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Introduction1 Handguns������������������������������������������������������������� 21
Tropes����������������������������������������������������������������������1 SMGs�������������������������������������������������������������������� 23
What you need ������������������������������������������������������ 2 Rifles and Shotguns��������������������������������������������� 23
Inspiration�������������������������������������������������������������� 2 Gadgets and Gizmos 25
Useful References�������������������������������������������������� 2 Vehicles26
Chapter 1: Character Creation Motorcycles���������������������������������������������������������� 26
Concept������������������������������������������������������������������ 4 Cars and Trucks�������������������������������������������������� 27
Archetypes�������������������������������������������������������������� 4 Aircraft������������������������������������������������������������������ 28
Race������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4 Watercraft������������������������������������������������������������� 29
Hindrances������������������������������������������������������������� 4 Chapter 3: Setting Guide
Edges����������������������������������������������������������������������� 4 Setting Rules 32
Training Package��������������������������������������������������� 5 Cinematic Setting Rules������������������������������������� 32
Traits����������������������������������������������������������������������� 5 Gritty Setting Rules��������������������������������������������� 32
Skills������������������������������������������������������������������������ 5 New Setting Rules����������������������������������������������� 32
Archetypes5 What is a Fighting Style?������������������������������������ 32
Training Packages 11 Obsidian International 34
Specialist��������������������������������������������������������������� 12 History������������������������������������������������������������������ 34
New Edges 16 Mission Statement����������������������������������������������� 35
Background Edges���������������������������������������������� 16 Organization�������������������������������������������������������� 35
Leadership Edges������������������������������������������������ 16 Agent specific gear����������������������������������������������� 36
Professional Edges����������������������������������������������� 16 Adversaries37
Chapter 2: Gear Project Phoenix �������������������������������������������������� 37
New Gear Qualities��������������������������������������������� 19 “Baldy”������������������������������������������������������������������� 37
Ammunition20 Veronica Francine Embry���������������������������������� 38
Weapons20 Glossary of Spy Terms 39
Muscle-Powered Weapons��������������������������������� 20
Personal Defense������������������������������������������������� 20

Written By: Thomas Clegg

Cover Design: Allan Wroe

Interior Art:
Adobe Stock: Various images
Public Domain, Creative Commons (CC-By-SA (0.0, 3.0, 4.0)): Weapon and Vehicle images
Freepik.com: nomadsoul1 - freepik.com (Contract Assassin, Female spy in hoodie)

This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at www.peginc.com. Savage
Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission.
Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.
In Trenchcoats and Tuxedos certain terms are
“Espionage is a game. A deadly game to be sure, but it used in various situations or discussions and
is a game, nonetheless. And all games have rules.” - from it might help to understand what the meaning
Crimson Tide, written by Michael Schiffer and Richard behind the term is.
P. Henrick
• Agency (also The Agency): The term used to
Names such as James Bond, Jason Bourne, Napoleon refer to the organization employing the player
Solo, Loraine Broughton, or even a title such as The 355, characters.
bring to mind a genre of storytelling known as the Spy • Agent: The term used to refer to Player Characters.
Thriller. Such characters have for generations made us • Episode: The term used to refer to an individual
wish to either be them or be charmed by them. adventure or mission involving the Agents.
With its roots running back two hundred years, to the • Gizmo: The term used to refer to a special,
publication in 1821 of James Fenimore Cooper’s Spy. usually high-tech disguised item with a hidden
Thanks to numerous movie and television adaptations purpose or ability. Also known as a gadget.
and series, the spy thriller genre covers a large range • Handler: The term used to refer to the Game
of settings or themes. They run the gamut from a gritty, Master.
“more realistic” approach, used in the John Le Carre • Series: The term used to refer to a number of
novels which feature George Smiley, to a glamorous and Episodes put together as a campaign.
more exciting cinematic approach involving gadgets,
high-speed chases, and parties with well-dressed, Threat: the term used when referring to those
attractive protagonist as exemplified by nearly any of individuals working in direct, possibly hostile
the James Bond films or in the recent Kingsmen feature opposition to the players.
For those who want to tell these kinds of stories through
their gaming, Trenchcoats and Tuxedos is here for you.
enemies to prevent exposure, and even allies place little
stock in those who do not respect the covert nature of
TROPES espionage operations.
Spy Thrillers are full of tropes and Tuxedos and
Trenchcoats is no different. Here are some examples to MARTINIS AND STALE BEER
enhance the Spy Thriller feel. Leaning into these should Missions not only take agents to all corners of the globe,
help give your game a feel of a true spy thriller. but they require agents to interact in all manner of social
“Stale Beer” (or “Trenchcoat”) -style missions are a
ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE bit more “realistic” and involve the grittier and darker
Missions do not often happen in Hoboken New Jersey
edges of the espionage genre. This is typified in the
or Ottumwa Iowa. They take place in Monte Carlo, Tokyo,
Bourne novels and the original Bond novels as well.
Lisbon, Berlin, or Seattle. They also do not tend to occur
“Martini” (or “Tuxedo”) -style missions are more
at the neighborhood convenience store or the corner gas
cinematic and involve glamorous parties, fast cars, hot
station. Whenever and wherever possible, the tendency
women, high-risk casino games, cool gadgets, brutal
is for exotic or unusual locales to come into play. Casinos,
fights involving guns and fists and big explosions. This
banks, hotels, and offices on an exceedingly high floor
style is a bit more glamorized and idealistic with clearly
of an office building are often some of the locations in
defined “good guys” and “bad guys” and typically has
these places which make them memorable.
somewhat of an “action movie” feel.


Grudges between spies are inevitable but benefit
This is the most intractable tenet of the operative’s
nobody. Oaths of vengeance and personal vendettas
code. Revealing your enemies’ existence to the
lead to distraction and dereliction of duty. Were this
authorities, media, or other parties certainly restricts
allowed to occur, the espionage world would quickly
and complicates their missions — but it affects yours as
slip into chaos as operatives abandoned their roles to
well. By removing outside influences, the Great Game
fulfill perceived affronts.
of espionage becomes a contest of skill and daring that
Those who violate this precept of the code rarely last
only the boldest and most cunning can survive.
long. They are often preemptively eliminated by their

WHAT YOU NEED Books Roleplaying Games
To fully utilize the material in this setting, you will Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan- Mercenaries, Spies and
need a copy of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core centric books Private Eyes
Rules. While it would be relatively simple to import the The Secret Agent by Night’s Black Agents
included material back into previous versions of Savage Joseph Conrad
Worlds, minor adjustments may be needed due to the Ian Fleming’s James Bond- Ninjas and Superspies
differences between the two rule editions. centric novels
Day of the Jackal by Spycraft, Spycraft 2.0
Fredrick Forsyth
INSPIRATION Anything written by John Top Secret, Top Secret/S.I.
Like its namesake, the Spy Thriller genre has infiltrated
many different forms of media. The variety of titles
listed below can provide some true inspiration for your USEFUL REFERENCES
gaming. To be fair, you may not like some of the titles TERMS & DEFINITIONS OF INTEREST FOR
listed, or you may have some favorites that are not listed. COUNTERINTELLIGENCE PROFESSIONALS (
Whatever That is ok though, and I’d love to hear why https://fas.org/irp/eprint/ci-glossary.pdf )
your choices might differ.
Movies TV Series spyscape.com/article/spy-glossary )
Atomic Blonde 24
The Bourne Identity (and Alias
its sequels)
Dr. No (and the 24 The Americans
subsequent James Bond
Red Sparrow Get Smart
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Jack Ryan

Creating a character for Tuxedos and Trenchcoats is
like creating a character for any other Savage Worlds
setting. However, there are a couple of additional items
to consider which help represent the more experienced
status of even a newly recruited agent. The edges listed as restricted are included
because they involve more mysterious,
CONCEPT mystical or otherwise supernatural abilities.
The hindrances listed are banned are because
Before beginning, each player should have a concept individuals with those hindrances do not tend
in mind of the type of Agent they might want to play. to meet any requirements of becoming field
Even if it is just an idea of what skills the player wants agents.
their characters to have, that is as good of a place as Depending on the GM and the kind of
any to start. game they are wanting to run these edges or
hindrances may not be restricted, and in some
ARCHETYPES cases may even be recommended!abilities as
outlined under Making Races in Savage Worlds.
Sometimes it helps having examples to look at when
developing a character concept. To that end, the following
archetypes are presented. The names of the archetypes
are meant to be descriptive and not specifically refer
to any actual tradecraft terms. The subheading of the
Archetype is meant as an inspirational description, but RESTRICTED HINDRANCES
not necessarily the only possible description of that The following Hindrances are not typically appropriate
archetype. for the Tuxedos and Trenchcoats setting. Agents with one
or more of the hindrances listed would be considered
RACE a very high risk for the security of the Agency and any
mission they may be involved in.
Because Trenchcoats and Tuxedos is set in the “real • Anemic, Blind, Can’t Swim, Elderly, Hard of Hearing,
world”, Human is the only race available for normal Illiterate, Mute, Obese, Yellow, Young.
agents. Should the handler wish for a more fantastical
(or supernatural) game, then any race could be easily
imported into the setting. EDGES
As humans, all characters begin with a Novice edge
of their choice. In the end, what really helps set one agent or Threat
apart is the Edge selection for the individual. While
HINDRANCES two Assassins might both have the same target for
their contracts, one might select edges to give him an
Agents are not perfect. Some drink or smoke too much. advantage in killing the target from a distance, while
Most have had interactions with individuals or other the second one might be more focused on edges which
agencies that have caused hard feelings or pure hostility let him sneak into the target’s home, poison the targets
and made a true enemy of that threat. favorite beverage, and sneak back out without being
Agents can select up to four points of hindrances. As caught even when the target is sitting in his home office
described in Savage Worlds these points can then be working.
spent to increase attributes, skills or acquire edges that
may be needed to flesh out the concept for the Agent. RESTRICTED EDGES
Some of the Edges available to choose from in the core
rules are not suitable for the Tuxedos and Trenchcoats
setting. Below is a list of Edges that will not fit the basic
setting, and it is recommend for not allowing in the

In a more fictional setting, Agents or Threats • Arcane Background, Arcane Resistance, Improved Arcane
may not necessarily be human. In these types Resistance, All Power Edges, Beast Bond, Beast Master,
of settings, the individual may begin with one Champion, Chi, and Giant Killer.
or more positive or negative racial abilities as
outlined under Making Races in Savage Worlds.

With Savage Rifts®, the concept of Iconic Frameworks TRENCHCOATS AND TUXEDOS SKILLS
was introduced to Savage Worlds. Much like Iconic
Frameworks, Training packages represent a part of
*=Core Skill +=New Skill
the Agent’s previous training. This represents the Academics Notice*
Agent’s military service, advanced training, or simply Athletics* Performance
his specialty at his prior job. For each training package, Battle Persuasion*
three skills are added at a d4 for the character. (This
Boating Piloting
effectively takes them up to spending 15 skill points.)
After the addition of those skills, each package provides Common Knowledge* Repair
several additional benefits approximately equal to Deception+ Research
spending four Advances. As a result, at the end of Driving Riding
character creation, the character is Seasoned rank.
Electronics Science
TRAITS Fighting Shooting
Gambling Stealth*
Hacking Survival
ATTRIBUTES Healing Taunt
Agents begin with all attributes at a d4 (one attribute
based on the selected Training Package will be at a d6 Intimidation Thievery
however). No attribute be raised above a d12 unless due Language
to some Edge or ability specifically allowing it. They .
then have 5 points to spend to increase their attributes.

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES in some way, then they may use the Deception skill in
The Pace, Parry and Toughness values for your Agent place of the Persuasion or Performance skill to do so.
are determined as normal per the Savage Worlds rules. This avoids having the Performance skill do double-duty
and allows an agent to, for example, be a consummate
SKILLS con artist while still being terrible in potential acting or
singing roles.
Savage Worlds introduced the concept of Core skills
which every character begins with at a d4 rating. As in
Savage Worlds, these are Athletics, Common Knowledge,
Notice, Persuasion and Stealth. Based on the Training
Package selected by the Agent, the character begins
with three additional skills at a d4 as well. After that, The following archetypes are intended as a way to
the Agent has 12 points to spend to purchase new skills quickly create a character and get into the action. They
and increase their existing die ratings. can also serve as an example of they types of skills or
Because the Trenchcoats and Tuxedos setting is a bit edges that a particular concept may have. These are not
more grounded in the real world than most others, there set in stone, and can be adjusted as desired by the player
are also several skills would be considered inappropriate or GM.
for the average game. However, the Handler has full
authority to add these back in to meet their individual ANALYST
needs. These inappropriate skills are Faith, Focus,
Psionics, Spellcasting and Weird Science. (Weaves bare threads of data into a complete picture)
The proper feel of the setting also requires the addition You have spent your days, and many a late night,
of a new skill. Deception is a separate skill for the filtering through news reports, small articles in local
Trenchcoats and Tuxedos setting due to the underlying magazines, radio broadcasts and social media trying
nature of espionage. to find out what the opposition is up to. Often you
have come across a small nugget of information that
makes you wonder. After more digging another nugget
DECEPTION (SPIRIT) turns up. Others might miss the connection, but you
In the Trenchcoats and Tuxedos setting if the agent is
have a feeling that if goes along with the first nugget.
going to attempt to deceive, bluff or disguise themselves
After a while you have dug up an entire gold mine of
information about the next big plan of your target. If you

are incredibly lucky, this time you will get to climb out gotten you in a serious scrape a time or two, but that
of your cubicle and be able to do some real field work. hasn’t deterred you.

