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Book Description
HTML5 Black Book is the one-time reference book, written from the Web professionals point of view, containing hundreds of examples and covering nearly every aspect of HTML5. It will help you to master various Web technologies, other than HTML5, including CSS3, JavaScript, XML, and AJAX. If you are a Web designer or developer, then this book is your introduction to new features and elements of HTML5, including audio and video media elements, the canvas element for drawing, and many others. In this book, you will learn how to use HTML5 and other Web technologies in the latest versions of modern browsers to develop Web applications.

Learning Elements
New features of HTML5 and CSS3 | Text, links, and URLs in HTML | Images, colors, canvas, and forms in HTML | Lists and tables in HTML | Interactive and multimedia elements of HTML5 | Events, image maps, and animations in JavaScript | Language and browser objects in JavaScript | Document object and DOM in JavaScript | Validation, errors, and debugging in JavaScript | Exception handling and security in JavaScript | Backgrounds and color gradients in CSS | Fonts and text styles in CSS | Box models and columns in CSS | List styles and table layouts in CSS | Pseudoclasses and pseudo-elements in CSS | Effects and frames in CSS | XML,XSLT, XPath, XLink, and Xpointer | AJAX | Various AJAX frameworks | ASP.NET | PHP | Web services & jQuery ISBN: 978-93-5004-095-9 Author: Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.

Table of Contents
HTML5 : Overview of HTML5 and Other Web Technologies | Fundamentals of HTML | Working with Text | Organizing Text in HTML 113 | Working with Links and URLs | Creating Tables 145 | Working with Images, Colors, and Canvas | Working with Forms | Interactive Elements | Working with Multimedia u DYNAMIC HTML : Overview of JavaScript | JavaScript Functions, Events, Image Maps, and Animations | JavaScript Objects | Working with Browser Objects | Working with Document Object | Document Object Model | Validation, Errors, Debugging, Exception Handling, and Security | Overview of CSS | Backgrounds and Color Gradients in CSS | Fonts and Text Styles | Creating Boxes and Columns Using CSS | Displaying, Positioning, and Floating an Element | Table Layouts 635 | Pseudo-classes and Pseudo-elements | Effects, Frames, and Controls in CSS | Implementing the Advanced Features of HTML5 u XML: Working with Basics of XML | Implementing Advanced Features of XML | Converting 9/XML Documents in Other Formats | Working with XSLT | Working with XPath, XLink, and Xpointe u AJAX: Overview 59 . of AJAX | Asynchronous Data Transfer with XMLHttpRequest | Implementing AJAX Frameworks | Working with Rs e: w/CD 1264 ASP.NET AJAX Application | Integrating PHP and AJAX | Consuming Web Services Using AJAX | Working with ic Pr s: jQuery | Case Study: HTML5 Black Book Website ge Pa
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