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long ridge gliding club information

1. lrgc is not for profit organization run by its member

2. current membership nearly 150 pilotsfrom novice to expert

3. some member have their own gliders 4. lrgc have 3 single seat and 3 twin seat gilders

5. lrgc offer "trial flight" ( casual flyers )

6. lrgc have 3 part timers ( club steward, office adiministrator and a mechanic )

7. in summer lrgc employ a winch driver and 2 qualified fying instructor 8. whole year esential task was taken on voluntary basis by the club member 9. to launch one gliders take minimum 5 experiences club member 10. the club membership include 10 qualified instructor who together with the two paid summer instructor that provide instruction in two seater for club members and the casual flyers

member club information

casual flyers

1. on busy time sometime the instructor feeling under presure when doing "trial flight " ( in good wether )

1. with 70 euro the public can fly ( in order to provide insurance cover they actually sell 3 month membership with " free flight at the strat" ( usually use for birthday present )

2. club member arrived 9:30 pm and prepared all thing and stay all day to get casual flyer airborne while waiting their 2. average trial flight around 10 minutes turn to fly ( from 2 minutes till 40 minutes )

3. if the wether is poor trial flight around 2 minute

problem found


1. on summer day there might be 10 club member requiring instruction + 4 casual flyers + 6 club member with their own gliders who to queue up hoping for a single long distance 1. last year 180 days took flight ( 140 flight in summer and 40 in winter ) 2. in winter there 6 club member + 1 casual flyers + 6 experiences pilot, club member hoping 3 flight in good 2. club member dikenakan biaya winch day but if the wether get worsening fee 8 euro setiqp kali mereka they may not get a flight . mengudara / take off. 3. booking for trial flight done by administrator ( based in cabin close 3. club member juga dikenakan 50 p to car parking ) that work from 9:00 per menit ( ketika mereka sudah di am till 1:00 pm. An answer phone udara ) jika menggunakan gliders milik lrgc takes messages at other time 4. the launch point out of sight and 4. annual membership 350 euro per 1,5 km from cabin tahun 5. at launch point the casual flyers might have to stand and wait for 5. lrgc used to generate surplus 10.000 time untill a club member has time euro per year that being used to to find out what they want upgrade the gliders and other facilities. 6. the casual flyers kept waiting for up 2 hours before their flight ( exposed and ofter on windy air field ) 6. insurances cost risen dramatically depending on how may club due to their crashing and damaging 4 member that present gilders during the last 2 years. 7. occasionaly casual flyers will turn up for prebooked and turn away 7. 2 of the accidents resulted in because the wether is not suitable death of 1 club member and 1 or there is not enought club casual flyers and serious injuries member to get the glider to air to 3 other club member 8. the casual flyers are encouraged 8. around 700 hard prees were sold to help out with the routine task last year ( casual flyers revenue ) 9. after their flight, they are left to find their own way back to thier cars 10. income from the casual flyers is smaller compares to membership income and launch fee


1. the club commite is under some pressure from member to end trial flights because they reduce the number of flight member club can have in a day 2. club member complaint that they sometimes spend most of their days working to get the causl flyers get into air and miss out their own flight

Products Customers Product range Design changes Delivery Quality Volume per service type Profit margins

CLUB MEMBERS Channels hobby Common people Narrow range, specific None Skill Medium volume Relatively none

Competitive factors Order winners Qualifiers Less important

Product, Quality, Dependability Quality

Quality Flexibility Speed Internal performance objectives Dependabiliy

CASUAL FLYERS Provides trial flights Experienced flier Narrow range, specific None Safety High volume Medium to high

Price, Quality, Speed, Accessibility Speed

Cost Flexibility Speed Dependability