor, while the second (Elves) of Copland in his prime, with buoyant themes expressing a sense of
is more playful and mischievous in design. The optimism and joy. Dur: 3:50 (Boosey & Hawkes)
Johnnie Vinson concluding movement (Talking Animals) uses 48023002  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $75.00
rhythmic energy and mixed meters in creating a 48023003  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
bit of a rambunctious setting. Themes from the earlier movements
are then brought back for the grand finale. Dur: 8:00 (MusicWorks) El Gato Montés
04003854  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $85.00
04003855  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00
(The Wild Cat)
Manuel Penella/arr. Shelley Hanson
In a famous moment from Manuel Penella’s 1916
Villages opera El Gato Montés (“The Wildcat”), a matador
Michael Sweeney sings exuberantly to his beloved young gypsy
Calling for the band to be divided into four separate ensembles woman that he will fight the bulls for her. In
(and spread apart if space permits), Villages explores a wide range this marvelous adaptation, Shelley Hanson
of harmonic and rhythmic interplay between each of these musical Shelley Hanson combines the march melody from this scene along
“villages.” The opening creates a dense canopy of sound, out of which with another melody from the opera in creating a
the unique identity of each group variously emerges then melts back well-balanced and appealing work for the concert stage. Dur: 3:30
into the texture. As the fast pace continues, melodic fragments are (Boosey & Hawkes Windependence – Master Level)
bounced from group to group with interjections from the percussion. 48023098  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $85.00
A slower lyric section provides contrast before the frantic pace returns 48023099  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00
leading to the exciting conclusion. Innovative in its conception, this Recorded by the Minnesota Symphonic Winds –
stunning work will expose your students and audience to dramatically Shelley Hanson, guest conductor
new sounds for band! Dur: 8:15 (MusicWorks)
04003778  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $85.00
04003779  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00

As One Listens to the Rain Rikudim
Daniel French Jan Van der Roost
As One Listens to the Rain is a marriage of Rikudim (Hebrew for “Dances”) is a four-part
two distinct musical ideas. The first, a solitary, dance suite based on Jewish music. By using
solemn melody, is introduced in the trumpet and eastern intervals and irregular time changes,
cloaked in an aura of slowly shifting transparent the composer succeeds in creating a slightly
harmonies. This idea soon gives way to flowing melancholy but specifically Jewish flavored
lines and falling gestures that invoke an image of piece. Dur: 9:40 (De Haske)
Daniel French cascading rainfall. A hymn-like interlude provides 44001172  Score and Parts��� $109.00
a brief respite before the return of the rain which, 44001173  Score Only������������� $18.95
in this final form, spins and tumbles over itself. A stirring and
evocative work for modern winds. Dur: 6:30 (Boosey & Hawkes
Windependence – Master Level) Roller Coaster
48023096  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $95.00
Otto M. Schwarz
48023097  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00
In this piece, Otto Schwarz depicts an exciting
ride on a roller coaster. At the beginning,
Galop the cars are pulled up by a chain. High
Daniel Kallman above the ground the ride suddenly begins
As the title implies, this composition is an exciting ride at the speed the steep descent with a loop-the-loop being
of a horse in full stride. Using a wide range of instrumental colors accompanied by the screams of the passengers.
and with rhythmic intensity throughout, the journey is a smooth Towards the end of the piece the ride becomes
one for the most part, with only a few dark tunnels fraught with faster and faster and then finally comes to an
impending peril along the way. Dynamic and entertaining. Dur: 4:35 abrupt end. The musical sketch Roller Coaster is especially suitable
(Boosey & Hawkes Windependence – Master Level) as an encore for your concerts. Climb on and let the ride begin!
48023094  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $85.00 Dur: 3:15 (De Haske)
48023095  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00 44004563  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $74.00
Recorded by the combined St. Olaf Concert Band and 44004564  Score Only����������������������������������������� $14.00
Minnesota Symphonic Winds – Timothy Mahr, conductor

Ross Roy
Forever Free (Fanfare-Overture for Band) Jacob de Haan
Kenneth Fuchs Commissioned by the “St. Peters Wind
Commissioned to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the state of West Symphony” from Brisbane, Australia, the title
Virginia, Forever Free incorporates indigenous elements of the state’s refers to the late 19th century villa where St.
musical heritage, capturing a robust and celebratory spirit. Cast in a Peters Lutheran College was founded. The villa
single movement in three sections, the title is inspired by the state has remained the school symbol, and in this
motto, “Montani semper liberi” (“Mountaineeers forever free”). The composition Jacob de Haan views “Ross Roy”
work is unified at the outset and closing by a ceremonial fanfare as a metaphor for the years spent at school,
based on thematic figures from the state song West Virginia Hills. A where one’s personality is formed. The main
contrasting middle section features a lyric variant accompanied by theme is developed through a series of variations, rich in stylistic
a militaristic snare drum and timpani cadence, before all thematic contrasts and dramatic building points. It is no coincidence that the
elements are combined for the buoyant and festive conclusion. final segment is reminiscent of the close to a traditional overture, for
Dur: 4:25 (E.B. Marks) the school years can be considered the “overture” to the rest of one’s
04003982 Score and Parts..................................$75.00 life. Dur: 9:20 (De Haske)
04003983 Score Only............................................$7.50 44002748  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $69.00
Recorded by the University of Connecticut Wind Ensemble - 44002749  Score Only����������������������������������������� $13.00
Dr. Jeffrey Renshaw, conductor

Japanese Folk Song Suite Jan Van der Roost
Bin Kaneda Arsenal was composed for the 50th anniversary
Bin Kaneda’s classic work for band was commissioned by the of the “Harmonie van het Spoorwegarsenaal”
Yamaha Symphonic Band in 1962 and includes three movements (railroad arsenal), based in Mechelen (Belgium).
based on traditional Japanese children’s songs. Unique in its structural Rather a stately concert march, it has beautiful
design, the first movement (Where Are You From?) is scored for brass themes and a broad melody in the trio. It was
and percussion only, while the second movement (Lullaby) is for premiered in the Mechelen Cultural Center
woodwinds and percussion. The third movement (An Ancient Priest on the 11th of May 1996 during the solemn
in a Mountain Temple) is scored for the entire ensemble and features ceremony, opening the anniversary year and
a lively and witty style with rhythmic jazz inflections. Dur: c. 8:30 conducted by the composer. Since then Arsenal has been recorded
(Shawnee Press) by several renowned ensembles, including the Tokyo Kosei Wind
35011343 Score and Parts..................................$75.00 Orchestra and the Black Dyke Band. Dur: 3:30 (De Haske)
35011341 Score Only..........................................$10.00 44002462  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $74.00
Recording courtesy of Bravo Music from the CD “Band Classics Library 9” 44002463  Score Only����������������������������������������� $14.50
Hiroshima Wind Orchestra - Yoshihiro Kimura, conductor

Music with Chequered Ears Of Gale Force Winds
Árpád Balázs Richard L. Saucedo
Television viewers of nearly a hundred The turbulence and intensity of a major wind storm is effectively
countries have enjoyed Árpád Balázs’ touching recreated in Richard Saucedo’s Of Gale Force Winds. Based around
melodies from this series of cartoons featuring rhythmic figures that create a wind-like effect, and combined with
the adventures of the rabbit with chequered a playful melody, the piece alternates between 6/8 and 9/8 staying
ears and his friends. Balázs has rephrased rhythmically dynamic throughout. A very brief moment of repose
and developed the well-known melodies into hints at the period of calm that comes in the middle or “eye” of bigger
an appealing suite of seven movements, each storms. The fury of the storm then returns with darker sonorities
representing characters or episodes from the and increased energy as this descriptive work comes to an exciting
series. Two possible combinations of movements allow the work to be conclusion. Dur: 4:00 (MusicWorks)
performed either in a shorter version with modest technical demands, 04003788  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $65.00
or the complete suite. The main title and ending are included in both 04003789  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00
versions. Dur: 4:00 (abridged) or 9:40 (complete) (Editio Musica
Budapest) Three Colonial Moments
50499685  Score and Parts������������������������������� $149.95
Rick Kirby
50499684  Score Only����������������������������������������� $14.95
Depicting three contrasting and intriguing settings
from early American lore, Rick Kirby masterfully
brings these images to life in this suite for band.
GRADE 3- 3 1/2 The first movement tells the legend of The
Phantom Drummer with unique orchestrational
effects. The second movement, The Lady’s
Propulsion Rick Kirby Lament, mourns the loss of loved ones in the
Robert Buckley Revolutionary War, and the suite concludes with
Propulsion is the action of driving or pushing the lively dance Virginia Two-Step. Rich in stylistic and tonal variety,
forwards. It is the force that thrusts a rocket into this is an appealing work for concert or festival use. Dur: 8:00
space, that propels a runner across the finish line, (MusicWorks)
and that fuels the momentum of a dolphin through 04003880  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $75.00
the waves. With driving percussion, high-energy 04003881  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
rhythms, dynamic melodies and an overall sense
Robert Buckley of excitement, Propulsion by Robert Buckley
moves through different musical moods without Arrows
ever losing its relentless pulse. A tour-de-force for all members of the Samuel R. Hazo
band and an exhilarating concert opener! Dur: 3:00 (MusicWorks) This impressive work by Samuel Hazo begins and ends with a unifying
04003760  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $60.00 dramatic and powerful fanfare theme. In contrast, the middle section
04003761  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 is built around faster and modern-sounding rhythms and harmonies,
while incorporating traditional melodies (including a hint of Bach’s
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring) lending a unique and timeless quality to
Drums of the Saamis the music. Commissioned as a tribute from one band director to his
Samuel R. Hazo predecessor, this is a rewarding and effective work for today’s bands.
Drums of the Saamis was commissioned by the Dur: 5:00 (MusicWorks)
Medicine Hat Concert Band Society of Medicine 04003856  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $75.00
Hat, Alberta, Canada. The piece chronicles 04003857  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
the merger of the First Nation (first natives)
and modern Albertan cultures. The opening
tribal drums followed by the haunting melody Shorewood Overture
Samuel R. Hazo simulating the traditional wooden flute comprise (for Multi-level Combined Bands)
two themes that are the foundation for the entire Michael Sweeney
piece. Both elements are developed, varied and enhanced throughout Combining a district-wide extravaganza
as the listener senses the increasing influence of modern day Alberta for players of all levels creates an exciting
through the use of modern sounding chords and rhythms. By the end, spectacle for parents, while providing much
the marriage of the old and the new is complete. This powerful work needed incentives for the younger players.
closes as it began; a restatement of themes representing the musical Shorewood Overture is specifically designed to
and historical foundation of the region. Dur: 5:00 (MusicWorks) be performed by multi-level bands and, rather
04003770  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $70.00 than the typical massed band number where
04003771  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 everyone plays at once, this ingenious overture allows each level to
be featured briefly by itself, along with sections where everyone plays
together. In addition, the “Level 3” parts include cues (also in the
Level 3 score) allowing this to be performed by a single ensemble.
Dur: 4:20 (MusicWorks)
04003858  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $95.00
04003859  Level 3 Score��������������������������������������� $7.50
04003860  Level 2 Score��������������������������������������� $7.50
04003861  Level 1 Score��������������������������������������� $5.00

