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Electric items Lines (Bus , circuits) Equipments Protection , relays Electric instruments Lightning protection Grounding , earthing Room

Room , Substation Equipments of electric repair Material Drawings , diagrams Tables Terms from standard DWG Electric items Alternating (direct) current Short-circuit current Initial subtransient short-circuit current Impulse current Steady state short-circuit current Critical current Rupturing current Blow-out current Fault current Calculating current Limit effective current Over current Inverse current Setting current Rated current Current density Maximum effective value of short-circuit current High-voltage , High-tension Low-voltage , Low-tension Calculating voltage Exciting voltage Impulse voltage Critical voltage Residual voltage Puncture voltage Pulsating voltage

Supply voltage Power voltage Lighting voltage Filament voltage Rated voltage Voltage loss () Over (under) voltage Line voltage Voltage drop Working voltage Primary voltage Secondary voltage Electric source (power supply) Power supply for process control 6kV Flashing supply for 6kV control Working power supply (electric source) Emergency power supply (electric source) Stabilized D.C. source Control supply D.C. source A.C. source Load calculation Installed capacity Electric demand Power factor Mounting height Breakdown voltage High-voltage test with working frequency Surface flash-over D.C. leakage Volume resistivity Dielectric loss angle Puncture intensity Voltage grade Specific gravity Feature Phase sequence Instantaneous Angle of inclination Span Positive pole Negative pole () Cross section area Auxiliary source

Interrupting capacity Current-carrying capacity Correction factor Continuous load Continuous capacity Longtime rating Locked-rotor motor current Limited load Inductive load Induced current Lines (Bus , circuits) Bus-bar Closing power source bus Flashing-bus Spare bus Post-supported plug-in bus way Hook-supported plug-in bus way Bracket-supported plug-in bus way Miniature bus Power supply miniature bus Operating miniature bus Miniature bus for fault signal Flashing miniature bus Main bus D.C. main bus Prewarning bus Main line Lighting main line Grounding main line Receptacle main line Voltage main line Terminal outgoing Neutral Branch-line Lead-in Electric circuit A.C. distribution circuit D.C. distribution circuit Emergency lighting circuit Control circuit Grounding or neutralizing circuit Signal circuit Grounding with grounding electrodes

Temperature measuring circuit for stator winding Grounding signal circuit Flashing-signal circuit Circuit for opening valve Circuit for closing valve Circuit for opening meter Current-measuring circuit Differental protective circuit Over-current protective circuit Closing circuit Delayed shutdown circuit Trip circuit Exciting circuit Spare circuit Main circuit Feeder circuit Existing circuit Single-wire circuit Earthed circuit Live circuit Equipments H.V. switchgear Power distribution cabinet Source distribution cabinet D.C. switchboard (distribution panel) A.C.L.V. switchboard (distribution panel) Static capacitor cabinet Receptacle box for miscellaneous power supplies Control cabinet Lighting (distribution panel) Junction box Outlet box Switch box Console Sectionalizing panel Incoming line panel Electric control panel Side board Terminal box Power supply box Synchronizing cabinet Special transformer H.V. cabinet for induction voltage regulator Potential transformer cabinet

Signal panel Floating panel Battery panel Charging panel Bus tie cabinet Transfer switch Voltmeter change-over switch Metal-clad switch (Iron-clad switch) Cartridge fuse Vacuum circuit breaker (V.C.B.) Automatic switch H.V. load break switch 3-pole HV circuit-breaker Knife switch Transfer switch 2-pole iron-clad switch Fan speed regulator switch Hermetic lighting switch Explosion-proof lighting switch Limit switch H.V. disconnecting switch Surface-mounted single-pole toggle switch Flush-mounted single-pole toggle switch Three-way switch Hermetic packet type switch Guard type switch Interlock switch Selecting switch for types of operation Switch for control supply Master switch (controller) Multi-point change-over switch Push-button Control push-button Explosion-proof control push-button Emergency stopping push-button Starting push-button Stopping push-button Push-button in field damper Push-button for sound release Starter Magnetic starter Combination starter (Magnetic starter combination) Power transformer

