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Zodiacal Offset
by Klaudio Antonio Valen n Zic

July 10, 2011, 10:48 am Normal 0 21 false false false Microso InternetExplorer4 /* Style Deni ons */ table.MsoNormalTable {msostylename:"Obina tablica"; msotstylerowbandsize:0; msotstylecolbandsize:0; msostylenoshow:yes; msostyleparent:""; msopadding alt:0pt 5.4pt 0pt 5.4pt; msoparamargin:0pt; msoparamarginbo om:.0001pt; msopagina on:widoworphan; fontsize:10.0pt; fontfamily:"Times New Roman"; msoansilanguage:#0400; msofareastlanguage:#0400; msobidilanguage:#0400;} ZODIACAL OFFSET h p://stores.lulu.com/astrology

in Daily Life and Medical Astrology First published by Klaudio Zic Publica ons, 2011 h p://stores.lulu.com/astrology Copyright 2011 by Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmi ed in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the wri en permission of the Author. The names of dedicated publica ons are normally given in italics.

It is some mes hard to speak to someone who has no idea of ones own iden ty. In such dire circumstances, both par es in interest may consult the NASA Sun ephemeris, in order to learn which Sun sign one really had at birth. In addi on, somewhat special Sun signs such as Sun in Orion are provided by h p://lulu.com/astrology It is immensely more rewarding to address someone who is more or less oneself than someone who is out of ones own mind. More or less? A high degree of being oneself is found in a becoming guru. As one progresses towards ones own true self, false iden ca ons are le behind: some mes painfully, some mes with joy. The spiritual path is burning all the bridges behind. Bridges back to what? To default ego, the faux personality complex that keeps ones true iden ty in pe y chains. Ever consulted the popular Devil card of the Tarot? Precisely. The nature of the zodiac was largely if not uniformly unknown to humankind. True, simple models were devised and used in order to mimic the real thing, with no other success or purpose but kindergarten demonstra on. The zodiac and ascendant set dynamics are immensely more complex than whatever most models tried to convey, or rather simplify, at the cost of precision. Up to this date, large damage has been done to popula on and countries that were forced into false iden es according to toylike Procrustean zodiacal models. When people talk of something like a Gemini rising map, they dont know what they are talking about, as Gemini never rises at east for the current epoch. Some Procrustean expert even forced Pluto into Aries, not knowing that Pluto never entered Aries much as it will never sojourn in Pisces. The dangers of naively perusing toylike zodiacal models through daily supers on are best exemplied by the vic ms of the socalled

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10-Jul-11 19:49

Zodiacal Offset | Red Room


medical experts. A charlatan that does not handle zodiacal oset at all can in fact make up to six zodiacal signs of zodiacal error. Guesswork wants that especially in winter na vi es; one is never sure which wrong organ one will have cut out according to only apparently genuine counsel. That supers on appears as jus ed in the eyes of the nave vic ms is not an excuse at all. Zodiac, ascendant set, house system, direc ons, dwarf planets, comets, centaurs; objects of interest, reality rendering: case solved h p://lulu.com/astrology all astrology assets in one place.

Trust your real stars: Academic Zodiac. Ophiuchus Ascendant Real natal ascendants & Sunsigns. h p://ht.ly/5q6ej

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2012Dec20 00:00 m Sgr

Academic Zodiac: because it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

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10-Jul-11 19:49

Zodiacal Offset | Red Room


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10-Jul-11 19:49