Postcard from England Nonantum Bulgar
Robert Buckley Hankus Netsky
Postcard from England depicts a trek across the English countryside, Written as a request for a klezmer-style piece
with its gently rolling hills, thatched cottages, stately homes, castles for middle school band, composer Hankus
and cathedrals. From the catchy “walking theme” featuring the low Netsky envisioned the dedication ceremony
brass, percussion and woodwinds to the elegant “stately theme” of the Adams Street Shul (synagogue) in the
reminiscent of the British brass band sound, every section in the Nonantum area of Newton, MA more than
band is featured. Tuneful and descriptive, take your audience on a one hundred years ago for inspiration. The
scenic tour of this historic and charming part of the world! Dur: 3:45 event featured a prominent Boston cantor and
(MusicWorks) choir along with a klezmer orchestra leading
04003740  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $65.00 a “grand march” down Adams Street. The term “Bulgar” refers to a
04003741  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 Romanian Jewish dance popular at the time, and the piece attempts to
recreate the sounds and pageantry of that grand occasion. Dur: 4:20
Colditz March (American Composer’s Forum – BandQuest Series)
04003584  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $60.00
Robert Farnon/arr. Philip Sparke
04003585  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00
Acclaimed Canadian composer/arranger Robert
Farnon penned this distinctive march theme for
the 1970s BBC television drama Colditz telling The Machine Awakes
the story of prisoners held at Colditz Castle in (for Band Plus Electronics)
Germany during World War II. Philip Sparke’s Steven Bryant
extended concert version is expertly scored for The Machine Awakes is the sound of something
Philip Sparke band and an elegant and powerful addition to any not human (but of humans hands) – something
program. Dur: 3:00 (MusicWorks) not entirely organic, but most definitely alive –
04003882  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $65.00 waking up for the first time. From the opening
04003883  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 swirling textures, we sense the first hesitant sparks
Steven Bryant of thought, attempting to find form and coherence.
Danzon (from Fancy Free) This new machine comes fully awake, possessed
Leonard Bernstein/arr. Jay Bocook of emphatic self-determination and purpose. The Machine Awakes
Influenced by the traditional Cuban dance gives ensembles with a wide range of technical ability the opportunity
style, Danzón is a brilliant piece composed by to experience the meshed sound world of electronic sounds and
Leonard Bernstein in collaboration with famed acoustic instruments. The set comes with optional parts for more
choreographer Jerome Robbins for the 1944 ballet advanced players. Dur: 5:00 (Steven Bryant Music)
Fancy Free. Jay Bocook’s skilled adaptation for 04003980  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $95.00
band captures the sensual mood of the original and 04003981  Score Only����������������������������������������� $20.00
Leonard Bernstein offers a unique programming choice. Dur: 3:00
(Boosey & Hawkes) Ammerland
48023204  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $65.00 Jacob de Haan
48023205  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00 Ammerland brings a vivid impression of this
enchanting region by the Zwischenahner Lake
Celestial Song in Germany. The rural landscape of Ammerland
Robert Spittal combines fields covered with yellow blossoms,
Composer Robert Spittal was moved to complete lush meadows, seemingly endless country roads
this work in response to the Newtown, CT and an exquisite lake. Let yourself be lured away
tragedy in 2012, and serves as a reflection of our on a short musical trip to beautiful Ammerland.
complicated feelings of grief and loss. The music is Enjoy nature, the lake, and the brilliant colors of
simple and direct, and meant as a hopeful work for a unique landscape. Dur: 3:10 (De Haske)
young players. Moved by a metaphor describing 44004135  Score & Parts������������������������������������ $59.00
Robert Spittal the victims as “twenty-six new diamonds in the 44004136  Score Only����������������������������������������� $10.00
sky” the title is a reference to the stars which
we look upward to for inspiration, for hope, and to dream of better
things to come. Dur: 3:10 (Boosey & Hawkes Windependence – A Huntingdon Celebration
Apprentice Advanced) Philip Sparke
48023100  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $65.00 This short and lively overture will make a

48023101  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 fantastic opening piece for any concert. It
begins with the fanfare-like main theme played
by the clarinets and saxophones, which is
then taken up by the whole band. Following
a slower central chorale the original tempo
returns and the opening fanfares re-appear to
Visit the Hal Leonard bring the piece to a triumphal finish. Dur: 5:20
Band & Orchestra page (De Haske)
on Facebook! 44001444  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $89.00
44001445  Score Only����������������������������������������� $18.95

Greek Folk Song Suite Due North
Franco Cesarini Michael Sweeney
Greek folk music is characterized by the Composed for a band festival in Duluth, MN,
sound of the “buzuki” which is often used in and suggesting perhaps an exciting downhill ski
combination with clarinet, mandolin, violin and run or possibly a snowmobile chase through the
various types of tambourines. In Greek Folk woods, Due North is a fast-paced overture written
Song Suite, Franco Cesarini has elaborated entirely in a single tempo. Along the way, various
on three songs belonging to this most ancient moods are suggested as themes and musical
tradition. The first, “O Haralambis,” is in 7/8 Michael Sweeney ideas are passed from section to section. The
time and characteristic of a popular folk dance percussion section provides a driving, rhythmic
called kalamatianos. The second movement, “Stu Psiloriti,” refers to pulse throughout. Dur: 3:00 (MusicWorks)
an ancient song from the island of Crete. The third movement of the 04003876  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $55.00
suite is based on the song “Vasilikos tha gino” and is characterized 04003877  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
by the sirtaki, probably the most popular Greek dance outside of
Greece. This is Greek passion effectively portrayed by a concert band!
Dur: 9:00 (De Haske)
Jefferson Forest Sketches
44004551  Score and Parts������������������������������� $119.00 Michael Oare
44004552 Score������������������������������������������������ $24.00 Jefferson Forest Sketches is a programmatic work depicting the beauty
and grandeur of the Jefferson National Forest along the Appalachian
Mountains. From dawn breaking over the mountains, to breathtaking
Biberussa panoramas, to a seemingly endless expanse of wilderness, composer
Bert Appermont Michael Oare takes us through a variety of scenes and moods. The
“Biberussa,” the old name of the small town piece concludes with a lively tribute to the reels and dance tunes
of Beverst in Belgium, is a combination of common to the area in the colonial period. Dur: 3:15 (MusicWorks)
the words “biber” and “ussa,” meaning beaver 04003782  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $55.00
and river. This concert march was composed 04003783  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
for the 100th anniversary of the Koninklijke
Harmonie (Royal Concert Band) ‘Ons
Verlangen’ from Beverst, a place where the
composer had his first musical training. After James Curnow
the opening passage, a proud, heroic theme is heard. As a contrast, it This attractive suite of three concise
is followed by a simple chorale melody and both themes then appear movements depicts various types of
simultaneously in a grand tutti passage. This is followed by a cantabile “whirligig” contraptions, or “wind-toys” which
trio with a majestic reprise of the main theme bringing the work to a were popular in Europe as early as the 16th
close. Dur: 4:20 (De Haske) century. Marching Soldier features an optional
44011184  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $85.00 “marching machine” creating the effect of
44011185  Score Only����������������������������������������� $15.00 soldiers on parade, while Flower Lady depicts
a figure in constant fluid motion moving up
and down while picking flowers. The concluding movement, The
Flying Horse, describes a very active whirligig with moving feet and
flapping wings. A unique and descriptive programming option for
GRADE 2- 21/2 young players. Dur: 4:15 (MusicWorks)
04003872  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $55.00
Flash in the Pan! 04003873  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
Richard L. Saucedo
Composed in a single driving tempo, this dynamic and concise work Alpine Adventure
provides plenty of excitement and flash. The playful main theme is Michael Oare
accompanied by a rhythmic pattern alternating between 4/4 and 3/4. In Portraying the thrill and speed of alpine skiers
addition, some quirky dissonant passages and percussion feature spots navigating the demanding Super-G (super giant
help to spice things up. Dur: 2:15 (MusicWorks) slalom) downhill course, Alpine Adventure is
04003913  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $55.00 composed using a single fast tempo and takes
04003914  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 the listener through a variety of stylistic moods.
The opening and closing segments feature a
Michael Oare driving, syncopated style while the middle section
Where Mountains Touch the Sky features a more lyric melody in 3/4, but still at the
Robert Buckley
energetic, fast pace. An exciting ride for players and listeners alike.
With sensitive scoring and use of colors and textures, this descriptive Dur: 2:40 (MusicWorks)
piece sounds more advanced and sophisticated than its grade level 04003862  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $50.00
would suggest. Where Mountains Touch the Sky is a tone poem 04003863  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
inspired by springtime in the alpine meadows of British Columbia.
While the lofty peaks are still covered with snow, the rivers are
flowing and the meadows are coming alive with wildflowers. This
lyrical work begins quietly and peacefully, building steadily to a
soaring climax before returning to a soft and reverent conclusion.
Dur: 3:00 (MusicWorks)
04003742  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $50.00
04003743  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00

March to Concord The Irish Baker
Rick Kirby arr. Robert Longfield
An important part of American history comes to life through March to Two “fiddle” traditions are combined in this lively setting for
Concord. The familiar patriotic anthem Chester is woven throughout concert band. The American bluegrass favorite Angelina the Baker
the work coupled with an engaging original melody. Rick Kirby’s is creatively combined with the style of a Celtic dance tune! After
dynamic setting is both rhythmic and powerful, utilizing a range of a flowing and lyric opening statement, the drones and rhythms of
variation techniques plus skillful handling of the percussion section. an Irish jig take the band and the audience on an exuberant romp.
Dur: 3:15 (MusicWorks) Dur: 2:30 (MusicWorks)
04003874  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $55.00 04003896  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $55.00
04003875  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 04003897  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00

Mars (from The Planets)

Particles Gustav Holst/arr. Johnnie Vinson
Michael Sweeney Often imitated but never duplicated, the music
This unusual work portrays the transformation of matter from from Holst’s symphonic classic The Planets
solid to liquid and ultimately to gas. You’ll hear a single musical continues to thrill audiences and inspire
theme transformed throughout, starting with a very rigid and dense performers. Even at this easy level, here is a
opening statement. From there the theme is treated in a lyrical style setting of this famous movement in 5/4 that
(liquid), and finally the pace becomes frantic and energetic as the will be a powerful addition to any program.
melodic particles transform into gas. Using unique scoring techniques Let your young players enjoy this fabulous
(including a few aleatoric sections and dramatic percussion effects) masterwork! Dur: 2:00 (MusicWorks)
this descriptive work will stir the imagination of players and audience 04002190  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $50.00
alike. Dur: 5:30 (MusicWorks) 04002191  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00
04003700  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $55.00
04003701  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50
Fantasy on an Irish Air
arr. Richard L. Saucedo
The well-known and touching Irish ballad “Danny Boy” forms the
INTERNATIONAL MARCHES FOR YOUNG BANDS basis of this emotionally charged setting by Richard Saucedo. A
Johnnie Vinson’s popular series provides creative and appealing true study in orchestration and textures, this piece begins quietly at
marches with an international flavor, perfect for adding variety to your first, then builds steadily to a full ensemble climax before returning
program and offering cross-curricular opportunities. to a soft and delicate close. A wonderful change of pace. Dur: 3:10
04001932  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $50.00
Broadway! (American March) NEW! 04001933  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00
Johnnie Vinson
Reminiscent of a musical style from the heyday of Broadway Port O’ Call
musicals, Johnnie Vinson has created this lively and entertaining cut
Michael Sweeney
time march. Composed using the traditional march form, Broadway!
includes interesting lines for all instruments and a nice variety in Need a lighter, yet well-scored change of pace? Michael Sweeney
scoring and dynamics. Dur: 2:30 has styled this Latin flavored composition that fits right in the pocket
04003974  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $55.00 for young bands. It features plenty of percussion to keep your players
04003975  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50 busy along with appealing Latin rhythms for the entire ensemble.
Dur: 3:45 (MusicWorks)
Also available: 08724570  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $50.00
08724571  Score Only������������������������������������������� $7.50

St. Petersburg March (Russian March)

04002335 �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00

New Forest March (British March)

04002875 �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00

The Crown of Castile (Spanish March)

04003005 �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00

The Brandenburg Gate (German March)

04003087 �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00

Grand Galop (Circus March)

04003175 �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00

Arch of Triumph (French March)

