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Fast, Safe, Connectivity for SOA


Vordel Gateway

Vordel Gateway is a purpose-built Gateway available in multiple form factors, designed to accelerate, secure and integrate all types of traffic on the SOA network. It offers policy-driven efficient processing of SOAP, REST, XML and other data formats; protocol and content transformation on the wire; XML filtering and access control to services and enables organizations to govern their SOA infrastructure. Deployable standalone or as an integral component of a strategic enterprise SOA infrastructure, the Gateway interfaces with Enterprise Service Buses, Enterprise Management, and Identity Management platforms. Easy to install and maintain, it offers the greatest deployment flexibility possible, and is available as a hardened network appliance, software, virtual appliance or an Amazon AMI. Vordel Gateway offers a broad platform for the acceleration, protection and integration of all Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures. Key Features include: Full SOA Management Control for all types of Service Interaction in SOA and Web 2.0: including SOAP, XML, REST, AJAX & JSON. Enforce policies on XML traffic. View XML traffic in Network Management dashboards and enrich XML Data from existing data sources. Processing Offload for Application Acceleration Offload the heavy-lifting of XML from application servers and onto the network. This frees up resources on application servers and allows applications to run faster. Out of the box security Comprehensive threat prevention with XML validation and threat-scanning performed at wire-speed. Ensure only authenticated and authorized usage of Web Services with full integration to all certificate and policy server infrastructure and security mediation across different domains. Single-Sign-On for Web Services. Tamper-proof audit trail for all transactions Compliance with corporate and industry regulatory framework requirements by protecting the integrity, privacy and security of critical information.

Deployment Flexibilty Available as  Hardened Appliance  Software for Windows, Linux, Solaris  VMware Appliance  Amazon EC2 Cloud AMI Image Onboard Acceleration for Faster Services Patented VXA processing engine leverages processor power, to offer scalable acceleration of all XML Security and Data processing Advanced Web Based Configuration Empower administration users Enhanced oversight and control of all policies FIPS Certified Security Modules offer FIPS Level 140-3

Vordel leads the SOA Appliance charge

Vordel Gateway

Web Services Protocols SOAP 1.1 & 1.2 , Plain XML (POX), REST, Web 2.0 (XMLHttpRequest, JSON) Networking Virtualization, Contentbased routing, Sourcebased routing, Identitybased routing, Protocol Conversion, XML Data Enrichment. Transport Protocols HTTP 1.0 & 1.1, JMS, MQ, FTP, SFTP, TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO EMS, SMTP, POP, TCP Service Governance WSDL 1.2, WS-Policy 1.2, WS-SecurityPolicy 1.1, WSPolicy Attachment, UDDI Policy Control Drag-and-drop policy creation, Conditional branching within policies, Standards-based Import/ Export of policies, Policy chaining, Policy Migration, Wildcard values within policies, Distributed Policy Enforcement with Centralized Management AuthN, AuthZ & Audit Control for all types of Service Interaction in SOA and Web 2.0: including SOAP, XML, REST, AJAX & JSON. Enforce policies on

XML traffic. View XML traffic in Network Management dashboards and enrich XML Data from existing data sources. Identity Management Integration Oracle Access Manager, Sun Access Manager, Novell Access Manager, CA SiteMinder, RSA Access Manager, Entrust GetAccess, IBM Tivoli Access Manager, XACML, LDAP Oracle Internet Directory, Sun, Siemens, Microsoft Active Directory Security and Identity Mediation Built-in Security Token Service (STS), SAML Token Issuance and Injection, WSTrust, Credential Mapping, Token mapping (X.509 to SAML, Kerberos, etc), AV Support includes McAfee, Sophos, Clam AV XML Firewalling XML Entity Expansion and Recursion Attacks, XML Document Size Attacks, XML Document Width Attacks, XML Document Depth Attacks, XML Wellformedness based Parser Attacks, Jumbo Payloads, Recursive Elements, MegaTags aka Jumbo Tag Names, Public Key DoS

attack, XML Flood, XML Encapsulation, XML Virus, Replay Attacks, Resource Hijack, Dictionary Attack, Message Tampering, Falsified Message, Data Tampering, Message Snooping, XPath Injection, SQL Injection, XPath Injection, Xquery Injection, WSDL Enumeration, Routing Detour, Schema Poisoning, Malicious Morphing, Malicious Include also called XML External Entity (XXE) Attack, Memory Space Breach, XML Morphing, Parameter Tampering, Coercive Parsing, Field level validation, Scanning outgoing messages for sensitive content based on metadata or Regular Expression Pattern, WSDL Scanning, XML Bomb Attacks, Rogue SOAP Attachments, Detect viruses in SOAP Attachments, Schema Validation, XML Clogging Detection, SOAP Operation Filtering, IP Address Filtering, Traffic Throttling, HTTP Header Analysis, HTTP Query String Analysis, Malicious content signature library, Encryption and Signing SSL, XML Encryption, XML Signature, WS-Security SOAP Message Security, Threat Detection

Service Quality Service outage detection, Service Level Agreement monitoring Certificate Management X.509 Certificate Issuance, Certificate Revocation List (CRL), OCSP, XKMS, Certificate chaining Extensibility JavaScript API for custom filters, Java API for custom filters, Conversion, XSLT, Custom Java Message Conversion Monitoring & Alerting Email, SNMP, Syslog, Windows Event Log, CheckPoint OPSEC, Embedded real time message monitor, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Adobe Flash Web-based monitoring Operating System Support Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux ES, Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Solaris 10 Sparc, Oracle linux

Vordel Inc Washington DC Metro Headquarters,13800 Coppermine Rd. #306, Herndon, VA. 20171 Tel: 1.866.460.0987 Vordel Europe 30 Pembroke St. Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland Tel: +353-1-2342500