Quote: “Now, I know at first glance, heck, even after a second Quote: “There you are. You know you’ve been quite a chase
or third glance it doesn’t seem the case. But, once you filter for the last year. I know you thought you lost me a few times,
down far enough, it becomes much more apparent.” yet here I am. I told you several times. I always get what I
chase after…”
Training Package: Snoop
Training Package: Investigator
Agility d6 Pace 6 Attributes
Smarts d10 Parry 4 Agility d6 Pace 6
Spirit d8 Toughness 5 Smarts d8 Parry 5
Strength d4 Spirit d6 Toughness 5
Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6 Strength d6
Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6
Academics d4 Language (#1) d6 Skills
Athletics d6 Language (#2) d6 Academics d4 Language (#2) d6
Common Knowledge d8 Language (#3) d6 Athletics d6 Language (#3) d6
Deception d6 Language (#4) d6 Common Knowledge d4 Language (#4) d6
Driving d4 Notice d8 Deception d6 Notice d8+2
Fighting d4 Persuasion d6 Fighting d6 Persuasion d6
Focus d6 Research d10+2 Focus d6 Research d8
Language (Native) d8 Stealth d4 Intimidation d6 Shooting d6
Language (Native) d8 Stealth d4
Hindrances: Bad Eyes (minor ), Curious (major ), Language (#1) d6 Taunt d6
Suspicious (minor)
Edges: Calm and Collected, Scholar, Streetwise, Strong Hindrances: Cautious, Driven (No Target Escapes),
Willed Overcofident
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str), Billy Edges: Alertness, Investigator, It’s The Little Things,
Club/Baton (Range Melee, Damage Str+d4) Streetwise
Gear: Casual Clothing Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str), M26
Taser (Range 1/2/4, Damage 1d4, ROF 1), Police Revolver
BULLDOG (.38) (Range 10/20/40, Damage 2d6, ROF 1)

(Investigator who just will not quit) DEBONAIR SPY

Time and time again, you have taken on jobs that others
have given up on. Your friends and enemies both have (Gathering information with style)
called you a bloodhound or a bulldog because of how Style, that’s what you’ve always gone for. Growing
tenacious you are in pursuit of your goal. Whether that up, while other kids were in clothing their parents got
goal is finding information on a murder that happened off the rack at a discount, your clothing was name brand
fifty years ago, recovering a lost artifact last seen in and the very cutting edge of stylish. Now, as an adult,
the early days of the Third Reich, or chasing down an if it’s not a designer name you pay very little mind to it.
international fugitive for a bit of extra spending money All over the world you have accounts in good standing
because of the reward offered by a government agency with tailors, cobblers, hatters (or milliners) and are on a
you really don’t know when to quit and just let it go. It’s first name basis with jewelers as well. Most of the time
your clothes are custom with just the right amount of

conceal-ability for your personal weapon and one or two and anomalies has helped successfully resolve several
other items. mysteries and bring otherwise unresolvable missions
to a positive conclusion. Some of the software you’ve
Quote: “LeClerk. Phillipa LeClerk. Why don’t we go developed for sound analysis has filtered into other
someplace quiet and discuss your workplace concerns over organizations and, to your delight, the music industry.
dinner?” Now, your attention to the small details has earned you
a place in the field and you’re both excited and terrified
Training Package: Case Worker with the prospects of what it all means.

Attributes Quote: “If you listen closely… hear that noise in the
Agility d6 Pace 6 background, real faint? Electronic feedback. Someone is using
Smarts d8 Parry 2 an old GH-EOS-98 bug. We’re not the only one listening to
Spirit d10 Toughness 5 their every move”
Strength d4
Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6 Training Package: Boomer

Skills Attributes
Academics d4 Language (#4) d6 Agility d8 Pace 6
Athletics d4 Notice d8 Smarts d8 Parry 2
Common Knowledge d6 Performance d6 Spirit d6 Toughness 5
Deception d8 Persuasion d8 Strength d6
Intimidation d4 Research d6 Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6
Language (Native) d8 Shooting d4
Language (#1) d6 Stealth d4 Skills
Language (#2) d6 Taunt d6 Academics d4 Language (#4) d6
Language (#3) d6 Athletics d4 Notice d8
Common Knowledge d8 Persuasion d4
Hindrances: Cautious, Code of Honor, Phobia Electronics d10 Repair d10+2
(Heights) (minor) Language (Native) d8 Science d6
Edges: Attractive, Calculating, Charismatic, Language (#1) d6 Stealth d4
Connections (government agency) Language (#2) d6 Thievery d6
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str) Language (#3) d6

DIGITAL DEMON Hindrances: Cautious, Heroic, Secret (Former agent)

(Electronics Specialist with an ear for small details) Edges: Calm and Collected, Luck, McGyver, Mr. Fix It
Introverted. Studious. Strange. These are just some of Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str)
the adjectives that have been used to describe you since
high school. You can’t help it if you were always more
comfortable dealing with machines and electronics
than with other people. You’ve gotten along pretty well (Deep Cover agent who sometimes can get lost in the role)
though since then. A degree in Electronic Engineering, “Going Grey” is the term used for looking and acting
a minor in music theory, and a fascination with riddles like you belong in a particular place. You have got the
and puzzles have give. You a special place among your look and the act down to the point that sometimes
peers. Your ear for distinguishing different sounds you even forget everything other than who you are
pretending to be. On most days, this is not an issue.
Sometimes though, you might miss sending a report to
your handler or have other, what you might consider
at least, minor issues crop up. When the time comes

to complete your mission however, you can bear down, that’s what kept you living how you did. When you sat
focus and do it the best you can. down and really studied the design of the safe on one
of their business trips, you were hooked. You made it
Quote: “You call me a bad actor? Would a true bad actor your mission to learn all you could about things that
have been able to get so far past your security and find out your open and close.
dirty little secret. Which by the way, is now ready and waiting Nothing your parents did could be associated with you
to be revealed to the world. Shall we discuss my freedom and so you earned your degree in mechanical engineering.
what you can do to prevent the release of the secret?” Setting yourself up as the go-to for designing locks as
well as bypassing difficult security systems for various
Training Package: Face law enforcement agencies (although you have had a
couple of not-so-legal jobs as well).
Agility d6 Pace 6 Quote: “That place is locked up tight with a Bridger Model
Smarts d6 Parry 2 IJ-6903 locking mechanism with the Titanium tumblers. Any
Spirit d10 Toughness 5 other model would take me almost two hours on a good day.
Streng th d6 But the ‘03 does have a weakness that will let me cut that
Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6 time in half.”

Skills Training Package: Burglar
Academics d4 Language (#5) d6
Athletics d4 Language (#6) d4 Attributes
Common Knowledge d6 Notice d8 Agility d8 Pace 6
Deception d10+2 Persuasion d10 Smarts d8 Parry 2
Language (Native) d8 Shooting d4 Spirit d6 Toughness 5
Language (#1) d6 Stealth d4 Strength d6
Language (#2) d6 Survival d4 Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6
Language (#3) d6 Taunt d6
Language (#4) d6 Skills
Athletics d6 Language (#4) d6
Hindrances:, Code of Honor, Quirk (Gets Lost in the Common Knowledge d6 Notice d8
Role), Stubborn Deception d6 Persuasion d6
Edges: Charismatic, Linguist, Natural Actor*, Electronics d8 Science d6
Shakespearean Spirit* Language (Native) d8 Stealth d8
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str) Language (#1) d6 Thievery d10+1
Language (#2) d6 Tradecraft d6
LOCKSMITH Language (#3) d6

(If you need to get in somewhere, they are your key) Hindrances: Mild Mannered, Overconfident,
Growing up, you were dragged from one city to Suspicious (minor)
another because one of your parents “had business to Edges: Luck, Streetwise, Thief
take care of” in that city. Most times, whatever business Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str)
they had would be concluded quickly and you all would
move on. Other times, it was a quick exit in the middle of
the night via back roads or alleys. After a couple of years,
you confronted your parent and learned what you had (Beauty with a left hook)
suspected all along. Your parents were criminals and The child of a diplomat and their bodyguard, you
grew up with one foot in two different worlds. A week
couldn’t go by without you having to either discuss
diplomatic solutions to events in the news, or getting
in the ring with your parent and defending yourself.
as time passed, your ability to deal with people both
verbally or physically as may be required turned into one
opportunity after another. First in the military, and then
in the private sector you made friends and enemies as
you moved up in rank and position. Your first exposure
to the world of espionage came when you were trying
to find out what happened to your parents when they

disappeared you still haven’t discovered that, but you’re expertise on a special mission. Intrigued, you accepted
confident your new employers and teammates will give and helped stage a pair of deaths during a robbery.
you the edge you need to reveal their fate. Now, you officially help with impersonations, staging
locations, and often take a more hands-on approach as
Quote: “Growing up, mama told me that ladies don’t get well (much to your handler’s chagrin).
in fistfights. Papa pulled me aside and said they did but made
sure the first hit dropped their opponent so there was no real Quote: “Now, the latex in this prosthetic I’m applying is
fight in the end.” a formulation of my own. It mimics a texture of human skin
with about a ninety-eight percent match, but I still haven’t
Training Package: Brute gotten it to remain stable beyond sixty-five minutes. So,
whatever role you’re going to play you better do it quickly
Attributes and get out as quick as you can.”
Agility d6 Pace 6
Smarts d6 Parry 6 Training Package: Specialist
Spirit d6 Toughness 7
Strength d8 Attributes
Vigor d8 Wealth Die d6 Agility d6 Pace 6
Smarts d10 Parry 2
Skills Spirit d8 Toughness 5
Athletics d4 Language (#2) d6 Strength d4
Battle d4 Language (#3) d6 Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6
Common Knowledge d6 Notice d6
Deception d6 Persuasion d6+1 Skills
Fighting d8 Research d4 Academics d4 Language (#4) d6
Gambling d4 Shooting d4 Athletics d6 Notice d6
Intimidation d8 Stealth d4 Common Knowledge d6 Performance d8+2
Language (Native) d8 Taunt d6 Deception d6+2 Persuasion d6
Language (#1) d6 Language (Native) d8 Research d8
Language (#1) d6 Science d8+2
Hindrances: Habit (alcohol) (minor), Heroic , Language (#2) d6 Stealth d4
Phobia (Heights) (minor) Language (#3) d6
Edges: Attractive, Brawler, Martial Artist, Provoke
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str+d6, +1 Hindrances: Cautious, Mild Mannered, Pacifist
to Hit) (minor), Thin Skinned (minor)
Edges: Elan, Jack-of-all-Trades, Natural Actor, Scholar
MASQUE (Science)
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str)
(Master of disguise)
Early in your teen years your sibling took you to see
a double feature of the Hunchback of Notre Dame
and Phantom of the Opera featuring Lon Chaney (Agent without a history)
and you were hooked on how a person could change As long as you can remember, you’ve been on your
their appearance so much with what was such simple own. As a child, you ran with a crowd who got into one
methods. You joined a local theater company and bit of trouble after another. By the time you were in your
learned as much as you could about makeup, visual teens you had been moved around from one foster home
effects, and non-CGI special effects. Over the years, your to another, one new parent to another. When you got
reputation grew right along with your skills, and you in trouble on your eighteenth birthday you were given
found yourself working on bigger and bigger projects. a choice of jail as an adult or joining the military. you
You were surprised when someone from an agency you chose to join the military and to your surprise managed
had never heard of approached you looking to use your to excel under the discipline and structure. You had
found your new family and would do anything you
could to protect it.