04003474 �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00

GRADE 1 1/2 Bobbleheads!
Richard L. Saucedo
Civil War Echoes Here’s a very easy novelty number that captures the fun and goofiness
arr. Robert Longfield of bobblehead dolls. With clever visual and vocal effects, plus some
percussion feature spots, this is sure to be enjoyed by players and
As the nation commemorates 150 years since the
audience alike. Dur: 2:00 (MusicWorks)
Civil War, here is an appealing medley for young
04003978  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $45.00
players that uses music of the period. The bugle
04003979  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00
call “Taps” originated during the Civil War and
is used here at the beginning of the piece and
incorporated again at the end. The tender ballad Gateway March
Robert Longfield Tenting on the Old Campground provides lyric Eric Osterling
contrast before closing with the rousing spiritual Easy marches that sound authentic and still work with beginners
Free At Last. Dur: 3:25 (MusicWorks) are hard to find. Here is a gem from Eric Osterling that works great
04003960  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $45.00 even with small bands with incomplete instrumentation. With catchy
04003961  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00 melodies and repetitive rhythmic patterns, this one is easy to learn and
is perfect for contest or concert use. Dur: 1:30 (MusicWorks)
Canzona 04002333  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $45.00
04002334  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00
(Percussion Section Feature)
James Curnow
Here is a high-energy piece that gives your young percussionists a The Legend of Castle Armagh
chance to shine. James Curnow employs a wide range of percussion Paul Murtha
instruments and effects in this entertaining and rollicking tour de This work was inspired by the composer’s Irish heritage and the rich
force! Dur: 1:45 (MusicWorks) history of Ireland. With three main themes, this programmatic work
04003878  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $45.00 opens with a peaceful sunrise with mist rising from the bog. The
04003879  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00 second theme describes the great hall of a majestic medieval castle,
complete with vibrant colors and pageantry. The exciting “battle”
theme follows and ultimately resolves to a return of the earlier themes.
From Every Mountainside A wonderfully effective setting for beginning players! Dur: 3:10
(A Salute to America) (MusicWorks)
Michael Oare 04002428  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $45.00
Here is a terrific patriotic medley for young 04002429  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00
players that uses fragments of several familiar
melodies in a creative collage setting. Every
section of the band gets a chance to play the
melody at some point. Listen for strains of
The Battle Cry of Freedom, The Star Spangled
Banner, Yankee Doodle, America the Beautiful,
Chester, and America. Dur: 3:10 (MusicWorks)
04003864  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $45.00
04003865  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00

Celtic Air and March

(Songs of Irish Rebellion)
arr. Michael Sweeney
Following in Michael’s popular Celtic Air and Dance format, here are
two contrasting melodies associated with centuries of Irish conflict
and turmoil. The haunting ballad The Foggy Dew was composed
shortly after the Easter Rising of 1916, and is followed by the
inspirational march The Minstrel Boy from the Irish Rebellion of
1798. A great-sounding piece for young players with an historical
connection. Dur: 2:55 (MusicWorks)
04003884  Score and Parts��������������������������������� $45.00
04003885  Score Only������������������������������������������� $5.00

GRADE 5 October
Eric Whitacre GRADE 4 In Flight
Samuel R. Hazo
2000 (BCM) 2008 (MusicWorks)
Arabesque 04001888/$95.00 Albanian Dance 04002665/$75.00
Samuel R. Hazo Shelley Hanson
2009 (MusicWorks) Music for Prague 2005 (Boosey & Hawkes) Jupiter from The
04002784/$125.00 Karel Husa 48018929/$65.00 Planets
1968 (Associated Music) Gustav Holst/
Australian Up-Country 50244120/$150.00 Amparito Roca arr. James Curnow
Tune Jaime Texidor/ 1990 (Hal Leonard)
Percy Grainger/ Puszta arr. Aubrey Winter 20823243/$85.00
arr. Glenn Cliffe Bainum (Four Gipsy Dances) 1935 (Boosey & Hawkes)
1970 (G. Schirmer) Jan Van der Roost 48006029/$85.00 Lux Aurumque
50364530/$65.00 1988 (De Haske) Eric Whitacre
44001354/$119.00 Arsenal 2005 (BCM)
Children’s March Jan Van der Roost 04002371/$95.00
(Over the Hills and Ride 1996 (De Haske)
Far Away) Samuel R. Hazo 44002462/$74.00 Perthshire Majesty
Percy Grainger/ 2003 (Boosey & Hawkes) Samuel R. Hazo
arr. Frank Erickson 48007049/$95.00 Bolero 2004 (Boosey & Hawkes)
1971 (G. Schirmer) Maurice Ravel/ 48007092/$65.00
Satiric Dances arr. Jay Bocook
Norman Dello Joio 2003 (MusicWorks) Rejouissance
Commando March 1975 (Associated Music) 04002123/$70.00 James Curnow
Samuel Barber 50244620/$95.00 1988 (Hal Leonard)
1944 (G. Schirmer) Canterbury Chorale 20818020/$80.00
Scenes from The Louvre Jan Van der Roost
Norman Dello Joio 1991 (De Haske) Sòlas Ané
El Camino Real 1966 (E.B. Marks) 44001749/$74.00 (Yesterday’s Joy)
Alfred Reed 00006981/$95.00 Samuel R. Hazo
1985 (E.B. Marks) Country Gardens 2006 (MusicWorks)
Second Suite for Band Percy Grainger/ 04002509/$75.00
(Latino Mexicana) arr. Graham Overgard
Esprit de Corps Alfred Reed 1990 (G. Schirmer) Suite from The Planets
Robert Jager 1978 (E.B. Marks) 50488586/$60.00 Gustav Holst/
1985 (E.B. Marks) 000006990/$100.00 arr. Calvin Custer
00007230/$85.00 Dedicatory Overture 1991 (G. Schirmer)
Second Suite in F Clifton Williams 50481668/$70.00
Festive Overture, Gustav Holst 1964 (E.B. Marks)
Op. 96 1922 (Boosey & Hawkes) 00006754/$80.00 Variations on
Dmitri Shostakovich/ 48010591/$95.00 “Scarborough Fair”
trans. Donald Hunsberger Dusk Calvin Custer
Suite Francaise Steven Bryant 1989 (MusicWorks)
1965 (G. Schirmer)
00127014/$115.00 Darious Milhaud 2004 (BCM) 08720050/$75.00
1944 (Hal Leonard) 04002254/$115.00
First Suite for Band 00120039/$95.00 Ye Banks and Braes
Alfred Reed English Folk Song Suite O’Bonnie Doon
Suite of Old Ralph Vaughan Williams Percy Grainger
1976 (E.B. Marks)
American Dances 1923 (Boosey & Hawkes) 1936 (G. Schirmer)
Robert Russell Bennett 48006173/$95.00 50349790/$60.00
First Suite in E-flat 1949 (Chappell)
Gustav Holst 04001968/$125.00 Fanfare and Flourishes
1921 (Boosey & Hawkes) James Curnow
Symphony No. 1 – Finale 1995 (Curnow Music Press)
Vasily Kalinnikov/ 44000039/$59.00
The Hounds of Spring arr. Glenn Cliffe Bainum
Alfred Reed 1958/2011 (MusicWorks) Fantasy on a
1981 (E.B. Marks) 04002975/$125.00 Japanese Folk Song
00006829/$80.00 Samuel R. Hazo
Variations on a 2005 (MusicWork)
Incantation and Dance Korean Folk Song 04002375/$85.00
John Barnes Chance John Barnes Chance
1960 (Boosey & Hawkes) 1967 (Boosey & Hawkes) A Festival Prelude
48006410/$110.00 48006494/$80.00 Alfred Reed
1962 (E.B. Marks)
Lincolnshire Posy Where Never Lark 00006781/$80.00
Percy Grainger or Eagle Flew
1937 (G. Schirmer) James Curnow
50356150/$95.00 1993 (Hal Leonard)

GRADE 3- 31/2 Encanto
Robert W. Smith
(from The Planets)
John Higgins
1989 (MusicWorks) Gustav Holst/ 1990 (MusicWorks) 
Alligator Alley 26405010/$65.00 arr. Jay Bocook 26423013/$65.00
Michael Daugherty 1998 (MusicWorks)
2003 (BandQuest) Fanfare for the 04001729/$60.00 Rhythm Stand
04002160/$50.00 Common Man Jennifer Higdon
Aaron Copland/ Nathan Hale Trilogy 2004 (BandQuest)
Ammerland arr. Robert Longfield James Curnow 04002285/$60.00
Jacob de Haan 2007 (Boosey & Hawkes) 1990 (MusicWorks)
2002 (De Haske) 48019431/$55.00 26423011/$65.00 Seal Lullaby
44004135/$49.00 Eric Whitacre
Folklore for Band Normandy Beach 2011 (BCM)
Amparito Roca Jim Andy Caudill (March) 04003047/$95.00
Jaime Texidor/ 1964 (MusicWorks) John Edmondson
arr. Gary Fagan 04026880/$65.00 1982 (MusicWorks) Three Ayres
2008 (Boosey & Hawkes) 04328600/$55.00 from Gloucester
48019816/$65.00 A Huntingdon Hugh M. Stuart
Celebration Old Churches 1969 (MusicWorks)
Anthem for Winds Philip Sparke Michael Colgrass 35023306/$60.00
and Percussion 2003 (De Haske) 2002 (BandQuest)
Claude T. Smith 44001444/$89.00 04002008/$60.00 Valdres
1979 (MusicWorks) Hanssen/arr. Curnow
21501010/$65.00 A Hymn for Band Pictures at an 1985 (Hal Leonard) 
Hugh M. Stuart Exhibition 24122010/$60.00
Benediction 1985 (MusicWorks) Moussorgsky/arr. Curnow
John Stevens 35009936/$55.00 1985 (Hal Leonard)
2010 (MusicWorks) 24116020/$60.00
04002949/$55.00 Kentucky 1800
Clare Grundman The Pines of Rome
Blue and Green Music 1955 (Boosey & Hawkes) (Finale)
Samuel R. Hazo 48006253/$90.00 Ottorino Respighi/
2011 (MusicWorks) arr. James Curnow
04003045/$75.00 Lament and
1996 (MusicWorks)
Tribal Dances
Music from 04001566/$65.00
Michael Sweeney
Carmina Burana 2001 (MusicWorks)  Procession of the
Carl Orff/arr. Jay Bocook 04001926/$65.00 Nobles
2007 (MusicWorks) Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov/
04002545/$60.00 Legends in the Mist arr. Jay Bocook
Michael Sweeney 1992 (MusicWorks)
Celtic Ritual 1997 (MusicWorks)
John Higgins 26423039/$60.00
1997 (MusicWorks) Quad City Stomp
04001702/$60.00 The Liberty Bell Michael Sweeney
John Philip Sousa/ 2008 (MusicWorks)
Chorale from Jupiter arr. Jay Bocook
Gustav Holst/ 04002635/$60.00
2008 (MusicWorks)
arr. James Curnow 04002641/$60.00
1991 (G. Schirmer)
50481490/$55.00 A Little Concert Suite
Alfred Reed
Down a Country Lane 1984 (E.B. Marks)
Aaron Copland/ 00007218/$65.00
arr. Merlin Patterson
1991 (Boosey & Hawkes) The Lord of the Rings
48006929/$60.00 (Symphony No. 1)
Johan de Meij/
Dreams and Fancies arr. Paul Lavender
Timothy Broege 2001 (Amstel)
1988 (Hal Leonard) 04000146/$95.00
March of the
Earthdance Belgian Paratroopers
Michael Sweeney Pierre Leemans/ Visit the Hal Leonard
2010 (MusicWorks) arr. James Swearingen Band & Orchestra page
04002979/$65.00 2007 (MusicWorks) on Facebook!

