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P (COLLEGE WITH POTENTIAL FOR EXCELLENCE) SUBMISSION OF PROPOSAL FOR FACULTY ORIENTED MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT PART-A 1. Broad subject 2. Area of Specialization 3. Duration 4. Principal Investigator Qualifications Designation Address Phone No E-mail ID 5. Name of the Institution where the project Will be undertaken Department 6. Experience : Chemistry : Teaching: 6 years for UG classes Research: 1 Year Title of M.phil Dissertation 7. Publications : Extraction of Cr(VI) from industrial waste : Nil : CHEMISTRY : Analytical Chemistry : 6(six) Months : U.SATYANARAYANA : M.Sc; MEd ;( M.Phil) : Lecturer in Chemistry : P.R.GOVT COLLEGE (A), KAKINADA : 9989618810 : usn.prgc@gmail.com : P.R.GOVT COLLEGE, KAKINADA.

PART-B 8. (i) Project Title (ii) Objectives :Determination of Manganese in disposed batteries : To estimate the unwanted and discarded solid material from residential and industrial activity. (iii)Methodology (iv)Plan of work 9. Financial assistance required Item (a)Books & Journals (b)Equipment (c)Field work & Travel (d) Chemicals & Glass-ware (e) Contingency Total 10. Whether the teacher has received any support From UGC for Minor/Major Research Projects 11. Whether facilities available for the proposed Work from Institution/department ward of any Diploma/Degree/Certificate. : Yes : Nil Estimated Expenditure : Rs 1000 : Rs 1000 : Rs 1000 : Rs 8000 : Rs 2000 : Rs 13000(Thirteen thousand only) : Analytical : Individual

12. Declaration (a) I shall abide by the rules governing the scheme in case assistance is provided to me from the CPE funds of the Institution. (b) I shall complete the project within the stipulated period. If I fail to do so and if the competent agency is not satisfied with the progress of the research project, the institution may terminate the project immediately and ask for the refund of amount received by me. (c)The research work related to the present one is not funded by any agency. (d) Research work related to the present one has not been submitted to any other agency for publication and also not submitted for the a

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