You found your way into military intelligence and Little did you know that the agency also had a
it seemed like you were born to it. You specialized in repossession service that worked with the banks to
undercover work and intelligence gathering by taking recover forfeited collateral or merchandise. When you
on the appearance of an everyday average citizen of overheard them discussing a difficult auto repossession,
wherever your mission took you. Your handler was you volunteered your skills and managed to recover the
the only one who would know your cover, and more car without a scratch and earned a piece of the recovery
often than not you had the intel and were moving on to fee. Something clicked inside you when you realized
another mission and identity even before your handler you had a way to legally get the same thrill you had
could let his superiors know, leaving your previous one previously found doing illegal things.
behind until it might be needed again. When your time
in the military came to an end you were approached Quote: “You’ve missed too many payments my friend. That
to continue your work for a private corporation who plane is now mine and will be returned to the bank. I’m sure if
would be well able to make use of your skills. you contact them, they might be persuaded to work with you.”

Quote: “You may think you know me or have met me before, Training Package: Driver
but I guarantee you are mistaken.”
Training Package: Soldier Agility d8 Pace 6
Smarts d8 Parry 2
Attributes Spirit d6 Toughness 5
Agility D8 Pace 6 Strength d6
Smarts D6 Parry 5 Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6
Spirit D8 Toughness 6
Strength D6 Skills
Vigor D8 Wealth Die d6 Athletics d4 Language (#3) d6
Common Knowledge d6 Language (#4) d6
Skills Deception d6 Notice d6
Athletics d6 Language (#3) d6 Driving d8 Persuasion d6
Battle d4 Notice d6+2 Electronics d4 Piloting d6
Common Knowledge d6 Performance d6 Hacking d4 Research d4
Deception d6 Persuasion d6 Language (Native) d8 Stealth d6
Fighting d6 Shooting d6 Language (#1) d6 Thievery d8+1
Language (Native) d8 Stealth d8 Language (#2) d6
Language (#1) d6 Survival d6
Language (#2) d6 Hindrances: Curious, Enemy (gang leader) (minor),
Hindrances: Loyal, Stubborn, Yellow Edges: Ace, Level Headed, Tactical Driving,
Edges: Alertness. Danger Sense, Soldier Thief
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str) Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str)


(Thief who specializes in reacquiring high-end vehicles) (Agent with a license to kill and a target in their sights)
As a teen you were an only child and a rebel against Your family has a history of military service going back
everything your parents stood for. That is, until your as far as you can find. When it came your turn, you didn’t
parents got arrested for stealing from their employer. hesitate and signed up to do your duty. You did every
Your world wound up in a tailspin and you began job you were given, even when some of the jobs lead to
running with the wrong crowd and stealing cars. In a bloodshed. For you though, it was just another way to
very short time, you learned a lot about what to look for serve, and you were very good at your job. Time and
in a car and how to get into one without a key. That is, time again you received additional training on various
until you got caught. The bondsman was willing to work ways to eliminate an opponent and you took them to
with you and did some work for him while you waited heart. You have become one of your organization’s
for your time in court. most efficient tools for eliminating problems. Something
Somewhere along the way you became actual friends, though has been causing the hair on the back of your
and they went to bat for you with the judge, helping neck to stand up from time to time like someone was
you get a suspended sentence with a condition of you stalking you the way you’ve stalked so many others. The
working with the bond agency. call for your skillset has been coming less often, so you

can only wonder if perhaps you are the one about to be Quote: “Now the last mission you neglected to return most
surgically removed from their position. of the items you were loaned. While I understand that things
do happen, they seem to happen to you a lot. Please don’t
Quote: “Normally I prefer to stay at a distance from my force me to begin charging you a deposit for these and bring
prey, but in your case, I’ve decided to make an exception and most of them back in one piece instead of not at all or in many
bring our chase to a conclusion in an up close and personal fragments? Hmm?”
manner. Any last words?”
Training Package: Technical Specialist
Training Package: Assassin
Attributes Agility d6 Pace 6
Agility d8 Pace 6 Smarts d12 Parry 2
Smarts d6 Parry 5 Spirit d6 Toughness 5
Spirit d6 Toughness 5 Strength d4
Strength d6 Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6
Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6
Skills Academics d4 Language (#5) d6
Athletics d8 Language (#2) d6 Athletics d6 Language (#6) d6
Common Knowledge d6 Language (#3) d6 Common Knowledge d4 Notice d6
Deception d8 Notice d6+2 Electronics d10+2 Persuasion d4
Fighting d6 Persuasion d6 Hacking d6 Repair d10+4
Electronics d4 Shooting d10 Language (Native) d8 Research d8
Language (Native) d8 Stealth d8 Language (#1) d6 Shooting d4
Language (#1) d6 Language (#2) d6 Stealth d4
Language (#3) d6 Thievery d4
Hindrances: Code of Honor, Ruthless (minor ), Language (#4) d6
Suspicious (minor)
Edges: Alertness, Assassin, Dead Shot, Marksman Hindrances: Anemic, Cautious,Habit (Caffeine)
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str) (minor), Mild Mannered
Edges: Calculating, Mr. Fix It, Scholar (Electronics),
TECH WIZ Scholar (Repair)
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str)
(Quartermaster, “Q”, Supplier of gizmos and goodies) Gear: TBD
You were a “Latchkey Kid” growing up and as a result
became more comfortable putting together computers
and taking apart almost anything with wires or
transistors. as time passed, you began experimenting
with putting together this and that to make things easier
for you day to day, and discovered how much more you When selecting a Training Package, raise the value
enjoyed working with things than dealing with people. of the listed Attribute by one die step, and any given
Your imagination and ability to visualize “outside the Skill (or Skills) to the given die value (usually by +1 die
box” gave you a chance to earn a couple of patents that step). An Edge benefit gives the Agent that edge without
you were able to parlay into a comfortable lifestyle. Your needing to meet any prerequisites. Edges marked with *
skill brought you to the attention of the agency, and can be found in the Edges section, beginning on pg. 15.
earned you a chance ot do something more than fiddle
with small things.
(Also known as a Hitter or Wetwork Specialist)
A killer-for-hire, an agent with the training of an
assassin is experienced at eliminating problem for
their employer. Clandestine agencies will sometimes
use assassins as a last resort if they cannot resolve an
issue any other way. Some assassins prefer an up-close-
and-personal touch so they can look a target in the eye.
Others are skilled with killing at range with guns or

other projectile weapons. No matter their preference
though, an assassin knows their way around any kind
of weapon. NONE OF THE ABOVE?
Benefits If none of the Training Packages fit the
Attribute: Agility concept for your character, then with the
Skills: Fighting d4, Deception d4 or Intimidation d4, GM’s permission, you can use this Specialist
Shooting d4; Increase Fighting or Shooting to d6, one package.
other core skill to d6
Edges: Assassin, choice of Dead Shot, Level Headed, SPECIALIST
Marksman or No Mercy
Some Agents do not always fit neatly into a
single package. They may even have Traits or
Skills that are unusual for their background.
BOOMER The Specialist package allows for a higher
(Also known as an EOD Specialist or Saboteur) level of customization for when none of the
Not only is the Boomer often the one in a bomb suit other packages really seem to fit a particular
disarming the sophisticated suitcase nuke, missile concept.
warhead, or an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), but
they are also equally just as likely in certain situations Skills: Gain three non-Core skills at a d4
be the one to create and plant shaped charges or the .
IED for maximum effectiveness. These individuals often Benefits:
are known for their coolness in tense situations and are Spend 4 advances in the following manner
often experienced engineers with a talent for knowing (or if you prefer, you can ignore the specific
both the limits of their selected tool (the explosive) and selections below and spend them however you
the intended target. wish).
• Attribute: Increase one attribute one die
Benefits step.
Attribute: Agility • Skills: Either increase two skills associated
Skills: Electronics d4, Repair d4, Science d4; Increase with chosen attribute by one die step, or
Electronics to d6, Repair to d6 increase one skill associated with the chosen
Edges: Luck, McGyver attribute by two die steps, or increase one
skill based on a different attribute by one
BRUTE die step.
• Edge: Choose any Background or
(Also known as a Brawler, Muscle, or a Thug) Professional Edge
Sometimes it’s best to try to talk your way out of a
• Other: Choose any other Edge (including
sticky situation. Other times, there is just no reasoning
Combat) or choose an additional skill not
with your opposition and things degenerate into
related to your chosen attribute to increase
physical violence. This is where the Brute comes in. They
by one die step.
excel at up-close-and-personal violence, or even have a
talent for just looking tough and intimidating. On one
hand the “uncivilized” Brute may be nothing more than
a gang member beating someone up because they enjoy
it. On the other hand, the more “civilized” Muscle may
be an actress’ personal bodyguard, ready to sacrifice
their body to save their client.

Attribute: Strength
Skills: Fighting d4, Intimidation d4, Taunt d4; Increase
Fighting to d6, Intimidation to d6

Edges: Choose one of Brawny, Brute, Menacing or
Provoke; Brawler or Martial Artist
(Also known as a Transporter or Wheel Man)
Whether it’s a sports car, a speedboat or a plane, or
BURGLAR even simply a bicycle, if it moves the Driver knows how
to control it and make it do things it wasn’t necessarily
(Also known as a Black Bagger or Box Man) designed to do. Drivers are typically blessed with a
A true “acquisitions expert”, Burglars are specialists calmness and a calculating manner that serve them well
in getting into places where they need to be, even if in determining exactly what their next move (or even
there are countermeasures in place to prevent such the fifth move after that) needs to be to complete their
entry. Burglars are usually used by agencies to steal mission or delivery.
items or to plant documents, bugs, or wiretaps without
being discovered. If anything goes wrong or something Benefits
unexpected happens, the Burglar is often quite talented Attribute: Agility
at adapting and taking advantage in any way that they Skills: Choose 2 of Boating, Driving, or Piloting at d4,
can. Thievery d4; Increase one of Boating, Driving, or Piloting
to d6, Increase Thievery to d6
Benefits Edge: Choose one of Ace, Nerves of Steel, or Tactical
Attribute: Agility Driving*; Level-Headed or Calm and Collected*
Skills: Deception d4, Electronics d4, Thievery d4,
Increase Stealth to d6, Thievery to d8
Edges: Ghost* or Thief
(Also known as a Con Man, Grifter or Social Engineer)
Where the Brute is the go-to for physical violence, the
CASE WORKER Face is the one you want to have by your side when
it comes to social interactions and even interrogations.
(Also known as an Asset Handler) While a Face might typically be a confidence man and
When an agency needs to gather intelligence about master of disguise, it is equally likely that the Face could
people and places, their best bet is to find one or more make an impact as a Lawyer or a Politician if they were
“assets”, individuals who may or may not even know that working in a 9-5 kind of life (they may even have had one
they are the source of the needed information. Because of these types of careers before they joined the Agency).
of this, there is a need for someone who can manage Whenever you need to deal with people in an unknown
or “handle” multiple assets so they are able to get the situation, a Face will usually be the one to come out on
required information into the hands of those who know top and with important information that the opposing
how best to use it. This individual would be the Case party has no idea they even revealed.
Worker (or perhaps also known as the Asset Handler).
Benefits Attribute: Spirit
Attribute: Spirit
Skills: Academics d4, Deception d4, Performance d4;
Increase Common Knowledge to d6, Persuasion to d6
Edges: Calculating, Connections

Skills: Deception d4, Language (Any) d4, Taunt d4;
Increase Deception to d6, Persuasion to d6
Edge: Linguist, Charismatic (Also known as a Cleaner)
In a perfect field mission, and the most successful ones,
FINANCIER the target of the mission has no idea either before or
after that a mission even took place. For somewhat less
(Also known as a Bag Man) successful missions, or for those that go completely awry
Every mission calls for a budget and many times one there has to be someone who goes in to try to erase or
or more unexpected expenses (bribes, black market “clean” any potential evidence whether it is something as
purchases, hush money, etc.). That is where the Financier simple as wiping down surfaces to remove fingerprints
comes in. They have an almost magical touch for finding or something as complicated as removing a number of
spare change, a bit of budget here or there that can be dead (or sometimes even living) bodies and all signs of
redirected, or even knowing where to sell an item or violence from a location, the Forensic Specialist is the
two just to have that extra c-note available to give the one called in to take care of such a messy situation.
street person to share which way they saw the target go.
Benefits Attribute: Smarts
Attribute: Spirit Skills: Academics d4, Healing d4, Science d4; Increase
Skills: Academics d4, Intimidation d4, Research d4; Academics to d6, Increase Notice to d6
Increase Academics to d6, Common Knowledge to d6 Edge: Alertness, It’s The Little Things*
Edge: Aristocrat, Work the Room
Agents with the First Responders package are trained (Also known as a Cobbler)
lifesavers, Paramedics, Combat Medics, or occasionally By definition, a forger is someone who creates an illegal
even more highly trained medical professionals. copy of something in order to deceive or defraud. From
Because of the dangers an agent faces on a day-to- a copy of a classic artwork needed to show some mark
day basis, medical training in one form or another is as part of a con, to fake diplomatic papers to allow the
a must. While most field agents are experienced with agent to smuggle their weapons through customs in a
First Aid techniques, its often going to be an experienced diplomatic pouch, or even a phony title to the threat’s
first responder taking care of the more severe and life- beach house so the agent and his friends can show the
threatening injuries. local cops while they have some R & R at the threat’s
expense. Someone with a Forger background has taken
Benefits: it to the extreme and if given enough time, can reproduce
Attribute: Smarts any form of document or artwork with a skill such that
Skills: Academics d4, Healing d4, Science d4; Increase even an experienced authenticator would be fooled.
Healing to d6, Increase Science to d6
Edge: Brave or Healer or Level Headed, Combat Benefits
Medic*. Attribute: Spirit