GRADE 2- 21/2 The Forge of Vulcan
Michael Sweeney
Our Kingsland Spring
Samuel R. Hazo
Celtic Air & Dance
Michael Sweeney
Ancient Voices 1997 (MusicWorks) 2006 (MusicWorks) 2007 (MusicWorks)
Michael Sweeney 04001690/$55.00 04002379/$55.00 04002573/$45.00
1994 (MusicWorks) Highland Legend Pueblo  Celtic Air & Dance No. 2
08724364/$45.00 John Moss (Land of Ancient Peoples) Michael Sweeney
As Winds Dance 1999 (MusicWorks) John Higgins 2008 (MusicWorks)
04001804/$55.00 1991 (MusicWorks) 04002673/$45.00
Samuel R. Hazo
2003 (Boosey & Hawkes) Horkstow Grange
22526011/$50.00 Chorale from Jupiter
48007037/$55.00 (from Lincolnshire Posy) Psalm 42 Gustav Holst/
Percy Grainger/ Samuel R. Hazo arr. Paul Murtha
Aztec Fire 2001 (MusicWorks)
Jay Bocook arr. Michael Sweeney 2004 (Boosey & Hawkes)
2004 (MusicWorks) 2008 (MusicWorks) 48007088/$55.00
04002200/$55.00 04002679/$50.00 Distant Horizons
Salvation is Created Michael Sweeney
Beyond the Seven Hills Into the Clouds! arr. Michael Brown
Richard L. Saucedo 1995 (MusicWorks)
Michael Sweeney 2010 (MusicWorks)
1999 (MusicWorks) 2007 (MusicWorks) 04002989/$50.00
04001798/$55.00 04002577/$55.00 Fires of Mazama
Serengeti Michael Sweeney
Black Forest Overture Kenya Contrasts John Higgins 2005 (MusicWorks)
Michael Sweeney William Himes 1989 (MusicWorks) 04002347/$45.00
1996 (MusicWorks) 1996 (Curnow Music Press) 25519010/$50.00
44000255/$49.00 Forward March!
04001610/$50.00 Shackelford Banks Paul Murtha
Bolero Knights of Destiny Jay Bocook 2000 (MusicWorks)
Maurice Ravel/ Michael Sweeney 2003 (MusicWorks) 04001864/$45.00
arr. Johnnie Vinson 2000 (MusicWorks)  04002114/$55.00 Gateway March
2005 (MusicWorks) 04001846/$50.00
Silverbrook Eric Osterling
50600029/$50.00 Korean Folk Rhapsody 2005 (MusicWorks)
Michael Sweeney
Canticum arr. James Curnow 2007 (MusicWorks) 04002333/$45.00
James Curnow 1989 (MusicWorks) 04002414/$50.00 Imperium
1988 (MusicWorks) 23111010/$50.00 Michael Sweeney
Two British
26503020/$50.00 The Lost Lady Found 1992 (MusicWorks)
Folk Songs
(from Lincolnshire Posy) 08724324/$45.00
Chester Variations Elliot Del Borgo
Elliot Del Borgo Percy Grainger/ 1993 (MusicWorks) Infinity (Concert March)
1995 (Essential Elements) arr. Michael Sweeney 26523046/$55.00 James Curnow
00862116/$45.00 2011 (MusicWorks) 1992 (Essential Elements)
04003067/$55.00 00860902/$40.00
Distant Thunder of
the Sacred Forest
Michael Sweeney
Marching Song
Gustav Holst/ GRADE 1- 1 1/2 A Prehistoric Suite
Paul Jennings
2003 (MusicWorks) arr. John Moss African Sketches 1987 (MusicWorks)
04002106/$50.00 1998 (MusicWorks) James Curnow 24816010/$45.00
04001757/$50.00 1993 (Essential Elements) Rising Star
Down by the 00861706/$45.00
Mars Samuel R. Hazo
Salley Gardens
arr. Michael Sweeney (from The Planets) Atlantis 2006 (MusicWorks)
Gustav Holst/ 04002393/$45.00
2005 (MusicWorks) Anne McGinty
04002337/$50.00 arr. Johnnie Vinson 1986 (MusicWorks) Spirit of the Wolf
2003 (MusicWorks) 04280400/$40.00 Michael Oare
Fanfare for the 04002190/$50.00
Third Planet Aztalan 2010 (MusicWorks)
Richard L. Saucedo Mini Suite Michael Sweeney 04002937/$40.00
2005 (MusicWorks) Morton Gould 2009 (MusicWorks) Ye Banks and Braes
04002316/$55.00 1968 (G. Schirmer) 04002883/$40.00 O’ Bonnie Doon
50457050/$60.00 arr. Michael Sweeney
Flight of Eagles Beethoven’s Ninth
Elliot Del Borgo Music from Carmen arr. Paul Lavender 2006 (MusicWorks)
1994 (MusicWorks) Bizet/arr. Richard 04002426/$45.00
1995 (Essential Elements)
26523048/$55.00 Saucedo 00860516/$35.00 Year of the Dragon
2000 (MusicWorks)  Michael Sweeney
Flight of the Thunderbird 04001858/$50.00 Canon of Peace
Richard L. Saucedo Paul Jennings 2000 (MusicWorks)
2004 (MusicWorks) 04001862/$45.00
1992 (MusicWorks)
04002242/$55.00 26625038/$45.00

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The Musical iPad Orchestra Light
Performing, Creating, Mighty Bright
and Learning Music on Your iPad This light features nine
by Thomas Rudolph and Vincent Leonard energy-efficient LEDs
Quick Pro Guides casting bright white light
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Finya Wulo Joshua
Michael Philip Mossman Victor Feldman/arr. Mark Taylor
Commissioned by the South Carolina Band Composed by pianist Victor Feldman, this jazz
Directors Association, Finya Wulo (Mende – standard has been popular with recording artists
“funeral song”) is written using a distinctive 12/8 ever since Miles Davis famously introduced it
“bembe” feel in a moderate tempo. The scoring back in 1963. Written in an uptempo swing
utilizes a small combo contrasted with passages style and featuring the riff-like melody
for the full ensemble. This is an adventurous and surrounded by full ensemble statements, this
Michael Philip engaging work featuring extended harmonies and well-crafted chart is certain to become a staple
Mossman a unique rhythmic tapestry. Solos are included for in the repertoire for jazz groups.
trumpet and tenor sax. 07012191  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
07012341  �������������������������������������������������������� $60.00
Hard to Handle
Voyage Allen Jones, Alvertis Bell and Otis Redding/
Kenny Barron/arr. John La Barbera arr. John Wasson
John La Barbera’s treatment of Voyage marks the first professional Originally recorded by Otis Redding in 1968, this hard-drving R&B
big band recording of this classic Kenny Barron tune. This chart classic has become a mainstay of pop culture covered by a wide range
really pops right from the start, and is a terrific showcase for trumpet of artists including The Black Crowes, King Floyd, and The Grateful
and tenor sax. There’s plenty of blowing space and a wealth of full Dead. John Wasson’s updated version features the signature horn
ensemble energy. licks, powerful scoring, and solo for tenor sax.
07012351  �������������������������������������������������������� $60.00 07012225  �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00
Recorded by the John La Barbera Big Band on “Caravan”
(Jazz Compass JC1023)
There’s a Boat Dat’s Leavin’ Soon for
New York (from Porgy & Bess)
Roman Notes George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose and
John La Barbera Dorothy Heyward/arr. Mike Tomaro
Featuring a hard groovin’ 12/8 feel, this John La One of the classic songs from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess! Stylistically
Barbera original serves as an alto sax feature that based on the famous collaboration of Miles Davis and Gil Evans, this
also puts the entire band through its paces. The powerful arrangement by Mike Tomaro set in a medium swing style
skilled scoring makes this sound harder than it will show every section of your band at its best. Timeless!
really is, making this a great choice for festival 07012309  �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00
or contest.
John La Barbera 07012353  �������������������������������� $60.00
Recorded by the John La Barbera Big Band on “Caravan”
(Jazz Compass JC1023) (from Despicable Me 2)
Pharrell Williams/arr. Mike Tomaro
Mike Tomaro makes sure that every section
Count Bubba gets into the act in this uplifting arrangement
Gordon Goodwin of the megahit by Pharrell Williams. The
From Gordon Goodwin’s Grammy-nominated “breakdown” section features clapping by the
CD “Big Phat Band - Swingin’ For The band members while the trombones carry the
Fences” comes this monster-of-a-swinger lead. The solo section is open for anybody
designed to feature the entire ensemble. In who happens to be in a happy mood and wants
addition to a wonderful riff-based theme and to show it!
a shout chorus that really pays off, the chart 07012313  �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00
includes feature spots for each section (saxes,
trumpets, trombones) without rhythm section.
07010766  �������������������������������������������������������� $60.00 Uchibeng Wow-wow
Michael Philip Mossman
From the deep and sometimes mysterious mind of composer Michael
A Night in Tunisia Philip Mossman, here’s a captivating cha-cha with attitude. Michael
John “Dizzy” Gillespie and Frank Paparelli/ skillfully mixes full band scoring with section features and quick
arr. Michael Philip Mossman trade-off riffs. Also included are solos for tenor and trumpet, and
Written for and recorded by Mario Bauza, Michael Philip Mossman some unexpected band vocals.
adds his own unique flare to this Dizzy Gillespie Latin jazz classic. 07012229  �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00
Featured soloists include trumpet (of course), as well as trombone and
alto. A great showcase for the entire ensemble!
07011069  �������������������������������������������������������� $60.00

Love Matters the Most Tutu
(Tenor Sax Feature) Marcus Miller/arr. Michael Philip Mossman
Mark Taylor In 1987 Miles Davis took home the Grammy award for best jazz
Here is a wonderfully sensitive jazz ballad that instrumental soloist for his performance on this composition by
features a tenor sax soloist throughout. Mark Marcus Miller. From the album by the same name, Tutu is creatively
uses woodwind doubles (optional) and lush arranged here for full big band by Michael Philip Mossman in a sultry
harmonies with muted brass textures in creating hip-hop fusion style similar to the original. Featuring distinctive
this stunningly beautiful work. modal style harmonies, a few twists and turns, and solos for trumpet
Mark Taylor 07012323  �������������������������������� $50.00 (naturally) and alto sax, this is sure to be a standout selection for any
Recorded by the Bias Big Band at Bias Studios, Springfield, VA – 07012343  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00
Bob Dawson, engineer

Struttin’ with Some

Here Comes the Sun
George Harrison/arr. Mike Tomaro
Lillian Hardin Armstrong and
This is probably George Harrison’s most
Don Raye/arr. Mike Tomaro
famous contribution to the illustrious catalog
of recordings by The Beatles! Mike Tomaro Every aspiring jazz musician needs to be aware
maintains the general flavor of the distinctive of Louis Armstrong and how he influenced
original and takes the opportunity to dress it up American jazz styles. Here is a solid, swinging
a bit for jazz ensemble. A classy new shine on arrangement for the entire ensemble on one of
a familiar gem! the tunes he is most identified with.
07012307  ���������������������������� $50.00 07011690  ���������������������������� $55.00

We Can Work It Out September

John Lennon and Paul McCartney/arr. John Wasson Maurice White and Al McKay/arr. Mark Taylor
Reminiscent of the sassy and funky version recorded by Chaka Kahn, Here’s the classic funk tune from Earth, Wind & Fire in a terrific
here is a hot re-working of the classic Beatles hit. Featuring creative arrangement for big band by Mark Taylor. This one includes all your
harmonies and sizzling horn riffs, this is sure to add a spark of energy favorite signature horn riffs as well as a solo for tenor sax.
to any program. 07011231  �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00
07012227  �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00

Isn’t She Lovely

Stevie Wonder/arr. Mike Tomaro
Recorded by Stevie Wonder in 1976 on his
acclaimed album Songs in the Key of Life, this PROFESSIONAL EDITIONS VOCAL SOLO
beautiful song is a good example of combining
elements of jazz with pop. Keeping the same I Just Called to Say I Love
easy-flowing shuffle groove of the original, You (Key: B-flat)
Mike Tomaro adapts this very nicely for the Stevie Wonder/
Mike Tomaro contemporary full jazz ensemble. arr. Michael Philip Mossman
07012355  �������������������������������� $55.00 Originally recorded in 1984 by Stevie Wonder,
here is a smooth version in a cha-cha style that
Three Hip Mice provides a very appealing setting for vocalist.
Steve Allee Michael uses some harmonic twists and turns,
Ingeniously composed using just the 3-note motif from the nursery interesting and creative background figures,
rhyme Three Blind Mice, jazz keyboard master Steve Allee brings and includes solo space for trumpet.
us this impressive and unique fusion-style piece for mature groups. 07012223  �������������������������������������������������������� $60.00
Weaving the melody from section to section over the top of a
continuously churning rhythm section foundation, this chart is a
great way to spice up your festival repertoire. Solos are handed out
to alto sax and trumpet, but the chart can be opened up or adapted to
accommodate any soloist. Dynamic and fresh!
07012345  �������������������������������������������������������� $55.00