Voltage regulating transformer Potential transformer Current transformer Lighting transformer 3-phase tertiary winding transformer H.V. testing transformer Local lighting transformer Multi-range current transformer for measurement Step-down transformer Servo-motor Dual-voltage motor Induction motor A.C. asynchronous motor synchronous motor 3-phase slip-ring induction motor 3-phase squirrel-cage induction motor Wound-rotor induction motor Reaction motor Diesel generator Excitation generator Surface-mounted 2-pole receptacle Flush-mounted 2-pole receptacle 2-pole receptacle with grounding contact Surface-mounted single phase 3-pole receptacle Guard type surface-mounted 3-phase 4-pole receptacle Standard dome lighting fitting Enameled high bay lighting fitting Water and dust proof lighting fitting Safety lighting fitting Explosion-proof lighting fitting Goose-neck light Wall light High pressure mercury vapor lighting fitting Flood-light (projection light) Signal lamp Ceiling-mounted lighting fitting Local lighting fitting Lamp holder Emergency lighting fitting H.P. mercury fluorescent lighting fitting Wide lit type industrial fitting High bay lighting fitting Incandescent lamp (bulb) Globe lamp

flush type fluorescent lighting fitting Red obstruction lamp for aviation Street lighting in plant area Street lamp Inspection hole lamp goose-neck post lamp , pole lamp Semigraph and alarm signal Selsyn Exciter Display Potentiometer Internal resistance Fixed resistance Release , trip Shunt trip Special no-voltage release Or switch amplifier Brake Capacitor Rectifier Chock Shunt Oil immersed rheostat Frequency sensitive rheostat Sliding rheostat Buzzer Space heater (for motor) Motor operating mechanism for air circuit-breaker Silicon controlled rectifier excitation device Protective device (element) Flashing device Lightning arrester Phase failure protection Protection , relays Signal relay Over-current relay Voltage relay Time relay Auxiliary relay Thermal relay Temperature relay Gas relay Auxiliary relay for control supply

Relay for auto-operation Under-voltage relay Over-voltage relay Interlock relay Impact relay Close position relay Reverse-current relay Differential current relay Differential relay Current relay Power relay Earthing relay Reclosing relay Synchronous relay Quick acting relay Definite time relay Photoelectric relay Electronic relay Electromagnetic relay Electrodynamic relay Gas-pressure relay Relay N.O. contact Relay N.C. contact Relay holding contact (N.O.) Self-return button with N.C. contact Contact for semigraph signal Shock excitation contact Induction coil Current coil Trip coil Close coil Releasing coil Tripping coil Prewarning signal Breakage signal of trip circuit Fault trip signal of breaker Tripping audible signal Heavy gas prewarning signal Temperature prewarning signal Fault signal in manual/automatic operation Protective trip Control trip Manual trip Emergency shutdown at substation

Fault in process Fault in excitation No-voltage alarm of working electric source On and off of working electric source Throw-in of working electric source supply of emergency electric source Indicating of operation Indicating of throw-in Indicating of synchronism Delayed shutdown Switch off the power supply Instantaneous trip and over-current off/on Self-holding Self-lock Interlocking Insulation supervision Voltage supervision Release of interlock Transfer of working and emergency power supply Synchronization of generator to working bus Heavy gas protection Over-torque protection during opening and closing valve Sequence of motor starting Name plate denotation (inscription) Electric instruments Ammeter Voltmeter Three-phase three-wire kilowatt-hour meter , kWh meter Single-phase kilowatt-hour meter Three-phase kilovar-hour meter Active power meter , kilowatt meter Reactive power meter , kilovar meter () Three-phase watt meter Power factor meter Frequency meter Galvanoscope Ohmmeter Phase meter Tachometer Wave-length meter 3-phase 4-wire standard watthour-meter Overload ammeter Low power-factor wattmeter

A.C./D.C. multi-purpose tongtester Megger , Megohmmeter Avometer Microammeter Milliammeter Various kind of measuring instruments Earthing resistance tester Vacuum tube voltmeter Electric second-meter Lightning protection Lightning protector Lightning rod Strap type lightning protector Network of lightning protector Lightning rod support Tip of lightning rod Brace for lightning rod Lightning arrester , surge discharger Spherical arrester Tubular arrester Auto-valve arrester Low voltage arrester Horn arrester Multigap arrester Aluminum cell arrester Oxide film arrester Puncture lightning arrester Lightning stroke Direct lightning stroke Induction lightning stroke Thunderbolt days Lightning and thunder probability Electric shock Electrostatic induction Grounding , earthing Ground protection , earth protection Grounding for lightning Protective earthing Artificial grounding Working grounding , working earthing Multiple earthing Screen earthing , shielding ground