Skills: Deception d4, Electronics d4, Hacker d4;
Increase Deception to d6, Electronics to d6
Edge: Scholar, Streetwise (Also known as an Eyeball or a Watcher)
Every agent worth his salt has had at least one or
HACKER two missions where they had to rely on one or several
In today’s world, information is power. The Hacker is individuals to watch their back, even when they were
more focused on the zeroes and ones that make up said physically alone. The one responsible for the coordination
information. Often to the point to being shut-in, ordering of this backup or contingency group is the Overwatch.
out for pizza and caffeinated beverages in the middle of They are usually responsible for the “big picture” and
the night so that they could do some late-night gaming maneuvering the agent safely through that imagery.
while their custom worm program searches through
the target’s computer systems erasing every indication Benefits
of intrusion and missing data. Whether it means being Attribute: Smarts
behind a computer keyboard in the isolation of a Skills: Battle d4, Intimidation d4, Taunt d4; Increase
safehouse or sneaking physically into a remote facility Battle to d6, Notice to d6
to access restricted systems from inside any firewalls, Edge: Common Bond, Choose Bolster, Command or
Hackers are kings of the digital world. Voice From Beyond*

Benefits SOLDIER
Attribute: Smarts or Spirit Trained to fight, the soldier is the muscle and the
Skills: Academics d4, Electronics d4, Hacking d4; hammer used to eliminate threats. Some soldiers though
Increase Hacking to d8 are a lot more subtle and dangerous because they are
Edge: Computer Jock*, Streetwise or Scavenger trained to not be seen. These are the ones who are used
like a scalpel to target and eliminate specific threats.
(Also known as a Detective or Private Eye) Attribute: Vigor
An Investigator could be considered the Hacker of the Skills: Battle d4, Fighting d4, Shooting d4; Increase
analog or “real” world. Investigators deal with people Fighting or Shooting to d6, Increase Battle or Stealth to
on a regular basis, and when not dealing with people d6
they are likely elbows-deep in research or planning their Edge: Any Combat Edge; Choose Menacing, Soldier,
next step. These tend to be individuals with a highly or Strong Willed
focused sense of attention to details and puzzle-solving.
Connecting the dots is part of the job description, and
Investigators often do it beginning with a single dot and
digging the rest out over time. (Also known as a Mule)
Often called upon to transport illicit goods from one
Benefits place to another in as timely and efficient a manner as
Attribute: Smarts possible without detection. Their skills are in getting
Skills: Academics d4, Research d4, Taunt d4; Increase a package delivered, whether that package is animal,
Notice to d6, Research to d6 vegetable, mineral or any combination thereof, and
Edge: Investigator, Any Combat or Professional edge they’re exceptional at it.

Attribute: Spirit
Skills: Intimidation d4, Deception d4, Taunt d4;
Increase Persuasion to d6, Deception to d6
Edge: Danger Sense, Jack-of-all-Trades

an ability that provides a reroll for that sense, he gains
SNOOP an additional reroll at any one time.
(Also known as an Analyst or Journalist) This edge may be taken multiple times choosing a
Whether digging through online websites and databases different sense each time.
or leafing through musty old books trying to find the
answer to an obscure riddle, the Snoop is the master of CALM AND COLLECTED
digging up missing or hidden data. They also tend to Requirements: Novice
be able to put together various seemingly unconnected It takes a huge problem to distract your agent from
tidbits of information into a single, comprehensive your focus.
picture of information. By focusing on the task at hand, she may ignore up to 2
points of penalties due to the environment or any threats
Benefits attempting to distract her.
Attribute: Smarts
Skills: Academics d4, Deception d4, Research d4;
Increase Common Knowledge to d6, Research to d6
Requirements: Seasoned, Shakespearean Spirit
Edge: Scholar, Choose Aristocrat or Streetwise Your agent has a knack for improvisation, stretching
the truth, or outright lying.
TECHNICAL SPECIALIST He gains a +2 on any Performance or Deception rolls.
(Also known as an Electronics Specialist or a Wire Rat)
While Hackers are the ones dealing with the Binary SHAKESPEAREAN SPIRIT
language of 1’s and 0’s, programming and getting the Requirements: Novice
most from Cryptocurrency, without an Engineer there All the world’s a stage and your agent is front and
would be no actual computers or gizmos for running center every chance he gets.
and implementing said programs or handling the Your agent gains a free reroll on any Performance tests
bits and bytes of information. The Engineer is the one .
responsible, not just for the electronics in a system,
but the other hardware and the physical “things” that LEADERSHIP EDGES
are used by agents, whether it’s a garrote hidden in a
wristwatch, an emergency ejection seat in the agent’s
favorite sporty car, or even a biometric safety built into VOICE FROM BEYOND
the grip of said agent’s pistol. If it’s something physical Requirements: Novice, Command
or some kind of gadget, the Engineer is the one that’s Your agent’s voice carries a sense of calm and
turned to for results. encourages confidence in those who hear it, even when
she is not in the immediate vicinity.
Benefits Your spy can use the benefits of her other Leadership
Attribute: Smarts edges for any who are able to hear her voice, even if
Skills: Academics d4, Electronics d4, Repair d4; they are outside of your agent’s normal Command range
Increase Electronics to d6, Repair to d6 such as if communicating with your team over radio or
Edge: Mr. Fix-it, Scholar the telephone.

BACKGROUND EDGES Requirements: Novice, Smarts D6+, Healing D6+
Your agent is trained in dealing with injuries while
under stress or on the battlefield, during hails of bullets
and artillery explosions.
ACUTE SENSE He ignores up to 2 points of penalties and ignores
Requirements: Novice
the Shaken status when giving medical aid to a fallen
Choose one of hearing, sight, smell, taste, or touch.
comrade while in a combat situation.
Your agent gains a free reroll on Notice checks or tests
involving that sense. The handler should also provide
him with additional information not readily apparent COMPUTER JOCK
with the normal version of that sense. If your agent has Requirements: Novice, Smarts D6+, Hacking D8+

Agents who try to gain entry to any secure facility will facility, or behind enemy lines. In addition, any guards
come up against electronic and physical barriers and your agent encounters are assumed to be “Inactive” for
detectors. Your job concerns the former. her first Stealth roll in that location.
Your agent gains +2 to Hacking when gaining access
to encrypted systems with the intention of gathering IMPROVED TACTICAL DRIVING
information from computers and servers—and/or Requirements: Seasoned, Tactical Driving, Agility D8+,
infecting them with viruses—without leaving an Boating or Piloting D6+
electronic fingerprint. Each raise provides an agent of Select Boating or Piloting. Your agent may apply you’re
your choice with a Benny to use only while bypassing his bonuses from Tactical Driving to the use of that
the physical barriers. selected skill. This edge may be taken a second time,
selecting the other skill.
Requirements: Seasoned, Undercover Work, LEGENDARY COVER
Performance D8+ Requirements: Veteran, Deep Cover, Performance
Your agent’s time undercover has been in a location D10+
that could have severe if not lethal consequences if she Your agent’s undercover work is such that at times she
was to be discovered. tends to lose track of her own personality and substitute
Once per Scene, your agent may reroll a Deception skill one of her cover identities.
roll and take the better of the two rolls to determine the Each scene, your agent may use the re-roll provided by
level of success. their Deep Cover edge a number of times equal to half
of her Spirit die type.
Requirements: Seasoned, Level Headed, Tradecraft, TACTICAL DRIVING
Agility D6+, Smarts D8+ Requirements: Novice, Agility D6+, Driving D6+
Your agent is very experienced with the espionage Your agent has learned offensive and defensive driving
game. techniques.
Once per scene, as an action, the agent may make an He may take one additional action before suffering any
Agility or Smarts roll when making an associated skill Multi-Action Penalty while driving. He also gains a +2
roll with a skill that he is trained in. Success adds one die to any Maneuver rolls when using his Driving skill as
type to the skill, two with a raise, and the agent’s next part of a Chase.
action must use the affected skill. If a Benny is spent, the
skill increase is in effect for five rounds.
Should the agent receive a Shaken or Distracted Status
Requirements: Novice, Smarts D6+
while Improved Tradecraft is in use, the effects are
Your agent is familiar with the ins and outs of the
lost unless the agent passes a Spirit check. Improved
espionage game.
Tradecraft may only affect one skill at a time, but stacks
He gains a +2 to any Common Knowledge rolls
with other means of skill increase.
involving espionage.


Requirements: Novice, Smarts D6+, Notice D6+
Requirements: Novice, Smarts D6+, Performance D6+
Your agent has an eye for the little details that others
Your agent has spent time working undercover,
may miss.
pretending to be someone else.
When making a Notice check, he may roll twice and
She gains a +2 to any Deception checks involving
take the best of the two rolls.
you’re her cover.


Requirements: Novice, Agility D6+, Stealth D6+
Requirements: Seasoned, Combat Medic
Your agent is trained to blend into your surroundings
You have a special kind of touch for getting those you
and to recognize an advantage whilst in a hostile
treat back on their feet long enough to get them where
environment or combat situation.
you can make sure they stay permanently fixed.
She gains a +1 when using Stealth and Notice in highly
With a successful Healing roll you can take 2 rounds (1
dangerous locations such as a military or government
with a raise) to temporarily remove one wound and its
effects from your target. You must still take time within
the next hour to properly treat the individual or that
wound level is reapplied.

While all of the gear in Savage Worlds is available in the
Trenchcoats and Tuxedos setting, the following section
Any Notice rolls to find the item on an individual is
reflects gear more specific or appropriate to the spy
at a -2.
thriller setting.
In terms of purchasing good and services, the Wealth
system from Savage Worlds is in use. Each agent has a d6 MODULAR X
Wealth rating, with the rating adjusted as required for The item can be broken down into smaller units for easier
Edges or Hindrances that the agent may have. transport/storage. While separated the encumbrance of
the item is halved. Assembly/Disassembly of the item
NEW GEAR QUALITIES takes X actions to complete.

ACCURATE Target must make a Vigor roll at -2 or be Stunned. Any
(Ranged Weapon only) damage caused by the weapon is considered Non-Lethal.
A ranged weapon with the Accurate quality provides
a +1 Shooting bonus when used. SUPPRESSED
Weapons which are Suppressed add no penalties to
BALANCED Stealth due to firing the weapon. Observers have a -2
(Melee Weapon Only) penalty to Notice when using sound to determine the
A melee weapon with the Balanced quality provides a source of the shot.
+1 Fighting bonus when used.
CLOSE QUARTERS (Melee Weapon only)
(Ranged Weapon Only) A melee weapon with the Weighted quality is heavier
Ranged weapon may be used at engaged range using than normal, with the additional weight distributed
Fighting skill in place of Shooting. throughout the striking surfaces of the weapon. The
weapon does +2 damage but weighs half again as much.


AMMUNITION Range: 3/6/9 Shots: 1

Damage: Str+d4 Min. Str: d4
AP: 1 Weight: 0.5
Considered a “Less-than-Lethal” option for shotguns,
Notes: -1 to Fighting
the range of a shotgun using Beanbag Rounds is reduced
A simple flat piece of metal with sharpened edges,
by half (rounded up). Damage is as if using a Slug, but
these knives function adequately in melee, but are more
as Nonlethal Damage. In addition, the target must make
designed to be used as ranged weapons.
a Strength roll at -2 (-4 with a raise) or be knocked Prone.


This specialized round whose payload consists of a dye-
filled shell which may or may not be slightly radioactive
is often used for ‘war game’ situations where the use
of live rounds is prohibitive. Such rounds do minimal
damage (1 point per die) and leaves a highly visible (+4
to Notice checks) mark at the point of impact. These
rounds are available for all forms of ammunition at half
the cost of a normal round.

