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239 Rosslyn Avenue Columbus, OH 43214

740.405.7009 yellowmandolin@gmail.com

Jacob Hawkins
Objective Skills Summary To obtain work as a fretted instrument repair person starting in June of 2010. My education and experience have given me competence and confidence in the following areas pertaining to lutherie: Setting up acoustic and electric guitars and basses Hand made bone nuts and saddles, dressed, crowned and polished frets, adjusted truss rods, set intonation, buffed and polished bodies Extensive set up and use of the following power tools: belt sanders, band saws, spindle sanders, routers, Dremels, table saws, thickness sanders, shapers, template and router based duplicarvers, orbital sanders, Peterson strobe tuners, and ShopBot CNC machines. Extensive use with the following hand tools: chisels, bastard/mill, nut, and fret files, heavy rasps, blitz saws, scrapers, hand sanding bodies with a flat block and sandpaper, bending irons, pearl cutting saws, thickness calipers, hand/finger planes, and rope clamps Using a pre-heated lacquer system to spray nitrocellulose lacquer with a conventional gun for clear and sunburst finishes An aptitude for working in an extremely organized and clean shop environment

Education 2008-2010 Apprentice of Don MacRostie at Red Diamond Mandolins Athens, OH May 2010 Completion (in progress) www.reddiamondmandolins.com Participated in nearly every aspect of the building of Red Diamond mandolins including: o Extensive use of hot hide glue, bending and gluing sides, sanding tops and backs after rough carving on ShopBot CNC machine, shaping and installing tone bars, installing kerfing, using and reading a flexibility machine (implementing "voicing" technology), installing pearl inlay in fingerboards and headstocks, fretting, binding, applying a varnish finish, French polishing a varnished finish, installing an/or making hardware including Waverly tuners, bridges, silver soldered tailpieces, and Loar style pickguards, final setup and polish of the completed instruments. Designed and built a custom instrument in my own "home" shop o Designed from the ground up based on the body size of a 1919 Gibson mandocello, solid hand carved arched top and back 5 course cittern, three point body, hand cut Hawkins pearl inlay, solid hand carved maple neck with a modified dovetail joint, rubbed and sprayed water based stain for a three tone sunburst with a nitrocellulose finish. 2008 Bryan Galloups School of Lutherie Big Rapids, MI Masters Program May 2008 Graduation http://www.galloupguitars.com/school.htm Built one classical guitar o Rosewood cutaway, mitered wood binding and five-ply purfling, hand carved ebony bridge, sprayed nitro-cellulose lacquer using a heated lacquer spay system, hand sanded and buffed to a high gloss, and a full setup

Built one archtop guitar o Maple cutaway, ivoroid binding, solid hand carved spruce top and maple back, hand carved maple and mahogany neck, dovetail neck joint, flower pot headstock inlay with scrimshaw, three tone sunburst, floating pickup with end pin jack

2007 Bryan Galloups School of Lutherie Big Rapids, MI Buzz Feiten Tuning System Level 2 Retrofit Certification www.buzzfeiten.com Accurately Feitenized one acoustic guitar by changing the nut and saddle location for better sounding intonation anywhere on the neck. Changed the distance from the nut to the first fret Changed position and angle of saddle and individually compensated each string to specific measurements Am currently a fully certified Buzz Feiten Tuning System Retrofit technician

2007 Bryan Galloups School of Lutherie Journeyman Program December 2007 Graduation www.galloupguitars.com/school/journeyman.htm Built one steel string flat top acoustic guitar Built one Fender style electric guitar

Big Rapids, MI

Covered and performed acoustic and electric guitar set up and repair methods including neck resets on Martin style guitars, brace repair, humidity cracks, and finish touchups

Work Experience

2003-2007 Granville High School Granville, OH College Prep Graduate www.granville.k12.oh.us/ghs/ Graduated with Honors 3.97 GPA Winner of the Orchestra Directors Award for Leadership in 2006 and 2007 Started and ran a credited Bluegrass ensemble class for three years o Organized rehearsals, directed the band, picked out and arranged material for several public concerts, met privately with students outside of class for extra help 2008-2009 Stewart MacDonald Guitar Shop Supply Athens, OH www.stew-mac.com Telephone Service Representative Answered customer's technical emails and took phone, internet, and postal mail orders Operated a comprehensive ordering and inventory computer system Assisted other telephone reps with technical questions Packaged parts and prepared company literature in down time Immediate Supervisor: Jayme Arnett - 1.800.848.2273 arnett@stewmac.com