GRADE 3-4 Here, There and Everywhere
John Lennon and Paul McCartney/arr. Mark Taylor
VOCAL SOLO WITH JAZZ ENSEMBLE Mark Taylor has crafted a unique version of this familiar hit originally
recorded by The Beatles. After a gentle ballad-like intro, the style
I Thought About You (Key: B-flat) shifts to jazz waltz featuring a tenor sax soloist. Along the way there
Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Mercer/arr. Mark Taylor are sophisticated rhythmic stylings and a terrific shout chorus for the
This tuneful ballad from 1939 has remained popular through the years entire ensemble.
and is a particular favorite among jazz musicians. Beautifully set for 07012301  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
vocalist and jazz ensemble in a medium swing style, Mark Taylor
places just the right background lines in just the right places. Day by Day
07012325  �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00
Sammy Cahn, Axel Stordahl and Paul Weston/
arr. Mark Taylor
The Look of Love (Key: Cmi) Arranged here in a brisk uptempo swing style, much of the first chorus
Burt Bacharach and Hal David/ is unison for all the horns. After a solo section featuring alto sax then
arr. Mark Taylor trumpet, a brief drum break sets up a high-energy final chorus for the
This well-known Latin classic has been entire ensemble.
recorded by many jazz artists and lends 07011555  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
itself to an easy relaxed feel. Written in a
very comfortable range for vocalists, this Out of Nowhere
exceptional chart by Mark Taylor will be a joy
Johnny Green and Edward Heyman/arr. Rick Stitzel
to perform.
07500107  ���������������������������� $50.00
In this medium swing setting for little big band, Rick Stitzel divides
the ensemble between upper and lower voices as they trade phrases
back and forth. This helps create the effect of a much larger ensemble
Christmas Time Is Here (Key: C) and adds variety throughout. Also included are solos for trumpet and
Vince Guaraldi and Lee Mendelson/ tenor sax.
arr. Roger Holmes 07012285  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
The touching and beautiful ballad from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”
makes a wonderful addition to your holiday concert featuring a vocal
soloist. Moment’s Notice
07500089  �������������������������������������������������������� $50.00 John Coltrane/arr. Mark Taylor
This arrangement of the John Coltrane standard
features plenty of tutti ensemble playing within
LITTLE BIG BAND SERIES the little big band format. A solo for tenor sax
• Scored for 6 horns (3 saxes, 2 trumpets, trombone) is followed by a swingin’ shout chorus for the
plus rhythm section entire ensemble.
07012305  ���������������������������� $45.00
• Includes additional optional parts for alto, tenor
and trombone
 erfect for smaller programs, or additional ensemble
Lazy Bird
John Coltrane/arr. Mike Tomaro
Yardbird Suite Similar to the style of the original recording by John Coltrane, Mike
Charlie Parker/arr. Mark Taylor Tomaro’s chart for six horns is a smooth-sounding uptempo swing
Arranged for six horns, this accessible chart chart. Great scoring in the little big band format.
on Charlie Parker’s swing classic features a 07012357  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
trio of alto, trumpet and guitar to start things
off, followed later by great-sounding scoring
for the entire group. Includes solos for trumpet
and alto sax.
07012299  ���������������������������� $45.00

In a Mellow Tone
Duke Ellington/arr. Rick Stitzel
Nobody could swing like the Duke! Here is his medium swing
standard In a Mellow Tone skillfully arranged for the six-horn format
that also includes solos for trumpet and alto sax. The shout chorus is
written with striking dynamic contrasts for added effectiveness. Visit the Hal Leonard
07012283  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00 Band & Orchestra page
on Facebook!

GRADE 3 Skyliner
Charlie Barnet/arr. Mark Taylor
At the peak of the big band era, saxophonist, composer and
JAZZ CLASSICS bandleader Charlie Barnet recorded his famous version of Cherokee
FOR THE YOUNG ENSEMBLE followed shortly by this second big hit. Treated here in a samba style,
Skyliner features the saxes playing the smooth melody accompanied
Don’t Get Around Much by a unison brass counterline. There is solo space for tenor sax and
Anymore trumpet, followed by a sax soli and shout chorus for the full ensemble.
Duke Ellington and Bob Russell/ 07012297  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
arr. Mark Taylor
One of the trademark tunes from the Duke Moanin’
Ellington library, this familiar jazz classic is
Bobby Timmons/arr. Mark Taylor
solidly scored for young players in this terrific
arrangement by Mark Taylor. When it comes Mark has arranged this well-known jazz tune by Bobby Timmons as
to playable charts in a medium swing style, this a piano feature at the beginning. The saxes take it after the piano and
one can’t be beat! there is a solo section with sample written solos for piano, tenor sax
07012195  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
and/or trumpet. This medium tempo swing chart also features a nice
ensemble chorus before returning to the head.
07010626  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach/
arr. Michael Philip Mossman
Pennsylvania 6-5000
Jerry Gray and Carl Sigman/arr. John Berry
Using a relaxed “bolero” style, Michael Mossman’s inventive and
sophisticated setting of this familiar standard is a refreshing addition to Here’s a perfect touch of swing era nostalgia with this signature tune
any program. You’ll find cascading ensemble figures, interweaving sax from the Glenn Miller Orchestra. All the elements from the original
fills, and solos for alto and trumpet in this skillfully written arrangement. are here including the famous sax melody, trumpet and alto solos and,
07012193  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
of course, full band vocals. This version makes it playable even by
younger bands.
07011305  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
The Theme
Miles Davis/arr. Paul Murtha
Miles Davis often used this signature riff tune to
close his concert sets. Using background figures YOUNG JAZZ ENSEMBLE
and other elements from the original recordings, Treasure
Paul Murtha has skillfully assembled a full-blown
arr. Paul Murtha
chart for young jazz ensembles. The opening section
trades the theme between trumpet and tenor sax, and Written in a medium-tempo funk style, this hit
Paul Murtha eventually the entire ensemble gets into the act. recorded by Bruno Mars continues his trend of
07012245  �������������������������������� $45.00 catchy tunes with an old school R&B sound.
Beautifully adapted by Paul Murtha in this
version for young jazz groups.
My Little Suede Shoes 07012231  ���������������������������� $45.00
Charlie Parker/arr. Mark Taylor
This appealing and lighthearted tune by Charlie Parker is treated here
in a medium-tempo samba style. A small group comprised of alto,
tenor, trumpet, trombone and guitar takes the lead for the first chorus. Day Tripper
After a solo section for alto sax and trumpet, the entire ensemble
John Lennon and Paul McCartney/arr. John Wasson
jumps in for a chorus while trading phrases with the drums. A very
effective and unique offering for young bands. Featuring one of the most recognizable bass riffs recorded by the
07012295  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00 Beatles, John Wasson brings us a fresh and creative setting for young
jazz groups. With a hint of Latin style and smooth harmonies, this is
sure to be an attractive addition to any program.
Summertime (from Porgy & Bess) 07012235  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
George Gershwin/arr. Michael Sweeney
Set in a distinctive medium swing/shuffle groove, Michael’s version Nothing from Nothing
for young ensembles presents a contemporary styling of this classic
Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher/
song from Porgy and Bess. Mixing a variety of ensemble textures, a
arr. John Wasson
stop time solo section, and briefly slipping into a new key during the
final chorus, this is sure to be a standout for festival or casual concert Recorded by Billy Preston in 1974, this became a
use. Solos are included for tenor sax and trumpet. #1 hit on the charts, and in 1975 became the first
07012311  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00 musical number ever performed on the TV show
Saturday Night Live! Here is a funky version for
young players that carefully maintains the feel and
John Wasson style of the original.

07012337  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00

(GRADE 3 – YOUNG JAZZ ENSEMBLE, continued) Applause
arr. John Berry
Blurred Lines Characterized by a rhythmic and syncopated pulse throughout, Lady
Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke/arr. Paul Murtha Gaga hits the magic button yet again with this catchy pop hit. Here’s
a solid chart that your players and audience alike are sure to enjoy.
Robin Thicke’s mega hit really lit up the airwaves and took the
07012241  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00
country by storm. This chart for young players features the infectious
dance groove and familiar riffs from the original, solidly scored for
the entire ensemble. Baby, Won’t You Please
07012233  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00 Come Home
Charles Warfield and Clarence
All I Want for Christmas Is You Williams/arr. John Berry
Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff/arr. John Berry Originally a blues tunes from 1919, this familiar
Originally recorded by Mariah Carey in 1994, this upbeat tune has song has become a frequently recorded jazz
become a holiday favorite year after year. John Berry brings us a standard. John Berry’s updated version features
great-sounding version in a straight ahead medium swing style with a comfortable medium swing tempo, a soli for
John Berry the sax section, and solid tutti scoring for the full
the melody traded around from section to section. No solos are
required. band. Great for teaching your young ensemble to swing.
07012339  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00 07012201  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00

Christmas Island Fever

Lyle Moraine/arr. Paul Murtha John Davenport and Eddie Cooley/arr. Paul Murtha
Composed in the ‘40s and originally recorded by the Andrew Sisters, Recorded by Peggy Lee in 1958, this sultry swing tune went on to
Christmas Island has been recorded countless times since then, become her signature song and has remained a popular standard.
notably by Ella Fitzgerald and also by Leon Redbone (used in the Paul’s version for young players definitely retains the “cool” factor
movie Elf). Paul Murtha’s version is set in a medium swing style with with finger snaps, sax melody and brass punches. Brief solos are
great-sounding voicings for young ensembles. included for alto sax and trumpet.
07012327  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00 07012257  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00

Blues Idol
Steve Allee

GRADE 2 Jazzers deserve their chance to be in the spotlight like anyone else,
and here’s a perfect vehicle for your aspiring young stars. This bluesy
swing chart features the saxes on the melody with commentary
EASY JAZZ ENSEMBLE from the brass section. The blues progression makes soloing easy
for anyone who gets the urge, and the tutti shout chorus closes this
New titles all include optional parts for Flute, Clarinet, appealing number out in style.
F Horn and Tuba 07012347  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00
Written for full band, playable with 4 Saxes, 3 Tpts.,
3 Tbns., Rhythm Section Happy (from Despicable Me 2)
•  Full length recordings available for each arrangement Pharrell Williams/arr. John Berry
Here’s an easy, yet great-sounding arrangement of the hit song by
Brazil Pharrell Williams that just never seems to get old! The melody is
S.K. Russell and Ary Barroso/ skillfully bounced from section to section, and there are no solos
arr. Rick Stitzel required.
In the skilled hands of Rick Stitzel, here is a 07012287  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00
classy yet easy version of this familiar samba.
Every section gets a chance to play the melody You Made Me Love You
at some point, plus there is a solo section for (I Didn’t Want to Do It)
any sax or flute.
Joe McCarthy and James V. Monaco/arr. Mark Taylor
07012197  ���������������������������� $40.00
This tremendously popular song was recorded early on by Al Jolson
in 1913 and was later a hit for Judy Garland in 1937. Mark’s smooth
chart is set in a medium Basie swing style with lots of tutti ensemble
Caldonia playing. Great for teaching swing style, this easy chart also includes
(What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?) solos for trumpet and tenor sax.
Fleecie Moore/arr. Rick Stitzel 07012289  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00
Made famous by Woody Herman’s Thundering Herd, here is a fun
chart from the early swing era. Saxes do most of the heavy lifting
supported by punches and backgrounds in the brass. Also featured is
a short solo for any tenor or baritone sax.
07012199  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00