Much like as with Paint Rounds, Pepper Rounds
contain a very fine, highly irritating and even potentially
disabling powder which disperses into the area of impact.
While a single shot only affects the target impacted, a
three-round burst or more disperses enough powder to Range: 1/2/4 Shots: 2
affect an Area the size of a Small Burst Template. Damage: 1d4 Min. Str: d4
Targets in the area of effect must make a Vigor save at AP: - Weight: 0.5
-2 (-4 on a raise) or take a level of Fatigue (or becomes RoF: 1 Cost: 300
Incapacitated on a Critical Failure). Notes: Close Quarters, Stunning
A non-lethal electroshock weapon which uses electricity
TASER/SHOCK ROUNDS (SHOTGUN ONLY) to incapacitate the target. It uses cartridges containing
The range of a shotgun using Taser Rounds is reduced two sets of electrodes and wires which may be fired at
by half (rounded up). However, rather than causing the target in a close range. As long as there is one shot
damage to the target, the target of a Taser Round must left in the weapon, it may be used against an Engaged
make a Vigor roll at -2 or be Stunned. target using Fighting skill in place of the Shooting skill.


BERETTA 8357 COUGAR (.357)

Range: 12/24/48 Shots: 11

Damage: 2d6+1 Min. Str: d6 Range: 10/20/40 Shots: 6
AP: 1 Weight: 6 Damage: 2d6 Min. Str: d4
RoF: 1 Cost: 275 AP: 1 Weight: 2
Notes: -- RoF: 1 Cost: 150
Notes: -
Designed by the Beretta company for use by Law
Enforcement agencies worldwide, the Cougar 8357 A smaller, lighter version of the Walther PP firearm
is a Cougar 8000 model chambered for .357 ammo. intended for easier use by plain-clothes or undercover
This gives the reliability and stopping power of a .357 police.
Magnum revolver but in a semi-automatic weapon with
nearly double the capacity of a revolver. BROWNING HI-POWER (.40)

Range: 12/24/48 Shots: 13

Damage: 2d6+1 Min. Str: d4
Range: 10/20/40 Shots: 6
AP: 1 Weight: 2.5
Damage: 2d4+1 Min. Str: d4
RoF: 1 Cost: 225
AP: - Weight: 1
Notes: --
RoF: 1 Cost: 75
Notes: Concealable
Designed through the Belgian manufacturing company
Fabrique Nationale in response to a French military
A small, lightweight semi-automatic holdout pistol
requirement for a new service pistol. The “Hi-Power”
designed for easy concealability. The lightweight .25
name is in relation to the size of the magazine, about
caliber round served adequately as a backup weapon
twice that of the other well-known pistols of the time
for situations where appearing completely unarmed is
(such as the Colt M1911 or the German Luger).
the standard.


Range: 12/24/48 Shots: 8

Damage: 2d4+2 Min. Str: d4 Range: 12/24/48 Shots: 15
AP: - Weight: 2 Damage: 2d4+2 Min. Str: d4
RoF: 1 Cost: 175 AP: 1 Weight: 2
Notes: Concealable RoF: 1 Cost: 300
Notes: Detachable Stock (15/30/60 range when
The Makarov PM served as standard issue sidearm in use), Three Round Burst
of the Russian military for its NCO’s, police, special
forces and air and tank crews for over 40 years (approx. Based on the Beretta 92, the 93R is technically a machine
1949-1991). In the early 21st century, the PM is still pistol rather than a normal handgun. It features a folding
manufactured and in service worldwide. foregrip to assist when firing three-round bursts as well
as a detachable stock for long-range use.
TEC-9 (9MM)

Range: 12/24/48 Shots: 6

Damage: 2d6+1 Min. Str: d6
AP: 1 Weight: 2.5
RoF: 1 Cost: 300
Notes: Accurate Range: 12/24/48 Shots: 30
Damage: 2d4+2 Min. Str: d6
A high-end revolver manufactured for use by the AP: 1 Weight: 3
French Gendarmerie as well as some other police units RoF: 1 Cost: 350
including SWAT teams. Manufactured to high levels of Notes: Three round burst
quality, the MR-73 has a history of exceptional accuracy
and reliability. A lightweight semi-automatic pistol popular in the 80’s
and early 90’s. Easily convertible to fully automatic, such
a conversion costs $125, loses the Three Round Burst
quality, but gains a RoF 3.


Range: 10/20/40 Shots: 30

Range: 10/20/40 Shots: 20 Damage: 2d6 Min. Str: d6
Damage: 2d4 Min. Str: d4 AP: 1 Weight: 7
AP: - Weight: 3 RoF: 3 Cost: 350
RoF: 3 Cost: 325 Notes: Close Combat, Suppressed
Notes: --
Suppressed version of the MP5A3. Like the MP5A3, it
A fully automatic machine pistol used primarily by features a retractable stock allowing it to be used while
Czechslovak security forces, but available worldwide. in melee as if it were a one-handed weapon for purposes
of Ranged Weapons in Melee.
H&K MP5A3 (9MM)

Range: 12/24/48 Shots: 30

Damage: 2d6 Min. Str: d6 Range: 12/24/48 Shots: 8
AP: 1 Weight: 7 Damage: 2d4 Min. Str: d4
RoF: 3 Cost: 300 AP: - Weight: 2.5
Notes: -- RoF: 1 Cost: 250
Notes: Modular 3
Introduced by Heckler and Koch in the 1970’s, the MP5
has become an iconic version of British special forces. Designed by the Armalite company in the late 1950’s
The MP5A3 model features a retractable stock allowing as an emergency survival weapon for aircraft crew
it to be used while in melee as if it were a one-handed and those who may find themselves in the middle of
weapon for purposes of Ranged Weapons in Melee. a wilderness survival situation. Lightweight, the AR-7
uses .22 caliber rounds which are easily carried in large
quantities and are sufficient for taking down small game.
The rifle is modular, easily breaking down into its
component parts (barrel, receiver, magazine) which are
stored in the stock itself


Range: 12/24/48 Shots: 8 Range: 24/48/96 Shots: 10

Damage: 1-3d6 Min. Str: d6 Damage: 2d8+2 Min. Str: d6
AP: — Weight: 8 AP: 2 Weight: 12
RoF: 1 Cost: 375 RoF: 1 Cost: 400
Notes: Close Quarters, Shotgun Notes: --

Italian firearm manufacturer Benelli designed the M4 A British bolt-action sniper rifle designed after the
as a new combat shotgun for the US Military. Swiftly Falklands War, the M85 barely lost the competition to
adopted, the M4 (also designated the M1014) was become the sniper rifle of the British Army.
delivered to the US Marines and since has become a
a standard in militaries and law enforcement agencies M40A3 SNIPER RIFLE
The M4 is typically equipped with a collapsible stock
giving it the Close Quarters quality for easier use at
Engaged ranges

SVD DRAGUNOV (7.62MM) Range: 24/48/96 Shots: 5

Damage: 2d8 Min. Str: d6
AP: 2 Weight: 16.5
RoF: 1 Cost: 500
Notes: Accurate

Designed at the turn of the 21st century for the US

Army, the M40A3 served with distinction in several
military actions. The design exceeds normal standards
for such rifles so provides a +1 bonus for the firer’s
Range: 32/64/128 Shots: 10 Shooting skill (through the Accurate quality).
Damage: 2d10 Min. Str: d6
AP: 2 Weight: 15
RoF: 3 Cost: 550
Notes: --

Designed as a Sniper rifle and squad support weapon

for the Russian military in 1963, the SVD Dragunov has
served in this manner since its introduction and has
become the standard squad support weapon for the
militaries of several former Warsaw Pact countries.



Range: 2/4/8
Damage: 2d4
AP: -
RoF: 1
Shots: 1
Min. Str: d4
Weight: -
Cost: 50
Notes: Reload 2, Concealable
Although typically a .22 caliber, any small lightweight
round may be used. Because of the design, the Notice
Weight: 4 check to spot it as a weapon is a -4 (a -2 in addition to the
Cost:400 Concealable quality). Versions may exist that use larger
A modified version of a typical box-style briefcase, calibers, however for those versions the Notice check
the case is question is modified to provide aid to the to spot the weapon if hidden is reduced to a -2 for the
agent in nearly any situation he may find himself. While Concealable quality alone.
individual changes may be made, the standard Agent’s
case will contain:
• A pair of throwing knives hidden in the front corners Cost: 250
of the case Appearing as an expensive leather belt, suitable for
• AR-7 Survival Rifle concealed in the interior top lid both casual as well as formal occasions, this survival belt
• $50 in gold coins in the inner liner edges is reinforced such that it can support up to five hundred
• Tear Gas grenade disguised as a tin of talcum powder and fifty pounds (250 kg). Contained within the prong
(or mints). The tin is magnetic and usually functions of the belt is a Diamond cutting tip and the belt itself
as a booby trap for unauthorized access of the case. conceals one hundred fifty feet of high-tensile carbon-
• 40 rounds of .22LR ammunition. filament wire. If required, the wire can be cut into shorter
• Spare magazine for the agent’s preferred pistol lengths using the belt prong.
• Silencer concealed in the handle (fits preferred pistol)
• Cyanide Pill (most agents may remove and dispose
of this the first chance they have)
Cost: 75
In addition, most modern cases will be given Intended as a final solution to prevent agents from
reinforcement/bulletproofing allowing it to serve as a falling into enemy hands (and therefore keeping any
small shield (Armor: 2, Parry: +1, Reduces damage from secrets they may have from doing the same), the cyanide
firearms by 4 when an attacker tries to shoot through it) pill serves as a method of delivering cyanide poison
(Lethal, Strength 6) against its target (usually the agent

Cost 150
Available in both fashion and utility appearance, this
pair of gloves can stick to nearly any smooth surface
providing a +2 to any Athletics checks made for climbing.
The same +2 applies to any Grapple checks made to
disarm an opponent.
BMW F800S (2008)
Cost: 400+cost of mount
A miniaturized camera, either still or video and whose
broadcast is typically encrypted. Small enough to be
built into the earpiece or nose bridge of a pair of glasses,
a necklace, or another inconspicuous piece of jewelry.
Attempts to detect the micro-camera are at a -4 to Notice
checks unless the individual is trained in Tradecraft in
which case the Notice check is only at a -1.

Cost: 550+cost of mount Size: 1 Handling: +2
A miniaturized radio transmitter and receiver, typically Mass: 450 lbs Top Speed: 125 MPH
encrypted and/or on a closed circuit for a specific receiver. Length: 82” Toughness: 8 (2)
Small enough to be built into the earpiece of a pair of Scale Mod: - Crew: 1+1
glasses, an earring, or another inconspicuous piece of
jewelry. Attempts to detect the micro-transceiver ar at Cost: 2800
a -4 to Notice checks unless the individual is trained in
Tradecraft in which case the Notice check is only at a -1. Manufactured by BMW Motorad, the F800S is typical
of the sport bikes of the late 2000’s.


Size: 2 Handling: +1
Mass: 530 lbs Top Speed: 110 MPH
Length: 85” Toughness: 11 (2)
Scale Mod: - Crew: 1+1

Cost: 3500

Typical of the touring motorcycles of the late 1960’s

and early 1970’s, the XLH is an american classic.

VESPA 946 (2013) BMW E34 M5

Size: 4 Handling: +1
Mass (lbs): 3845 Top Speed: 160 MPH
Length: 186” Toughness: 12 (2)
Scale Mod: +2 Crew: 1+5

Cost: 59000
BMW’s sedan from the late eighties and early nineties,
the E34 M5 featured an inline six-cylinder engine and
Size: 0 Handling: +3 sports car suspension and handling.
Mass: 320 lbs Top Speed: 60 MPH
Length: 55” Toughness: 7 (2) CADILLAC ESCALADE GMT800 (2001)
Scale Mod: - Crew: 1

Cost: 8500

An Italian brand of scooter whose name means “Wasp”.

Most scooters are similar, but the 946 is considered a
“luxury” scooter and so costs a bit more than may be

CARS AND TRUCKS Size: 4 Handling: +1

Mass (lbs): 2630 Top Speed: 110 MPH
Length: 199” Toughness: 13 (2)
ASTON MARTIN DB2 Scale Mod: +2 Crew: 1+6

Cost: 60000
A luxury SUV from the early 2000s used by many
government agencies and security services due to the
space and potential upgrades possible by motivated

Size: 3 Handling: +1
Mass (lbs): 2700 Top Speed: 120 MPH
Length: 164” Toughness: 10 (2)
Scale Mod: - Crew: 1+1

Cost: 4200
The original spy car, the Aston Martin DB2 is a British
sports car from the late 1950’s


Size: 3 Handling: +3
Mass (lbs): 2850 Top Speed: 140 MPH
Length: 182” Toughness: 9 (2)
Scale Mod: - Crew: 1+3

Cost: 4400
One of the first american “muscle cars”. Often noted
for its styling as well as the speed and handling.



