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version [2010/01/10] (1) Add setting button in room. (2) Use new messagebox dialog. version 1.0.0.

462 [2010/12/31] (1) Support join my host feature. (2) Support ban user feature. (3) Add auto update. (4) Fix bug of madmin ban. version [2010/12/22] (1) Fix GCA system bug. version [2010/11/1] (1) Fix the bug: can not see 1.24D games which created by current garena client. version [2010/11/1] (1) Integrate anti hack system. (2) Integrate with GCA system. (3) Add reconnect for connection with main server. (4) Fix color bug on server list. (5) Fix the bug of missing clan power. (6) Fix the bug of reconnect. version [2010/10/14] (1) Minimize IM when start game. (2) Fix the bug of room list title when switch game. (3) Fix high cpu problem when disconnect with server. (4) Report ping stat and route stat to ping stat server. version [2010/09/16] (1) Fix room list update bug. (2) Automaticaly update room list view when finished room update. version [2010/09/16] (1) Fix room reconnect bug. version [2010/09/15] (1) Integration with CrashReport system. (2) Integration with AutoUpdate system. (3) Add Exp module. (4) Support chat click player in room user list. (5) Delay connect to room server if have not got user info from main server. (6) Fix the bug of bind user name on Warcraft. (7) Add UIPlugin system. version [2010/08/30] (1) Change application caption to Rooms. (2) Fix the problem: the chat message will not display if minimize the program a nd then restore window. (3) Fix the bug on lanmate seek, due to the port problem (4) Fix the problem: got mutiple error message when password wrong. (5) Batch UI changes, change to the new design. version [2010/08/24] (1) Fixed can not leave room problem. (2) Fixed the problem sometimes can not launch garena room program. (3) Change ping interval, makes room ping function works better.

version [2010/08/20] (1) Change to use IPC to choose another game instead of creating new process. (2) Close garena room when messenger logout. (3) Support tooltip for room chat button and server list button. version [2010/08/19] (1) GUI improvement: 1: Header control of list view. 2: New style of list view. version [2010/08/18] (1) Update IPC module: 1: Increase data exchange speed by using two separate channel for data s ending and receiveing. 2: Do not run IPC thread if initialize failed. (2) Remove the red margin besides scroll of chat history window. (3) Fix the problem choosing another game while garena room program minimizing. (4) Use main window to host popup message. (5) Fix a bug of game plugin system, using right game id now. (6) Fix problem on Mars's machine, which do not start the right process. (7) Fix the problem on Ulf's machine, which can not create Garena Room process. version (1) Fix the (2) Fix (3) Fix [2010/08/17] GUI operation error: when join room click room list process window will be hide under room list window. problem of starting game. spelling error of membership.

version [2010/08/16] (1) Fix room keepalive error when rejoin room. (2) Enable log for test purpose. version [2010/08/16] (1) Fix the ping problem when join room. (2) Add /pingstat command to easily check ping information in room. (3) Support automatically relogin to auth server if can not receive user information in 10 seconds. (4) Some GUI improvment: Fix GUI problem of server list window when switch to room list. Add one pixel gap between server list window and room user list window. Apply link on Gold Member button. (6) Use network thread to process lan game data. version [2010/08/13] (1) Game setting fully supported, include setting window popup from Garena Messenger program and parameter setting. (2) Garena Room will automatically set its position base on Garena Messenger program. (3) Minimize Garena Room when start game. (4) Fix the problem of scrollbar flickering on room window. (5) Add crash report generation. (6) Support dynamic game changing.