Let It Go (from Frozen)
Kristen Anderson-Lopez and GRADE 1 1/2
Robert Lopez/arr. Rick Stitzel
From the movie that has captured everyone’s
imagination, here is the hit song Let It Go • 
Written for full band, playable with 3 Saxes, 2 Tpts.,
skillfully arranged for young jazz groups. 1 Tbn., Rhythm Section
Trumpets take the melody first, following by • Each arrangement includes optional parts for Flute,
the trombones accompanied by the saxes. Sure Clarinet, F Horn and Tuba
to sound great with limited rehearsal time, this
arrangement also requires no soloists. • Full length recordings available for each arrangement
07012291  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00
Blues in Hoss’ Flat
William “Count” Basie and
All My Loving Frank Foster/arr. Rick Stitzel
John Lennon and Paul McCartney/ Here’s a great way to introduce the music of
arr. Rick Stitzel Count Basie to your younger players. Carefully
One of the classic early hits by the Beatles, this scored for beginning groups, this medium
catchy tune features an immediately recognizable swing chart trades the melody between the
melody and a driving swing/shuffle style. Included trumpets and saxes, includes a solo or soli for
in this version for young players is the famous trumpet, and a brief shout chorus using tutti
guitar break adapted for sax solo or soli. rhythms for the entire band.
Rick Stitzel 07012303  �������������������������������� $40.00 07012243  �������������������������������������������������������� $35.00

Superstition I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Stevie Wonder/arr. Paul Murtha Kim Gannon and Walter Kent/arr. Rick Stitzel
Stevie Wonder helped to bring funk to mainstream pop music in the Need something that goes together quickly for that holiday concert
‘70s, and this is one of his most recognizable hits. Paul Murtha’s that still sounds great? Rick Stitzel’s easy Latin-style arrangement
arrangement is easy to learn yet maintains the authentic groove of of this Christmas classic has plenty of tutti playing for the ensemble
the original. along with rich harmonies and a nice groove. Also included is a short
07011504  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00 solo for alto sax.
07012331  �������������������������������������������������������� $35.00
April in Paris
Vernon Duke and E.Y. Harburg/arr. Rick Stitzel Boom Boom
Made famous by the Count Basie Orchestra, here is a great-sounding, John Lee Hooker/arr. John Berry
yet playable version of this standard for developing bands. Including Recorded by American blues singer John Lee Hooker in 1961,
feature spots for every section and optional solos for trumpet and this remains one of his most identifiable and enduring songs. John
trombone, Rick does a nice job of maintaining an authentic sound Berry’s bluesy swing version for young players includes the signature
even in this easy version. question and answer format along with a solo for any sax, then any
07011596  �������������������������������������������������������� $40.00 trumpet, plus a short feature spot for the trombones.
07012293  �������������������������������������������������������� $35.00

Sonny Rollins/arr. Michael Sweeney
Arranged in a medium swing/shuffle style, here
is a very easy version of this jazz standard by
Sonny Rollins that maintains the style and feel of
the original. Featuring a mix of tutti playing and
also call and response scoring, this is a great way
to introduce a jazz legend to your young players.
Michael Sweeney There is a written or ad lib solo for any trumpet or
alto sax, and the shout chorus features a dialogue
between the ensemble and drums.
07012333  �������������������������������������������������������� $35.00

Rick Stitzel
Using only a limited number of different rhythmic patterns along
with modest brass ranges, here is a clever original in a “tango” style
playable by young groups. There is plenty of tutti ensemble scoring,
and no solos are required.
07012349  �������������������������������������������������������� $35.00

(GRADE 1 1/2 – DISCOVERY JAZZ, continued) GRADE 3
Twist and Shout
Bert Russell and Phil Medley/arr. Paul Murtha • Scored for 3 Horns with flexible instrumentation, plus
Recorded by the Beatles in 1963, and years later featured prominently Rhythm Section
in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, this catchy rock favorite never •  Each Pak includes 4 complete arrangements
grows old. This arrangement gives every section of the band a chance •  Full length recordings available for each arrangement
to play the melody at some point, and no solos are required. Easy to
learn, this is sure to be a favorite with students and parents alike.
07012335  �������������������������������������������������������� $35.00 Jazz Combo Pak #38
(Charlie Parker)
Oye Como Va arr. Mark Taylor
Tito Puente/arr. Paul Murtha Includes: My Little Suede Shoes, Now’s the
This arrangement of Tito Puente’s Latin/Rock classic (made famous Time, Ornithology, Scrapple from the Apple
by Santana) is an absolute must for beginning groups! The simple 07012259  ���������������������������� $45.00
chord structure makes this one a natural for players just learning to
07470635  �������������������������������������������������������� $35.00

Green Onions Jazz Combo Pak #39 (Tin Pan Alley)

arr. Paul Murtha
arr. Mark Taylor
Few purely instrumental tunes ever reach the level of popularity
Includes: The Darktown Strutters’ Ball; Toot, Toot, Tootsie!; While
achieved by this familiar ‘60s hit by Booker T. and the MG’s. Often
Strolling Through the Park One Day; You Made Me Love You
used in TV and film, this infectious tune has a bluesy groove that’s
07012261  �������������������������������������������������������� $45.00
unmistakable and still hip after all these years.
07470717  �������������������������������������������������������� $35.00


All solo sections include sample written solos and chords
• Written for full band, playable with 3 Saxes, 2 Tpts., • All rhythm section parts completely written out
1 Tbn., Rhythm • Scored for 4 Horns with flexible instrumentation options
• Each arrangement includes optional parts for Flute, Part 1 - Trumpet or Alto Sax
Clarinet, F Horn and Tuba Part 2 - Alto Sax or Trumpet
• Each arrangement is a self-contained teaching unit with Part 3 - Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, or Trombone
exercises for Melody, Rhythm, and Improvisation
Part 4 - Trombone or Tenor Sax
• Full length recordings available for each arrangement

Bubbert Goes Retro Bésame Mucho

Mike Steinel (Kiss Me Much)
This latest installment in the continuing adventures Consuelo Velazquez and Sunny Skyla/
of Bubbert is a blues in a ‘60s “boogaloo style.” arr. John Berry
It’s loaded with blues scale material that can be This Latin favorite arranged for easy combo
extremely helpful for beginning and developing features solid tutti scoring for young players.
soloists. In addition there are brief solos written into all
07011055��������������������������������� $35.00 four parts.
Mike Steinel 07012203  ���������������������������� $25.00

Perfidia So What
Alberto Dominguez/ Miles Davis/arr. John Berry
arr. Michael Sweeney In this easy combo version of the Miles Davis modal classic, the
This medium slow standard provides a nice melody can be performed as a feature for the bass player, or you can
introduction to Latin style for young players. use the cues provided in parts 3 and 4 as well as the piano.
Solo sections are based on easy scales and the 07012205  �������������������������������������������������������� $25.00
rhythm section groove is completely written
07011165  ���������������������������� $35.00



By Mike Steinel

Essential Elements The Best of Essential Elements

Jazz Play-Alongs for Jazz Ensemble
by Michael Sweeney and Paul Murtha by Michael Sweeney and Mike Steinel
Sample solos by Mike Steinel From Hal Leonard’s acclaimed Essential
Essential Elements At last, a jazz play-along series for developing Elements series for Jazz Ensemble, here is
For Jazz Ensemble players! Used alone or as a supplement an economical collection of 15 complete
Specifically designed to teach jazz basics to to Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble, arrangements in a variety of styles. Each
students with 1 or 2 years playing experience, these collections are great for introducing arrangement includes exercises for melody,
but with no prior experience playing jazz. Great improvisation. Utilizing some of the best- rhythm and improvisation. A valuable teaching
for individual or classroom use. Teaches the known jazz standards, features of this series tool in addition to filling your programming
basics of swing style in a step-by-step approach include: needs! Includes: All of Me, Ballad for a Blue
using well-known songs. Improvi­ sation is • Improvisation hints on each tune Horn, Basin Street Blues, Blues for a New
made easy starting with simple 2-measure • Sample solo for each tune Day, Bubbert Goes Retro, Bubbert’s Groove,
phrases. Scales and basic theory are introduced • Scale/chord correlation chart Ja-Da, Mister Cool, On Broadway, Perfidia,
in a simple and easy to understand approach. 2 • Articulation guide Satin Doll, So What, Song for San Miguel,
CDs are included with professional recordings • Rhythm Section book with bass lines, piano Sunday Afternoon and Take the “A” Train.
of all exercises and arrangements. Other voicings, and drum patterns
features: 7 full band arrange­ ments, sample 07011461 Conductor���������������������������� $24.99
• Biographical sketches of key jazz composers/ 07011462  Alto Sax 1������������������������������ $6.99
solos, jazz history and people.
00841347 E b Alto Saxophone��������������� $12.99
artists 07011463  Alto Sax 2������������������������������ $6.99
00841348 Bb Tenor Saxophone������������ $12.99
• Professionally recorded play-along tracks
07011464  Tenor Sax 1���������������������������� $6.99
00841349 Eb Baritone Saxophone�������� $12.99
(full recording and rhythm section only)
07011465  Tenor Sax 2���������������������������� $6.99
00841350 Bb Trumpet��������������������������� $12.99 Essential Elements 07011466  Baritone Sax��������������������������� $6.99
00841351 Trombone���������������������������� $12.99 Jazz Play-Along – The Blues 07011467  Trumpet 1������������������������������ $6.99
00841352 Guitar����������������������������������� $15.99 Includes: St. Louis Blues, Tenor Madness, 07011468  Trumpet 2������������������������������ $6.99
Blue Monk, Blues in Hoss Flat, Cold Duck 07011469  Trumpet 3������������������������������ $6.99
00841353 Piano������������������������������������ $15.99
Time, Straight No Chaser, All Blues, Blues in 07011470  Trombone 1��������������������������� $6.99
00841354 Bass�������������������������������������� $15.99 the Closet, Bags’ Groove and Blue ‘n’ Boogie.
00842360 Bb, E b and C Instruments������ $14.95
00841355 Drums���������������������������������� $15.99 07011471  Trombone 2��������������������������� $6.99
00841356  C Treble/Vibes��������������������� $12.99 07011472  Trombone 3��������������������������� $5.95
00842361  Flute, F Horn and Tuba�������� $14.95 07011473 Guitar������������������������������������� $6.99
00841357 Conductor���������������������������� $29.99 00842362  Rhythm Section�������������������� $14.95 07011474 Piano������������������������������������ $11.99
Also Available: Essential Elements Jazz 07011475 Bass���������������������������������������� $5.95
00841620 Flute������������������������������������� $12.99 Play-Along – Jazz Standards 07011476 Drums������������������������������������ $6.99
00841621 Clarinet�������������������������������� $12.99 Includes: Now’s the Time, Killer Joe, Blue 07011477  C Treble/Vibes����������������������� $6.99
00841622  French Horn������������������������� $12.99 Bossa, C-Jam Blues, Footprints, Song for My 07011478 Flute��������������������������������������� $6.99
00841623 Tuba������������������������������������� $12.99 Father, Autumn Leaves, Freddie Freeloader, 07011479 Clarinet���������������������������������� $6.99
St. Thomas and Blue Train.
00841987 Bb, E b and C Instruments������ $14.99
07011480  F Horn������������������������������������ $5.95
07011481 Tuba��������������������������������������� $5.95
00841988  Flute, F Horn and Tuba�������� $14.99 07011482 CD���������������������������������������� $14.95
00841989  Rhythm Section�������������������� $14.99