Size: 5 Handling: +0 Size: 4 Handling: +1

Mass (lbs): 4410 Top Speed: 95 MPH Mass (lbs): 2331 Top Speed: 140 MPH
Length: 183” Toughness: 14 (2) Length: 474” Toughness: 10 (1)
Scale Mod: +2 Crew: 1+7 Scale Mod: +2 Crew: 1+4

Cost: 35000 Cost: 450000

One of the long line of original 4x4 SUVs produced by The civilian version of the US Army’s OH-58 Kiowa
the British light observation helicopter.


Size: 3 Handling: +3
Mass (lbs): 2315 Top Speed: 155 MPH Size: 4 Handling: +1
Length: 96” Toughness: 9 (2) Mass (lbs): 2960 Top Speed: 160 MPH
Scale Mod: - Crew: 1+1 Length: 450” Toughness: 11 (2)
Scale Mod: +2 Crew: 2+7
Cost: 16000
British sport car renowned for its appearance in several Cost: 2.2 Mil.
movies and TV shows most notably in two Bond movies. A Twin-engine, multirole, light utility helicopter
manufactured by Bell in conjunction with Samsung

Aerospace Industries and used globally in civilian and
military roles.


Size: 7 (Large) Handling: +0

Mass (lbs): 22000 Top Speed: 220 MPH
Length: 64’ 10” Toughness: 19 (6)
Scale Mod: +2 Crew: 4+10
Size: 5 Handling: +3
Mass (lbs): 9300 Top Speed: 200 MPH Cost: 5.9 Mil.
Length: 563” Toughness: 18 (6) Used by the US Army as well as in the service of several
Scale Mod: +2 Crew: 2 other nations, the Blackhawk serves primarily as the
Army’s tactical transport vehicle. Several variants of
Weapons: the Blackhawk exist for use on missions ranging from
20mm Tri-Barrel Rotary Cannon Medical Evacuation (UH-60Q) to Electronics Warfare
Internal Bay – (EH-60L) to direct combat fire support (MH-60L (DAP))
6 AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles or to many other mission-specific variations.
12 AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missiles or
24 Hydra-70 air-to-ground rockets
Notes: Stealth Coating (+2 Stealth rolls, -2 to be hit with
guided weapons)

Cost: 29 Mil.
An armed reconnaissance and attack helicopter with
stealth capabilities designed for the US Army.


Size: 4 (Large) Handling: +1

Mass (lbs): 2075 Top Speed: 45 MPH
Length: 15’ Toughness: 9 (1)
Size: 9 (Huge) Handling: -1 Scale Mod: +2 Crew: 1+2
Mass (lbs): 33260 Top Speed: 175 MPH
Length: 99’ ½” Toughness: 20 (5) Cost: 48000
Scale Mod: +4 Crew: 3+38 Notes: Can cross dry land for short distances
as long as the vehicle begins and ends its move in water.
Cost: 48 Mil.
A heavy-lift aircraft originally designed for the US Airboats are a common means of transportation in
Marines, the Sea Stallion is in service with many marshy and/or shallow areas where a standard inboard
militaries around the world. As a cargo transport, the or outboard engine with a submerged propeller would
helicopter can carry up to 8000 pounds (4 tons) of cargo be impractical. They are used by various militaries and
in place of the 38 passengers it can normally carry. border patrols around the world as well as by the U.S.
Coast Guard. In addition to the use of airboats by the
British Army in the Mesopotamian Campaign of WWI
and by the Soviet Union in the Eastern Front of WWII,
airboats have been used by the US Army and Iraqi
security forces in the Vietnam and Iraq wars, respectively.


Size: 0 Handling: +2
Mass (lbs): 865 lbs Top Speed: 65 MPH
Length: 10’ 2” Toughness: 7 (1)
Scale Mod: — Crew: 1+2

Cost: 12000
One of the most well-known personal watercraft. This
is the Motorcycle-style craft where driver and passengers
are seated on the machine.


Size: 8 (H) Handling: +0

Mass (lbs): 9300 Top Speed: 15 MPH
Length: 36’ Toughness: 14 (2)
Scale Mod: +4 Crew: 2+8
Size: 8 (Huge) Handling: +0
Mass (lbs): 10500 Top Speed: 110 MPH Cost: 245000
Length: 42’5” Toughness: 15 (2) A typical pleasure sailboat, the J/111 can be found in
Scale Mod: +4 Crew: 2+8 the service of many wealthy families or used in sailboat
Cost: 745000
Typical of a large speedboat, the Legacy might be found
transporting refugees from an island nation, drugs or
weapons or any combination of the three.

For the simplest version of the Trenchcoats and Tuxedos UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL EDGES
setting, the following Setting Rules from Savage Worlds When using the Up Close and Personal setting
are considered standard. Setting rules marked with an * rule, the following two edges are additionally
are new and are described in the following pages. available to both Agents and Threats to help
indicate their proficiency in close combat.
• Conviction
• Creative Combat
• Multiple Languages FIGHTING STYLE (COMBAT)
• Skill Specializations Requirements: Novice
• Training Packages* You have learned a style of self-defense or
• Up Close and Personal* close quarters combat.
• Wound Cap Select a single Fighting style from the ones
listed in the Fighting Styles section (p. xx).
This Edge may be taken multiple times, but
CINEMATIC SETTING RULES no more than once per rank of the character.

The following Setting Rules are appropriate for a more NOTE: This edge is considered as Martial Arts
cinematic, action-thriller style of game. These are in and Improved Martial Arts for purposes of meeting
addition to the above default setting rules. Prerequisites.
• Dumb Luck
• Fast Healing
Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting Style,


You have learned to use weapons as part of
your Fighting Style.
The following Setting Rules are considered optional
You may gain the benefits of your style when
but are appropriate if the Handler wishes a more down-
armed with a Melee Weapon.
to-earth, grittier game. These are also in addition to any
of the preceding setting rules in play.
• Gritty Damage
the Fighting Style , Armed Style , or any other Combat
edge that she may qualify for.
NEW SETTING RULES How these Fighting Styles work is explained below,
along with any benefits they may provide. In addition,
when using the Fighting Styles Setting Rule, two
TRAINING PACKAGES additional combat edges (see Fighting Style Edges
Agents in a spy thriller do not just spring into being sidebar) become available for selection when an edge
with no background or training. They are experienced is chosen.
individuals who can have extremely specific training.
Because of this, Agents begin by selecting a Training
Package, whether choosing from a specific one listed or
by putting together their own. After this selection, the Because the number of actual named Martial Arts or
Agent is considered Seasoned rank. other close combat fighting styles are more than could
be listed here, grouping them by their philosophies and
UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL intent works best. In this way, an Agent can select what
Without a doubt, one of the staples of most Spy category or function her style falls under rather than
Thrillers are the hand to hand, close quarters combat specific details on how her version of Akido for example
scenes. As such, many Agents learn some form of self- differs from (or even resembles) another Akido version.
defense and unarmed fighting styles as standard. These
fighting styles can vary quite a bit. Unless otherwise specified (or unless the Agent has the
When this setting rule is in play, all Agents gain an Better With A Blade edge), all the specific benefits apply
additional bonus Combat edge for free. This may include only when fighting unarmed.

FIGHTING STYLES Low-Impact/Meditative styles tend to concentrate
STYLE EXAMPLE on breathing, fitness and mental well-being instead of
direct combat. However, since most of these styles began
Grappling/ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jujitsu, in combat, they still are very effective styles.
Ground-Fighting Russian Sambo
MMA, Jeet Kune Do, Benefits:
The Agent applies his full Fighting die type (instead
Low Impact/ Baguazhang , Chi-Gong, of half) to his Parry score. Once per round, the Agent
Meditative Tai Chi
may make an immediate counterstrike (taking no Multi-
Boxing, Capoeira, Krav Action Penalty) with a -2 to the Fighting skill roll.
Maga, Muay Thai
Akido, Judo, Hapkido STRIKING/STAND-UP
Weapons Based Escrima, Kali, Kendo
Striking/Stand-up styles are concentrated on using
various parts of the body to strike, block and disorient
an opponent.

GRAPPLING/GROUND-FIGHTING Agents using this fighting style gain a +1 on any rolls
associated with the style. This includes attacks, damage
Grappling/Ground-Fighting styles are centered around
or rolls for other kind of maneuvers. On a raise, the
pins, joint locks and forcing an opponent into a position
target is also considered Distracted (if the opponent is
to force them to surrender.
already Distracted, they become Vulnerable instead)
(see Distracted & Vulnerable in Savage Worlds). In
addition, the Agent may ignore 2 points of penalties
When Grappling (see “Grappling” in Savage Worlds),
when using multi-action on the following turn, if those
the Agent gains a +1 on any Fighting rolls and is treated
actions are against the same target.
as two sizes larger (typically then acting as a Large (+2)
size). On a raise, if the opponent is Bound, the Agent
is only considered Distracted, not Vulnerable (see THROWING/TAKEDOWN
Distracted & Vulnerable in Savage Worlds).
Throwing/Takedown styles are, much like the
Grappling styles, designed to get an opponent from
HYBRID standing to the ground. While there is some overlap
between the two style types, the Grappling styles are
Hybrid styles are styles which blend techniques from
more about control, whilst Takedown styles are about
several different Martial Arts into the same style. This is
getting the opponent down on the ground.
the type of fighting that has become commonly known
as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) which are often found in
contests such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
With a successful Fighting roll, the Agent may forgo
doing damage to an opponent in order to perform a
free Push, substituting her Fighting skill in place of
An Agent with this style gains a +2 to any Fighting
her Strength attribute (see “Push” in Savage Worlds).
skill rolls he makes. On a raise, he may substitute his
In addition, if the target of the Push made any kind of
Fighting skill for any Trait rolls he must make for the
movement in the previous round, the Agent gains a +2 to
rest of the round.
her roll. On a raise, the target must make a Vigor check
or be Stunned (see “Stunned” in Savage Worlds) as well.

Whilst other styles may teach the use of weapons in Nearly every spy thriller has one thing in common.
addition to their other techniques, Weapons-Based The protagonist of the story is backed by some form of
styles are primarily focused on the weapons themselves, agency. To that end, we present Obsidian International,
often having a focus on one type of weapon. an agency born out of a need for an independent
For this style, the Agent should choose a particular intelligence agency with a conscience.
Melee weapon to focus on.

The Agent gains a +1 bonus to any damage rolls made
with their chosen weapon. On a raise, the damage of the In his book The Art of War, Chinese philosopher and
weapon is increased one die step (only the die used for general Sun Tzu advised “One who knows the enemy
the weapon itself is increased, no other die (including and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred
Strength die used for damage) engagements.” With this statement in the 4th Century
B.C. the basic philosophy for espionage was set over the
next two thousand years. The midpoint of the twentieth
century saw the rise of many espionage agencies who
were born out of necessity during two world wars and
many smaller civil and brush wars. One of the men with
vision who were born during this time was Felix George

Mendoza, the son of a British civil servant and
his wife, found himself moving with his parents to
the United States where they settled in the center of
American politics, Washington D.C. From that point on,
in true American fashion, Felix took to his subsequent Individually, each position outranks the
education and employment with the fledgling Central ones below it, but when involved as a group,
Intelligence Agency with exuberance and excelled in his majority rules. The names of the council
duties. While he never rose to be a true field agent, he positions are typically prefaced by their
still was involved in enough operations to give him a Division, i.e. Black Diamond is the chairman
good overall knowledge of both logistics and security. of Black Division, Rainbow Silver is the
With the rise in violence and terrorist attacks across assistant director of Rainbow Division, etc.
the globe in the Seventies and Eighties, Felix began to
doubt his place and duties thinking that there was truly Position Common Title
more that could be done. When the news of several Diamond President/Chairman
potential attacks across Europe came across his desk, Platinum VP/Vice-Chairman
he passed the information to his superiors as he was Gold Director/Senior Chief
used to and watched in horror as the reports proved Silver Assistant Director/Chief
accurate. Because nothing was done and he personally Crystal Operations Officer / Manager
knew many affected by the attacks, Felix submitted
his resignation and turned elsewhere to try to make a
The proverb “If you want something done right, service initially focused on personal protection, their
you should do it yourself” became front and center portfolio later expanded to include corporate security
in Mendoza’s philosophy at that point. With the aid and information gathering. As the world turned the
of several former associates from across the globe, as corner into the 21st century, the organization evolved as
well as through making some very wise investments, well into a full-fledged independent Intelligence agency
Felix used his skills and backing to found Obsidian and in doing so became Obsidian International.
Protective Services. Initially an independent security

The mission of Obsidian International is to collect
WHY OBSIDIAN? secret intelligence and conduct overt, as well as covert,
operations to defend the security and well-being of
According to Britannica.com, obsidian is all individuals across the globe who may or may not
an igneous rock occurring as a natural glass have the ways and means to protect themselves or their
formed by the rapid cooling of viscous lava individual interests. We will work with and provide
from volcanoes which is extremely rich in gathered intelligence in an appropriate manner to
silica and is low in water. When fractured, selected private and government agencies to further
obsidian tends to form sharp edges and those ends.
points. For those that believe in the power of
nature and that natural objects hold certain
powers, obsidian is said to hold protective
and healing powers.
This mental imagery of something with Obsidian international has grown from a single division
sharp edges but with the ability to protect into six separate divisions, each with their own hierarchy
and heal as well fit the exact concept that Mr. and focus. Each division is named after a particular type
Mendoza was looking for when it came to of obsidian and led by a council of five individuals with
naming his organization. positions code named after various anniversary titles.

