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Prepare a business plan to set up a TASKA or TADIKA. No of pages: 15 - 20 pages (double space), exclude the appendix Font size : 12 Font : Gill Sans MT

FORMAT Table of Contents The Business Introduction The Management/Operations Section The Marketing Section The Financial Section Supporting Documents ASSESSMENT:

1 2

Table of Contents

1 mark

Contents- 13.5marks The Business Introduction 3 marks The Management/Operations Section 3 marks The Marketing Section 3 marks The Financial Section 3 marks Supporting Documents 1.5 marks

3 Grammar- 3 marks 4 Neatness- 1.5 mark 5 Originality- 1 mark Allocation of marks: 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3 marks - very poor poor - fair good - very good outstanding 1.5 marks 0.5 - poor 1 - fair 1.5 - good 1 mark 0.5 - poor 1 - good

WHAT IS A CHILD CARE CENTER (TADIKA @ TASKA) BUSINESS PLAN? The Child Care Center Business Plan: provides a description of the center, tells who the center serves, and outlines its competition. In addition, it lays out the centers marketing strategy (how the center will maintain full occupancy), and explains the financial operations of the center. provides the reader the ability to understand the child care industry itself, as well as the details about YOUR specific center. Developing the Child Care Center Business Plan is a process which includes: Outlining the general concept of your center Conducting research Refining your ideas based on your research Developing specific components of the Plan Important Information in a Child Care Center Business Plan: Explains WHO specifically you will serve and WHAT services you will provide Describes why your child care center is a needed service Describes in detail how the center will operate Functions of Your Child Care Business Plan: It forces you to define the mission of your center, your centers goals, and your action plan to meet these goals It compels you to look at your center objectively to determine its feasibility It communicates your centers ideas to friends, family, investors, bankers, supporters, and others within your management team It serves as an operating tool to help you run your center

The Body of the Child Care Center Business Plan The Plan must be credible, clear, and authoritative It should be typed (single or double spaced) without grammatical or typographical errors. Readers of your Business Plan may view mistakes or sloppy presentations as examples of poor business skills Be sure to write in the third person. Dont say I, me, we or our, instead, say TADIKA Amirah, the owner or Sharifah Aminah. Be positive and write in the present tense. Dont say, I hope to care for... instead, say The owner cares for 75-90 children between the ages of ....

The Plan must be viable, and must satisfy the loan officers or investors most basic questions: Does the Plan make sense? Is there sufficient need for a child care center in the proposed location? Are the financial projections healthy and realistic? Is the child care center manager experienced and capable of providing the child care service AND operating the center as a business? Will the bank get their money back or will an investor receive a healthy return on his/her investment?

Final Thoughts on Creating a Child Care Center Business Plan Simply stated.....In developing a Child Care Center Business Plan, you are developing a road map for your center. You are defining WHERE you are going, and HOW you will get there. Provide a brief overview (highlight and summarize primary elements) of the business plan's contents.

The Details for the Sections of the Child Care Center Business Plan 1. The Business Introduction a) Name of the business b) Type of business and products or services Refer to appendix 1 c) Mission statement d) History of the business 2. The Management/Operations Section a) Staffing Plan Number of staff, rate of pay, benefits, qualifications, job title, etc. b) Hours of Operations c) Pricing (Fees for Service) d) Location * state the address of the place * provide the map e) Admission Policies & Procedures to appendix 3 Refer f) Curriculum/ Daily Program Refer to appendix 4 g) Facility Layout Refer to appendix 5 3. The Marketing Section A. Market a) Target Customers * Specify your target customers Example: The targeted customers are the community around Taman Samudera, Taman Batu Muda, Taman Koperasi Polis 2, Taman Selasih, Taman Bullion Mewah and those who work at Batu Caves industrial area. b) Market Demand *Tell why there is a need to open TADIKA @ TASKA in that location. Points to be considered: - total population, easy access, curriculum(different from other centers) B. Competitions a) Competitors (Name, location, fees, services offered, facilities, number of children, curriculum used) b) Competitive differential (How will your day care center be different) Refer to appendix 2

C. Market Analysis Example: Gombak area is rapidly expanding through residential and commercial development. TADIKA Cemerlang specifically targets the working population with children ages six weeks to twelve years who live or work within a three-mile radius of the proposed center location. Potential exists for services to parents working evening shifts or weekends at commercial and industrial firms in Gombak area. (Include results from any research you have conducted in your respective marketplace.)