CLARINET It’s Too Late SOPRANO SAX You’ve Changed

arr. Mark Taylor arr. Mark Taylor
Let’s Dance 07011660/Grade 3/ Mr. Lucky 07010497/Grade 4/ballad/$45
(Benny Goodman version) arr. Mark Taylor
light cha-cha/$45
07011001/Grade 5/swing/$60 07011792/Grade 4/bossa/$50
I’ve Just Seen Her
Down South Camp
arr. Rick Stitzel BARITONE SAX Early Autumn
07011093/Grade 4/ballad/$45 arr. John Berry
(Benny Goodman version) Moanin’ 07010800/Grade 3/ballad/$45
07011003/Grade 5/swing/$60 If I Should Lose You Charles Mingus/arr. Sy Johnson
arr. Michael Abene 07010238/Grade 5/swing/$60 Easy to Love
ALTO SAX 07010358/Grade 5/ballad/$60 Out Back of the Barn
arr. Sammy Nestico
arr. Mark Taylor 32423025/Grade 3/
America, The Beautiful Lover Man (Oh, Where medium swing/$45
arr. Mike Tomaro Can You Be?) 07011817/Grade 4/swing/$50
07010784/Grade 4/ arr. Sammy Nestico Wave Four Brothers
gospel swing/$50 07010525/Grade 4/ballad/$50 arr. Michael Philip Mossman Jimmy Guiffre
07011519/Grade 4/Latin/$50 07009276/Grade 5/
Autumn in Rome My One and Only Love fast swing/$55
arr. Michael Philip Mossman arr. Mark Taylor
07012007/Grade 4/bolero/$50 34213010/Grade 4/ballad/$50 TENOR SAX Four Brothers
Day By Day arr. Peter Blair
Ballad for a Blue Horn ’Round Midnight arr. John Clayton 30724024/Grade 3/
Mike Steinel arr. Mike Tomaro 07010752/Grade 5/swing/$60 fast swing/$45
07010955/Grade 2/ballad/$40 07010864/Grade 4/ballad/$50
Don’t Know Why Giant Steps
Big Foot Samantha arr. Paul Murtha
arr. Mark Taylor
arr. Mark Taylor Sammy Nestico 07500103/Grade 3/ballad/$50
07011547/Grade 5/swing/$60
07010022/Grade 4/funk/$45 32319010/Grade 4/ballad/$50
Georgia on My Mind
Softly as in a Morning Harlem Nocturne
Come Sunday arr. John Clayton
arr. Rick Stitzel
arr. Mike Tomaro Sunrise 07011005/Grade 5/swing/$60
07011600/Grade 2/
50485556/Grade 4/ballad/$45 arr. Mark Taylor The Girl from Ipanema slow swing/$40
07012069/Grade 4/samba/$50 arr. Mark Taylor
Dusk to Dawn
Mark Taylor Stormy Weather 07010915/Grade 3/Latin/$45 I Remember You
arr. Mark Taylor
07011921/Grade 4/funk/$50.00 (Keeps Rainin’ All the Time) Here, There and Everywhere 07010822/Grade 4/
arr. Mark Taylor arr. Mark Taylor
Georgia on My Mind 07010989/Grade 3/jazz waltz/$40 medium swing/$50
arr. Sammy Nestico
07011233/Grade 4/
32607010/Grade 5/ballad/$60 slow swing/$50 I Concentrate on You Night Train
arr. Mark Taylor arr. Peter Blair
Georgia on My Mind Stranger on the Shore 07470524/Grade 1½/swing/$35
arr. Peter Blair 07011249/Grade 3/bossa/$45
arr. Dave Barduhn
07010565/Grade 2/ballad/$40 Love Matters the Most
30307010/Grade 4/slow blues/$50
Mark Taylor
Harlem Nocturne That Sunday That
07012323/Grade 4/ballad/$50 A Mis Abuelos
Earle Hagen Summer arr. Michael Philip Mossman
33308010/Grade 4/ arr. Mark Taylor In a Sentimental Mood
arr. Mike Tomaro 07010999/Grade 5/Latin/$60
slow swing/$50 07012011/Grade 4/ballad/$50
07010372/Grade 4/ballad/$50 Ballad for a Blue Horn
Here’s That Rainy Day The Nearness of You Mike Steinel
arr. Dave Barduhn arr. Mark Taylor 07010955/Grade 2/ballad/$40
30708010/Grade 3/ballad/$45 07010820/Grade 4/slow Latin/$50 Blue In Green
Tenor Madness (2 Tenors) arr. Les Hooper
arr. Mark Taylor 07011243/Grade 4/light rock/$50
07010558/Grade 4/swing/$50


Boogie Woogie Nicole Hour of Darkness (Section) It Might As Well Be Spring

Bugle Boy (Section) Sammy Nestico Michael Philip Mossman arr. Mark Taylor
arr. Michael Sweeney 07210676/Grade 4/ballad/$50 07011401/Grade 4/ballad/$50 07010612/Grade 3/
07010222/Grade 2/swing/$40 Portrait of Winnette medium swing/$45
Lament (Section)
Brass Machine (Section) Mark Taylor Johnson/arr. Mike Tomaro Soul Sacrifice
Mark Taylor 07011734/Grade 4/bossa/$50 07010724/Grade 4/ballad/$50 arr. Michael Philip Mossman
34219010/Grade 5/rock/$50 The Rainbow Connection 07011744/Grade 4/Latin/$50
Mood Indigo (Section)
Brass Machine (Section) arr. Mark Taylor
arr. Mark Taylor This Can’t Be Love
Mark Taylor 07011203/Grade 3/jazz waltz/$45 07010052/Grade 5/samba/$50 (Brushes)
07010386/Grade 3/rock/$45 Slightly Out of Tune arr. Mark Taylor
Broadway (Section) arr. Frank Mantooth Never My Love 07010947/Grade 3/
arr. John Berry medium swing/$40
arr. Mark Taylor 07010622/Grade 5/Latin/$60
07011205/Grade 3/
07011119/Grade 3/ Smoke Gets in Your Eyes The Way You Look Tonight
rock ballad/$45
medium swing/$40 arr. Mark Taylor arr. Mike Tomaro
Don’t Know Why 07010318/Grade 3/bossa/$45 Night Train (Section) 07011277/Grade 5/
arr. Paul Murtha arr. Gordon Goodwin up-tempo swing/$60
So in Love
07500103/Grade 3/ballad/$50 arr. Frank Mantooth 07010122/Grade 4/shuffle/$50
Flugel Nights 07010481/Grade 5/Latin/$50 On the Sunny Side of
Mark Taylor the Street (Section) All of Me
Trinita arr. Billy Byers
07011529/Grade 4/Latin/$50 Mark Taylor arr. John Clayton
33301010/Grade 5/
The Fool on the Hill 07011017/Grade 4/bossa/$50 07011586/Grade 5/swing/$60
medium swing/$60
arr. Mark Taylor Undecided One Note Samba (Section)
07011539/Grade 3/Latin/$45 Aunt Hagar’s Blues
(Trumpet or Trombone) arr. Mike Tomaro
arr. Michael Abene
I Can’t Get Started with You arr. Frank Mantooth 07010197/Grade 5/Latin/$60 07010630/Grade 5/
arr. George Stone 07507300/Grade 5/swing/$60
Plunger Mute Syndrome slow blues/$60
07010199/Grade 4/varied/$45 What’ll I Do John Clayton Don’t Get Around Much
I Remember Clifford arr. Mark Taylor 07011584/Grade 5/swing/$60 Anymore
arr. Sammy Nestico 07010897/Grade 3/samba/$40
The Very Thought of You arr. Michael Sweeney
32323028/Grade 4/ballad/$50
arr. George Stone 07470701/Grade 1/swing/$35
I Remember Clifford
TROMBONE 07010608/Grade 4/ballad/$50 Moanin’
arr. Mike Vax Bewitched Timmons/arr. Mark Taylor
30709010/Grade 3/ballad/$45 arr. Mike Tomaro The Way We Were
arr. Mark Taylor  07010626/Grade 3/
07010602/Grade 4/ medium swing/$45
My Foolish Heart medium swing/$45 07012003/Grade 4/Latin/$50
arr. Mark Taylor The Nearness of You
07010826/Grade 3/bossa/$40 Bone Busters (Section) Undecided (Vibes or Piano)
Mark Taylor (Trumpet or Trombone) arr. John Clayton
My Funny Valentine 07010798/Grade 3/ arr. Frank Mantooth
arr. Sammy Nestico 07011445/Grade 5/ballad/$60
medium swing/$45 07507300/Grade 5/swing/$60
07010042/Grade 3/ballad/$45 Young and Foolish
Bone Talk (Section) Won’t You Be My Neighbor? arr. Frank Mantooth
My Romance Mark Taylor arr. Mike Tomaro 07507822/Grade 5/ballad/$60
arr. Mark Taylor 07010929/Grade 4/samba/$50
07011407/Grade 4/swing/$50
34223031/Grade 4/ballad/$50 GUITAR
My Romance Charade DRUMS Enter Sandman
arr. Mark Taylor arr. Roger Holmes
arr. Mark Taylor Indiana (Back Home Again)
07011917/Grade 4/Samba/$50 02500969/Grade 3/rock/$45
07010594/Grade 3/bossa/$45 arr. John Clayton
God Bless’ the Child (Section) 07010846/Grade 5/ Free Bird
arr. Sammy Nestico medium swing/$60 arr. Roger Holmes
32323036/Grade 4/swing ballad/$50 07011339/Grade 3/rock/$45




GRADE 5 GRADE 4 GRADE 4-5 Fever (Ami-Bbmi)

arr. Holmes
All of Me (Original Edition) Afro Blue Alright, Okay, You Win 07500590/$50.00
arr. Byers arr. Mossman arr. Nestico Fly Me to the Moon (Ab)
33301010/$60.00 07010987/$50.00 07210016/$50.00 arr. Nestico
Bags’ Groove Blue Bossa Fly Me to the Moon 32323032/$50.00
arr. Clayton arr. Taylor arr. Nestico Georgia on My Mind (Eb)
07010754/$60.00 07010884/$50.00 07210250/$50.00 arr. Nowak
Count Bubba Boplicity God Bless’ the Child 07500065/$50.00
arr. Tomaro arr. Nestico The Girl from Ipanema (F)
arr. Goodwin
07010770/$50.00 32323036/$50.00
07010766/$60.00 arr. Holmes
Brass Machine I Remember Clifford 07010020/$50.00
In the Mood  Mark Taylor
(Original Edition) 34219010/$50.00
arr. Nestico I’ve Got You Under My Skin (C)
32323028/$50.00 arr. Taylor
Joe Garland Caravan
33309010/$50.00 Samantha 07500021/$50.00
It’s Only a Paper Moon (Eb)
arr. Tomaro
07010146/$50.00 Sammy Nestico
The Jody Grind 32319010/$50.00 arr. Nowak
arr. Clayton Fantasy 07500009/$50.00
07011235/$60.00 arr. Taylor Shiny Stockings
07010195/$50.00 arr. Nestico Misty (C)
Moanin’ (Mingus Big Band) 07011506/$60.00 arr. Nowak
arr. Johnson Four Brothers 07501850/$50.00
07010238/$60.00 Jimmy Giuffre Strike Up the Band
07009276/$55.00 arr. Nestico Orange Colored Sky (G)
A Night in Tunisia 07011065/$60.00 arr. Holmes
arr. Mossman Georgia on My Mind 07500117/$50.00
Sweet Georgia Brown
Respect (Bb)
07011069/$60.00 arr. Barduhn
30307010/$50.00 arr. Nestico
A Nightingale Sang Groove Merchant 07011063/$60.00 arr. Holmes
in Berkeley Square 07500095/$45.00
Richardson/arr. Barduhn Take the “A” Train
arr. Mantooth 30307030/$50.00 arr. Nestico Stormy Weather (F)
34120034/$60.00 arr. Nowak
Harlem Nocturne (Original Ed.) 07210740/$50.00
Theme from Sesame Street Hagen/Rogers 08720641/$50.00
Tribute to the Duke
arr. Lowden 33308010/$50.00 arr. Nestico What a Wonderful World (Eb)
07507045/$60.00 In a Sentimental Mood 07210800/$55.00 arr. Nowak
arr. Tomaro 07500077/$50.00
Sing Sang Sung The Way You Look Tonight
Gordon Goodwin 07010372/$50.00
arr. Nestico
07010674/$60.00 Jump, Jive an’ Wail 32323034/$50.00 YOUNG JAZZ
Sister Sadie arr. Taylor
07010471/$50.00 Wind Machine ENSEMBLE
arr. Abene Sammy Nestico
07010366/$60.00 Manteca 07210970/$60.00
arr. Tomaro
So What 07010261/$50.00
arr. La Barbera VOCAL SOLO Autumn Leaves
Pick Up the Pieces arr. Blair
arr. Taylor WITH JAZZ 07010326/$45.00