Britannica, T. Editors of Encyclopedia (2021, While each division has a particular focus or specialty
May 28). obsidian. Encyclopedia Britannica. that they deal with, when involved with a specific
https://www.britannica.com/science/ mission members of an operations team are selected as
obsidian appropriate from one or more divisions.

The public face of Obsidian International, Black division Ostensibly Obsidian International’s corporate security
is the remnants of the original Obsidian Protective group, Fire division operates as an independent group
Services and still does business under that name. Most whose members are trained in special operations, military
field agents belong to this division. tactics and counterterrorism. Many individual members
and especially the team leaders within the division have
GOLDEN (GOLD) DIVISION experience from being part of an “alphabet” agency or
The Gold division is the one responsible for anything military special forces.
related to finance and politics. From tracing international
banking transactions made to questionable parties
to arranging local protection for politicians visiting a AGENT SPECIFIC GEAR
potentially hostile country (where they would work
closely with members of Black and Fire divisions) to Associates (agents of Obsidian International) are
ensuring fairness in a foreign election, Gold division usually equipped with near top of the line equipment
is more than capable of handling these high profile augmented with some cutting-edge advanced pieces of
missions. technology.


Whenever an urgent situation arises that Obsidian At it’s core, the smart ID card is a micro circuit board
International needs to deal with, then the Snow division embedded between two (front/back) polymer displays.
is the one to get the call. Members of this division In its default configuration, the card identifies its owner
typically have previous experience dealing with rapid- as a Black Obsidian employee and serves as a security
response or “hit and run” style of operations. Very often, pass for all Obsidian International facilities. When
members of Snow division work closely with or are synced with its user’s OI Smart Watch, the card can
former members themselves of Fire division. visually reproduce any ID provided through the watch.
In the same manner, it can also duplicate any RFID
signature provided.
If an operation or target has a strong electronic footprint
then members of the Mahogany division are the ones OI SMART WATCH
to handle those types of situations. Mahogany division Resembling a high-tech Multi-Function calculator
members are highly trained/experienced in dealing with watch (although for a campaign set in the mid to late
computers and all forms of security systems. 2010’s it becomes more like a standard smart watch) with
a short range (2km)radio unit and wireless computer
interface built-in. Using an appropriate computer with
RAINBOW DIVISION a compatible interface the watch can be programmed
When a special item or piece of gear is needed, the
with up to four different ID/security pass combinations
Rainbow division is the one responsible for that situation.
(newer versions can handle more at the Handler’s
The primary focus of the division is on the guns, gear
discretion) which can be used with the OI Smart ID. In
and gadgets that enable all members of Obsidian
addition, with the proper connection, the radio function
International to do their day-to-day jobs and survive
can be extended to near unlimited range and duration.
field operations.


Every good spy thriller has the protagonist up against
an antagonist of equal or greater skill or with even
more resources than their own. With that in mind, what
follows is a small selection of possible adversaries for
the Agent or Agents to oppose (or perhaps even become
friends with, if they are of that persuasion).

Not much is known about the organization known
as Project Phoenix. What is known is that their
overall intention is to “burn the world and start over.”
An assassin for hire, and known only by their code
Suspicions are that the organization is responsible for
name, their only motivation seems to be getting paid
starting or fueling many of the brush wars across the
and completing their assignment in the most efficient
globe to simply spread chaos and encourage violence. If
manner possible. This individual seems to be extremely
the violence means that a region becomes depopulated
skilled with all forms of firearms and highly skilled at
and ripe for acquisition and repurposing all the better.
making use of items in the surroundings as weapons.
As an organization, the Project does not seem to have a
This individual has been described as tall with a
specific hierarchy of leadership that has been identified.
shaved head and dressed in a fashionable manner.
Most members encountered so far have appeared to be
Unfortunately, no other details have been gathered so
members of a cell structure. Individual members did
if this assassin is suspected to be encountered, please
not know any details of other Project members outside
notify your nearest Fire Division leadership.
their cell.
The leaders of the cells seem to have suicidal tendencies
as rather than be captured, even with the possibility of
Agility d10 Pace 6
later rescue, the leaders have triggered some form of
Smarts d8 Parry 7
implant that releases a rapid neurotoxin in conjunction
Spirit d10 Toughness 11 (4)
with a rapid, flesh-eating virus which ensures the
Strength d6
death of the leader before any countermeasures can be
Vigor d8 Wealth Die d6
implemented. One thing that the members seem to have
in common is that each member wears a small pin of a
bird with its wings spread inside an inverted triangle.
Athletics d8 Notice d8
Common Knowledge d6 Performance d4
Deception d8 Persuasion d6
Driving d6 Shooting d10
Fighting d10 Stealth d10
Language (Engish) d8 Thievery d4
Language (French) d6
Language (German) d6
Language (Latin) d6
Language (Russian) d6

Hindrances: Loyal, Ruthless (major ), Vengeful

Edges: Assassin, Calm and Collected*, Danger Sense, Attributes
Double Tap, Marksman, Martial Artist, Tactical Driving* Agility d10 Pace 6
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str+d4, +1 Smarts d6 Parry 7
to Hit) Spirit d8 Toughness 5
Gear: Advanced Kevlar Weave Clothing (Armor: 4*, Strength d6
Weight: 2) Vigor d6 Wealth Die d6


Athletics d8
Common Knowledge d4
Deception d6
Electronics d6
Fighting d10
Language (English) d6
Language (French) d8
Language (Greek) d6
Language (Italian) d6
Notice d10
Persuasion d8
Research d4
Stealth d12
Thievery d12+1

A jet-setting debutante, Veronica Embry is suspected of Hindrances: Code of Honor, Mild Mannered, Thin
also being a cat burglar and jewel thief responsible for Skinned (minor)
the disappearance of countless valuable pieces of jewelry Edges: Free Runner, Ghost*, Martial Artist, Martial
and works of art. Warrior, Thief
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str+d6, +2
to Hit)

GLOSSARY OF SPY TERMS Brick agent – An FBI agent who works inside a field
Bridge Agent – An agent who acts as a courier between
LIST-OF-ESPIONAGE-TERMS/ ) a case officer and an agent in a denied area.
Bridge Officer/Bridge Agent – An operative who acts
201 File - The file of an operative at CIA, with all his/her as a courier.
personal info, training, and operation details. Briefed – When an Officer/Agent is told pertinent facts
Agent – A person unofficially employed by an intelligence before executing an assignment, job, operation etc.
service, often as a source of information. Brush contact – A clandestine, momentary contact
Agent provocateur – An agent that pretends to support between two agents who are passing information,
a target. However, the agent tempts the target to documents, or equipment (also known as ‘brush pass’).
incriminate himself through action or words. Brush Pass – A brief encounter where something is
Agent-in-Place – A government employee who is passed between case officer and agent
influenced to cooperate with a foreign government Bucar – an FBI car
instead of defecting; now working for two employers Bugs – Electronic devices planted to spy on or track a
instead of one. target.
Agent-of-Influence – A person who works within the Burned – When an operative is deliberately sacrificed
government or media of a target country to influence by his own agency to protect an operation.
national policy. Camp Swampy – CIA’s secret domestic training base
Air America (aka AA) – The CIA’s air lines, used by CIA (also known as “The Farm”)
officers/operatives. Camp X – Canada’s secret domestic training base during
Analysis – drawing conclusions about raw information World War II
by assessing its significance and by collating it with Carnivore – Computer program designed by the FBI
other information. to allow the FBI (in compliance with court orders) to
Asset – A clandestine source or method, usually an agent. collect electronic communications from a specific user
Babysitter – Bodyguard targeted in an investigation (at the exclusion of all other
Backstop – An arrangement between two persons for users’ transmissions)
the express purpose of substantiating a cover story or Case Officer – A staff officer who manages agents and
alibi. runs operations
Bagman – An agent who pays spies and bribes authorities Center – KGB headquarters in Moscow
Bang and Burn – Demolition and sabotage operations Chase car – A security detail or bodyguard vehicle that
Biographical leverage – Blackmail info follows the subject.
Birdwatcher – Slang used by British Intelligence for a Cheka – Russian secret police founded in 1917 to serve
spy. the Bolshevik party; one of the many forerunners of the
Black Bag Job – The secret entry into a home or office KGB
to steal or copy materials. Chicken feed – Low grade information fed through a
Black Operations – Covert operations that are not double agent to one’s adversary with the intention of
attributable to the organization performing them. building the credibility of the double agent.
Black Propaganda – A disinformation that is deniable Chief of Station – The officer in charge at a CIA station,
by (and not traceable to) its source usually in a foreign capital
Black-flagged – An agent or intelligence officer who is CIA – Central Intelligence Agency; U.S.’s foreign
to be interrogated and summarily shot if apprehended. intelligence gathering service
Blind date – The first meeting with an unknown person Cipher – A system for disguising a message by replacing
Blowback (aka Flap) – Potential bad publicity that its letters with other letters or numbers or by shuffling
might result if a CIA operation is exposed. them
Blown – Discovery of an agent’s true identity or a Clandestine Operation – An intelligence operation
clandestine activity’s real purpose. designed to remain secret
Blue-on-blue – Friendly fire, inadvertent hostile Clean – Unknown to enemy intelligence. Also means
engagement between allies. free of any kind of surveillance.
Bombe – Polish electro-magnetic device created to Cobbler – A spy who creates false passports, visas,
help decipher Enigma cipher machine settings; early diplomas and other documents
precursor to the modern computer Code – A system for disguising a message by replacing
Bona Fides – Proof of a person’s claimed identity. its words with groups of letters or numbers
BOX – Slang for the MI5 Codebook – A list of plain language words opposite
Brevity codes – A system of code-words used by their codeword or codenumber
members of a surveillance team.