Comparative Competitor Analysis

Produc t/Servi ce 5 3 2 Quality 5 4 3 Price 4 3 4 Servic e 5 4 3 Locatio n 5 4 4 Marketin g Program 5 4 5 Other

TADIKA Cemerla ng TADIKA Harmoni s TADIKA Pintar

Note: Range 1-5 (5 being highest/best possible score) D. Marketing Strategy a) Advertising Plan b) Marketing and Promotional Plan 4. The Financial Section a) Start-up Budget Refer to appendix 6 b) Operating Budget Refer c) Two - Year Projected Cash flow Statement to appendix 7 Refer d) Income and Expenditure Budget for Year 3-5to appendix 8 Refer to appendix 9 e) Projected Income f) Financial Analysis (basis, assumption, detailed financial information) i) Based on your One-Year Projected Cash Flow Statement and Tow-Year Projected Profit & Loss Statement, tell what the basis of the projection is.

Example: The financial projections are based on monthly revenues of RM14, 030 during the first month of operation and are expected to increase to RM17, 183 by the end of the first year of operation. These projected revenues would give the corporation a gross profit of RM155, 000 a before tax net income of RM9,308, and positive cash flow of RM17,029 during the first year.

ii) Based on your Projected Income, tell what the basis of the projection is. Example: Initial enrollment is expected to be 34, increasing to 44 by the end of the first year. iii) Based on your start-up budget, state the amount needed for financing Example: Based on the start-up cost projected, TADIKA Cemerlang needs additional financing for business loan, totaling RM50, 000.

5. Supporting Documents a) Equipment & furniture list with prices b) c) d) Estimated budget for promotion Logo of the center The design of the school uniform

e) The design of the brochures, pamphlets, bunting, flyers, banners and etc. These sections are interrelated. The marketing section, for instance, cannot exist without the financial section, and visa versa. This means that when you are writing the marketing section (how you will communicate about your center to the public), you must keep track of any financial implications (costs involved in publicity, for example: brochures, media, etc.)

Appendix 1

SAMPLE Name of the Business The business will be known as "ABC Child Care". Type of Business and Products or Service The purpose of the business is a child care center that will provide services to the Taman Batu Muda residential, commercial, and industrial community located within a three-mile radius of the proposed center location. Mission Statement: To provide quality child care services to the ever expanding residential area surrounding Taman Batu Muda, Gombak. ABC Child Care focuses on providing full services with an emphasis on convenient hours, as well as, educational and social skills development. History of the Business As a start-up business, there is no history as such. Both owners have experience dealing with children of all ages. Puan Puteri has 7 years of teaching experience in public and private institutions. Her specialization in teaching is on Early Childhood Education. Cik Saliza, possessed Diploma in Early Childhood Education, has several years of experience in the child supervision and events organization gained from Pandu Putri activities, I-Care Apprenticeship Program at

Appendix 2

Staffing Plan

Number of Staff

Rate of pay

a) Principal b) Teachers c) Teacher assistants d) Cook e) Cleaner Principal Teacher Teacher assistant Cook Cleaner a) Principal

1 3 3 1 1 RM RM RM RM RM 1500 900 700 400 350

Qualificati ons

- at least 3 years experience in early childhood program - Minimum education level: Diploma - Minimum education level: Diploma - Preferably at least 1 year experience and attended courses on teaching children - Minimum education level: SPM - Housing allowance : RM 200 - Housing allowance : RM 100 - Housing allowance : RM 50

b) Teacher

c) Teacher assistant 4 Benefits a) Principal b) Teacher c) Teacher assistant



1 Parent(s) must register their child by filling in and signing two(2) copies of the registration form. The form shall be collected from and submitted to the supervisor of TADIKA Cemerlang. 2 3 Upon registration thereof, a registration fee of RM50.00 shall be paid. Parent(s) are then required to make the following monthly payment(s): 4 5 6 The monthly payment shall be made in cash and settled before the 2 nd of the Gregorian calendar month. The said payment shall be made directly to the supervisor of TADIKA Cemerlang. TADIKA Cemerlang shall operate on Mondays to Fridays , from 7.30a.m. to 6.30p.m. In the event that the parent(s) pick their children up after the above stated duration, a surcharge of RM5.00 shall be imposed upon the parent(s). However, TADIKA Cemerlang shall be closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays unless if the Chairperson of the TADIKA Cemerlangs Advisory Committee instructs otherwise.

7 Each parent shall be under the obligation to bring their child or childrens pillows and mattresses. 8 Children who are infected with certain contagious diseases or illnesses such as measles, chicken pox etc. shall NOT be sent to TADIKA Cemerlang.

9 Children are not allowed to wear any jewellery or to bring toys while under the care of TADIKA Cemerlang. TADIKA Cemerlang shall not be responsible or held liable for the loss or damage of the same (if any).