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Elzar Lagimodire. (b.

Elzar was born on March 3, 1838 in St. Boniface, the son of Jean-Baptiste
Laprairie Lagimodire and Marie Harrison (the daughter of Louis Thomas Harrison
and Josephte (Cree). Elzar Lagimodire married Sarah Goulet, the daughter of Alexis
Goulet and Josephte Severight in 1858. Elzear died on March 11, 1916 in Lorette,
Manitoba. They resided for some time in St. Boniface before moving to Lorette. They
had the following children:

William, b. 1858, married Lucie Alexandrine Genthon. William went on to

become a M.L.A. (1888-1907).
Marie Virginie, b. 1861.
Achille, b. August 1863, died September 1863.
Roger, b. October 1864, died March 1866.
Joseph, b. 1867.
Lucie, b. 1869, died 1870.
Anne, b. 1872.
Marie Isabelle, b. 1874.

Elzear and Sarah also raised over 30 orphans, most notably, Coucome Charlotte and
Johnny le Sioux

On 26 January 1887, approximately one hundred parishioners presented him with a

portrait (above) by painter and sculptor Constantin Tauffenbach . Elzear Lagimodiere
was an active participant in the 1870 events, one of the founders of the Union nationale
metisse de Saint-Joseph and first mayor of Tache Municipality.

Lagimodire participated in the Mtis Resistance at Red River in 1869-70, and was a
member of the court martial which condemned to death Thomas Scott, prisoner of
Riels Provisional Government, on March 3rd 1870. Scott was executed by firing squad
the following day. Lagimodire and his brother-in-law, Elzar Goulet, were allegedly
responsible for disposing of Scotts body. He was tried for Scotts murder along with

Ambroise Lpine, but was acquitted. From 1880 to 1884, he was Reeve of the
municipality of Lorette. His son William was elected as a Manitoba MLA.

Lagimodire was among the first settlers at La Petite Pointe des Chnes (Lorette),
where he farmed and worked as a freighter on the cart brigades from Fort Garry to St.
Paul. In May 1874, he was arrested at his home for his role in the Scott affair, but was
released because he had voted against the execution and had offered to escort the prisoner
out of the country. He was later elected first reeve of the Rural Municipality of Tach and
was a very active member of his community.

Elzear was the 2nd Vice President of LAssociation St. Jean Baptiste du Manitoba and
a school trustee in 1870 and 1872. In 1880 he was the Reeve of Tache, R.M. and again in
1890. He was the first farmer at Lorette, Manitoba and had a large cattle herd. It was said
that he would give new settlers a start by giving them two cattle to start their own herd.
He also freighted to St. Paul, Minnesota from Red River.

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell

Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research
Louis Riel Institute