Colossus – An electronic device that helped solve to allow a double agent operation for the purpose of
German cryptograms; the world’s first electronic intelligence collection or disinformation
computer Dead drop – A physical location where communications,
COMINT – All intelligence gathered from intercepted documents, or equipment is covertly placed for another
communications person to collect without direct contact between the
Comm – a small note or other written communication parties
from an underground organization or one of its Decoy – distracts adversary’s attention (aka diversion)
members. They are typically written on cigarette Deep-cover agent – permanent cover
wrappers, chewing gum wrappers, etc. Defector – A person who has renounced his/her country
Commandment 11 – A most important rule for a spook, of citizenship.
“Thou shalt not get caught!”. Dezinformatsiya [Disinformation] – The Soviet and
Commando – A civilian, military, or paramilitary Russian term for disinformation operations: operations
combat group using irregular tactics. Commando can designed to pass false information to the enemy
refer to an individual, a cell, a squad, or the organization Dirty tricks – Covert sabotage carried out by a security
as a whole. service or intelligence agency, ranging from pranks to
Commit – A surveillance operative performing the assassination.
commit function is watching a location to determine Discard – An agent whom a service will permit to be
the direction that the target takes detected and arrested so as to protect more valuable
Compromised – When an agent or officer’s true identity agents
or mission has been uncovered and the future of the Disinformation – False information purposely given to
operation is shaky. mislead.
Consumer – A person or an organization on an DLS Class – Acronym for Daily Living Skills Class, for
intelligence agency’s distribution list (also known as those living with a disability whether it be recent or born
product) to – in this case if would be for officers/agents injured
Controller (aka Handler) – Officer in charge of a string badly on assignment.
of agents. Dope book – A notebook kept with a sniper rifle for the
Cooked – A mixture of genuine and fake material purposes of recording the atmospheric conditions, range,
provided via a double agent to one’s adversary. lighting, and resulting hit or miss of every shot fired.
Counterintelligence – The business of thwarting the Double Agent – A spy who pretends to be working
efforts of foreign intelligence agencies; includes but is against one country but who is in fact working for that
not limited to spy-catching country’s opponent.
Courier – Delivers information Dry Clean – Actions operatives take to determine if they
Cousins – Slang for the CIA are under surveillance or bugged.
Cover – Persona, profession, purpose, activity, fictitious Ears only – Material too secret to commit to writing
image maintained by an undercover operative. The Element – A five-man SWAT team that consists of a team
purported occupation or purpose of an agent; it must leader, scout, rear guard, and two assaulters. The rear
be consistent with the agent’s background and presence guard provides cover for the scout and is usually armed
in the target area with a 12-guage shotgun. The assaulters usually carry
Cover action agent – A spy who works to reorient an Heckler & Koch 9mm MP-5 submachine guns.
entire nation’s politics in favor of his country ELINT – Electronic intelligence; derived from the
Covert Action Operation – An operation designed to interception of radiation sources such as radars
affect foreign affairs; may be lethal or non-lethal Elliptical conversation – The person says one thing but
Cowboy – CIA slang, an unflattering term that denotes an means another.
intelligence person who defies the rules, regulations and Enigma – A cipher machine used by the Germans to
conventions and conducts himself in an unprofessional, encode messages during WWII
flamboyant way. aka a “loose cannon”. Escort – The operations officer assigned to lead a defector
Cryptology – The science of codes. along an escape route
CS gas – A form of tear gas, full name ortho- Executive action – assassination
chlorobenzalmalanonitrile, used by cops, SWAT teams, Exfiltration Operation – A clandestine rescue operation
and the military. designed to bring a operative
Cut-out – A mechanism or person used to allow agents Expats – Citizens of one country who live in another
to pass material or messages securely; also an agent who Eyes Only – Documents that are intended for the eyes
functions as an intermediary between a spymaster and of one specified person only
other subagents. (aka ‘letterbox’). FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation; U.S.’s domestic
Dangle – A person sent by the intelligence agency of counterintelligence service and federal law enforcement
his or her own country who approaches an intelligence agency
agency in the hope of being recruited as a spy so as

Flaps and Seals – The tradecraft involved when making
surreptitious openings and closings of envelopes, seals, Illegal – An intelligence officer operating in a foreign
and secure pouches. nation without the protection of diplomatic immunity.
Flash Classified – Second highest state of classified Illness – Russian slang for someone under arrest
material. The order goes (starting w/ least important IMINT – Imagery intelligence
first); Routine, Priority, Immediate, Flash, Critical. Infiltration – The secret movement of an operative into
Floater – A person used one time, occasionally, or even a target area with the intent that his or her presence will
unknowingly for an intelligence operation. go undetected.
Floating box – A method of surveillance where a team Info war – Information Warfare, modern propaganda
of operators establishes a containment box around the through misinformation
target wherever he/she goes. Informant – A legitimate member of a target group
Follow – A surveillance team is executing a follow when providing intelligence to the surveillance team.
they are shadowing a moving target. Innocent postcard – A postcard with an innocuous
Footfall detector – Vibration sensor designed to detect message sent to an address in a neutral country to verify
walking humans the continued security of an undercover operative.
Forensics – The use of science and technology to Innocent Postcard – A postcard with an innocuous
investigate and establish facts in criminal or civil courts message sent to an address in a neutral country to verify
of law. the continued security of an undercover operative.
Friend – Slang for an agent, informant, or mole providing Intelligence officer – A trained member of an intelligence
information to a handler. agency, an employee on salary
Friends – General slang for members of an intelligence Interpol – An international police body that coordinates
service; specifically British slang for members of the the intelligence gathering and investigative activities of
Secret Intelligence Service. member police forces.
Front – A legitimate-appearing business created by an Jedburghs – OSS and SOE term for teams dropped into
intelligence agency or security service to provide cover Europe before D-Day to help resistance groups
for spies and their operations. Joe – A deep-cover agent
Funkspiel – Impersonation during electronic KGB – The Soviet Union’s all-powerful intelligence and
communications security service during the Cold War.
Funny paper – Slang for the counterfeiting and forged Legend – A spy’s claimed background or biography,
documents section of an intelligence agency or security usually supported by documents and memorized details.
service. Loose Cannon (aka Cowboy) – CIA slang. An
Ghoul – Agent who searches obituaries and graveyards unflattering term that denotes an intelligence person
for names of the deceased for use by agents. who defies the rules, regulations and conventions and
Handler – A case officer who is responsible for handling conducts himself in an unprofessional, flamboyant way.
agents in operations. L-Pill – A poison pill used by operatives to commit
Hard man – An experienced operative who can survive suicide.
in a hostile environment and who has killed. MASINT – Measurement and signature intelligence; a
Hard target – A surveillance target who is actively form of technical collection that uses signatures that do
maintaining secrecy and may not reveal that he/she has not fit into the traditional scope of IMINT and SIGINT.
detected the surveillance team. MI5 – The British domestic counterintelligence service;
Honey trap – Slang for use of men or women in sexual officially known as the Security Service.
situations to intimidate or snare others. This use of sex MI6 – The British foreign intelligence service; officially
to trap or blackmail an individual is standard practice known as the Secret Intelligence Service.
in intelligence operations. Microdots – Tiny photographs of messages, secret
Hooligan tool – A specialized tool much like a crowbar, documents, or other images which are so small that
developed by fire departments for prying open doors they can only be read with a special magnifying viewer.
and windows. A full-page document can be as tiny as 1 mm in width.
Hospital – Russian slang for prison Mole – A person inside a government agency, usually an
Hostile – Term used to describe the organizations and intelligence agency, who is obtaining information about
activities of the opposition services. that organization’s secrets and activities.
Hostile recruitment – Recruitment by threat or force Music Box – Slang for a clandestine radio
of an uncooperative informant, mole, or agent-in-place Musician – Slang for a clandestine radio operator
HUMINT – Acronym/Slang for Human Intelligence, Naked – A spy operating without cover or backup
intelligence activities involving people rather than Narcotherapy hypnosis – CIA interrogators use
electronic eavesdropping or communications hypnosis to force regression in the prisoner to make him
interception believe he is talking to his spouse..
Hunting pack – Slang for surveillance team

Neutron bombardment – Used by security services Playback – To provide false information to the enemy
like Britain’s MI.5, America’s FBI, Germany’s BfV, and while gaining accurate information from him or her.
France’s DST to detect microdots and invisible writing Pocket Litter – Items in a spy’s pocket (receipts, coins,
in postal mail. theater tickets, etc.) that add authenticity to his or her
Nightcrawler – A talent spotter who prowls bars and identity.
nightclubs looking for government employees, military Product – Finished intelligence that has been evaluated
personnel, etc. who can be compromised using booze, by an intelligence agency and is ready for distribution
drugs, or sex to consumers.
NSA – National Security Agency; branch of the U.S. Provocateur – An operative sent to incite a target group
Department of Defense responsible for ensuring the to action for purposes of entrapping or embarrassing
security of American communications and for breaking them.
into the communications of other countries; “No Such Psychic combat – A condition of active psychological
Agency”. warfare operations between two covert adversaries
Nugget – British term for the bait (money, political Purple – American name for the Japanese diplomatic
asylum, sex, or career opportunity) used to offer a cipher machine used from 1939-1945.
potential defector, QRF – Quick reaction force
Nursemaid – Russian term for the security service RADINT – Intelligence gathered from radar
officer who accompanies delegations to other countries Raven – A male agent employed to seduce people for
to prevent anyone from defecting. intelligence purposes.
Officer – A staff employee of the agency. Officers in the Red – American name for an early Japanese diplomatic
field can submit to recruit agents as needed. cipher machine.
Okhrana – Secret police under Russian tsars 1881-1917 Rezident [Resident] – KGB or GRU (Soviet and Russian
OMS – Is the acronym/slang for the CIA’s Office of military intelligence) chief of station in any foreign
Medical Services. location
One-time Pad – Strings of random numbers for singular Rolled-up – When an operation goes bad and an agent
use as a key in enciphering messages; the proper use is arrested
of a one-time pad renders a message mathematically SA – FBI special agent
unbreakable Safehouse – A dwelling place or hideout unknown to
OOS – Acronym for the Office of Security. the adversary.
OP – Observation post Sanitize – To delete specific material or revise a report
OSINT – Open source intelligence; intelligence or other document to prevent the identification of
information derived from publicly available sources. intelligence sources and collection methods.
OSS – Office of Strategic Services; U.S.’s WWII Set up – To begin to conduct surveillance on a target.
intelligence, sabotage, and subversion organization; Shoe – A false passport or visa
“Oh So Secret,” “Oh Such Snobs,” “Oh So Social”. SIGINT – Signals intelligence; consists of COMINT
Overt target – Deliberately attempts to draw attention (communications intelligence) and ELINT (electronic
and drain the resources of an intelligence agency or intelligence)
security service. Occasionally a decoy SIS – Secret Intelligence Service; the official name of
Paroles – Passwords to identify intelligence personnel Britain’s MI6
to each other Sit rep – Situation report
Pattern – The behavior and daily routine of an operative Sleeper – Agent living as an ordinary citizen in a foreign
that makes his or her identity unique country; acts only when a hostile situation develops
Pavement artist – An outdoor surveillance specialist SMERSH – Short for “Smert Shpionam” (Death to
operating on foot. Spies); a Soviet counterintelligence agency that existed
PHOTINT – Photographic intelligence, usually from 1943 to 1946; made famous in the James Bond
involving high-altitude reconnaissance using spy novels
satellites or aircraft SOE – Special Operations Executive; Britain’s WWII
Picket surveillance – Focuses on times and places when sabotage and subversion organization
target is likely engaged in activities of interest to the Splashed – Describes a bodyguard whose client has
surveillance team. been assassinated.
Pickup – When the target of a surveillance operation is Spook – A spy
first spotted inside the stakeout box. Spymaster – The leader of espionage activities and an
Pig – Russian intelligence term for traitor. agent handler extraordinaire.
Pinhole camera – Video camera with fiber-optic lens Stasi – The East German Ministry for State Security; East
attachment Germany’s Cold War domestic and foreign intelligence
Plaintext – The original message before encryption service.

Station – Post from where espionage is conducted Trigger – a surveillance operative who is watching the
Steganography – Techniques for concealing the very target’s vacant vehicle, home, garage, office, restaurant
existence of a message (secret inks or microdots) etc. and who alerts the rest of the surveillance team
SVR [Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki] – The Russian when the target is spotted
Foreign Intelligence Service (Sluzhba Vneshney U-2 – The world’s most famous spy plane, developed
Razvedki), formed on December 18, 1991. by the U.S. specifically for intelligence collection in the
Swallow – A female agent employed to seduce people thin atmosphere 55,000 feet above the Soviet Union; it
for intelligence purposes is still in use today.
Target – the victim of surveillance, the subject. Ultra – Codename for intelligence derived from
TECHINT – Technical intelligence; analysis of fielded decryption of messages encrypted by the German
equipment for training, research, and the development Enigma cipher machine during WWII.
of new weapons and equipment for eventual intelligence Uncle – Headquarters of any espionage service
use UNSUB – An unknown subject in a surveillance
Terminated – Murdered. operation.
The Company – What officers, agents and those on the VCP – Vehicle Control Point
inside call the CIA. Walk-in – A defector who declares his or her intentions
The Farm (aka Camp Swampy) – Insider slang for the by walking into an official installation and asking for
CIA’s training camp/spy school, located in Virginia. political asylum or volunteering to work in-place.
Also known as Camp Perry. Watch-list – People targeted for routine surveillance
The Take – Information gathered by intelligence Wet job – Slang for an operation in which blood is shed.
collection operations Wheel artist – An outdoor surveillance specialist
Thermal imager – A heat-sensitive surveillance video operating in a vehicle.
camera and display. White Coats or Spooks in White – Is inside slang for
Throwaway – An agent/officer considered expendable. CIA doctors/physicians.
Timed Drop – A dead drop that will be retrieved by a Wilderness of mirrors – A spy operation so complicated
recipient after a set time period. that it is no longer possible to separate truth and untruth.
Tradecraft – The methods developed by intelligence Window Dressing – Ancillary materials that are
operatives to conduct their operations included in a cover story or deception operation to help
Traffic Analysis – Methods for gaining intelligence from convince the opposition or other casual observers that
the patterns and volumes of messages of communications what they are observing is genuine


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