Neutral point grounded Grounding system , earthing system Ground fault , earth fault Single phase earthing Bus ground Grounding device , earthing device Down-lead , down conductor Clamping plate of support for fixing Down lead Support for fixing down lead Ground connector Ground(ing) main , (bus) Grounding network , earthing network Earth electrode (pole) Earth resistance Earth (ground) circuit Connecting strip Connecting clamp Room , Substation Storage Compartment Battery room Control room Distribution room Repair room Substation H.V. distribution room Rest room Equipments of electric repair Emery wheel grinder Bench drilling machine A.C. welding machine Portable air compressor Electric hand drill Single speed hand winding machine Wire jointing press-clamp Hydraulic jack Electric dust cleaner Store chest H.V. testing transformer Leakage testing set Strong current generator

Oil-immersed self-cooled induction voltage regulator Multi-range current transformer for measurement Instrumental voltage transformer Single-phase auto-transformer 3-phase auto-transformer Silicon rectifier Testing stand for instrument Relay and contactor testing stand Slow scanning oscillograph A.C. electronic voltage stabilizer Portable A.C. electric bridge Earthing resistance tester Cable fault detector D.C. single-arm electric bridge , Wheatstone bridge Material Insulating tape Filler , packing Insulating compound Cable compound Anti-corrosive oil Bituminous varnish Insulating varnish Enamel varnish Non-ferrous metal ferrous metal White metal Mica Epoxy resin Polyvinyl chloride , PVC Wax Talc powder Bakelite Polyacrylic cover Oil-proof rubber tubes Grounding copper wire Pad Plastics insulated wire Rubber sheathed cable Splice Filling agent Insulated wire Movable flexible cable Extension wire

Bushing Busway Cable suspension Trolley conductor Galvanized gas pipe Galvanized steel angle Galvanized steel strap Steel wire rope Siren Electromagnetic valve Connecting link Transfering link Terminal board Semiconductor diode Opening meter Logical element Junction box Instrument trunking Cable hanger Outgoing line sleeve Drawings , diagrams Contents of electric drawings Electric power system diagram Lighting system diagram Electric power layout plan Lighting layout plan One line diagram Surface arrangement of control box Back wiring (diagram) External (outside) wiring diagram Internal (inside) wiring diagram Principle control diagram Schematic diagram Developed diagram Electric standard drawing Electric working drawing Reproducibles (drawing) Cable hook-up diagram Contact diagram of transfer switch Side view of box Front view , facade Back view

Section Reference drawing Cable laying diagram Arrangement of frames inside the cabinet Surface developed diagram of console Schematic diagram of terminal outgoing lines Diagram of terminal connections List of wire , cable and conduits List of equipment and materials Tables Power system diagram Lead in Protective device Type Rating Setting Circuit to starting device Conductor type , cores , section & diameter of conduit Wire length Conduit length Starting device Type , specification Protective element Calculating device Main circuit of electric equipment Control circuit Control device Electric equipment Consumer capacity Production equipment No. of location Name Remarks Feed in Distribution cabinet Type and No. Switch type Protective device Circuit No. Phase Number of lamps Number of receptacles

No. of line Starting Ending Section of bus Neutral bus Panel No. Type and variant No. Principle control diagram Process item No. Terms from standard DWG Graphic symbols for electric system A.C. phase sequence D.C. positive and negative poles Star-connected three phase windings with neutral outlet 3-phase winding with open delta connection Cross connection of wires Crossing wires not in contact with each other Removable connection Pothead of cable or cable end Auto-transformer Induction voltage regulator Salient pole synchronous motor Accumulator battery with tap-changers Air circuit-breaker Holding contact Thermal element Spring-return operating switch Plug-in connector Horn Electric furnace Shunt Silicon controlled rectifier box panel D.C. distributing panel Magnetic starter group Automatic switch box Limit switch Local lighting fitting Series fluorescent lighting fitting Protective switch Conductors turning up Conductors turning down

Conductors turning from above Conductors turning from below Cable trench Voltage regulator Isolating transformer Puncturing safety device Transisorized diode Grade level Cable running parallel to a water supply pipe Cable running across heat pipeline Drive way Cable protective pipe across a pipeline () Trench with rack on both sides (one side) Outdoor grade Jumper Flexible metal tube Adapter

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