Straight No Chaser 07010263/$50.00 Birdland
arr. La Barbera Sidewinder arr. Higgins
07010628/$60.00 arr. Taylor 30702010/$45.00
Swing, Swing, Swing 07010416/$45.00 Blue Skies (Gmi) Brick House
arr. Taylor Spain arr. Holmes arr. Murtha
07010152/$60.00 arr. Jennings 07500029/$50.00 07011025/$45.00
31519020/$50.00 Don’t Get Around Much
Anymore (Ab)
What Is Hip?
arr. Tomaro Superstition
07010150/$60.00 arr. Tomaro arr. Taylor
07011135/$50.00 30325013/$50.00


Cotton Tail So What Caravan Blues Machine

arr. Taylor arr. Taylor arr. Sweeney Michael Sweeney
07010802/$45.00 07010575/$45.00 08050083/$40.00 07474537/$35.00
A Charlie Brown Christmas St. Thomas Chameleon Brazil
arr. Murtha arr. Taylor arr. Sweeney arr. Nowak
07011035/$50.00 07010465/$45.00 00805182/$40.00 07470598/$35.00
Don’t Know Why Straight No Chaser Theme from Family Guy C-Jam Blues
arr. Murtha arr. Taylor arr. Stitzel arr. Stitzel
07500103/$50.00 07010459/$45.00 07011207/$40.00 07470604/$35.00
Doxy Tiger of San Pedro The Girl from Ipanema Don’t Get Around Much
arr. Taylor arr. Lavender arr. Berry Anymore
07010646/$45.00 30720030/$45.00 08050030/$40.00 arr. Sweeney
Four Green Onions 07470701/$35.00
Until I Met You
arr. Taylor (Corner Pocket) arr. Holmes Georgia on My Mind
07010404/$45.00 07010810/$40.00 arr. Sweeney
arr. Taylor
Get It On 07010913/$45.00 Hog-Squealin’, Rip-Snortin’ 07470552/$35.00
arr. Jennings What Is Hip? Belly-Achin’ Blues It Don’t Mean a Thing
30707030/$45.00 Michael Sweeney arr. Sweeney
arr. Murtha
Groovin’ Hard 02500186/$45.00 07010060/$40.00 07470508/$35.00
arr. Barduhn What’d I Say In the Mood Killer Joe
30707020/$45.00 arr. Sweeney arr. Sweeney
arr. Stitzel
In a Mellow Tone 07011201/$45.00 07010016/$40.00 08720665/$35.00
arr. Taylor Zoot Suit Riot It’s Only a Paper Moon Malagueña
07011083/$45.00 arr. Stitzel arr. Sweeney
arr. Murtha
In the Mood 07010414/$45.00 07011261/$40.00 07474514/$35.00
arr. Lavender A Night in Tunisia Milestones
EASY JAZZ arr. Sweeney arr. Murtha
It Don’t Mean a Thing ENSEMBLE 00805500/$40.00
arr. Taylor A Nightingale Sang Mission: Impossible Theme

30724022/$45.00 in Berkeley Square arr. Sweeney
Jump, Jive an’ Wail arr. Holmes 07470540/$35.00
arr. Holmes 07010008/$40.00 Oye Como Va
07010412/$45.00 All Blues Sesame Street Theme arr. Murtha
arr. Sweeney 07470635/$35.00
Mas Que Nada 07010656/$40.00
arr. Murtha
arr. Taylor 07010354/$40.00 St. Thomas
07010316/$45.00 All of Me Sidewinder arr. Sweeney
arr. Holmes 07470647/$35.00
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 07010335/$40.00
arr. Murtha
arr. Jennings 07010660/$40.00 Sentimental Journey
30713050/$45.00 All the Things You Are So What arr. Murtha
arr. Sweeney 07470689/$35.00
Mission: Impossible Theme 08050003/$40.00
arr. Sweeney
arr. Holmes 07010742/$40.00 Spinning Wheel
07010111/$45.00 Birdland 25 or 6 to 4 arr. Sweeney
Moanin’ arr. Sweeney arr. Blair 07474140/$35.00
arr. Taylor 08721581/$40.00 07010175/$40.00 A String of Pearls
07010626/$45.00 Blue Bossa arr. Berry
My Funny Valentine arr. Sweeney
DISCOVERY JAZZ 07474562/$35.00
arr. Nestico Tequila
Night Train
Blue Monk
arr. Sweeney
GRADE 1-2 arr. Sweeney
arr. Higgins Autumn Leaves What A Wonderful World
30914010/$45.00 Blues in Hoss Flat arr. Berry arr. Stitzel
A Song for My Father arr. Taylor 07470608/$35.00 07470606/$35.00
arr. Taylor 07010888/$40.00

Improvisation: Creating a Foundation with the
For use with all B-flat, E-flat, C and BC Not familiar with
instruments, this series is the ultimate the Jazz Play-Along
learning tool for all jazz musicians. series? Get started
The Jazz Play-Along series offers: with the 5 volumes
listed below – the perfect
• musician-friendly lead sheets “starter kit” for educators!
• melody cues and other split-track
choices on the included CD Jazz Improv Basics Jazz Classicswith
00843195 Book/CD Pack������������$19.99 Easy Changes
• hundreds of volumes available 00841690  Book/CD Pack������$16.99
 usic from dozens of legendary
Maiden Voyage/All Blues
jazz artists like Duke Ellington, Miles 00843158 Book/2-CD Pack����$15.99 The II-V-I Progression
00843239 Book/2-CD Pack����$19.99
Davis, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker The Blues
and many more! 00841646 Book/CD Pack������$16.99

Go to halleonard.com to browse through all our Jazz Play-Along editions!


Jazz Band Jazz Bass
Pianist by Ed Friedland
Basic Skills for the This book/CD pack features over 50 examples
covering walking bass, the two feel, 3/4
Jazz Band Pianist
time, Latin, and ballads. It covers soloing,
by Jeremy Siskind performance protocol, and includes seven
A perfect primer for a middle- complete tunes.
school or high-school age pianist 00695084  Book/CD Pack�������� $17.95
interested in joining their local or
school jazz ensemble, this book
consists of step-by-step instruction, Building Walking Bass Lines
review exercises, and practice
by Ed Friedland
pieces, as well as accompanying
audio featuring live jazz musicians. The specific goal of this book is to familiarize
Through clear, unintimidating players with the techniques used to build
instruction and fun pieces composed walking bass lines and to make them aware
by jazz pianist Jeremy Siskind, students learn how to read chord of how the process works. Through recorded
symbols, “comp,” and form chord voicings. rhythm tracks, players will put the new learning
00296925  Book/Online Audio������������������������������ $19.99
directly into action.
00695008  Book/CD Pack�������� $19.99
Jazz Rhythm Guitar Jazz Standards for Drumset
by Jack Grassel by Brian Fullen
This book/CD pack will help rhythm guitarists Fullen teaches the essentials of jazz drumming
better understand: chord symbols and voicings; through the use of twelve classic jazz tunes,
comping styles and patterns; equipment, including Real Book-type lead sheets and play-
accessories and set-up; the fingerboard; chord along tracks. The CD includes 12 classic jazz
theory; and much more. tunes “with drums” for listening and “without
00695654  Book/CD Pack������� $19.95 drums” for play-along.
06620077  Book/CD Pack�������� $19.99

Swing and Big Band Guitar Jazz Drumming

by Charlton Johnson in Big Band & Combo
This book/CD pack includes: sample songs, by Sperie Karas
patterns, progressions and exercises; essential Karas presents an easy-to-grasp way of learning
chord voicings, inversions and substitutions; jazz drumming. All of the important aspects
info on time and groove, reading charts, chord are presented so they may be put into practice
reduction and expansion; and more. with the band immediately! The CD includes
00695147  Book/CD Pack�������� $19.99 examples and play-along pieces, allowing the
student to play alongside professional musicians.
06620088  Book/CD Pack�������� $19.99

From textbooks and software tutorials to software with site licenses, Hal
Leonard is the one source for the tools you need for a successful class.
Book 3: Recording Software & Plug-Ins – Notion™ 5
2nd Edition PreSonus
by Bill Gibson Compose, play back, and
Hal Leonard edit music with ease! Notion
makes it simple to write
Once you’ve learned how to use microphones and mixers (Book 1), and
and edit your musical ideas
to record instruments and vocals (Book 2), discover how to get the most
quickly, then hear them
out of your recording software and plug-ins in Book 3 of the Hal Leonard
played back with superb
Recording Method. In addition to providing valuable insights into the
orchestral samples recorded
functionalities, features, and capabilities of these modern recording tools,
by the London Symphony
it covers the basics of digital recording in a very straightforward and
Orchestra at Abbey Road
focused manner. Also included are informative interviews with several
Studios, as well as guitar
power users who share the ways they put technology to work in their
samples by Neil Zaza, bass samples by Victor
recordings and productions. This provides a valuable balance of practical insights and insider tips
Wooten, and drum samples by Roy “Futureman”
and tricks, making Recording Software & Plug-ins a powerful resource.
Wooten. Compose to picture with Notion’s
This book and DVD use detailed illustrations and screen shots, plus audio and video examples, to
video window. Only Notion allows you to create
give you a comprehensive understanding of recording software and plug-ins.
a score on your Mac or Windows computer and
00333437  Book/DVD-ROM Pack���������������������������������������������������������������� $39.99 transfer it to your iPad, where you can continue to
Go to halleonard.com for more books available in the Hal Leonard Recording Method series! edit and play back your music. Notion plays well
with others: You can share files via MusicXML
and use Notion as a ReWire host or slave. And it
RECORDING PACK PORTABLE RECORDERS comes with PreSonus Native Effects™ Limiter,
Compressor, and Pro EQ plug-ins.
Portable Linear PCM 00137598  ���������������������������� $149.99
Sony Pro Audio Sibelius 7
The PCM-M10 is a 96 Academic Edition
kHz/24-bit capable recorder (for Teachers)
with electret condenser Avid
stereo microphones, 4 GB of The latest generation of
internal flash memory and the world’s best-selling
AudioBox Music a microSD/Memory Stick music notation software,
Creation Suite Micro™ (M2™) Slot for expanded memory. Avid® Sibelius® 7 is
Key features of the PCM-M10 recorder include sophisticated enough to meet the demands of
USB Hardware/ a built-in speaker, cross-memory recording, top composers, arrangers, and publishers, yet
Software Recording Kit digital pitch and key control, digital limiter, simple enough for beginners and students. Work
PreSonus low-cut filter, track mark functions, a 5-second quickly with the brand-new, task-oriented user
AudioBoxSonus Music Creation Suite is a pre-recording buffer and A-B repeat capability. interface. Experience your scores in stunning
complete, integrated music-creation solution The recorder includes a USB high-speed port clarity with the exclusive, professional-quality
that’s ideal for educators, students, and entry- for simple uploading and downloading of native sound library. Collaborate more easily thanks
level home enthusiasts. Includes: .WAV or .MP3 format recorded files to and from to full MusicXML interchange support and
• AudioBox™ USB interface with cable Windows® PC or Macintosh® computers. The other sharing options. And view beautiful, print-
• StudioOne® Artist recording and production M10 offers durable construction and long battery quality scores with advanced typography and
software (DAW) life using conventional AA alkaline batteries. graphics support. Designed by musicians for
• Notion™ notation software for Mac and musicians, Sibelius 7 is the fastest, smartest,
00131343  Glossy Red������������� $399.99
Windows easiest way to write music. You can even take
• PS49 USB 2.0 49-key MIDI keyboard 00131344  Matte Black����������� $399.99 your scores on the go with the Avid Scorch®
• HD3 studio monitoring headphones 00131345 White�������������������� $399.99 app for iPad.
• M7 studio condenser microphone with cable
• Powered, 4-port USB 2.0 hub 00631788 Academic Edition
(for Teachers)��������� $295.95
00127608  ���������������������������� $399.95
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